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I mean if you think about it... canon is like, the ultimate shitpost

Are all TV shows just shitposts except with high production budgets and continuous plotlines?? Where is the line that once divided the plane of reality from the Land of Shitposts? It grows fainter every day. I soon will not see it at all. Life is just a shitpost except longer

Oddly, I feel like for Emma, this is progress …

The progression of the CS scenes in this episode was pretty similar to what we saw in 4x01.

  • They are “connecting” and then get interrupted.
  • The new threat has to be investigated and defeated.

  • Emma is experiencing conflict and avoids Hook.
Except in 6x01 she goes back to him. When she kisses his cheek he is surprised. He can tell she’s hiding something but he’s going to do as he promised and choose to see the best in her.
Ealier that day he recognized the importance of her telling him she loves him … how huge that was for her. So I think he’s just as appreciative that she sought him out instead of continuing to be alone…
I’m sure when he finds out what she is hiding he will rightfully be upset that she didn’t share it with him. But I think it’s going to be one hell of a scene for them when it does get revealed …

I’m thinking about the night I was at a beautiful lake with three people I love and we sat on the end of a long sandbar and stared up at the stars. We all smelled like whiskey and the smoke from our campfire. It was silent except the sounds of little waves and crickets and a few other animals who were still awake while we counted shooting stars and gazed at the Milky Way. And that’s what I think about when things get hard. I know there are a thousand more nights that perfect that I just need to live to see.

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hey i read a fic on wattpad and it was like dan was color blind but like in black and white? not just mixing up colors? And i think he worked at a book store? and i remember there was a scene where they were in the library when it was raining and they kissed and dan could see phil's eyes were blue? even though he can only see black and white? do you know it?

is it this one?

Black and White - Dan is a young , tall, awkward guy but that’s not all… Dan has colour blindness except he can’t see any colour at all. His life consists of black and white, bullying, drinking, smoking, and depression. That is until a very colour full young man appears in Dan’s black and white world…

- Eliza

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Never Never Never anon here. you asked what particularly made me so upset, so I've got an answer !! as a child (and now even) I always had such a connection with stuffed animals and seeing them mistreated always made me really unhappy. It made me so uncomfortable that dw could even think about giving all of her stuff away like that who she knew wouldn't treat them right. Obviously, she's just a child, and im not anymore. It's just that when I watched this as a kid I knew I could never do that,,

oooh i see, i see!!

haha yeah i feel you on that. i was always really careful with my toys as a kid, too! i had like… eight or nine stuffed toys that i used to play with and i’d sleep with a different one every night (so nobody got jealous) and i thought it was weird that one of my friends at the time was really violent and careless with her toys. so i can defs get why that’d be upsetting to you!

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Does it seem odd that he seems to be the only person that Cait "banters" with these days. No, I'm not saying she's dating him or anything. He just creeps me out.

Haha eh I think Stephen just has a weird sense of humor. He’s just having fun. Sam and Cait both seem to really like him. I don’t really pay attention to him except when he says the way to get a hug from Cait is to smell like Sam after a bath 👀

Which Dragon Age characters can read?

Was ruminating this evening over literacy, and the assumptions that we tend not to question when projecting our own circumstances onto others.

To the best of my knowledge, the only character in Dragon Age that is specifically said to be illiterate is Fenris. But, in a setting like Thedas, literacy is more likely to be the exception than the rule.

Putting it plainly: Without a universal basic education system – which there is no indication Thedas has – the majority of the populace is likely illiterate. The exceptions would be:

1) nobles, and others of the upper class;

2) those of the lower class specifically dedicated to institutions where reading and writing were taught;

3) those whose professions would require it (i.e, merchants.)

Everyone else should be assumed not to have more than the most basic education, fluent literacy not included. I think this is something the writers often forget, when they have characters casually exchanging letters and reading books who have no particular reason to ever have that skill.

[Edit: Someone provided me with this handy page on the Dragon Age wiki, which pretty much says the same thing: nobles, chantryfolk and mages get educated, most everyone else doesn’t, Elvhen tradition is largely oral, Dwarven education is highly caste-restricted. The only thing that really surprised me here was the assertion that servants in noble households would receive education equivalent to the nobles themselves.]

Of course, the main characters in Dragon Age aren’t exactly a bunch of unwashed peasants; they tend to be unusual and exceptional in many ways. Let’s have a look at the Dragon Age cast by game. (Note: This is entirely considering their backgrounds, not in-game references to them sending letters or other correspondence or reacting to written texts. Please stop sending me PMs saying that the various characters write notes or read letters in-game. I’m aware. The point is that it doesn’t make sense.)

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Boueibu Puzzle game Vesta Ending

Here we have the last of the Ryuu puzzle tiles, the Vesta tile =D

You bump into Ryuu where he of course asks you out for a cafe date. When a monster shows up, and Ryuu is not to thrilled with the timing!

You get worried and Ryuu calls you and idiot and tells you to stay out of it. (I think I liked him calling me an idiot… apparently I have some new issues to sort out)

Once Ryuu kicks it’s butt he is ready for that date! Except…

Ryuu’s headband gets cut… He is a little self conscious about it. (Seems that without his headband his confidence gets shaken a bit >.<)

However you measure him by saying he looks really cool with his hair down.

Shocked by your response, he thanks you and manages to become chipper again. 

After undoing his transformation he is again insisting on that date xD 

Never change babe! 

(If anyone wants to translate, message me for the full scans!)

I think I’ve hit the point y’all seem to have with Kill la Kill, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a matter of anything improving and more that I’ve habituated myself to the idiom, so what was actively irritating before is now just noise to be ignored, and this has coincided with the emergence of a plot, twelve episodes in

I tried taking it on its own terms - “OK, so what does boob jiggle represent in this universe” - and I think the answer is “boob jiggle is what allowed us to get this made”.  The thing that I am realizing is that this show is not actually interested in sex, except to the extent that it’s a vector for power.  We’re really interested in power and control, here, almost exclusively interested in that, which means we’re in a fucking comic book, which means I am accidentally watching a normal-ass anime camouflaged by some vaguely interesting directorial flourishes again

Still - it’s calmed down with the goddamn jokes enough that I am not actively getting a headache every time I try to watch it, and that means I’m able to notice some things which are actually interesting, like the fact that this is a universe ruled entirely by women.  The fact that the camera is ruled in its turn by the male gaze undercuts this somewhat but the pattern that seems to be emerging is that the resistance is masculine-coded, where both the establishment and the counterrevolution within the establishment are feminine, and the men who fight under said establishment are studs and twinks who are sexually objectified on the regular

This as a product of a male writer and a male director seems more interesting in the “huh, this exists” sense than it does in the “I am intrigued by the points that you are making” sense, but it does means that I now have a reason to slog the rest of the way through it even though I am completely certain at this point that it is Not Good At All.   Also I’m interested in what Kiryuiin’s gonna be like when she inevitably loses control of her Scary Female Powers (symbolized by blood, of course, coming out of her wherever)  and goes berserk.

I’m going to tell Josh that KLK is the Bloodborne of anime and it’s really going to annoy him

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Dude, I feel really bad for you. Not only do you offer explanations and sources, but people still somehow see Hillary as a saint?! Like she's allegedly responsible for 46 deaths and has said things worse than Trump in her past. I mean, Trump's past isn't great, but he did do some good things; I can't think of a single good thing Hillary did in her entire life... except maybe on that video where the guy yells "Hillary for prison" at her face and she agrees.

hillary is personally responsible for the deaths over thousands of deaths and imprisonments worldwide (with a disproportionate number of those people being black or middle eastern) and called one of her husband’s rape victims “trailer trash”

 and y’all still think she’s better than trump. no thanks


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ok but what if shitty is just laying on the green couch, trying to be quiet but also trying not to giggle uncontrollably bc he loves bitty and jack more than anyone

I really am especially as we have one more update Thursday I really want them to be able to be open and honest about their relationship with those closest to them; HOWEVER, I also know this isn’t always an option. Even when your friends are excepting and great you can’t always trust them with those kinds of secrets. There’s always a fuzzy line of what you can say vs what you can’t and it makes everything hard on everyone involved.
also I’m not about them being forced out. Do I think the setup is PERFECT for them to come out to the crew (R&H, the frogs, Shitty, & Lardo) HELL YA I DO. BITTY LOVES HIS SONS, CHOWDER, DEX, & NURSEY, BITTY AND JACK LOVE THEIR BEST FRIENDS, SHITTY & LARDO, BITTY AND JACK ARE BOTH CLOSELY BONDED TO R&H. I WOULD LOVE FOR THEM TO COME OUT!!!!!

I just don’t want them forced out.

Ten in Ten!

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Rules: Name Your Favorite Character in 10 Different Fandoms! Then tag up to ten followers to try it out and pass it along!

I’m not in a lot of fandoms, but I’ve got a lot characters that I love. They’re not really order in any order

1. Keladry Mindelan from Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small series. She had a lot of impact on a young cheesecake’s view of strength 15 years ago

2. Lagertha from Vikings, though I’m not as much into the show anymore

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3. Guinevere from BBC’s Merlin

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4. Sid from Galavant

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5. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (what, like it was a hard choice?)

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6. Helen Eddis from Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series (there are no official pictures of her sooooo)

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7. Cosette from Les Mis (probably… maybe… there’s so many of them….)

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8. Sargent Terry Jeffords from Brooklyn 99

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9. Oliver from How to Get Away With Murder 

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10. The Iron Bull from Dragon Age (not always. just today. and it was really really hard to choose)

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The Privilege of Picking Your Problems

So … no writing tip today. Instead I wrote a life tip!! It can relate to writing too though ^_^

My dad has a mantra of sorts when it comes to life: “It’s never as bad as you think it’s gonna be, and it’s never as good as you think it’s gonna be.” And while you will find exceptions to this rule, it’s actually pretty accurate.

A few months ago, I was reading a book that pointed out there isn’t a golden threshold where you’ve “made it” and everything is near-perfect in your creative career. Instead, the reality is, you just exchange one set of problems for another set of problems.

Every dream job has aspects people hate. Once you get published, you have to deal with people and situations you don’t want to. You have problems you never pictured. This sort of thing is one reason why some people actually fear succeeding in what they want. But this applies to anything in life: going to college, wanting to be a mom, getting married. There will probably always be some amount of problems, situations, or emotions that make you go, “I didn’t sign up for this.”

There are things in life, states of life, that can be almost simultaneously amazing and horrible; thrilling and terrifying. Often some of the best things are that way. People tend to think that reality is the negative. If something is portrayed as amazing, people might say, “that’s not reality,” but in actuality, reality isn’t made of only the negative, harsh truths, but reality is simultaneously made up of the negative and positive.

And the reality is, pretty much everything, everything, has positives and negatives. But do you want to hear one of the best parts about it all?

We actually get to pick a lot of our problems.

Some problems we have no control over–maybe you have health problems you inherited. But we have some power to pick our own problems. Slaughtering a concept and line from John Green: We don’t have a say in whether or not we have problems in this life, but we do have some say in which they are.

Rich people have problems. Famous people have problems. International bestselling authors have problems. Whoever we are, we will have problems. But the revelation that we actually pick a lot of them can be very empowering.

Instead of slumping in a puddle and letting life simply hit us, we can pick our problems.

We have some say in what life hits us with.

You can either sit around and deal with the problems life throws at you anyway or you can pick a path you want and deal with those problems.

Will you choose the pain and problems that come with being passive? The pain of living with regrets? Or will you choose the problems that come with chasing success?

Because honestly, there are problems that come with being successful. And choosing that anyway–well, there is a sense of empowerment you get when you chose your own problems and accept it as that. “I chose this problem, and I chose to be willing to work with its difficulty.” I chose to be a artist, and I chose the problem of a small income. I chose to be a parent, and I chose the problem of sacrificing sleep to care for a baby. I chose to start a D&D club, and I chose the problem of stigmas and teasing. I chose this–with all the good and the bad, the horrible and fantastic–this. is. mine.

When you accept the fact that there are problems no matter what and you have the power to choose some of them, you stop becoming a victim to them, and can move forward. You can move on and progress.

Seeing yourself as a victim can be hugely detrimental to your life, or rather (in actuality) your perception of life. When you have the attitude that you are a victim to your problems, you expect the world to owe you something … and you can spend a lot of time and energy waiting for it. You may get stuck on the idea that it isn’t fair. But someone once said life is fair: it’s unfair to everyone.

When you are a victim, you waste away your talents and emotions waiting on someone else, society, or the universe to help you, when you could be moving forward. I’ve seen people waste away years of their lives by keeping themselves victims. (And a lot of times, it’s victims to problems that come with a path they chose.) They are difficult to be around. The world is moving, and it will move on without you. That’s one of the things I learned when I was 19, at a point where I was the most depressed I’ve ever been: life moves on without you.

But when we realize we pick our problems, they suddenly become easier to work through and endure.

In contrast to when I was 19, my phase of life right now is the happiest it’s ever been. I’m pursuing my lifelong dream. I have a job–where I spend most of my time getting paid to read stories. And I confess that while I want to get married someday, I love being single. I love that if I want to spend $100+ dollars on a ticket to see Muse or The Killers, I can do that. Or if I want to fly to New York just to meet J.K. Rowling, I can do that. I love that I not only get to, but require myself to write every day. In the LDS church, I serve in Young Women’s–where I wanted to be a leader since I was a Young Woman. But guess what? Even with how near-perfect my life set-up is to me, there are problems.

Like many writers, I can get lonely. At some points in my career, I’ve had to do things that I loathe with a passion. Even though I’m not a parent, I sometimes fall asleep worrying about family members, and if I’m doing enough to help them. In my pursuit of my career, I’ve stopped pursuing some of my other interests. In Young Women’s, one thing I never foresaw were the moments that sometimes last months where I can’t tell if I’m even making a difference. Sometimes trying to write a good book feels like the worst thing on the planet.

But I chose this. I chose the occasional, little baby bouts of loneliness when I chose my career–and I knew it. And you know what? Any loneliness I have ever felt has been worth every single second, and I wouldn’t give it back. Even going to sleep after a sucky day of getting nowhere on my novel is better than going to sleep without having tried. There are problems everywhere. People who don’t have enough time in the day have to deal with stress, meeting deadlines, and trying to fulfill demands. People who are stuck at home have to endure having all the time in the world. It always appears greener on the other side.

Do you want to let life pick your problems through your passivity?

Or do you want to pick the problems through your pursuit of life?

There will always be problems, but one of the beautiful things is, we have the privilege of picking some of them.

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I'm worried there is something wrong with me because I don't think harry looks good in the covers at all except for the one with his really short hair :/ the others are just awful and everyone is raving about them while I have to scroll past quickly

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OKAY PROMPT TIME. Fem!ten x rose (obvi) and I'm thinking a prom au where the Doctor is nervous about asking Rose the cute girl who sits in front of her in english.

Deep breath, Theo told herself. You can do this. It’s just a conversation. You’re usually brilliant at talking.

Which was true except for when it came to trying to talk to the pretty girl in front of her in English class. Rose Tyler seemed to be her exception. One look at the blonde with the sunshine smile and Theo’s tongue felt like lead.

She’d managed to get through a few conversations here and there without completely embarrassing herself but discussions about whatever they were reading in class was hardly the same as attempting to ask her to the dance that was coming up next week.

“Hey, Rose, wait up,” Theo called as she caught sight of the object of her thoughts. She made a dash through the crowded corridor, long limbs almost tangling together a few times in the process.

“Hey there,” the blonde said, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear as she smiled up at Theo.

Theo’s heart tripped over itself and she almost forgot that she was supposed to be talking again. “Do you, um, I mean, do you have plans for the dance next week?” she stuttered out, free hand sneaking under her hair to rub at the back of her neck.

This was a disaster. She could feel the blush lighting up her cheeks.

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I didn't have a problem with everyone calling sh!ro space dad until I started seeing fanart of everyone getting deaged except Sh!ro. Then it stared to bug me. Especially the ones where even a//ura is turned into a lil kid but Sh!ro stuck in the parents role. i just *slams fist on table* NO! And there so much of it?? Now I can't read the term "space dad" with out thinking about all the fan works that Sh!ro gets singled out on because of it and i get really sad/mad.

art with a character put in a parental position with the rest as babies or children in general just makes me…..so uncomfortable. i dont know why but it just grosses me out, personally. besides sh/ro is such a deep character who has enough going on?? he doesnt need to be a single dad of 4-5 let him Rest

- keith

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i think that the fact that among the s//kl//an//ce porn fics in the majority of them keith and lance don't have any agency or personality other than 'must please shiro' should tell you something too,,

Oh yes indeed. There’s also a lot of stereotypical A/B/O that just reinforces the “submissive keith/lance” with no other characterisation except that they’re ‘made to please’ the “dominant shiro”

- m.A

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Hey! Just wondering your thoughts on general variation within races? The game unfortunately doesn't show much difference in height and build, but what do you think of shorter humans or taller elves? Like seriously, surely not every person of each race is the exact same height and build as every other of their gender. Would a man who is shorter and slender perhaps face some discrimination for being 'elfish' in appearance, and elves who are a little taller praised (cringe) for being less?

When written in the books in drawn, yeah, people have different heights. But in-game every character with a few exceptions has the same body per race, and so you don’t get height differences. 

The physical traits people pick out on elves is ears and eyes… Not really height. So I don’t think it’d be a common thing? However, an elf trying to pass as a human might find it easier to do so if taller. 

And a human man who doesn’t meet the typical Action Hero™ body type might get bullying like typical. :/ 

The only race that gets shit for their height are dwarves. I think if a Dwarf was taller than usual, they might get less grief from humans.