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Little Cherub; 1580 words
For @queerevak​; Even reacts to the throwback photos of s1!Isak

The thing is, Even had done more than his fair share of online stalking of Isak way back when he first overheard Isak’s name.  Now, though, they’d been living together for a few gloriously domestic months and Even felt like he knew Isak better than he sometimes even knew himself.

So - sue him - he had forgotten just how tiny Isak had once been.

Which is why, when Jonas posted that throwback photo of him and Isak out of nowhere, Even almost swallowed his tongue.  He had been chilling on the bed; just messing around on his phone while Isak finished getting ready to go to Sana’s for the Eid celebration.

He had in no way been prepared for the photo of Isak, probably about 15, in a dark navy coat that looked like it was drowning him.

“What the fuck, Isak!” Even spluttered, trying to get his breath back.

“You said I could borrow this shirt!” Isak protested from across the room and Even snapped his gaze up from his phone because if anything was going to get him looking away from baby faced Isak it was the thought of his Isak wearing his clothes.

Neeeeeeeeei,” Even rolled his eyes, thrusting his phone out for Isak to look at.  Isak squinted at Even’s screen, absently ruffling his hair as he leaned forwards. After a few seconds of looking Isak’s mouth pulled up into a grin.

“I remember that day.” Isak grinned to himself and went back to getting ready.  “We were so young, Ev, it’s so crazy to think about.  So much has changed since that photo, y’know?” Isak shook his head, as if he could shake off the nostalgia.

Even nodded, smiling to himself as he watched Isak potter around their tiny living room/bedroom.

“I totally get it.  It’s like: because you took that photo that version of Isak will always be trapped in time somewhere.” Even wasn’t sure he explained it well, but Isak seemed to understand because he nodded along.

Even was about to continue when a movement on his phone screen caught his attention.  He tapped the screen to light it back up and bit the inside of his cheek, trying to swallow down his pained noise.

“Isak, your friends are trying to kill me.” Even whined, tossing his phone onto the bed.

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Aaaaand I did a second closet cosplay today, this time with @squigglydigglydoo‘s Henry!

Probably could have done more with this, but I didn’t have too many ideas. Ah well, it was a fun challenge.

(There’s some bonus content for this too. Also a bonus bit of photos under the cut)

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Vocal Unit Reaction to you crying over your favorite characters death in a series/book

valdez-ed said to wenwoohui:Can you please do vocal unit reacting to you crying over your favourite character’s death in a series/book? Thank you! ☺️

here you go! hope you enjoy!

Woozi: Because of all of his video gaming and movie watching, woozi would understand were you were coming from. He would simply come over to you, put his arm around you, and let you cry because he secretly had done the same thing multiple times before. “Y/N, I understand. trust me.”

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Jeonghan: Wouldn’t really know or understand why you were crying until he saw the book in front of you. His first reaction was to do some dumb stuff to see if he could make you laugh and distract you from whatever was going on in the story. “Y/N look over here!!!! What can I do to distract you? Aegyo? Sing you a song?”

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Josh: Okay he would be so concerned about you because he hates anytime you are sad. When he would go to comfort you, he would go off on a long tangent about death and life and how everything is going to be okay. In reality you just wanted a hug and some ice cream, but you knew his intentions were good. “Y/N it’s okay, it’s just the circle of life! It’ll be okay you see-”

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DK: Would first giggle a bit because he thought you were being a bit overdramatic and just joking around. He played along and mimic you until he realized you were serious. He would instantly feel bad and try to cheer you up- leaving you to go grab your favorite snack from the kitchen. In another effort to make you smile, he would turn around at the doorway and give a solemn “fighting” which would make you crack a smile. “There’s that smile I love Y/N!”

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Seungkwan: Since he would be reading your favorite series with you or watching the tv show at the same time, you both would just sit there bawling together and supporting each other through such a difficult time. “But it’s just so..so sad Y/N!! You better not leave me ever either!”

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Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day! All gif credits to their makers/original owners. I own nothing but the writing.

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Prompto Argentum Romantic Headcanons
  • ‘Tickle fights
  • so
  • many
  • tickle fights
  • Prompto and his s/o have a war going on to see who can catch the other off guard and tickle them
  • His s/o is currently winning
  • Prompto met his s/o while he was walking around trying to find new areas to take photos
  • He just so happened to find the person that was the essence of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”
  • Does that even make sense?
  • Whatever, Prompto just knew that he had to talk to them
  • He finally works up the courage and it goes well? He got their number and a date, he counts that as a major win even if he embarrassed himself
  • Eventually the two transition from “awkward dating noobs” to “hey babe, I’m staying over with no notice, it’s okay I’ve done this before”
  • They might as well move in together they stay at each other’s apartment’s so much
  • Not to mention that approximately half of Prompto’s belongings are at his s/o’s house
  • He tries to write his s/o cute little notes or short letters every now and then but they don’t always turn out how he wants them to
  • “You make me think of strawberry shortcake whenever I see you <3″
  • His s/o was very confused but appreciated the cute note anyway
  • Prompto absolutely loves touching his s/o, and not in a sexual way
  • Hugging them, holding hands, subtle lingering fingers on thighs and arms
  • He just really likes to know that they’re really there
  • His s/o is his muse, always
  • He takes so many pictures of them and refuses to delete any because “You’re perfect, why would I want to delete anything with you in it?”
  • Oh, I forgot to mention. Prompto is bad with coming up with love notes but he will say the most random, romantic crap on the fly
  • The two will simply be walking together and he’ll say something like “You know, if anyone asked me if I had any regrets, my only one would probably be not meeting you sooner.”
  • “s/o, why are you so red? Do you have a fever?”
  • (too…cute…)
  • Tons of subtle, chaste kisses on the cheek
  • Almost as much as slaps on the ass
  • (Oh come on, it’s literally canon that he does this)
  • Another war that Prompto and his s/o have: Who can slap the other’s ass the most? as well as How many times can I kiss you today?
  • In the mornings and at night (any time they cuddle tbh) it’s rapid fire light kisses everywhere
  • He also likes to cradle his s/o’s face in his hands and place a big, sloppy kiss on their lips

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I can't believe people thought that was a good final. They told you Klaus would never see Hope again 15 minutes into the ep, and everyone was like "okay". Where was the excitement?No one even tried to change it and the Hollow so powerful it got defeated so easily? No Klopeley scene! Absolutely nothing. I blame myself that I fell for this again. JP wants to age Hope because she only knows how to write high school stories. I'm more sad my fav online persons like you are done with this shitty show.

Listen I keep seeing people say this finale had them emotional and it was so good and I’m like ???? None of the shallow ploys to play on our emotions work klelijah, Rebel, freelin, and klarcel was earned NONE OF IT. The only one I’ll give a little credit to was klarcel and klope. All the stuff that should have carried weight was strangely underplayed. No one cared about Klaus loosing hope, like not even Hayley. She seemed more moved my Elijah’s hesitation to leave than she seemed about her own child yelling for her daddy as he disappeared from her forever. No one seemed to think it was a big deal Klaus was never gonna see his kid ever but we spent the entire episode listening to Rebekah whine about never seeing her siblings again. We had to watch freya and keelin angst over freya turning ONLY TO WATCH HER NOT TURN EVEN THO SHE COULD HAVE TAKEN KLAUS’S PLACE.

Like my God there was so much wrong I can’t even comprehend how anyone can feel anything towards the shit shit show besides disgust. Like I dead ass feel personally offended they write that Shit and had the nerve to pretend it was actually worth two Shits. What an Insult to my intelligence.




atla | zuko | wait for it

Sadly, this is as HD as the ATLA episodes get, but I hope you give the video a shot anyway and maybe experience some of the emotions I had making it.  Big thanks to @worddevourer for having this idea and my twin sister @splickedylit for consulting with me during its creation!

Song: Wait For It from Hamilton
Show: Avatar - The Last Airbender

nude wars (m) | pt.1

pairings: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: smut, touches of fluff / frat!yoonkook

word count: 4,458

description: Okay sure, maybe having a threesome with two best friends from the same frat wasn’t the smartest thing you’d ever done. But hey, when the result was them vying for your attention in the form of scandalous snaps, breathy audio messages, and unspeakable texts, well then the decision definitely wasn’t that bad.

— Or alternatively, your phone getting caught in the middle of Yoongi and Jungkook constantly trying to one-up each other in a war of sexting (and just maybe romantics).

Nine texts, four missed calls, several snaps, one voice mail — who the fuck leaves voicemails?

The notifications flashed across the home screen of your phone after your blurry and sleep-deprived eyes managed to locate the button to stop your shrieking alarm that was set for six-thirty in the goddamn morning. The early wake-up time due to the fact that it was your turn to trudge through the morning shift at the café you worked at — now that was what you called a simple cause and effect. You have the morning shift, so you set your alarm earlier than usual. It was simple, however as your thumb rested against the screen of your phone, the previously mentioned notifications continuing to stare back at you with urging enticement, you once again wondered how this particular cause and effect had come to fruition.

Your teeth caught hold of your bottom lip, bearing down on the tender flesh as your heart began to rapidly beat against your chest. Ragged sighs invaded your lungs as you pressed your thumb against the home button of the device. It unlocked, revealing what you of course already knew would be there. The small red dots that indicated how many missed alerts you had received throughout the night. It was with a deep breath that you pressed down on the first icon to rid yourself of the notification that held the least weight.

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The telltale Marauder’s Map

Imagine Harry dragging the Marauder’s Map everywhere with him, just so he can keep an eye on Malfoy at all times. (Yeah okay, you don’t really have to imagine this part, because it happened.) Ron and Hermione are so fed up with him, because Harry is so absorbed in his map, they can’t even have a normal conversation with him.

The only time Harry isn’t staring at the map, is when his eyes are fixed on the actual Malfoy, walking past him. Hermione jumps at the chance and grabs the map. She’s not planning on hiding it or anything. She knows all too well she would never get away with it. Harry would probably even threaten to hex her if she didn’t give it back. She instead doodles something on it and grins, when the little heart she made around Malfoy’s dot sticks and moves along with it.

As soon as Malfoy is out of sight, Harry’s gaze wanders back to the map.

“Guys, I really think he’s up to- What is that?” Harry exclaims. Ron looks over his shoulder and snickers.

“Well, I think Hermione nailed it, mate.”

After that, Harry blushes every time he looks at the map. He’s so flustered, he doesn’t even realize the heart-framed dot is approaching him rapidly, even though he’s staring at it.

“What is it with you lately, Potter?” Malfoy drawls, startling Harry. He’s standing right in front of him and Harry is so surprised, he’s too slow to react when Malfoy grabs the Marauder’s Map out of his fingers. “Are you turning into a bookworm? Wherever you go, your nose is always buried in… some… parchment…”

Malfoy frowns as he looks at the map.

“What is this?”

Harry doesn’t answer. He’s beginning to sweat and his heart is beating rapidly.

“Give it back, Malfoy,” he grumbles and snatches it from him.

But judging from Malfoy’s incredulous look, he already saw… it. Bloody hell! Why did Hermione have to do that?

“Dear Merlin, what are you, Potter, five?” Malfoy sneers. But it hasn’t escaped Harry that his cheeks have turned pink and his voice is a bit shaky.

“Would you rather I kissed your dot goodnight before I go to sleep?” Harry counters. But… wait…

Malfoy opens his mouth, but doesn’t say anything. He just stares at Harry.

“Wow, um… I really don’t know why I said that,” Harry murmurs sheepishly.

“Do you do that?” Malfoy asks in a high-pitched voice.

“No?” Harry doesn’t know why his answer sounds like a question, because it’s the truth. He has never done that, nor would he ever do it.

Okay, so he stared at the heart-framed dot, wondering if Hermione might actually be on to something. Maybe he even imagined what Malfoy’s hair would feel like if he ran his hands through it, what Malfoy would do if Harry pushed him against a wall, what his lips would feel like on Harry’s, what sounds he would make while Harry sucked on his neck…

They stare at each other some more until a sound at the end of the corridor startles them. Malfoy looks over his shoulder and when his eyes land on Harry again, his expression is determined. He grabs Harry’s arm and drags him into the next broom closet.

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Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!

The Trampoline

Summary: Dan’s very gay and very in love with Phil, who has always been 100% straight. Also, there’s a trampoline.

Word Count: 5.3k

Genre: smut

TW: underage drinking


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