but this ep was perf so

Hey, I just thought of a quick question for @crackmccraigen!

I love how the puns and word play in the titles of the original PPG were so brilliant. When you guys were coming up with episode ideas, did the pun come first and then would you form a story around it, or would you develop a story and come up with a punny title for it later? Or was it a mix of the two?

P101 EP4

this ep was so emotional and all the perf were so good

🔹tbh boys in love’s perf was'nt like i wait for it
🔹2조 for Sorry Sorry is super super good
🔹jonghyun is an amazing leader
🔹this screentime on kang daniel during oojin’s team perf 😏😏😏

I CAN RESUM THIS EP BY : all the perf were super good and im not ready for next week when they will start to ilimate ㅠㅠㅠ

Thoughts about VIXX's first live perf of DO WON KYUNG

I’m so relieved that I alr finished my exams yesterday to watch them perform on MCOUNTDOWN’s live stream!!!
And Hakyeon-, Hongbin- and Hyuk-oppa a.k.a. Yeonie, Beanie and Hyukie- MC’s you did a good job for this episode. Speaking of funny coincidences… It probably wasn’t itentionally planned to let them MCing on ep 524 , which is exactly VIXX’s debut date 24th May??? Either way I’m happy for them receiving so much support from K-Starlights on the show! ^^/

I somehow get the feeling that Mnet finally gives them the proper amount of good camera filming they deserve (Honestly - until today I preferred watching live stages of other music shows). Let’s keep on streaming to let ouri boys rank high in the charts next week!!!

35+ Osomatsu-san Fic Recs

So in preparation for the last episode (assuming we all aren’t dead by then), I made an osomatsu san fic rec list. Mostly gen/fluff fics but there’s a fair amount of sin too (dw though, I made sure to write in the notes which pairings and characters each fic has)! Also, definitely feel free to send in any recs you want me to add- there are so many good fics in the fandom it’s impossible to keep track of them all!! Big shout out to all the lovely authors in this fandom- please send them lots of love and support via kudos/comments/etc.

✔ = Complete
♥ = Favorite

  • And I Will Never Look Away From The Light by Sycomatsu ♥
    Summary: Karamatsu has a severe deficiency in self-preservation.
    The brothers regret every moment they ever took their brother for granted.
    Note: kara + all the bros. this fic wrecked me…bring tissues ok
  • Don’t kink shame me! by bonniewrites ✔
    Summary: Choromatsu knew it was a bad idea. And every action has consequences.
    In which Choromatsu finds out more about his brothers than he ever wanted to know
    Note: osochoro, ichijyushi, karatodo. I was reading this during my english class and it was so hard keeping a straight face omg… this is hilarious, def give it a read!
  • The 25th Hunger Games by kcxtreme ✔
    Summary: “On the 25th anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that families were losing innocent children because of the war, one tribute per district will be reaped along with their sibling.”
    - President Dekapan
    Note: kara & ichi, hunger games au :’333
  • Annoying by temporalgambit ✔
    Summary: Jyushimatsu ends up in a class by himself for the very first time. Nothing goes quite as he or his brothers had imagined.
    Note: jyushi + all the bros…it’s a lil sad but w/ a sweet end <3
  • clumsy. by FiveTail
    Summary: You’ve always disliked yourself. Then you met him, and you understood why.
    Note: reader-insert/ichi; the reader’s interactions with ichi are just so lovely in this!! :)
  • Satisfaction Brought It Back by EverythingIsNightvale ♥ ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu was painful. Karamatsu was confident. Karamatsu was happy. Karamatsu was NOT depressed.
    Until he was, and Ichimatsu realized he really didn’t know anything about his brother at all.
    Note: kara & ichi… the author made it into a series w/ all the bros’ finding out about kara’s depression. so far it’s just ichi & todo, but…*clutches heart* so good!!
  • Miracle by temporalgambit ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu doesn’t think his brothers care about him at all. They have to prove him wrong, somehow.
    Note: kara + all the bros (ichi in particular), hurt/comfort sickfic w/ lots of fluff uvu
  • Re: Annoying by kimoi
    Summary: The internet is a pretty cool place.
    Note: ichikara; ichi trolls kara and it gets a lil out of hand (it’s perf tho :3)
  • Inconceivable by kimoi ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu just has a really nice day.
    Note: kara, this fic is pretty much everything I ever wanted in life :’)
  • endurance run by kellan ♥  ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu is pretty sure his brothers like him.
    Note: kara & todo … I love this so much. takes place around episode 9
  • Now or Never by ikamatsu ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu hasn’t been sleeping well.
    Karamatsu hasn’t been sleeping well because Ichimatsu has been having nightmares. Consistently, for a week and a half.
    Note: kara & ichi; very well written and overall lovely uvu
  • I just can’t relate, cuz I don’t feel the same by ikamatsu ✔
    Summary: Naming your band ‘The Quadruplets’ when you’ve got two other brothers is generally regarded as a dick move by a population of, well, two people.
    And more to the point, Todomatsu has a crush on a guy he’s never met. Or so he thinks.
    Note: karatodo, everything about this is so perf!!
  • Don’t Think About The Consequences by PilotintheAttic ✔
    Summary: Based on ‘Star of Hope Todomatsu’ (Ep 22)
    Osomatsu can’t keep his hands to himself, and can’t stand it.
    Note: oso & todo, w/ references togou. I just wanna give oso a big hug in this one :’u
  • ache by ikamatsu ✔
    Summary: Pain comes in a lot of different forms.
    Note: all the bros, w/ various matsu angst :’)
  • Poised by wouldyoukindly
    Summary: Todomatsu raises an eyebrow. No bombastic speech this time. That’s a first. He leans forward. “So you’re really waiting for someone today?”
    Karamatsu nods, but still has the skeptical look on his face. “Not sure if he’ll show up though.”
    “Well, even if you have a thicker coat now, don’t try and sit outside all d–” Todomatsu stops in his tracks.
    Note: karatodo, oh man I love these two so much in this…
  • for his sake by naglisnatalie ✔
    Summary: Ichimatsu gets into a car accident chasing a cat across the street. The brothers find out just how expensive hospitals can be.
    Note: ichi + all the bros, so good, so fluffy :’3c
  • Five Kisses by Kawamatsu-san ✔
    Summary: Four times Karamatsu gets kissed unexpectedly, and one time it’s completely expected.
    Note: kara/all the bros (esp ichi); ahhh it’s so cute!!
  • Accidents Happen by Kawamatsu-san ✔
    Summary: Accidents happen to everyone, but more often than not to Ichimatsu, who frequently forgets to take his suppressants on time and then has to resort to taking his emergency suppressants to last him until he gets to the doctor’s office.
    But he’s run out.
    And the doctor’s out until the morning.
    And Karamatsu is the only one who can help.
    They improvise.
    Note: ichikara; a/b/o au featuring alpha!ichi & beta!kara *eyebrow waggles*
  • Off Season by bugcomplex
    Summary: Todomatsu and Karamatsu are on a hiking excursion together. Several days into the trip, Todomatsu unexpectedly goes into heat. Karamatsu has to be there for his brother, in whatever way he needs. [ABO]
    Note: karatodo, a/b/o au w/ omega!todo & alpha kara…*eyebrow waggling intensifies*
  • i never chose the delinquent life by quassia ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu brings home a cat on a rainy day.
    Note: karatodo. this fic killed me in the fluffiest way possible :’)
  • disruption/blinder by worstbro ♥ ✔
    Summary: Todomatsu had five older brothers and over 200 friends on LINE and zero idea who he could possibly have invited to climb Fuji with him.
    Note: todo, character study w/ todo solo climbing mt. fuji. it’s super well written and interesting!
  • A Double Charade by zelkova ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu’s sick, and there’s only one person around to take care of him.
    Note: kara & ichi…ahhh ichi is so sweet in this one staying in-character :’3
  • Matsu by gh0stlychances
    Summary: Six same faces all together in one head trying to stumble along and stay together as they grow into adulthood. It’s hard to imagine a way to work together other than just purely hoping the other five “brothers” will remember to write important details down for the next brother to step in.
    Note: all the bros; super interesting au and really well written!
  • Divorce tears a family apart by gh0stlychances
    Summary: He couldn’t believe the shit situation he was now stuck in. He was crammed in a taxi with three other people he wasn’t as thrilled to be around in such a tight space. Jyushimatsu couldn’t sit still for shit on one side of him, Karamatsu smelled like three different colognes on the other side of him, and his grumpy father sat in the passenger seat with too much of an indifferent attitude. Him and his dumb luck to be stuck here in this moment. Was divorce really necessary?
    Note: all the bros; au of episode 4 where their parents actually do divorce and they’re all split up. also really well written :D
  • Not Empty by squikid ✔
    Summary: Chibita is concerned for his friend, Karamatsu, and soon realizes that his feelings for Karamatsu go beyond just friendship.
    Note: karabita…oh this is so cute u///u
  • Stay Gold, Ponyboy by JulesDontDraw ✔
    Summary: It hadn’t always been like this. Karamatsu missed the old days, when they had gotten along. He wished it hadn’t happened like it did. But, he didn’t regret what he had done. He wanted to go back. He wanted to see his brother smile again.
    Note: kara & ichi, w/ backstory on their relationship. I love the author’s take on their relationship, it’s a good read :)
  • The Many Moods of Matsu Makeouts by ToiletPaperPrincess
    Summary: Lots of makeouts with the Matsunos (and friends), but in very different situations.
    Note: reader-insert/all the bros (+ other characters like iyami). def a fun read :)
  • Blank Slate by thatonelesbianyouknow ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu loses his footing.
    Note: kara & ichi… kara has a panic attack and ichi helps uvu
  • Requiem for a Regrettable Romance by pregnantzombie ♥
    Summary: “Ah, first timer? Then let me buy you a drink! Hot oden is definitely best with a cold beer,” he brushed the underside of his nose with his index finger with a strange confidence, grinning at you pleasantly with something of a sideways smirk. “But you don’t even know my name… It’s Matsuno Osomatsu.”
    Note: reader-insert/all the bros. in which the reader attempts to bang all the matsus (and fails miserably). it’s great :’)
  • Six in the Bed by pregnantzombie ✔
    Summary: There were six in the bed until someone said,
    “Roll over, roll over!”
    So they all rolled over and one fell out.
    Note: oso + all the bros, takes place after episode 24 :’)))
  • Counting the Signs by Ad3ryn ✔
    Summary: Karamatsu doesn’t always act loud and extravagant. Sometimes it takes a special brand of idiot to understand why.
    Note: choro & kara & jyushi, wherein choro discovers kara has anxiety.
  • Ill and Suffering Kin by Ad3ryn ✔
    Summary: “My brothers, don’t you know that one of our own kin is upstairs, deathly ill as we speak? Surely, instead of going out, we should all be taking care of him.” He offered them an encouraging smile.
    Truthfully, Karamatsu didn’t exactly mind his brothers leaving. It permitted him to be reliable for once, allowing himself to act like the big brother he often was not given the chance to be.
    Todomatsu is sick, and everyone else abandons the youngest. That leaves Karamatsu to - try to - take care of him. With some success, thankfully.
    Note: kara & todo; I have a weakness for kara acting like a responsible older bro… ok more like I have a weakness for kara in general but still!! super cute, def give it a read :)
  • Wrong by PineappleRain ♥ ✔
    Summary: Choromatsu’s always been the first one to worry about everything, but it’s the times when he can’t stop worrying that bother him the most.
    [OCD!Choro, featuring all brothers]
    Note: choro + all the bros, oh man this is so good!!! it’s such an interesting take on choro’s character, and the interactions w/ all the bros is just so perf I love it <3
  • Come Above Unto Me by baku_midnight ✔
    Summary: Infected by a spiteful curse, Karamatsu’s brothers were turned into servants of darkness when he arrived too late to stop the ritual that forever put their souls out of his reach. Unwilling to allow his own failure to corrupt the lives of further innocents, Karamatsu vowed to take his brothers home and care for them in his own way…by allowing them to feed off of him.
    Note: kara/all the bros…;)))
  • It’s Not the First Time that Matters by Osomatsu_Trash
    Summary: Karamatsu has a one night stand he can’t remember and internally despairs over his horrible first time. Osomatsu finds out and things get super complicated super fast and Karamatsu has no idea what to do.
    Where’s the guidebook to gay relationships when you need it?
    Note: osokara. oh man this is so interesting!! def rec this :)

VIXX - 眉飛色舞 + 獨一無二 perf. on Heroes of Remix [ep.4]

this sounds a little bit biased but if you ask me which my favorite line in seventeen is, i would never hesitate to answer that it’s 95line. it does not necessarily mean i don’t care about other members; because in fact i adore them a lot and i adore them all (as much as a mother hen can, fussing over her kids). it’s just that i have a really soft spot for the 95line.

first, there’s choi seungcheol who is just a kid (he’s almost 22 i know but i’m older than him so he’s still a kid in my eyes). yet being the leader he is, he is always the one who takes the first act, takes the hard works and puts other members before himself. he (together with booseoksoon) brightens up the atmosphere when things go downhill, and makes effort to understand others when they are being difficult or seem to shut out to the outside (yes i’m talking about jihoon). he tries to get all members on good terms with each other, bring them together and solve problems with a mindset of “let’s all calm down and avoid quarrels please”. he’s playful and can be such a dork too; there are times the members are embarrassed with his antics, but above all he is a softie at heart who truly cares for his brothers (i still remember him always hugging or lifting samuel up so the kid could keep up with any game the boys were playing). Besides, with all his years of training i feel he has that kind of aura, the “becoming mature early because i need to” (and not only him but also other members as well, especially vernon, because this is entertainment industry and the competitiveness is fierce). i think, or believe, he can make a good leader who can connect the members, yet still have a rational mindset and not let the emotional side take a toll. and you know that one of the most important factors of a successful group is a good leader, right? (rap monster of bts or kim sunggyu of infinite for example. i adore those two a lot, too).

next is yoon jeonghan. yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan. i have mentioned this before in another post but still want to repeat it again, that i feel like our personalities is pretty much alike, at least in a few aspects. from the “flirty” tactics *face-palm* to the somewhat kind and caring characteristic toward others. we are both acting like a sloth sometimes too (just watch one fine day and most of his screen time in the first two eps is about him lying/sleeping haha). okay kidding here. the main point i want to talk about jeonghan whenever thinking of him is that to me he feels kind of “distant”. i don’t talk about such aspect in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. what i mean is that he has this vibe, which i interpret as “while he’s kind and nice and friendly to everyone he knows, he’s truly, hardly close to anybody”. he cherishes his friends, his members, his fans a lot, the feelings are real and he basks himself in the attention people give him because that is how his nature functions. however there are only a few people whom he lets in his comfort zone, whom he’s being very attentive to and whose attention he actually look forward to getting. this is my own mere opinion, so please don’t take it too serious. i don’t know about the boy in real life either and he can be pretty much different from whom i assume him to be. just try playing a psychiatrist here cause i always want to become one *shrugs*

and last but not least there is joshua hong, my bias. all of a sudden it’s a bit hard to write about him like this *laugh*. i just know that i like him a lot, and that’s a fact. among seventeen there’s only one member who can make my heart flutter and make me blush or squeal uncontrollably, and “sadly” it’s wonwoo =)) because whenever I look at jisoo, there is only this type of feeling i can describe as “maternal instinct” resurfacing. at first i noticed him because of his cat-like features (i am more of a cat person who’s probably going to end up being single till 80, surrounded with thousands of cats), next his voice, his guitar skills, then later his shy, adorably awkward, clumsy antics. and now his dorky image recently =)) (i would not say at first it was not a shock to me, a pleasant shock, but thinking back again he sometimes came up with silly stuffs during 17tv era anyway, so it’s only now his time to shine LOL). compared to other members he is pretty quiet (minghao is another case thou he hardly speaks either, because i believe that boy is very sassy =)) his korean is just not good enough for him to express constantly), sometimes he can just space out and be like “i’m not here with you”, but he speaks and acts when it’s necessary and he smiles his gentle smile and i think maybe that’s the reason why i adore him. also he has such vibe of a cat who is constantly in need of affection, attention and care, thou he hardly does a thing to call for attention and i think i am not the only one who feels so =))

even before one fine day being aired, i always joke that when being confused between jeongcheol and jihan, ship cheolsoo (tbh i’m sick of fan wars due to different ships. every fandom i’m in, every couple i ship has to deal with it. like can you just appreciate others’ opinions and mind your own ship?) it’s half of a joke half of a fact, because a part of me was curious to see how those two interact with each other. there were some fan-taken pictures and interviews but they were not enough. my friend even suggested things like “what if they are awkward around each other?” and i was like “i can’t accept your theory dear i don’t want to believe that at all that hurts my heart *added dramatic gasps here*”. then one day (recently), a short fancam in which jisoo wiped seungcheol’s sweaty forehead in a perf was published and i was like “what the heck is happening??? my feel!!!” and the most interesting thing is that jeonghan was sitting between them, but jisoo skipped him just to get to seungcheol.

that was when i thought maybe there is still more for me to observe. entered that show one fine day and i died (metaphorically of course) at only ep 2. the way seungcheol let jisoo used his arm as a pillow is too much for me to handle and when the older pulled him in closer, i was squealing so loud that my sister actually gave me stink eyes. i don’t know whether it’s really just me not being attentive enough and only realizing things late or not, but i finally can see and can say that cheolsoo are not awkward together. i don’t even know them off-screen how could i think of myself so high, like I can see everything *sigh* but yeah, before this i always think of those three as a scale, with jeonghan as the central point which balances the other two. now i view them more of an equilateral triangle. that sounds almost perfect to me :) and what i mention here is all about their friendship (i’m still jihan trash and not actually into polyamory, thank you).

another assumption i made for fun (and still strongly support) is that seungcheol and jisoo are two members jeonghan is most close to (i believe he mostly devotes his attention to jisoo and let seungcheol devotes his attention to him because that’s how their relationship works LOL).