but this is a kids' show!!

I keep forgetting that Magnus will never age

forget the whole, “slowly watching my friends die without me” thing for a sec, this’ll be sadly hilarious when people start noticing

he still makes trips to the mortal world, when/if Sam has kids is she gonna hide it from them, or is he just gonna be ‘mommy’s weird friend who doesn’t age’? 

People are eventually gonna think Blitz and Hearth really are his parents or grandparents

imagine him showing up to Annabeth’s wedding or baby shower or whatever in ten years

“Maggie boy! What moisturizer are you using, you haven’t aged a day!”

“I’m dead, Valdez.”

My favourite is Shiro falling for Keith post-Kerberos. I mean, who wouldn’t?? Especially Shiro who is in a very tender place. He’s just had a year so bad it probably doesn’t belong in a kids show, and when he finally escapes back home he’s strapped down and knocked out for god knows what else people who are supposed to be his allies are gonna do to him.

But then Keith rides in with goddaMN explosives and a sick hoverbike and busts his ass outta there. Because idk destiny?? The cave paintings told him to do it. So they’re basically fated to meet and reunite. Romantic. And he’s cool as shit doing it (even tho Shiro can’t see it but you know Shiro thinks lasers sound like BLAM BLAM BLAM and enthusiastically acts it out so he’s totally gonna imagine how cool his own rescue is). And then he probably wakes up on the couch in Keith’s desert shack and sees Keith’s back as he’s idk crawling across the ground looking for a Twinkie to feed him, and then Shiro knows he’s safe for the first time since he was taken onboard the Galra ship, because Keith is gonna do everything and more to protect Shiro from there on out. His buddy is BACK and nobody’s gonna touch him again if Keith and his knife can help it. That’s gotta feel real nice and warm after fighting to survive all alone like Shiro did for so long.

And THEN Keith takes on the EMPEROR OF THE UNIVERSE to save Black Lion and Shiro realises Keith isn’t just a cadet under his wing anymore, he’s a Paladin and the next leader, and he’s looking at Keith differently than when they were in the Garrison and seeing things he never used to. Shit man…it’s love. He felt it back in the shack but now he gets it for real. “I love this guy who probably didn’t shower properly for a year because I don’t remember seeing a shower in that shack.” Keith’s grown into a fine young man while he’s been away and Shiro gets the blushes…pls (keep) notice(ing) me Keith

plus Keith is just a huge badass anyway I mean who doesn’t wanna date an ace pilot who doesn’t take Shit from anyone but especially not the government

keep them in your mason jars  (84k; high school au)
home to you (54k; singer harry; actor louis)
like real people do (64k; jessica jones au)
water shows the hidden heart (30k; selkie au)
walk on the ocean (26k; famous/not famous)
run like the devil (137k; demon harry)
k-9’s and blue eyes (36k; kid fic)
all eyes on you (49k; road trip au; established relationship)
this wicked game (70k; bachelor au)
blend into my favourite colour (19k; enemies to lovers; uni au)
come away with me (80k; kid fic)
who tells your story (33k; famous/not famous + film maker louis)
deep within the mistery of your eyes (10k; blind louis)
little technicolor things (72k; artist harry; writer louis)
with these arms folded (21k; songwriter harry; singer louis)
you took my heart by surprise (33k; royal harry; bodyguard louis)

fic rec: masterpost

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I know how everyone is thinking that Chloe is getting the bee miraculous but... what if it ends up like Vulpina and it's just another akuma? And how would Ladybug and Chat Noir react to another miraculous user after that whole ordeal? I dunno, what's your thoughts?

I seriously doubt they would do the akuma thing again because it’s already been done. They’d have to change the story line A LOT to get it to a point where that would be a fresh idea. But if another miraculous user did show up I’m sure Ladybug and Chat Noir would be very suspicious after Lila. They may need confirmation from Fu before they feel good about it. I mean, after Volpina ended it seemed obvious that he’s about to sit them down and have a nice long talk with them separately. 

You have brought up a point though that I’ve been wondering too. I know we all want them to just be the twosome team in Paris. I get that. Part of me just wants the story to only have the superheroes Ladybug and Chat Noir, just so it can be the two of them bonding, and I know it’ll be weird if there are more miraculous users out there with them.

I think it’ll just be interesting to see how a team may or may not develop, or if these other supers will only be called in at a certain time because there NEEDS to be more than just the main duo to take down the bad guy. 

In any case, they’ll all have to adapt to working on a larger team. This will be fun. :) 

So I start thinking that Guan Shan gets in a fight with Jian Yi because She Li told him to.

When he says fuck him he is referring to She Li

and then he hits the wall because he is angry that She Li is making him fight even though he doesn’t like to get into trouble.

Like we can see here.

For me Mo Guan Shan is a kid that doesn’t like to get into fights and stuff like that but when it comes to money and showing off he is strong to the world he can be easily fooled from others and do something bad that can hurt him too.

The pictures were taken form: http://yaoi-blcd.tumblr.com/

Chanyeol as Your Schoolmate

Originally posted by parkchny

Request: Hi there! Can you do chanyeol as a classmate and school crush kind of thing? Thank youuuu

A/N: I tried a new style for this, let me know if it’s alright~

  • So he’s one of the more popular guys at school
  • Probably because he is in literally every club because damn this boy is talented
  • And he’s pretty well-known for being a good student with the teachers as well
  • The girls and guys swoon over him
  • He’s your cliché popular kid tbh
  • And you’re the new transfer student
  • Of course, because everyone in the school knows and trusts him, the principal told him to show you around and get you situated
  • He takes you on this crazy extensive tour of every little area of the school and you’re trying so hard to pay attention but he’s such an attractive hunk of tall human you have a hard time
  • Eventually the tour ends and he asks for your schedule and, what a coincidence, you have the same first period as him
  • So he walks to class with you and you’re literally melting inside because how is he so hot while just walking and doing nothing?????
  • Soon you end up at your classroom and he walks you in and introduces you to everyone he knows (which is pretty much everyone) and invites you to sit next to him so you’re not alone and awkward
  • bless his heart this boy i swear
  • While the class goes on you’re paying attention to the lecture and you keep catching Chanyeol stealing glimpses at you in the corner of your eye but you try to brush it off as nothing
  • You’re still blushing like crazy though don’t get me wrong
  • Finally class ends and you find out you have two other classes with him throughout the day
  • But he walks you to every one of your classes even if his is on the opposite end of the school
  • He’ll sprint if he has to those long legs will carry him far
  • But eventually the day ends and you go home
  • As the weeks go on, he continues to insist that you sit by him and he walks you to every class
  • Eventually he introduces you to his best friend, Baekhyun, as well and you become one of the most well-known trios in the school
  • And just like before, whenever you have a class together you always see him looking in your direction whenever he can
  • You’re still brushing it off as nothing though
  • One day, you, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun decided to grab lunch off campus for once and go to this new place Chan had been dying to take you
  • And when you get there you realize you forgot your wallet
  • Before Chanyeol can offer to pay for you, Baekhyun already had his cash out
  • Chanyeol just smiled on the outside but his blood was lowkey boiling
  • And as lunch went on, you and Baek were really touchy and friendly with each other
  • And it left Chanyeol feeling something he couldn’t explain
  • But he didn’t like it.
  • The next few days Chan was really distant
  • He wouldn’t walk you to class, he even had you sit at a different seat so he wasn’t next to you
  • He’d shrug you off in the hallway and you pretty much went a week without talking at all
  • Eventually you had enough and confronted him about it
  • And all of a sudden he confesses just right then and there
  • “Y/n I like you okay?!”
  • And you’re just like wait what
  • He spends the next few minutes explaining how he got jealous of how you and Baekhyun were getting so close but he didn’t know why until he realized the truth
  • “And then all I wanted was to make you mine, so I’d never have to see you like that with another guy again.”
  • And all of a sudden you hug him really tight which is awkward because of how tall he is but you make it work
  • When you finally pull away he’s like “so what does that mean?” and you say “well I hope that means you’ll ask me on a real date.”
  • Cue the cringe
  • Word quickly gets out about you two finally becoming a “thing”
  • The whole school has shipped it the entire time tbh even Baek
  • And you get known as that super cute high school romance that every school has
  • After a few months of dating he gets really comfortable with pda on campus
  • So you kinda have to remind him with a quick slap to the chest after he steals a kiss that you are, in fact, still in public
  • But he doesn’t really care tbvh because you’re his
  • And he likes showing off what’s his
  • That reminds me of the time you had to go to school with hickies on your neck because someone got a bit possessive but that’s for another time-
  • But yeah you pretty much are the super cliché adorable couple that everyone ships and everyone loves
  • I need to stop this is ruining my bias list bye-

-Admin Yeonie

Imagine a woman who showed up [to a presidential debate] unprepared, sniffling like a coke addict and interrupting her opponent 70 times. Let’s further imagine that she had 5 kids by 3 men, was a repeated adulterer, had multiple bankruptcies, paid zero federal taxes and rooted for the housing crisis in which many thousands of families lost their homes. Wait… there’s more: she has never held any elected office in her life.
—  Michelle Vitali (Facebook)
Oh No. Girl Meets World is ON

Girl Meets Creativity. Double Oh No. Did you know that my masters thesis was about how to integrate the arts into education? Well it was. And now the kids are trying to save art classes. How dare GMW. How DARE.

Poor Maya. She didn’t mean to believe in something. 


(but this means i have to sit through awful disney channel commercials. i blame tumblr and your stupid enticing gifs)

Is that Corey’s old teacher as the superintendent? 

Why does Lucas define the girls by their looks and Farkle by his intelligence yo. Oh here comes the hormones. NO SHIPPING BABY TEENAGERS. No no no. I am fighting this fandom tooth and nail people. 

I like Zay. He’s my man. 

ANOTHER COMMERCIAL??? You guys are making me SUFFER for my Maya and Riley.Why are the caterers dancing and singing on the commercial? The Lodge. They’re the caterers, right?

Performing in front of the community meeting. Riley doing interpretive dance. Haha. We used to make jokes about doing interpretive dance for class assignments. Did I tell you my specialty was incorporating the arts into education? Never managed to get anyone to do interpretive dance, but it was an option. lol. 

Of course Topanga yields to the kids. They all yield. Superintendent Turner IS his old teacher. Performing a list of prime numbers is disappointing. LOL. did I say I have dyscalculia? SCREW YOU ALL I LIKE THIS SHOW. Tap away Farkle, tap away. No more numbers. You know I saw the first episode this morning before school. Boy they’re lucky Farkle hit puberty and got so darn cute. Yay puberty. 

And that’s why we make fun of interpretive dance. But Riley is funny.

They actually said Yoink when they took Maya’s microphone. 

I dispute the contention that a studio art major from Princeton would ruthlessly cut the arts from education. She knows. You don’t just STOP thinking creatively. No matter how it hurts to not make it as an artist. She went into education, she’s going to channel her love of the arts into her job in education, because that’s where it belongs. 

I like the story about Guernica, though. That was good. 

The horse from Guernica was IN the council member’s  painting. *Sniff*

Don’t be mean about Riley’s purple cats. Purple cats are great. Screw you art teacher.  Expressionism is valuable. 


@blyedeeks I hope you’re happy.

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I may not like naruto ending, but I love how sasunaru's strong bond still keep being shown in boruto. Like how sasuke only shows his smile to naruto, not even to sakura nor sarada (cmiiw), how sasuke comes to naruto first when he's back in the village, how naruto tells sasuke to look after the children (i mean why don't he tell sasuke to tell hinata to take care of the children? And he doesn't even tell sasuke to take care of hinata), etc.

You’re right, Anon. 

Naruto will always have a special place in Sasuke’s heart, and a marriage and kids won’t change that. Their love (no matter if you refuse to accept the homoerotic implications) is real and a result of mutual understanding and their shared trauma of loneliness. 

One soul in two bodies. Yin and yang. Sun and moon. Light and darkness. Two sides of the same coin. Call it whatever you want. 

Random Fact #765

Franklin from the popular Canadian children’s book/tv series Franklin the Turtle (Benjamin la tortue in its original Quebecois French) has appeared on Canadian postage stamps.

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Imagine Hazel playing cards against humanity Or Hazel accidentally finding Nico smut on tumblr, right as Nico walks by.

Nico has banned both of those things, as well as most television shows, music, and the internet in general. they only go on kid friendly sites now, like Neopets and the Old Friend’s Senior Dog Club facebook page. Hazel, however, does what she wants and spends most days watching speedpaints on youtube exclusivly

Hazel once saw a penis on tumblr, and Nico had a stroke. She was fine though, and didnt really care

🎃The Countdown Begins🎃

Sixx has reminded me eleventy thousand times that tomorrow is October 1st, so there’s no getting around it, tomorrow I’ll be decorating the front porch to look like a Witch’s Parlor. Her Dad takes care of setting up the cemetery.

We’ve added some cool things this year but I still don’t have an authentic cauldron. I will find one though. One of these days.

I also need to pick up my costume handouts. I’ve mentioned it before but for new followers (are porn blogs interested in Halloween?) I live in one of the poorest counties in NC and most of the kids here can’t afford costumes, they usually just show up in their school uniforms with a shopping bag for trick or treating. So every year I have some type of handout (in addition to candy) that they can use as costumes. One year it was those glasses with noses attached, another time mustaches, last year glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth. I’m stuck this year. It’s gotta be something simple they can put on immediately, something easily attainable, and something somewhat cheap. I am not as rich as I am willing! Lol

Then I need to pick up the candy. We went through a shit ton last year. But if I buy it too early … I eat it. And that’s a costume you can’t easily take off!