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The Charity Stream Tomorrow

Jack: WELCOME BACK TO THE CHARITY STREAM! Hopefully y'all had a relaxing night and are well rested so we can start the fun!

YT chat: You fucking-

Jack: Oh. I almost forgot. Did you guys see anything weird while we were away?


Jack: *glares at the chat and smirks* Nothing? Oh, okay. Great. Time to start!


Tumblr: *proceeds to launch Jack to the fucking Sun* DONE

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Swerve makes gay bar/lgbtqa+ bar night. "Enjoy~"

Hey boo! Thanks so much for this ask! I started these headcanons last night when I was not able to sleep, so I hope they’re okay. I also wrote a mini scenario to go along with it but I’ll probably post that tomorrow or the next day.

Anyway I used you instead of they in these hc’s so everyone can insert themselves. I see this night as something Swerve came up with to help cheer ‘you’ up. I might add on more later if anyone asks. 

I hope you enjoy~! :)

  • Swerve made bracelets (with the help of Ten) that had a different Pride flag painted on it for each one, handing them out at random just so everyone in the LGBT+ community would be represented. It was so sweet you actually started crying, causing several bots to panic and Whirl to pull a gun on Swerve and threaten the poor minibot for making you cry. When you explained you were just really happy, Whirl lowered the gun but throughout the night you would still catch him randomly clacking his claws menacingly at Swerve.

  • With help from Minimus (who did the actual cooking), Swerve came up with some pretty creative ideas for the food. Your favorite was the rainbow cupcakes which were perfectly iced in a way that only Minimus could do. You almost didn’t want to eat them but of course you couldn’t resist. All of the food was delicious, was this heaven??

  • Sometime during the night, after most of the bots were pretty drunk, Cyclonus got up in front of everyone to sing for the bar. There was even one song where Cyclonus drunkenly sang the lyrics as he stared at Tailgate in the crowd. The minibot couldn’t stop blushing and giggling. Everyone else was torn between being happy at the cute display and feeling uncomfortable because Cyclonus’ stare was Intense™ and not entirely innocent. Of course the next day when anyone mentioned it, the glare they received was much worse. 

  • Minimus got up to croon some love songs later on too and you were pretty sure you melted through the floor at that point. Rodimus actually melted the table he was sitting at when he burst into flames halfway through the song. You got a kick out of watching him try to explain that no he didn’t do that because of Minimus being so cute - what - why would you - as if! Everyone saw right through him. ;)

  • Ten was a little shy but after some prodding from Ratchet, he finally came up to you and gave you a handmade figurine of yourself. It was almost as big as you so when you went back to your room at the end, you had to get help carrying it back. But it sits in your room now and you look on it fondly whenever you start to feel bad again. And of course, you hugged Ten’s digit and thanked him a million times. He didn’t stop beaming for the rest of the night. 

  • You spent a lot of time laughing with Swerve and listening as he showed off all the new drinks he had come up with for this occasion. You wished you could have drank some of them but that’s okay, you got cupcakes.
  • Skids tried to get you to dance with him with a wink and charming grin. Though you couldn’t full on dance with him because of the size difference, that didn’t stop the bot. He picked you up and twirled you on his servos, making the both of you laugh. It was actually a lot of fun before you got a bit dizzy and needed to sit down. 

  • You also chilled with Rung for a little while, calming down and taking in his soothing presence. He asked you some questions to make sure you were okay and was everything done right? He wanted to make sure this was all represented correctly and nothing was offensive, which you appreciated more than you could really say. Once that was cleared up, you were handed a homemade gift from him and that was the second time during the party you cried. Whirl almost started a bar fight. 

  • Rewind had put together some clips of Pride parades, great historical moments and even just some cheesy fun movies featuring LGBT+ actors/actresses that (apparently) Chromedome really liked. The two held hands through the entire night. Swerve had even made you a tshirt with your flag on it. So Rewind took a picture of you wearing it with most of the bots in the picture smiling or making goofy faces. He gave you a copy towards the end of the party and thanks to Ten, you also got a cool frame to keep it in. 

  • Almost all of the bots took time to chat with you for a little during the party, wanting to say something sincerely nice or cheer you up as best as they could, as well as show their support. A lot thanked you for inspiring Swerve to make this night because hey, it celebrated them too! By the time the party ended, your smile was so wide it seemed to be permanently stuck like that on your face. You’d never felt so warm and loved in all your life and there was honestly nothing better.


Okay but can we talk about how hurt Rey probably feels after that fight scene in the throne room? She probably thought she had won. She thought she had successfully brought Ben Solo back. She thought he was redeemed and he had done it, only to have him turn and want the power. (I have another rant I can go on about his decisions, and I understand his point of view to be honest - oops?). But I just can’t help but feel bad and hurt for Rey. She chose not to kill him. She walked away, she pities him. I fully believe she CAN and WILL help him. But in that moment, she was probably completely broken.   

Okay, so like this is very nerve-racking for me (I’ve never done this before and I even anon asked Valpur to make sure it was okay instead of asking directly ‘cus I’m a weenie) but like I REALLY LOVE THEIR FIC MAN! You like Skyrim?! You like Overwatch?! YAH LIKE MCHANZO?!! Well this fic is for you! Only 2 chapters in but Black Wings in the Cold has me HOOKED bruh. 

So like Zenyatta got introduced in the second chapter and I had this urge to draw Human! Zen and honestly I can’t do the guy any justice man. I’ve seen so much fanart that’s WAAAAAAY better than mine. 

Anyway, I got inspired by Zen’s Sanzang Skin (as you can see by the under eye red liner; my boy fierce okay?) I don’t know if this is how you imagined him, but this chapter just inspired me to draw it.

I really hope you like my trash @valpur

Go on and read it on AO3!

Okay, I just wanna say I don’t approve of what Drizella has done but I still love her so much. I understand what she went through and how emotionally damaged she is but don’t think I’m saying what she’s doing is right.

She’s, in my opinion, probably one of the best villains this show has ever had.

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How do you motivate yourself to start again when you’ve had a really unhealthy week? I gained back 4 pounds in 1 week and it’s really hard to avoid the downward spiral of self hatred right about now

First things first, realize that a good chunk of those 4 pounds is most definitely water weight. No harm done. 

Second, forget motivation. Just start doing stuff right now. Motivation will come later. 

Do you count calories? Start again. Even if you’re halfway through your day already. Even if you go over the limit. Start right now and work from there. 

You don’t count calories and simply eat clean? Okay. From this moment on, start eating clean again. It doesn’t matter if you already ate a dozen pancakes. You eat clean for the rest of the day. 

Sure, maybe you don’t feel like doing it, but if you sit around waiting for when you feel like doing something, then there’s a good chance you’ll gain even more weight.

So yeah. 

Remind yourself that the 4 pound number is probably closer to 2 pounds, go for a walk (or do a quick workout at home if it’s too cold) and then resume doing what you were doing before. But do it right now. Don’t wait. 


Caiden: How did the science fair go?

Titania:  It’s tomorrow, but I think I did okay.

Caiden: Want me to have a look?

Titania blushed, she had never had a friend over before.  She nodded her head and showed him inside.

Caiden:  It’s really well done.

Titania:  You think so?

Caiden:  I know so, I’m looking at it.  I bet you’ll be graded really well on it.

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The worst thing you've ever done to a close friend?

Well once (upon a time xD)
One of my best friends met a guy who had so much in common with, and my friend told me about all the beautiful things they talked about and stuff. I was kinda depressed and sad that period and I can be really edgy and pointy and intense when I’m sad.
My friend texted me something like “okay bitch bye I’ve found a new best friend farewell” and that pissed me off so much that I got mad as hell at him and I didn’t talk to him for a month, leaving him clueless. He apologized to me for making such a joke BUT AIN’T NO BITCH JOKING WITH ME LIKE THAT, I STILL REMEMBER THAT.
And as I’m really vengeful, once one of the people who used to be one of my best friends back then, told me a spoiler about Game of Thrones. I hate spoilers so I tried to make his life a living hell by telling him stuff like spoilers. Bitch don’t hurt me I head for the throat and I come back at you 10 times harder. We’re not friends anymore tho, he was really toxic and manipulative

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Unfollowing, because you latest post about the Taylor cover is so disturbing, and only serves to swirl up more and more hated that we do not need in this world. IT IS DISGUSTING for you to say that white women have DONE NOTHING for the sexual assault movement and I applaud you for being so closed minded. You are the kind of person, that serves to turn everyone against each other. Because a white woman's experience, is significantly less of an experience, because she is white. You're disgusting.

okay. i don’t think you read that post correctly at all and you probably should try again because you’re completely missing the whole point of it. it was in no way diminishing what taylor went through or trying to say that her assault is somehow less important or less deserving of attention. it was pointing out the fact that women of colour are often pushed aside to favour someone white, even in discussions of feminism and assault. yes it’s important when any and every story of assault comes to light and i’m happy that the conversation is happening more and more and victims are being recognized but you can’t just ignore the other issues either. taylor gets a lot more attention and praise and people act like she is the face of feminism, and completely overlook the work and efforts of people who spend years and hours of time dedicated to speaking out about it. and you coming here and throwing around words like ‘disgusting’ and ‘closed minded’ just because there was a post that said maybe your white fave doesn’t need to be the centre of attention this time, is exactly the problem. you can’t just centre the conversation around white women because that only serves white feminism.

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”


atla | zuko | wait for it

Sadly, this is as HD as the ATLA episodes get, but I hope you give the video a shot anyway and maybe experience some of the emotions I had making it.  Big thanks to @worddevourer for having this idea and my twin sister @splickedylit for consulting with me during its creation!

Song: Wait For It from Hamilton
Show: Avatar - The Last Airbender