but this guy isnt from hetalia

royal arranged marriage gerita au where lud is the one who’s way calmer about the whole thing than feli. ludwig is just like “well it was bound to happen anyway that i’d get married off to someone because of Politics, at least this guy is…tolerable?” (he is more than tolerable; ludwig has, in fact, been pining for feli since…probably their first conversation.) meanwhile feli’s just like “ok i know this is for the good of the kingdom or whatever but could i at least have been married to someone i know??? who is this guy why does he like such weird stodgy food why is it so cold here” (feli learns the wonders of layering, ends up brokering a frankly incredible multinational deal to increase spice imports, and falls for lud pretty fast after he manages to separate the political deal from the person.)

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If it isnt too much to ask Miss Orange, can we know your favorite RusAme fanfictions? :>

I am very picky with how RusAme is portrayed, so I don’t have many fics to rec off the top of my head. I don’t like fluffy/sweet Russia/America, and I’m also not particularly partial to them just hating each other and beating their brains in.

I like a balance of each. Here are some recs for you guys!

This is the best RusAme fic I will ever rec, and it is also my favorite Hetalia fanfic in the history of Hetalia fanfics. Last letter writes these two with such great chemisty, with playful insults that make you start to wonder how they feel about each other. 10/10 will alway rec, even to people who aren’t partial to this pairing.

Great oneshot. I’m not big on the humor genre, but this really worked. Too bad they don’t have any other Hetalia stories….

Gonna go ahead and rec it anyway because I liked the first half. This story was very good until it got too mushy. I’m still gonna put this on the list, though, because I do remember liking it for a while.

I liked this story a lot when I read it. The DayDreaming has a lot of RusAme if I’m remembering correctly. There’s implied FRUK in this, which I detest, but it’s focused on RusAme and not FRUK, thank goodness. If you don’t like FRUK either, but you like RusAme, I’d still rec this. It’s barely touched upon.

Shatterdoll is an amazing writer for both US/UK/US and RusAme. This story is nsfw, so have at it. Go read everything they write.

This is literally all I have. If y’all have any you wanna throw my way so I could perhaps add it to my list, I’d appreciate it.