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Ok, so

I went to see GG live the other day and drew a few gifts for Arin, Dan and Jack, 



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Are you joking about molevember? November will be even better with moles.

ah see, as minktober is a play on inktober, molevember is a play on movember, but instead of growing a moustache I will tracking the development of mole from zygote to birth, as the gestation period of a mole is roughly a month

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Step 1: Establish Louis back in LA. Step 2: Custody article/reason for disagreement or pat test. Maybe he wants to bring the baby to the UK? Maybe he doesn't trust Briana? Maybe he thinks she is exploiting him for promo? Step 3: Pap pics, maybe entering a lawyers office, reiterate last article. Step 4: Few days quiet, maybe some filler articles in there with fake friend comments etc. Step 5: Negative pat test article. Sad pap walks all around. Deleted pics. Someone hire me.

DO 👏 IT 👏 END 👏 IT 👏

ACOTAR Fandom Problems

Do you ever just lie awake at night at 3am, or wake up suddenly, or catch yourself remembering when you’re supposed to be working that out there, lurking in the shadows of AO3, is a fanfiction labeled:

Bone Carver/Azriel.

Because I do. I do, and one day, I shall read it. One day, my day shall come. And when it does, I hope you shall all remember that I died as I lived: For The Crack, and nothing but The Crack.

How old are the ducks??

 Ok so i dunno if there’s already been a post about this, but it’s been bugging me so, here’s mine on the subject.

So in the comics, Scrooge gets his first dime when he was 10 in 1877

you can see this in both the comics and the reboot, the reboot obviously taking inspiration from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, as seen above

We know that Don Rosa’s comic takes place in 1877 because, well, it says so in the comic itself. But we don’t know when exactly he got the coin in the reboot, but it looks like it’s in the Victorian era as well, as evidenced by the woman’s dress on the right. It looks very reminiscent of the fashion of the time

It’s not an exact match, no, but it is in a childrens cartoon about talking ducks so. Maybe Scrooge was just working in a very upscale neighborhood in the reboot, maybe they just made it look like that so it could look more like the comics, or maybe Scrooge really is 150 years old in the reboot.

Then there’s Donald’s parents pictures

I dunno about you, but Hortense’s (donalds mom’s) dress looks very turn of the century as does Quackmore’s little mustache and little suit. The colors, too, look very much like aged, early 1900 photographs. Now, i know they’re polaroids, but Webby has a polaroid camera and it’s what she used to take a picture of the triplets

so most likely the pics she has of Donald’s parents are pictures of pictures that she took so she could pin it up on her wall.

But, does this mean that Donald was born around 1925, like the comics suggest? Is he 92 years old??? What about Della? Gladstone??

And if they are all this old, then how are they still alive? Did they find the fountain of youth? Were they cursed? Hexed? Do ducks just age really, really slowly in this universe?

And what about the scene in the newest episode, where young Donald and Gladstone are standing next to an electric street light? Did they just, reverse age somewhere in the 90′s and become kids again?? I need to know pls

anyone else’s thoughts?

Does anyone else think about how like… Sangwoo doesn’t even realise how lucky he is to have such a freak like Bum? Like, it was two weeks ago and I’m still thinkin’ about how despite that being probably some of the worst sex imaginable for Bum. No lube, no preparation, not even a kiss on the cheek he can STILL cum??? Sangwoo, no, not even Bum was touching himself and he still got right to that peak or orgasm? (It’s uncertain if he actually did get to jizzm but my point still stands)

Like👏 Holy👏 Shit?👏

That ain’t easy, Bum deserves a medal or somethin idfk