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Storage Room (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut 

╳ Summary: You didn’t know that accidentally being locked in a storage room with Jungkook could turn out to be so fun.

All you wanted to do was go to the mall by yourself and have a relaxing day but no, of course that can’t happen. You were just walking by a store, glancing at a display window, admiring a cute outfit until you heard screams. You quickly whipped your head around to see a swarm of girls coming at you. You had no time to think before you got pushed into the store, the employees freaking out trying to shut the door, and a guy in all black pacing back and forth.

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Three Good Reasons

Jaehyun x Reader

Wordcount: 3,217

Requested by anon:

Can you please write a Jaehyun scenario when he likes a foreign dancer and she’s a SM trainee that’s an NCT Stan. Thx -🖖

“You guys, she’s beautiful.”

“Yea Jae, they’re all hot.  This is the best day ever.”

“Calm down Yuta.  We aren’t here to get girlfriends.”

“Shut up Ten.  Don’t act like you aren’t single and ready to mingle.”

“True. I’d ditch Johnny for any one of them.”

Jaehyun rolled his eyes at his member’s immaturity.  Yea, all the girls were attractive – they were SM trainees after all. But there was one in particular who had caught his eye.

“Just stay away from her though, okay?  The one who just performed.  The foreigner.”

You ended your dance routine, brushing away the hair that stuck to your face from sweat. It was your first routine as an SM trainee after being cast in an international audition. You weren’t like most idols, especially not ones from SM.   No milky white skin.  No stick-thin body.  No long, straight hair.  Based on what you knew, your appearance gave you no advantage in getting casted, so you knew your audition had to be perfect.  Motivated by your dream to perform, you spent months practicing and gave the audition your all.  Luckily, all your hard work paid off and you were now practicing at the SM building amongst the other new female trainees lucky enough to be selected.  

You grabbed your water bottle and sat down, looking around the room.  You could see the NCT boys through the door window.  Your dance instructor had told the new trainees that the guys had some free time, and would be coming by to give you all a special announcement.  You didn’t want to admit it, especially not in this environment, but you were an NCT stan. Supporting them since their SM Rookie days, you were crazy in love with all of them.  Their talent, visuals, music – hell, even their questionable stage outfits – you worshipped all of it.  To you, they were perfect.  The thought alone of meeting them completely freaked you out.  In particular, you were the most afraid of meeting Jaehyun.  He was your bias, and in your mind, basically the most beautiful human you had ever seen.  You knew meeting him and the rest of NCT would go one of two ways.  You would either lose all self-control and jump them, or you’d lose all confidence and be too scared to talk to them. Luckily for NCT, it would probably the latter.  You were well-aware that you stood out amongst the other trainees, and it made you too self-conscious to be around them.

As you looked at them through the door and tried not to fangirl, you noticed Jaehyun watching you and muttering to Yuta and Ten.  Was he talking about you?  Maybe he liked your dance routine?  Or maybe he noticed how different you looked.  That’s probably what Jaehyun was talking to his members about. Right?  I mean, if he was talking about you, what else could it be about? You quickly looked away, not wanting to get caught looking back at him.

“(Y/n), he’s totally checking you out.”

“What are you talking about Jiyeon?”

“Jaehyun. Can’t you see him staring at you? Get it girl.”

You rolled your eyes at your closest friend.  You were so thankful that you had made it through casting together.  Having a friend with you made going to Korea to train a lot easier.   But at this moment, you wished she would stop talking.  The last thing you needed was someone planting seeds in your head that Jung Jaehyun of all people was interested in you.  

Before Jiyeon could continue annoying you, the door to the practice room opened and the members of NCT flooded in.  You’re fan-girl dreams were alive, but you had to keep it together.  After doing their self-introductions, the members began to chat with the trainees, getting to know their new label-mates.  Every once in a while, you noticed Jaehyun peer over at you, but you did your best to avoid him and the other members.   You felt unworthy of their presence.  And more than anything, you were scared you would say or do something stupid in front of them.

Suddenly, Jiyeon came bounding over, interrupting your thoughts when she grabbed your arm and began to drag you over to the members.

“They’re so nice and cool (y/n)!  Just come say hi.  You love them, how could you not want to meet them?!”

By some miracle, Jiyeon was stopped in her tracks when your choreographer interrupted everyone to reveal the special announcement.

Your jaw practically hit the floor when you found out that you, among the other trainees, would be having a special dance stage with the members of NCT.  It was SM’s way of creating buzz, and giving you first-hand experience in performing.  You were excited, but also terrified.  The choreography would require you all to be paired up.  You would have to talk to at least one of the members to practice.  Knowing you couldn’t avoid NCT forever, you tried to keep your cool.  It was one stage.  You just had to not make a fool of yourself for the next few weeks and everything would be fine… As long as you weren’t partnered with Jaehyun.


It had been two weeks since finding out about your stage.  Jiyeon had been partnered with Jaehyun.  It took a lot of convincing, but you eventually got her to swear she would pretend you didn’t exist when she was with him.  You had ended up partnered with Ten.  He was an amazing dancer, and had so much patience in helping you.   His bright personality put you at ease, and you were no longer afraid to make mistakes or do something stupid in front of him.  You couldn’t believe you had only been a trainee for a few weeks, and were already dancing with a member of NCT.   Not only that, you and Ten had become friends.  It was any NCT stan’s dream.

You and Ten had been practicing for hours a day together.  But today, he had to leave early to prepare for NCT’s next comeback. After much begging to let you watch him practice, and Ten insisting you had to wait for the official comeback like all the other fans, he left early.  Some of the other pairs were still practicing.  You noticed Jaehyun and Jiyeon were still there, but saw Jiyeon starting to pack up her things.  

“Hey girl. I have to leave now for vocal training, but I’ll see you back at the dorm okay?”

Jiyeon hugged you before turning to wave at Jaehyun, and leaving you alone.  You looked over at Jaehyun, overwhelmed by how flawless he looked as he practiced.  Much to your dismay, he caught you gawking at him in the practice room mirror.  He turned to look at you for a moment, before slowly making his way over to you.  Over the past few weeks, you had noticed him sometimes staring at you.  A few times it even seemed like he was going to come over and talk to you, but you had managed to avoid talking to him by either striking up a conversation with whoever was closest to you, or even literally leaving the room to “fill your water bottle” or “go to the washroom.”  But this time, there was no escape.  The two of you were holding eye contact as he approached, and it would look nothing short of insane if you suddenly walked away now.

“(Y/n), if you want, maybe we could practice together?  You know, since Ten and Jiyeon had to leave early.”

“Um… Sure. That uh… That sounds great.”

You wanted to say something more, but you were too busy trying to remember how to breathe.  Of course Jaehyun knew your name – he was partnered with your best friend, and you had been practicing in the same room together for weeks.  But it was the first time you had heard him say it out loud. You had heard your name so many times in your life, but it had never sounded so enchanting as when it came from his pale pink lips.  Everything he did was so perfect.

To be honest, practicing with Jaehyun was pretty awkward.  You did your best to just focus on the dance routine, and avoided any unnecessary conversation.  He would occasionally give you pointers, you would thank him, and then the silence would resume.  Wanting to put on the best performance you could, you both dealt with the awkward situation and focused on practicing.

After a couple of hours, only you and Jaehyun remained in the practice room.  You had been focusing on the middle section of the routine all day, but Jaehyun said he thought you were ready to run through the entire thing.  You were hoping you wouldn’t have to complete the routine with Jaehyun, as the end pose was slightly more intimate than you were comfortable with.  The end of the routine was no problem with Ten, but with Jaehyun?  You were low-key freaking out.

As the routine ended, you were left with your arm thrown around his shoulders, your body leaning into him.  One of his hands rested at your waist, the other supporting you by the small of your back. Why was it that this felt so different with Jaehyun than it had with Ten?

Your faces only inches apart, both breathing heavily, you couldn’t help but admire him.  His dark eyes, pale skin, the beads of sweat forming on his forehead…  Everything about him was perfect, and despite weeks of avoiding him, in this moment, you couldn’t bring yourself to look away.  He was examining your face just as intently as you were his.   Your eyes finally settled on each others’, and before you could process what was happening, Jaehyun began to slowly lean into you.  Without thinking, you took a step back away from him while simultaneously pushing him away slightly.

“Did I do something wrong?”

You were tempted to tell him how he almost made your fan-girl heart explode.

“No? I dunno.  I thought you were going to kiss me.”

“(Y/n)… I was.”


Oh? Was that all you had to say?  The man of your dreams was going to kiss you a few seconds ago, and after rejecting him all you could say was oh?  You stood there, dumbfounded at the situation. Finally, Jaehyun broke the silence.

“(Y/n), why do you hate me so much?”

“What?! I don’t hate you at all!  Why would you think that?”

“I’ve been trying for weeks to introduce myself and get to know you, but every time I get anywhere close to making progress, you avoid me.”

“Jaehyun I swear I don’t hate you.  It isn’t like that at all.”

“Then go on a date with me.  I like you (y/n).  I have since I first saw you.”

In one day, you had gone from completely avoiding Jaehyun at all costs to him asking you out.   You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamed of this moment.  But you were beyond hesitant.  How would he react to you being a fangirl?  And was he seriously interested in you? The foreigner who looked nothing like all the other beautiful girls at the company?

 “I can’t go out with you Jaehyun.  I’m sorry.”

“Give me three good reasons why and I’ll stop trying to get closer to you.”

“Well, for one you’re an idol, a rookie at that.  I don’t want to involve you in come scandal.  Second of all, and this is embarrassing to admit, but I’m an NCT stan and you’re my bias.  I’m constantly worried about doing something stupid in front of you.  And wouldn’t it be weird dating someone who was a fan?  Third…  I mean look at me.  You’re surrounded by all of these other gorgeous trainees and idols.  I’m so different.  Why would you choose me?”

You ended your rant by looking down at the floor.  It was embarrassing to admit all of the reasons you had tried so hard to avoid him.  Of course you wanted to get closer to him, but in your mind, there were so many things preventing it.  He could do so much better than some crazy fan-girl.

“(Y/n), I said three good reasons.  Those were terrible.”

He placed his hand under your chin, gently lifting your head, making you look him in the eyes.

“First of all, dating for idols is difficult, but not impossible.  There’s always going to be scandals.  You just learn to live your life regardless of what people will say.”

He had a point.  You couldn’t expect him to give up his social life just because he was an idol.

“Second of all, you shouldn’t be afraid to be my fan.  It means a lot to me that you’re so passionate about our group. And we all make mistakes and do embarrassing things sometimes.  We’re human.”

Okay, another one of your points proven wrong.  It was kind of silly for you to think that he wouldn’t like that you were a fan… It just meant that you supported him and the other members.  As you considered his words, a wave of regret washed over you. You were slowly starting to feel really stupid for avoiding him.  You were his fan and had weeks to get to know him.  How many girls had dreamt of that opportunity?  Why on earth had you tried so hard to dodge him?

“And lastly, (y/n), I love that you’re different.  It’s refreshing to see diversity, especially at SM. When I lived in America for four years, one of my favourite things was seeing all of the different types of people. I miss that.”

You didn’t think Jaehyun could get any more perfect in your eyes, and yet here he was, proving you wrong.   You yourself had always loved diversity amongst people, but from what you knew about Korea, being different wasn’t always accepted.  It was wrong of you to assume that Jaehyun wouldn’t like you because you didn’t fit Korea’s typical beauty standards.  It was wrong of you to assume anything without getting to know him.

“You’re tan skin, wavy hair, and distinctive features… They’re all beautiful to me (y/n).  They make you special.  Not to mention you are an incredibly talented dancer.”

Not knowing what to say, all you could do was smile at Jaehyun.  All of your fangirl dreams were becoming a reality.  But more important than that, you could feel yourself genuinely begin to fall for him.  It wasn’t Jaehyun standing in front of you, it was Yoonoh.  This was a side that you had never seen in any of the countless NCT videos you had watched.

“Thank you so much…  I guess I was too busy worrying about meeting you, that I forgot you’re also a real person and not just someone that lives in my computer and phone.”

Jaehyun smiled at you, clearly finding your sudden realization cute.

“You know, agreeing to go out with me and letting us get to know each other would be a good way to make up for dodging me these past few weeks.”

“I mean, I guess I could manage that. You did call me beautiful.”

“Because you are.”

Jaehyun pulled you in for a hug. You didn’t hesitate to put your arms around his waist and hug him back.  This was the first time that you had felt completely comfortable around him. Somehow that day, he had managed to get past the walls you had put up.  Not only that, his compliments put you at ease about being a foreigner in Korea. You should have embraced your unique qualities and been proud of them.  You felt slightly disappointed in yourself for needing someone else to validate your worth, but either way, you wouldn’t forget from now own that your differences made you special.

“Oh my god did you finally ask her out?!  Did she say yes?!”

You let go of Jaehyun and turned around to see Ten and Jiyeon standing watching the two of you embrace each other.  How did Jiyeon know Jaehyun was going to ask you out?

“Yea, she agreed to go on a date with me.”

Jaehyun put one arm around your waist and pulled you to his side, showing off your new-found intimacy.

“Yes!  I knew it would all work out.”

Ten smiled at you and gave Jaehyun a wink.

“What was that for?”

“Uh… What was what for (y/n)?”

“That wink.  You just winked at Jaehyun.”

“What wink?  I didn’t wink?  Maybe my eye twitched or something.”

Ten and Jiyeon glanced at each other and both started to walk towards the door of the practice room but you ran in front of them blocking their way.

“For your sake, you both better tell me what is going on right now.”

You glanced behind them to look at Jaehyun.  As soon as you made eye contact, he tilted his head towards the floor, avoiding your gaze. What the heck were these three hiding from you?

“Well you see (y/n)…  Jaehyun, Jiyeon and I may or may not have possibly maybe came up with a plan to get you to finally talk to Jaehyun so he could ask you out…”

“Yea… Ten and I didn’t really have to leave practice earlier.  It was just a part of our plan with Jaehyun so he could ask you to practice with him and finally get you to have a conversation.”

“We heard you were still practicing, so we thought we’d stop by and see how things were going. Apparently, they were going exactly as planned.”

You stared back and forth between Ten, Jiyeon and Jaehyun in disbelief.  The three of them had orchestrated this entire day?

“So, this was just all some plan to get Jaehyun and I together?”

“You wouldn’t talk to him! Literally everyone except you knew that Jaehyun liked you!  We had to do something!”

Jiyeon threw her hands in the air in frustration while Ten nodded his head in agreement.  As mad as you were at them for meddling, you were grateful that they had put so much effort into doing this for you and Jaehyun. Slowly making his way over to the three of you, Jaehyun took both of your hands in his own.

“Ten let it slip to Jiyeon last week that I liked you, and then she admit that you liked me.  We had to act on it.  I’m sorry that it happened like this (y/n), but I couldn’t handle you avoiding me anymore.  I was going insane being so distant from you.”

How on earth could you be mad at the three of them.   They just wanted you to get over your worries and be happy.  Thanks to their little plan, you had a date with your dream guy. You couldn’t believe how your life had changed over the last few weeks.  From NCT stan watching videos of Jaehyun after school, to SM trainee who had a date with him. Sure, you stood out as a foreign dancer training at the top music company in Korea, but you weren’t going to let your negative thoughts hold you back anymore.  Standing there, looking at your friends – and hopefully soon-to-be boyfriend – you couldn’t wait to see what the future had in store. 

Thank you kind anon who sent in this request.  I honestly have no idea how this ended up being this long lmao.  If you managed to get to the end of it, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!!  It would mean a lot to me if you guys follow me and send in requests~~

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Prompt: I wish you would write a Fantastic Beasts AU for Miraculous OT4, but I don't know if you've seen the film? Anyway, consider: Adrien as the animal-loving loner, Marinette the no-nonsense law enforcer, Alya the flirty sister... or perhaps Alya as the investigator, because Mari bakes? Anyway, Nino is the Muggle that basically keeps them together and is all around awesome, like in your support AU thing. And there's lots of magical beasts.

I now desperately want to draw the boys just for that one scene where they are COVERED in jewelry and pinned by the cops and Nino is like “They went that way officer”

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This is a perfect AU for them oh my gosh why did i never consider?? 

Freaking alya like “Don’t worry honey, most guys were thinking what you was thinking when they first saw me” and ninos like “sHIT” 

Freaking buddies Adrien and Nino trying to collect all of Adriens crap before it all comes down on them. Thieving little pain in the neck Plagg causing trouble left and right.

This is perfect I love this idea I really want to see them in all the outfits now like a lot MY WRIST IS HURT SOMEONE HELP 

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White Widow - Part 6
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 (Smut)| PART 10 (Final)

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: When the reader loses her fiance to Hydra, she is sent to the Avengers compound for her protection. Forced to share the guest house with the famous assassin, the Winter Soldier, she must learn to cope with her loss and her new roommate. All this, while trying to solve the mystery of why Hydra is now hunting her.

A/N: This chapter is angst and nightmares, mention of vomit, but Bucky and Steve dressing as each other for Halloween, so who could ask for more…Credit to @readytocomply for the rad image of Bucky!Cap

Bucky and I had gotten back into our routine. Our workouts got more intense. I had moved on to sparring with a partner and hell he was a tough opponent. I even went a few times with Natasha and she was no easier. Sam was a piece of cake to take down though. Just a wink and a little exaggeration in the swing of my hips and he was putty.

I’ll never forget the look on Bucky’s face when I landed my first full force punch right to his jaw.

I immediately snapped my whole body away from his, hands up to my mouth, mouth open in total shock.

“James, I am so sorry!”

He looked half stunned and half proud as he spat a little bit of blood onto the floor.

“That was awesome.” he smiled and pulled me into a hug

“I think you’re ready to move onto guns doll.” he said as a smirk grew on his face

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So anyway skullykins and I are gonna be wandering around Manchester Comic Con tomorrow (Saturday) so if any of y'all are there and see us come say hi

Red Lipstick |

Hyungwon x Y/N

Word  count: 1,373 words

I apologize before hand for wrong spellings, wrong grammar and all ;u; I hope you guys like it!

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“Hey, guys,” everyone looked up to Shownu, who’s currently walking towards us with a red envelope on his hand. “We’re invited to Wook’s party and we have to wear something formal.” Shownu’s expression was pretty blank. “Let me see the invitation.” Wonho said as he grabbed the envelope from his hand and read it. “Wait, he said he’ll be sending us some clothes to wear that he hand-picked for us and a dress for [y/n].” Everyone was pretty blank, still deciphering every single word. Finally, Minhyuk was the first one to react. “Woah! That’s so cool! If we’re going to wear something that formal… does that mean that we’ll be able to eat steak?!” All of their eyes lit up. “Steak and wine!” Kihyun beamed, a big smile plastered on his face.

The boys did a small victory dance. I actually don’t know why they fancy steak and wine that much but I guess it’ll be a fun evening with these guys around. “Before you guys continue your victory dance, shouldn’t we all prepare ourselves now?” I suggested to which made them froze on their spots. “But we don’t have our clothes–” I.M was cut off-ed by Jooheon who showed us eight fancy looking paper bags. “The clothes are here.” Distributing the paper bags to their owners, everyone immediately checked their clothes out. “Wait!” I stopped them before they reveal their outfits for later.

Everyone stopped and looked at me. “What if we don’t show everyone what we’re going to wear for later?” I suggested. Excitement filled the air as everyone started to grin from side to side, nodding their heads to that idea. All of us scurried to an empty room and started pepping ourselves up. The dress that Wook chose for me was a simple yet elegant black dress. It wrapped perfectly around my body. I twirled in front of the mirror and looked my self. Damn, I looked hot in it. I decided to put on some bb cream, eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of blush and some red lipstick. My hair was wavy already so I decided to just let it down and do some magic with it.

Wook also prepared a diamond necklace for me and a pair of black stilettoes. I wore the necklace and the pair of stilettoes. I popped my head out of the door and yelled, “Are you guys ready?” The boys replied immediately. “Yes!” “[Y/N] can you help me with my necktie?!” Laughing at their silliness, I yelled once again, “Let’s come out in the count of 3!” All of us started counting down, “3. . . 2… 1!” Coming out from our rooms, we were all stunned by our outfits. “Woah. . you guys look so good!” I said as I looked at them. The boys were wearing suits and they fixed their hairs. They looked so freaking good.

“[Y/N] can you help me with my necktie?” Hyungwon came up to me with his eyes fixed on his necktie. “Sure, sure.” I said, grabbing the tie from his hand. Looking up from his necktie, our eyes met and his eyes widened. I saw his adam’s apple go up and down. His lips quivered, “Y-you look so hot.” He whispered, loud enough for the two of us to hear. I could feel my cheeks heat up from his sudden remark. “Damn, didn’t know you had some booty in you [Y/N].” Wonho teased, earning a smack from Kihyun. “Don’t mind him [Y/N], he’s just jealous!” Minhyuk said, making me laugh.

“We’ll wait for you guys at the car, [Y/N].” Shownu said, gesturing everyone that they’ll go. “Okay.” I nodded and saw Jooheon and Minhyuk giving some aegyos while I.M facepalmed himself and pushed the older men to the door. Silence filled the air once the guys left. My heart started to beat really fast. I decided to do Hyungwon’s neck tie. I made mistakes here and there as I felt Hyungwon’s stare but I was able to tie it properly .“I-is something on my face?” I awkwardly asked right after I finished tying his necktie.

He shook his head and said, “Your lipstick.” I unconsciously puckered my lips. “Is the color not nice? Should I change it?” I was about to go to my room to look for another color but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. Butterflies took over my oh-so-calm stomach. My heart starts beating really loud, scaring the daylights out of me. “It looks really good on you.” He stared right at me, probably looking at my soul.

Unable to look away from his stare, we looked at each other for quite some time. “A-are you sure?” Stuttering, he chuckled and said, “If it didn’t look good on you, would I even do this?” Before I could ask him, he crashed his lips on to mine. His thick, luscious, plump lips. Rather than pulling away, I kissed him back. He pulled me closer to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I then pulled away, realizing that my lipstick was probably all over his lips. “Hyungwon, y-your lips.” Panicking that the guys would see my lipstick stains on his lips, I grabbed some wet wipes and was about to wipe the lipstick stains off from his lips when he just laughed. “You should look at yourself, [Y/N].” His laugh was genuine. I looked at the mirror and saw that I looked like a clown after kissing him. Little did I know that I was turning red as a tomato.

“You’re so cute, [Y/N].” Hyungwon grabbed the wet wipes from my hand and made me face him. He gently wiped my lipstick off. His touch was so warm, making the butterflies on my stomach go wild. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. “You do know that staring is rude.” The old Hyungwon is back. I rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah, yeah. Says the one who kissed me out of the blue.” He looked at me and said, “Well, it’s your fault that I couldn’t resist kissing your luscious lips.” I grabbed the wet wipes from him and wiped the lipstick stains on his lips. I could still feel the warmth of his lips on mine, making me feel warm.

“Why would it be my fault? It’s your fault that you couldn’t control your hormones!” I talked back, and saw how serious he looked right now. Wiping the last lipstick stain on his lips, I grabbed the red lipstick from my clutch and applied it on my lips. “Why? Is it my fault for falling in love with you?” I froze on my spot and looked at him. He was really serious, his eyes were staring at me once again. “Is it also my fault for falling in love with you too?” I returned the question back at him, unable to hide my feelings for him. Everyone knew that I had feelings for him except him, of course.

Hyungwon laughed and said, “I guess it’s both our fault for falling in love with each other then.” I smiled and nodded. “You know, ever since we met I knew that something clicked between us. And I can’t even believe that I’m saying this to you right now.” He continued, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “Well, you’re not the only one who felt that way,” I paused and realized that everyone was waiting for us. “Let’s get going, everyone’s waiting for us.” I was about to leave when he grabbed me by my wrist. He pulled me and placed a kiss on my lips. It was quick but I was still able to feel his lips. “I love you.” Hyungwon said, staring at my eyes lovingly. I softened and said, “I love you too.”

“Finally! Now let’s go, you lovebirds!” Jooheon exclaimed, making us turn around to look at him. We both laughed and left the place. Once we arrived at the van, everyone was smirking at us. Hyungwon and I just laughed it off and sat beside each other. During the ride, Hyungwon slipped his hand onto mine and whispered, “You look hot with that red lipstick of yours, by the way.”

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Ruby takes yang and Blake shopping and ends up running into Coco's rants about Ruby's outfit

Ruby: Come on! Come on! This dust to dawn shop just got in some new gravity dust! *Ruby cheered as she raced down the sidewalk as Yang and Blake followed behind.

Blake: Why are we going to all this stores again?

Yang: Sigh, Because a new game me and Ruby came off and since I said I’d pick it up with her she decided it should be a “sister hang out” day.

Blake: But then why am I here? 

Yang: Well, you are going to be her sister in-law that some point.

Blake: Siiiiiiiiigh, I just wanted to spend the day cuddling with you and read my books.

Yang: *Yang hugs her girlfriend.* I know babe. I am sorry you got dragged along. *Yang then kissed the top of Blake’s head making her smile before spotting someone.* 

Blake: Huh? Hey isn’t that Coco?

Yang: Hmm? Oh yeah it is. YO COCO! *Yang yelled waving her arm.*

Coco: Ah Well well well. If it isn’t the second hottest couple in Vale. What are you two doing here? *Coco greeted the two, giving them a hug.*

Yang: Oh My sister dragged us out to go shopping.

Coco: Oh really? And where is the little hero of- *Coco say when a cloud of rose petals appeared inbetween her and the bumblebee couple.*

Ruby: Guuuuuys! Come on! We need to get to the dust shop before it runs out of the gravity dust! *Ruby grapping Yang and Blake and starts to pull.

Coco: Oh. Mygod. *Coco muttered as she looked Ruby up and down.* Oh hell no! RUBY ROSE!

RubY: WAH!? COCO!? Don’t sneak up on me li-mm? *Ruby jumped at the call of her name turned to find Coco looking annoyed with her before speaking only to have Coco cover her mouth.*

Coco: Yeah Hush up for a one. *Coco ordered and she removed her hand and walked around Ruby once before gesturing to her outfit.* Ruby. What is all… this?

Ruby: *Ruby looks down at herself.* Uh, My normal clo-

Coco: It is a crime, Ruby. A Fashion Crime!

Ruby: Wha’cha you talking about? I look gr-

Coco: YOU LOOK LIKE A BEER WAITRESS RUBY! A BEER! WAITRESS! *Coco shouted before sighing and grabbing Ruby by the hood.* This! This is unacceptable! We are going to  fashion topic shop right Now! 

Ruby: But! BUT! *Ruby Said as Coco began to drag her away.*


Yang: Should we stop her? *Yang asked, looking over to her girl.* I mean, she is basically kidnapping my sister.

Blake: No. When it come to fashion and outfits, It’s best to stay out of Coco’s way.

Okay first. I HAVE NO FASHION SENSE! So I suck on this topic. Plus, I’m hella ugly guy  so I don’t know what looks good to women. Personally I like the outfits in the show so I don’t know if Coco would freak out seeing Ruby’s.

The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 5}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Hamilton - Modern AU (Law School)

Jefferson x Reader

1,974 words

The long awaited Part 5 has arrived! This is kind of a filler chapter, but it’s necessary to set up for Part 6. The good news is it’s finally the weekend, so I’ll be able to post a couple more parts soon! So, without further ado, I give you The Upper Hand: Part 5

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Too slutty.

You peel off the short, sleeveless cocktail dress and throw it on the floor with a groan. Jefferson—Thomas is coming to pick you for your date up in three short hours, and you still haven’t found the right outfit. You haven’t been on a date in a while—unless you count the blind date with Peggy’s cousin two months ago—and you figure that you need extra time to get ready. And freak out.

Your phone rings as you try on dress number six. John Laurens.


“Y/N! You’re coming out tonight with us, right? Friday night’s about to get lit!”

“Uh, actually, Laurens, I have a date.”

“Ooooh, Y/N has a date! Who’s the lucky fella?”

You hesitate. While you are worried about what Alex and the guys will think of you going on a date with Thomas, you think Laurens will be more understanding than the others. Laurens is one of the HamilSquad who hasn’t caught Jefferson’s attention, other than noticing that Laurens and Hamilton seem a little too close of friends. You really need someone to talk to about this, and Peggy is out of town with her boyfriend this weekend, so she hasn’t been available to talk.

“Um, Laurens? I’m trying to keep it on the DL. Sorry.”

“Really? You’re not going to tell me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you trying to find a dress?”

“I have nothing to wear!” you whine.

“Okay, I’ll come help you find something if you tell me who this mystery guy is.”


Laurens arrives fifteen minutes later, giving the bright green dress you’re wearing an appraising look as you open the door. He follows you to your bedroom and whistles at the piles of clothes scattered across your floor.

“You really like this guy, don’t you?”

You nod, blushing. “He’s taking me to that new French restaurant on 8th Street, and I don’t feel like any of these clothes are nice enough.”

“Classy guy,” Laurens observes, stepping over your clothes piles and into your closet. “How about this one? I heard it’s going to be chilly tonight, so maybe he’ll give you his coat if you get cold.”

You giggle thoughtfully, imagining Jefferson’s coat around your shoulders, his French cologne surrounding you in a warm, fragrant embrace. A new level of nerves hits you, and you sink to your bed.

“No, get up and try this on,” Laurens orders. “And don’t panic. This guy must know how special you are if he’s asking you out on a date.”

“I am special,” you echo as you step into the closet to change.

“Okay, Y/N! Let’s see how you look.”

You step into your bedroom in the magenta dress Laurens picked out. It’s modeled after 50s styles, with an A-line skirt and V-neck. You twirl and see the flat bow nestled in the small of your back.

“It’s perfect!” Laurens says, grinning at you.

You match his smile and touch the silky material, looking at your reflection in the mirror. The magenta color compliments your skin tone and hair. You make a mental note to twist your hair into an updo. You do look good, you agree. Only good things can happen while you wear this dress, like first kisses and moonlit walks in the park and—


You turn to look at Laurens sitting on your bed, dread filling your belly. He wants to know the identity of the mystery date. Any confidence you had that Laurens will react well disappears as he grins at you eagerly.

“You’re not gonna like it,” you start, wringing your hands. “I know how much you guys hate him, and I did too. But I learned that he is a nice, hard-working guy who is confident in himself and his abilities. I know that he is quirky and obnoxious and arrogant, but he respects me and sees that I am special, just like you said.”

You pause, unable to form Jefferson’s name with your lips.

Laurens’ smile dims. “I had a bad feeling about that group project.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“Y/N, I could never be disappointed in you.” He motions for you to sit next to him on the bed. “I am shocked, and perhaps slightly suspicious of Jefferson. But… if you can find it in yourself to look past his many, many faults and shortcomings and overall jackassery—”


“Sorry. Point is, you’re giving him a chance, and I will respect that.”

You chew on your lip thoughtfully.

“I swear to God, though, if he hurts you, I’ll sic Hamilton on him.”

The image of Hamilton beating up Jefferson makes you both chuckle. You face Laurens and give him a grateful smile.

“Thank you, John.”

“What are friends for?” He puts an arm around you and squeezes slightly. “Now, I will let you finish getting ready. I would be completely useless if you asked me about makeup or hair.”

“But your hair is so pretty,” you joke, ruffling his curly locks.

He stares at you in mock horror before jumping to his feet. “That was uncalled for, Miss Y/L/N.”

You giggle as you walk him to the door.

“I expect an update at the end to make sure you’re okay,” he says, pseudo-joking.

“ ’Kay. And please don’t tell Alex.”

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

The next hour and a half blows by in a flurry of makeup, hair curling, and perfume, your growing anxiety and excitement fueled by upbeat music blaring from your speakers. You wish that Peggy could be here to help you get ready—her enthusiasm for first dates and good eye for style would be much appreciated as you stress about almost every choice.

Finally, eight o’clock rolls around, and you find yourself pacing in the hall between the living room and your bedroom in your bare feet, checking your phone clock every twenty seconds. Doubts begin to creep in as it becomes 8:01 and then 8:02…

What if he’s in a car accident? What if he decided to cancel? What if he just asked me out because he feels bad for me? Or worse, because he’s playing a trick on me?

The doorbell rings, and you nearly jump out of your skin. Trying to calm your racing heart, you make your way to the door. You smooth your hands over your hair—in a nice-looking chignon—and your dress—magenta, you smile—before opening the door.

Thomas’ tall frame takes up the whole doorway. He’s dressed in a tailored black suit, purple checked shirt, and bow tie. The signature curly locks have been somewhat tamed by some form of hair product.

When he sees you, the cheerful tune he was whistling dies on his lips and his jaw drops slightly. He looks you up and down, taking in your magenta dress, classic pearl necklace, black heels. There must be something wrong with what you’re wearing. Your hands instinctively search for pockets at your waist, but, finding nothing but fabric, smooth the dress over the flat of your stomach.

He quickly clears his throat, recovering from whatever afflicted him before, and holds out a bouquet of carnations, daisies, and baby’s breath. No one has brought you flowers before, unless you count the one time in second grade when Brandon Murphy picked a dandelion from the grass by the slide and gave it to you.

“I just thought that you’d like some flowers,” Thomas says, interpreting your hesitation as rejection of his gift. “I honestly didn’t know what to get you. Usually girls like flowers. Do you even like carnations? Because I wasn’t sure if roses were too much. There were some lilacs there, actually. Or I think something called an orchid. I’d never heard of that before. Do you want me to return these and get you orchids? Because I’ll do whatev—”

“Thomas, they’re beautiful,” you say, accepting the bouquet and inhaling the flowers’ sweet perfume. “Thank you.”

He visibly relaxes, grinning at you with that million-dollar smile.

“Let me go put these in a vase, and we can go.”

Laurens sits at the bar and sips his drink, vaguely paying attention to Alex, Laf, and Hercules’ conversation. Something about Lafayette’s full name involving lots of French words and swearing. To be honest, Laurens is more interested in thinking about why Y/N is going on a date with Thomas Jefferson. He can’t count on both hands the number of times she came to any member of their group crying because of something Jefferson had said to her. He constantly teased her about her background and her grades. Laurens didn’t know everything about her, but he knew that what Jefferson said really hurt her. How could she just disregard all of those hurtful words and consider him as a potential romantic partner?

He wasn’t jealous of Jefferson. No, there was someone else who Laurens had his eye on, but he doubted it would work. Laurens merely cared for Y/N as a friend. She had been there for him when he needed to confide in someone about his secret crush, listening without judgment as he explained how difficult and impossible it was. He felt the need to be there for her, a non-judging friend who could listen to her thoughts and feelings.

Even so, he still had opinions about this. Jefferson couldn’t change so easily. He was one hundred percent himself, including the arrogant, self-centered, insensitive jackass that had hurt Y/N countless times before. Laurens’ mind conjures an image of Y/N sitting cross-legged on her bed, wiping tears from her cheeks as she recounts Jefferson’s latest insults. Y/N could hold her own against Jefferson when she was in public, but she couldn’t keep him from hurting her heart.

Hercules leans into Laurens, pulling his attention back to the guys sitting next to him.

“What’s up, Laurens?” Herc asks, ordering another round for the group. “You called Y/N and invited her to hang tonight, right?”

Laurens nods wordlessly, clenching his jaw.

“Where is she, then?” Alex appears on his other side, his knee touching Laurens’. The silence that follows is deafening.

“That new French restaurant on 8th,” Laurens reveals quietly.

“On a date?”

Laurens avoids Laf’s questioning eyes.

“That’s great, right? How come we didn’t hear about it?”

“A hot, nameless date? How mysterious!”

Laurens plays the conversation he had with Y/N right before he left her apartment in his head. “Please don’t tell Alex.” “Your secret’s safe with me.” He did promise Y/N not to tell Alex. And his word carried weight. But ethically, if it was to protect her from Jefferson, it would be okay to betray her trust. Right?

“Tell us who it is, John!” Alex pleads, his hand grazing Laurens’ thigh before he takes a swig from his beer mug. “She hasn’t dated anyone in months.”

I’m doing this for your own good, Y/N, Laurens thinks. He screws his eyes shut, clenching his fists, and blurts out:


Hercules laughs out loud. “That’s funny, Laurens. Never in a million years…”

“That is, how you say, ridiculous!” Laf agrees.

Alex is silent under their laughter, his eyes darkening as he studies Laurens.

“He’s not joking,” Alex mutters.

Hercules and Lafayette’s laughter dies on their lips.

“I’m gonna kill him,” says Alex, his voice deadly low. His dark eyes leave Laurens’ face, mentally calculating the fastest way to get to 8th Street.

Laurens’ heart sinks in his chest as he realizes the hurricane he has just released on Y/N’s date. He has a moment of doubt—perhaps Y/N knows what she’s doing and can handle herself—but during his moment of hesitation Alexander is already out the door, trailed closely behind by Lafayette and Hercules. Panicking, Laurens pulls out his phone and sends Y/N a quick text, hoping that her phone is on.

SOS. Alex knows. I’m so sorry.

Meeting Ghost after the show in Nov 10 ❤️️

• Aether Ghoul
Met him first :) he was so shy and signed everything for me with a big smile. When he signed my mask he said it was heavier than his. I’m a sucker for guys with accents and nose rings.

• Air Ghoul
He was soooo tall! His accent was really thick as well. He told my brother and I our jackets were nicer than his jacket. He also asked about our patches and where we got them. At which point we are like umm the bands store, lol!

• Water Ghoul
She came up to us and said she saw us from the stage! At which point Aether looks over and smiles and says he saw us!!! She said we looked good and said she felt like she was looking at herself. I asked her what it was like to be on the bus with a bunch of guy. She said as long as everyone is professional, everyone gets along. She had a really thick accent?! I thought she was American?!

• Earth Ghoul
He came out last and started with us for autographs. He said we looked awesome and then drew on my brothers hand with sharpie by accident. He’s tiny for sure, dressed like a stereotypical rockstar.

• Alpha Ghoul
OMFG!!! This man. So I met him second and he was awesome. All smiles and he seemed to enjoy meeting everyone. So first off he grabs my Grucifix and says that it’s a little bigger than his but that I looked really good and continued to compliment my outfit. He asked where we got the masks and thought they were really cool. I was surprised they were not aware they were being made. HERE’S THE KICKER… so I give him my mask to sign. I hand it to him upside and point to the other signatures… Alpha flips my mask over and signs the temple!! I was like ummm thanks smiling and HAPPY but trying to keep my perfectionism in check.

I guess looking back it makes a good story but now I have a freaking triangle on the side of my mask. IM STILL CONFLICTED!! &&& he took my sharpie as I’m walking up to the next Ghoul!!

• Papa
He comes up to us and compliments us on our outfit. He said he really liked it and thanked up for coming/dressing up. I was a total idiot and was like I saw you guys back in 2013 thinking to myself WTF are you saying, he doesn’t care, stop bragging. After that he was going to sign my vinyl with a black marker and I stopped him and I was I really want them all in silver. He just laughed and was like ok. I just felt like a stupid fan girl!! Ugh, he was so attractive with his hair slicked back and wearing a pea coat :)

Okay I lost the person’s url so idk who they are but

There’s an artist in the Ava’s Demon fandom who evidently really likes drawing TiTAN. They draw him a looooot. And they draw him super well. Different poses, outfits, memes and stuff. I wish I had something reblogged from them so that I had their url and could follow them or something because their TiTANs are SUPER FREAKING GOOD.

Do you guys know who I’m talking about? They have this distinct style that makes TiTAN look like he’s raising an eyebrow all the time. Like he looked half amused half bored. Idk how to explain it but he looks super cool.

Idk if that makes sense but yeah. They draw TiTAN a lot and they draw him well. If anyone knows who I’m talking about then PLEASE @ their username or something because THEY’RE SUPER AMAZING AND THEIR TITANS GIVE ME LIFE.

And if the person I’m talking about is currently reading this, then buddy. BUDDY. BUDDY PAL AMIGO. WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH YOUR ART. HOLY SHIT. Just. Holy shit. I have no idea what extraterrestrial being you are and why you’ve decided to grace this fucking hellsite with your presence, but thank you. Thank you so fucking much. Your lowkey (and sometimes highkey) shitposty TiTAN doodles are seriously one of my favourite stuffs in the fandom. Good shit, buddy. Keep it up.


How Slipknot’s Clown Spends His Halloween

To see more of Shawn’s photos, check out @6cl6wn6 on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

His photos are a nightmarish mix of black eye makeup, crooked teeth and clown masks with blotched skin and mangled lips. Who takes pictures like this? More importantly, does anything scare the person who does?

“I live in my imagination almost 100 percent of the time,” says Shawn Crahan (@6cl6wn6), also known as Clown, the co-founder of the heavy metal outfit Slipknot and the man behind the most terrifying account on Instagram.

For a guy who plays in a band known for its ghoulish attire, Shawn is surprisingly frank about what freaks him out: simply speaking, it’s not what’s in front of his face, but what isn’t. Being scared of the invisible means a worst-case scenario where anything and everything can come charging out from the edge. It all stems back to Shawn’s days as a kid, particularly on Halloween, where he spent time wandering around his neighborhood and staring off into darkness.

“What I like more than anything is to walk around on Halloween and just interject thoughts in my own mind,” he says. “Yes, it’s Halloween. We’re dressing up. We’re going to walk around. But I like to step outside of the brainwashed minds and go deeper into the intriguing thoughts of why people choose to be what they are and the real essence of what Halloween is.”

For most of the year, Shawn chooses to be a clown — at least on stage. The drummer and percussionist has had several different iterations of the clown look over the years, but typically opts for one with white makeup and neon orange hair.

“I’ve never really tried to make Slipknot Halloween, because it’s Slipknot. It’s a rock and roll band,” he says. “But because we do dress up, it’s kind of like we do live Halloween all the time.”

Perhaps that’s why Shawn doesn’t typically jump into costume at the end of every October. The last time he did, he was dressed as a professional welder that had been in an accident and had his face melted off. Shawn is a cryptic person by nature, so whether he’s in disguise or not, the core idea behind Halloween goes hand in hand with his thoughts and mediations. Today, while the holiday feels more in your face — it’s all about showing off everything that is happening right now, in the moment — he prefers the slow burn.

“I can remember being a kid and just walking around and going, ‘Anything I can imagine can be in those woods.’ And that was always scariest,” he says. “So my plans are always to look in. I live for the glitches in life.”

— Instagram @music

Non Serious/Annoying PSA

So I got an anon yesterday that was talking to me about the same thing this guy on another website pestered me about and I just got confirmation that it was him on anon. Guy submitted a drawing to my ask blog saying I can “use the swimsuit.”

I do not tolerate spamming direct or indirect art requests like this.

Seriously, don’t bug an artist over and over with an art concept because I KNOW when someone is trying to get me to draw something. And listen, whatever, fetishes are your thing and all, but don’t push them onto artists EITHER. Even as something as nonsexual as freaking bikinis, obsessively coming to me with the same “oh what do you think of this particular outfit, you can totally use it for future drawings” makes me NOT like you and NOT want to interact with you at all.

And having the nerve to ask me in an indirect manner, knowing full well my requests and art trades are closed to friends, is such a rude thing to do. I’m not stupid and I will know when it’s the same person trying to get me to draw this one specific thing.

Other than that, this doesn’t mean I don’t take requests on this blog and this situation only applies to one person. If you want me to draw something, just ask me about it politely. Don’t skip around the bush and I’ll tell you if I will take that particular request or if it’s just gonna be a commission or whatever.

TL;DR - Don’t. Spam. Artists.

Only you - Jay Park Scenario

Ugly, repulsive, unworthy, a freak. These words played a million times in your head. You felt broken and defeated, you just felt like giving up.

You’ve been trying to find the right outfit to wear to your boyfriend’s concert but you’ve come up blank. Nothing was coming out right and it frustrated you to no end. Defeated, you put on some sweats and crawled into bed, not wanting the world to see how you looked.

Jay, being the good boyfriend he was, was waiting for you down stairs so you guys could ride together. “Babe, what’s taking you so long? If it’s about your hair, just leave it curly.” Not getting a response, he wakes up the stairs into your shared room. He was shocked to see all of your clothes on the ground and you in a tight ball in the bed, wanting to shield yourself of the evils of the world.

“(Y/N), why aren’t you dressed? Are you not feeling okay?” He laid his warm hand across your forehead, checking to see if your had a fever. You rolled over to see his face properly. With tears rolling down your bunny checks and eyes blood shot, Jay immediately held you in his tatted arms. “Baby? What’s the matter, why are you crying?” He said as he wiped your tears away.

“Am I beautiful to you? Do you actually love me or are you using me for sex?” You whispered as you looked down at the blanket on top of you. “Where is this coming from? Of course you’re beautiful, even more than that. You are a goddess sent from heaven above. I love you more anything on this planet. Why are you asking such questions?” Jay said, shocked that you would even think like that.

Jay knew that you were your own woman and nobody could ever break the confidence you had built for yourself. So seeing you in such a state scared him. “Jay, you could have any girl you wanted, so why did you choose a fat girl who can’t even get recognition for being your woman just because of my skin color?” Jay would have never in a years would ever guess when he asked you what’s wrong that those words would leave your lips.

“You’re right, I could have any girl on the face of this earth and I chose you. I chose you because you’re smart, funny, down to earth. You put up with my shit, you’ve help me grow my company within a short amount of time, you baby me, you love me for who I am not because of what I do. And as for your skin, baby, you should have know that I’m in love with the coco. I love how when you get embarrassed, your checks get warm, I love that you have curly hair so that I could play in it, I love when you cook, I love your thighs, lord knows I love your ass. I love the way you talk about African American history, knowing what’s actually right about the government and how it treats people, baby I love you and it’s only you.”

No more words were needed to be said. You crawled into Jay’s lap and kissed him until you needed more air to breath. “ I love you Jay Park” “ I love you more (Y/N). Now get dressed, we’re going to be late.”


Request: maybe a request where the reader is insecure and Spencer is convincing them that they’re beautiful?

Warning: self-hatred
Contains: a bit of angst and fluff

You tried to go into work today but couldn’t. It was one of your bad days. You looked into the mirror this morning and almost broke down crying and just couldn’t muster enough energy to go.

So you called Hotch, telling him that you were sick, to which he said he understood. You figured he might have a suspicion on what was actually happening with you but you didn’t care.

Being surrounded by your co-workers just sounded terrible. There’s the beautiful, kind JJ, with her long blonde hair and blue eyes

There’s the brave, strong, pretty Emily, with her long legs and long black hair. Then there’s the gorgeous, confidant Garcia, who’s fashion sense is so awesome he can rock any hair color or outfit she wears. You felt like you stood out when you were with them, in the bad way.

You just felt terrible with them, especially at bars. Guys would constantly come up to them and they would decline until you would force them to go. At least you had JJ to keep you company. And it’s not just the girls! The boys were so intimidating. Morgan, girls practically drooled for him. Rossi and Hotch had so many years of experience, and…Spencer Reid. Where to begin with that one.

Curly brown locks, pale skin, freaking beautiful brown eyes that were like freaking chocolate, slight stubble on that jaw that could cut something it was so sharp. Pink full lips and strong hands all with his tall slightly muscular frame. He was literally so perfect. Plus he knows everything about anything. He could ramble all day, you couldn’t find him annoying, you loved his voice. So, based on how pretty and amazing everyone at work was, it was really hard to look at yourself in the mirror without screaming in frusteration.

You hated everything about yourself. Everything. You looked at the now broken class and your mismatched reflection and fell to the floor sobbing. Shoulder-length curly brown locks, pale skin, freaking beautiful brown eyes that were like freaking chocolate, slight stubble on that jaw that could cut something it was so sharp. Pink full lips and strong hands all with his tall slightly muscular frame. He was literally so perfect.

You were so insecure and had no idea what you were doing half the time. You felt like the baby of the team, which you technically were, but physically and Mentally, not just age-wise. You heard a knock on your door and jumped, looking through your peephole to see if it was a salesperson or some crap. Your eyes widened in suprise, and you opened the door slightly.

“Please go away.” You mumbled, trying to shut it, but finding a converse blocking the door. “Y/n please. Let me in.” Spencer asked, pushing the door open. You nodded warily and stepped inside, enveloping you in a hug. You clutched on to the back of his shirt, burying your head in his chest.

“Why do you keep lying to Hotch?” He asked, rubbing soothing circles on your back. “I can’t deal with wok somedays. I barely take any days off, this is the third day I’ve used.” You mumbled, lying. “Now you’re lying to me. Y/n sometimes you look at us with absolute sadness, sometimes you don’t eat, or talk at work. I just want to know what’s wrong so I can help you.” He lifted your face up so you were looking at him. Your cheeks burned at the gesture.

“I’m…me.’ You mumbled. ” I’m not as pretty as JJ, brave as Emily, cool as Garcia, experienced as Rossi and Hotch, strong as Morgan, or…smart as you.“ You mumbled, pulling away and letting your hair fall into your face. (Or just cover your face with your hands)

“Oh y/n.” He sighed, grabbing your hand and leading you to one of your bathrooms. “ what do you see when you look into this mirror?” You inhaled sharply.

“I see someone whose worthless. Fat, ugly, stupid, and has nothing to offer.” You clenched your jaw and averted your gaze. Spencer tilted your chin up is you were looking at yourself again.

“Really? I see a beautiful woman, with dark/bright e/c eyes. And long/short h/c hair thy shines in the sun. Your laugh is infectious, and you’re so intelligent. You have sass to make Morgan even stunned, and loving care for everyone around you. You are the perfect size, just beautiful. And you don’t even realize it which is the saddest part. It’s all of those reasons, all of your qualities, just justify why I love you.” His eyes widened and he blushed.

“You love me?” You turned around looking up do his eyes met yours. He opened his mouth to say something but shut it abruptly. You closed your eyes and leaned up to press a chaste kiss on his lips. “Do you honestly think those things about me?” You asked quietly. He nodded and touched his lips with the tips of his fingers.

“I’m not going to tell you that that should make you better instantly, and I know it takes time, but I hope that you can accept yourself, in time.” “Thanks Spencer. I..I love you too. I think that if you help me, there might be a day where I can look in the mirror and be okay.“ Spencer kissed the top of your head and wrapped his arms around you once more. “I’ll be with you every step of the way.”


I mainly focused on the self-doubt part because I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately. .~. Which is mostly why this sucks.


About a year ago, I became completely obsessed with the actor who played Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spiderman 2. Dane Dehaan. He’s all I would talk about, and I watched almost every single movie he was involved in.

Yesterday I’m sitting in the kitchen and I hear my mom talking about these plays we used to go to in North Carolina put on by NASA and I remember that Dane Dehaan used to go there. Somethign in my head is saying, ‘that one guy looked super nerdy, but was rather attractive too… what if it was him. WHAT THE HECK, I’LL LOOK IT UP FOR FUN,’ i think and casually search the two gentlemen of verona dane dehaan, and DO YOU KNOW WHAT COMES UP?!





Welcome to Club Season. What if you meet the OTBS guys at a host club^^

Gosh why didn’t I think of searching around the app for this!! haha its kinda weird seeing the OTBS guys dressed up in sleek sexy suits. I’m guessing its like that Sweet Cafe Gentlemen’s club sub story??? Anyways here they are!!!

1) the dude with green hair and bow tie… is he a new character in S3? Yah I really need to finish S2 and get onto S3. But he’s cute!!!

2) I love Tsumugu’s outfit the best (not only because he is my bias in the game :P) though Minato comes second as open shirt with a cross necklace is freaking badass sexy in a sleek way^^

3) Ayame dude is hella flirty!!! yup @eiko-ichinomiya0511 he is pretty much what I picture Rihito if he loose the baby face, dyed his hair pink and grow a goatee ! lolllz xD

Blachorlette Party

Opie looked you over. “Are you really wearing that?” He stood in front of you with his arms crossed.

You checked yourself out in the mirror not seeing anything wrong with the red dress and matching heels you were wearing. You had worn this outfit numours times to the club. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“It’s too revealing!” You laughed, looking up at him.

“I’m going to Marissa’s blachorlette party, Gemma and Luann will be there to make sure no guys come on to us. Relax! I’m not freaking out about you going to the Jellybean.”

You go to walk away, he grabs your arm, pulling you back. “I love you!” He leans down to kiss you.

“Love you too. I’ve got to go or I’m going to be late. Don’t bring home fleas.” She smiled as she walked out the door.


Marissa was kissing her fiancee Happy good bye when you got to the club. The party limo was already there, you parked your car, and climbed in.

Tara, Gemma, and Luann were already inside waiting for you and Marissa. After another ten minutes the bride finally climbed in, and the night started.

You started drinking champaign on the way to the first club. Gemma and Luann had decided to drink lightly, in case they needed to get you three out of trouble.

At the first club, you slammed three tequila rose shots. Saw a stripper pole and made the announcement. “I can put those sad strippers to shame at the Jellybean.”

You made two hundred dollars without taking anything off before Gemma got you off the stage. At the next two stops, you convinced Tara and Marissa to dance on the bar with you.

It was going great until Marissa fell and busted her ass. The three of you were pretty drunk, the limo pulled up in front of Disoa.

The door opened and Nero popped his head inside the limo. “Awww, look it’s my favorite pimp!” He grinned at you.

“My favorite drunken bridal party!”


The next morning you woke up, feeling like hell. Laying in a king sized bed, curled up next to Tara and Marissa.

“What the hell happened last night?” Tara asked.

You look down your dress, pulling out the money. “I don’t know but I made $200, last night.”

The three of you drag out of the bed, and go find coffee. In the lobby of Diosa, you find Gemma, Nero, and all three of your men.

Opie walks up to you, frowning at you. “You really did put those strippers to shame!” He lifted you up kissing you.

You smiled up at him. “You aren’t too mad at me?”

“Come home and give a repeat performance..”

“You got it!”

My Girl

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Peter rescues you from a bully

Warnings: Mean comments, bullying, punching

A/N: Thank you @skymundane477 for the request!

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Your head remained bowed as you made your way through the school corridors, the sounds of students chattering and laughing not enough to drown out the incessant shouting that followed you. You bit your lip hard in an attempt to stop yourself crying at the horrible words.
“How much did your parents pay Parker to act like your friend?”
“My gran called, she wants her outfit back.”
“Come back here, freak!”
“Look at me when I’m talking to you!”
With that, the guy who’d been doing the most yelling grabbed your arm and spun you round to face him. Your folders and books fell to the floor, scattering across the corridor. No one made any effort to help you pick them up as you ducked down quickly, feeling the familiar sensation of tears stinging your eyes.
“You were pretty quick getting down there, freak,” the guy continued, smirking at his friends before looking back down at you. “Do you spend a lot of time on your knees?”
The gathering crowd whistled lowly, some of them laughing appreciatively at his comment. You reached for your last folder, but another hand beat you to it.
Your entire body tensed, waiting for the person to throw the folder away or dangle it out of your reach. You kept your eyes fixed on the person’s black Converse trainers, silently awaiting the ridicule.
“Take it,” came a surprisingly gentle and familiar voice. Looking up, you met the eyes of your best friend, Peter Parker. You took the folder with shaking fingers, allowing him to help you to your feet afterwards.
“You hurt?” he asked quietly, concern filling his deep brown eyes. You shook your head slightly, about to say something before the guy from before interrupted.
“Aww look at that!” he laughed. “The freaks are looking out for each other!”
“Don’t you have places to be?” asked Peter, stepping in front of you protectively. “Bridges to hold up, goats to scare off, that kind of thing?”
The guy chuckled humourlessly, stepping closer to him and cracking his knuckles menacingly. “You calling me an ogre, Parker?”
Peter raised his hands in surrender. “Dude, I would never!” he said innocently. “Technically I was calling you a troll,” he added, grinning.
Peter pushed you out of the way as the guy swung his fist towards his face, missing narrowly as Peter ducked. You stumbled but didn’t fall, watching in horror as your best friend attempted to dodge the punches and kicks being thrown his way.
The crowd, including you, let out a collective gasp as Peter’s fist connected with the guy’s jaw with a sickening crack, knocking the thug to the ground. Your friend stared at him in shock for half a second, before coming to his senses.
He pushed through the crowd, grabbing your hand as the guy started to get to his feet.
“We should probably run now,” he said hurriedly, tugging you along behind him. Holding your folders and books to your chest with your free arm, and Peter’s hand with the other, you sprinted after him as fast as your legs would carry you, until you were both outside the school gates.
“That was amazing,” you managed to get out as you doubled over, trying to catch your breath. He chuckled breathlessly, glancing up at you as he massaged a stitch in his side.
“That was freaking scary,” he corrected, grinning. “Next time, I’ll hold him and you can punch.”
A giggle escaped your lips as you made eye contact with him, both of your laughter increasing in volume and pitch.
“Seriously though, if he does anything like that again, I’ll kill him,” Peter told you seriously. “He shouldn’t get away with treating my girl like that.”
You raised your eyebrows. “Your girl?” you repeated. You watched as his face turned even redder, and he avoided your eyes as he stammered out a reply.
“Y’know, I mean, like…you’re my best…no, you’re more than-,”
“Peter,” you interrupted, smiling slightly. “Are you trying to tell me that you like me as more than a friend?”
He looked shocked. “I, um, no, of course…I mean…yeah I am,” he said finally, sighing. He finally met your eyes, and you frowned at the apologetic expression he wore. “I’m sorry, we can forget about this and still-,”
You grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him towards you until your lips were pressed to his. He tensed up for a second, before melting into the kiss and resting one hand on your lower back, the other resting on your cheek.
“I don’t want to forget about this,” you whispered, pulling back just enough so that your forehead rested against his. His warm breath fanned over your cheek, tickling you slightly and making you smile.
“That’s good,” he whispered back. “Because that would’ve made doing this really awkward.”
You giggled, smiling even broader as he took your hand in his.
“Yeah I suppose it would.”
Peter stepped back and turned so that the two of you were side by side, your hand still held firmly in his as the two of you set off walking away from the school gates.
“Why don’t we go see a movie or something?” he suggested. “I’ll even let you choose which one.”
You raised your eyebrows. “You’ve never let me choose the movie before.”
He grinned, pressing a kiss to your forehead and wrapping his arm around your waist.
“Yeah, but that was before you were my girl.”

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I need the Bleach anime to come back for multiple reasons:

I need to see Rukia’s bankai in action

I need to see Ichigo’s FULL power in action



R A N G I K U. Give me queen Rangiku!

“Ichigo what do you think of Orihime’s outfit?” that alone. that moment alone.



Isshin / Masaki / Ryuken flashbacks I NEED THAT. “He freaked out because he saw my boobs!” I NEED THAT.

that moment when Yachiru was fighting that guy when Isane was looking after her and only Isane could see him but Yachiru’s instincts were telling her to fight *I NEED THAT ANIMATED. DEFINITELY.*



“It’s starting Orihime!” It just wouldn’t feel right without this.

“You seen Kazui?” THIS.

“According to Tsubaki and the others, Kazui just got back from snooping around Hiyori’s place!” THIS TOO.




I definitely need to hear Rukia say “ready or now, here I come!” I think we all need to hear that.

Renji “If your knees start to buckle and give out, I’d be more than happy to give you a piggy back ride” Abarai! 


Aizen’s little speech at the end about courage, I wouldn’t mind hearing his voice.


a few fillers that are somewhat canon that give us some idea of what Orihime’s powers are (I’M NEVER DROPPING THIS. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT SHE IS. AND WHY DOES HER HEALING PIN LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE SOUL KING’S PIN OR WHATEVER.)

and a few fillers that are completely canon but just wasn’t in the manga that can give us closure of what happened to the characters that were missing!!