but this episode was sososo good


My top 14 favorite TV episodes of 2014 | #10

If you had one more moment before you shot [Garrett] in the back of the head so heroically, if he was sitting right here and you could say anything you want, what would you say? Would you say he’s disgusting? Would you tell him he’s a disgusting backstabbing traitor? Or to rot in hell?

Agents of SHIELD 1x20 - “Nothing Personal”

anonymous asked:

Answer these 5 questions then send this on/off anon to the first three blogs on your dashboard: 1) what are you reading/watching at the moment? 2) what is your relationship like with your brother/sister? 3) where is your favourite place to go on holiday? 4) what would your ideal career be? 5) how are you feeling today?

Aw thanks anon!

1) literally watching How to Get Away with Murder rn — it’s my favorite show but I’m 2 episodes behind :/

2) my brother is 14 years older than me and I see him maybe once a year since he lives in Oklahoma, but I love him sososo much and cherish the time we do spend together

3) hm idk maybe Hawaii or New York or any cute little beach town 

4) traveling around the world and helping people

5) I have girl scout cookies so pretty darn good i’ll say 7/10