but this does look very yummy

“Naruto: Hmm …
Hima: Daddy works hard, so I decided to make a Ramen bowl for you! Although Mom helped me a little.
Hinata: Himawari is still not doing very well, but in a while she can do many times without help.
Hima: For the sake of Dad’s health, I also added all kinds of vegetables!
Hinata: To buy things for Dad, we take the money out of his pocket, right? Hinata smiles.
Hima: Hehe …
Boruto: But does Dad really like vegetables?
Hinata: Not at all … but …
Naruto: I’ll start eating!
Wow! This ramen is really super yummy! Himawari is a genius, you’re starting to look like Neji.
Hima: Thank you!
Hinata: While the kids are in the kitchen, regardless of the dishes, for the parents are the most delicious.
* Boruto smiles at Hinata. *
Boruto: Himawari, I want to eat too!
Hima: Yeah!
Naruto: Well, I’m going to want another bowl!
Hinata: Mommy will try it on.
Hima: All right!”

Anyway this is again credits to Julia Albuquerque who bothered to translate, and I thanked her too much for it ^-^

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