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Things people who refuse to watch FMA 03 are missing out on, as chosen by someone who actually thinks 03 is terrible and swears by the manga:

  • The music. God, it was all so good! The OST, the openings, everything. Especially l’Arc~en~Ciel, the band which did the most songs for FMA out of any artist (with a total of 4), but only one of which was used outside of 03 (Good Luck My Way from Sacred Star of Milos).
  • Bratja deserves a special mention of its own. Bratja was a song from the OST originally in Russian, sung from the perspective of the brothers. A fan made an incredibly beautiful and poetic set of English lyrics, which quickly spread through the fandom and were even sung by Vic Mignogna, Ed’s English voice actor.
  • A lot of old fandom memes, such as “I love dogs”, “Tiny miniskirts”, “Colonel Mustang is dead sexy”, short rants, etc. Basically the precursors to the Flame Alchemist rap, in a way.
  • The origin of a lot of fandom tropes and ships. Like regardless of whether or not you like them, I think it’s important to understand where these things come from and why. R/oy/Ed, Ed/vy, El/rice/st, Pride!Ed, Envy’s popularity in general, Ed’s birthday, “real world counterparts”, and brown hair Al all have their roots in 03. It’s also the biggest reason for Hohenheim hate; 03 Hohenheim was an absolutely terrible person, and since he wasn’t shown to be a good person right away in Mangahood, a lot of us had a deep-seated mistrust of him.
  • Reole/Liore residents had dark skin!
  • More development for the Ishvalans, including actual names for some of them, and an entire episode about Al bonding with a pair of young Ishvalan boys who hold misplaced resentment for their dead mother. Ever wonder why that one kid who saved Scar from the sewer is sometimes called Rick? 03 is why.
  • The Tringham brothers! There’s an episode (very loosely based off one of the light novels) where Ed and Al encounter a pair of alchemists about their age using their identities to do some… less than responsible research. Fletcher is my son.
  • Aaron Dismuke, Al’s original dub voice actor. He was fantastic, but he was also an Actual Prepubescent Boy who hit puberty just after the series finished, hence the recast for Brotherhood. Aaron returns in Brotherhood as the voice of young Hohenheim.
  • A lot more comedy. While the manga was full of funny scenes, Brotherhood cut out the majority of them. 03 had a lot more jokes, including episodes 13 and 37, which were fucking hysterical.
  • Adaptations (albeit not the best) or some bonus content from the manga, such as extra chapters and one of the light novels, as well as a lot of early chapters that Brotherhood left out. Meaning Youswell actually gets an episode!
  • A lot of early “villain of the day” type episodes, which although weird and nonsensical, were a lot of fun and are great if you feel like watching FMA but don’t want to jump in at the middle of the plot or rewatch Reole for the gazillionth time.
  • I’m going to be completely honest with you, as an Al fan who’s very picky about visuals, Al’s armor looked way better in 03 than it does in Brotherhood. (Aside from the inconsistencies with his eye color.)
  • Winry and Sheska’s alien witch hunt. No, I’m not making that up.

im so frustrated with how leia was portrayed in the movies. im so frustrated with how leia gets treated in the fandom. blatant misogyny is seen as progressive or empowering, and like, step back for a moment! i know star wars is everyone’s favorite thing, we’ve loved it since we were kids, but even if you love hanleia, even if you love that leia killed jabba, can we admit that han pressuring leia was awful and not romantic? that her repeatedly being ignored when she said she was not interested is not a great quality? that leia being a fucking /sex slave/ is not somehow empowering, that the bikini is a disgusting symbol for how writers felt it was appropriate to treat her? leia was treated pretty awfully in the movies and that’s just the obvious stuff, not even touching on how her perspective is rarely given unless she gets to be “sassy”, when she has many of the same problems and complications that luke has, when she lost her entire planet and was never given time to show her grief? when she found out the man who had tortured her, always opposed her, was present and complicit in the destruction of her planet, was her birth father? leia is a strong character, to be sure, and that’s a good thing, but far too often she’s just pushed to the side, or made into a caricature of whatever is needed for han or luke or anyone to bounce off of rather than her own person. leia organa deserved better and we need to do better and actively be critical of how she was treated.


is anyone within the US interested in buying this bento box and cup set? i was thinking of selling it for $8 plus $3 for shipping!

its practically brand new, i’ve never used it before and it’s from 2011 (but i bought it brand new in 2014), it’s been sitting in storage for the entire time i’ve owned it, and it deserves to be used by someone who will cherish it!

(theres only one cup, but its a wrap around image!)

everyone who was nominated was deserving, everyone who got an award tonight won for a reason, and even those who didn’t get nominated have so so much to offer this season and broadway in general.

and while the winners were predictable and i’m in no way surprised by the winners ( this is a business, after all! ), i’m allowed to be bitter. i’m allowed to be upset that the shows and performers and creators i wanted to get rewarded for their remarkable work didn’t win the awards. i’m disappointed in the lack of diverse winners and pride representation in general. i’m disappointed my favorites didn’t win.

let me have that. let me be upset over falsettos not standing a chance against hello dolly because of its limited run and the preference the american theatre wing clearly had been set on before anything was set in stone. i’m allowed to be upset over andrew rannells not getting the tony for his incredible, heart wrenching performance that deserved far more recognition than it got. i’m allowed to be upset incredible musicals like anastasia, amelie, and the likes didn’t get love even in nominations. i’m allowed to be upset that come from away, great comet, and groundhog day didn’t get more awards despite numerous nominations.

let me have a moment of bitterness. it’ll pass on its own in due time. but while you’re allowed to celebrate your favorite shows and their wins, let me nurse my own wounds.

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 78: The Note

Whoa, this chapter is such a goldmine for analysis. I take great care and pleasure looking at every single panel. It’s very revealing and enlightening.

While the cover is good (Kawakami is in it!), admittedly the chapter title is better.

Two of our best first year pitchers, with determined look on their faces and ominous accompanying words. We’re counting down the days, everyone! For better or worse.

Now, let’s start analyzing. *cracks fingers*

Seidou players in class.

Second years: Toujou, Haruichi and Kariba are in the same class, and they seem like the chillest group of second years.Eijun has his own groupie *snorts*. Fortunately good and sane kind, which also happens to be Haruno’s closest friends in class (and Eijun’s shoujou manga fellow readers). Kanemaru is jealous. (Is it just me or Kanemaru and Haruno have potential together?) …Furuya is alone, despite being in class with three others… ●︿●

Third years: Kawakami is alone (but not lonely?). Shirasu is in the same class with Yui and Sachiko. Ono and Seki are in the same class with Maezono who are fighting with Asou… when the usual suspects, are surprisingly, is grinning at each other in amiable exchange. OMG, look how genuine the look on their faces.

The ship has sailed for Kuramiyu~! (whatever ship you choose, platonic, queerplatonic, romantic, the potential is rightthere) O(≧▽≦)O

First years: Yui and Yuuki are in the same class. They even sit close to each other. Yuuki has quick metabolism that his stomach already rumbles in second period. Okumura… has quite a mood swing that his classmates have come to get used to and pay attention to (which I find hilarious).

Character Development.

Haruno. Being a senpai really does wonders. This is the same Haruno who trips on air. She is able to encourage her kouhai and becomes a reliable manager in the absence of other managers. Looking at the reaction of the boys right there, she looks like on her way following Takako’s example (idol manager).

Okumura. He starts to treat Eijun with less hostility and in exchange, Eijun feels more comfortable to talk with him. Eijun deal well with criticism, so Okumura’s blunt style is not really a problem, but it’s the hostility that he cannot deal well with. Although he still holds unfavorable image of Miyuki hahaha, honestly, I can imagine Miyuki genuinely complimenting Okumura, only for Okumura to take it wrong, as it is noted above. It’s just he seems to put Miyuki in so much regard that he kinda forgets that Seidou has amazing pitchers to offer and to learn from. Though it’s not wrong for him to focus on improving himself first, like what he’s currently doing. It’s a similar approach with Eijun actually.


The notes deserves its own section. It’s really deep and insightful from Coach Kataoka.

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@bobthedoctor27 asked me

“I enjoyed the reasoning behind your 10 Ugliest Sets. Was a very enjoyable read. In contrast, what are the ten canister sets that you find most appealing and how would you rank them?”

For some unknown reason, Tumblr is refusing to allow me to add images to this answer, so here I am making a post instead. To answer your question, here is my top ten Bionicle canister sets.

10. Kurahk

To begin, we have one of the Sons of Makuta. I always loved the design of the rahkshi regardless the fact they are clone sets. With this stated, I chose Kurahk because of the nice contrast between the white and grey elements in the set, as well as, the consistency in design between the spine and staff- the defining features which differentiate each rahkshi from the other.

9. Thok

When I was younger, the marketing campaign for the Piraka did not resonate with me. I ultimately chose to skip these sets and await the release of the Toa Inika later that year. Boy, do I regret that decision. While I certainly don’t think the Piraka sets are all that great even today, I must admit that I adore Thok’s design. From his razor-sharp spines to his cryo gun and shit-eating grin, I can’t help but love this cool little backstabber.

8. Stronius

By the time of Stronius’ release, the inika build had been done to death. Regardless, the most impressive aspect of Stronius’ design is its consistency. The club, mask, chest plate, pauldrons, and thigh armor help convey a rock motif which really helps this set stand out. In addition, the black and metru-red color scheme looks fantastic. Unfortunately, some serious gappiness in the torso really holds this set back.

7. Carapar

Much like Stronius, an interesting visual motif conveyed through new armor molds helps this set stand above others which share the same tired inika build. The unique marbled plating on Carapar’s limbs, torso, and head give him the carapace look which is his namesake. That is, Carapar looks like a crab, and I like crabs.

6. Krika

I really like bionicle quadrupeds- particularly since they are rare among the main sets. Krika’s mantis-like design is both unorthodox and somewhat menacing. The black, white, and mata-red color scheme is nice- particularly with the marbling in Krika’s blades. The major pitfall of this set is that there is no mata-red in the torso, thus the color balance is off. In addition, the distinctly-organic design of the blades contrasts with the mechanical look of Krika’s body, thus creating the illusion that Krika has four tiny arms holding large blades rather than said blades being a part of his limbs. This issue is only exacerbated by the color imbalance.

5. Toa Iruini

The Toa Hagah, two marvelous sets Lego graced us with in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the “Lego system”- whatever that’s supposed to mean. Regardless, these sets are an extension of the metru body type- one of my favorite designs from Bionicle G1. Iruini’s metallic gold and metru-green color scheme is fantastic, and the added breastplate really balances out the gold distribution. The spear is also a nice touch, for the only other toa set to feature a polearm up to this point was Takanuva. If you could guess by my self-moc, I have a particular fondness of polearms. Oh, and did I forget to mention that mask? Glorious.

4. Toa Norik

Ditto, but replace “metallic gold” with “silver” and “metru-green” with “metru-red.” Norik is everything I love about Iruini but with a nicer color scheme, armor, and weapon.

3. Toa Jaller Mahri

Remember how I dislike the repetitive inika build? Well, here’s yet another one. Again unlike most other inika builds, Jaller Mahri, like Stronius and Carapar, is visually interesting regardless. He has fantastic aesthetic consistency due to the motif shared between his mask, breastplate, abdominal plate, hahnah crab, and power sword. The chest tubes and the tubes on his mask are also a nice touch. Finally, that crab is just too cute, and that power sword is perhaps the single-best weapon part to come from Bionicle G1.

2. Vamprah

I love this set. I love bats, and this set fits this motif to a T. The Mask of Hunger looks quite vampiric and bat-like, and the small hooks on the front of Vamprah’s wings is an excellent detail. Another aspect I love about this set is its absence of feet; he’s another quadruped. If I had to complain- nope, I have nothing. His construction may be similar to his comrades on a base level, but he does more than enough to stand out on his own.

1. Takadox

If any of the Barraki deserves the title “Creep from the Deep,” it’s Takadox. To begin, let’s examine his color scheme: metru-blue, black, trans-medium blue, marbled light blue, silver, mata-red, and trans-red. Sounds like it would be a mess, yes? Yet this set balances these colors impeccably. The marbled light-blue draws attention to Takadox’s face, which possesses an unsettling and almost alien quality- reminiscent of many real creatures of the deep. This quality is further exacerbated by Takadox’s red eyes which are far more striking when contrasted to the soft marbled blue of his skull. While this splash of red would typically throw the color balance off, this is prevented by the numerous mata-red spines which cover Takadox’s body- which contrast well with the metru-blue and trans-medium blue elements. Speaking of his body, it uses a custom construction which makes for a refreshing break from the ever-present inika build. While some may not like the spindly construction of Takadox, I feel it further lends to his creep factor. Finally, those serrated claws- menacing. Overall, Takadox is my absolute favorite Bionicle canister set.


This promo set deserved its own post.

Mac makes one convincing bad guy!

Promo gifs for MacGyver 1x20 “Hole Puncher”

Here’s an incomplete list of things that’ll grab my absolute and undivided attention and probably my undying love if you include them in your fic/writing/comic/whatever:

- enigmatic librarians who are more than what they seem
- books, either magical or normal
- gargantuan libraries. And I mean HUGE
- awesome weapons
- sentient weapons
- women with swords
- women with HUGE SWORDS
- dragons
- lgbtqa+ representation
- power couples
- evil power couples
- evil GAY power couples (CANON ONES!) (This one deserves its own point because I’m garbage)
- sentient shadows
- impossibly horrifying eldritch monstrosities
- fierce smol and collected tol ships
- plague doctors
- necromancy
- big intimidating characters being actually huge lovable softies who could still wreck you
- gods of the setting being relatable and hilarious assholes
- the protag being a sassy little shit
- penguins
- Small child with fuck ton of power
- cool, well-phrased riddles that rhyme - you know the type
- creepy nursery rhymes that subtly relate to the plot
- clever foreshadowing using puns
- human/eldritch monstrosity ships
- regicide (It’s fun!)
- characters having pets/familiars
- steampunk
- shadow manipulation being a thing
- ginger people who like to blow shit up (I love that trope)
- small kid being friends with a huge terrifying thing
- the villain turning out to be a huge fucking nerd
- the villain being kind to their minions but evil towards everyone else
- the villain being in a HEALTHY relationship (no “evil cannot love” nonsense for me. Pining is allowed.) (See: evil power couples.)
- living skeletons
- orcs or goblins etc not being stereotypically evil and savage
- races not being their stereotypes (be original, ffs)
- POC representation (racially diverse casts are gr8, m8)
- clerics being done with everyone’s shit
- no pets dying

The list could go on and on. The point is, I’m a predictable loser so include a few of those in your whatever, and chances are that I’ll love it with my entire predictable heart.

Out of the Frying Pan (15/?)

Killian blinked, mouth opening slightly in the sheer disbelief that someone wouldn’t want her. “You can’t think that,” he said softly.

“I’m pretty positive I just told you I did,” she muttered, laughing again and meeting his eyes with a small smile on her face. “That’s why I ran. Why I told you to wait and had some sort of complete mental breakdown in the hallway. Because I wanted. And I thought maybe you did too. And the last time that happened it all blew up in my face.”

Emma held his gaze, but her smile faltered for a moment when he didn’t answer immediately. “Anyway,” she said quickly. “I just thought you’d want an explanation or something.”

AN: I am running out of appropriate adjectives with which to heap praise on @laurnorder, but know that she continues to be fantastic and read all my words. 

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