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I’ll admit I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of. No. No, that’s not true, I’m proud of most of them. But what I’m about to do today…this is gonna be good.


((Thank you all so so much! Thanks to all your well-wishes and love, I’m completely back to normal and all healed up! Sorry again for the unexpected hiatus, but from now on it’s going to be business as usual, with the exception of the delayed closing of the IM [I’ll be doing that today instead XD]. Thank you all so much for being so patient and loving with me, and I hope you all had an amazing time the past week <3))

candy-crackpot replied to your post “Your latest fic makes me wonder about Allen’s early childhood, Hoshino…”

Ok but a fic where Allen’s friends discover his brand on his thigh/sole (because his torso have already been visible and it’s free of it) and Allen feels horrible for making his friends worry as they freak out and Allen tries real hard not to panic because he is shaking so bad as he has small flashbacks and feels a breakdown approaching and he tries running/manages to run away. It’s perfect angst.

Would they even know though? Like, understand?

Kanda is the most sheltered of them all, and Lenalee isn’t too far off from him considering she’s confined to headquarters most of the time and has been there for years. Lavi would recognize it immediately, but I don’t think he’d comment on it in front of others. He’d understand it’s just not something to talk about.

However, Kanda or Lenalee would ask, and Allen would either have to straight up lie (which he would do) or confess the truth…which he would avoid.

And despite being sheltered, Lenalee and Kanda aren’t stupid. They’d either demand it from Lavi or force it from Allen.

Allen trying so hard to hide his past even as he vividly recalls being burned and seared through with metal, forcibly held down. Sounds a lot like canon. 

lizzamorango  asked:

1 for the triplets and 45 for Greta please

1. What’s their full name? Why was that chosen? Does it mean anything?: Ooooh I like this one. Bennett’s full name is Bennett Gray Winters. His middle name was only chosen because Greta liked the sound of it, but Bennett is Ezra’s middle name. She thought naming her son after him was a good idea until she found out Ez is their father. She still thinks it’s a good idea, but won’t admit it. Juno’s full name is Juno Mercury Winters, named after Freddie Mercury, the vocalist for Queen. A band Sidney introduced to Greta that sparked her love for music. Ruby’s full name is Ruby Rose Winters. (No, not after actual Ruby Rose, but because Rose is Riley’s mother’s name.) 

45. How do other people see them? Is it similar to how they see themselves? This one is tough. Greta thinks that people see her as this tough, cold, detached person that she’d like to be. And some do, at a passing glance, but the people who really know her see her entirely differently. Her family especially. They see someone who’s strong, and stubborn, and struggling to open herself up, but also someone with the biggest, fiercest heart who would protect the people she loves without a second thought. They can read her emotions like an open book, but know better than to admit that to Greta. As much as she’d like them to believe her facade, they see right through it. Greta sees herself as an emotional wreck struggling to keep it together, but also someone with passion and drive.


The rules are simple! Post ten characters you’d like to role play as, have role played as, and might bring back. Then tag ten people to do the same (if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people). Aside from that, please repost instead of reblogging!


Yamuraiha ( Magi )
Olba ( Magi )
Kourin Ren ( Magi )
Hakuei Ren (Magi)
Tom (SVTFOE - mildly inactive atm)


Starfire/Koriand’r (DC Comics/Teen Titans)

Cheslock (Kuroshitsuji)

Agni (Kuroshitsuji)

Riku Kaitani (Eyeshield 21)

Haru Yoshida (Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun)

Natsu (Skip Beat)

Jane Judith Jocelyn (Trinity Blood)



Danny (Zatch Bell)

Scheherazade (Trinity Blood)

Ion Fortuna (Trinity Blood)

Blair (Soul Eater)

Bankotsu (Inuyasha)  ((HIS ICON KIT IS ON MY TO DO LIST))
(And a few OC blogs…)


Hmmm… I’d like to revamp Blair but the fandom keeps me away since everyone ships my NOTP and slut-shames my muse.
My friend really wants me to get back into Zatch Bell but the fandom is just so tiny and always has been ; - ;  (I also briefly RPed a few other characters from but but they’re so minor I won’t even bother listing them)
Plus I always really really really wanted to RP Scheherazade but no one was ever interested so the blog kinda fell out of favor with me…..  Poor Schera; she’s so beautiful.

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