but this flawless teaser is

My unsolicited opinion on Louis’ promo: yes, the tone of the article sucked. Yes, there have been common threads that I don’t like very much. No, I don’t relish Louis being painted as nothing more than a simple Doncaster lad. No, I don’t think that’s a fair or accurate portrayal of who he is. Yes, I think Simon Jones is a garbage goblin.

But I guess my main feeling is that it is SO much better than it could have been. So far there haven’t been any substantial stunt mentions, the Instagram-based roll out of teaser clips has been largely flawless, the way he’s coming off to the general public is sympathetic and complex.

I’m certainly not someone who advocates sunshine and rainbows and vomiting positivity at all times, but so far I feel like BTY promo has been more wins than losses. Obviously that might all change when promo begins for real, but right now I don’t think there’s any need for handwringing or despair.

When You’re Drunk (GOT7)

“can you do a got7 reaction to you being drunk?? i don’t mind whether it’s in front of the members or not! thank you!!”

(gif credit to the original owners)

In front of the other members, he would have none of it. He’d whisk you away and make sure you wouldn’t get anymore in drunk. He’d be a little embarrassed and would get you away from the others like a true dad. If it were just you two, he wouldn’t be so red in the face. He’d just take you home and stay with you to make sure you’re okay. He’d act grumpy with you because he doesn’t like to see you drunk, but he wouldn’t be mad (just worried)  

“Aish (Y/N), again?”

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(bb what are you doing?)

He’d know that you couldn’t help how you were when you were drunk so wouldn’t be as embarrassed. He would sigh, laugh a little and take you home. He’d make sure the other members didn’t encourage you to push yourself to drink much more. His top priority would be to make sure you’re safe and well. He would giggle a little at your silliness.

“Come on (Y/N), let’s get you home.”

Originally posted by blondetuan

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This is Hoseok ’ s era cause look at him slaying everyone in the teaser and then casually showing up all flawless ready to wreck your bias list.The Holy forehead made a comeback and Jhope was finally given justice for his amazing talent 💗 Bless the wings Era for letting our hope shine brighter than the sun 👌👌👌