but this deserved it's own set


is anyone within the US interested in buying this bento box and cup set? i was thinking of selling it for $8 plus $3 for shipping!

its practically brand new, i’ve never used it before and it’s from 2011 (but i bought it brand new in 2014), it’s been sitting in storage for the entire time i’ve owned it, and it deserves to be used by someone who will cherish it!

(theres only one cup, but its a wrap around image!)

Pleads - MGG

Dedicated to: @bookofreid - because its your birthday and you deserve all the love in the world. I know its not much, I hope it suffices. 

My head buried into his shoulder.

Such a simple movement, a raw sign of affection that set my body ablaze. His plaid pajama top had ridden up the slightest and my hands gravitated towards his bare skin, greedily soaking him in for my own pleasure. There is something so intoxicatingly irresistible about him, something that makes me want him in the most impossible way possible. My limbs feel like jelly as my name pours from his lips, I feel myself slipping into him, into his oblivion.

How come it is only now I realise how much I wanted this? That I’d been denying myself the most magnificent treasure chest of all time.

His fingers leisurely trailed up my back, leaving me completely breathless, my body flushes in the most delicious way. He doesn’t even know how enticing he is, how tempted I am to let myself become his.

I could get used to this.

He turned, eyes tenderly portraying his personality. Tongue sweeping over his undeniable lips. I choked out a version of his name, not realising I was being rendered so speechless. His hand coaxed my chin to look up at him, as if I wasn’t already. The infectious smile painted on his face made my insides melt like an ice cream on a hot summers day. His voice was soft and pleading as the words he spoke hit my brain. Ignoring every red light, I delved into him.

ok l i s t en mcu has lowkey been setting up dad!tony since iron man 3 and spiderman: homecoming is the most highkey-lowkey set up ever

can we give tony stark a kid of his own already


Its exactly one year ago we had this beautiful and long awaited moment in Bates Motel. Its incredible that you remember that day as if it was in your own family. I seriously miss them so much and I’m sure I will never love an OTP as much as I love them. Never ever again. They deserved happiness and luck together but just had it for two weeks. But I’m sure we all know Norma always felt kind of happy when he was around. That was more than enough. But we exactly knew, deep down, they’d end up together. They were meant to be. They had this kind of thing from the very first moment. I’m thankful for having this incredible storyline of two amazing, beautiful, flawed characters. Thankful for every minute of them even it was over too soon. 💍😢❤

Mon El- a boy from Daxam

Mon El was recently named the Best New Character in an Established Drama by TVLine and many of the comments that followed were why he didn’t deserve it because he was a typical white male character who was basically trash.

I understand why some may hold this opinion & from their perspective, they probably think they’ve made an accurate assessment of Mon El. However i think that many who hold the opinion of Mon El being just another white male fuckboy has forgotten a key aspect- Mon El is a guy from Daxam.

We must remember that he isn’t a white male Earthling; he wasn’t born or brought up here. He came to Earth a fully grown man from an entirely different planet with its own set of rules, norms, way of living & customs- some of which we haven’t been introduced to or may not make sense to us.

Kara has said that Daxamites differ from Kryptonians & their peoples don’t get along because of their different ways of living- a planet of partiers was how she described Daxam. We should keep all of this in mind when judging Mon El’s character- he is only acting in the manner he was brought up, as a Daxamite. He is simply being who he is, who he was taught to be by the social constructs of his world- his planet Daxam, not our blue one.

With regards to race, he may be white to us Earth people but on Daxam, there is the possibility of there being no such thing as race (God, i hope so). There has been no mention of it; not only with Mon El but with any alien species that has been portrayed on Supergirl.

The same guy who thought women pleasing men was a norm here on Earth because that was the way back on Daxam, was unashamed to admit that he is only courageous because Kara taught him how to be. She is the one who shows him that there are other ways of thinking in this new strange world called Earth. She can show him a better quality of life & world view. That’s one of the best things about their relationship- he’s willing to learn from a female Kryptonian with no qualms or prejudice & she is willing to help & teach a male who was previously only exposed to Daxamite social norms & constructs (norms that might be rather archaic).

It is unfair to shoot his character down because he may conform to a certain Earthly stereotype - he just got to Earth, he’s still learning, it’s only been 8 episodes, 3 of which he was unconscious. Guys, give him a chance, he might surprise you in his journey on Supergirl…may it be a long one❤️

Vik: Hello guys!! Viktor here! I really love you guys and I love this account. This is where I post all my secrets and ..well everything! Its like my own private diary. I figured you guys deserve to know -

Leon: Babe can I come in now?

Vik: Oh- well here is the surprise.

Vik: This is my boyfriend. Leo

Leon: Hey whats up guys?

Vik: Of course- this is a secret so-

Leon: Yup babe! Vik lets order food okay?  

Vik: O-okay!


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  • Hera: "I can live on nothing but beans!"
  • Kanan: "No."
  • Zeb: "Live bugs are the perfect food for a hungry predator living on his own!"
  • Kanan: "No."
  • Sabine: "I don't have parents or a kitchen but I do have a FLAMETHROWER!"
  • Kanan: "No."
  • Ezra: "Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to--"
  • Kanan: "NO."