but this i think is an exception

Music to my ears

Summary: Reader surprises Bucky + Bucky has a kink for chokers

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, choker kink, S M U T ! ! !

Word count: 2467

A/N: I don’t really like this but eh + decided to mesh 3 requests into 1 and probably failed so. Let me know what you think!



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“Alright, Y/N. You start and the rest will follow.”

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I'm not looking for a fight but why is yooran okay when Saeran was the one who messed up his eye? I mean I think they're cute but I was just wondering

I don’t ship them in yoosung’s route!! in fact I don’t ship them in any route, except after the secret endings when saeran has the chance to be healthy and happy. I don’t ship them in any way that means yoosung will get injured (yoosung’s bad end 3, for example)

yoosung’s route is kind of an alternate timeline, I suppose, because I personally agree with the whole thing about seven’s route being the “true route” or whatever, although I know lots of people don’t think the same which is why people are uncomfortable about yooran (and that’s also why I tag all my yooran posts just in case people don’t like it)

also, it has to be considered that saeran was not in a good place at that point in time and I don’t think he’d intentionally hurt yoosung of his own free will after the secret endings

karmic astrology: soul age + elements (part one)

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(fire and air will be covered in part two)

Notes to consider:

  1. There is no way to find out your soul age from your natal chart. Your natal chart is only a snapshot of your current lifetime, and you can never be completely sure how many lifetimes you may have had because your chart suggests life themes in a way that is not quantifiable.
  2. Karmic astrology is fluid and intuitive, so therefore, it is a study full of exceptions. I will mention below which elements are most likely to be used in certain lifetimes, but all the signs can be used in any of the lifetimes for different reasons for different souls.

When it comes to karmic astrology, it can very much be a study that can make you stop and think and consider the innermost part of yourself: your soul. You are forced to ask some very important questions that are hard to answer. Now, this post is made with the belief that our souls pick a birth time, day, and location to achieve a very different and specific destiny. With these birthdays, there are certain signs and elements involved, meaning that there are different tools and lessons for souls to go through. There are various kinds of cycles or lifetimes: baby, young, mature, and old.


  • More likely to be used in younger lifetimes
  • Reason for use in younger lifetimes: to survive
  • Reason for use in older lifetimes: to provide for others

Earth is the element most likely to be used in younger lifetimes, especially Capricorn. When a baby or young soul enters the world, it does not know the way of the world. Earth signs are the perfect signs to teach this. The Earth signs teach souls to be responsible, mature, and realistic so that the soul can survive in the world.

Capricorn is a good sign to have in a chart for very young souls for it is a sign that can keep them safe by making them careful from making any destructive moves. Taurus is a sign that is used to flourish a soul after it has taken a strong root into the world. Those with Taurus elements are more likely to enjoy the pleasures of the world and eventually learn about their own comforts and values. Virgo comes after Taurus. This is logical since after we have successfully and safely taken root into the world (Capricorn,) relished and comforted ourselves in what the world has to offer (Taurus,) we can now focus on our skills and serve others and become more independent (Virgo.) Notice that in younger lifetimes, the self-applicable aspects of the earth signs are focused and are best suitable for survival and establishment.

However, there are applications of the Earth signs that are focused on other people rather than the self that can be used in later lifetimes. With Capricorn in mature lifetimes, Capricorn can be used to establish leadership for the betterment of others. For Taurus, it can be having the ability to provide physical comforts and needs for others. For Virgo, it can be the ability to serve others.


  • More likely to be used in both younger and older lifetimes (depends on the sign)
  • Reason for use in younger lifetimes: Learning to love and depend on others
  • Reason for use in older lifetimes: Learning to love others and to be dependable

The water signs work a little bit differently from the earth signs when it comes to development. The main purpose of the water signs is to establish love and emotional development. However, the water signs are more likely to be used after the earth signs (or at the same time) for the reason that it is hard to emotionally establish yourself when you are dependent purely on survival.

Cancer is usually the first water sign used in an individual’s lifetime, usually used in the baby and young cycles. Cancer teaches an individual how to depend on others. Cancer is a sign that is strongly emotionally intelligent, so the art of emotion is taught to souls when there is Cancer in the chart. This would make sense. After some lifetimes of survival, your emotions can be buried under for the purpose of survival. Cancer will rise your emotions from the ground so that you will learn to love and depend on others.

Scorpio is the next sign to be used after Cancer. They are mostly used in the young and mature life cycles. After dependency is established, Scorpio is the sign specialized to make relationships and love to be deeper. Scorpio is a sign that is meant to teach intimacy and deep exploration of the self and others. With this, Scorpio primarily teaches us to understand the humans we live with and become deep with them.

Pisces is the most likely to be used in old lifetimes. With emotional and spiritual development, Pisces is the sign that goes beyond emotional matters that take place in the world. This is a sign that will make you contemplate on how to give love and emotional understanding to others rather than yourself. This would make sense. Once you learn emotions (Cancer) and go deeper and more intimate into it (Scorpio,) you can now focus on how you can use emotions to help others (Pisces.)

Source: Symbols of the Soul by Gina Lake

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Are you still accepting fanart of your UT blogs?

“Accepting”? Alright, when did I need to ‘accept’ fanart? xD

I think I need to make something clear to everyone:

fanart is something you do when you’re in the mood to show some appreciation and support for someone or something you really like, or just create something for them because you genuinely enjoy it!

Fanart, fanfics, fancovers, anything really. I don’t need to ‘accept’ it, you just do it because you want to.

Except for dubs and subs that don’t credit the original owners or ask their permission first I really don’t like those

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Did evgeni plushenko make a cameo in the last episode of YOI? Standing near Yurio's grandfather?

I think so! Tbh I missed it the first time because I was too busy reading the subs, but I’ve seen several people pointing it out. 

Here, I put the two of them together in case anyone has doubts about it:

It felt weird to have so many skaters make a cameo except him. So yes, I’m sure that’s Plushenko!


It was amazing!! We chilled for a while!

Object shows gothic

You have no idea how many object shows you have watched. All of them look the same. Eye burning green and blue background, simple characters… they all have the same beady black eyes.

That song in the background. You feel like you have heard it thousands of times before, and yet every time it plays it feels new. And it just keeps playing over and over.

You have been watching the same object show for over 5 days now. Time doesn’t matter.

Wait, is that object bleeding? They aren’t supposed to bleed.

It’s pitch black, except for your flashing computer screen. you didn’t notice this until recently. When was the last time you left the room? What room are you even in? You hardly know anything anymore.

I think he just died. Did he die? It was really unclear.

The lip sync is terrible. The words mean nothing. The facial expressions are extremely simple. There is no emotion.

Is it a boy or a girl? Do objects even have a gender? Do they have sexual organs? Do they have sex? How do objects reproduce? Do they just fall from the sky? Are they created? Who knows.

All of these characters are voiced by the same person. They are not a good voice actor. And they just keep talking.

You could totally stop watching now. Stop watching. But you need to see who is eliminated next!

Never mind, he didn’t die. He’s ok now. He’s ok.

Never mind, he isnt. He isnt ok.

You want to vote for your least favorite character, but you were too late. Too bad sport, the voting is closed.

The voting is always closed no matter what. There isn’t a single video you can vote on. You are always too late.

This object show was first updated on December First 1834. The newest update came out yesterday. There are only two episodes.

The recap of the last episode is so long it takes up half of the episode. Well damn.

Who’s your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite? All of them are the same.

so i’ve been feeling very depressed today, and while looking for a distraction i came across a let’s play of Sonic 2006.

i’m three videos in and my mind is just… fucking blowing. What? What the hell? What the fuck? Just… why? Why is Sonic and these other cartoon animals living among and interacting with realistic human characters? It’s so jarring? And… lame? It’s fucking me up? It’s gone past secondhand embarrassment and into straight up disbelief that I’m actually seeing this shit? Why are the human characters such final-fantasy levels of beautifully realistic in these cutscenes when Sonic is standing in the middle of them looking like SONIC

I don’t think it would be so bad if the human characters were more cartoonish and had more cartoonish movement, but except for NPCs, who flail spastically at twice the average human speed, they all look motion captured. And… the princess. The princess is the most fucked up thing in this universe.

I can’t even begin to claim any particular knowledge of Sonic other than he runs really fast and eats rings, but this game is an awful, painfully jarring mess and this poor attempt at a serious plot just makes my soul bleed


Keith didn’t know what had woken him at first.  He was warm and comfortable.  Shiro was at his back, even if they weren’t actively cuddling at the moment.  No alarms were blaring, calling them to defend the Castle.  The room was quiet except for the sound of their breathing.  Shiro’s slow and calm with peaceful dreams for once, and another….someone else was breathing in front of him.

Keith’s eyes flew open. Two giant slitted pupils stared back at him.  He didn’t think.  He just acted.  Slamming his pillow into the snout of the creature, he quickly scrambled backwards, slipping on his bed partner, as he tried to get some room to make another move.

He didn’t know if Shiro had been woken by the same thing he had or if his hasty attempt for distance had startled him awake, but suddenly there was a human hand on his chest and he was shoved behind the bulk of the larger paladin.  He felt sharp relief as Shiro’s Galra arm came to life in glowing purple between them and the beast.  His weapons were on the floor in a pile across the room.  There was a half formed plan to try and wrap the thing’s head up in the sheets and make a run for his bayard, but he felt his skin was safer for not having to implement it.

The light from Shiro’s arm startled the creature into backing up and baring a mouth full of sharp teeth in a hiss.  The distance gave Keith his first chance to get a clear look since waking.  Honestly, it reminded him of the big cats he’d seen in the zoo on a field trip once.  Sleek tail, big paws, nearly as long as he was tall, and ears laid back in anger, if it hadn’t been some shade of red he might have thought it was from Earth.

Whatever it was, it was recovering its nerve and started to approach them again.  Keith yanked the sheets clear, as he heard Shiro let out a dark nearly feral snarl.  Before the creature could get back in range for either side to attack, another larger black one seemed to materialize from the shadows beside it.  The new one grabbed the back of the red creature’s neck in its maw, and yanked it away from them towards the opposite wall.  Keith could only stare, as the larger beast let go of the smaller only to interpose itself between them and it.

It was the fun house mirror quality of the whole situation that finally tipped him off to what was going on.  The bigger one was only a half foot taller than its friend.  Though it looked wary of them, it didn’t put off any of the blatant ‘I’m going to attack you’ body language like the other one.  The smaller one looked pissed at its treatment, but it didn’t try to push its way past to get at them.  It just glared at him from around the black one’s legs, in much the same was Keith was looking around Shiro’s back at it.

No, it couldn’t be, “Shiro,” Keith started hesitantly, “Is that the lions?”

Keith didn’t get long to feel stupid for voicing his passing thought.  Shiro stiffened in front of him.  He couldn’t see his face, but he was quiet when he asked, “Black?”

The now quite obviously Black lion perked up at Shiro’s voice, letting out a happy sound at getting recognized.  There was a silent moment of shock, then the purple light illuminating the room went out as Shiro deactivated his arm.  Black waited a minute more, then padded across the floor and bumped heads with her paladin.  Shiro let out a soft surprised laugh, “Hey girl, don’t suppose you could tell me what’s going on,” He asked.  Black just stared at him, “Guess that’d make life too simple, eh.  Oh well.” Shiro scratched behind Black’s ears as he turned to smile at Keith.

Shiro and Black’s violence free de-escalation only served to highlight the occupants of the room who had yet to kiss and make up.  Red had followed Black across the room and parked herself a little behind her.  She was still angry.  She’d stopped showing off her fangs, but her ears were still laid back and she was specifically looking at Keith.  Right, he had sort of whacked her in the face with a pillow.  Though, he thinks he was a bit justified considering she decided to introduce herself by looming over him while he slept.  They were pretty even in his book.  Keith crossed his arms and stared right back.

He really wasn’t all that shocked at the mirrored way Black broke off to nudge Red, while Shiro started giving Keith his ‘you’re better than this’ look.  He saw it a lot when Lance egged him into doing something stupid. Shiro had no room to talk.  He knew the sorts of things the man had done on a dare before.

“She started it,” Keith explained.  Okay sure, he sounded like he was two, but it was dark’o’clock in the morning and he’d been woken by being scared half to death.  He was allowed to be petty.

“Seriously?” Shiro asked, raising an eyebrow at him incredulously.  When Keith didn’t even bother to break his staring contest with Red, Shiro just sighed and gave him a kiss to the forehead, “Fine, not my lion. When you’re done, catch up.  I’m going to see if anyone else knows what’s going on.”  Shiro climbed out of bed and headed over to where he stored his armor. Black looked from Red to him and then turned to follow Shiro across the room.  He felt incredibly judged, and maybe a bit silly.

Apparently Red felt the same.  She let out a low growl as Black left.  She didn’t like being made to look like the immature one either.  The connection that normally let him communicate with his lion was muted for some reason, probably to do with her current condition, but it still felt like a mutual decision to move on before either of their prides was wounded any further.  They broke eye contact, and Keith followed Shiro in getting dressed.

Virgo Moon

LMAO! One of my closest friends is a Virgo Moon. This girl that was born on the same day as me (except she was born later) is a Virgo Moon. This one girl I HATE is a Virgo Moon. I actually know a lot of Virgo Moons now that I think about it… 🤔

I’m going to start off with the FACT that Virgo Moons are some witty and sassy people! I’d actually love to witness a battle of the sass against 2 Virgo Moons. 🤔

I also noticed that some Virgo Moons are quite pessimistic. My closest friend who is a Virgo Moon is really pessimistic and I get SOOO mad at her often because I give her advice and she denies it like:

“Noooo because *some excuse*”

Me: “Aww, well try *solution for excuse*”

Her: “Noooo… I’ll just leave it 😞”

Me: “No girl! Don’t do that! You can overcome it really. I’m supporting you!”

Her: “My life sucks. I’ll just leave it. It’s whatever.”

Me: *boiling with rage*

AND THATS SOMETHING IVE NOTICED WITH VIRGO MOONS!!! Why are you guys so pessimistic most of the time? 🙄 but your wittiness makes up for lack of optimism.

My toys r us is a lot smaller than the one we went to, I just drove past it on the way back home. There was barely any line, they got 12 in and people weren’t waiting crazy hours in the cold. So I think next weekend I’ll be doing this again at my store except get there earlier, like 5 am.


Okay, so, if the response is any indication, the “rewrite the whole series except Maggie Scully is in the loop the whole time” idea is something I should be writing. But the WHOLE series is a massive undertaking, so I’m thinking this will be a long-term, work-on-this-between-projects type of endeavor. But I keep thinking of ideas for it, which is a sure sign I should be writing it.

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Hi Mama - you do make a lot of sense. I don't think my friend likes shippers much, with me being an exception, I think. I'm going to hang around here and look at all the pretties, and logic and stay away from the negative blogs. Thank you so much for being patient with me. It is so easy to get lost in here. :-* Hanging On Anon

There ya go.  Before your friend has too much to say about not liking shippers she should take a long look in the mirror.  If she’s convinced that Sam is in a relationship with this girl?  News flash…she’s a shipper.  Her ship doesn’t have as much wind in its’ sails as ours but it’s a ship she’s on nonetheless.


Convinced I need to write something on Tumblr (instead of, you know, waiting until I have something legitimate to say), I just begin writing. The first few sentences usually describe the process (how meta, you say?) and then, before you know it, I’ve hit on an idea or theme.

Lately I’ve been consumed about the election and the bacteria it has brought to our nation’s capitol. And I know many of you have been consumed as well, but sometimes…sometimes I think it’s a good idea to write about something else. Give it a rest, so to speak.

So I’m not going to write about THAT. I’m sure if you want to read about THAT, there are thousands of other places to go. Instead, I thought I would take this opportunity to write about my dog.

Except I don’t have a dog. I want you to know I like dogs. I mean, really like dogs. I am fond of saying that I like dogs much more than I like most people (all of you excepted, of course). It’s just that I have, along with my wife of course, raised 2 children into young adulthood and my wife and I are not ready to start raising something else.

Have I hit on an idea yet? Probably not, as this is all I have to say about dogs right now. Maybe something else will develop.

I don’t have many friends. Perhaps it is because I’m so fond of saying that I prefer dogs to people. I think I should keep things like that to myself. My wife says that I need one of those dog-training shock collars that will engage whenever I say something that is better left unsaid. I, on the other hand, am deeply worried that the electric current will flow so frequently that it will get to the point where my head completely severs from my body and rolls onto the floor. And my even bigger fear is that some unsuspecting dog will begin to play with it.

Have I hit on anything yet? Don’t think so, my last train of thought completely derailed back there.

By this point, I imagine many of you have pretty much given up on this post, if not me altogether. But don’t feel guilty. I would probably do the same. And feel guilty. Because I’m Jewish, and that’s what we do for a hobby. If someone could figure out how to monetize that, I would probably quit my job right now and do it full-time. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, as they say.

So how about now? I’m getting close the end of this text input box (although it does keep expanding) and I do not believe I’ve written anything entertaining or of consequence. Maybe it will cause me to lose followers, although if I had to choose, I wouldn’t mind losing that couple who follow me every other day. Yes, I can see you; no need to scream for my attention. I’m sure your blog is quite fascinating and you have every intention of reading each and every one of my posts.

Well, anyway…forget what I said about my process of writing. Good thing I saved this as a draft and didn’t publish it. THAT would have been a disaster.