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A bit of a warning for young female roleplayers.

This is something I, normally do not do. But with the things that are happening I think it is best to share this with others so they can be wary of the guy. The guy being one who goes by Theherooftime68, from what I know he mainly messaged minor females -myself included- asking about roleplaying, wanting to well roleplay NSFW kinda things. I be putting some of the things he done under a readmore, since it probably will get long.

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Q&A Saturday!

It’s Q&A Saturday! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers recently, so I just want to explain again that every other Saturday, it’s Q&A! It’s when I try to answer as many of your questions as I can! <3 This week I’m doing questions I wasn’t able to answer when my pen broke, so that’s why I didn’t make an announcement, but! You’re welcomed to send any questions you want for next Q&A or to be answered soonish with text! This post btw is non-squid! There will be a squid ver soon!

I’m not sure if you meant the pillow defense thing or just pillow kisses in general but I hope this is okay! <3

Not that he is very romantic, but he is less guarded of his heart than Garrett (but they both take a loooooong time to come to terms that they’re in love)! But in almost any universe, Dario is the first to say “I love you” but Garrett doesn’t take long to catch up  💕

While I mostly welcome shipping, Garrett is exclusively gay (side note: Dario is bisexual and Mei is aromantic) and he’s not really Mei’s type anyways LOL They’re good bros tho! 

(It’s a really sensitive topic for Dario)

I’m not sure if they would ever be ready for kids, but I drew this before so here you go! <3 I’m not sure about the name yet, but she’s got her dad’s love of sports and her other’s dad love of goofing off! 

She’s both “what their kid would look like” and their adopted daughter if they get one, because they just love her to death <3 

I’m sort of anti-genderbend (sorry!) It’s something I try to avoid, but I do have a rough draft from when I designed Kathy as a genderfluid boy! Using he/they, Keith is a gentle guy with a love for music!

(Sorry, I got serious vibes from Susan/Mandark’s hippie days LOL)

ROAR. (Imagine a soft honk) Also that’s probably because Dario is a lionhead bun! <3 Lionhead buns are called that because, you guess it, they have a mane around their faces! All my buns have set breeds that made them look that way (like Kathy/Jaleena being dwarf buns)

AAA! I’m glad you can! I’m worried my Spanish is iffy sometimes so I’m happy to hear this! Please let me know if I ever make mistakes! <3 And thank you for your nice words!  (I need to incorporate more Spanish dialogue with Dario/Gabby/Cable too)

It’s very rare, but the last one I watched was Mob! It was a good show ; O ; 

The answer, though, is yes, they do! Garrett gets cuddly and Dario welcomes it! And for reference, here is my NSFW blog! Tread with caution!

Oo! Dario’s perf idea of a date would be taking Garrett to try something outdoors and fun, like swimming, hiking, rock climbing, etc! Garrett’s not really into exercise, though, and rather spends their date watching movies at home with takeout. But! I think they would both agree that their favorite dates are the time they spend together in private (like watching the stars, cuddling in bed, taking naps together). Dario loves it most when Garrett falls asleep on him, and Garrett loves it most when Dario opens up to him during their talks.

Whoa! It’s nice to see excitement like this, aa! Q v Q Yes, Garrett loves watching Dario work out and play sports! He admires his athleticism! Dario’s fave sports is soccer and track, with an occasional baseball and basketball for fun! I’m not sure what he’d be bad at, probably anything that requires thinking/accuracy? Like archery, golfing, etc. And Dario does get hurt a lot but nothing really all that serious, and Garrett (so far) hasn’t been hurt yet watching (especially since he tends to watch from a distance, he doesn’t like crowds). And I can’t reveal any details, I def need to work on their stories soon, haha!

Yes, he has! Dario’s hair is a very dark brown but he dyes it to a lighter brown!

LOL It’s also funny because I’ve drawn him in one of Shakira’s outfit before

Now that I got my pen back, YES! I’m excited to draw my boys again! <3 And welcome all my new followers to my blog! Thank you for following and I really hope you enjoy your stay!

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3


Hey guys, 

As some of you know, all my artworks are made traditionally so I have originals of all of them. I’m in dire need of some quick money so I’m selling originals today (October 16th).

Basically, I invite you guys to browse my art tag and go shopping like my blog is freakin’ Amazon.


  • Send me an email (Maryne-art@hotmail.fr) with the link to the post/tweet etc with the artwork you wish to buy the original of (please no vague descriptions without a link)and we can discuss if it’d be suitable for sale and what the price would be depending on a few criteria (see disclaimer down there)

DISCLAIMER: A lot of the illustrations you see from me are actually way smaller than they appear and way more messy (paint stains, wrong lines, some proportions issues sometimes, not centered, close to another drawing on the paper etc) and all get a digital clean-up/touch-up before being posted online.So, originals often have way more flaws than their digital counterparts and I want everyone to know what they are buying. Also note I’m not home right now so assessing the state of the artworks will be made by memory. I want you to know all these things going in to avoid bad surprises, and know what will be discussed after/if you send me an email.

  • Payment is made via Paypal, preferably today in USD, and shipping is $5 USD added to the ground price, wherever you are in the world.
  • Shipping will be involved so I need potential buyers to be okay with sharing their full name and address with me.
  • I won’t sell: Any of my comics or parts of them (if you aren’t sure the art you want is part of a comic or not, send the link and I’ll tell you/we’ll discuss it). My Critical Role art. Illustrations drawn as Patreon rewards/commissions. Fairly old art, because i’ve gotten much better and don’t wanna sell y’all hot garbage (it can be discussed but, yeah, i’m ashamed of a lot of my old art lmao.)
  • I will sell: Literally anything else I’m so broke y’all (depending on the state of the original ofc, again, don’t wanna rip anyone off)
  • The shipping will only happen after November 4th, because I am currently away from my originals and only take the plane back on November 3rd. Depending on where you are in the world, shipping can also take a while, please keep that in mind.
  • Rest assured: If I come home and realize the piece you purchased has been lost/heavily damaged/is not suitable for sale, I will send you an email right away and give you your money back.

A few originals have already been sold (this one for example), and some people might be interested in the same ones, so it’ll be the law of the fastest to make an inquiry and be able to pay. But please still take a bit of time to browse my art, see what you like, remember the rules. Don’t hesitate to use the search bar if you are trying to find a piece you already have in mind.

If there’s too much inquiries for me to handle or enough that I don’t need to sell more, I’ll reblog and update this post to tell you that the sale is over!

If you didn’t read all the rules, don’t bother sending me an email. This is gonna be hectic and the rules are here for a reason. I need this to be as organized as possible.

 Anyway, here is my art tag again… so, have fun shopping? ♥

- Maryne.

We Need to Talk

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Sam and Dean need the Reader’s help with a case involving her expertise but will the retired hunter help them?

Word Count: 1303

A/N – This is my entry for @deansdirtyduchess birthday celebration with the prompt: ‘it’s just that I didn’t expect to hear from you again.’ I’m sorry if this is late, I haven’t been well over the last week and had to quickly put this together.

‘We need her, you know we do.’ Sam had tried to convince Dean.

Dean huffs, frustrated. His eye rolling a clear indication of that. ‘This is not up for discussion. We don’t even know where she is.’

‘Oh contraire. I do. I’ve been tracking her for the last week and had a breakthrough. I got her and she’s in Merryville, Louisiana.’

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Tumblr User! Ong Seongwoo

[credit to each pic owner!]

ok so i was just eating some filipino food at a restuarant when my mind was like “YO YKNOW I WONDER WHAT WANNA ONE WAS PPL ON TUMBLR WOULD BE LIKE” so here i am BSJXNS [this is literally not proofread tbh everything i write isn’t proof read im so sorry DHFKD]


  • his username would be
  • ongtheslate95
  • 95 being the yr he was born in
  • so he’s probably one of those aesthetic tumblrs that posts aesthetic photos that everyone loves
  • like he’ll post aesthetic photos of him posing at places that look so nice and stuff 
  • honestly his photos were so pleasing that they actually ended up being used in a lot of places 
  • also being used without credit but tbh ong didn’t mind, as long as he got recognition for his photos and his artistic style through being aesthetic he was happy! 
  • so you also happened to be an aesthetic blog, people also admired you
  • you didn’t really take pictures of yourself mostly of places that looked aesthetic. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello, i am a little new to tumblr and i was just wondering, why don't people want others to repost their art/posts? is it like, stealing their post or something? ok, bye :)

Hi! Hello and welcome to tumblr!

This might get long and relatively angry-sounding but by all means this isn’t towards you at all anon, its just that this have been building up in me for a long time. But just know that yes! reposting other artists’ works is offensive and even damaging to them for multiple reasons!

>>Here’s a really well explained answer to why reposting is terrible for artists in general <<

For me, my posts/art are things I created. Things I worked hard for, and spent time on. Some of them are personal to me. To repost that art/post is just like STEALING that work right from me. 

We get that stealing is bad, right?

Because that’s what it is. No sugarcoating, no “reposting”, no “sharing”. It. Is. STEALING

But still, people do it. Sure some might leave credits to the original artist, some might even link back to the original source. But when you’re dealing with the internet, things get muddied real fast. Sources get linked back to other websites, to other blogs that reposted it and some people will flat out claim that work (That YOU created) as theirs. People will trace over them, remove watermarks, add their own stuff to it, etc etc.

And what that does to the original artist, is leave them creditless for the most part and taking the control over their own stuff from them.

To make matters worst, we depend on our content. To some artists, this is literally the only way they make a living. I know you see posts about it like its a joke but it’s not?? Whether its for the next meal, to pay off debt or hospital bills, to leave an abusive place, etc, we really do depend on these art works. It’s not us being whiny or being butthurt on the internet. It is quite literally a matter of Life and Death to some of us. 

It doesn’t matter that you say that “love the artist!” or “credit to the artist!” It affects ALL artists NEGATIVELY. It is always a stab to the heart knowing another one of our pieces got taken and reposted again. Heck, not a day goes by when I don’t find reposted pieces of mine on instagram/twitter/tumblr and so on. (Some just leave no descriptions/credit at all, some are a simple “Found it on tumblr. Forgot from who lol”. Fuck you, specifically, btw.)

So let me ask this: why do you guys need to repost them so badly? 

  1. “I just want to share them with others!” Then by GODS why can’t you just reblog the original post? Will that physically kill you to do so? Can you not have anything on your blog that’s not uploaded by you personally? 
  2. “I just love the art so much!” WELL HELL!! I do too, buddy!! I love it. Because it’s mine. It’s what I created. Rebloging the original post will show how much you love it just as fine! It won’t hurt at all, I promise!
  3. “But I want to share it on other social media besides tumblr??” Listen. Buddy. Pal. Friendo. 8 of 10 times, that artist your talking about is on different social media platforms too. We tend to spread out and do that. Please take time to look through our FAQ/Blogs to make sure? ALSO when it comes to places like Facebook or Twitter, copying and pasting the link of the original post will do just as fine! I repeat: You do not need to repost the artwork at all. Just link them back to the post. 
  4. “But I want to add a comment” Then reblog and comment. But don’t you dare delete the original caption because I swear to god that is an entirely different plate of garbage to deal with.
  5. “…I want to get the notes/likes for it” B*TCH ME TOO!! Why do you think I made it??? If you want to get notes or likes then by all means create something yourself but don’t take credit for someone else’s work?? Do I have to spell out that notes/likes are important to the artists that made that artwork, and to have all of that given to someone else because they reposted it is like a slap to the face?? Some of us face that DAILY. We’re ready to kill a man.

On that note, some artists have different ways of dealing with these circumstances, so if you ever have an inkling that it might be ok, GO ASK THE ARTIST FIRST!!!!!! 

tl;dr : Reposting is bad bc it’s stealing from artists not only their hard work and credibility, but even their income. Please, I’m literally begging all of you to stop it and to not ever do it

thanks for asking anon.

I just love you that much // Alex Ernst Smut

Pairing: Alex Ernst x Reader

Requested: yes “ Hello! Could you do an Alex Ernst imagine? Where the reader is really famous and Alex and her are dating. The reader is doing a show at the Staples center and Alex and the entire squad go watch because they love seeing her perform and all the girls are like talking about how good the reader is doing and stuff like that! Also could you add some major Alex fluff??💗 “ -unknown

Plot: You’re a famous singer, you’re dating Alex. You have everything you’ve ever wanted in you life. As you’re about to go and do your show in Staples center something happens …

Warning: swearing, fluff, kissing, sexy talk etc.

Word count: 1 918 (shorter than I expected)

Age: +15

A/N: I’m back again and posting as often as I can. I’m planning on doing a Q&A day every Thursday, posting at least one story every week and just being more active in here as my blog is literally growing everyday and I want to keep it that way. So follow me for more smuts, imagine oneshots etc Enjoy! xox

I do not own that picture! Also I just made up those song lyrics so there’s that.. :D xx

Sometimes I think, why me? What did I do to deserve this? All my success, all my friends, my family, my fans and of course me loving boyfriend. He’s really and angel. He’s always so supportive, protective, loving, sweet, sexy and so much more. I really love him.

We’ve been together for a year now and it has been nothing, but amazing. We met, when Liza started dating and my music career basically exploded. I’ve been friends with Liza since like we were maybe 10 or so. I moved here, to LA and I had no friends, but her so she introduced me to her friends and that’s how I met Alex.

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Does this count as a witch post? I don’t know, but there’s a lot of cursing and I hurt myself and I know y’all like that

kinky little bastards


I may or may not be an alcoholic, but the important thing is that I’ve got a lot and I mean a LOT of champagne corks, so I said to myself “hey, I should do something C R A F T Y with these, else they’ll end up as buttplugs which wouldn’t be too sanitary.”

Although I’m sure I could make some fat cash out of that…



bitches will say it’s censored not to show the final result


oh wait I haven’t told you what we’re making haha

we’re making magickal stamps. there. happy? come for the crafty shit, stay for the impeccable writing.


  • Champagne corks or really pretty much any sort of soft cork or rubber shit although I highly recommend champagne’s because it’s much softer
  • Something to draw on
  • Something to draw with
  • The SHITTIEST scissors around I mean that crap should be so useless it makes you go “a lesbian scissor cuts more than this, why do we even still have this thing”. It’s very important that you get the scissors so we end up not using them.
  • An [infomercial voice] X-acto Knife©®℗™… PFFT. Forget that gringo shit, get something sharp and pointy, a scalpel would be good for precision but don’t fret. In the meanwhile also take the time to shank a bitch.
  • Some tissues becase I’m a mucus volcano and hadn’t stopped sneezing in two days

Now basically you will find two kinds of corks:

Cold weather and warm weather *snorts at own joke*. Go with the mushy soft one (right) because the one in the left is too compressed and will be a pain in the ass *snorts again* to carve.

Now at this point I’m there taking pictures looking like a total pro and behaving totally C R A F T Y (whenever I say that you gotta picture that glittery music in the background)


So I go to Google and I’m like “maybe a heart? Maybe a triangle? Maybe a pictorial representation of my crushing depression?”

But then I’m like well, what’s my name? Rihanna The MAGPIE Witchling!

So I found a lot more minimalist magpie silhouettes than I would have expected, I drew my own based on that 


And don’t even get me STARTED on those nails

Queen Cristine would be so disappointed

Look at that

That’s the face of a disillusioned senpai.

Maybe I should try her Trump nails

Wait, what was I talking about?



So I took my initial “””design””” and kind of tried to reproduce it on the cork?


Now, be smart kids. You don’t HAVE to try and recreate the original drawing, you can use carbonic paper, cut the normal paper neatly and then trace the silhouette, etc. 

But aunt Rami is a fucking idiot so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Final result:

And let me tell you doing this was a LOT easier than I would have expected. Like, I seriously was prepared to realize this had been a waste of time, that I’m painfully useless for this shit, etcétera. But no! The cork was REALLY easy to carve (I secretly have an open tab with only the word carve in it ‘cause I don’t remember if it’s carve or crave. Fuck the English language).

So I decide to try it out 

And sistah this is my first attempt at this and I already feel like a fucking PRO. 

But the main problem is that the image is too small and complex, I think. So then I’m like “Imagine [all the people] if the original design wasn’t ABSOLUTE TRASH.”

So what do I do?


I found this image by Julie Magers Soulen and I’m pretty sure that it’s actually a photograph instead of a minimalist drawing in which case HOLY FUCK, GIRL

And I kinda tried to reproduce it on a cork but it was just too large so I cut one in through the center vertically and I ALMOST FUCKING SLICED MY PINKY IN TWO LIKE FUCKING BYE BYE LIBRA MOUNT WE’RE LEAVING CHIROMANCY AND MOVING SOLELY TO TAROTISM.

Aaaafter cleaning the blood from all over the place, I chose to use a kitchen knife like a normal human being to cut the cork in half.

I fucked up because I did it in two slices, which ultimately gave me a slightly uneven pressing surface. Don’t make my mistakes, son… Be the better man *fake mustache proceeds to fall from my upper lip*

In the meanwhile my phone vibrates and hey guys! #shoutout

BACK TO THE GODDAMNED BIRD (that’s all this blog is about, seriously. And no. There’s no such thing as going to the point in my religion.)

This is the final stamp. Mh, not half bad. Let’s try it out.

So after messing up with the ink a dozen times I realize that since I’m using PRINTER INK it’s way too liquid, so I let it dry for a couple of minutes and finally







That’s how it looks without so much fucking liquidy pansy ink.


Ok, that’s a “””very pretty””” stamp, Rami, but, like what does that have to do with witchcraft?

Huh? Oh, nothing, this is shameless self promotion, I just filled your dashboard with magpies.


No but really, I will use these stamps on my grimoire and hear me out


Like, say you’re feeling generous. Make a lucky sigil and go around town with your sigil stamp and an ink pad leaving it on the floor, the corners of signs…

If the ink is washable that doesn’t even count as vandalism xD

Also, if you are careful enough with the carving of the negative space and give the cork stamp a nice thick layer of a protective spray or liquid, you can even use these as wax stamps!

Use beetroot ink and stamp your sigils on the leaves of your plants. Use permanent ink and mark your witchy jars. Soften the wax of your candles and use your stamps to leave a mark in them.

And we spent like… only the money we used for the booze in this!


I had a picture of me giving a thumbs up but you could see a bit of my face, so, safety reasons, ha. INSTEAD HAVE A CRAFTY MAGPIE YAY. SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?

-Semiramis, The Magpie Witchling

It’s Sam...

Title: It’s Sam…

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3471

Warning: This has a little of everything. Angsty hunt, fluffy makeup, and Impala smut. You know, the works.

A/N: So I don’t know what the hell happened but this one just took on a massive life of its own. 

I combined the following two requests: Anonymous said: Hi! First of all I love your blog! I was wondering if I could request a smut/angst deanxreader fic where they’re both hunters and have been dating and she has to flirt for info on a case with a sleazy guy and dean gets riled up and jealous? Thanks! AND Anonymous said: If you have fic requests open I would love a fluffy smutty comfort fic with dean after a particularly bad hunt.

Hope you both like it! Enjoy!

“A ghost? Seriously? All the way to South Dakota, for a ghost?”

“Yeah! I want something fun and easy. We can go bug Bobby after too. Plus, I think Sam is taking that case in Minnesota, so he can meet up with us after.”

Dean just shrugged and finished filling up Baby. “Fine by me. It’s pretty messed up though that a ghost is something that’s ‘fun and easy’.”

“True,” you laughed as you shifted in your seat, “but then again, our lives are pretty messed up, so there’s that.”

Dean laughed, leaning across the seat to kiss you sweetly before revving Baby to life and screeching out of the gas station.

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don’t be a fool (pt. 2)

Summary; Promises can be hard to keep, and the deal made between Y/N and Shawn is no different. With hectic schedules and new friends, things between the ex-couple certainly take a turn for the worse.



three months later

You weren’t going to lie when it came to the break-up between you and Shawn. Things were scattered everywhere and your empty apartment soon became an apparent dumpster as well. It had probably been one of the most dramatic and tiring months of your life thus far. You haven’t had the motivation to even leave your apartment let alone your bed, and everything around you only further reminded you of Shawn and the great times you two once shared together. 

After Shawn left you, you were forced to toss out anything and everything Shawn left behind. You couldn’t risk having any remaining memories of him. It wasn’t easy, but you eventually got yourself to make your apartment Shawn and heartbreak free.

You were no longer in constant contact with Shawn, and it didn’t seem as if Shawn has made the effort to call you either. Despite this, you left his contact untouched and most importantly – undeleted. Every time you heard his songs on the radio or saw an interview of him on TV, you couldn’t help but miss him even more. He left a giant hole in your heart, and it didn’t look like it would be closing up any time soon.

You also stopped going to work after the breakup, so it was inevitable for your boss to fire you. You haven’t found a new job since, which brought you to the last resort of posting flyers around your apartment complex asking for a roommate to help share rent with. A few days later, you had gotten a phone call from a guy named Cameron asking if you were still looking for a new roommate. According to Cameron, he needed an apartment so he could be closer to his filming site for his newest film. When he told you he got famous off of Vine, you almost cried all over again because it was so similar to Shawn’s story. Luckily for him, he had been the first person to call and ask, which is how you and Cameron have been living in the same apartment for the past three weeks. 

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keshuasd  asked:

6+15 Jin fluff pleeease! Love your blog. Thanks in advance <3 ^^

Know It All, My Best Friend (Jin x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”

Summary: After learning that Jin will be moving away for university, you accidentally confess to your best friend! Mortified, you try to avoid him. Luckily for you, Jin doesn’t give up easily.

Word count: 1.4k words

Originally posted by jjilljj

You waved cheerily at your best friend, Jin, who was leaning casually against your locker. He smiled at you goofily, quickly righting himself so that you could retrieve your belongings.

“Hey, Jin,” you greeted, spinning the combination of your lock. It clicked open, and you hurried to grab your binders and textbooks.

“How were your classes today?” Jin asked conversationally, sounding more fatherly than was appropriate for the slight age difference between you two. It was only one year.

“Well, I skipped the morning,” you replied with a shrug. You shut your locker and pulled your backpack over your shoulder. “To the library?”

“Y/N, you can’t be skipping classes!” Jin scolded, smacking you lightly on the shoulder. “Your grades are important.”

“Whatever,” you scoffed. “Besides, don’t you skip just as often as I do?”

“I’ve got chronic senioritis,” Jin explained as if that were a valid excuse. “And what’s your reason? You’re not graduating yet.”

“Do I really need one?” you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Let’s just get out of here. Unlike you, I need to study.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Jin replied with a cocky grin. “I did get all early acceptances.”

“Whatever, nerd,” you said.

You and Jin quickly made your way to the foyer of the school, exiting the building. Outside, it was growing cold. It was early December, but no snow had fallen yet.

Jin wasn’t the smartest student, but he was incredibly hardworking so his grades were among the highest. He had applied to all life science programs despite your attempts to get him to attend culinary school.

“Have you decided where you’re going to go yet?” you asked. Since Jin had been accepted to all the programs he had applied to, his choices weren’t limited.

“Yeah,” Jin replied, a little sheepishly. “I accepted my offer to K University. They offered me a great scholarship, too.”

“No way! Awesome!” you cheered, patting Jin’s arm. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Well, I didn’t know how you’d react,” Jin explained, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “But I’m glad you’re happy. Thought you might be upset since K University is pretty much across the country.”

“Oh,” you replied quietly.

Jin turned to you, a gentle smile on his lips. “You forgot, didn’t you?” he laughed. He ruffled your hair. “Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit. There’s no need to be sad about that.”

“I guess,” you said, eyes downcast.

Of course you were going to be upset about your best friend moving away. But Jin was more than that–you had liked him since you met in middle school. Obviously, Jin had no idea, but he always treated you kindly, so you figured staying his friend would be fine.

But now that he was going to move away, you wondered if hiding your feelings was worth it in the first place. Now, it just hurt. Mortifyingly, your eyes began to water.

“Y/N, are you crying?” Jin asked suddenly, grabbing your cheeks in between his palms and forcibly lifting your head up.

“No,” you snivelled, tears running down your face. “Shut up!”

“So cute!” Jin squealed, pulling you into his arms in a tight embrace. Other students stared as they walked by, but Jin paid them no mind. “You’re so cute, Y/N!”

“Leave me alone!” you whined, your tears still refusing to stop. “I’m not crying!”

“I can hear you sniffling,” Jin laughed. Still, he stroked your hair soothingly. Jin continued in a more serious voice, “But seriously, Y/N, I promise I’ll come and visit. We can still talk every day.”

“It won’t be the same,” you mumbled. Eventually, you pulled yourself away from Jin’s arms, wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. “It’s my fault, I guess. I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.”

Your heart stopped. Both you and Jin froze, your eyes meeting and widening. Jin was the first to regain his composure. 

“Uh, what?” he asked eloquently.

“Ha ha, sike!” you exclaimed weakly. You shot finger guns at Jin, trying to ignore the fiery blush that was spreading across your cheeks. “Got you bad, ha ha!”

“Wait, Y/N,” Jin interrupted, annoyed. “Stop that.”

“Well I’m just going to go home now,” you continued awkwardly, already beginning to back away. “I’ll catch you later, crocodile.”

“It’s alligator,” Jin corrected. “But that’s besides the point! Y/N, we need to talk about this.”

“About what?” you asked. Then you spun on your heel and sprinted away. “Bye, Jin!”

You heard him calling after you, but you kept running. Your shame fuelled you, and once you got home, you felt like crying all over again. This time, no one was there to comfort you. 

After sobbing into your pillow for around an hour, you sat up feeling calmer. Grabbing your phone, you turned on the screen to see dozens of missed calls and messages from Jin. You blushed again and quickly powered your phone off.

Deciding the best way to solve this problem was to pretend it never existed in the first place, you flopped onto your bed and let your eyes slip shut. Eventually, your mind cleared, and you were able to drift off into sleep.

After what only felt like a few minutes, you were woken by a banging sound. Shooting upright, you felt your heart pounding in your chest. The sun had already fallen, and your room was dim. The banging sound continued. Was someone trying to break in?

“Fuck!” someone swore from outside. You recognized the voice immediately–how could you not? Jin.

You deflated, sighing resignedly. There was no avoiding problems when it came to Jin. He never liked leaving conflict unsolved. You just hoped you would be able to salvage your pride–and your friendship–after this conversation.

Eventually, Jin’s body appeared through the window parallel to your bed. With shaky arms, he slid the window pane open and tumbled into your bedroom.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, feigning innocence.

“What do you think?” Jin snapped, brushing dirt off of his clothes. He turned to you, his gaze narrowing. “You ran away from me, ignored my calls and my texts, and didn’t answer the door. What else could I do but climb through your window?”

“I don’t know, wait until I was ready to talk about it?” you replied, just as sharply.

“Why would I do that?” Jin asked. “You finally confessed to me.”

“I didn’t con–wait, what do you mean, finally?” you spluttered.

“It was obvious, Y/N. Of course I noticed, I’m not an idiot,” Jin replied, crossing his arms. You blushed and looked away, biting your lip. You weren’t ready for Jin to move away, and you certainly weren’t ready to for him to reject you. “The only idiot here is you. I can’t believe you couldn’t tell. Obviously, I like you too.”

“What?” you demanded, spinning to look at Jin. Unable to formulate any coherent sentences, you just spluttered at your best friend who was looking at you judgementally. “What!?”

“So dumb,” Jin sighed, shaking his head. “I’ve liked you for so many years. But I knew you weren’t ready to accept your own feelings, so I waited it out. Too bad it took you so damn long.”

“Rewind! Rewind!” you yelled. “You like me? You like me?“

“Yes, I like you!” Jin laughed, walking closer to you. He stopped once he was standing directly in front of you, forcing him to look up at him. “How could I not? You’re kind, pretty, funny, and honest–usually.”

“Seriously, you mean it?” you asked. “This isn’t some elaborate prank? A big ‘fuck you’ before you leave forever?”

“What? No,” Jin said, a little offended. “I really do like you, Y/N. I’m going to be moving away, but that won’t change my feelings for you. I’ve liked you for years, even during your emo phase.”

“Aw, don’t bring that up now,” you whined. You peered up at Jin, your gaze unwavering. “You’re really not just saying that because you feel bad for me?”

Jin rolled his eyes dramatically. Then, he leaned down and cupped your face, holding it in place. He closed the distance between the two of you, his lips brushing softly over yours.

“I’m not making anything up,” Jin whispered, his breath ghosting over your lips. “Do you believe me now?”

“Fine,” you replied breathlessly. “But no take backs!”

You flung your arms around Jin’s neck, smashing your mouths together. Jin laughed agains your lips before returning the kiss wholeheartedly. You seriously regretted not confessing your feelings earlier.

But better late than never, you guessed.

- Girl in Luv

BBMAs guys!!! BTS is out there making history. I’m so proud!!! Also…they slayed! They all looked so good. The foreheads were showing! Everything was great! Wish they performed, but it was nice to see them at the show. I wonder if they’re turning up now ;) Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!!! 💛

assorted fic/msa asks

Anonymous said: msa izuku while an Official Of The Law tries to stop him from doing his usual cryptic stunts: hey where can i go to file a complaint? its not formal. fuck you.

this is just the right level of irritation, sarcasm, and wit to come straight from msa izuku’s mouth. i love that

Anonymous said: someone asks msa izuku what he wants to be when he grows up. he stares at the floor angrily. “a concept. if even that,” he says. no one knows how to respond. the silence stretches.

god this is PRISTINE. the silence stretches. im laughing you’ve captured the quintessential msa izuku experience!!!

Anonymous said: msa izuku’s saving grace yet achille’s attention-pulling heel is his ability to circumvent the powers people use to attack him, linear narratives, and any expectations placed on him

nfljsdfjsd yeah. his greatest strength and greatest weakness… it’s so funny to write. i love it

Anonymous said: 
kirishima: deku we actually dont want to screw you over
msa izuku: that sounds fake but ok

YEP! thats pretty much it

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😘Now or Never [Part 3] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  girl okay I need an ethan smut where him and the reader build a cute ass pillow fort together and it’s all fluffy then ethan starts teasing her and yeah, i trust you! - your fav ethan hoe, sam 😇

Warnings: Daddy kink/Boner mentioned

A/N: God bless Sam. This is my first daddy kink thing so please bare with me! Requests are OPEN

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Part 1 and Part 2

“Don’t.” Was all he said before he pressed his lips against mine hard before everything went dark. I felt the back of my knees press against the arm of the couch before I realized what was happening. Ethan was kissing me right now. I was kissing him back before I felt his hands grip my hips as my arms locked around his neck pulling me closer to him. I pulled away and looked to a dazed looking Ethan. “What’s wrong?” He asks biting his lip. I pecked his nose before running away from him and crawling into the fort. Ethan was hot on my trail which made me squeal and he broke out in laughter. I rolled onto my back while Ethan toppled me with his lips on mine. He used one arm to prop himself up while the other one slipped under my body grazing right above my butt. I kissed back passionately while he did the same with a little more force. Ethan and I were making out in my nephews pillow fort they had made. I could feel him lightening up on his kiss.

“Is everything okay?” I asked confused at Ethan’s moves.

“Yeah, but I’m a little turned on to be honest. Is that wrong?” Ethan chuckles which makes me giggle.

“No not at all, but how can I get you more turned on? Asking for a friend.” We laughed as I slid his one arm that was under me down on my butt. Ethan bit his bottom lip with an eyebrow raised as his smile grew on his face.

“This is a little embarrassing.” Ethan says closing his eyes and looking down my body. My arms were still wrapped around his neck. I tilted my head to the side sucking my bottom lip in between my teeth.

“Hmmm?” I smirked and he started laughing which made me laugh. “What E?” I giggled.

“Remember when we first met? Call me what you did when we first met.” He says and I turned my head confused, but then I remembered.

“Okay daddy.” I said and he crashed his lips to mine again this time with a little more force. I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip. I decided to tease him a little bit and keep my mouth closed tightly. He pulled away to where his lips were just centimeters above me. He propped himself up on his elbows so his head and chest were held above me, but the rest of his body was on top of me, his legs in between mine.

“So that’s what you want to do is it?” He asks huskily. I giggled. His grin fades away while he’s watching me. Studying me.

“Yes daddy.” I responded in a mocking tone. He cocks an eyebrow at me and licks his lips. I look in his lust clouded eyes realizing who Ethan Dolan really was. This was a side I was seeing. A side he has never showed me or anyone before.

“Ooo baby girl you’re going to regret that.” He says and he slams his lips against mine hard. His hand slid down my waist and he squeezes my butt hard which makes me gasp and he takes advantage of the opportunity. He slides his tongue against mine which deepened our kiss. I wrapped my arms tight around his neck pulling him closer into me. I could feel him smirking. “See daddy knows what you want.” Ethan says and he starts kissing and sucking on my neck. I clawed against his back while I moaned. He moved his head down leaving soft kisses and hickeys from my neck down my chest. He pulled my shirt down a little so he could see the top of my bra which he proceeded to leave kisses along the silky fabric.

“Ethann.” I moaned which made him stop and he looked up at me. I snapped my gaze to him.

“Who?” He asks gruffly and pulled his hands away from me. Oh man he was serious about this whole daddy thing. It was kinda hot.

“Daddy your kisses feel so good.” I moaned which caused him to smirk at me. He held himself up with one arm while his other hand pressed firmly against my waist pushing me into the floor.

“I would have also accepted daddy E just so you know.” He says before kissing against my bra again and back up my chest, along my jawline, and finally back to my lips. His lips weren’t as hard as before, but more gentle. Of course the kiss was still filled with such tension. I could feel his boner pressing against my thigh as his hand slid in between my thighs teasing me a little but he quickly moved it to my side not messing up our kiss at all. I start to lightly grind into him, which he did the same thing.

“Daddy Ethan how many other girls have you done this with?” I asked which caused him to stop kissing me.

“Honestly, you’re the first. I’ve never felt this bond with anyone before. I do actually like you Y/N.” He says and starts giving my cheek gentle quick kisses which causes me to giggle. He stops to look at me. “I really like you Y/N. Don’t think just because we’re doing this that this is all I want from us. I want the cute Starbucks dates. I want us to go hiking and snowboarding. I want the cuddling when you’re sick and the playful kisses. I want us.” He answers as he brushes a strand of hair from my face. He places a soft gentle kiss on my lips and he stays there. I feel as if time stands still. He pulls away and we look each other in the eye, only to be interrupted by some unwanted company.

“Y/N? Why is there a fort in the living room?” I heard my mom ask which Ethan and I quickly scramble out of the fort. This scene was not a good one presented.

“Y/N where are the boys?” My sister asked looking around.

“Why were you two in there? We’re you two having sex? Y/N what the hell were you thinking? I just met this boy today and now you’re fondling him under the sheets!” My mom screeched which caused Ethan to chuckle for some reason.

“No Mrs. Y/L/N we were just talking I swear. I’m a gentleman and I would talk to you way before hand if I was thinking of anything like that with your daughter.” Ethan says standing straight. My oh my this boy. My mom looks thrown off by his attitude. It was safe to say I never brought home the greatest guys.

“Oh…well alright that’s good. Cause she is special and I would like her to stay that way.” My mom says which causes me to bury my head in my hand.

“It was nice meeting all of you, but I have to go get my truck from Starbucks since I walked Y/N home so she wouldn’t have to walk alone.” Ethan says as he starts towards the door. My mom and him share their goodbyes as I follow behind him. Once we are out of the door he smiles at me.

“You’re good.” I said which made him laugh.

“I really like you and I want to show I’m not like the other guys.” He says which makes me blush. “I really do need to go. Gray’s been texting for about an hour now wondering if I’m dead or not.” He pressed a kiss to my cheek before walking down the road. I debated on saying goodbye a special way. A Now or Never kind of way.

“Bye daddy!” I shouted smirking which stopped him in his tracks.

“Goodnight baby girl.” He says as he turns on his heels starting his walk to Starbucks.

XxRequests are Open and thanks you guys!! Xx

anonymous asked:

don't you think 4.03 is a bit too early for a kiss? like in real time lexa died almost a year ago, but on the show it's only been 2 weeks max. i don't think they'll move on to bellarke that fast, even if that's what they did with finn and clexa.

I honestly don’t give a fuck about lxa. Don’t come into my bellarke blog saying I need to consider Lxa because I DO NOT. 

She is part of Clarke’s story but she is not the only part. 

And I’m tired of making everything about Lxa. 

Read it again.

I DON’T CARE ABOUT LXA. That’s for people to do on CL blogs. They can go crazy with the world shattering love that was CL. IT’s’ awesome. But this is a bellarke blog and that makes BELLARKE the most important relationship.

Clarke continues on after her (if I’m being generous) week long love affair. (If I’m not being generous, ONE HOUR. Do NOT come at me about the importance of a good bye fuck when I’m coming out of a disastrous 10 year long marriage with children, just do NOT.)

When I write about Clarke and Bellamy, I am not thinking about Lxa. Because I do not care about Lxa.

Clarke loved her. She did. Great.

Clarke loves a lot of people, and sadly she has LOST a lot of them. 

But do you know who Clarke loves and has NOT lost? 

Bellamy Blake.

Clarke Griffin has learned to love the people she loves when she has them. Lxa’s loss was tragic and traumatic, but Clarke wasn’t building a life with her, she was leaving. The worst thing about it was that she didn’t get to express herself with her when she had her. Now she gets to BUILD a life with someone she loves.


L’s loss is not an impediment to her love for Bellamy. If you don’t feel that way, that’s your right. But it’s my right to focus on Bellarke, so that’s what I’m doing.

cop car || dylan o'brien

word count: 3088

warnings: an amazing date that i’m high-key jealous of

prompt: based on this song

author’ note: i thought an imagine in dylan’s pov would be cute so i wrote this. this imagine has been posted before, but i am posting it again because my old blog was deleted.

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Final Goodbye.

Hello to my amazing fellows, 

If you’ve been following this account for some time then you would know the story behind this account and why I made it in the first place. This blog was for me to share my stories because you guys are the only ones who understand me, and a way for me to connect with so many others and for you guys to united. 

If you did not know, last year in November, my teacher crush left my school to continue his teaching career in another school. Since then I have only spoken to him via email a few times and have not seen him in seven months. 

There is something that I did not share with you all. On Thursday 22nd June (yesterday) I met up with my teacher crush, along with two of my best friends after school for tutoring because we really needed help for exams. I had a week to prepare myself for the reunion, it caused many nights of me staying up, many anxiety attacks and many what ifs. All I can say in a ‘short’ form is that it was not what I expected. He wasn’t what I expected. Others may have found him the same but personally, he was not the person that I knew. Everything about him has changed. He didn’t even say hi. Throughout the entire two hours of tutoring, it was pure awkwardness between us and whenever we made eye contact, one of us would look away. The expression he gave me was pure empty. He looked as if he did not want to see me, he looked as if he did not know me, it seemed as if he threw everything we had away. Amongst all of that, I found out from him that he has a girlfriend and honestly, I’m 100% happy for them, they deserve each other but other than that..it just hurt to be around him. You know when you hang out with someone and you think “never again”. That is pretty much how I felt the entire time. I needed to get out but I couldn’t as I needed the help. When we went to say goodbye, he gave all of us a hug individually but when it came to my turn, we both had this “do I really want to hug you?” type of aura, we ended up hugging and I didn’t even say thank you or bye like the others did. Rude I know but I just could not put myself out there, and unfortunately this won’t be the last time I will see him. The tutoring sessions will continue till my exams which is in November.  

For the past couple of days I have been thinking about this account. Obviously I have not been active as I used to be, this entire thing constantly pains me. No I am not deactivating this account but I will no longer be active. I want to keep this account up and running so many more fellow student lovers will be able to read my stories, my happiness and sorrows. I am so sorry to be doing this, this account holds everything that I could not tell him. My one last advice is prepare yourself, that is all I can say. I wish I told myself that earlier, I knew this was going to happen but I never thought it would hurt so badly. 

I love you all so so so much. Thank you for the amazing conversations, posts, stories and your beautiful souls. Keep dreaming and keep loving. 

- Jennifer. 

(yes I have finally decided to tell you all my name) 

On The Ropes - Part 6

Reader is a cop that was shot in the line of duty. As part of her physical therapy, she picks up boxing at the local gym in town, On The Ropes, owned by two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.  She is drawn to the elder brother when Dean starts working with her on moving, coordination and finally hitting. Once they get in the ring, things don’t go as planned. Dean is just as taken with her as she is with him, but she thinks of herself as broken because of her job and injury. Can Dean make her see things differently?

Catch Up Now - On The Ropes masterlist

Word Count: 1498
Warnings: Hmm, Language, Dean shirtless…

Thanks to the ever amazing @just-another-busy-fangirl for being, well amazing, and @mamaredd123 for her help in pulling this out!

John Winchester had officially been charged with second-degree murder the day following his arrest.

Detective Redman was letting you ‘work’ the case with her. You were giving Dean the time and space he needed, so all the spare time you had was spent with her pouring over evidence at her home. Once or twice a week, you also picked up a pair of gloves and hit the gym, but it wasn’t the same without Dean; you just didn’t have the heart.

You sat at Dawn’s dining room table one night combing through the statements and forensic reports. Something wasn’t adding up. According to the coroner, the victim’s time of death, or TOD, was approximately 17:30, or 5:30 p.m., which matches the timeline that John had provided.

Nick’s statement was inconsistent with John’s timeline. Nick stated he picked up John up at four and dropped him off at Mary’s thirty minutes later. He also stated that he was nowhere near the vicinity at the time of death.

“Dawn! We need to pull traffic cam footage from near Mother Mary’s and the crime scene, as well as John’s apartment; this doesn’t add up,” you called to her as she carried a pizza to the table.

“I know what you are thinking, girl,” Dawn cautioned.

“No, you don’t. None of this adds up! The timeline’s are off. If we can prove one of them is lying, we can try to break one of them. And look at this,” you said excitedly as you pulled out the forensic report containing the fingerprints. “The pattern matches just like John said. And furthermore, the GSR report the lab ran did not find any trace on the passenger seat, only on the steering wheel, and Nick already admitted he was driving. So tell me, if John pulled the trigger, why isn’t there any GSR on the passenger door or the seatbelt?”

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But here are examples of some hardcore Harley and Joker NON-shippers:

- omg i’m so done with these delusional ppl who ship these two together
- delete this
- she should be with poison ivy instead, i hate joker. he doesn’t deserve her.
- joker loves harley? but he keeps abusing her and trying to kill her? if that’s what love is then, fuck this shit i’m out
- let’s continue to romanticize and normalize this abusive af relationship. i’m totally here for it.
- don’t ship this!!! don’t ship her with her abuser!!! don’t put romantic lines to this toxic couple!!!

And here’s what I have to say:

1. some of the shippers already know that joker abuses harley, maybe even most of us already do. but why do we still ship them, i wonder? well, the answer to that my friend, is because we know joker loves harley too.

2. now, before you say, “OMG YOU’RE SO DELUSIONAL GET A LIFE FOR FUCK’S SAKE YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT ABUSIVE AND TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.” my child, i know what their relationship is like. i’ve read the comics (and some of us probs hasn’t and has only watched Suicide Squad so they keep romanticizing this toxic relationship), but I DO KNOW IN FACT WHAT THE JOKER DOES: he hurts harley physically and emotionally, he throws her away to dogs like she’s just one of them, he even tries to kill her at times and he doesn’t care about her feelings.

3. I DO NOT IN ANY WAY SUPPORT THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP IN REAL LIFE. If you are experiencing this with someone you truly love and can’t let go of, you need help. Please get help or at least talk to me or someone else about this. Now, I know it’s hard. Because you’re afraid of what people would think of you, you’re ashamed of telling someone else that you fell in love with an abusive and demented person like this, but you need to save yourself. If you can’t do it for yourself, at least do it for the person you love. It’s for the sake of helping them, too.

4. but then you ask me, “WHY DO YOU SHIP THIS IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY SUPPORT THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP?”, let us not forget harley and joker are fictional characters. shipping two fictional characters doesn’t mean you’re shipping them in real life. that doesn’t make any fucking sense? and child, if you think the fact that someone wants two FICTIONAL characters together means that they WORSHIP TOXIC AND ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS, you’re clearly not mature enough to understand this. maybe you’re not even old enough to read comics or watch movies like this.

fiction: imaginary, fantasy, false, unreal, idealistic

reality: the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Harley and Joker: fiction

Abusive & toxic relationships: real

Thing they have in common: they’re both bad

Thing they don’t have in common: fiction and reality.

Saying Suicide Squad made it okay for people to have toxic love is like saying this movie made it okay for people to kill their own families (ex: el diablo).

Stop being immature, it’s sad.

I hope I made that clear.


This is the funniest because that’s a complete lie:

• the creators themselves said that The Joker has feelings for Harley but they’re not normal for him, so he feels scared and vulnerable, leading to him trying kill her.

proof: some part in the comics, joker sent harley to a rocket and explained to harley in a video about (exactly what the creators said). thus, he does have feelings for her but he just doesn’t want to have them.

• news flash, the joker’s insane. now, a crazy person does crazy things of-fucking-course. so instead of joker showing harley how much he loves her, he hurts her, just like he does to everyone else.

6. “Harley deserves so much better. Harley and Poison Ivy should be together.”

Okay, I don’t know a lot about PI and Harl but I do know a lot of people ship them and I can’t argue with that. I COMPLETELY RESPECT YOUR OPINIONS AND UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WANT WHAT’S BEST FOR HARLEY.

On the other haaaaand, are we Harley? No, we’re not. We can’t choose for her. She’s a fucking fictional character. The creators decide.

And as we’ve already seen, even when Harley has already been fucked by Deadshot, she still loved her Mistah J in the end even when he died. (I’m not gonna spoil more for those who haven’t read the comics yet.)

She loved him ‘til the very end. We can’t do anything about that. Even if Harley finds someone else who will treat her like the queen she really is, she’ll always have The Joker in her heart.


7. No. Don’t force your ship on other else’s faces. No. Just no.

Do you see me going on Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn pages or Deadshot x Harley pages or Batman x Harley pages like:


Uhm, no. I DON’T do that. Why? Because it’s disrespectful. It’s immature. It’s sad. It’s just… NO.

You can’t force your opinions on other people. We have our own. We’re all different. This is the world we live in. Deal with it.


Well, I do whatever the fuck I want. Bye.

In conclusion:

Think before you speak or type.

DO NOT force your ships on other people. If I did that to you, you’d get annoyed too, now, wouldn’t you? Maybe even more pissed than I actually am right now.

Shipping two fictional characters together doesn’t mean you ship everyone else in the real world who have the same type of relationship they have.

If you think the Suicide Squad movie made it okay for people to have unhealthy, abusive & toxic relationships to be fine and acceptable, you weren’t ready for this movie. You’re not mature enough. You do not understand what’s real from what’s not.

Hurting someone you love when you’re insane doesn’t make you love them any less. But it’s wrong. Seriously, you need to get help.

Don’t tell people to stop loving what they love. You can’t do that. If I told you to stop doing something you’re immensely passionate about, you’d say the exact same thing.


oh wait, i have something else to say…
there’s someone who told me to post about poison ivy and harley because they’re canon too as much as harley and joker are canon.


It’s like telling someone who doesn’t necessarily hate horror movies, but is just not their thing, to watch horror movies.

Like ???

Please think before you say something.

jacobs-jottings  asked:

I've always been an INTJ on the MBTI test (via 16personalities)- however I decided to redo it. And this time around I've landed on INFJ. There's a lot there that's relatable. But one thing bothers me. I am not that emotional when it comes to me. When it comes to others, yes. Logic sometimes drifts, because I feel like I have to work on compassion in relationships. But when the focus on me, I'm 100% logical and take a rational approach. Can these co-exist? And would that fall under INTJ or INFJ?

Welcome to the blog!
Let’s try to define your type once and for all! =)

Option 1: Trying other binary tests

Here is another test that works similarly to 16personalities: http://www.quistic.com/personality-type/test . Fun fact: this is the one that made us question that my INFJ here was not an INFP after all. 

The thing about 16personalities (as much as I’ve used it in the past as a tool for character description when I write) and these sort of tests is that they are too binomial. They rely only in binary choices (you’re either one option or the other, eg. Feeling or Thinking) and in cases where this differentiation is not sharp enough (your F vs. T), it can end up sorting you into different types, which is what happened here. 

Option 2: Trying cognitive functions tests

Since I only want to recommend you sites that I’ve used, I can only suggest this one: http://www.keys2cognition.com/explore.htm 
I find it useful but difficult to answer for some reason. Plus, it sometimes types me as ENTJ because of my strong Te, but I’m positive that my dominant function is Ni and that I’m an introvert.

Option 3: Understanding cognitive functions and typing yourself

Let’s be honest, this is my favourite option. Why rely on tests when you can read the theory, understand it yourself and apply it on your own?
Since I don’t want to bore you with too much technical information, I’ll just mention the most important points.  INTJ and INFJ have similar functions: 

  • INTJ: Ni - Te - Fi - Se
  • INFJ: Ni - Fe - Ti - Se

Basically both types share the same dominant and inferior functions. Our work here is to see wether your auxiliary function is Te (INTJ) or Fe (INFJ). 

Both Te and Fe are extraverted and perceiving functions. This means that: a) they are focused on the outer world and its events; b) they are used in the process of decision-making. Now let’s spot their differences:

Te (extraverted thinking) – used by INTJ as the auxiliary function

Te uses objective facts when making decisions about the external world.
It values structural order and consistency, it tries to understand and organize the environment and its elements. 

Fe (extraverted feeling) – used by INFJ as the auxiliary function

Fe strives for interpersonal peace. Fe users are good at understanding the needs of others as well as their feelings, motivations, etc. It is generally based on collective rather than individual values.

I think the best hint to see wether you are a Te or a Fe user is analyzing how you make decisions. 

  • INTJ: you make decisions based on what you think. 
  • INFJ: you make decisions based on what you feel.

This has nothing to do with having feelings or not. I can be a very emotional being (a fact that surprises many people for some reason). I have emotions as a result of the situations that I am in and its circumstances, I just don’t act on them.  My decision making process is based on what I believe is the best option and not the one that feels like the best one. The difference might sound subtle but it is not. It also has a lot to do with your priorities.

Bonus: comparing myself to INFJ

Note: this is a subjective comparison between two specific individuals (me and the INFJ moderator of this blog) based on my own observations. What applies to us does not necessarily apply to other INTJs and INFJs. 

– INFJ: values the option that is most likely to assure emotional stability, well-being, feeling safe, comfort, their own happiness or the happiness of others.
– INTJ: values the option that is most likely to assure success (whatever definition it might have for each individual), what is better for the long-run no matter how unpleasant.

– INFJ: emotion-oriented (”I don’t feel like doing this”) 
–INTJ: duty-oriented (”So what?”)

Emotional support: 
– INFJ: is a very good listener. Offers both real emotional support and ways to deal with it (focusing on the first one). 
– INTJ: tell them your problems and they’ll help you deal with them and take action. Don’t expect any other kind of support (”why are people telling me this if they don’t want to deal with it? What’s the purpose of useless whining?”)

Imagine this situation: INFJ and INTJ are in any sort of social event and they want to leave.  
– INFJ: can’t leave because “what if someone gets upset”. 
– INTJ: “lol, bye”.

– INFJ: “If someone feels upset because of something I said, it’s probably my fault”. 
– INTJ: “If someone feels upset because of something I said, it’s probably their problem”. 

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my boyfriend does my makeup voiceover; jeno ver.

a/n; i know im pretty late on the bandwagon but i was casually reading some of cheryl’s( @markleetrashh ) works and i happened to see her version of it and damn i was inspired to write my own hehe.. this might eventually be a series(ish) on this blog i already have someone else in mind for the next part of this series so do request if you want to see anyone in particular:)))

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bye my heart is weak for my dearest bias wrecker zeno sails again and yes i totally made that ship name up i have zero shame

  • ok so
  • it took you a aju long time to coerce coax jeno into doing this
  • “i don’t know anything about makeup!!”
  • “says the one who puts it on when they go on stage”
  • “okay maybe a little but- I KNOW NOTHING”
  • “i’ll cuddle you whenever if you do it”
  • “even when you’re doing homework?”
  • “…”
  • “yeah as long as i don’t fail my exams”
  • hence
  • mc jeno in the house with you beside him
  • “hey guys, its jeno here, y/n’s boyfriend, and today i’ll be voiceover-ing her everyday makeup look!!”
  • “i heard from y/n that alot of you guys have been requesting this since forever–”
  • “they just like you better jeno”
  • “that’s not true!!”
  • “it is!! the comment section is 70% of ‘where’s jeno’”
  • “ anyway, i know absolutely nothing about makeup, please forgive me.”
  • “so first off!! y/n looks beautiful even without makeup omygod shes so pretty and damn she looks like she already had makeup on–”
  • “i’m deducting one cuddle hour”
  • “why do i get called out for complimenting you y/n”
  • “oops okay so here is this mint looking tube called pore-fessional?? i don’t get why makeup has weird names”
  • “soooo she’s just squeezing a dot on the back of her hand and then spreading it all over her face”
  • “next we have this,,, thing called laneige”
  • “oh it’s a bb cushion! the makeup noonas put it on my face too”
  • “now she’s patting it all over her face, papapapapapapt”
  • “and done!! wow she’s so pretty!!!”
  • “and now for this,, thing that has a white fluff on the top, wha– age-rewind?? why does she need it she looks so young why does she need that”
  • “she’s using that to draw a triangle at the bottom of her eyes on her cheeks”
  • “then she uses the same sponge from the bb cushion thing, papapapapapapat”
  • “ok she’s done i don’t see you looking like a 3 year old y/n– i’M SORRY I LOVE YOU BABE”
  • you threw your stuffed unicorn and jeno, as he caught it,,
  • “omygod jeno”
  • you just sighed and leaned your head on his broad shoulders, as he smirked smiled to himself and continued the commentary
  • “so now y/n has to draw her eyebrows,, using this silver pen?? g–goofproof something idontknow”
  • “after drawing, she takes this small bottle called gimme brow and brushes the very small brush through her brows and now she has pretty brows as pretty as her yay”
  • “y/n now has this too faced sweet peach palette! i know the name because i bought it for her and she was so happy and the palette smells like peaches i recommend it,, and she’s taking this uh,, beige? colour and putting it on her eyelid”
  • “and now she’s taking a pink colour and putting it on too, y/n looks so pretty what did i do to deserve her”
  • “oh my god jeno istg”
  • “i’m the best boyfriend commenter i know that babe”
  • “now she uses another black pen to draw a line on her eyelid, and with a tiny little flick at the end!”
  • “okay it’s time to put the mascara, she uses this scary looking scissor-like thing to cut?? oh no curl her lashes! the makeup noona did that to mark-hyung’s eyes because we can’t see his eyelashes”
  • “you’re lying when you said you know nothing about makeup, jeno”
  • “i really know nothing,,,”
  • “don’t lie! i bet you know more than me”
  • “now y/n uses this pink thing called galifornia?? i thought it was california”
  • “oh and now she has pink cheeks oguogu so cute”
  • “next she uses becca’s highlighter in champagne pop! i know it because i bought it for her along with the peach palette! i like it because it looks like iron man’s armour”
  • “with a mini fan she uses it to highlight her nose bridge, and her cheeks, so she will shine bright like a diamond”
  • “wow jeno you really don’t know anything about makeup”
  • “the makeup noona taught me”
  • “lastly, she uses this lip thing, that has a triangle in the middle”
  • “y/n says its from laneige, the what?”
  • “two tone tint lip bar”
  • “anyway, its called tint mint, and it smells really good when i–”
  • “okay too much information”
  • “and now she has this pretty gradient lip thing!! so pretty”
  • “i guess she’s done now, she’s posing prettily for the camera!”
  • “remember to like, share and subscribe to y/n’s channel!” 
  • “if you subscribe i will do a boyfriend tag with y/n”
  • “ok what lee jeno i did not agree to this–”
  • “thank you for watching and please give y/n lots of love!!”
  • and then jeno just stops the recording himself and slouches in his seat,
  • “did i do good y/n? i literally kept asking the makeup noona questions so i can–”
  • “you did great jeno, you’re the best” as you hugged him in assurance, as he hugged you back
  • “can we do this again? it was really fun”
  • “i think my viewers would love that more than my usual videos”