but this interview is hilarious

I’m not good at crushes. What if they don’t like the same food as me? I can’t handle that kind of letdown.
Matt and Marisha talking about fanfic
Matt and Marisha talking about fanfic

“And when we say fanart, we mean, that includes (…) we have wonderful writers, that write a lot of really awesome fanfiction, side-stories within the world they create on their own.”

“It’s all so good?! It’s like, all so good!”


don’t mind me, i’m just very emotional over matt and marisha acknowledging fanfic as an art form and speaking positively about an aspect of fandom that’s so often overlooked and mocked… bless these wonderful people tbh.

So I had a really strange dream last night...

Tom Hiddleston and Malina Weissman were on the Ellen show, and Ellen asked Tom if he had any strange hobbies.

He replied that he enjoys painting clear glass doorknobs to look like Claude Monet paintings.

Ellen burst into laughter, and Tom was just sitting there with a “what the heck don’t mock what I do for fun” look on his face.

And then Malina pulled a Lemony Snicket and said: “It is a well-known fact that has been printed in a great many etiquette books that says it is incredibly impolite to laugh at a person’s hobbies and/or day jobs. Unless, of course, if that person works as a clown or comedian, in which case it is actually very polite to laugh, and laughing actually boosts the person’s morale. This is not that case.”

And everyone was like: YIKES

And I remember waking up laughing. That was a pretty incredible dream! ^_^