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1 or 74 for andreil?? I love your writing so much!!

Okay fuck me up this is… I don’t think I’ve ever written a fic where they get into a fight???? This was a first, and I thank you for that. Also, I used both prompts, yay me! xD

#1 “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
#74 “I didn’t mean what I said.”

The hours between three and five in the morning are liminal. It’s a shifting from late night to early morning. It’s as dark as the night will get and the start of the sunrise. On a college campus, it’s the only two hours where everyone save the severely panicked or sleep-troubled are dead to the world.

Neil throws a small rock off of the roof and doesn’t care that it hits a car. A brand new pack of cigarettes sits next to him on the ledge, unopened. It’s been sitting there like a wound for the last thirty minutes. The wound is self-inflicted. Neil bought the pack earlier in the night, after a run didn’t clear his head. Buying the cigarettes was an impulse and a habit, but that doesn’t explain why it hurts so much. 

He might be able to breathe better if he could inhale the acrid smell of cigarette smoke. But the only calming thing his mother ever gave him is not going to fill the gaping crater in the center of his being. He aches, and he doubts it’s something burning tobacco can cure.

The door to the roof opens with the usual ruckus of rusted hinges and a frame caving in on itself. Neil doesn’t turn. Only Andrew would come looking for him here.

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Semper Fidelis 1

@desperatelyseekingcannibals - I am on a mission to prompt everyone I can with ABO Tristhad so… ABO TRISTHAD PLEASE!! Maybe on a mission and keeping warm around a fire? Lots of f luff please, but smut is more than welcome if it goes that way XD

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For #Tristhad Week. This is only one part, I’m still writing more. :)

Another day on horseback—such days could feel endless to a body stiff already from hours of riding. Tristan’s gaze naturally sought out the youngest of their band. Galahad rode to his left and was none the wiser to Tristan’s gaze or the way it lingered on his lower half as his corded thighs squeezed around his horse’s chest. None of the other men wore the Roman tunic and armor the pup insisted on; none of them felt the need to play such a role to be accepted. Galahad, pacifist and the sole omega among their alpha ranks, however, refused to be seen as weak. Despite his hate for their fifteen-year commission and the blood they shed, he wanted to look the role of the fierce warrior gender dynamic be damned. It was no secret that Galahad hated being an omega.

When he’d been recruited from his homeland, he’d been unpresented. Just like all Samaritan Knights he wasn’t worried, though. He was confident he’d be an alpha or at the least, a beta. He had no such luck. He’d gone into heat two years after he’d joined Arthur’s knights.

Galahad had been one of the last to arrive in joining their group; Tristan remembered when he’d brought to them flanked on either side by a Roman envoy. He’d taken to training with a fervor and had been shaped into a fierce and loyal warrior. He was a scout and archer challenged by none other than Tristan in skills—certainly no longer the boy he’d been. Again, Tristan’s gaze slid up the view of his calves and thighs. Definitely not.

He had a bite too. Galahad could be almost petulant at times with his uncharacteristic brashness. Quick-tempered and sharp-tongued, he had no shame to stop him from speaking his mind. In short, he was the most alluring creature Tristan had ever seen.

He had long realized how smitten he was, but how could anyone not be with Galahad? His tribe would have found him exotic with his cornflower eyes and the dark, chestnut of his curls, and beyond that, he was the ideal omega for someone of his tribe: spirited and with a tongue that was as deadly as his aim. When not in battle Tristan’s attentions often fell to the omega and he doubted it or the reasons why went unnoticed by any except the pup.

“There something interesting about Gal’s legs,” Bors rode up to Tristan’s other side with a grin far to knowing. 

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(For the writing prompt about Padawans and Masters XD I managed to put this together late into the night. I would have liked to write more , but I’m preparing to go back to Uni so I didn’t have much time to write it. It’s not the best thing I’ve written :C But I wanted to participate)

Title: Birds of a Feather
Summary: Ahsoka needs a Master, and Plo is determined to find her just that (just as long as it isn’t him).

“But why can’t you be my Master, Master Plo? You’re the one who found me, it only makes sense that you would be.”  

The old Kel Dor fought the growing urge to groan underneath his mask, the fear of offending his former charge the only thing keeping him silent. Though he would have been lying to himself had he believed the battle was not a losing one, for Ahsoka Tano had been at this for hours, and even his legendary calm had begun to falter.

“Because, Ahsoka…” he hesitated, then continued, careful of his words “The student does not choose the Master, young one. And—”

“Then choose me, Master Plo.”


“You promised you’d pick me as a Padawan when I turned fourteen if no one else did. I’m fourteen, and no other Master has picked me, yet,” the young Togruta plants herself firm in front of his path, arms folded across her chest and gaze stern, “So why haven’t you chosen me?”

If Plo Koon could sweat, he certainly would have done so by now. Especially since he had just been forced into a corner.

It was true, he had promised Ahsoka that he would take over her training had she not been chosen by a Master. But that had been a promise made to a three-year-old, terrified of being shipped the Agri-Corps had she aged out.

It was never meant to be taken seriously (for, in all honesty, Plo had believed Ahsoka skilled enough to have been chosen by a master well before the age of fourteen).

And on top of that, Plo could not deny his attachment to the young Jedi. She was like a daughter to him, and that would certainly complicate things had he decided to go through with his promise.

“Because,” Plo responded, voice uncertain, “You do have a Master.”

It was a lie. A blatant lie. And by the inclination of her eyebrow, and the way in which her lips pursed, Ahsoka knew it.

“Oh really, Master. Who is it then?” She asked, utterly unconvinced.      

“You will find out soon enough, Little ‘Soka,” Answered the Jedi, turning on his heel, painfully aware of the new task he had subjected himself to, “We both will.”


After a brief discussion with Master Yoda in regards to Ahsoka’s future, it turned out, to Plo’s relief, that the young Togruta had indeed been chosen as a Padawan. Yet to his absolute horror, said Master was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was not a bad Master, and by human standards, Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t a bad man.

In fact, Plo counted the younger man amongst his small circle of friends, having grown acquainted to the Jedi soon after he had earned his seat on the council.

They had partaken in many battles together, and had occasionally found themselves in each other’s company often, as friends do. Though for Obi-Wan, it was much more than friendly conversation between the two.

As it was during these many occasions that Obi-wan had voiced his many fears to Plo.

Fears of being on the Council, fear of being a Jedi, and fear of being the Master of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker.

Kenobi was a very, very insecure man, and that hadn’t changed after Qui-Gon had thrown the responsibility of a lifetime on his shoulders.

But there was no denying that his apprehension towards training Anakin evolved from terror to agitation as the years progressed. The boy was hard headed, dense, and stubborn, and had been the cause of many of his Master’s late nights at the bar.

It was during these late night escapades, were meditation did little to take Obi-Wan’s mind off of his failure of a student, that he had dragged Plo to the bar with him, and told him he’d ‘rather be shipped off to the Agri-Corps than have another student like Anakin’ and that ‘the boy’s knighting ceremony was the best thing to have happened’.

It was for that very reason, Plo left Master Yoda’s room feeling more worried than he had before. Yes, Ahsoka had a Master, but for how long? If Obi-Wan thought Anakin was hard to deal with, then Ahsoka wouldn’t last five minutes under his tutelage.

She would be sent right back to the Temple, knocking on Plo’s door once again. And if it came to that, he would not be able to refuse her.

The only one who could handle a Padawan like Ahsoka would be a Master like Ahsoka, and there was no Master that Plo could think of who had the likeness of Ahsoka.

But there was a Knight.

Underneath his mask, Plo Koon smirked. He may have just turned his problem into a solution.

It was true that Obi-Wan would no longer take a Padawan like Anakin Skywalker.

But Anakin Skywalker may be a different story.

The old Master turned on his heel, robes billowing behind him, as he quickly headed back to Master Yoda’s quarters.

Ahsoka might have a Master yet.


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Sormik Hogwarts AU (Triwizard Tournament Style)

So, as promised, one set of very long Triwizard Tournament AU headcanons.  (More Hogwarts AU headcanons here, with a different timeline of them getting together)

- No one ever talks about it, but as soon as the Triwizard Tournament is announced in their sixth year, everyone knows that Sorey and Mikleo are going to try to enter

- It’s not so much about the fame and fortune, but far more like: history!  Tradition!  Competition! A chance to test magical knowledge and skill!

- Sorey is selected as the Hogwarts champion.  Sergei is the Durmstrang champion, and Alisha is the Beauxbatons champion.

- The three champions take the ‘friendly competition’ and the chance for cultural exchange and goodwill very seriously – they fight to win events, but outside of the events get along quite well, and end up spending a good bit of time together.  Sometimes to the chagrin of their schoolmates.

- Sorey and Mikleo have a big fight before the first task, because Sorey doesn’t want Mikleo helping him.  This is partially because he wants to do it all himself, and partially because he doesn’t want Mikleo getting involved – there are safety precautions but he’s still worried it could be dangerous.

- Mikleo says he’s stupid because Sorey had no problems with him entering into the goblet, and how in the world would a non-competitor be in danger?  And when have the two of them ever done anything on their own?

- It takes about a week for both of their stubbornness and pride to simmer down, and perhaps a few pokes from Edna’s umbrella before they’re willing to make up.

- For the first task, Eizen works with the crews that bring in the dragons, and so Edna is the one who gets Sorey the tip off.

- He doesn’t have one particular flashy strategy in mind.  Instead, research has always been Sorey and Mikleo’s forte – they spend hours poring over books and learning as much about the four types of dragons as they can.  Things like where the weak spots in their scales are, or what types of spells would be good or not for each.

- When the Yule Ball rolls around, there is a significant increase in the occurrence of Sorey and Mikleo blushing around each other and trying very hard to act normal.  Their friends all groan and debate locking them in the broom shed until they kiss.

- They also all debate about locking Zaveid in the broom shed on his own so he stops trying to horribly chat up every girl from all three schools.

- Neither plot comes to fruition.  

- Instead, Tsunleo is in full effect, and Sorey is too worried about making Mikleo uncomfortable and changing their friendship, so neither says anything.  Zaveid continues to be a terror.

- Rose musters up every ounce of Gryfindor courage she possesses and asks out Alisha.

- She didn’t tell anyone about this plan in case it failed, which results in a lot of confusion when she shows up to lunch flushed and wide-eyed one day and simply saying, “she said yes.  The Princess of Beauxbatons said yes,” before slumping down on the table and staring dreamily into the middle distance.

- Sorey ends up asking Lailah as a friend, because he’s expected to have a partner for the first dance. Zaveid asks Edna, which earns him a sharp jab with her wand and a hex.  Edna asks Mikleo (mostly for purposes of being a little shit), which earns her a panicked refusal.  Dezel doesn’t care about these kinds of things.

- At the ball, Sorey is completely flustered by Mikleo in his dress robes – non-traditional white with just hints of detailing in Ravenclaw blue and bronze, that really accentuate how well they are tailored and how well they hug his waist and shoulders and butt, and Sorey is convinced that this must be where he dies.  

- Mikleo is similarly dumbfounded, and bright red in the face, and the debates about locking them in the broom shed resume.

- Once again the plan is not carried out, mostly because Edna is having too much fun bothering Rose and Alisha, and the two of them are left to stew for the whole night in all of their blushy sexual tension.

- For the second task, Mikleo is the one who lets Sorey into the prefects’ bathroom with a number of sly hints about his theories.

- Sorey is pouty about him not giving a clearer answer until Mikleo reminds him that, at one point, he wanted to do the whole competition himself.

- Mikleo is taken for Sorey for the event, Boris is taken for Sergei, and Rose is taken for Alisha.

- His strategy would probably be something similar to a bubblehead charm (at least in part because it strikes me as sort of similar to spectral cloak XD ), and he and Mikleo practice spellcasting underwater extensively.

- Sorey was so worried about Mikleo during the task, and when they come out of the water and he wakes up, waterlogged and with his circlet peeking out between wet bangs, Sorey realizes exactly how in love he is, and screw his nerves and worries, he’s going to tell him.

- He wants to kiss him right then and there, but waits until the party his housemates throw that night.  He convinces Mikleo to leave for a bit, and sneaks them off to a secret passage where he confesses.

- Mikleo replies that he’s been in love with him for years, and chides Sorey for being oblivious before kissing him soundly.

- When they return to the party, flushed and giddy, everyone applauds and money definitely exchanges hands over bets on how long it would take for them to get together.

- They drink a crapload of butterbeer and drunkenly cuddle on one of the couches in the Huflepuff common room all night.  Sorey sloppily apologizes for taking so long many times over, because this is the best thing in the world and they were missing out on it.

- The third task is absolutely both Sorey and Mikleo’s favorite.  It’s like a giant puzzle, or, even better, a giant ruin!  And what better excuse to look into the long history of Triwizard Tournaments, to try to anticipate the types of challenges which might await.

- It is possible that the two of them spend a bit more time than necessary in the ‘library,’ ‘looking up spells.’

- Sorey doesn’t win. He does quite well up until the end, only collecting a few minor burns and a handful of close calls.  But when it comes down to the center of the maze and the cup, he gets knocked out by a creature both he and Alisha were fighting. She wins instead.

- When he wakes up a few days later in the hospital wing, she offers to split the winnings and the title since it doesn’t feel like a fair win.  He turns her down, because all his friends are there, and Mikleo is there, and it all feels like the experience was worth plenty as is.

For a darker, closer to the Goblet of Fire version of this AU, Symmone and Heldalf would fit well into the roles of Barty Crouch Jr. and Voldemort. However, Sorey doesn’t quite fit into the ‘chosen one,’ ‘boy-who-lived’ role like Harry, so it is sort of difficult to piece together what might be their motivations to rig and attack the tournament. That might have to be something parsed out in the future.

Undercover Love - Prologue

So once again; Just like the characters, the back story is a bit hard to portray in a story. So with further ado.. Undercover Love - Prologue : Backstory.

(P.S : Please be patient with the chapters of the story; I’m also writing my other series Amazing Surprises, so I need to take time to write both. Please bear with me! XD)

Kim Seokjin. One of the most powerful names in all of South Korea. Legend says if you call his name in vain, his extremely skilled men will hunt and kill you. To me on the other hand, Kim Seokjin was a loving, caring, special big brother anyone could ask for.

When Jin and I were only at the tender age of 10 and 7 our parent’s had unfortunately passed away. Jin and I afraid of becoming orphans and being split apart became on the run. We lived on the streets either begging for food or stealing it on our own.

At age 16 and 13, Jin and I had encountered two men in black. Unfortunately for us, they were not like the men in the movies; They were merciless, ruthless, and uncaring for our safety. They captured us and brought us to a huge mansion looking house.

We were met up with a big looking man. He offered Jin and I a place to stay but when Jin refused we were threatened. We were brought down to a basement prison where I was forced to sit and watch my older brother get tortured.

One day Jin was finally taken back up to the boss. I cried so hard that day, believing he was taken to be killed, but when he came back Jin seemed calm, at ease almost. I was baffled of course, he was just tortured just hours ago and now he looks almost happy.

Jin explained that he was fine and he would no longer need to be tortured. I thought they had brainwashed him but nothing was different about Jin other than his decision on staying with them. Jin tried convincing me to stay as well but as much as I trusted my older brother, no way in hell did I trust any of those men.

I decided to leave and live on my own, hoping to get a decent job and work my way up. I still kept in touch with Seokjin, texting and calling him every single day; We would update each other on our status. I had found a well paying job to be a teacher at an art school, using my skills of painting to good use.

Seokjin on the other hand had become the owner of the company he was working for, the same company that had offered us a place to live. It was great news but it was still suspicious by how every time I mentioned his job he would quickly change the subject.

It wouldn’t be until a little later that I found out Seokjin wasn’t only a boss of a huge company, no. He was a boss of a mafia gang company. It has been said our great, great, great-grandfather had started the family “business”. It started only as a selling business but as time passed the “selling” business elaborated and became larger, soon becoming a mafia gang.

Our grandfather was the first to announce it a mafia gang, the first to recruit anyone in need of a home and money to be his men, and the first to handle deals illegally. Our father on the other hand was the first to officially buy a mansion and making it the head quarters. That is until he passed away.

I had lived my entire life believing my parents died in a tragic car accident. Unfortunately that’s not what happened at all; A rival gang didn’t exactly like how my father double crossed them in a deal. They hunted them down and hijacked their plane ride, killing them before they could even reach their destination.

When Jin took over he was told not to tell anyone, not even me, unless I wanted to join as well. Unfortunately I didn’t, which forced Seokjin to keep the family business a secret.

Meanwhile Jin had recruited some of his own men. His best man being Jung Hoseok, a professional hitman. Hoseok never misses when he shoots, they nickname him “Domino”, based off the American comic superhero who never missed a shot in her life.

Hoseok was our friend for as long as I can remember, soon becoming the stereotypical “over protective brother”; Any guy I liked he had to approve first, any decision I made he had to hear first. It broke his heart when I had to explain to him I was no longer a little girl and now graduating college to take my teaching in art. But Hoseok will always be an older brother to me, maybe even more than Seokjin himself.

Some of Seokjin’s other men I had not met yet though; Like Kim Taehyung. Taehyung was a professional hacker. Normally one wouldn’t consider hacking a profession, but to Taehyung, it was his life. Seokjin found him on the run from attempting to hack into the highest and most guarded facility in the world; The Pentagon.

Fortunately for Taehyung, Seokjin was able to convince The Pentagon that Taehyung was caught and Jin would “take care of him”. Unfortunately for him though, that meant he would have to live in secret with a fake identity, the entire government believing he was killed by my brother.

Park Jimin was their personal trainer. If you needed to get back at someone without loosing or even just a workout, Jimin is the person you go to. Seokjin found him cage fighting, living off the clothes on his back and the single travel truck. He is now their best fighter and can take out any threats that come their way. Many people fought over him, paying lots of money for him to be on their team, but in the end he went to Seokjin.

Jeon Jungkook was a professional bomb maker. Most people wouldn’t exactly consider bomb making a mafia defense or offence, but for Seokjin’s gang, bombing was one of their trade marks, so of course he needed the best of the best. Jungkook had almost died multiple times making and setting off bombs but the thrill is what kept him from quitting.

Although Seokjin found him in an unfortunate state; When his girlfriend had accidentally detonated a bomb, he couldn’t save her in time before she blew up right in front of his eyes. It destroyed him, and he swore never to make or sell bombs ever again. When Seokjin found him, he gave him hope again. It took some time-And a lot of ice cream-but soon Jungkook was back to building bombs.

There are still others in his group, but they are still working their way up to big leagues. Including; Jackson Wang, Park Jinyoung, Choi Minho, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo, Chae Hyungwon, and Lee Minhyuk [Monsta X].

Every now and then you will see some females walking around as well, some just being one night stands or others being payed to do anything the guys want. I even once saw Hoseok’s sister at the house-but that’s another story-

Jin even had his first rival gang; “The Vampires”. Their leader, Kim Namjoon, used to be one of Seokjin’s best friends, that was until Namjoon double crossed him and decided to take all of his money to spend it on drugs. It messed up his mind, and now Namjoon is the most lunatic gang leader in all of South Korea. Anyone who crosses his path doesn’t stand a chance.

Namjoon has a knack for recruiting unstable people; he doesn’t give them enough time to train, and when he does train them, he teaches them to kill anything and anyone in their path, no matter who they are unless said otherwise.

His recruits consist of; BamBam, Kim Yugyeom, Lee Taemin, Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun, Shownu, Jooheon, Wonho, and a new recruit no one knows of yet.

Unfortunately for me; keeping the secret from me, made me a secret to everyone else that I was Seokjin’s sister-other than Hoseok of course-It was a risk for me to visit, so Jin tried to keep me away as much as he can. It was a bit hard to do that to a stubborn 22 year old.

But of course; I had not known any of this until a certain special day I had decided to visit my big brother; Kim Seokjin.

~To Be Continued~


Requested by; Anon

“If request open, will u pls do some angst bruce x reader? Where they used to date for months but he doesnt take their relationship seriously. Its just a cover for public image to him. He thought the reader is a shallow person like the usual women he dated before. But reader is actually smart but choose to pretend to be shallow. Bruce broke up with her. Then years later they met n he learn who she is. He want to get to know her n pursue her but she still hurt with him. Thanks in advance.”

Warning; Angst (not really because I suck) and sudden change of POV. And off the prompt, just a little.

You had your arms around Bruce’s, smile not leaving your lips as you went to your 12th date with him. You’ve dated for months with him, you love him with all your heart. You always at your best when you were with him, all dolled up so you wouldn’t feel self-conscious and out of place when he brought you to a fancy looking place.

Tonight was the night he promised that he would spend his time with you, he brought you to a quite fancy restaurant. You thanked all the gods up there that you’ve made the right decisions to dress as fancy as you could even though your intention was only to spent the night with him, playing or whatever, but being a shy woman that you were you couldn’t say it. The words were stuck in your throat.

So you gave up and just spent your night dining in a restaurant nearby until late. You didn’t have any appointments or meeting with your manager and the other agencies tomorrow morning, being a model as a job was hard, you were treated like a barbie doll.

The both of you sat down on a table near the window, the view was so great you couldn’t take your eyes off it. But when you did you spotted a tinge of uncomfortableness in Bruce’s blue eyes, he somehow didn’t look as happy as you did.

“Bruce?” You called to the billionaire softly, placing your much smaller hand on top of his. You could feel he tensed as he looked at you, “what’s wrong?”

“Don’t worry darling,” he finally responded after a moment of awkward silence, he moved his hand from your gentle grip to put it into his pocket. “I’m okay.” He assured.

You didn’t believe any of his words but decided to let it drop because you knew he wouldn’t like it if you pushed the topic too far. You also had this weird feeling, your chest tightened when you think about it. Why?

The foods came, the two of you had a little chit chat, you did most of the talk since Bruce had preferred to listen instead of talking. You asked him about his day he only answered with boring as usual with a chuckle.

It went on and on, it got worse each day. You were always the one who called him, asking him about his day, what is he doing, telling him that you missed him, saying goodnight even I love you. You missed him a lot. On Saturday night you decided not to contact him to see if he would do it.

You received no calls and no messages. No nothing.

It saddened you, it made your heart drop when you woke up to work. Your manager had warned you about him, telling you that he was just using you to which you answered with,

“Give him a break, hes a kind and generous man. He’s sweet, all of you need to see past his walls, his barriers. I love him not for his money, I love him forHim, nothing else matters.”

You managed to smile for the entire day until someone came into your changing room. A mail woman, you greeted her with the widest smile on your face. She returned your smile and gave you a letter.

“Oh, from Bruce.” You smiled softly after reading where it was from. Your smile dropped at what you saw next.

Let’s end this. This won’t ever work.


The mail woman saw your tears that slowly dripping down to the paper, they dropped right on Bruce’s signature. The ink slowly faded because of your tears, the old woman you didn’t know hugged you hoping it would bring you some comfort. You gladly accepted her little embrace as you cried.

Your manager who just came back from a coffee shop saw your state. She immediately put the coffee cups down and joined to embrace you. You kept on breaking down, everything was so blurry, so monochrome. All colors were gone from your eyes.

Since then you stopped being a model, your manager understands and she supported you. She even helped you looked for a new job, she knew how much of a smarty you were, she knew your abilities and skill because you were the one who helped her with everything that she couldn’t handle. You became a scientist and your manager who also a lowkey smarty became your partner.

It took years for you to completely forgot about Bruce Wayne, about the good times you soon realized that you were the only one who enjoyed it, all the talks, everything. You even realized that he never took your relationship seriously, he used you. You were wrong… Or weren’t you?

Soon your names were spread all over the news and cities, not because of your successful model career this time, instead, it was because of your brain. Your accomplishments, your ideas to make the city a better place, your works, your inventions. Not your body.

It was so satisfying, it felt good to be yourself and not the shallow woman everybody had come to know.

Everything you did reached Bruce’s ears, he watched you from his TV in his office, he even watched every speech you made. He misjudged you, he made a wrong move. He looked down at a scarf you made for him on your first ever Valentine’s day, he should’ve known that you weren’t like any woman he had met and dated.

Those women never made something for him, they never even tried to. Bruce only could imagine how broken you were when he sent you that letter, that heartbreaking letter.

He ran his fingers through his raven hair, a sigh of frustration left his chapped lips. He had never felt like this before, why should he care? You were nothing. You were supposed to be nothing.

Then without him knowing 2 years had passed, Bruce couldn’t get you off his mind. Karma is a bitch. He lived 2 more years of his life thinking about you, he now had fallen for you. He wanted to know you better, apologizes for what he did and even telling you the truth. Hours after hours he made up his mind.

He needs you.

2.31 PM, your work will be over in another 29 minutes. You didn’t mind to stay longer in the lab since you enjoyed it, you enjoyed making things.

“(Y/N)! Someone is looking for you.” Your colleague said, the blonde man brought in someone you hadn’t met in years, you never expected to meet him here. You stared up at Bruce with wide eyes as soon as your gaze landed on him, you slowly gaining your composure back and looked at your male colleague.

“Thank you, I need some privacy.”

He gave you a nod, a hint of worry was visible on his face. Of course, he knew your little scandal with the playboy, it reached everybody’s ears.

“Please sit.” You offered, he didn’t budge and walked to where you were currently working on. It was a little device, a really small device. “What is it, Mr. Wayne?” You asked politely.

Bruce was taken aback upon hearing your voice, it was so different. It somehow had changed. When he first heard your voice it was so annoying he wanted to cover his ears every time you talked but now it sounded like a music. gentle, melodic and soothing were the only thing that could describe you right now.

Bruce didn’t realize he had been silent the whole time until he heard your voice calling his name again.

“Mr. Wayne?”

“Oh, sorry.” He quickly apologized.

“You should be.” Your words made him tensed in his place, he looked at you still with his usual face but inside he felt his stomach churned and filled with an uncomfortable feeling.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” He finally responded.

“No, you shouldn’t have.”

More silence, you seemed so calm under the awkwardness. You couldn’t help it, you were used to it. This awkwardness was the same thing you felt when you were still with him, still happy.

“Are you trying to get me back?”

Yes. He answered in his mind, I want to know you better I want to see you better from a different perspective.

“You’re too dangerous for me Bruce.” You continued, stopping your work and leaned your back against the seat. Eyes looking up at him sadly, “You turned me away like I begged for your money.” You added.

Bruce didn’t say anything, he couldn’t say anything which you took as an opportunity to continue your speech. “I loved you, I did. I thought I saw through you but I was so naïve and stupid, so wrong.”

You didn’t notice Bruce had knelt down in front of you and gently took your smaller hand in his, it felt so warm now. The only thing you could feel when you dated him was coldness, it felt weird.

Bruce felt your fingers twitched in surprise but he didn’t draw his hand back, he gave you a gentle squeeze.

“I was blind back then.” He finally spoke up, “I didn’t know it would hurt you that much. I thought you were like the other women and I was wrong I misjudged you. I’m just going to ask you once, I don’t want to force you, will you give me another chance to get to know you better?”

You stared at his blue eyes, noticing that he didn’t get enough sleep. Another silence filled the room once more before you stood up and drew your hand back from him.

“I don’t know Bruce, I’m still scared.” You grabbed your bag, walking towards the door before opening it open and stepped out. “I’ll think about it.”

[ END ]

Nope, not gonna continue this, I’m sorry!!!

Sorry for grammar errors hope you enjoyed!


Oh a little fun fact, I rewrote this like… 2 times. The other two has 2000 more words XD AND I DELETED THEM!

In the Rubble

TBH the only reason I started liking this ship is because of this fic, please read it, it’s hilarious, has beautiful character development, and is amazing: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5180048/chapters/11933591 (Well excuse me Princess, by @metawohoo)

Yep, read more for a fic I wrote a long time ago. XD

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randomness-unicorn  asked:

1-It’s going to be long and angst: SO is pregnant and happy to have a child with her bonefriend, but after some months something seems to go wrong. SO starts to get sick and weak, but the baby is fine. SO wants to continue the pregnancy even if the doctor is really worry for her life. Her soul is vanishing, because the baby eats it.

(((CONTINUED PARTS TO ASK))) 2- SO dies during the childbirth. Something is wrong with the child because he’s evil, for example he kills little animals or hits others children. One day he says that the flavour of her mother’s soul was delicious (but it is seems a kind of joke). The truth is that Chara’s spirit have possessed SO’s baby, they want to revenge.

3- How does the dad react finding out it? If you want you can do a drabble with Tale!Sans, or a normal reaction. Take your time! I know it is really long, you can ignore it if you think it’s so “horror” or bad. I took inspiration from the movie “Rosemary’s baby”. I recommend it!
Oh I’m so upset right now because I was almost done and idiotically copied something over the imagine without saving it somewhere else first ;))) dear god help me. Hey though! I seriously loved writing this anyway! It turned out better the second time honestly..

I originally was just going to do a longer headcanon for this, but I kept rereading it to make sure there’s no errors and kept adding to it, it just became a minific because I got carried away. It didn’t start as a minific of course.. good thing this was only specified as Undertale Sans. It helps a lot, thank you. Nevertheless it still took over an hour and a half to write because I became addicted and writing minifics on mobile sucks XD I usually wait till I get on a computer.

AS A WARNING THIS IS EXTREMELY ANGSTY. Depression, murder, insanity, suicide, self harm, death, and the mention of abortion are all included. Excuse me for getting carried away. This is probably the most intense thing I have EVER written in my entire life so enjoy~


Starring: Sans, Toriel, Undyne, Alphys, Papyrus, Papyrus’ spouse, Frisk, Chara, some Royal Guard members

Classic has always wanted to have kids. He’s wondered what it’s like to be a dad, and how it feels to really raise a child. He’s obviously seen and interacted with kids before, and he protected Papyrus when they were younger, but it’s certainly not the same as having your own child. When you told him you were pregnant, Classic got very excited and hugged you so tight you had to force him to loosen up because it was squishing the life out of you. He giggled and apologized, and you smile and kiss him. Both of you are elated to start a family together because of the fact that you get to do it together.

For the first few months everything is going smoothly- the two of you wonder how they’ll turn out since they’ll be a hybrid, and the ultrasounds don’t determine what they’ll be right away. But when things start to go downhill, Classic manages to stay calm. You’re pretty tough, you’ll pull through… right? When the doctors mention it’s life threatening on your part, THAT’S when Classic starts getting very anxious. He starts having doubts about having the kid but you urge to continue since the child’s rate of survival is extremely high. The doctors then find out it’s because the child is slowly devouring your soul, and Classic actually wants to pull the plug, carefully telling you that at this point, he’s considering abortion. He doesn’t fully know how to handle the situation because he loves you, he wants you to be okay, but he can’t bear to really harm the child either. He loves both of you, so what should he do..? He holds you very close every night (even if his haunting imagination keeps him from sleeping) and he’s always by your side, because he doesn’t know when you’ll lose your life. If you guys are lucky, hopefully you won’t lose your life for a very long time.. yet the chances of that are slim, and both of you know that.

Despite any pain or fear you feel, you proudly carry this child and you die at childbirth. Classic is torn in half because the love of his life just died, but now he has a son of his very own: and they’re human with little skeleton fingers. He’s so upset yet so glad at the same time that it starts messing with his head, and the hospital decides they should care for the kid until Classic can pull himself together. No matter how sorrowful he feels, in a few days he manages to regain his sense of serenity and sanity and brings the child home. All of the close monsters help take care of the kid. Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys and Toriel all play a major part in parenting with him. Classic never knew how he’d be able to father on his own until everyone immediately started pitching in. He names the child Mars for his own personal reasons, and some of yours too.

As Mars continues to grow, he becomes worryingly violent. Even in his toddler ages, he’s surprisingly cruel. He never got along with anyone his age, and he once even managed to capture and murder a baby bunny. Alphys and Undyne, who were caring for him at the time of the event, were literally taken aback, and kept it quiet until a few days later where they could look at it more clearly and tell the others without freaking out. This added to Classic’s anxiety, seeing as how your death clearly wasn’t enough anxiety on him. Papyrus is the one who mainly helps him cope with his tensely wavering depression.

Toriel started to ‘professionally’ educate Mars when he turned 6 years old. So one day, whe Mars was with her and only her, he mentioned something extremely disturbing. “Hehe, mommy’s soul tasted so good… I would eat it all over again…”

She got extremely nervous hearing that, but seeing his innocent expression and then hearing that little giggle, she tried to shove it off. Mars began playing with his letter blocks again, but she was still so amped up over it. Then he tilted his head and looked at her again, “Can I have pie, Auntie Tori? It so yummy!”

Toriel managed to mumble out a weak “Sure” and complied. She gave him a PAPER plate and a PLASTIC fork to eat, and she sat down in the adjacent room to think about what literally just happened. It made her begin to tremble and she quickly ran for the phone to ask Undyne and Classic to come over. It’s not that Toriel can’t protect herself, but she didn’t feel safe being alone with Mars in those moments, especially since she’s lost Asriel and Chara, she wasn’t going to be next. No matter how un-funny that was, Classic told Toriel that he’s just 6 years old and he probably doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. This 6 year old kid can’t do much damage to the ex-queen, and she nods but still mentions her worry for them. She tells Classic they’re turning into something frightening, and he doesn’t know how to take it. At this point, he’s healed over your death and can accept it. He can’t openly talk about it, but he can think about it without bursting into tears. Even if he can handle it, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times where he starts balling his sockets out because of how much he misses you and misses holding you. He still loves you so much, you’ll always be his soulmate. He’ll never fully move on from you, and he visits your grave with fresh flowers every week. They’re your favorite kind.

As Mars continues to grow, at 9 years old, Alphys notices something extremely off. For half a second, she swears that she saw his eyes turn red. This immediately sets Classic off and he feels extremely uncomfortable, he can’t stand being alone anymore, so Papyrus and his new spouse let him move in, him and Mars happily accepted inside. They understand that things have been really hard on him, and even if he’s never been alone this whole time (since he’s had all of them by his side), Classic is still a single parent. He’s a single father trying to care for this seemingly ‘demonic,’ unfriendly child. Everything has been hammering down on him one after another, Mars’ anger and creepiness progressively getting worse and worse after every little incident. Classic thinks it’s his fault and he can’t stop blaming himself. His depression gets worse and he’s caught self harming a few times, he doesn’t eat, he suffers from both insomnia and somniphobia. Nightmares and sleep paralysis are reoccurring and he almost kills himself. Alphys finds him with a rope, knife on the desk with some of his bones oozing bone marrow, mumbling the same question over and over, “Why am I still trying?” With tears streaming down his cheekbones. She carefully removes the knife and the rope from the room and pulls him into a hug.

Her voice is quiet and shaky as she explains, “S-Sans, you have to stay alive.. I I know there’s a-a lot of freaky things going on.. a-and you’re so upset… but please… w-we all need you, you’re important. W-we love you..” Classic bursts into sobs and he clings to her as Alphys tries to comfort him, and he allows her to call Undyne to round up the others and come over. Pappy and his spouse were out with Mars for that day, so they weren’t home. Alphys went to check on him and found him by coincidence, and everyone is so relieved she did. She just saved his life. They heal his angry wounds and cuddle him and love him so much that he doesn’t even know what to do with so much care. Even Mars hugs him, but Chara knows exactly what they’re doing. This is the final step to their plan- lead him on just to destroy him in a single swipe.

Sans finds out it’s Chara when he hears that same laugh leave Mars’ mouth. They tilt their head and giggle, telling him he’s so stupid, that he’s done for and everyone he loves is going to die right after him. They want to treat themselves by seeing his horrified expression first, wanting to hear him plead for the others’ mercy. Chara runs away in Mars’ body before Sans can do anything physically speaking, and he suddenly feels a full split before really processing anything.

Classic feels no remorse, yet the heaviest sympathy. Chara has been possessing Mars this ENTIRE time, and they deserve to burn in hell. On the other hand, though, that means the real Mars has been locked inside his own head throughout his whole young childhood. It breaks Classic’s soul imagining Mars screaming for help but no one hearing him.

When Classic first sprints to everyone warning them, Toriel thinks it’s insulting. How dare he say that about Chara? No one knows what to think yet Papyrus, his spouse, and Alphys all highly support him. Alphys has seen those red eyes (plus, Classic has explained Chara incidents with her and Papyrus ONLY), Pappy’s spouse witnessed a seemingly split personality, and Pappy will always back up his older brother no matter what. Classic tells Toriel the absolute truth and Undyne has to side with Tori on this one, and they all split. Toriel refuses to talk to any of them except Undyne, and Undyne has difficulties with Alphys at this time. They both think completely different things on this, but at least Undyne is more in the middle as to where Toriel is dead on convinced Classic is being an asshole.

Her eyes fill with tears as she screams at Papyrus, “How can you live with him?! Just because he’s had a horrid experience with losing y/n and a rough time raising Mars properly, that DOESN’T give him the excuse to blame my deceased child! Doesn’t he know that’s sensitive? A mother never forgets the pain, you obviously wouldn’t understand. Control him. I don’t want to see any of you unless he’s apologizing for what he said. That’s repulsive.”

To respond, Papyrus tilts his head and gets a little snippy, “I find it amusing how you blame Sans for Mars’ attitude. I blame someone else, and I think you know them.” Everyone is shocked to hear him say this, but he grabs his spouse’s hand and tells them that they should go check on his older brother, he’s been alone in his room for a while, and he’s getting worried, remembering what happened the last time he was alone in his room. The two of them leave and Alphys follows them so Undyne can talk to Toriel in private. Eventually, they agree to go confront Classic and just sort it out.

Since Pappy and his spouse had some sort of pitstop, Alphys, Undyne, and Toriel all catch up. She profusely apologizes and he does too, saying that it was just in the heat of the moment. No matter what’s going on, isn’t it odd that Mars has been gone for so long? No one can find him anywhere. They all quickly hug it out before swiftly heading home, and they all find Sans and Chara fighting a messy fight in the backyard. The Gaster Blasters gave it away.

Classic is afraid to hurt Mars so he’s mostly just been dodging for a large portion of the fight. They all tried to interfere but he looked so threatening, Chara’s smile was so wide, he pointed the blasters at them and they all stumbled back. Toriel and Undyne see him fighting and hear Chara’s laugh, seeing their eyes and listening to their voice, and Toriel’s heart is broken. It really is Chara, but they’re insane. They’re psychotic. The two finally fully believe, but it’s too late. It was either Classic or the kid, and Pappy screamed his name to get Classic to save himself. He ended up killing Mars, and cradled his dead body, crying. Blood stains his clothes and he refuses to let go. Toriel and Undyne try to help him but he starts attacking them because they never believed him, they never fucking believed him when he urged that it was Chara, and Pappy has to hold his brother back. They’re both extremely scared and worried, and Classic shuts them out. He says goodbye and carries Mars away from everyone, and goes to his old house.

Sans is isolated for the next full week. He barely eats, he barely sleeps, he’s constantly holding onto Mars’ now disgusting and decaying body, Sans becoming repulsive himself, physically and mentally. He never answers the door, he’s locked it real tight with way too many magical barriers, and he screams whenever someone tries to come in. He keeps all the curtains closed and goes insane. Sans starts laughing to himself and talking to himself, talking to Chara who’s no longer listening, talking to Mars who’s gone. Talking to Frisk who left the monsters once reaching the surface, they had to find their real family again. He pretends to speak as Papyrus, as you, as everyone. It becomes terrifying. Undyne tried smashing the windows in but a Gaster Blaster greeted her dead in the eyes, right in her face. She tried to look around inside, but it started firing up and she actually became trembly, easily dodging the attack but the suspense of when it would really go off killed her. She risked it and kept hunting for any sign of her best friend, and it kept getting louder and quieter as if he was trying to tempt her. She actually gained a lot of fear from Sans and always gets shaky whenever anyone mentions him, it’s like Undyne gained PTSD from that single moment.

They all actually round up the previous members of the Royal Guard and they help Undyne regain her confidence to go there, and sure enough, the strength of everyone together finally knocks the door open. It smells horrid in the house because of the body, and they slowly step inside, calling for Classic. The one thing that they found that will forever haunt everyone’s dreams is seeing very recognizable bone marrow drip from the ceiling onto Pappy’s spouse’s head. They let out a flat out shriek, and started freaking out like crazy. Pappy tried his best to calm them down but he knows what that means, and he ends up crying with them, both of them clinging to each other. One of the other Royal Guards head up there and finds Classic in a pile of dust and shattered soul pieces next to Mars’ dead body in the attic, bone marrow splattered on the storage boxes and all over the floor. Alphys can’t do anything and Toriel and Undyne fully blame themselves. It’s a traumatizing day, and it effects everyone involved.

The other Royal Guard members become upset because Undyne becomes isolated from everyone including Alphys. Alphys tries to help her but fails so many times, they never officially break up but they’re separate for too long, they practically have to rebuild their relationship because of Undyne’s worsening trauma and Alphys’ own self loathing. Toriel hides herself in a secret place like a Ruins 2.0 because she can’t even look anyone in the eyes anymore. That was her best friend, her family, and she shot him down and made him suicide. Pappy struggles to be optimistic because everyone else gets lost in their own depression and he can’t save any of them, but his spouse helps him recover after a long time. Others hear of his death and they’re all extremely sympathetic and upset over it. They give Classic and Mars a proper memorial, and they force themselves to move on. There’s nothing else they can do.

But then, everything resets. And no one but Sans and Chara remembers.

Chara is off who knows where for this whole timeline, but Classic is so on edge. He’s extremely upset and still a little crazy, and to everyone else, it’s extremely abrupt. Frisk knows what happened through Chara, but they managed to drive them away before they could do anything else. Frisk urges Toriel to leave the ruins and she actually does, and they don’t find Classic at his station. Frisk completely ignores Papyrus when first seeing him, and he has no clue why, but the two continue to reluctantly follow this way-too-determined child. They burst into the skeleton household and he goes to interrupt, but suddenly finds his brother to be very alert. Frisk tackle hugs Classic, tearing up, apologizing over and over for what happened, that they should have stayed so they could control THEM, and he hugs them tightly, beginning to cry. Everyone is extremely confused, and Classic manages to finally explain everything with Frisk by his side, leading the conversation and helping him with talking it out. They had gathered Undyne and Alphys before beginning, and everything was so abrupt that Undyne never even had a thought of harming the kid. This time around, Frisk stays with all of the monsters.

When Classic meets you, he keeps it quiet, but starts having nightmares. He tells you about these nightmares after you guys have been together for a while, moved in with each other and everything. You don’t know that any of this was anything except a fake nightmare, because he explains EVERYTHING as if it were just a dream. He actually gets pulled out of it and he becomes very happy again, and everyone is so relieved to see him so happy. The two of you get married and you’re still that same love of his life, but when you ask if you guys should start a family , Classic’s eye flames and he yells that he never wants to have kids, and if anyone ever changes his mind, the two of you are adopting. You’re extremely upset by this, and Frisk manages to explain to you before anything drastic happens. You have to understand.

There’s nothing else you can do but force yourself to understand.

30 Days of Voltage Love ~ Day 3 ~ MC saves her lover when they are captured ~ MPDCTY Request!

So I received a few requests for Metro PD Close To You and I’ve been wanting to start my first head-canon for a while now, but I’d been wanting to play a few of the guys routes in order to get them just right. I loved this request, so I decided it would be a great one to start with! the lovely @black-rogue requested “The boys get taken hostage and its up to the MC to find and save them.”

This is WAY longer than I’d originally intended, but I got really into it XD 

So here we go!

Hiroshi - You knew something had been seriously wrong when Hiroshi hadn’t returned from a standard call-out.
It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal and given that you were all at the end of your shifts, Hiroshi had volunteered himself.
‘Do you want me to come along with you?’
‘No, get yourself home, all of you. You’ve worked hard today,’ Hiroshi smiled, when he leant in and asked if you would be waiting for him at home.
‘Of course,’ you beamed. ‘I’ll even cook!’
‘I’ll look forward to it then,’ Hiroshi responded, the warmth in his expression melting your heart as you left the office with the others.
It was only when the dinner had gone cold about two hours later, that you knew in your gut something was off.
That was only confirmed by Nomura’s sudden call.
‘Hiroshi’s been taken by a gang of thugs.’
All else went over your head as you felt yourself go numb.
The gang’s former leader had been imprisoned after being caught out in a drug raid, but some of his former associates had been waiting for their chance to get at Hiroshi since his sentence was passed.
They had used a ruse in order to get him alone and ultimately outnumbered him.
Returning to the office, you had been greeted by the rest of 2nd Unit and Nomura, who had taken Hiroshi’s position in order to help find him.
You were more determined than anyone to get to Hiroshi. You knew he could handle himself, but given the situation, he needed assistance and fast.
The gang had said they wanted their boss released in exchange for Hiroshi walking away alive, but you knew that the higher ups would never agree to such an exchange, much to your frustration.
It has taken you eighteen solid hours to come up with a lead, but once you knew, you took off from the office, leaving your coworkers looking after you in bewilderment.
You knew that Hiroshi would fret about you riding Rocinante alone, but you were more than determined to go and help your beloved. You knew nothing would make you feel safer than taking Hiroshi’s Harley.
You had to move fast and Rocinante was just the motorbike for the job.
Taking off down the highway, you had made a mental note of the directions, knowing that the others would have found your discovery on your laptop and sent out back up.
You didn’t have much time to handle this, but you were more than determined.
Finding an abandoned warehouse that had been owned by a relative of the gang leader, you pulled up outside, letting the roar of the engine die out as you parked a fair distance away.
Knowing they wouldn’t hear the engine from that distance, you continued in on foot, finding yourself face to face with a rather nasty looking gang member who regarded you with a grim smile.
‘What have we here? All alone little girl?’
‘Put your hands where I can see them and tell me where Hiroshi is,’ you snapped, pointing your gun at him as he laughed in your face.
‘Trust me sweetheart, you don’t have the guts-’
Pulling the trigger and watching him crumple to the ground from the bullet in his kneecap, you aimed the barrel once again.
‘Don’t make me repeat myself.’
As others arrived from the sound of the gun shot, you wasted no time in taking them out, one by one.
Using everything you had been taught in self-defence, you were able to bring the men down for long enough to get to the main room where Hiroshi was being held.
‘You…’ seeing Hiroshi looking up at you with wide eyes, you felt a sickening sensation in your stomach at his beaten body.
Dropping down in front of him and freeing his hands and ankle, you were enveloped in a tight hug as Hiroshi pulled you close to him.
‘I’m so glad you’re safe. Tell me you didn’t come alone.’
‘Not exactly…I have Rocinante with me,’ you responded, offering him a weak smile as Hiroshi regarded you with surprise.
It was then that you heard the sirens.
‘Come on…the others are here…’
Helping Hiroshi to his feet, you shouldered him as best you could as the rest of second unit came bursting in, having apprehended the suspects. You knew you would likely get in trouble for what you had done, but right now, you didn’t care. Hiroshi was safe…that was all that mattered.

Eiki - You were always partnered with Eiki. Always. This one case shouldn’t have been any different, but it wasn’t believed to be serious enough to warrant the two of you. It should have been you that handled the case, but Eiki volunteered himself.
He knew you had been working hard lately and wanted you to have a break.
When Hiroshi had come running into the room, telling the rest of 2nd Unit that Eiki had been taken, you dropped your cup and barely noticed it shatter at your feet as the news struck you.
‘No…’ you breathed, unable to comprehend the news as Hiroshi explained the situation.
‘What’s being done about it?’ you asked, seeking answers from your superior as Hiroshi regarded you uneasily.
‘We have the case, but they’re not giving us much more manpower than that. They don’t negotiate with criminals.’
‘So we put our lives on the line, but when it’s one of us, they couldn’t care less?’
‘Calm down…’ Hanai tried to insist, though you rounded on him with a look of pained fury.
‘Calm down?! It should have been me. Not Eiki. This is my fault and no one outside of 2nd Unit cares?’
‘Eiki can handle himself,’ Hiroshi remarked, placing a hand on your shoulder as he tried to appease you.
‘Kirisawa, I need to find him.’
Seeing the determination in your eyes, Hiroshi nodded to you, encouraging everyone to do their best to track Eiki’s movements.
‘Kyobashi, see if Yachigusa’s phone can still be traced.’
‘Sir,’ Kyobashi nodded, heading to his computer swiftly as everyone else was handed their assignments.
‘What do you want me to do?’ you asked, looking at Kirisawa as he regarded you with a serious expression.
‘I want you to look through everything on the case that Yachigusa collected. Knowing him there has to be some indication about what’s going on here. Head up the SWAT team that they should be ready for any imminent callouts for assistance on this.’
‘Yes sir,’ you began, though before you could go to Eiki’s desk, Hiroshi put a hand on your shoulder.
‘We will find him…you will find him…I know it.’
Nodding to him in confidence, you went to Eiki’s desk and pulled out everything he had on the case you had been originally called in to look at.
Looking into the names that were on file, you realised you recognised one of the surnames on file and did a background search, realising that you had put someone away under the same family name back when you first started out.
Looking down at the engagement ring that sparkled on your finger, you could feel yourself getting worried. These people weren’t to be taken lightly and they had taken Eiki over you…
Finding a photograph of the two of you amongst Eiki’s papers, your could feel a sharp pang in your heart as you continued to look through the file.
Finding another old photograph of the original crime scene from the old case, you realised in an instant that they would have taken Eiki there.
‘I’ve got you…’ you breathed.
Running out of the office without so much of a second thought, you had taken the stairs and headed out of the back exit to your car.
You didn’t have time to get the clearance to borrow one of the unmarked police cars and you weren’t about to wait for another minute.
Calling Kirisawa from the car, you had been put through after only a couple of rings.
‘Where did you go?’
‘Kirisawa, I know who has him. I’m on my way now. I’ve forwarded the address to Kyobashi and told him to notify the SWAT team.’
‘Wait, you need back up for this-’
‘No. It should have been me they took hostage. I have to do this. I can’t wait for back up when he might need me.’
‘We’re right behind you. Be safe.’
Knowing he couldn’t talk you down from this, Kirisawa instead put his faith in you. You were a strong detective…he would have your back if it meant Eiki was safe.
Pulling up outside the house where you had visited two years before, you got out of the car and unholstered your weapon before running up to the house and around the back where you remembered a lesser known entrance.
Bracing yourself as you listened for anyone inside, you heard the sound of something being thrown and took the sound of the impact as your chance to let yourself in without being heard.
Hearing two suspects voices, you realised that you would have to take one down first to give yourself a better advantage.
As one rounded the corner, you took the element of surprise and kicked him hard in the groin before striking him in the face with the butt of your gun and roundhouse kicking him to the floor.
Knowing that you hadn’t gone unheard, you had run into the next room and found Eiki tied and bound to an old radiator as he looked up to you with wide eyes.
As your eyes met that of the other assailant, you both had a gun aimed at the other within a second.
‘Drop the weapon…’
‘I wondered when you would get here…I’ve just been having a good chat with your fiancé. I had wanted you originally, but this seems so much better. Tell me; how do you think it will be planning his funeral?’
‘Go to hell,’ you snapped, your voice shaking with anger as Eiki looked between you. It was only as the sound of sirens filled the atmosphere that his concentration was broken for a second and you were able to disarm him, sliding the gun across in Eiki’s direction as you kicked him in the stomach hard enough to leave him breathless and knocked him onto the floor before putting handcuffs on him.
Breathing deeply as you got to your feet, Eiki’s voice rang out behind you as you rushed to him and dropped to your knees.
‘Are you okay?!’ you both asked at the same time, regarding each other with worried expressions as you let out a deep sigh of relief.
Gently touching the area where Eiki had taken a punch to the face, you told him how sorry you were as you reached out and broke his ties free.
‘You have nothing to apologise for, you just saved me,’ Eiki responded confidently, taking your face in his hands as tears began to slip down your cheeks.
Embracing each other, you couldn’t see the hot tears that trailed down Eiki’s face at the knowledge that you would go to such lengths for him.
‘Don’t ever scare me like that again…’ you whispered, not realising that Eiki was thinking exactly the same thing.
‘I love you…’ he breathed, his voice in your ear so that the others couldn’t hear as 2nd Unit came into the room.
‘They’re both okay. We have the remaining detectives of 2nd Unit. Some medical assistance required,’ Kirisawa stated, speaking into his radio as you helped Eiki up.
‘Looks like ya got ‘em pretty good,’ Tennoji remarked, sounding impressed.
‘Never mess with a woman in love, huh?’
Though you hadn’t been paying attention to Tennoji’s remarks, you looked at Eiki tearfully as he leant his forehead against yours.
‘Thank you…’ he whispered.

Tadanobu - Tadanobu shouldn’t have even been out in the field. When the news had reached you that he had been held hostage, you had braced yourself against the edge of your desk.
How could this have happened?
You knew Nomura was strong, but you had never expected something like this to happen. Most people assumed he was a womanising slacker. At one point, you thought that was true, but then you got to know the real man beneath it all.
He had saved you on more than one occasion and now, he was in need of help.
‘Okay, we need to pull together all of our resources here for Nomura’s sake,’ Kirisawa stated, looking serious as he talked about one of his oldest friends.
‘What do we know right now?’ Hanai asked as Kirisawa put a large selection of files on his desk.
‘Not enough. There are plenty of people that Nomura has put away over the years that have made threats to his safety. Or it could be something entirely unrelated.’
‘What do we know about the culprits?’
‘Three of them were involved in the capture,’ Kirisawa responded, his gaze meeting with yours as he continued. ‘It is believed that they were waiting for Nomura outside his apartment.’
Feeling a horrible sensation in your chest as he explained what had likely happened, you remembered Tadanobu’s invitation to stay the night, but you were roped into covering night duty for one of the others.
What if you had been there? Would Tadanobu be here now? Instead of in the hands of some unknown assailants?
‘Don’t do it…’
Looking up, you realised Kirisawa had finished talking to the Unit and was now stood in front of you.
‘I can see what you’re doing…you’re blaming yourself because you didn’t stay at Nomura’s place last night,’ Kirisawa remarked.
Of course, given that they were old friends, it wasn’t surprising that Kirisawa knew about it.
‘I just keep thinking what if I’d been there…’
‘Then they could have gotten him at a different time…You know if someone is tenacious enough they will try to get their way regardless.’
You knew Kirisawa was right, but the feeling of guilt just wouldn’t lift.
‘Hey…you know he’d be counting on you to keep your head up right now. He wouldn’t forgive me if he thought I wasn’t watching over you right now. In fact I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it,’ he remarked, making you smile weakly as you looked up to him.
‘You’re right. I know you’re right…what can I do?’
‘Why don’t you head over to Nomura’s apartment? Check out the area outside and see if these guys left anything behind.’
Nodding in agreement, you headed to Nomura’s apartment and found his car stationary in the carpark, where he must have left it as he was taken.
Looking around it, you had been about to dismiss it when you noticed that something was off about the back door.
Pulling on the handle, you found it opened immediately.
Someone had broken into it and surprised Nomura from behind.
Finding Nomura’s keys just underneath the drivers side of the car, you realised they must have subdued him and in their hurry, not been able to find his car keys.
Looking over the back seats, you found a short dark hair as well as some dirt on the floor that stood out for it’s colour against the interior.
Getting back to second unit, you had Kimura run a test on the samples you had found, hoping it would give you some indication as to who had taken Nomura.
Looking at the background on your phone of the two of you, you had let out a sigh as you sifted through a large number of files, all relating to cases Nomura had worked.
It was only when Kimura came into the office with the results of the tests he had run that something stuck out.
As Kimura explained that the type of soil found was only found in a certain district, you suddenly moved a large number of files aside to try and find one that had taken your interest earlier.
‘That’s it.’
Finding a file relating to a homicide that Nomura had investigated, you could see that the family had been trying to prove the suspects innocence, but he had failed all of his appeals thanks to the strong evidence against him.
‘Who did the hair belong too?’
Taking the paper offered to you, the brothers name stood out as you realised where Nomura had been taken.
‘It’s the family, they have him,’ you remarked confidently, calling for Kirisawa.
Once it was confirmed, you headed out, knowing that you might not have much time.
Kirisawa had been against you going alone, but you were determined to get to Nomura as fast as possible, even if you had to act alone. Deciding to go with you, Kirisawa had told back up to follow in a few minutes behind to give you some element of surprise.  
Finding the site that had been on the files, you brought your car to a sharp halt and didn’t hesitate to run up to the house that stood alone in the middle of a very desolate area.
Looking inside the windows, no one appeared to be around as you looked over the property and recalled seeing an old barn in the photo’s.
Heading for the barn next, you could hear raised voices inside and the sound of water as well as someone gasping for air.
‘How does it feel Nomura?! Knowing no one can help you even though you’re innocent.’
Nomura’s silence didn’t go down well as he was pushed beneath the surface of the water in a large barrel that was place in the centre of the barn.
Feeling Kirisawa’s hand on your shoulder, you glanced to him as he indicated that he would go in through the side.
Nodding to him, you had braced your gun tightly as you drew a deep breath and kicked the door in.
‘Police! Hands where I can see them!’
While your voice resonated with confidence, you couldn’t help but falter slightly upon seeing Nomura’s disheveled state as he was thrown to the floor, his hands and ankle bound with rope as you aimed your gun between the suspects.
‘Funny how quick you are to react when we take one of your own. Think how we feel that he took one of ours.’
‘Your brother was guilty and sentenced by a jury of his peers. You have to the count of three to get on your knees with your hands behind your heads. I won’t hesitate to use force.’
‘Pitiful little girl. You’re outnumbered,’ the brother snarled, approaching you as you heard Nomura’s voice call out.
‘No! Leave her!’
Everything happened so fast. Hearing Kirisawa break in through the side door, you took a swing at the brother and knocked him off his feet as Kirisawa took advantage of the commotion and quickly handcuffed another of the family members while you rounded your gun on the third one.
‘I’m not going to tell you again.’
Realising he couldn’t possibly win, the last one dropped to his knees and put his hands behind his head as instructed while you both arrested the remaining two suspects.
Going to Nomura who had managed to push himself up against the side of the barrel you looked him over and loosened his tie from around his neck as you gently touched the side of his face.
‘If I haven’t said so already, you look great today,’ he remarked, offering you a weak grin as you shook your head.
‘I have been so worried and that’s what you want to tell me?!’ you remarked, despair lacing your voice as you cut the ropes that bound him.
Looking over the cuts and bruising that was on his face and hands, you knew he must have been beaten pretty badly, though as you helped him to stand, he pulled you into his arms.
‘I think my heart just about stopped when I saw you there alone.’
‘Kirisawa wouldn’t allow it…’
‘I’m glad. I’d have had to make him pay if he had.’
‘Hey I just saved your ass. Be more grateful,’ Kirisawa remarked, making you chuckle weakly. It had never felt so good to hear the two of them at their usual bantering.
Once the suspects had been brought into custody, you had helped Tadanobu to the car with Kirisawa giving you some time.
‘I was so worried…’ you admitted, wrapping a blanket around Nomura’s shoulders as he pulled you in close and rested his forehead against yours.
‘Promise me you won’t be so reckless in the future…’
‘If it’s you at stake, there’s no way I can promise that. Would you promise me that Tadanobu?’
Seeing the seriousness in his eyes at your question, Nomura captured your lips in the softest of kisses with his ever so slightly trembling hands.

Kazusa - Kazusa was renowned for his work at the Metro PD. He had always worked so hard on cases that you were envious of him when you were first transferred to 2nd Unit.
You had been working late one evening when Kazusa and the others had already finished and left to go and get drinks at Station.
Hearing the door to the office open sometime later, you looked up and smiled as you saw Kazusa in the doorway.
‘Still working? I wish you’d taken us up on the offer and come to Station with us. It gets kind of lonely without you there to make us laugh.’
‘I’m glad I’m such a comedian,’ you responded sarcastically, making him chuckle as you smiled as well.
You knew Kazusa was always thinking of you and worried about you overworking yourself.
‘Ready to go home?’
‘No, I still have some things to do here, you go on ahead.’
‘Hm…At least come to mine when you finish.’
‘But it’ll be late,’ you began, seeing Kazusa shake his head as he leant down to kiss you softly.
‘I don’t won’t be able to sleep knowing that you’re not home safe. At least if you’re at mine I can see it for myself.’
Unable to resist him when he was looking at you so imploringly, you nodded in agreement.
‘Okay, I will.’
‘Good. See you soon then,’ Kazusa smiled, stealing another kiss before reluctantly leaving the office and you with a light tinge on your cheeks.
It was only when you finally left work and headed for Kazusa’s apartment did you discover that something was wrong.
Finding the door ajar, you got your gun out and made a call to your boss.
‘Hey, what’s going on? You’re not still at the office are you?’
‘I’m at Kazusa’s…the doors ajar and everything’s a mess…I can’t see him.’
‘I’m sending back up now. Until we know what’s happened, be careful…’
Hanging up the phone, you eased inside and stepped on some broken glass.
Looking around to find the place in complete disarray, it was clear there had been a struggle and Kazusa was nowhere to be found. Sinking down to the floor as you heard the sounds of your coworkers, you looked up to see Eiki and Shusuke entering the room.
‘What happened?!’
‘I don’t know…Kazusa told me to come here after I was finished to make sure I was safe, then I came here and found…this…’
As Asano offered you a hand and eased you to your feet, you walked back through the apartment to find Kirisawa walking in.
‘No…’ you sighed, shaking your head.
‘Okay, we’re going to have them put a fine tooth comb through this place. If there was a struggle, there’s got to be evidence of it somewhere.’
Being encouraged that there was nothing you could do for now, Asano and Yachigusa took you back to the office with them where Kyobashi and Tennoji were already waiting with Nomura.
‘Is it possible this is someone involved in a case that Hanai worked?’ Kyobashi remarked as you sat down at your desk and tried to get your head around it all.
‘I don’t know…maybe…he didn’t say anything.’
‘I’d imagine if he knew he would have worried about her safety first and foremost. She would have known,’ Asano remarked as Kirisawa rejoined them.
‘Kimura is processing everything now. We should have an answer soon. In the meantime, we got a couple of witness statements from Hanai’s neighbours who said they saw a man in his late thirties with dark, untidy hair. About six foot and dressed in baggy black clothing.
‘Are they helping to compile a sketch?’
‘Yeah, they’re talking with a sketch artist now. Until then, lets look through Hanai’s recent cases and see if anything stands out.’
Though before you could take anything, Kirisawa pulled you to one side.
‘Are you okay?’
‘Yes, I want to help. I can’t just sit back on the sidelines…’
‘I’m not expecting you too. I know how much he means to you, but we are here for you, as well as him.’
‘I know…thank you,’ you responded, seeing Kirisawa offer you a kind smile as you took a few files and sat down to work.
It didn’t take long to come up with a solid lead against a man who Hanai had been pursuing for a number of crimes. It seemed he had wanted to take revenge against Hanai for his work.
Heading to the perpetrator’s home, you had been insistent on going in first.
‘Call for back up as soon as you have a clear view of Hanai,’ Kirisawa instructed, knowing that you needed to do this.
Going down the hallway and finding the suspects apartment, you knocked on the door and called out your position as the police.
Waiting a moment and hearing a scuffle, you kicked the door in and headed inside before they could get away.
Finding Hanai in a heap on the floor with his arms raised above his head and bound, you were met with the suspect.
Before you could raise your gun, the suspect lunged for you, though you quickly gained the upper hand and tripped him to the floor, only to kick him across the face as he tried to get to his feet and knocked him into a nearby coffee table that collapsed under his weight.
Pinning him down, you quickly called for the others as you put handcuffs on the unconscious suspect and ran to Hanai.
Wearing his work shirt, you knew he had been beaten pretty badly by the tears in it. Untying the binds that held him up, you tried to support Kazusa’s weight as you eased him down to the floor when the others came in.
‘Is Hanai okay?!’
‘Pretty beat up…he needs to be seen too.’
‘No…don’t go.’
Feeling Hanai grip onto your sleeve, you reassured him that you weren’t going anywhere as you and Tennoji helped him to his feet.
Getting to the steps just outside, you helped Hanai sit down and put a warm blanket around him when he took your hand.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’ you breathed, your voice laced with concern as he nodded.
‘I was more worried about you…he could have taken you too. He could have hurt you…’
‘I can handle myself,’ you responded, offering him a weak smile as Hanai pulled you in close.
‘Thank you…’
‘I love you,’ you whispered, seeing the colour deepen in Kazusa’s cheeks as he kissed you softly.
‘I love you too…’ he responded, keeping you by his side as the paramedics attended to him.

Yutaka - It had all started out like such a normal day. Going into work with Yutaka after staying at his place the night before, you had been handed some new case files to look over while Yutaka was called out on a domestic disturbance call.
The address was one that had called in assistance from the police previously, but no arrests had ever been made.
Sending Yutaka with Hanai, you knew that it made sense to send male officers to this kind of domestic disturbance, but you couldn’t help but feel a little saddened to not be going with him.
‘Try not to miss me too much,’ he remarked with his usual grin, making you roll your eyes.
‘Take care,’ he added in a low voice, making you smile softly as he left the office.
Tennoji was always so kind-hearted towards you.
‘Hey, you have a really bright grin on your face,’ Eiki remarked, looking amused as you blushed and turned back to your work.
It was just another day in 2nd Unit…so why did it all have to go sideways?
When the news had reached Metro PD that Yutaka had been taken hostage by the accused in the domestic disturbance callout, everything in the room became tense.
‘What about Hanai?’ Kyobashi asked as Kirisawa put down the phone.
‘Hanai was outside to make a call as he didn’t have service. They thought the situation was calm until the victim was forced out of her home while the husband held a knife to Tennoji. Back up is on it’s way.’
‘We’re going in right?!’ you remarked, your voice raising an octave as Kirisawa nodded.
‘Yes, all of us. Let’s move out.’
Heading down to the reported address with the rest of 2nd Unit, you arrived to find a tactical team setting up outside as Hanai approached you all.
‘Boss I’m sorry, I was only outside for a few moments when it all happened…’
‘It’s okay Hanai, I trust that you wouldn’t have left Tennoji if you believed it was dangerous,’ Kirisawa assured him, though your focus was on the flat where Tennoji was being held.
‘We’re intending to take the building by force and corner the perp,’ one of the tactical division members explained when you intervened.
‘No. If you make him panic, then who knows what he’ll do before you apprehend him. We’ve already determined he’s unpredictable and at this point, desperate.’
‘I appreciate your concerns but it’s not your call.’
Feeling frustrated at the lack of consideration being taken for Yutaka; you appealed to the wife who was sat in the back of the ambulance.
‘Is there any way in where he won’t anticipate us?’
‘There’s a fire escape at the back. At the top there’s a large window that you can get into, it’s never locked.’
Thinking quickly, you got Kirisawa to help the men prepare for their assault from the front as a distraction while you went around the back.
As your plan was put in motion, you went up the fire escape that you had been informed of and let yourself in through the back window.
Finding Yutaka bound in the next room, you saw the perpetrator by the window, watching the men out front as intended.
Getting up behind him, you knew Yutaka’s eyes were on you when the attacker turned around at the last moment.
Dodging away from the edge of the blade, you tackled the assailant and forced him against the wall, hearing a photo frame shatter behind him as you kicked him hard and pushed him down to the ground.
Seeing him reach out for anything that he could use as a weapon, you dug your knee into the base of his back, distracting him long enough with the pain to snap a pair of handcuffs on him.
‘Jeez woman, what the hell were you thinkin’ coming in here alone!’ Yutaka yelled out as the door burst open and the tactical team came running in.
Letting them take the assailant out who was now yelling about assault, you went to Yutaka and freed him, seeing that he had a few cuts and bruises from a struggle as well as a cut on his arm.
‘You really scared me!’ Yutaka continued as you freed his hands when you looked at him with tearful eyes.
‘You scared me! Finding out you were a hostage in a dangerous situation!’ you responded, raising your voice as Yutaka looked at you with widened eyes.
Though before you could say anymore, Yutaka pulled you into his arms and held you close.
‘What am I gonna do with you? Huh?’
‘I could ask you the same thing…’
Though he talked calmly, you could feel his racing heartbeat against your cheek as he held you.
Going outside, the rest of 2nd Unit met you both and helped Tennoji to the waiting car.
Realising that your wrist was hurting from the brief encounter, you had been about to get it checked out when Yutaka took your other hand.
‘Hey…thanks…you might have taken years off my life today, but I was glad it was you to save me…you really kicked ass.’
Smiling softly at him, you could see the fierce blush on Yutaka’s face as he suddenly pulled you in to a hug, hiding his blushing face against your stomach as you smiled in relief. He really was okay…

Shusuke - You had known things like this to happen in the Metro PD. You had even dealt with hostage situations first hand. But it had never involved a member of 2nd Unit. Let alone the man you were in love with.
The night before, you had been on a stake out which ran late into the night and, not wanting to disturb Shusuke’s sleep, you had gone home afterwards.
Going into work the next morning, you had thought everything was normal, until you noticed the time and realised Shusuke wasn’t yet in work.
It wasn’t like him to be late.
‘Has anyone seen Shusuke?’ Eiki remarked just as you were wondering over him.
‘No, he hasn’t called in sick…it’s pretty unusual for him to be late,’ Kirisawa mused as he and Eiki glanced to you.
‘Have you spoken to him?’
‘No…I was supposed to go over last night but I was on that stake out with Hanai.’
‘I’ll give him a call,’ Kirisawa remarked, picking up the phone and dialling Shusuke’s number while you fretted.
Was he sick?
‘I’m sure he’s just overslept,’ Eiki remarked, clearly sensing your worry when Kirisawa’s voice rose.
‘Who the hell is this? What do you want?’
Unconsciously getting to your feet, you could see the seriousness in Kirisawa’s expression as he listened intently to what was being said on the phone.
‘I want to hear him. Now.’
Pressing the button to mute the speaker, Kirisawa told Kyobashi to track the call before switching the speaker back on as his eyes widened.
‘Where are you? What can you tell me? Asano? Asano?!’
By the time the call had been cut off, everyone was around the centre table as you braced the edge of the desk.
‘Asano has been taken hostage. The captors want us to release a friend of theirs who got caught up in a drug raid and are saying they won’t let Asano without confirmation this guy has been let out.’
‘Who the hell are these people?’ Tennoji remarked.
‘Not intelligent, that’s for sure. I got a trace on the call,’ Kyobashi announced, turning the laptop to face the rest of you.
‘It’s in a one mile area here. Give me a little time to analyse the call and see if anything stands out in the background.’
‘Kirisawa, I want to go and check out the area,’ you announced, feeling all eyes on you as Kirisawa considered your request.
‘Take Hanai with you.’
‘How did he sound…’ you asked finally, unsure you wanted to know the answer as Kirisawa hesitated.
‘Pretty out of it from what I could gather…’
With that knowledge, Hanai pulled you out of the office and encouraged that you get to the area in question as quickly as possible.
By the time you got there, you realised it was a lot of industrial buildings.
‘There’s a lot of ground to cover here,’ Hanai mused.
‘We should split up,’ you agreed.
‘Make sure you contact me if you find anything,’ Hanai responded, letting you part ways as you headed off in different directions.
For the first half an hour, your search was unsuccessful. Though just as you were beginning to worry that your search was futile, you noticed a car parked in an otherwise seemingly abandoned parking lot next to an old warehouse.
Heading up to it, you looked into one of the broken windows and sure enough, you could hear voices inside.
Notifying Hanai that you believed you had something, you found an unlocked door and headed into a narrow hallway that led to many empty offices.
Looking out through one of the windows, you could see on the main floor that a couple of men were talking while another was tied to a metal pillar.
Recognising it as Shusuke, you realised that you needed a distraction in order to lure them away from Shusuke and into an area where you could better handle them.
Thinking it would be easier to bring them into the narrow area you were in and hide out in one of the old offices, you took a metal pipe and threw it down the corridor.
The result was exactly what you were hoping for as the two men stopped conversing and began to head in your direction.
‘You’re sure we weren’t followed here?’
‘Don’t be stupid. We came here at the crack of dawn, who the hell would follow us at that time?’
Realising they didn’t trust one another much, you took advantage of that and threw another pipe down the corridor, knowing they would come and investigate it.
With the lesser trusting of the two coming down the hallway first, you had waited until he was right beside the door you were hidden by and managed to take him from behind, using a judo throw and hearing him slam to the floor.
Hearing the rush of footsteps, you had quickly moved on to the latter and tripped him up as he came towards you before twisting his arm up behind his back.
‘Gah! You bitch! where the hell did you come from?!’
Ignoring his torrent of verbal abuse you put handcuffs on him and pushed him into the room with his friend before locking the door.
Running out to Asano, you had seen that he was wearing handcuffs himself that had been linked around the pole he was bound too.
‘The others will be here soon and we can get these off,’ you remarked, though Shusuke was looking at you in utter disbelief.
‘You’re alone?’
‘You shouldn’t have…you could have gotten hurt,’ Shusuke remarked, looking concerned, in spite of the fact he was the one who was bound and clearly roughed up from his experience with his two captors.
Shaking your head, you touched the side of his face tenderly as you sat with him and looked over his wounds.
‘I couldn’t just leave you…’ you breathed, your voice pained as you leant your forehead against his.
‘I’m sorry…I scared you…’
‘Of course you did…’ you whispered. ‘I’m just so glad your safe.’
By the time the others arrived, Shusuke was quickly freed from his binds. The first thing he did was envelope you in his warm embrace as the emotions you felt came to the surface.
‘I love you…’ he whispered, his tender voice sending a warmth into your heart that no one else could ever match…

Katsuyuki - You knew that Katsuyuki was not one to be underestimated. He was excellent at his job and able to handle almost anything that was thrown his way.
Having gone out on an assignment with Asano, you hadn’t thought much of it. You knew Katsuyuki had wanted you to join him, but as you were finishing up paperwork on another case, you were unable too.
‘I guess I’ll just have to enjoy your company later,’ he muttered, quiet enough so the others couldn’t hear as he left the office.
How could he always talk like that so easily?
‘Perv…’ you sighed, returning to your work with the faintest of smiles on your lips.
It was only when Kirisawa received a call that things turned serious in the office.
‘That was Asano. He and Kyobashi were ambushed while they were out on duty. Kyobashi has been taken hostage in a nearby building. The suspects are armed.’
As worry set in at the news, you were grateful that Kirisawa requested the entire unit go out to the scene.
On the journey there, Hanai had pulled up a blueprint of the building that the owners had sent in, with all possible entrances covered and leaving you restricted with options.
‘What about the ventilation system?’
‘It’s too narrow…’ Hanai responded, though as you looked over the measurements, you realised you should just be able to fit through.
‘Kirisawa, please, send me in. I can do this.’
Seeing your superiors eyes widen at your suggestion, he regarding you thoughtfully before nodding in agreement.
‘Sir, are you sure? She’ll be going in alone…’
‘I understand your concerns Hanai but this is a difficult situation and time isn’t on our side. Currently the perp has the advantage. We need to act fast before they have the time to get a step ahead of us.’
With that decided, you were fitted with a bullet-proof jacket and given a radio to keep in contact with the others.
‘Remember, once you’re in, call for us.’
‘Yes sir,’ you nodded, getting out of the back of the van and heading for the vent around the corner of the building.
Getting inside, the vent was definitely cramped, but you were able to move through with some ease.
Keeping your breathing in check, you kept thinking about Katsuyuki as you moved forward, using him as your strength.
As you came to the end of the vent, you looked down into the room below you and saw two men talking in a heated manner over how to handle Kyobashi.
Seeing their firearms in the next room, you realised now was your best chance as you dropped in and knocked one of the suspects to the floor.
Before the other could run and get his gun, you managed to get in front of him and knee him in the groin, before kicking him back to the floor.
As the other jumped up and moved to attack you, Kyobashi called out to you in warning as you swung a punch at the second attacker and called in for back-up. Within seconds the place was infiltrated and the suspects apprehended. While Kirisawa praised your work in catching the culprits, you helped Katsuyuki.
’I must admit, it was rather alluring to watch you handle them so easily. I’m almost jealous.’
‘I can kick your ass too if you like,’ you responded, your voice laced with sarcasm, though you felt relieved to find that Katsuyuki was alright.
Kneeling down to untie the binds that held him, Katsuyuki flexed his wrists as you observed the cuts that adorned them.
‘Savages…anyone with a little common sense would know how to tie these things without leaving such marks,’ he sighed, though just as you were about to argue his attitude towards the situation, Katsuyuki pulled you into his embrace.
‘I’m grateful that you came for me…but never put yourself in that position again…’
‘Didn’t you once ask me whether I would have protected you in order to keep you safe, even if it meant hurting myself in the process when you did the same for me?’
Seeing him regard you with widened eyes, you knew that Katsuyuki was well aware he couldn’t argue with your response.
Letting out a sigh as he held you close, you supported him out of the building to be taken care of by the on site medics. Though he didn’t have too many injuries, he was still required to get checked over, though before you could go to speak with Kirisawa, Katsuyuki took your hand and pulled you close.
‘Don’t go,’ was all he said before allowing the medics to check him over, with you by his side…

So there you have it! This took a good few hours, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out :) In fact, I really love how it turned out! More requests for my 30 Days of Voltage Love coming up! 

Thank you so much to everyone who likes and reblog’s my work! Every single one is so appreciated! For all the messages and requests and those who are so patient in waiting for their request, it is all so appreciated! 

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Kumiko still says Reina’s name like she is overwhelmed with love and affection, but why? (Plus other things I’ve noticed)

First, I’m just going to say that I am a firm believer in kumirei and I love their dynamic together, however, I am looking at this in a purely spectator perspective, aka I promise there is no bias and this is rather just something I–among others– have noticed ever since the highly regarded episode 8. So, let’s begin with this discussion, shall we, come on, join us! 

1. Why is it that Kumiko says Reina’s name to this day with such enticement, appeal, love, and warm shock like the day of the mountain hike together? If I was a non-shipper and even as a shipper, I would understand why on the first time she was like this, because I know well that in Japan, using first names alone is something extremely intimate and personal. Now, take in consideration that Kumiko and Reina have only just  started to patch things up with each other and whatnot since I think two or three (maybe?) episodes before 8, right? So to be using the first name so soon when they haven’t even had a whole lot of time to get back on track with each other, would definitely, in the Japanese mindset, be startling and overwhelming like it was to Kumiko. Pair that along with her distant personality and her being touched right before in the persona/intimate gesture that Reina delivered, YEAH, I would act like that regardless of gender or my own sexuality. For episode 8 alone, I could understand the argument that it was just an intimate but platonic moment. 

1B. HOWEVER, this feeling for Kumiko did not stop after episode 8. For the next three episodes, (if we are to include episode 11′s preview, which she still appears to be having the same effect whenever she speaks of Reina) she still has that fawning over noise in her voice when she says Reina’s name. Like every time she is about to say Reina’s name she is brought back to that “dream-like” moment and is breathless from Reina’s touch and demeanor, just the fact that she was there under those sparkling stars with her, all of the events that conspired in the height of episode 8, they all play in her mind, making her shy and perhaps a happiness she doesn’t even realize yet, but, bottom line is, whatever makes her still speak with that awestruck love tone that I’m sure if it were a boy and girl would not be considered a platonic tone in the slightest, she CONTINUES to do so, even with more intensity I would say in it with each episode. (Add: I think she also has been trying to use Reina’s name more frequently *that is a bad word to describe what I’m trying to convey, sorry!*, albeit its probably a subconscious matter rather than a conscious one, but this is definitely more debatable 

I’ve had one crush before, and I remember that after anything we did that one might consider a “special, private moment” I would always think back, (usually subconsciously because you can’t talk and do stuff while thinking longingly of the past) about that feeling that I felt, and my heart would do this weird little flutter down, like it was following the path of a lightning strike straight through my memories, and when I would be talking to her, my voice would do this weird falter when I said her name, I would have a huge, goofy smile on the entire time that I swear would hurt after she left to go somewhere else, and when I laughed, it was really compulsive and wavered a bit and my fingers would feel like there was no blood going to them, This is obviously a personal reaction but I’m positive other people have had similar reactions like I or Kumiko, in this case, have exhibited towards the one they held romantic affinity towards. 

So what I;m trying to say is that, why would she still be in this state if she didn’t regard Reina as anything than just a new-founded friend? 
1C. Moreover, she doesn’t say Shuichi’s name like that, and yes, of course they have known each other since childhood so that would be kind of weird for sure regardless, if she were to always speak his name in the same fashion of Reina, but! I might consider the fact that they had a falling out with each other in middle school, so in some sense, by the show’s progression alone, almost leaves them in the same, maybe even worse position than Kumiko and Reina’s relationship (platonic and/or romantic) Yet, techically, Kumiko has started saying her name in that manner. If Shuichi and Kumiko start to rebuild their relationship, which would be grand and cool, I mean we’ve all had that happen, I still think that honestly, she would be saying his name in a normal, platonic fashion, maybe with not as much poison anymore XD but just like she would treat Hazuki’s or Midori’s name. 

-Which also isn’t said like Reina’s name. Especially with Hazuki, Hazuki outright started using first names with Kumiko and Kumiko was a little shocked about it but she also used Hazuki’s first name too (I think she tagged it with chan/ san though, I forgot, either way) 

IF and only if the reason Kumiko says Reina’s name all the time like that is because she isn’t use to saying first names with someone new she met (distant persosnailty+ Shuichi I would say wouldn’t count because he’s like the only one we know that is her friend who she has addressed with the first name because they’ve known each other like family)  then why doesn’t she go Hazuki like she does Reina. For me, it has to be because of the experiences associated with the name and the feelings that push a person’s behavior, consciously and subconsciously. 

2A. I understand that in the novel, it isn’t Reina and Kumiko that get together, at least as of now, but I also have read that they have cut out a lot of the shuichi anf kumiko hints in the anime version, as well as intensify the prexisting moments between Kumiko and Reina. Yes, yes, yes, it’s all just queer-baiting though right?  In most cases yes it could be, especially after episode 10, however, I think it is too early to make the decision. It feels like it has a high chance of being bait, but there are some things, like the attention to detail with any kumirei scene that just, feels above baiting? Baiting to me is usually comedic in subtext or nature or one sided, take A Certain Scientific Railgun, love the show, but it is clearly yuri bait in the first half of the first season. 

Why would Kyoani spend SO MUCH into making their scenes and adding in scenes if they were planning to just have it as yuri bait. Like, those scenes could be there, but it didn’t need to go that deep and thought out through EACH episode if they were only using it as bait. I think that is a logical assumption most would have, even with a tease *not bait, there’s a difference between heterosexual and homosexual portrayal, as an active lover of both love stories, I know this is true because one is accepted and the other is seen as a stage, or is frowned upon, hush-hush*. 

While I’m not condoning homosexual baiting as a marketing strategy, I do know that, that is what yuri bait is used for. Okay? But, then, it should just be a little scene here and there and with a better focus on the love story of Kumiko and Shuchi. The whole overarching problem with this peculiar yuri bait method is that this so called yuri bait has taken the whole chunk of the romance part of Hibike. And, So, what it becomes is no longer bait, but foreshadowing. Honestly I could be the most homophobic person in the world and I would still claim that anime-wise any ship other thaan Kumiko and Reina is absurd and makes no sense. What I think they messed up on, if in fact they wanted to use bait as a strategy, was to cut it SHORT. 

So now what you have is a misconception that can ruin a show. Regardless, regardless of the genders of the couple. Imagine your favorite heterosexual pairing (Mine would be Robin/Starfire, literally my childhood OTP) having all the development that would point to a future romance, be, and quite suddenly, forced out of the way for a ship that has no anchoring, like it was just drawn out of a hat? It would be like, “wait, what?” Who honestly, would be okay with that. Let alone with a person who is much older than said person from your OTP and apparently has a wife and kids? (Hibike novel, read this somewhere)

Now, take in to consideration the LGBT and how we are usually pushed into the back of mind in terms of media and society and heteronormativity , which is to easily be as explained as: Two girls or two guys have intimate relationships, hug a lot, blush, flirt and everything (etc) yet is seen as friends but if it was or is a heterosexual relationship, everyone says they like each other or suspect it without much of a second guess, at least there’s more people who would willingly view it like that.  And this tactic is really damaging. Sure, I’m American who was taught a different set of morals in regards to homosexuality, and Japanese people view it as something that’s okay as long as it is a stage. But, that doens’t make it right, This is not an American appeal, this is a people appeal because that’s what its doing, effecting PEOPLE. Yes, there are lesbians and gay people and teens in Japan, they just don’t get the opportunity to be as vocal as an American teen might get to be, (media, friends, etc, it’s still fricken TOUGH trust me, its just world society) I DON’T CARE IF IT’S 100,000,000 people effected or 1 in Japan or elsewhere, it’s still a number greater than 0. 

I’ve been talking for so long and I could honeslty talk about so many other things that I think makes everything weird in this romantic struggle, but In the end all I can do is make my voice be heard and hope for change. 

However, guys, remember, HIBIKE IS NOT A ROMANCE, thus even if we all love potential romances, this isn’t a romance show. Therefore, if you are going to hate an entire show simply because of a  romantic flaw or personal disagreement to whatever ship becomes canon or hinted canon, then that’s really not the right thing to do. I hate yuri baiting, I really do,its sick, wrong and damaging, rather people want to accept the fact or not (heck, some people of the LGBT fandom won’t feel anything at all, it is, after all, just a show,)  but there are many other things that make this show amazing, fun, and nerve-racking. I personally will or am frustrated if it is in fact just yuri baiting, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to go swear off the show and drop it? If I operated like that then I would not be able to enjoy a lot of things because the sad truth is, is that in this time in society, homosexuality relationships aren’t fully accepted, its getting better, but it’s not there yet. And even, pray the one day homosexual relationships are basically viewed as normal in world society or most societies, (I believe the day will come) there will never be as much homosexual love stories as heterosexual ones because they will always be the most common in society, not because it’s “natural” but because it’s what is more prevalent. Guys, we came from somewhere, and it wasn’t from our two moms or two dads.  

Another thing, it really isn’t okay to go blaming heterosexuals for our misgivings and misrepresentations, a lot might disagree but I just don’t think it’s the case. Sometimes people joke around and go “GOD DAMN IT STRAIGHTS” and what not, I regret to say I’ve done it too, and I’m sorry, but always, at the end of the day, I know by far it isn’t because of heterosexuals. (How can you even say that when there are many, many heterosexual people today just as frustrated about yuri baiting and lack of representation of the LGBT+ community?) It’s more because of the supernatural traditions and power of society. The backwards thinking dating centuries ago. 

I’m African American and my family can tell you personally of their father’s and own time dealing with lack of representation of their race and when there was finally representation, it was background character or a comedic clown/gangster fellow. It’s gotten way better since then, but there are also new stereotypes for African american characters. “Sassy black girl” “drug dealer” :”missing father/poor” etc. This is literally the same progression that lgbt is starting, and one day, both will meet at a level compared to what use to be “common” and “accepted” it’s a fight for everyone, and it’s a fight we can’t give up on. 

I personally think we get too caught up in romance when romance isn’t even the driving force of the show. I love the romance in Hibike and yes I’m a shipper rooting for a kumirei ending, I hope for no yuri baiting, but if it happens, I think we all need to realize, that yes, representation is important in media, and we are slowly getting more accurate portrayals. of them, 

The last thing I want to say is that I believe that despite the problems of LGBT representation, the way the whole kumirei scenario is going on tumblr lately, I think we need a reminder that a better story, one with no yuri bait, yaoi bait or any other type of LGBT+ baiting, is about to or is unfolding in front of you. In your life, there is nothing writing your story and telling you to act only in a baiting manner like television. YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF A GREAT, BIG GAY, LESBIAN, BI, STRAIGHT, ASEXUAL,, AROMANTIC, TRANSGENDER, NONBINARY, EVERYTHING  ABOVE AND BETWEEN THAT IS UNIQUE AND SPECIAL TO YOU. 


hibike! euphonium will be the last thing on your mind when you are having your own mountain hike under the stars with the one you love.

Just enjoy your life and even with the hardships we all face regardless, look forward to the seeds of tomorrow and never go sifting through the ashes of yesterday, because you will certainly not find anything growing there, no matter how hard you look. 

Chaotic Love (Michael Clifford Imagine Part Three)

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Rated: PG 13+ 

Authors Note: Hi babes. So I actually posted this already and I re read it and saw that it was way to short and that I just didn’t like what I wrote so I am rewriting it! This part will be totally different then the last and about 1000000x better, hopefully. As you all know my sons birthday was yesterday and he turned 4. (24 xD) and to honor him I will write two imagines, one birthday edition and the other just made up off the top of my head. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! I didn’t get anything but I hope you all did and got everything you wanted. Alright, part four will also be up today as well so enjoy!! xx

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Previously on, Chaotic Love…

“You have this mindset that everyone is equal and that everyone is going to make it but let me tell you, people like me are going to rot for our sins and the angels above are going to laugh, knowing that this would happen. Knowing that we would burn in the pits of hell for our crimes. And the sad thing about it is, there isn’t anything I can fucking do to save myself.”

I looked straight into his green eyes and saw the pain behind his statement.

“You’re right. There’s nothing you can do.” he looked down, defeated.

“But there’s always something someone else can do for you. “

He stared at me as if I had just told him that he was going to be set free, but his smile quickly faded the longer he thought about my words. 

“Y/n, I just told you. No one wants to help me. I’m an outcast, nothing relevant. 

Outcast? He’s many things but I wouldn’t go as far to say outcast. It doesn’t fit with him at all. He’s loved by so many people and he doesn’t even know it. 

“Mikey, you’re not an outcast.

“Then what am I?” 

“You’re..” I trailed off, looking into his eyes.


{2 Months Later} 

“Y/n, I’m telling you. Luke is up to no good.” 

I rolled my eyes at her statement. 

“What could Luke possibly be doing? He’s Luke. All he ever does is eat, sleep, and work.” 

“I’m telling you that boys up to something. He’s been real secretive and distant lately, haven’t ya noticed?” 

Now that I think about it, Luke hasn’t really spoken to me since that day Michael came on to me. He just smirks at me and gives me weird glances. 

“Okay okay, maybe he has been a little different and secretive.” 

“Thank you!” 

“BUT, that doesn’t mean we should go all crazy and interrogate him.” 

“Y/n.. I’m shocked that you would think I would ask him directly.” 

“Marci I…” 

“I’ll find out by spying of course, no way that boys gonna talk if you ask him straight up.” she laughed, taking another bite into her salad. 

I took a quick sip of water, looking at the clock and seeing it was 1:13. 

“Shit, shit, shit! I gotta go Marc.” I told her as I disposed of my trash and ran through the halls to Michael cell. 

I promised him that I’d come and take him to the doctor at exactly 1:15. See, this is why you don’t get caught up in Marci’s nonsense, she’ll always keep you l-

My eyes widened in shock. His door was wide open and he was no where to be found. My hands found their way to my hair and I pulled hard, thinking of who could have taken him. Maybe one of the other nurses came and took him or a guard, he had to be there at 1:20.

Without further though my feet carried me to the 5 section of the institution, the doctors office. 

{Michael’s point of view} 

“Fuck!” I yelled as he smacked me again, twice as hard then the last. 

“This is what the hell you get for being such a fuck up and ruining y/n life!” 

My face was throbbing and my vision became blurry. 

“You know she’s just going to leave you right? Just like the rest of them she’ll leave you! And laugh in you’re face when you fall to the ground just like your parents did.” 

Their words hit me like hundreds of bullets flying through me multiple times.

I screamed to the top of my lungs hoping that the pain would stop but it didn’t, it only got worse. 


Then I saw her. 

“Y/n… Come.. Come here.. Please come get me..” 

She smiled at me deviously. It scared me. 

Then it all fell in place. The institution was now in my vision and so was Luke, with his arm wrapped around MY y/n.”

“Get off of her, now!!” I screamed, tears running down my face. 

I heard the click of a lock and saw that I was in my cell again.

No. No. No. No. This can’t be happening. 

She turned her back and started walking away with him and smiled so happily, like she didn’t care about me. 

“C-come back.. Y/n, please come back I need you!” I banged my fist on the metal doors for what seemed like hours but it was only a couple of minutes. 

“Come back.. Come back!” I chanted loudly, kicking at the door and hitting it with my fist multiple times, hoping for something to happen but nothing did. 

I could see them both laughing and goofing around until he placed his lips on hers. Red was coming into vision and my kicks and punches became harder and more intense. 

Y/n pulled back with an annoyed expression on her face as she turned and looked back at me. 

“Would you just give it up already? No one wants you! I was only doing my job, I could give less then two shit about you Michael! So give it up and be a good boy before I have them sedate you.” 

“I was only doing my job, I could give less then two shits about you Michael!”  Was all I heard in my head. It played over and over just like a broken record. 

“No one wants you!”

“I was only doing my job,” 

“I could give less then two shits about you Michael!” 

“No one. Wants. YOU!” 

“Stop! Stop, stop, stop!” I screamed for what seemed to be the hundredth time today. 

This can’t be real, this just can’t fucking be real. Y/n would never say that to me. Not MY y/n at least. 

“Michael!” I heard her voice, her sweet and peaceful voice. 

“G-go away..” I chanted to the small voices in my head slowly and quietly. 

“Michael?” I could here her taking walking towards me. 

“They’re not real I promise. Just tell the voices to go away and they will.” 

“Go away.. Go away.. Go. Away.” I snapped my eyes open and saw her standing above me looking down at me with a confused expression, while tears formed in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. 

“Michael! Michael I was so fucking worried about you!” She threw herself at me and embraced me into a hug. 

I lie my head on her chest and closed my eyes. The only sound was her crying. 

“I had another one. And I-I told them to go away just like you told me too and they did y/n. They went away and you weren’t here.” 

“I’m so proud of you Mikey. I hope you can keep doing that.” she spoke softly like she always did when I had hallucinations. 

“Mikey, why were you down here. You’re supposed to be in your cell at all times unless you’re with me.”

“Some people came and got me and took me down here.. a-and they beat me..” 

Her breath hitched and she pulled me back to look at my face, worry etched all over her beautiful face. 

“Who? Who took you down here? Who beat you? Mikey you have to tell me.” 

I tried thinking back to the begging but I couldn’t. There was no escape from her words. 

“No one wants you!”

“I was only doing my job,”

“I could give less then two shits about you Michael!”

They replayed in my head over and over and over and o-

“Mikey. Love, you have to tell me who did this to you.” She dragged me out of my dark memories. 

“I.. I can’t… I can’t.. remember.” 

She sighed. 

“Alright. Let’s go now. You had a doctors appointment at 1:20, it is currently 1:35.” I smiled a little, noticing how worked up she gets about not being on time. 

I nodded, not wanting to speak again. 

She grabbed my arm gently and lifted me up. Y/n led me out to the white hallways that I had a love hate relationship with. 

“I’m going to go talk to Ms. Grey while your getting examined, is that okay?” 

I nodded once again, not completely agreeing with the thought of her leaving for even just a little while but knowing she’d be back. 

We walked into yet another white room and she sat me down in one of the many uncomfortable chairs. 

“Michael, I’ll be back. Please be good, okay?” 

Once again, I nodded, not really having the strength or energy to fight her today. 

She gave me a bright smile before leaving and rushing off to find Ms. Grey. 

As soon as she left, the voices crept into many parts of my head, mocking me, belittling me, and shaming me. 

“Go away. Go away.. Go away.” I chanted again for the second time today. 

I looked up at the doctor and became suddenly fearful. He held only but one scalpel in his hands and a smirk on his face.