but this is a better quality pic anyway i think

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Poor Bane. He looks so uncomfortable, Hondo has no sense of personal space. And no sense about when he just needs to shut up, or he’s gonna end up with a fist to the face. 

doctorcaseyholmes  asked:

Saw the trailer. Freaking out!!! But I noticed a tiny something. On the door in the trailer, under the "No Entry", there's a small "(W)" under the "ry" of entry. I'm assuming this ties back to the W mentioned on the card w/ the rose in the deleted scene from HLV and the glimpse of the rose we see @ the beside that John is standing @ in the trailer - which might also have a "W" on the card sitting next to it? This the name of the villain? Or something else?

Hey Lovely!

I don’t think that’s a (W)… but who knows. 

And as for the hospital scene:

I think it could take place after Sherlock falls the second time in HLV after Mary is revealed, and John is contemplating what to do next. But it looks like he has the swoopy swish in better quality pics, so it could be anything at this point. I’m tentatively gonna say JOHN’S mind bungalow, as he’s remembering Sherlock on the bed.

But anyway, Irene is usually brought up in circumstances when Sherlock and John have to face their feelings for each other, so could be!

Sorry I’m not more informative. My brain has melted.