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Valentine’s Gift for @peanut-milk for the @aftgexchange.

The one where Andrew and Neil have their first official date( On Valentine’s Day no less. Blame Allison.)

“So, what did you get your monster for Valentine’s Day?” Allison asks, as she idly types away at her phone.

Anger bubbles up in Neil, “Allison, he’s not—“ he begins, but gets cut off by her.

“Sorry, I meant to say Andrew, your boyfriend. What did you get him for Valentine’s Day?” she gives a quick glance up at Neil, whose face appears slightly flushed at the remark. A smirk forms on her lips, “Don’t try and deny that. I won’t let you.”

Neil sighs and runs a hand through his hair, “Nothing. Why would I?” At those words, Allison stops typing away on her phone and sets it down next to her. She arches a brow at Neil, “What do you mean ‘nothing,’ it’s Valentine’s Day, Neil. That one day of the year specifically designated by capitalism to celebrate your love with your partner. Which is Andrew, in your case.”

Love. He lets the word wash over him. He doesn’t know if that’s the word he’d use. It’s a word too overused all around him but too underused in his own life for it to mean anything to him.  He doesn’t think any word is fit to describe what he and Andrew have and yet—

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Mask Off

The title is totally a Future reference but the story mentions Childish Gambino???
Also I 100% headcanon Peter as a Childish Gambino fan
Anyway, hope you guys like it and happy 1 week from “Spider-Man: Homecoming!”

Title: Mask Off
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: After a rooftop dance session, you and your crime-fighting partner, Spider-Man, learn about each other without the masks
Word Count: 1,529
Warnings: None
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @kindnesswins @melconnor2007 @mcheung0314

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            "Oh my God, are you for real?“ you groaned, just stepping foot into the bank.

           "Oh, hey there,” your masked rival Spider-Man greets casually. “Come here often?”

           He already had the robbers apprehended, sitting uselessly at his feet. This was the 5th time in a month that this punk beat you at your own game, and there was only so much crime in this city. You were getting real tired of his competition real fast.

           "Get off my turf, man,“ you complained. "I got dressed for nothing! Do you know how hard it is to put on this suit?”

           Spider-Man pretends to ponder your question for a minute before shrugging. “Can’t relate,” he gloats.

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Two Hours ‘Till Kendrick


Warning: smut

Author’s Note: thank you everyone who has been so nice and encouraging to me as a writer. I love writing and I love Ethan and all of you have made this this a fun little safe haven for me. I can’t say thank you enough. Drop me a message or an ask. I love talking with you! Now here’s a little Coachella Ethan, kinda, sorta.

“Remember when Ethan gave you fake flowers for Easter?” Cameron spoke dryly, knowing fully well Ethan was only a few feet behind her, leaning against the doorframe and nibbling on a plate of pancakes. You were sitting in front of a mirror curling your hair.

You looked at her through the reflection, a smile stretching at your lips. You went to speak, but were cut off by your obnoxious boyfriend who still spoke with his mouth full no matter how many times you told him it was rude and unbecoming of him.

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365 days of ryan ross; day 27

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was thinking to ask for what would the RFA + v + saeran be like with an MC that loves videogames? Like they have a bunch of them on their pc and consoles and likes playing w/ friends when its an online game and stuff like that. A gamer MC is more appropriate i guess? Hope it won't bother you, thanks!

This was so cute! Sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted…we got carried away…hehe;;;;. Hope you like though! 


  • He was teasing Yoosung about raging all night on a new game besides LOLOL
  • He didn’t expect you to join in on the conversation raving about it
  • Turns out you are a hardcore gamer, and you own all kinds of different consoles and play online every weekend
  • Zen had played some video games, but because of work he doesn’t play often
  • When he finds out about your interest, he wants to play one weekend with you
  • At first, you log in online to play with the others
  • Zen gets obliterated
  • So, you settle for some co-op Hallow on the Zetbox
  • You guys get so into it, you don’t even realize you played all night
  • When the credits roll, you both are kind of stunned you beat it in one day
  • Zen leans back and winks at you
  • “Guess we make a good team, huh?”
  • He can’t remember when he had some much fun from video games
  • To commemorate it, he gets you guys couple “Player 1” and “Player 2” tshirts
  • He still teases you when you play on the PC for long hours, but if he sees you on a console, he’ll join you


  • He’s talking to you one day complaining about this new gamer on his LOLOL server
  • As he starts talking about them, you notice it sounds familiar
  • “Yoosung, that’s…me.”
  • Suddenly, he’s gushing over you instead of complaining
  • You’re his dream come true, until…
  • He suggests for you to join his guild, and you refuse
  • This makes you enemies in the game at first
  • The first battle you two had against each other was intense he thought about breaking up with you forty times within the first forty minutes
  • Soon, the competition between you two actually gets kind of fun
  • But if someone else dares attack either of you, you have each other’s back
  • You guys save up and go to gaming conventions together and do couple cosplays


  • She knew you liked video games, but she didn’t realize you were an avid gamer until you moved in together
  • She was getting water at 2am and she heard some loud whispering from your room
  • You had left your door open, so she comes across you directing your team members on some online game
  • After getting caught, you kind of just laugh it off and suggest she play sometimes
  • She refuses, not finding the appeal of staring at a computer for hours she does that at work
  • You suggest that she tries some Creature Crossing on the Nimtendo DS
  • She’s hesitant, but she agrees since you suggested it
  • She finds it as a huge stress relief
  • Seeing how much she enjoyed it, you just gave it to her as a gift and got yourself another one
  • In the evenings, you two like to visit each other’s towns in the game and trade a bunch of things
  • Jaehee goes crazy with interior decorating part


  • When he found that you really liked gaming, he invited you over to use whatever console you wanted
  • He had those huge, flat screen, HD TV’s, so playing there was like heaven
  • You didn’t want to play alone though, so you ask for him to join you
  • He’s hesitant, but he agrees…he barely plays, so he could at least put the games to use
  • You pop in Zario Kart and give him a basic run down of the controls
  • You weren’t expecting him to slaughter you
  • You also didn’t expect him to get SO into it
  • You’ve never seen Jumin yell at a screen before…it was both scary and amusing
  • Also, he’s ruthless
  • “Jumin, did you just use a blue shell? ON ME?!”
  • He pats your knee lovingly, though his eyes never leave the screen
  • “Nothing personal, dear.”
  • While he wins every time, you can’t say no the next time he asks you to play


  • Whenever he’s busy and you’re over, he lets you use his computers
  • One time he’s done early and comes over to see what you’re upto
  • You’re completely engrossed in an online game…and you’re really good
  • He quietly sits on another computer and plays against you
  • Half way through the round, you get the gist of it and you two go head to head
  • Of course he wins
  • You never play against him online again because you swear he’s doing some sort of hacking to get a bunch of mods he’s not but you’re salty
  • But you can’t help it when you see him casually playing his DS and Nimtemcats 
  • You take out your own and start playing along
  • You both actually love it because it’s really peaceful, and you two have fun making ridiculous names for all the cats
  • You didn’t think it possible for him to add mods to a DS game, but…he is 707
  • He makes a bunch of personalized accessories for your cats, and it’s the cutest thing


  • He knew you played video games
  • He liked to watch you play online sometimes, but it stressed him out sometimes when there were a lot of people
  • He caught you one day playing Wingdom Hearts on a console instead of the PC
  • It looked really interesting, and he wanted to maybe try
  • “Hey…can I play with you?”
  • “Sorry, Saeran…It’s only one player…unless you can hack.”
  • There’s a silence before you realize what you just said
  • You let him borrow the game for a few hours as he does his handy work
  • Sure enough, he manages to tamper with the code and allow co-op
  • It’s a lot of fun, and usually gaming sessions with him are really chill
  • But he’s the kind of guy to constantly mock the dialogue


  • He knows you play video games, and that you’re pretty into the whole thing
  • He’s supportive, but he never really joins you
  • You want to find something you two can enjoy together so you ask if he’s played any games
  • He’s so proud to show you his original Nimtendo DS
  • “V…how long has it been since you played?”
  • He pops out the game cartridge, “Oh, look! Brain Age 1.”
  • You drag him over to the TV and set up the Wii
  • After spending a few minutes hours making his Mii, you show him Wii sports
  • He’s a little awkward at first, trying not to be so obvious with his movements
  • But he loosens up a bit
  • He’ll never say anything, but you can tell his favorites are tennis and golf 

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Hi there, umm could you do bts reactions to gf getting jealous and another one with them getting jealous please?


None of these gifs are mine all credit to owners! I feel like I might have turned this into a needy BTS reaction… oops?


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

“You look beautiful babe, you don’t need to watch these beauty videos. Now pay attention to your more beautiful boyfriend.”

You’ve been watching beauty videos most of the afternoon, just enjoying watching them for fun. Jin has been waiting to get the attention he needs because he’s a princess, but you’ve been on the couch for two hours, he couldn’t help it, but to complain.


Originally posted by sugastoungetechonawlogy

“Okay, but why not fangirl about your boyfriend? I can actually make you feel good with my tongue technology. How about it?”

You’ve been listening to (artist name) for what seems to be eternity to Yoongi and making small comments about them here and there, praising them with some interesting wording. Which Yoongi likes to hear in bed, especially when they’re towards him. If him complaining doesn’t work then it evolves to him teasing you.


Originally posted by notjhope

“That’s nice bye!”

You’ve been talking on the phone for who knows how long. Hoseok was getting impatient, so he just grabbed your phone and hung up for you dragging you onto the couch cuddling you. He didn’t realize his mistake until you told him it was your mother who he hung up on.


Originally posted by yoonseok

“Hmm who was that? You know what I don’t care, I love you and that’s all that matters. Now love me back.”

You were both at a bookstore, looking for books to add to Namjoon’s collection. When you have happened to come a cross an old friend. You both started to chat when Namjoon came up and pulled you away have seeing enough of your guys’ interaction. He’d tug you along until you go to the car.


Originally posted by ciutae

“I can sing too, you know? I can give you a free concert of just me singing! Love me (wo)man!”

You’ve been watching live concert videos of (artist name) and he’d get annoyed that you’d rather hear someone else sing instead of him or pay attention to him. He’d wrap his arms around you and complain until you’d sigh turning off your phone and giving him your attention and love.


Originally posted by sgfgdolans

“I like cuddles too! Come on let’s cuddle! And maybe have a little fun ;)!”

*light smack*

“Or just cuddle!”

You’ve been cuddling your friend’s dog ever since they asked you to pet sit for them. Tae at first would be ecstatic to have a dog, even if it is for a while, but after a while he’d want your affection as well.


Originally posted by breezythewanderer

“Are you guys done talking? Can I at least have a kiss?”

*light peck*


You’ve been face timing one of your friends from back home and Jungkook just wanted to play video games with you. He’d been in the back while you and F/N talked giving F/N a glare since he/she’s been taking away your attention and time to be spent on him.

I fucked up. Excuse any mistakes

title: a wasp on the length of my arm

rating: t

pairing: klance

tags: modern au, childhood best friends au, trans guy keith, anxiety, miscommunication, mild angst later on, all that good good stuff. also lots of best friends tho. it took me a billion years but i decided to upload this finally as 2 separate chapters so

ch 1 of 2


Keith and Lance have been friends since elementary school.

This surprises most people when they first see them interact. Keith acts like he hates Lance, and Lance acts like they’re rivals, but in reality they joined at the hip in second grade and never separated, and maybe it’s because they’ve known each other so long that they act the way that they do. Lance is annoying, and Keith isn’t afraid to tell him that, and Keith is a hothead, and Lance isn’t afraid to call him out on it. It’s a weird equilibrium, a give-and-take that Keith has yet to experience with any of his other friends, but it works so well for them that Keith tries not to think too much about it.

alternatively titled: the klance childhood best friends au where keith isnt sure what they are anymore and lance is bad at talking about his feelings

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It is what it is

This is a mix of imagine + headcanon because halfway through, I started writing it in headcanon and simply got too lazy to change it into an imagine form so I do hope it’s alright with you! Thank you for sending in this prompt, it really was fun to try and attempt writing it! Hope you enjoy! Thank you, @trash—-can for this prompt!

“What is the purpose of this game?” Damian frowns as he crosses his arms. He could be doing something else right now but no, Richard wanted everyone to do some bonding time and it has only been a few minutes and Damian already feels like going back inside the manor.

“There really is no purpose to this game at all.” Dick replies but before Damian could even head back in to the manor, he grabs on to Damian’s shoulders. “We need to have some fun and since this is the ‘in’ thing right now, we should all do it.”

Jason jumps down from the branch he had been sitting on and cracks his knuckles. “So what game is it? I have an hour or two to spare.” Jason smirks. He loves playing games with his siblings – it always turns in to such a huge one-upping competition, it is almost hilarious.

Tim lets out a yawn. “Let’s get this started since Dick dragged me out of my room and confiscated almost all of my belongings.” He had been on hour 49 when Dick came in his room and tried to coerce him in to going to sleep but long story short, he ended up agreeing to playing this game instead.

“Tt.” Damian shrugs off Dick’s hands from his shoulders. “Come on then. Let us play this child’s game.”

Dick smiles before looking at his brothers. “So basically this is something simple – whenever you hear the words ‘the floor is lava’, you try your best to make sure you are on anything and anywhere but the floor.” Dick tries his hardest to explain – truth be told, initially he had not been sold with this idea. This idea was something you had come up with and unfortunately, you could not come back to the manor in time so Dick has to be the one to explain.

“This is going to be easy.” Jason smirks. “How about we make it in to a competition?” He challenges and Damian being one to never back down from a challenge, is the first one to agree.

“Let’s!” Damian agrees. “What are the rules to this game, Richard?” Damian looks at his oldest brother.

“Well, technically there aren’t really any rules at all – so long as someone says ‘the floor is lava’, you have to make sure you aren’t touching the floor at all.” Dick shrugs his shoulders.

“How about we do something different with it? Like instead of just the floor, maybe I can say pants is lava?” Tim snickers to himself after suggesting that.

Jason bursts in laughter. “I’m fine with that.”

Dick shakes his head. “How about we keep it to just in the vicinity of the manor?” He looks at his brothers. “How about it?”

All three of them nod their heads. Dick smiles. “That’s settled then. Do we want to run a practice for this?” but before anyone could even answer, Dick blurts out, “The floor is lava!” And proceeds to leap on top of the flower pot.

Damian does a summersault and hangs on to the light pole. Tim on the other hand ran back and forth between wanting to head to the porch but instead simply jumps up to the rooftop. Jason simply jumps back to the branch he had been sitting on earlier.

“I think we all know to play this game!”

  • So what happens next is that the boys will always try to catch the other one off guard. One time, Damian shouted “the floor is lava” when Jason had been in the toilet and there were a lot of cursing and shouting before Damian opened the door to find Jason hanging upside down from the ceiling.
  • The boys really enjoyed playing this game so much to the point where they managed to convince Bruce to play with them as well so for a period of time, it became a us vs you game where they all tried to catch Bruce off guard. It never happens as they think it would though because Bruce is surprisingly really good at playing ‘the floor is lava’.
  • Last time, when Tim had said ‘the floor is lava’, Bruce had been the first one to stand on top of the table though Alfred had scolded all of them for playing it in the dining room right before lunch – the dining room has since then been banned and no one is allowed to play it in there.
  • Jason likes springing it on people whenever they are relaxing and drinking their cup of tea/coffee of the day. He normally does it when he knows it’ll be a tad bit hard for people to try to jump on anything – like that time when he said ‘the floor is lava’ in the middle of one of the golf fields Bruce has in his backyard – it was pretty hilarious to see his siblings as well as Bruce attempting to find something they can stand on. (He also totally took videos of them running around, trying to get off of the floor).

anonymous asked:

can you please do some more zen :3 married life hcs?

  • zen always gets up at the weirdest times to do hair rituals. mc thought he was a burglar once and he was bonked with a lamp.
  • zen generally is the designated tall person to grab anything from a super high shelf, and he likes being useful.
  • they have a mass of wedding photos all over the house. he was just so happy and plastered them in every room of the house. 
    • shamelessly shows said pictures every time a guest comes over.
  • definitely the type to have a night in of movies and snuggles when he can. he’s usually pretty busy with schedules and working out but he takes out time to be with mc.
  • takes out a little too much time and mc has to remind him yes, he has to go to that shoot at 4am tomorrow, and yes they should just call it a night and go to bed.
  • he’s whiny as hell about the whole thing, but he thanks her later when she has to help him get ready at 4am to leave.
  • always leaves kisses all over mc’s face if he has to leave while they’re still asleep; he can’t help that they look so cute.
  • hair styling is officially a group effort between the two as a married couple. zen does mc’s hair, mc does zen’s hair, and zen has been beginning to sport manbuns thanks to mc.
  • sometimes if zen is on set for hours on a day, he and mc snuggle up in his dressing room to nap together for a little bit. it’s very cute until zen moves in his sleep and makes the two of them topple over onto the ground.
  • zen cries during movies. this is not up for discussion. mc likes making fun of him when he complains that elizabeth third just still has some fur in their house from that one time jumin came to visit over a year ago.
  • zen sings during the showers but it’s not as if mc minds it; he’s a good singer, and sometimes mc blurts out the next line for him when they pass by.
  • zen is a Dramatic Ass Ho sometimes and you can hear him say in the most exasperated voice in their small ass apartment that he’s never going to move out of mc swears to god “WOW, WE HAVE NO MORE BEERS, OH NOOO” mc doesn’t buy his woe is me act. 
    • yes, not even when he walks over to her and slumps dramatically over mc’s lap like some kind of pet.
  • grocery shopping is always left to mc because once mc wrote him a very detailed list of what to get (how do you just ‘read over’ low fat soymilk?) and the only thing he came back with two six packs of beers, a pack of cigarettes, and three tv dinners. he doesn’t know how to survive on his own and mc wonders how literal everyone was when they said zen used to just drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
  • sometimes zen can be found sulking in a corner of the house like some sort of seven year old in the time out corner because he discovered a pimple. 
    • as if his diet wasn’t just beer and chainsmoking
  • sometimes mc likes hiding his cigarettes in tough places around the house so he gives up and has to spend a day without them. 
  • mc likes to read while zen lays on mc’s lap to check social media, and they play with his hair idly a lot.
  • he needs attention 110% of the time like it’s wild. mc could be working on a four page essay and zen would honest to god physically cling to mc and whine about how he’s so lonely when mc isn’t paying attention to him and then makes whiny noises and kicks his feet around in their bed while mc types. sometimes he stomps. mc swears they married a child.
  • they’ve got cheesy movie soundtracks and yes, they dance to it together in the living room. they’ve got the whole beauty and the beast choreo down.
  • when zen has to travel, mc and him come as a package and they always coordinate matching airport outfits along with matching suitcases, and it’s all a very stylish and very Extra thing to do. 
  • overall they’re just a very extra married couple and will probably die wearing coordinating outfits
Our Kind Of Love (Part 7/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!  


a “baby did you eat today?” kind of love.

You had been sitting in the day room wedged between Charlie and Bucky, watching the baseball game.  Steve was currently signing autographs for a boy scout group that had come to help out at the hospital.  Sam who was suppose to be watching the game, was at the reception desk speaking with Clara, the new receptionist.

The sound of Bucky, Steve, and Sam’s phones going off at the same moment drew your attention.  If all three were going off, it was going to be something work related.  You tried not to show your disappoint and slight fear.  You were always nervous when the boys left.  Steve meant the world to you and every time he left a piece of your heart broke and followed him out the door.  

After some shared glances Sam and Steve made their way to where you and Bucky were on the couch.  You refused to look at Steve’s face knowing if you did, he would see right through you.  A light squeeze on your leg had you looking at Bucky, by the look on his face you could tell he knew what you were thinking.

“Y/n…..Darlin’ we have to-”

“Go. I know. It’s okay, be careful, all of you.”  Steve gave you a grateful smile and pulled you from the couch wrapping his arms around you.  

“Gonna miss ya every minute.” You smile at him, Bucky was right you were turning him into a softy.

Before you could open your mouth a silky female voice filled the room.  “There you boys are we have to go.  I have your bags packed and ready.”

You glance behind Steve to find two gorgeous women, both with perfect bodies.  Steve turned leaving one arm wrapped around you.  “Nat, Wanda come meet Y/n.”

Looking at the two women you suddenly felt completely under dressed and plain.  These were the girls your boyfriend spent time with?!  What the hell is he doing with you if he could have them?!  Is this why you hadn’t been introduced to them till this moment?

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anonymous asked:

PROMPT: Since we know next to nothing about the Acar family, can you please write an Iftar fic at Yousef's household and Mama Acar knows and so do his siblings (if he has any) and it's just a fun time but also Sana is super nervous!! If you don't have time or can't do it, I understand, but if you do, thank you so much!

Hey nonnie, this is two weeks late so I’m you’re still around and you like it! :D


Sana has been staring at the clothes hanging in her closet for the past half an hour. She’s never this indecisive about what she should wear, but this wasn’t just any occasion.

She was going to Yousef’s house. For iftaar. She was going to meet his mother and sister.

Unfortunately, Baba won’t be there since he’s away for a business trip. Yousef had told her earlier.


Well nothing unfortunate about that as far as Sana was concerned, one parent was unnerving enough.

After much consideration she finally picked the white churidaar salwar kameez her mom had bought for her from the Pakistani store downtown, and matched it with a light pink hijab.

Elias was waiting in the living room, wearing a blue and silver kurta and looking “fresh” enough to give Mutasim a run for his money. When she walked out he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“No black?”

She frowned. “Is it too much?”

He got up to stand in front of her and then with a big smile said, “Of course not. You look beautiful sis.”

She smiled back and was about to say thank you when he added, “Yousef won’t be able to tear his eyes away from you for the entire evening.”

So she ended up lightly hitting him in the arm instead. “Elias! That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. What part of lowkey don’t you understand? It’s already weird that I’m tagging along to an iftaar invitation with all the boys, I don’t want his mom to catch him making eyes at me. Please don’t add fuel to the fire by saying anything inappropriate.”

Elias made a motion where he sealed his lips shut and then threw away the key.

With a sigh Sana followed him outside and got into the car.

As he revved the engine he said, “You know, It’s not like he’s the only one with the heart eyes. You turn into an emoji around him too.”

She tried not to grin but failed. “Oh shut up and just drive Elias.”  


It turned out that Elias wasn’t the sibling she should’ve been worried about. Because as soon as Yousef opened the door, his nine-year-old sister Amena came bouncing up to them and exclaimed, “Is she finally here? The girl you’re always talking with on the phone?”

“Amena!” he gently reprimanded as he moved her aside to let them enter. Elias laughed while Sana smiled nervously.

“Sometimes I stand outside his room and all he does is talk about how much he loves your smile and beautiful you are.” She looked Sana up and down with an appraising and eye and then declared, “He’s not wrong you know.”

“Okaaaay, that’s enough.” Said Yousef as he gently clamped a hand on his sister’s mouth and picked her up to take her to her room before she revealed any other embarrassing details about his long conversations with Sana.

Elias was having a blast and called after him, “How come you never call me beautiful? I’m hurt.” He mocked while Sana turned redder by the second.

Yousef returned quickly and lead them to the living room where the rest of the squad was sitting. Adam, Mutta and Mikael got up to greet Elias and said hi to Sana.

“Where’s Yenge?” Elias asked just as Mrs. Acar walked in.

“Right here” she said with a smile. “It’s so nice to finally have you boys back in my home, you should come here more often instead of troubling Mrs. Bakkoush all the time.”

“It’s no trouble, Mama likes having guests over.” Sana said and Elias smirked at her, knowing full well how her constant complaints about his friends being in their home 24/7 had conveniently disappeared as soon as a certain carrot loving boy had confessed his feelings for her. Now she was suddenly as welcoming as her parents.

“Ah Sana. It’s so good to see you too habibti.” Mrs. Acar went over to give her a hug. “You look prettier every time!” she said as she kissed her cheek.

Elias elbowed Yousef and wiggled his eyebrows as if to say, “your mother approves” and Yousef just shook his head and smiled.

“Why don’t you all move to the table, there’s only a few minutes left.”

“Do you need any help Yenge?” Sana offered even though she hoped the answer would be no. Thankfully that’s exactly what she said.

Yousef discreetly whispered as he walked by, “You’re useless in the kitchen anyway” and then winked over his shoulder while Sana glared.



There were three minutes left for Iftaar and they all raised their hands to pray. Sana closed her eyes and concentrated on her Duas, listing them one by one and finishing off with an Ameen just as the call to Maghrib prayer started.

Before she could reach for her first date her phone pinged with a new text. She looked across the table to see Yousef typing.

Yousef: Hmm, I wonder what you were praying for.


Sana: Don’t get too cocky, your name wasn’t mentioned.


Yousef: : (

She was about to reply when Mrs. Acar said, “So I hear you’re planning to follow in your father’s footsteps and become a surgeon Sana.”

She nodded. “That’s the hope Yenge.”

“Mashallah. In a few years I’ll be calling you Dr. Bakkoush.”

“In a few years you’ll be calling her daughter in law.” Elias, who was sitting next to her, muttered under his breath. Sana kicked his leg under the table while smiling sweetly at Mrs. Acar and he tried not to groan too loudly.

Amena piped up, “It’ll be good to have a doctor in the family.”

“Indeed.” Mrs. Acar agreed with a significant glance at Sana. She blinked, wondering if she was reading too much into it, but no one said anything more as they all began eating Mrs. Acar’s wonderful dishes, so she breathed a sigh of relief and took a large helping of the Fırın Makarna.


She hugged Mrs. Acar goodbye and promised to come visit again soon. Amena winked at her and Sana patted her head, causing the little girl to scrunch up her face.

Yousef walked them out to their car. Elias embraced and thanked him, and with a knowing look got into the car so Sana and Yousef could have some time alone.

She leaned against the car and folded her arms. “So, not as disastrous as I had imagined.”

He laughed, “Oh, you were never so nervous. For no reason. Mama loved you, I could tell.”

“Yeah I noticed a little something too.” She narrowed her eyes. “Did you say anything Yousef?”

He did that thing where he reached behind his head and messed up his hair, his nervous tic. “Uh, maybe.”

She lightly his his arm. “Yousef!”

He caught her hand and then brought it close, rubbing patterns over her wrist with his thumb.

“It’s okay, they’re all pleased. Like I knew they would be.”

She closed her eyes and smiled. “Well, I guess it’ll be my turn soon.”

He raised her hand to his lips and pressed a soft kiss to it. “Don’t worry about it. There’s no rush.”

After all, they had all the time in the world to spend with each other.

LuHan scenario - my wish

Originally posted by ingrid-xiaolu


genre: birthday fluff and birthday sex ;)

Warnings: eating out, neck bites, dirty talk

summary: Luhan comes for a visit while you celebrate your birthday with family and makes sure that you have a very happy ending.

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1+1 = for life

When I had this in mind, I didn’t expect it to end up being this long. It’s probably the longest work I have written up to date. I had to put it under the keep reading line because it is just too long. I wanted this to be a fluffy piece but I’m not sure if I managed to send that message across but hope anyone who gives this a read, enjoy! I am off to do some quick shopping and then I will be back to post some more requests!

Word count: 3933

It really was supposed to be a short fluffy piece…

Bruce Wayne never does anything half-assed. You have known this ever since you started dating him a couple of years ago. But Bruce also never does anything less than what he is expected though ever since he got together with you – you being the longest and long-lasting relationship he is ever in – Bruce has taken the Gotham city gossipers by surprise with his change of heart. This did not mean he had stopped throwing extravagant galas or stopped attending any charity events or galas. It just means he did all of those with you in his arms or with an arm around you, looking like the very amazing power couple the two of you.

Which brings you to your earlier point: Bruce Wayne never does anything half-assed.

You are currently standing in the Wayne manor, looking at Dick who is grinning widely at you. You have met each and every one of Bruce’s sons through the years of being together with him. Not only that, you also knew his secret life as The Batman and by proxy, you knew his sons’ identities too. It was not that hard for you to deduce given the amount of time you spend together with Bruce and his family.

“Happy 10th anniversary, Y/N!” Dick wraps his arms around you, giving you a tight squeeze causing you to laugh. You have seen this teen grow in to a very handsome and well-mannered man. “Thank you for putting up with Bruce!” You laugh at this and Dick pulls away from the hug, taking out a folded note from his pocket. “Unfortunately, none of what you are supposed to look for are here and instead, you have to go look for them.” His voice is laced with mirth and you are a little bit confused yet excited at what’s in store for you.

“Okay, so what is Bruce doing for our anniversary this year?” This is a thing between the two of you. Always trying to one up each other on your anniversary and since this year is your 10th anniversary with Bruce, you are extremely sure he has something extravagant planned for you. You would not put it past him not to do so. Last year you had surprised him with a private dinner with everyone that holds a place in Bruce’s heart and spent the entire day doing charity work with him. It did not sound as exciting as this plan Bruce has for you.

The grin on his face stays as he stares at Bruce’s love. Dick is forever grateful for the day Bruce had met you because ever since that day, he had gradually changed for the better. Dick unfolds the note. “This day is dedicated entirely to you, F/N L/N, the love of my life. With the help of the boys, I am choosing to embrace the fun and excitement of having you go on a scavenger hunt!” Dick reads out the note and you blink a couple of times.

“I definitely did not expect a scavenger hunt… but how hard can this be?” You look at your heels and Dick chuckles before picking up a nicely wrapped present that had been beside his feet. How did you miss that? Dick hands it over to you. Amused, you take it and unwrapped the present when Dick tells you to do so. “He definitely has this planned out – did you tell him I wanted new shoes?”

Dick nods his head. “You did say the soles of your old shoes became very slippery on almost every surface.” Dick takes your heels from you and watches you put on the new sports’ shoes. “Anyways, back to the note.” You nod your head, asking him to continue. “When you complete the scavenger hunt, your present will be waiting for you right at the start.:

But before you could even ask for any clues, Dick redirects you to the front of the manor and a smile appears on your face when you spy Alfred with an adorable mini-cooper. “This is your ride, Y/N. Good luck with the scavenger hunt!” Dick presses a kiss on your cheek and you made your way to Alfred.

Alfred gives you a bow. “Ma’am.” He nods his head at you before opening the door. “Master Bruce has given me strict instructions to be driving you around today.” He gives you a small smile when you thank him, getting in to the brand new car. Alfred gets in to the car and drives you, the both of you chatting lovingly about Bruce.

Alfred brings you to the very first place for your clue – a place that you know very well. This bookstore is one of the places that you always frequent because of how close it is to your workplace and they also had the best services you have ever encountered.

The moment you step outside of the car, you are greeted with Damian. You engulf the youngest Wayne in your embrace, causing him to squirm in embarrassment but hugged you back nevertheless. “Good afternoon, Damian.” You pull back to look at him.

Damian gives a curt nod to Alfred who then excuses himself. You could only look in confusion. Damian holds your hand. “Your clue after this is within walking distance so Pennyworth will be meeting you there.” He leads you inside the bookstore and surprisingly, the bookstore is empty and the lounging area has been transformed in to something very cozy too. “Father has paid enough money to the bookstore as to not lose any possible income just so I can do this for you.” Damian tells you without prompting.

You sit down on the sofa. “Thank you, Damian.” The both of you shared the love of reading books and would normally meet up frequently to discuss the books you have read with him. Damian loves how you never tell him no whenever he recommends books to you. “So what are we doing today?”

Damian hands you a poetry book. “Walking down memory lane.” He says in a matter-of-factly tone as he makes himself comfortable beside you. He is currently holding a new book – the book you had only recommended to him last night. “Father told me he buys books for you here almost every month.”

You nod your head. “Yes, he did. He knows I enjoy reading and I love buying physical copies of books as well.” You smile when you remember the times Bruce would show up at your doorstep or your office with a new book in hand and a bouquet in the other. It always makes you happy to know that he pays attention to the littlest things you have mentioned off-handedly. “In fact, this poetry book had been the first one he got me when we first started officially dating.” You giggle when Damian’s expression changed in to something like being wary. “Don’t worry, Dami. I won’t be telling you how that happened.”

“Tt.” Damian nods his head. “Your next clue will be ready whenever it will be ready so until then, we shall enjoy some time reading.” You are game with that – reading with Damian is always a fun thing to do and the atmosphere in the bookstore is simply lovely too. You only just realized that the typical cheery tune that normally plays in the background has been changed to something else – a piano piece that you cannot name but liked anyways.

True to his words, the both of you spent over an hour – close to two – reading your choice of books. Quality time like this is really hard to come by especially since you don’t live in the Manor – not because Bruce has yet to ask you but because you just did not want to move out of your apartment in the case things went south between Bruce and you – and also because Damian is busy with his school and nightly activities.

The door to the bookstore opens and Tim walks in, carrying your favourite drink – judging from the smell! – and a sandwich for you. Damian stands up and help you up, bringing you over to Tim. Tim hands the drink and food over to you.

“Drake, I need a minute with Y/N, if you please.” Damian stares pointedly at Tim who simply shrug his shoulders and walk outside. You turn to face Damian who is now staring at you. “Thank you for being with my father, Y/N. I also want to tell you thank you for not pushing me away when all I wanted to do then was push everyone away.” Damian tells you, his ears are tinged with red and you feel touched by what he had said. “Happy anniversary, Y/N – I hope you will continue to be with my father. You are really good for him.” Damian stares at you with an expression that you cannot read.

So instead, you wrap your arms carefully around Damian – you didn’t want to spill your drink on him! – and Damian winds his arms around you tightly. You press a kiss atop his head. “Thank you, Damian and I hope so too.” Even though initially you had occasionally dropped hints of marriage to Bruce, over time, you simply stopped hoping because being in a relationship with Bruce – no matter the label – is enough for you.

Damian nods his head before he pulls back. “Drake should be bringing you over to your next clue. Good luck, Y/N.” Damian all but pushes you out of the bookstore and Tim greets you happily outside.

“Happy anniversary, Y/N.” Tim gives you a kiss on your temple – darn this boy for being taller than you! – and hug you briefly. You grin at him, thanking him for the food and the drink. “I paid using Bruce’s card so really, you can thank him later when you see him.” He winks at you and you nod your head.

“So where are we going, Timmy?” You ask him as the two of you began walking down the block. Tim simply smiles, leading you down to a very familiar road.

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Important bandom videos

This post only includes Green Day, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and My Chemical Romance. You have been warned

Okay maybe you’re very emo and wanted to watch some old vids

Maybe you’re new and want some stuff to watch

Whatever.  Have fun going through this

In which Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco got drunk and talked about Fall Out Boy, a two hour video documenting My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilot’s Tyler Joseph covering My Chemical Romance’s Cancer,  Fall Out Boy hugging My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, Gerard Way’s iPod dance, Mike Dirnt of Green Day has adorable children and they want to join Green Day,  Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day brands his friend Chris, a 1995 stoned Green Day interview, Green Day gets kicked off TV, Wind Power…it’s fuckin’ sexy (Fall Out Boy),  Fall Out Boy gets uncomfortable, Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy gets angry at interviewer, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance was impressed by Panic! At the Disco, Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco sings about the Milk Fic, Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco singing Fall Out Boy’s Chicago is so Two Years Ago and The Pros and Cons of Breathing, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump’s 2008 podcast, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump’s Preshow Ritual, Fall Out Boy pissed at a rude concert guest, Fall Out Boy Commentary on The Youngblood Chronicles, Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco interview (aka Ryan won’t stop staring at Brendon),  I LOVE YOU RYAN ROSS BUT NOT TODAY, Green Day’s Mike Dirnt breaks his nose,  Green Day East Jesus Nowhere (Live with Will Ferrell),  Twenty One Pilots’ happy wheels adventure, and Gerard Way & Frank Iero Kissing             

Notice a mistake? Got something to add? Let me know! 

Date Night

Summary: You are Moriarty’s girlfriend and you support him and his crimes (you even help carry them out). It’s date night when he doesn’t show up.  You decided to take this into your own hands and find him.  What you dont know was that he was in the middle of something important at a pool.

Warnings: some foul language and a pissed off girlfriend (you) and a little lot twist in the end

Pairing: Moriarty x reader

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Lafayette X Reader: Go To Sleep

Word Count: 669

Request: @imagineham Hey! Could I request a Lafayette fic with a female reader where the reader has been working hard and is neglecting her sleep so Laf just takes her computer off her and and carries her to bed? You guys are doing great so far!

Pronouns Used: The original ask was with She/Her, but I didn’t actually use any gender’specific pronouns in this one, so I’m going to mark it They/Them. 

Writer’s Note: I finished this almost 16 hours ago but I wanted to wait to post it until it was a less horrific time for the requestee to be receiving it. This was fun. I liked writing it. -Mod BJ

Your typing was the only sound in the silence of your apartment. The sounds of your fingers clacking your keyboard rang out in the stark eeriness of the world at 2 in the morning. You have been awake for nearly two days (46 hours and counting), surviving off the caffeine from your semi-hourly coffee that your boyfriend, Lafayette, makes for you when he has the chance. It wasn’t your fault that you were working so hard- your boss had asked for an article that you had known would drain you for the next week or so. You want to get this work off of your chest, so you have been working non-stop on finishing this article long before it needs to be submitted to the editor.

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anonymous asked:

hmmm cute h/cs or smth with lucio maybe?

  • Rollerblading lessons, assuming you do not already know how to blade. Lucio would no doubt be a great teacher, always patient and ready to help you as you start out. There’s probably more than a few jokes about his hands on your waist as he tries to keep you steady. He’s also prepared with the first aid kit should you need it, and an offer to kiss your scrapes better.
  • Most people might wonder how they got so lucky, dating a celebrity, hero, and all around great guy. With you, somehow, Lucio always turns it around. that he’s the lucky one to have found you. You will always be treasured when you are with him, reminded that you mean so much to him. You’re his muse, his better half, and one of his inspirations for fighting. He truly believes he hit the jackpot finding you.
  • Songs dedicated to you, without question.
  • Late nights sitting up with him, watching him compose and pore over his work, running on take out and Lucio asking you for feedback. Sometimes you might have to be the voice of reason, in a ‘honey you’ve been at it for hours please eat something you’ll work better on a full stomach’ kind of way.
  • You, of course, join Lucio whenever he has a concert. All that travel is ridiculously fun for the two of you as you wander various cities and take so many pictures, both of the locale and each other. Every day on the road with Lucio is a new adventure, made better with each other’s company.
  • Are you ready to be spoiled on Brazilian cuisine oh boy I hope you are. Lucio loves his culture, and is always eager to share with you. Feijoada is especially fantastic for lazy weekends together when you both have some downtime.
My Woman

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Pairing: Yoongi/Suga X Reader/You

Genre: Smutty smutty smut smut (But still sweet and fluffyish?)

Note: This is my first time writing smut. I’m sure it shows. I’ve read plenty of romance novels in my day, so I’m hoping that payed off a little bit lol. Fun fact: This is actually a dream I had. I know, aren’t I lucky? One of the few times I remembered every detail of my dream and I’m forever grateful. 

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