but this interview was so precious because they were so honest and open

Translation of YOI article from the newspaper “Le Monde”

A friend asked me a translation and I saw that on the original post, there were some curious too, so I’ve made a translation of this article (I took the most important part of it precisely)

To be honest, a show about ice skating, we didn’t think it would create such a keen interest”. Olivier Fallaix is responsible of the french Crunchyroll development. It releases outside Asia the surprising big success from this past months : Yuri on Ice, an anime of 12 episodes only, broadcasted between October and December and created by Mappa, a little and young studio.
This is internationally our second biggest success of the year, after Re-zero.
Sport animes are not really an universal genre, with big success. But the strenght of YOI is that it’s not only a sport anime”.

“Fans are not mistaken”

36 years old Ninou Cyrico, is a big fan of YOI, that she watched “five-six times”.
As a writer, she even published a fanfiction of 200 pages about it, taking place few years after the end of the anime.

YOI characters are wonderful, the story is written in a clever way, with an attention to detail very fabulous”, she says and insisting on the care to develop the secondary characters. “Even the less important characters have something that makes them more than being just the background
Fans are not mistaken : with the fanfics, and the doujinshis, they even have groups who wrote stories about them.

In October indeed, the fandom web (the fan community) have seen YOI taking a considerable importance. On Tumblr, their main characters have appeared on the list of the couples the most popular of 2016. On the fanfic website Archive of Our Own, there are at least 19000 stories published since then by fans.

And the most of those creations are focused on the relationship between Yuuri and Victor. In the anime, this love story is “implicit, never explicit, treated with modesty” according to Ninou Cyrico. “It’s clever, it doesn’t harm the story, that’s not about the romance but about Yuuri’s come-back”, and an ode to surpassing ourselves. Also, “a gay romance between a Russian and a Japanese, those days, and especially on the Russian side, it’s pretty cheeky”.

« There isn’t any homophobia »

For Garance Le Gall, an other fan of YOI and writer of a memoir on LGBT representation in comics, this anime appears like “a precious stone on the calendar of the story of anime”.

In Occident, we don’t realize how much what they did is important : a mainstream sport anime, that isn’t yaoi or even shounen ai, with a homosexual couple. It’s a bit like what George Miller did with [Mad Max : Fury Road]. They introduced it like a big testosterone movie, but the audience went to watch a feminist movie instead

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               “Are you at it, again?“ Eunha scowled behind you while you quickly shut your MacBook so she couldn’t have access to invade your secret.

               Geez, this sneaky head! 

               You cursed her inwardly, feeling embarrassed for caught stalking your ex-boyfriend.

               Stalking Kwon Hyuk.
               Yes, it’s the famous R&B singer which known as his popular name; Dean. Your ex-boyfriend who made you stuck in forever couldn’t move on phase, the passionate Hyuk. 

               "What?” you turned your head to face her, giving your innocent look as if stalking your ex was completely normal behavior. Well, it was normal and understandable when you had broken up with him one month ago, but the fact was you had been doing this for three years, three years five months three weeks two days in exact number. 

               "You will only hurt yourself.“ Eunha said, but her voice sounded sad. She was the one who knew how hard you tried to let him go, but until now you never did.

               "I know, can’t help.” You shrugged then looked out at the window, sighing. 

               You can’t stop thinking about him. 

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I want to go back.

Summary: Your bffs with actor Zachary Quinto, he does those typical things that best friends do set you up with guys, mend your broken heart and listen to you rant. There was one guy he set you up with his co-star Chris Pine, it was a romance to kill for until a simple mistake on his part ruined it. He messed up and your heart broke, now a year later you’ve come face to face with him. Those precious blue orbs staring back at you, deep into your heart. 

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Rookie - Dylan Larkin

Requested by anon: ok pleaseeee write a dylan larkin smut where he gets jealous of if you don’t do smut just make it him getting really jealous ?!?!?

Word Count: 1630
Team: Detroit Red Wings
Warnings: Cussing, anger, jealousy

Two in only a few hours?! Whaaaat? So, I don’t really write smut, sorry anon, but I had a lot of fun with this one, so thank you! I wanted to make this unique and I haven’t seen many about the All-Star Weekends (And I was just watching All-Star Weekend videos so that was the inspiration) but I really love this one and I hope you all do too! ((ALSO, I wanted to use a gif from the weekend but it was over a year ago and I love this one too much because his smile even though it’s not really a smiley imagine, so sorry not sorry)). (((And SURPRISE, extra player mentioned yeee))).

“Babe, which tie should I wear today?” you heard from the room as you put on your makeup in the bathroom. You were both getting ready for a long first day at the NHL All-Stars Weekend in Nashville. You knew that Dylan was excited but also extremely nervous. You walked out to look at the selection of ties that he had brought along.

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A prequel to my fic ‘Acknowledge

Summary: Rich CEO Phil Lester meets Dan Howell, an adorable pastel-colored boy who is looking for a job, and decides that he has to hire him immediately. 

Phil Lester, CEO of Lester Global Inc, was exhausted and irritated. About once every three months he would pick a day to interview many different potential employees to work at his company. Those days usually ended up being pointless. Today just happened to be one of those days.

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DiKa Couple Interview [Analysis]

Hey, it’s me again. Well, here I am to express my opinion/feelings about Kaisoo/Kadi/Dika (as Jongin said himself) couple interview. I want to say firstly that I don’t know them and everything I say it’s based on my observations and you how Kaisoo shippers are delusional, right?. And my English isn’t pretty good, so I’m sorry for any mistakes beforehand.

This obviously contains spoilers of the EXO Second Box. If you didn’t see the DVD or you’re not interested in read any of this just ignore this post. Thank you in advance.

I waited some time to pass before writing this for a reason not only because I’m a lazy person tbh. I know all of Kaisoo shippers out there are still euphoric about their interactions (me included, I smiled with feels at college), but I’ll try to be more rational here and honest as well. And I needed to see the couple interview with my own eyes to have a bigger panoram of the situation.

Okay… First thing I have to say about all of this? It was cute as hell!!!! Where do I start? In general lines, I think this interview shows why Kaisoo is so shippable. They aren’t the skinship type of couple but a lot of people really like them together. Kyungsoo/Jongin know this as well. You can see this when they’re questioned about their couple name. Jongin, joking (you can see his face), answers I-O, but Kyungsoo is all: “I think fans call us KaDi”. They’re not blind, you know. They see the banners with their couple names on concerts and fanmeetings. It could force them to touch each other more or be more lovey dovey or even drift them apart. But they base (if it’s a friendship base or a companionship one, I don’t know) is strong since the beginning, that’s why I don’t think they’re a fake couple/created by SM. And ths interview shows it very well in so many levels! I just love it.

The beginning of the interview is quite interesting because Jongin starts laughing when Kyungsoo bows to the camera. He gives that characteristic laugh that appears on his face only when you see something he thinks that’s super cute as Taeoh or when his niece or his dogs make something lovely. Kyungsoo looks like he is in a good mood too, with a shy smile at first. It may seem silly, but those laughs Jongin gives when he’s near of Kyungsoo are super interesting. That’s because he has the habit of beating everyone when he laughs. EVERYONE. It can be Sehun, Suho, Luhan (miss u forever baby), Baekhyun, Chanyeol … Anyway. Regardless of the person being his hyung or dongsaeng, he does it, like a instinctive action. Everyone, least Kyungsoo.

This can mean several things: respect, fear… Choose what you find most acceptable. For me, this is his way to show how much he cares about Kyungsoo to the point of control a habit just because his hyung doesn’t like it. It may just be afraid to be beaten, of course. But linking it to several other Kaisoo moments, I don’t think he controls himself only because of fear.

Look at how happy they are, I cry. 

I find it interesting when they were asked about what they have in common. I don’t know if they spoke basic things such as they’re being roommates or about their dark skin because they really don’t have much things in common or because this is, somehow, an intimate question. Any of these explanations is acceptable, because if the first one is the correct answer, it shows how two people can be close without having necessarily tastes in common or similar personalities. Jongin is a deep, funny and optimistic person while Kyungsoo is mysterious and more reserved, but the interaction between them just flows in a natural way. There is a click between them, which contines to exist, even with the haters hate. And that’s not something you see in many couples out there, especially inside EXO. It is something worthy of admiration, in my opinion.

Returning to the question about their couple name, I need to say how I love the way they handle it. Kaisoo / Kadi is a popular ship in Korea, but both of them carry the entire interview naturally, without forcing anything. Kyungsoo told about the popular name and Jongin even joked about it because he prefers Dika more for reminding him of Digital Kamera! They seem comfortable, as if being close to each other is the most normal thing in the world. One more reason that makes me think that this couple wasn’t created just for fan service, tbh.

I loved the part where they talk about the start of their friendship! It was super sincere and adorable at the same because Jongin admitted (had no choice) to Kyungsoo that he was scared of him, but after all the misunderstandings between them were explained, Jongin opened himself to Kyungsoo and told about they having coffee together every day. EVERY DAY!

Maybe he overreacted a little (I can’t know about that), but regardless, we all know how much Jongin hates coffee. He has spoken and demonstrated this in many ocasions now.

Thus, how he accepted have coffee with Kyungsoo even if it’s something he hates? And see Kyungsoo stating that he watched Jongin before their friendship start is very interesting too, because it was said at another time that Kyungsoo didn’t look at Jongin when they were standing next to each other.

Click here to see the full gifset.

So, I conclude that Kyungsoo was embarassed of Jongin at first and watched him discretly.  You know when you see the person that calls your attention and you look at her, but when she notices your presence or is near you, you look away? I think it was this was what happened between Kaisoo before they become closer. Not necessarily in a crush way, but maybe in a impressive way. I don’t know. You can interpret this how you want.

A respectful pause to comment a little about Kaisoo talking about their roommate rules and blaming Chanyeol in the process because their room was messy. And Jongin’s whining so much at Kyungsoo, like “It’s Chanyeol’s fault. He’s the messy one, not me.”

The part where they talk about Kyungsoo’s drama is one of my favorites. Really. I really think Jongin haven’t seen the drama at all, maybe only the parts that Kyungsoo appeared and, that’s why Jongin didn’t know the movie’s title. I think Kyungsoo knows it too, but just the fact that Jongin remember what happened in the movie, left Kyungsoo with mixed expressions of happiness and surprise on his face. And when asked Jongin’s opinion about it, he said he was sad, though proud to see his hyung (and also the other EXO members) acting, gave me the feeling that he really cares about Kyungsoo to notice the parts that other people are beating him up, even if it’s in fiction.

In my opinion, the most intimate moment of this interview happened when Kyungsoo asked which restaurant he would like to take Jongin. I had this impression because, while they’re talking, Kyungsoo lowered his voice when answered to Jongin, even with they in the middle of a interview with a lot of cameras and mics. But the intention was to share this information with Jongin only and probably this wasn’t a big deal, but I think this moment summarizes well Kaisoo ship because even in front of the fans, they have some facts or interactions they want to keep away from the general public. And needless to comment on the pinky promise, it was very cute!

From this point, we see Kyungsoo and Jongin  praising each other until the end of the interview. Especially the part where they have to speak some talent that makes them jealous of the other. Honestly, to me, they seemed more proud than with envy or jealousy. Mostly Jongin, the most open of the two to talk about the things he likes about Kyungsoo. Who saw the interview with Chen and Jongin knows that he also spoke to Chen that he was “the best singer of Korea and was excited when he heard him sing” (basically the same thing that spoke to Kyungsoo). Only Jongin was really honest when he talked about Kyungsoo. First, because of his tone. The characteristic laugh he makes sometimes didn’t appear on his face when talked about his precious hyung and, besides, all Kaisoo shippers out there can remember at least one moment where Jongin gets starstruck when he hears Kyungsoo singing.

Jongin before Kyungsoo starts singing.

Jongin after Kyungsoo starts singing (he stays like this until the end)

This is a memorable moment one of my favorites. That’s because, by the time Kyungsoo starts singing, it was like Jongin had been hit by a spell. He seems so mesmerized by Kyungsoo’s voice that he can’t even blink!

Kyungsoo also seemed honest in talking about how he feels impressed with Jongin’s dance moves. He even said in other opportunity that he would fall for him if he were a girl after seeing him dance.

kyungsoo’s reaction to jongin’s solo, link for the gifset here.

This gif explains very well this context. Kyungsoo can’t stop looking at Jongin’s dance and he looked so impressed and proud. But it isn’t the first time Kyungsoo acts like this. You can find a lot of another moments around here if you’re not convinced I was too lazy to look for more, I’m sorry.

Regarding their comment about Jongin teaching Kyungsoo a choreography, I have a theory about it that came into my mind even before this interview. Basically, the choreography Jongin taught Kyungsoo was the one he danced on “Deep Breath” performances prepared by Jongin himself.But I’m being randomly now, so I’ll stop talking about it if anyone has curiosity can ask me to do a post better preparing this part.

There are other things I’d like to point out before finishing this post, which are basically:

1. Their body language similarities during the whole interview

2. The way their bodies were discretly tilted towards each other;

3. Jongin’s voice tone while speaking to Kyungsoo. It’s nothing new but it reminded me a lot the way he spoke to/about Taeoh like he was the most precious thing on Earth;

4. How Kyungsoo was delighted, cheerful and sincere all the time.

As I said earlier, this interview shows why Kaisoo otp is so popular. They show different sides of each other when they are together, tolerate, respect each other’s differences and personalities, they see the qualities that the other has and compliment each other without being fake, the way they tease each other, and, above all, how the don’t to do skinship all the time to prove how much they like each other and, for me, this is the basis of a real and healthy relationship between two human beings.

Cillian Murphy gets political in a new interview with ShortList.

On how he picks films: A lot of film now feels disposable and forgettable. I’m not interested in that. I’ve always been attracted to projects that leave you altered in some way, emotionally bruised. Film should have that effect on you, and there should be some residue with you a week later.

On a film that left him altered: There’s a Swedish film that I adore called Force Majeure. It’s the last film that actually made me shout at the screen. I still think about it now. It’s about a family on holiday skiing, and they’re having lunch when an avalanche hits. The father runs away, leaving his wife and children. They all survive. Everyone’s OK, but the rest of the film is about them trying to deal with that selfishness. It’s a meditation on masculinity and relationships. A masterpiece, I think.

On modern warfare:  I think the Second World War was the last just war. I’m a complete pacifist at heart, but I can understand how important it was for mankind to stop the Third Reich in its tracks and to attack the Final Solution. Nowadays we talk about Syria, and tit’s nearly impossible to understand what the hell is going on. The ‘war on terror’ is so vague. It’s very strange. The whole thing is just one big massive mind f*ck. Modern warfare is all about technology and who’s watching who, and who has all the intelligence. It’s hard to know what’s noble and what’s not. I admire soldiers and I admire their bravery, but you just wonder, sometimes, where the motivation comes from politically.

The full Q&A under the cut, including Cillian’s fave war joke (it’s corny af) and why he doesn’t need to give acting advice to Harry Styles (he’s not in the ‘elderly actor giving advice’ bracket yet).

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The Fifth Kiss

Ficlet set during 4x08.


God, it was fucking quiet up there. Well, not silent, because there were still a few idiots stumbling around. But the walls didn’t shake and the floor didn’t creak and the wind didn’t fucking howl as it hit warped siding.

The glass windows of the condo were impenetrable. They kept the whole world out, and in this strange, still-so-foreign bubble, Mickey had been someone else that night.

Not anyone great, really. More like a quiet witness to a side of life he’d never seen up close. The people were friendly enough. Less gay than he might’ve expected. He hadn’t called anyone a fag and he hadn’t thrown any punches, verbal or otherwise. And he’d…attempted…conversation with a handful of them, if they’d been brave enough to start it up. One dude was ready to interview him for a fucking research paper—thank God Ian had rescued him from that—but the rest were mostly content to talk about themselves. Some were in relationships. Some had just broken up. Some were looking for love. Some just wanted to have a good time.

Mickey just wanted to take Ian somewhere private. Not back home tonight, because the bubble, for all its strangeness, was intoxicating. A whole new existence he could never have, but Ian clearly liked it and Mickey could fucking pretend, if only for a moment. 

Ian had been different there, too. Smiling and laughing and celebrating and drinking maybe a little too much. Draping his arm over Mickey’s shoulders, leaning more and more weight on him as the night wore on. Mickey’d flinched at the contact, for just a second, before he remembered they’d full-on made out in front of some of these people at the club. That ship had fucking sailed. 

“Mm.” Ian squirmed forward, and the bars beneath the thin mattress of the pullout couch groaned with him. “Tired.”

He stretched out his hand and caught the corner of Mickey’s shirt, where he ran his fingers over the plaid pattern for a few seconds before attempting to pop open a button. He failed miserably.

“You’re drunk, Gallagher.“ 

“And you’re not drunk enough,” Ian slurred back, splaying his hand out flat on Mickey’s stomach. “It was free alcohol, Mickey, you know that right? And the good shit.”

“Yeah, well someone has to keep an eye on your drunk ass.”

Someone really did, because there was plenty of coke and ecstasy around and Mickey was not going to have a fucking repeat of an unconscious Ian, lying prone on the icy ground.

Mickey shivered. It wasn’t cold in there—just the perfect temperature, actually.

“Cold?” Ian rubbed his arm briskly. “Want me to see if I can find a blanket?" 

“I’m fine. ’Sides, I’m not sure you could even stand without my help. I was half-carrying you that last hour there.”

Ian grinned, his eyes still bright even though they were half-lidded and unfocused in the dim lighting. “You like it, though, don’t you.”

“Like what?” Mickey pulled back and regretted it the minute Ian’s fingers slid away from his body.

“Me. On you.”

Shit, the kid had his number. No fucking doubt about that.

A smart-ass remark was on the tip of his tongue. Really, that was always the case. But Mickey could tell from the droop of Ian’s chin that he was about to pass out, and there were only a few precious minutes of this night left.

He scooted closer until their noses touched. Until Ian’s warm breath became his inhales, and his became Ian’s. And they watched each other, barely blinking.

Mickey could count the number of times they’d kissed on one hand. And each and every time was a first—some brand new experience he’d never expected. The peck in that old van was barely more than a few seconds, not really all that hot, not really all that emotional (not that Mickey did emotions). It’d simply been used to say don’t fuck other people, I can give you what you want. The second, during the sleepover that had nearly ruined their lives, had been pure excitement and sexual energy; I can do this and the world won’t come to an end. But then of course the world had ended, so the third kiss was desperate and painful and Mickey still couldn’t even place words to what he’d been trying to convey in that back room the afternoon of his wedding.

The fourth, from earlier that day, was freedom. A different plane of existence. This is what I want, and if he was being completely honest with himself, one of the last barriers to This is who I am. Mickey-who-wanted-Ian, Mickey-who-got-turned-on-by-firm-muscles-and-dick, Mickey-who-was…


The word popped into Mickey’s head and he blinked rapidly, like he was trying to clear it from his sight. But it was written inside of him, and all he could do was bury it, momentarily, under the flimsiest cover of I’ll deal with that later.

Because now he wanted to be in the moment, with Ian, for number five. Ian licked his lips and closed the distance between them in a gentle kiss. They broke apart, breathed deeply, and kissed again. Slow. Sleepy. And fucking smiling like two idiot teenagers who were just discovering they really liked each other.

And why not? They were idiot teenagers. They deserved this moment, even if they’d done everything fucking backwards. This tiny taste of a childhood they’d barely lived—finding their first love.

So kiss number five made Mickey feel like a fucking school girl, ready to clasp Ian’s hands and stare into his eyes and make-out in slow motion. Part of that he could live with, part of that he wasn’t crazy about…but the damage was done.

Number five meant I’m in love.

Ian’s lips were barely moving now, although he fought valiantly to keep his eyes open when they broke apart again.

“Go to sleep, Gallagher. You can kiss me in the morning.”

Ian yawned. “Promise?” He didn’t wait for a response, and instead rolled onto his back, stretching out his long legs and settling into the pillow. His lips parted slightly as he slept.

Mickey curled onto his side and placed his hand on Ian’s arm to stroke him softly, ready to watch him for as long as possible.

Yes, he promised.


Notes: Sorry, this one meandered a bit. Started with the idea of them making out that night at the condo and got kinda introspective, lol.

Also, the ‘2nd kiss’ is just my head-canon, assuming they probably made out at some point during the sleepover, possibly during sex, since Mickey broke the no-kiss rule in 3x05.

Malec Week 2015– Day 4

“Cross-Over Day”

Can I cross-over into the YouTube fandom? Is that a cross-over? I think so…

I was Drunk; It was VidCon

Alec’s eyes avoided the camera for a moment, despite the fact that he was filming.

But he had no idea how to start.

“So basically I’m an socially-inept human who can’t do much of anything,” Alec finally said.

The green light flashed steadily in response.

“I am literally incapable of doing anything,” he said. He rubbed his temples. He still wasn’t quite over his embarrassing blunder. “So I was on my phone, trying to get to the subway station on 72nd. And I was checking my email and walking down the stairs. Now, the logical, clutzy person wouldn’t be on their phone and walking, right?”

He fell silent again, looking for the words.

“I saw that I had this email from YouTube, and it looked all officially and stuff, which is a big deal because why would YouTube be emailing little ole’ me? So I’m on the first landing and this email finally opens because Sprint is the worst cell phone provider in the world and their 4G sucks– I’m rambling.” He finally looked up into the camera.

“Okay, deleting that– So I’m on the first landing and this email finally opens and it’s an invitation to host a panel at VidCon.”

A smile lit up his face.

“But before I celebrate– back to the story, I freeze on this landing and I’m internally screaming and this person runs into the back of me. Both of our phones go flying and I’m flailing, trying catch my precious iPhone. But the guy behind me is doing the same thing, except his hands are slapping the back of my head, until I fall down the steps– I’m literally falling on my stomach down the stairs, until I hit the feet of the person in front of me– they fall– and our phones are still flying through the air. And if I slid forward maybe another foot, I figure, I can actually catch them before they shatter on the ground.”

Alec cringed.

“So I’m crawling over the top of this person, they’re screaming, I’m screaming, the guy behind me is screaming and– yeah, no, it wasn’t another foot. They fell to the bottom of the steps.”

Alec raised his shattered iPhone.

“I am physically incapable of telling you what happened after. So much yelling.”

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OMAKE QUARTERS Vol 4. ORB at Night Side F Excerpt.

So before we actually go through this OMAKE, I just want to make some things clear: this is only an excerpt from the whole OMAKE and this excerpt, for me is one of the most important point in the whole script.

Whatever you guys will read here will possibly or hopefully give some or a little bit of assurance to what and where Athrun and Cagalli’s relationship is now. :3

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As requested, a few more excerpts from “A lasting impression”

The impact of Columbine for Eric’s and Dylan’s friends
“Mark Manes and Philip Duran, the only ones sentenced in the aftermath, have paid their debt to society. They are free from prison, and although the tragedy will be a cross to bear for the rest of their lives, they are now continuing those lives, trying to move on.
Also Eric and Dylan’s friends, who were put through hell after the event, are now doing well. Brooks Brown has his own videogame firm, Nate Dykeman is living happily in Florida, Robyn Anderson became a mother a few years ago, Zach Heckler runs a technology consulting company and Devon Adams graduated from the university of Denver and is now [2007] working in theatre. Also she is successfully moving on with her life, though she feels that she can never leave Colorado. Because of Columbine.
“Since it happened I find myself more willing to tell my friends what they mean to me,” Devon says. “I’m more open about how I feel. When people ask me ‘how are you?’  and when I’m honest, it kind of freaks them out. I have anxiety attacks. I have flashbacks. I am less willing to implicitly trust someone. I have trouble making friends.”
On the other hand, Devon has also got opportunities and experienced things which she would have never got unless all this had happened. “I’ve done interviews with news sources from around the world, I consulted on a Hollywood film, I lobbied for stricter gun regulations in Washington, I met President Clinton three times, I met Michael Moore, whose film meant a great deal to me, I wrote an article for Newsweek, I wrote a book of poetry with my friends, and so on,” she lists. “These are things that would never have been an option before,” twenty-four-year-old Devon admits.
“But I also find myself unable and unwilling to leave Colorado. My connection here is too deep,” she ponders. Many of her high school friends have already left the state. “I have trouble with personal relationships. As with those first days and weeks, when I get upset, I don’t like to be touched. I hate being coddled. I am always lonely.”
Devon has understood the shortness of life. Therefore she wants to live it the fullest and make the best of every single day. There is not a moment to waste. “The one thing that has stayed with me so strongly is the sense that life is really fucking short. That each day is a beautiful, precious gift,” she says.
“My family pressures me to get a crap job, but if I’m not enjoying it, what is the point? I could die tomorrow and I already have too many regrets. I will not accumulate more,” she argues, with good cause.
Devon will not gainsay the influence of Columbine.
“Columbine changed my life. It is a part of who I am. I think about every day. I have not ‘gotten over it’ – but I also do not dwell on it. It’s a part of my past – it will affect my future,” she philosophizes. “But it is not an excuse.” “
- excerpt from “A lasting impression. The impact of Columbine” (2007)  by Sasha Huttunen. pp. 294-295

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm so exited! Please let me be your first >_<! Can you do an EXO reaction to you blushing af because they said something nice to you? Hope you get lots of requests! Hwaiting!!!

Hi, thanks for the request! Sorry if it’s not to your liking. I did this as gif reaction, hope that’s okay xx


Lately Xiumin has been a little tease. From ripping his shirt open in concerts, to being more open in interviews, Xiumin has definitely gained some confidence, and he’d definitely show it in this case. I can see him casually commenting on how he thinks you look very pretty today, and then as soon your cheeks blossom, he’d smirk at you. He’d chuckle lightly to himself, scooting closer to you and grabbing a strand of your hair between his fingers. He’d whisper how honestly, you just look so beautiful today and watch as you try to stutter out a response. He’d laugh at your pink cheeks, thinking to himself that you’re just too amazing for words. He’d back away from you to let you compose yourself, and would probably throw a little wink in your direction. Throughout the day, you’d probably catch him blowing little kisses your way just to tease you.

“Jagiya, do you know how pretty you are?”


I can see Luhan being corny and saying something to purposely make you blush. He’d say something along the lines of, “Are you a 45 degree angle? Because you’re acute-y,” or something equally as corny. This would make you blush and laugh. As soon as he says this, he’d probably drop his head in embarrassment. Oh, did I really just say that? I can’t believe I said that. He would feel some satisfaction in seeing that he was able to cause you blush, but mostly he’d be embarrassed at himself. Throughout the day, you would both make eye contact and begin to blush like crazy at the same time. He’d probably laugh at himself too.

“Aish, Luhan, why are you so embarrassing?”


I can see Kris being the type of boy who laughs at you, he’d probably be thinking something along the lines of Did she really just blush at something as simple as me complimenting her? and Why is she so cute? He can’t help but chuckle as a flush hits your cheek. You’d be looking down, embarrassed for blushing so easily, so you probably wouldn’t see the look of awe and adoration on his face.

“Baobei, are you really blushing for something so simple?”


Suho would probably let out a small chuckle as soon as you started blushing. He’d be so proud of the fact that he made you blush and smile, that he’d probably try to act cute to make you blush again. Look jagi, aren’t I cute? You’d roll your eyes and shake your head, but really, you’d be blushing all the same.

“Jagi, look! Bbuing bbuing ~~”


Lay would be confused as to why you were blushing at a simple compliment. Ehh, don’t you hear that you’re pretty all the time? Why are you blushing so much? You’d probably be covering your cheeks, whining at him to stop, but he’d keep on throwing compliments at you because in his mind, if you blush so much at a simple comment, that means you don’t hear it enough.

“Ahh, look at my baobei, so cute. Look at how pretty you are!”


He would probably be a little cocky shit about it, to be honest. He’d think something along the lines of Of course you’re blushing, this is me we’re talking about. No but honestly, he’d probably let out a cute little laugh as soon as he saw your cheeks turn pink, and to embarrass you, he would ask you if you’re okay, are you hot or something? but in reality he knows that you’re blushing because of him.

“Ahh jagiya, are you okay?”


He would think this is so impossibly cute that he would immediately start to whine, shocking you and causing you to blush even harder. Stop being so cute jagiya! Seeing you blush even more, he’d let out that adorable laugh of his and continue to whine at you throughout the day. Everything you do afterwards would be cute to him, and he’d keep complimenting you just to see that lovely flush hit your cheeks. 

“Why are you so cute?”


He’d be a bit shocked at seeing you blush, letting out a small laugh. He probably just said a comment in passing, commenting on how pretty your eyes are or how he really likes how your hair looks today, and this would immediately cause you to blush. He’d be shocked (Oh, why are you blushing?), but as soon as he figured out that you were blushing because of him, his heart would explode with how cute he thinks you’re being. You can be sure that he’d look at you like you were a precious flower throughout the day.

“Omo, how do you mange to be this cute without trying?”


Kyungsoo would be really confused as well as to why you were blushing. To him, complimenting you is just stating facts. As soon as you started to blush, he’d think Doesn’t this girl know that she’s absolutely beautiful? Aish ~~ He would keep dropping small compliments to you throughout the day, but do it in a simple way, saying things like, “Hey pretty girl, can you help me with this?” or “Are we still going to dinner today, gorgeous?”

“Aish, why are you blushing? It’s not that big of a deal, you’re really pretty, it’s just the truth.”


Tao would laugh cutely as soon as he saw you blush. He can’t believe that he managed to land a person as sweet and innocent as you. He would probably grab you around the neck and pull you in for a quick hug, kissing the top of your head and causing you to blush even more. You would probably have to playfully hit his chest to make him let you go, as he’d have you in a death grip while he tries to calm his racing heart. As soon as he lets you go, he’d look at you with a small smile and adoring eyes, thinking something along the lines of How did I get so lucky?

“Baobei, you’re so adorable.”


Flower prince Jongin would freak out as soon as he saw you blush. He’d be another one who thinks that you’re too cute to handle. He would freak out with his hyungs at the fact that a person as cute as you can exist. Look at her! Isn’t she too cute for words? Him freaking out and squealing would make you blush even more, which in turn would make him freak out even more. You can be assured that everything you do afterwards will be met with squeals.

“Look hyungs, look at my cute jagiya!”


Our little maknae would probably be flustered at the fact that you’re flustered. You would both be a bundle of nerves, blushing and looking down on the floor. You would both look up at the same and maybe share a little laugh before you’re both looking at the floor again.He’d be bashful in this occasion, but when he recounts the occasion to his hyungs, he’d say something like I was calm and composed, I told her she was pretty and that was that. But we all know that he’d turn into a little boy in front of you because he likes you so much. 

“Um… I think you’re beautiful…”

Why I believe The Last makes a better case for Naruto ending up with Sakura then anything else.

Well The Last has come and gone. Yet while it is still in theaters I think it is safe to say that unless you are ardent Naru/Hina shipper the story fails in pretty much every way that the ending of the manga did. What’s even worse is that every time Kishimoto has opened his mouth lately it’s been to insert his foot into it. I mean in all honesty did he really think anyone not invested in Naruto ending up with Hinata would be pleased at the idea that he basically killed Neji off to bring the two together. Something the event failed spectacularly to do as it does portray Hinata as exceedingly shallow as only a few panels later she is fan-girling about Naruto holding her hand.
But one thing I think even a Naru/Saku fan should be grateful for in regards to this movie is it shows that even the author of a work can’t just suddenly reverse course on the development of his own characters without facing well deserved repercussions to his reputation. The Naruto in The Last has been branded as the worst scumbag and if his feelings for Sakura were based on a rivalry game it would be well deserved. But why should we be grateful for this? Well that is because it validates one simple fact that every person that read Naruto has known since chapter 1. That being that if Naruto was going to end up with anyone other than Sakura then you first had to find a way to change his feelings for her. The writers of The Last, being the typical lazy writers that Studio Periott has proven themselves to be, rather than have an honest discussion about Naruto shifting his feelings from Sakura to Hinata, because less face it he wouldn’t, tried to invalidate those feelings by describing it as being a part of his rivalry with Sasuke. Yet all they succeeded in doing was earning Naruto the designation of being the Worst kind of Scumbag.
But why would the writers of this movie think such a revelation would go over smoothly? Well the answer to that is simple, they like most fans interested only in their pairing happening often only need the flimsiest of reasoning to accept something that basically rewrites Naruto’s character and not for the better. It doesn’t surprise me that many of the Naru/Hina fans singing the praises of this movie don’t care. After all, they have been doing the same thing in fanfiction for years. Except in those cases the person they trashed was Sakura by playing up her faults and turning her into a shrew that beats Naruto until he finally snaps on her and runs right into the arms of the writers precious Hinata. It’s lazy writing at its finest, but much like the reasoning given in this movie so long as it serves its purpose who cares as there will be plenty of people that will drink it up simply because it validates what they wanted regardless of what it does to Naruto’s character.
But, what I truly find both Ironic and strangely fitting about The Last is that the reaction by anyone not wholly vested in Naru/Hina shows this doesn’t make for a good story and in fact can easily ruin 15 years’ worth of storytelling. Having the movie state Naruto only liked Sakura due to his rivalry with Sasuke might solve the immediate problem the writers faced. But it then calls into question everything that came before and cannot be easily dismissed or just forgotten. Kishimoto has tried, but people aren’t buying his B.S. and with each interview he looks less like a legitimate writer and more like a sellout. His being a sellout is best shown in a line he himself had Naruto say which Naru/Hina fans often trumpeted as the death of Naru/Saku, but now shows why this pairing was the only one that truly makes sense in the end.
“I hate people that lie to themselves.”
The above statement shows just why Naruto switching his feelings to Hinata is such a fake notion, especially when explained away in the lazy manner the movie has chosen. This movie would have us believe that Naruto has been lying to us readers for the past 15 years, and in essence lying to himself. But again, this was just about satisfying the moment, and had nothing to do with anything that came before. That is why it is so easy to ignore this movie as canon along with the chapter 699 + 700 that are meant to substantiate it. It is far easier to believe that this movie and the last 2 chapters are the red herring rather than the 698 chapters that came before.
I mean consider for a moment that in a manga where one of the first lessons taught to team seven is to look underneath the underneath, which in turn something that is also being asked of the readers, that all the parallels between Mina/Kushi and Naru/Saku are simply dismissed for a pairing that had no development on a personal level. Where a genjutsu is used to almost brainwash Naruto into accepting Hinata’s feelings, while his own for Sakura are explained away in a single sentence despite existing throughout the entire story. Where the author of the manga himself explains that this movie isn’t so much about bringing Naruto and Hinata closer as driving Naruto and Sakura apart. Considering all the above, why should fans accept this ending? The answer is that they shouldn’t. Why should an author be allowed a free pass for what can only be stated as a rushed and lazy ending? An ending where after we have read about Sasuke being well on his way to being a villain for ten years, we suddenly have to buy into the notion that he is redeemed, but only after mangling the hero. Where, despite Naruto and Hinata barely interacting throughout the manga and Naruto professing over and over his feelings for Sakura, we get a chapter 700 where he is married to the girl he has barely talked to. To make matters even worse, we are told to watch a movie that blatantly ignores important details of the manga in order to fabricate interactions between Naruto and Hinata to give us a B.S. connection that wasn’t shown in 15 years of reading.
What is most insulting to me though is despite the laundry lists of faults pointed out above and which isn’t even going into the various plotholes left wide open, is the Naru/Hina shippers telling anyone not down with the ending to be silent about it. I can understand why they want that. After all if these ships were actual ships then Naru/Hina is a raft a person might cobble together from debris found on a deserted island. It is a relationship that they cobbled together from barely 15 chapters of interaction. It’s flimsy and easily falls apart when a person applies any thought not based solely on their own emotions to it. After all, even Kishimoto states that he paired Hinata with Naruto because he pitied her, and as such it destroys his story which he spent the past 15 years building.
Naturally with far more interactions between Naruto and Sakura, I view their ship as being something more akin to a sturdy battleship that 2 chapters and a crappy movie can’t sink. Not to mention whether Kishimoto intended it or not, whether it was to mislead or not, the truth is that what he wrote and drew only made it stronger which is something his shitty ending cannot take away.
I suppose that who I feel has the greatest right to be disappointed in this ending are those that really didn’t ship anything. I mean what did chapter 700 actually provide for them? After all, the reason I’m a Naru/Saku fan is because in chapter 1, Kishimoto gave us a couple of details about Naruto. He dreamed of being Hokage and he liked Sakura. Seeing as I was reading the manga for Naruto’s story, I was rooting for him to get the girl that Kishimoto himself told us he desired. Furthermore, while I despise Sasuke as a character, the only reason I could even partially accept this ending was because through all of Shippuden, Kishimoto made bringing Sasuke back Naruto’s goal. As such, while I disagreed with the idea, I rooted for him to do so, and although how it was handled in the end was just lazily done as it relied on our rooting for Naruto to make us believe it, I could accept it. But what if you aren’t a fan of a particular ship, well I imagine then you have to be disappointed in the fact that we didn’t get to see Naruto become Hokage as much as I’m disappointed in the fact that he didn’t get the girl that Kishimoto told us through Sai that he loved.
To be worse, you Non-shippers disagreements with this ending are just discarded as you being salty about the pairing that you have no involvement with. Never mind that you wanted a story where we got to see Naruto’s accomplishments towards his dream of being Hokage, not Hinata’s dream of being with Naruto. A blogger on tumblr wrote a sentence that ticked me off as he/she put, “An Author doesn’t deserve an Anti tag for a fictional story.” However the reason this is so insulting to me is that this person put this even as they tagged their post Pro Kishimoto. What an ignoramus. This person might feel that Kishimoto deserves praise, but people like that cross the line when they tell others that they shouldn’t be free to express their opinion. But ultimately I believe they fear hearing dissenting opinions because all the Pro Naru/Hina arguments are so weak.
I mean so far I’ve seen Naru/Hina fan state things such as, “We should be happy for Naruto because he has a family now.” But at what point did he ever state that as his goal. We know that he liked and later loved Sakura, which one can assume would at some point lead to a family, but he never said he wanted a family of his own. He desired to know and have a relationship with his parents, but at no point did he express any desire for a family of his own. That is something fans foisted upon him due to their imagining it being a desire an orphan would have. Therefore, why should I be happy for him achieving something that he never actively expressed any desire for, especially with a woman he expressed no desire to be with? Furthermore, what is the image that we are left with for him as a father? He’s inattentive to his son’s needs, who is expressing a loneliness that causes him to act out in the same way as he did in his youth. What’s worse, Naruto, the person that connected with the likes of Gaara and Sasuke, simply tells his son to endure it, and he doesn’t even have the excuse of being out of the village like Sasuke who is implied to be a crappy father to his daughter.
Ultimately this ending and movie just fell flat because not everyone was invested in who was going to end up with who, and as such the movie would have been better used to try and heal the wounds between Team Seven as just white washing them didn’t solve anything. A single chapter wasn’t enough to undo ten years of watching Sasuke’s selfishness hurt both Naruto and Sakura. At the end of the day, a final movie should have been about Naruto achieving his dreams, not turning him into a scumbag for the sake of Hinata’s.

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i barely got into exo and i've never been so in loVE WITH THEM pls help me know more about them :~)))))))

Okay so first of all WELCOME and i’m sorry but there’s no turning back now i’ll pray for your soul.

Let’s begin!


‘91-liner, vocal line, the almighty leader (EXO-K)

He really is one of the most precious people in the world. He’s a true gentleman, always thoughtful and responsible. The way he looks after all the members is just beautiful and touching. He’s very respectful, calm and protective. He makes an excellent leader, one of the best in kpop in my opinion. The way he handles all these boys so well, despite being ignored by them at times… It’s just amazing. He’s the type you would bring home to your parents and they would love him. Handsome, talented, mature, rich… Just pure perfection. 

He’s the mom/dad of the members. They often don’t listen to him and it drives Suho crazy. He takes care of them, often paying for their stuff and food. He makes sure they always feel good and they can always come to him to talk about anything that bothers him. His only “flaw” (not really a flaw to me, I think it’s extremely adorable) is his derp face and ultimate secondhand embarrassment. This happens when he shows us his playful side. Or when he cries. Or when he’s overly excited. Everyone laughs at him, but if this isn’t the most adorable thing you’ve seen in your entire life then I don’t know what is.

KIM MINSEOK, aka. Xiumin

‘90-liner, what doesn’t he even do? he sings, raps, dance… (EXO-M)

The eldest hyung, but he looks like the maknae. Rumor has it he once had been called “Baozi”. But now… now we call him Xiudaddy. He has his own personal XiuHarem and a body of male god. He used to be cute and silent little bug, but now he’s cute and HOT AS FUCK SEXY LIKE NO ONE ELSE AND JUST LET ME RIDE YOU. He’s not even the main vocal, but he can hit the highest note in EXO. Not to mention his smooth moves, like seriously HOW. He’s making all the fangirls die and he knows it. He’s also a huge coffee lover and that makes me wonder how he can stay so calm. 

He may seem a little shy and laid-back, but tbh he’s just judging all the members and secretly laughing at them. He’s done with EXO ¾ of the time. He doesn’t talk too much, he’s rather the strong silent type. He’s very clean and doesn’t like messy people. Minseok is always very honest and intelligent. He’s witty and logical. He has lots of aegyo but tries to deny it (not really, he’s a fanservice whore and always does aegyo, though he’s so embarrassed afterwards). The thing about him is… you really don’t know him. One second he’s like the cute little baby baozi, the next second he’s a sex god with flawless abs and he’s making you wet. There is no in between.


‘92-liner, main vocal, beagle line (EXO-K)

Oh Baekhyun, where to start… Someone once said: “Baekhyun’s voice is like an ice cold lemonade on a hot summers day” and I couldn’t agree more. His voice is a gift from God and HE KNOWS IT. He talks and talks and talks… way too much for his own good. Mood-maker of the group. Always playful, happy and adorable - just like a puppy beagle. He cares deeply about his members, always trying to make them smile. He’s a little insecure about his body (nutella abs) and his image, but he always tries to be the best he can and he does care about his fans a lot. Sometimes he likes to mock other members, but he’s really friendly and it’s hard to not fall in love with him.

He comes up with new words and makes everyone use them (”Kkaebsong”) and his hands are just the most beautiful hands in the world and I’m not even kidding, I’m just really jealous of his hands. He rocks eyeliner and he looks really fierce with eye makeup, but he’s the cutest, most precious fluff ball. Oh and he plays piano with those long, pretty fingers… He’s a REALLY good live performer, he’s voice is so stable even after all of these hardcore choreos. He’s just very talented and he’s a precious little puppy that everyone loves. 


‘91-liner, dance line (main dancer of EXO-M) and vocal line (EXO-M)

The most precious of them all. He’s a laynicorn - a healing unicorn, the last of his kind. He’s also called Changsha Prince (Changsha, China is his hometown. He was a child star, he appeared in a lot of TV shows in China) and CEO Zhang (he just opened his personal studio in China, god bless) He’s one of the most loyal, humble, honest and loving people in the world. He’s so respectful towards EVERYONE, despite being famous since early age - he always bows to everyone (how cute is that?). So caring, sincere, VERY hard-working and soft - that’s Yixing. He believes in following the principles and always keeps his word. 

People laugh at him because he has his own world, so he often doesn’t pay attention to what is happening. Sometimes he looks like he’s high, but he just has his head in the clouds. He’s a musical genius - he plays whole lots of instruments and he composes in his free time. He’s one of the main dancers in EXO, his style is very unique and powerful. Oh and did I mention that HE FOLLOWS BUNNYMAMA ON INSTAGRAM? The profile with BUNNIES. Soft, cute, fluffy little bunnies. 


92-liner, main rapper, beagle line (EXO-K)

EXO’s Happy Virus. Always positive, happy and smiling at everyone and everything. Mood-maker of the group. He’s actually pretty intelligent and he knows it. He knows how to “sell” himself so everyone would love him. He’s really self-confident and he can control the situation, he’s doing amazing job during interviews with his smooth, bright, genuine answers, sometimes helping other members before it gets awkward. He always knows what to say, he’s like a voice of the group. He’s very funny (though sometimes he can be a little too offensive without even realizing) and he’s undoubtely the reaction king.

Composing, writing songs, playing guitar, bass, drums and other musical instruments shows us how talented Chanyeol is. His deep, DEEP voice is giving chills to all the fangirls, leaving them breathless. His wide, genuine smile is the cutest thing in the whole world. He’s really handsome and he managed to make his Yoda ears and a bright smile his trademark. He deserves to be loved by everyone, because he always does his best to make people smile.


‘92-liner, main vocal, beagle line (EXO-M)

The Sass Master. The Troll King. The Camel-Dinosaur. Literal :3 lips. Slightly very sexual. Another mood-maker of the group, but he’s not all about just jokes. He can make everything hilarious with his flawless puns and on point comments. He’s witty and quick-minded, always comes up with a good comeback. He’s a puppy, but he also gives off that ‘daddy-like’ vibe. He takes care of his members. He’s more mature than the rest of beagle line (Chanyeol and Baekhyun) and I think he’s more sensitive with other people’s feelings. He knows when it’s okay to joke and fool around and when it’s better to stay calm and serious. He’s sarcastic, but he is an actual angel who’s always take care of other people (he even gave all of his hot packs to the ghosts who were supposed to scare him at haunted house)

He has the voice of an angel. To quote: “Chen’s voice is like your 11th shot of tequila on a Friday night, amazing at the moment but leaves you dead by the end of it” and there is no lie. His high notes are powerful and SOOOO stable. He’s in charge of the high notes, but apparently he also hits the lowest notes in EXO (like HOW). His voice is just like his personality - soft, but powerful. Please, give Jongdae a lot of love.


‘93-liner, main vocal (EXO-K)

You know, there’s this “Triple Threat” saying in the industry. It means that the artist is excellent at acting, singing and dancing. And THIS is exactly what Kyungsoo is. He’s SO talented, he literally goes off the charts. He is the busiest member. When he’s not promoting with EXO, on tour or in training room, he’s always filming new drama or movie. He’s really quiet, a little shy and doesn’t talk too much when he doesn’t have to (other members talk a lot, so he doesn’t feel pressured to talk). He’s a little introverted, but he has this silent charm. When he talks, everyone listens to his voice (maybe because it’s so smooth and deep). All of the members and co-workers adore him and always speak fondly of him. Sometimes he’s easily irritated (especially by Baekhyun) and you don’t wanna get in his way when he’s angry. Most of the time he’s serious and mature, but he can be the squishiest squishy.

Let me quote once again: “Kyungsoo’s voice is like a warm, sweet hot chocolate on a snowy evening” - it’s 100% true. He’s voice is so soft you could literally listen to him talking/singing 24/7. He is such a professional on stage and on set, it’s really hard to believe that he’s usually quiet and calm. To be honest, I think he’s one of the most talented idols out there. He’s respected in the industry, because he’s mature, experienced and he’s already achived so much. He works really hard for his reputation AND HE’S STILL SO YOUNG! 


‘93-liner, main rapper, maknae line (EXO-M)

He’s fabulous. He’s our wushu master - and he’s actually really good at it. He’s scared of… well, a lot of things. That’s why Baekhyun makes fun of him most of the time. Tao is our precious Panda, our Princess Peach. He looks fierce so he might be intimidating sometimes, but he’s soft and VERY innocent at heart. He’s the biggest fluff ball, he’s sensitive and needs our protection. Tao is so adorable, he starts speaking Chinese and his voice becomes high-pitched when he’s excited, but when he raps his voice is so deep it’s literally just orgasmic. Tao is a proud dad of his puppy Candy and she’s his little baby princess. He’s very romantic and likes long walks on the beach. 

Though he may seem like a diva and a fashionista, he’s actually a little insecure. He seems to constantly challenge himself. It looks like he feels he needs to prove SM, fans and himself that he’s good enough. He’s Suho’s little baby, he trusts and relies on him in every way. Tao is a little emotional and cries easily, but this just shows how innocent, pure and sensitive he is. He’s just precious. Please, love and support Tao!


‘94-liner, main dancer, face of the group, maknae line (EXO-K)

He looks like a male god and he’s very charismatic on stage. When he’s performing you literally can’t take your eyes off him. He’s very professional when it comes to performing, his dancing is ART. But let’s be real - he is so innocent and pure. He has a mind of 80 year old man and a heart of a 8 year old kid. The most important things in his life are dancing, EXO and his family. He’s extremely hard-working, passionate and caring. Everything he does, he does it because he loves it. He pushes himself to his limits and because of that he grows as an artist. 

When he’s on stage, he gets the spotlight and he’s in his Kai mode - sexy, charismatic, extravagant. But in real life, as Jongin, he’s soft, kind-hearted, loving, genuine, mature, thoughtful and shy. He’s known for being sleepy most of the time, his love for puppies (he calls his dogs ‘children’), obsession with chicken and unique dancing style. He trained ballet and jazz when he was a kid, and it seems that his style was strongly influenced by these. He get upset when he feels like something’s not right, rude or unfair. He always speaks up for bullied or disrespected fans and he’s so genuine and sweet about this that it’s literally impossible to not love him.


‘94-liner, dance line, maknae (EXO-K)

The Noodle. The owner of famous Sebooty. Bubble tea lover. He’s such a fashionista and a sassy little brat. He’s fabulous and he knows it. Inventor of “Yehet” and “Ohorat”. One of the best derp faces out there. Really handsome, natural beauty. Doesn’t act like the maknae. Confusing all EXO-Ls since the beginning. Is he arrogant? Is he sarcastic? Is he cute? Is he adorable? Does he give a fuck? NO ONE KNOWS. He’s rather shy at first, but gets really playful and can’t stay still when you get to know him better. He has a lot of aegyo, he was EXO’s cute bubbly baby, but he’s a looot more manly now. 

He looks like he’s judging everyone 24/7 and he really has a weird humor, but it’s hard to find one person who doesn’t like this boy. He doesn’t show his emotions too often, he tends to keep them to himself. But there are times that he gets emotional, and that’s when we get to see real, sweet, loving, grateful and considerate young man that he’s become. He often makes fun of them, but he cares deeply for his hyungs and even though he doesn’t show it, he’s really affectionate towards the people who are close to him. He’s really adorable and deserve all the love in the world.

LU HAN (ex-member)

‘90-liner, main vocal, face of the group (EXO-M)

This BEAUTY is actually a man. A manly man. The eldest hyung (after Minseok) that looks like a real life prince. His soft, angelic voice and personality matches his look. He’s very good at sports, especially football (soccer) and basketball. Just like Kyungsoo, he’s the Triple Threat. Since he left EXO, he continues his career in China as an actor. He’s REALLY sweet and humble, never tries to draw attention - instead, he always praises other members and their skills. He’s selfless, comforting, caring and wants everyone to feel appreciated and loved. He is so nice and soft, he makes everyone fall for him. Oh, he also can solve Rubik’s cube!

Luhan always takes care of his members. He’s energetic and it looks like he has a lot of fun when he’s with them. He’s especially close with his fellow half-fifty-hyung, Minseok, with whom he shares his love for coffee. He has lots of aegyo, but he always says that he’s MANLY. And to be honest, I think he is. It takes maturity, bravery and manliness to handle his life like Luhan does. He’s quite competitive and protective, which also shows us his manly side. He’s the type that always comforts his members when they feel sad or upset, he hugs or just touches them to show his support. He’s basically just the precious older brother.

WU YIFAN, aka. KRIS (ex-member)

‘90-liner, main rapper, EXO-M’s leader (EXO-M)

Tall, deep voice, manly - 100% daddy material. At first he got us all thinking he was “cool city guy” and THAT’S WAS THE BIGGEST LIE IN HISTORY. He’s so goofy and dorky, it’s beautiful. Once he’s shown us his cute, playful side, he left his “cold” image behind. He’s the person that everyone puts their trust in. He’s a charming, protective man who gives off this “inspirational” vibe. Many members and fans look up to him. He’s just all in all very well put together and self-confident, always thoughtful and caring for his fans. 

He may seem a little cold and ignorant, because he usually doesn’t let his emotions take control. He wants to be seen as a professional he is, so seeing him being silly still isn’t a common view. He’s respected by other members and they always listen to him. Of course, sometimes they make fun of him for trying to hard to maintain his image, but they still love him. After leaving EXO in 2014, he continues his career as an actor in China.

And that’s it! That’s EXO. I hope it’ll be the beginning of a beautiful, emotional journey for you as an EXO-L~ Welcome to the fandom :)

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I’m a celebrity and I may or may not be following your blog which is dedicated to me. reading your comments and tags are hilarious and very flattering and I’m somewhat smitten Klaroline au pleaseeeeeee

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PROMPT YOU LOVELY HUMAN!! I got really into this universe, such a goodun. To other people who are waiting on my drabbles… I am writing them, but I was struck with the inspiration stick with this one! Hope you enjoy!

What most people didn’t know about the infamous bad-boy, Hollywood heartthrob Klaus Mikaelson was that as a teenager he was the opposite of a bad-boy, and the opposite of a heartthrob.

Unlike the rest of his siblings – who had come out of the womb perfect and beautiful – he had been not attractive at all, and his awkward phase had lasted from the age of 12 - when he shot up and became scrawny, weedy and lanky - through all his teenage years - when he had been scrawny, weedy, lanky, had glasses, braces, pimples and a social anxiety born into him from years of psychological and physical abuse from both his parents - all the way through to the age of 23.

By this time, however, Niklaus had mastered coding, every version, variation and rerelease of GTA and WOW amongst other games, had got a diploma in cooking – because he had been bored one summer – become best friends with a stranger on the internet, completed an undergraduate degree in both art history and the dramatic arts, and had starring role in a BBC mini series called ‘When We Overlook the Nerdy Hackers’ - a role which he was definitely type cast for.

But on his 23rd birthday, he looked determinately in his mirror. He knew he was incredibly intelligent, and a talented actor - many years of pretending he was fine when his insides were screaming in pain had trained him well. But to make it big in Hollywood, unfortunately, you couldn’t rely on talent alone.

So, Klaus packed up his life in London, logged off from the internet for good – abandoning all the friends he’s made – and flew to the states, where he found he the best personal trainer he could afford and the most reputable one on one acting tutor he could find, so he could chase his dream.  

He trained, and practiced, and sweated and cried, until his 24th birthday, when he looked in the mirror again and smiled.

He had done it.

Gone was the scrawny, weedy, lanky boy he’d been a year ago. If he was honest he was almost unrecognisable from who he’d been 12 months ago. He felt the tiniest bit of guilt eat at his insides, thinking about all he’d left behind, but he had to do this. He couldn’t be that person anymore.

To cap it all, he’d been offered a leading role in one of the most anticipated films of the year.  

And so awkward, nerdy, social outcast Nik died forever, and Hollywood heartthrob, bad-boy Klaus was born.

He honestly blamed his bad-boy tendencies on the fact he had never socialised properly as a teenager, and so the attention and partying went straight to his head.

But he didn’t mind, he was living the high life, and throwing it back in the faces of all those who had ridiculed him for having big dreams.

Ten years passed before awkward Niklaus surfaced again, and in that time he won two Oscars, been nominated for five, starred in countless blockbusters, had been with more girls than he could remember, and had become even more attractive to the point where he had one People’s Magazine’s sexiest man alive six years running.

The day he reintroduced himself to his nerd side, was the day he had been on a talk show and they had read some very raunchy fan fiction written about him and Bulgarian supermodel Tatia Petrova, who he’d had a very short lived fling with – models were way too highly stung for him.

While he had laughed through the interview, and kept his cool while the host trash talked the person who had written it, but Klaus couldn’t help but feel upset by what had happened.

Despite his determined transformation, he still vividly remembered what it was like to feel completely alone and have only the Internet and your own dark imagination to keep you company. He remembered the hours he spent writing stories similar to the one that had been read out, or drawing fanart, or participating in fandom events, and even though that wasn’t him anymore, he would never forget those times. Could never forget them.

When he got back to his home after the interview, a niggling feeling. He ate, and showered, but the feeling which had been born inside him during the interview engulfed him,

He flopped his bed, and as the clock ticked past midnight, Klaus pulled his computer toward him, not to FaceTime his family, nor to fetch a booty call – like he usually would. Nope, instead he opened a site he’d not touched since he was 23.


The site read.



Log in

Forgotten your password?

The layout and set up of the home screen was still the same, but it looked so different to what his teenage memories recalled. Excitement was thrumming through him as he tapped in his email address – lonelyhybrid@gmial.com - and then his password.

As he hit log in, Klaus was stunned by the difference him before him. And was slightly guilty to see the large number of unread asks, but other than that he remembered exactly why he’d loved this site. The people were hilarious, the gifsets were so much more creative than he remembered, and there were people who seemed to get everything he was feeling.

Klaus spent hours on the site. Initially, he trawled through his blog – the-lonely-hybrid.tumblr.com – then through his dashboard.

He was excited, and a little self-conscious, to see his face staring back at him from many different posts. It seemed someone he used to follow back in the day, had become a Klaus Mikaelson dedication blog. It intrigued him, because it seemed that all-about-klaus followed him back.

He was intrigued to work out which of his mutuals had become so infatuated with him, but he was also feeling guilty again. All those people who had helped him through all his emotional problems, and just up and left them, with no explanation.

As he followed the link to the blog’s main page he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face.  

The title of the blog read The Other Side of Klaus Mikaelson.

The bio read –

Just a small town girl, desperately hoping to find her Klaus.

As he began combing through the blog, he honestly thought he could feel himself falling for the person who ran it a little bit. The bright, shining personality of the blogger was evident in every single post.

Each post was written with such care, and every gifset was crafted to only show the best parts of him. There was nothing about his tendency to break girls’ hearts, or his drunken tantrums at paparazzi. There was no mention of pregnancy scares, or his famous feud with Damon Salvatore.

No, everything on the blog was designed to show people his softer side. There were pictures of his trips to Africa – where he spent three months every year teaching the children – something the press rarely reported on as it wasn’t glamorous enough. There were gifs of him appearing on his younger sister’s YouTube channel – something he loved doing, because no one could make him feel good like Rebekah could. And there were long metas about how his bad-boy persona was really just an act to cover his insecurities.  As he read those, he wondered how she managed to pinpoint his inner most feelings when he could hardly reconcile why he acted the way he did.

He read every single tag and it was all he could do to not hug his computer.

#oh my gosh, #klaus mikaelson, #precious snowflake, #sinnamon roll, #he’s far too cute to be allowed on this earth, #klaus cuddly teddy bear mikaelson, #cute, #queue

While he kind of resented being called cute, he kind of loved it too.

He stayed on the blog, entranced by her words and encapsulated by her voice, until the morning sun began to stream through his still open curtains. In amongst the parts about him, he was able to make out her other interests. There were a number of posts about her thoughts on climate change and feminism, and he was stunned by how convincing her arguments were. While her writing style was familiar, he still for the life of him couldn’t remember why he followed her all those years ago.

As the day drew on, and dawn became mid-morning, he kept scrolling through post after post, becoming as enamoured with her as she was with him. His eyes and body was tired, screaming out for sleep – or at least food – but Klaus couldn’t tear his eyes away.

When the posts began to change, from her fascination with him to TV shows, characters, ships, world politics, amongst other things, he had to stop himself from swooning with feels. Being affected by feels was another thing that hadn’t happened in ten years. Apparently he and the mystery blogger had extremely similar tastes in pop culture, and similar opinions on worldviews.

Klaus felt his stomach do backflips and he squirmed a little on the bed when he saw a gifset, much earlier than when her vigorous blogging of him began, from him in the BBC series and the caption read – gosh, isn’t he the absolute cutest! #klaus mikaelson, #why have i not seen this show before, #when we overlook the nerdy hacker, #he’s the cutest nerdy hacker I’ve ever seen #klaus mikaelson hack my heart please! #or my body #either one #kthanksbye

Klaus couldn’t believe that anyone would have thought that him then was cute, and it made him so incredibly happy. He rolled onto his back and grinned, unconditionally, at the ceiling for a few moments. He needed this girl him his life.  

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TAEHYUN - IZE Magazine Interview!

Q: Your voice seems a bit locked today.

Taehyun: When the seasons change, my nasals get inflamed easily. Besides nasal inflammation, I also get homesick frequently. I think it’s because there’s a special fragrance when the seasons change. I remember the times when I smelled that fragrance and I get very emotional. When I get emotional, I get immersed into those emotions, and these days, I think of the past a lot.

Q: Do you think about the time before you debuted?

Taehyun: Yes. I think of my past a lot but it doesn’t mean I’m unsatisfied with my current life. However, recently, when I saw a passing bus, I thought about this. These days I live a life where we ride cars with manager-hyungs and get systematically transported. I sometimes think, “Ah, before I use to ride that 300-something bus around and I transferred to another”. I am very vulnerable to these memories. It might be because I usually think about myself a lot.

Q. Besides music, you express yourself through art. Do you do this when you’re emotional?

Taehyun:  Yes. To be honest, I feel more free when I’m holding a brush than when I’m making music. When I make music, I always feel responsibility and burden to an extent. I release that stress by drawing. Because I can draw without thinking and I can control what I want to make.

Q: People seem to call you the “dangerous maknae” who has a lot of thoughts and is a reserved style. (Laugh) What do you think of what the people around you say?

Taehyun: It’ll be good if they could think of me as a maknae to anticipate than a dangerous maknae. I also rely on the hyungs a lot. People who meet me for the first time might think I’m difficult because my personality fluctuates a lot. But the members’ bright and kind side has made me more gentle and it’s fun when we’re together. They are hyungs I really need.

Q: You lived with your members from when you were trainees but did you find anything new about your members in this one month after debuting?

Taehyun: When the members get disappointed in themselves, they get really depressed? So I realized that we have to match ourselves a lot. The reason why I was happy with NAVER Starcast’s talk show and thought it was really good was because the members gave each other really good reactions and I could feel that our teamwork improved. Also, after seeing Seunghoon choreograph “Empty”, I was really satisfied. Each member of WINNER have strong characteristics, but instead of trying to do things to show off, I think we are a group with that look best when we express ourselves with controlled motions. I think the choreography of “Empty” expressed that feeling really well. I also like how the choreography has us express ourselves with the detailed movements from the tips of our fingertips. Our faith, trust, and confidence in each other are growing through all this. We give the right amount of trust in each other’s strengths and if they bring good results, trust grows, and we try to learn more from each other. When you think about it, WINNER is a democratic team. (laughs)

Q: Fans think of you as a cat or the maknae who doesn’t talk. It seems like you observe the members a lot.

Taehyun: These days, I feel like I have the potential to be a MC (laughs). People in the company say that as well. Also, my world is already very strong, and my emotions vary a lot but recently I have found a way to recover quickly when I’m down. I have a hard time being open about my feelings and I’m very shy but recently I was to express my feelings often.

Q. What do you think of your changed appearance?

Taehyun: It’s interesting. To be honest, when I was student, I thought I was very mature. I really thought my mind was different from kids my age. As I became an adult and entered YG, I realized that I’m so much younger than people my age. There are a lot of things I don’t know and there are a lot of people I don’t know. After entering YG and Winner, my perspective has changed.

Q: The team seems precious to you, how do you want to protect your own world and your team’s teamwork?

Taehyun: I stumbled across this statement once. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I agreed a lot with it. I think about whether I’ll be able to still have such good times without the members, and the team has become really important to me. Because I want to go far in the future, I will remember this phrase well.

Q: How far do you want to go in the future?

Taehyun: I’m not sure. I’m thankful to win no.1 on various music programs and receive good response from Japan but this isn’t significant. This seems like only the lighting of the wick of a dynamite. Not too long ago,BIGBANG’s TOP hyung also settled us down and told us not to lose tension. I hope that the things we do in the future will be even bigger than what we are doing right now and I’ll be glad if people could think, “Ah, these kids are off to a good start”.

Q: As a team, is there a final goal you want to achieve?

Taehyun: I like the Beatles a lot. They owned a generation and they left their mark in history. I want Winner to be a team like that. Not just a team that’s popular and good looking, I want people to say “WINNER’s music is really good. WINNER are true artists.”. I want people to have these thoughts.

Source: Ize Magazine

Translated by: YG_WINNER & timthemine@twitter.com

[TRANS] Hanryu Pia 2016 April Issue - B.A.P’s Interview

Their tour schedule’s also been confirmed! 
A proper restart of their activities in Japan as well

“Fan’s are a really precious existence to us"

Check out the MV! ―Himchan

You must watch the concert solo stages ―Daehyun

The lyrics are our musical ambitions ―Yongguk

Check out the performances on the stage ―Jongup

Just by listening to the intro your tension will go up ―Youngjae

I look forward to the fan’s reactions! ―Zelo

After October 2014, B.A.P had a hiatus. In November last year, they had a comeback and released their 4th Korean mini album “MATRIX”. That was a moment that fans all around the world, and more than anything, a stage that the 6 members had long awaited for. Furthermore, they also held a fanmeeting during Christmas and the start of the year.

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