but this is a better quality pic anyway i think

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For Reborn day could you please draw a smol Giotto? He's the KHR husband. ❤️ Also, your cosplays are on point 💯‼️ I think you could pull off a great Giotto, Alaude, or even Elena!! I'm definitely looking forward to your Daemon cosplay. 😈

Mini Giotto for you dear anon! I hope quality doesn’t suck that much, it’ll look better once it’s colored later xD 💚 I wish I had time to finish those pics now, but woooork ;;

And about cosplay… Wow I’m really happy to hear you think I could pull of your KHR bae :3 Thank you~ I don’t think I would ever do Alaude tho, he has the same appearance as Hibari and it doesn’t really suit me ;; I also feel really awkward cosp laying girls xD Maybe because I don’t look that girly 😂 Anyway thank you for the ask~ 

Have nice Reborn! Day! 💚

(click it for much better quality and bigger picture, tumblr is awful on wider pics)

Poor Bane. He looks so uncomfortable, Hondo has no sense of personal space. And no sense about when he just needs to shut up, or he’s gonna end up with a fist to the face.