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Sense of Hearing

Pairing: Dean x Pregnant!Reader

Word count: 493

Warnings: Nakedness, cussing, dumbass!Dean

A/N: This is my entry for @kdfrqqg Kris’ First Writing Challenge, 

Pormpt: “The last person who spoke so freely around me ______”

And for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Hiatus Writting Challenge, week 7

Prompt: “Stop filming me, moron!”

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Sense of Hearing

“What are you doing in the dark,” you ask waddling into your room. You close the door behind you same time your arm reaches for the light switch. “You’re supposed to be putting the armour together!” you remind him.

Dean blinks repeatedly, letting his eyes adjust to the light. “I finished it about five minutes ago. So I decided to wait for you. You know, to see if you needed any help putting on your socks and shoes?” he says pushing up to his elbows and licking his lips as you loosen the knot on the front of your bathrobe, letting the soft material slide off your body.

“Yeah, right!” you scoff. “You just wanted to see me naked.” Turning around you take your bra from the bureau and adjust your boobs in the cups before hooking it on the back.

“That’s true,” Dean admits and stares at you while you struggle with a pair of control briefs. “Wow that belly is really popping out today!” He sits up biting his lips and digs on his front pocket for his phone, he opens the camera app and waits for you to stay still to snap a pic.

“Don’t do that, dumbass! Or at least lemme put some nicer underwear! I look like an old lady with these granny panties!” You twist around to look at your own butt and Dean chuckles.

“You know I don’t mind how you wrap your ass, I like it and imma eat it no matter what.” he grins and wiggles his eyebrows at you.

“Gah, I love when you say romantic things like that. Especially in front of your unborn child!” You face him completely and put both hands on your stomach, simulating covering the baby’s ears. “You know he’s able to hear you, right?”


“Yeah, a baby’s inner ear is fully developed by the twentieth week, so…”

“Oops.” He shrugs and keeps his cellphone up, camera pointed at you.

“You’re filming aren’tcha? You’re an ass!” You do your best to run to him so you can knock the phone off his hand.

“Shh the baby can hear you,” he laughs moving the phone away from your reach.

Stop filming me, moron!” You take one of his flannels from the back of the room chair and put it on, even though it doesn’t cover you belly. “Ugh, you’re such a-”

“Ah shh shh, the baby…” he warns and you sigh, rolling your eyes. “Besides, you know what happened to the last person who spoke so freely around me, Y/N?”

“Um… you knocked her up and married her?” You sit down next to him, shoving him back to the bed by the shoulder.

“You bet your old lady looking ass I did!” he adjust the camera trying to get a shot of your ass.

“Fuck you!”

“Y/N, the baby!” he laugh finally putting the phone away.

“Ugh shut up, he can’t even hear me, he’s asleep!.”

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I know this is a serious moment and Midoriya is a total badass in this episode, but isn’t this moment of Midoriya so adorable? 

It felt very him. Glad this was included. He is still learning, but he is not giving up and he still got up quick. Also he had Todoroki covering him. Ugh. Love.

Current Underrated Boy Groups [Part. 2]

Cross Gene

Fave Songs: “Amazing Bad Lady”“Billion Dollar”“Noona You”

Reasoning: They seriously are just not well known. But talented and handsome. Their songs are super catchy. So you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Special Guy”“Fly To Love”

Reasoning: It honestly breaks my heart when I think about unnoticed Lunafly is. There talent is incredible. It’s also sad they have lost a member. It just breaks my heart. Their songs are so good and amazing and also you should check out their numerous covers of other songs. Ugh they are just so talented why don’t more people like them. 

Mr. Mr.

Fave Songs: “Do You Feel Me”“Highway”

Reasoning: They’ve been around since 2012 but no one knows about them. They are so far under the radar. They have appeared on a few rookie shows even far after they should have been considered rookies. It’s so sad because they are so talented. 


Fave Songs: “Overcome’“Face”“Every Afternoon”“Good Bye Bye”“Sleep Talking”“Action”“Fine Girl”

Reasoning: Firstly I just wanna say I could honestly right a whole novel about this Produce 101 situation. But the point is, Pledis thinks it’s the boys’ fault that they aren’t popular enough and that they failed and so that’s why they put them on that dumb ass show to begin with. It’s not their fault, they are so talented and work super hard. And it just breaks my heart to see them being treated as rookies/trainees. Why is it this way? Why have people ignored and overlooked Nu’est for so long. They are so cute and sweet and precious and talented. I know they are gaining popularity now but it doesn’t count to me seeing as how their situation is so pitiful they are being treated like trainees by their own company because they “failed” in Baekho’s on words. I’m going to stop talking about it now otherwise I’ll cry. Just listen to them and support them. 


Fave Songs: “Head Banging” “Bebop”

Reasoning: Let me start by saying I really thought they had disbanded but I couldn’t find any information on it, and no official statements and apparently they were at some Kcon or something somewhere in 2016 so….I guess they are still together. But honestly no one even knows they exist. I swear no one has ever talked about them anywhere. But they are pretty awesome group and you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Touch”“Ouch”“Driving”“Magic Girl”

Reasoning; This is not the very first original A.cian. It was made up of different members but the line up has changed so much that these 4 now make up A.cian. These four are super talented too. I hate that no one really knows about them. Also they’re super cute haha. Give them a chance they’re charms will grow on you I promise. 


Fave Songs: “From My Heart”“Hey U Come On”

Reasoning: Well no one really knows about them honestly. But then again they were more meant to be just for a drama anyway. But they have the potential to much more than that. And they deserve to be more than that as well. They are talented. I hope you will listen to them and give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “Tantara”“AB CITY”“Oh My Gosh”“Surprise Party”

Reasoning; Sigh…such a sad fate Alphabat has had. So many members have left and they have failed to add new ones. They haven’t had a Korean comeback since 2014. They’ve switched companies to a Japanese label…so maybe they will get more of a chance in Japan. Sadly I wish they had been more popular in Korea and maybe we’d see more of them. Anyway, you should check out their songs. I really love them and I wish things had turned out better for them. 

Boys’ Republic

Fave Songs: “Get Down”“Video Game”“Dress Up”“Party Rock”

Reasoning; They are so talented and yet no one notices them. They have such good and catchy songs yet no one cares about them. It’s so unfair because they work so hard. 


Fave Songs: “I’m Better”“Not That Kind of Person”“Can’t Be Friends With You”

Reasoning: I really love their songs and I think they are talented. I don’t understand why no one knows them or likes them. It’s so sad really. Also I really thought they might have disbanded but I didn’t find any information that says they did. 

Royal Pirates

Fave Songs: “Run Away”“Drawing the Line”“Shout Out”

Reasoning: First they haven’t disbanded from what I know. They are on a hiatus. And James did leave the group but I personally think he will come back eventually once he has fully healed from his injuries and all. Anyway, they are pretty unknown but they are so beyond talented. Their songs are absolutely amazing as well. I promise after you listen to them you will love them. 

Say Yes

Fave Songs: “Get Out”“Feel Good”

Reasoning: I honestly bet you have never heard of them. But they are another band that doesn’t get much recognition at all. They are super talented and I love their songs and vocals. I honestly don’t understand why more people aren’t interested in them. I bet you’ll like them once you give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “1.2.3″“Hello”“Are You Ready”“Aphrodite”“Between Night N Music”

Reasoning: Most people don’t know about B.I.G and they hardly ever get talked about. They work so hard. In a recent interview Benji even said he only wishes for their song to make it in the top 100 on music charts. They work so hard and they have been overlooked and ignored so much they don’t even dream of becoming #1 anymore they just want their songs to chart. That’s so sad and heartbreaking. Please give them a chance and love and support them. They are so talented, sweet, and adorable, and ugh just love them okay. 


Fave Songs: “Stardom”“Delilah”

Reasoning: They have been under the radar ever since their debut. They are super talented though. I think maybe their songs could be better but their songs aren’t bad. I just think maybe with even better songs they could climb in popularity. They deserve more love and support. 

What mothers think while breastfeeding in public

> please stop crying.
> Omg I’m so nervous.
> if you’d stop putting your hand in your mouth, my nipple could go in there.
> no one’s staring…
> yes they are – she’s screaming her head off.
> should I try to use a blanket to cover?
> ugh, I can’t see what I’m doing now!
> ugh, why did you unlatch?!

What mothers do NOT think while breastfeeding in public.

> let me lure in all the unfaithful, sinful husbands with my leaking, milk-filled breasts 😈

Tom Holland!Peter Parker - Nerd

Prompt: stark!reader visits Peter after the Avengers fight. (Based off the special scene of Civil War.)

Word Count: 978

Warnings: Idk? spoilers of Captain America: Civil War, if you haven’t seen it. Barely tho. 

Authors Note: I changed up my account. i was originally just writing teenwolf but i had so many other writings from other fandoms so i decided to add them. Also, i had a girls name replacing “Y/N” in my notes so if you see a random name that it. i think i caught them all tho. They should be Y/N tho. 

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Spelling Fights

Originally posted by elennemigo

Word Count: 1,816

Authors: Deka & Ale

Warning: None, just fluffiness

Pairing: Benedict Cumberbatch x Wife!Reader

Summary: The little fight between an American and a British couple

Credits to this video for the awesome interview: https://youtu.be/eX2M6Lf8WKc

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ugh writing cover letters is so hard and boring. like you gotta brag but not too much and since i’m so uncomfortable bragging/speaking highly of myself I kinda take it overboard and it just turns into ridiculously self secure bragging that just seem fake and sarcastic

“i’m sooo great! so you should hire me because i’m better than everyone at everything”


Happy Birthday @queenstonstwhorehouse Hope you enjoy your bday fic!!! <3<3<3<3<3


“Dere?” Dex called. Nursey jolted up from where he’d nearly fallen asleep at his desk.

“Mm?” he mumbled sleepily.

“I think it’s time for bed.” Dex whispered, “It’s pretty late”

“No…I need to finish this first” Nursey said, gesturing to his laptop.

“You need to sleep babe. You’re poem doesn’t even make sense anymore.” Dex laughed. “It’s full of typos.”

“Is not” Nursey argued, as he reread what he’d written.

“S-u-n-g-h-o-n-e?” Dex spelled out curiously.

“I meant sunshine.” Nursey explained.

“Mmhm.  Bedtime Dere.” Dex laughed, saving his poem for him, before shutting down his laptop, and getting ready for bed.


“Good morning babe”

“Hm? Oh, ‘morning Dere” Dex said sleepily rubbing his eyes.  “What’s all this?” he asked, looking at the tray Nursey was carrying.

“Just breakfast in bed. Thought you might like a smoothie.” Nursey explained with a smile.  He set down the tray on their nightstand, and got back under the covers with Dex.

“Ugh your feet are cold!” Dex complained, laughing as he pushed his legs away jokingly.

“Hey don’t push me out of bed!  I made you your favourite breakfast!” Nursey protested, putting his feet between Dex’s legs to warm them up.

“Blueberry smoothie?” Dex asked as he sat up in bed.

“And muffins” Nursey said, moving the tray onto the bed.

“You’re the best Dere.” Dex said, taking a muffin.

“Mm, you can say that again.” Nursey laughed.

Coffee Run

It was Tyler’s turn to go get coffee for the team. He didn’t mind really, in fact he enjoyed the quiet time in his car. Some times things at the office just got a little too chaotic. They always went to the same coffee shop and because of that the workers knew their order every time. Tyler walked in and the friendly girl behind the counter greeted him.

“Hey Victoria, good morning.” Tyler smiled down at her, oblivious to her blush. She was short and had long curly hair that was jet black. There was a stud in her nose and scattered tattoos up her forearms. Tyler had always thought she was pretty in a punk rocker chick sorta way.

“Hey Tyler. The usual, I presume?” Without waiting for an answer she began getting the order ready. After all, 5 drinks was a lot to make. Tyler just watched her flow through the motions flawlessly. He drummed his fingers on the counter in a fidgety way. Standing still never worked well for him.

After what felt like forever but was really only 5 minutes the drinks were done and placed neatly into a cardboard cup holder. Already knowing how much it would, Tyler handed the girl the cash and was about to leave. Then Victoria slid a napkin towards him. It had some numbers scribbled on it. It’s slowly settled in that it was her number. He glanced up but she was already off doing something else.

When he got back to the office things were surprisingly calm. Everybody was just hanging out in the living room area brainstorming video ideas. They all looked up when he walked in, and immediately rushed him for their coffees. Once everybody was satisfied idle chatter picked back up. Tyler decided to join in, sharing the encounter with Victoria.

“Yeah she, uh, she actually gave me her number.” Tyler said shyly pulling the napkin out of his pocket as proof.

“Way to go man, finally getting you a girlfriend. Well maybe. If she can handle The Scheid.” Mark patted him on the pack and made a bunch of tiny dick jokes that were too cringy to he included in this story.

“She always seems really nice..” Kathryn supplies trying to be helpful.

“Yeah and she has a great taste in music from what I hear.” Amy throws in. Everybody had something to say. Except, that is, Ethan. He just kind of smiled and nodded along to what the others were saying, but never chimed in. Tyler could tell he wasn’t there all the way.

Later in the day Tyler had a chance to get Ethan alone and talk to him. Ethan was taking a break from editing and was scrolling through tumblr. Tyler tried not to peek at his phone, but he couldn’t help but notice his face on the screen. He started blushing at the thought of Ethan just looking through pictures of him.

“Hey,” Tyler announced his presence, causing the younger boy to jump and hurriedly put his phone down.

“Oh, hey.” Ethan responded, seemingly still down in the dumps.

“Wanna tell me what’s bothering you? You know you can tell me anything…right?” Tyler looked him in the eyes trying to convey how serious he was being. He hated seeing Ethan act this way.

“I just…I…UGH,” Ethan covered his face in frustration and took a deep breath. When he pulled his hands away Tyler almost thought he had cried. “You got that stupid girls number this morning. I mean im sure she’s great and not at all stupid but I just hate the thought of you spending all your time with someone else. Especially now that I’ve moved out. I don’t know why I feel so clingy but I do. And I don’t even understand my own feelings half the time.” He looked up at Tyler, relieved to see understanding in his expression.

Tyler reached into his pocket and took out the napkin. Never breaking eye contact, he ripped it in half, and laid it down on the table. Ethan’s mouth was agape and he was truly speechless. Tyler ruffled his hair before walking away. He stopped in the doorway, however, and took one last look at Ethan.

“You will always be my little baby boy blue. Nobody, no girl can change that.” Then he left without another word.

Don't Frag With Them - TFP Decepticons X Reader

“Hey, Breakdown,” you say, sliding into the passenger seat of his alt-mode. Then you whisper, as if someone might hear, “Jack and his friends are right behind us.”

  Breakdown sighs. “Frag,” Then he speeds off, and Bumblebee races behind him. “I guess I should’ve let KO pick you up today.”

   "Yeah!“ You say, back pressed into the seat. Speed wasn’t a virtue Breakdown had, but he sure was putting his steering wheel to use as he swerved all over the road to keep Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee off his tailpipe.

  Your bag slams into Breakdown’s windshield, and he grunts softly. “What is in that thing?!”

  “Just my homework…” you say, as your companion barely misses hitting a minivan full of toddlers.

  “Ey, Soundwave,” you say into Breakdown’s comm. “We need a GroundBridge at…” you look at your location, trying to find somewhere that no humans will see. “…the field right off of Highway 56.”

 The green energy of the GroundBridge appears in the cornfield as Breakdown wrecks through the crops to meet it. The Autobots have stopped trying to catch you guys by now, and you barrel safely through.

   Knockout runs into the hangar, alarmed. “What the frag have you two gotten into?”

   "Why were the Autobots going after you imbeciles?“ Starscream asks, arms crossed.

   "Breakdown was picking me up from Jasper and they saw,” you say. “They didn’t do any damage.”

   "Ugh,“ Knockout says. “Breakdown, come on.”

   Starscream transforms, and tilts his cockpit to you. “Get in.”

   You do, and he speeds off towards the impromptu ‘living area’ the Decepticons have.


  “They’ve taken a civvie!” Bulkhead cries as he speeds through the GroundBridge. Arcee and Bumblebee come behind him, and Optimus and Ratchet await further details. Each of the guardians let the kids get out of their alt-mode.

  “What?!” Ratchet demands.

 "Breakdown had them when we picked up the kids from Jasper High,“ Arcee explained. "We tried to get them—”

  «Breakdown sped off too fast» Bee finished, with an angry pump of his fist.

   "Do any of you know them?“ Ratchet asks Miko, Jack and Raf.

   "Yeah, (Y/N) (L/N),” Miko says. “They’re in my third period.”

   "We must retrieve (Y/N) quickly from the hands of the Decepticons,“ Optimus says. "We cannot have a human life be extinguished by them.”


  When you get there, Starscream doesn’t transform. “Because of you and Breakdown I have to give Lord Megatron a report!”

  You look down. “Yeah. Sorry, Stars.”

   "You should be.“ Then he flies off down the corridors.

  You dump your backpack on the giant computer console of the Nemesis, and look to Soundwave, who’s currently typing away on it. "Wanna watch a movie?”

   He stares a you, and nods silently. A question mark appears on his screen.

   "Uh…“ you think. "Iron Man 2.”

   You see him pull up a file on the computer screen, one that he downloaded within a astrosecond. Next the familiar starting music begans to blare, and the movie begins.

   Soundwave continues his work on his own faceplate, all while watching the movie with you.

   A while later Knockout comes into the room, buffer in hand. “Don’t you have work to do?” He asks.

   "Nah,“ you say. "I can do it during homeroom.”

    “Well, can you help me buff? Breakdown with ‘Screamer, explaining what happened with the Autobots.”

  “Okay,” you say, and Knockout hands you a smaller buffer. You set to work on his back, a place he can’t reach all that well.  

   As the movie progresses, you hear engines down the hall. You turn, and Breakdown comes down with Starscream. As they transform, you see, to your horror, that Starscream is covered in injuries.

   "Ugh, Megatron is a fucking bitch!“ He says, putting to use the swear words you taught him. Soundwave turns, ready to beat the slag out of Starscream, though it appears that already been done.

   "Sound, just let him rant,” you say quietly. Then turn back to Starscream. “Sorry about that, Stars. I didn’t know he would—”

   "How would you know? He’s way too unpredictable and he treats me like a piece of shit to begin with.“

   You sigh, buffing Knockout’s shoulder plates. Megatron could be a bitch sometimes, especially to Starscream. You all just had to let it pass—there was nothing to do.

    At least you had the less volatile members of the Decepticons to hang out with—as your friends and a home, seeing as you don’t have one.


   Its Miko who pulls you aside after school, more forcibly than not, and asks you to come with her. "Look, I’m friends with people who can keep you safe,” she says.

   "I’m not in any danger—!“ You tried to tell her.

   "Hush. They’ll be after you again soon. You’re lucky you even came out of there. Come on.”

   Jack meets up with her. “(Y/N)! Are you okay?” He puts a hand on your arm.

   "Yes, I’m fine!“ You say. "Now, if you would kindly let me go—” you say, shrugging his arm off.

  “Come on, (Y/N). Bulkhead is right in the carpool line. We just need to make sure everything is okay—”

   "Well, it is, so—ugh!“ You grunt as Jack escorts you into the Jeep—Bulkhead. Then Miko hops into the passengers seat.

   "Look, I don’t need your safeguards!” You say, annoyed but not panicked. You shuffle through your backpack, trying to find your phone. It’s not in there. Shit, you must’ve left it in KO’s seat this morning. Fuck. At least the Autobots have a comm system at their base, you can use that, but for now you just have to suck it up and cooperate, because you can’t fight them alone.

   Bulkhead sighs. “I know you feel a little afraid but—”

  You don’t have the patience for their blissful ignorance. You’re safe with the Decepticons, so either they just don’t understand that or don’t want to accept it.

   "I chose to go with them. I have been for, ah, a year now!“ You shout. Bulkhead swerves.

   "What?” Him and Miko say in synchronization.

  “Yes,” you say, “now let me out before Starscream comes to get me. Breakdown was waiting in the carpool line, but since you so rudely interfered…”

  “Interfered?” Arcee asks over the speakers. Miko must’ve let the other known by opening up Bulk’s personal comm. “We’re keeping you safe. You don’t understand that the Decepticons are dangerous…”

   You stop listening, and sigh. You just have to wait until you get to the base. Then you can somehow comm your family and they can get you out of here.


    It’s been exhausting, but the Autobots have fallen into their recharge and your peers have gone home. You make a journey up to the Autobots’ computer console, and quickly figure out how to operate it. Pretty similar to the ‘Cons’.

   You dial in Soundwave’s channel, knowing he won’t be very loud and expose you. “Hey, Sound. I just wanted to let you know I’m at the Autobot base and I need a pick-up. I left my phone in KO’s alt-mode so…yeah. I’ll just send you the coordinates now. Okay, bye, Soundwave.”

   Then you type in the approximate location, and send them to Soundwave.

    They’ll be here soon, and you can finally get away from all the grueling lectures the 'Bots give you about the people you know so well.

   You close down the console, and lay on the shitty blanket they’ve given you.

   You can’t wait to see them again.


   A large crash emits from outside the base, in the morning. You grin, and the Autobots rush out of their quarters. Ratchet glares at you. “What’ve you done.”

  “I called my family to take me home,” you say.

  A jet, a sports car, and a truck barrel through the tunnel structure, the entrance to the Autobot base. Starscream is the first to transform, his heeled feet cracking the ground as he raises his missle. Knockout does next, his face drawn up into a fury. Breakdown is last, guns blazing and his primary shoulder gun aimed right for Optimus Prime.

   You run towards the end of the ledge, and Arcee runs out to grab you but Optimus puts a hand on her shoulder. “If they choose to go with the Decepticons, they may.”

   Knockout extends his hand towards the railing, and you climb over right into his grip. He doesn’t take his optics off of them.

   "Don’t ever touch (Y/N) again,“ Starscream sneers. "Or we’ll kill you.”

   They don’t say anything else before each of them transform and drive off, taking them with you.

   You recline in Knockout’s seat once you’re a good distance away from the base, and he opens up the comm so the others can talk to you. “Thanks guys. They were being huge assholes.”

   "They were being inhospitable?“

   "Eh. They thought they were being generous, but dissing your family and then giving you a blanket to sleep on doesn’t really cut it.”

   "Rude,“ Knockout mutters. "Also, (Y/N), your phone is in my seat. It’s very uncomfortable.”

  “Yeah, thanks, Knockout.”

  “I couldn’t get ahold of you yesterday,” Breakdown said. “We figured out pretty quickly what happened, we just didn’t know where to look until you hit up Soundwave yesterday.”

   After a long moment of silence, you grin. “It’s good to be back home.”


   When you got back, it was full of questioning and rage-filled promises of revenge. Knockout planned to make sure you kept your phone out of his crooks, and Breakdown made sure to park at the from of the carpool line, even if it meant bludgeoning a couple cars on the way. Lots of movies were watched that night.

baker151910  asked:

"Lawson, come get your kid!"

Mike pauses halfway through pulling his shirt on, a confused look puzzling his face, as he finishes dressing, making his way down the stairs.

“Why is she always just my kid when she does something bad?” He asks with a grin, wondering what exactly he was about to walk in on.

He stops dead in his tracks when he comes upon them.

Ginny’s hand is covering her mouth, her laughter being held back by her palm, her eyes alight with amusement.

Kaia sits in her high chair, spaghetti sauce smeared all over her face, strands of pasta dangling from the tray, a sticky mess lingering on the floor below her.

Mike lets out a howl of laughter, and Kaia throws her hands up into her hair, her squealing giggles joining his.

Ginny loses it along with him, her hand coming to grip her side, tears gathering in her eyes as the laughter refuses to let up.

“What did you do, baby girl?” He asks, and she throws her head back in exasperation, kicking her legs out.

“Eat!” She yells with an adorable dimpled smile.

“You sure?  I don’t think any of it actually went in your mouth,” he says, his finger coming to her saucy cheek.

He looks back at Ginny, still laughing in the corner.

“Don’t look at me, that was all her,” she points at the baby.

“Blaming the baby, Gin?  That’s low,” he teases, right as Kaia begins banging her sticky hands on the tray, smearing the remaining dinner around into further chaos, and then promptly shoving all four fingers in her mouth.  Quiet approval of her dinner evident on her chubby cheeks.

“I might have encouraged the behavior,” she says with a scrunch of her nose.  “Just a little,” she holds up her fingers, barely an inch between them.

“I’m not sure who’s the child in this situation,” he says with a shake of his head.

“I can tell you who’s the old man,” she says with a bite.

“Hey, I’m fun,” he says, mock hurt coloring him.  “I’m fun, right?” He turns to ask Kaia.

“Dada,” she says pointing at him.

Ginny walks closer to them.

“Who’s the fun one, Kaia bean?”

“Mama!” She squeals, reaching out for her.

“See,” she says with a satisfied grin, removing the small girl from her chair, transferring more than a little sauce onto her own workout gear.

Mike throws her a look, before looking down, his hands dancing along the vacated tray.

Ginny mumbles into the baby, making them both smile.

“Hey Gin,” he calls her to attention, and smears sauce on her face.

Stunned silence rings out, her mouth coming into an O shape, shock written all over her.  Kaia looks around, confused.

“Now you guys really are twins,” he taunts.

“Oh, you are dead, Lawson,” she jokes.

Holding out the baby at him.

“Get him, Kaia!”

The girl reaching out for him, smearing his new white shirt with red, turning the family resemblance into that of a massacre, the three of them covered in a sauce.

“Ugh, gross,” he says in an octave he reserves just for his daughter.

“As a Baker-Lawson, it’s only fair she share her dinner with both Baker and Lawson,” Ginny teases, her eyelashes leaving a trail of red with every blink.

“Mama thinks she’s so clever, doesn’t she?” He asks Kaia, as he settles her into his arms.

“Mama,” she quietly agrees, just loving the sound of the word in her mouth.

“Yeah, Mama,” he says with such affection, bringing her dirty head to settle on his shoulder.

“How about a bath, little bean?” Ginny asks, and they trudge up the stairs together, leaving the kitchen mess for afterwards.

“Admit it, I’m fun,” he goads.

She lets out a snort of laughter.


“I remember you saying something to that effect the first time we met.  That this was going to be fun,” she gestures between the two of them.

“I’d say I’ve delivered,” he punctuates with a wink.

“Had I known what you meant, I wouldn’t have—”

“You wouldn’t have what?” He says with a knowing look.

She looks at their content daughter staring at her from her dad’s arms, a smug grin peeking out from his beard, which she gives a slight tug.

“Changed a thing,” she admits.

“God, you’re such a sap, Gin,” he teases.

She smacks his ass, as she passes him up the stairs, leaving the same shocked, satisfied grin as their first meeting.

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Could I request a scenario where Revali ends up covered in oil (maybe due to an accident on Vah Medoh or something?) and has to request his s/o's help in getting it all out, since oil in feathers = not a good time for anyone involved?

Covered in oil (Revali)

“Ugh, [Name]?” You looked up from the cooking pot at the sound of Revali’s voice. He sounded…ashamed? Quickly making sure the food wasn’t going to burn, you turned to see Revali standing awkwardly at the entrance to the kitchen. You gasped in shock. Slick, black oil covered him, head to toe. You could see the black footprints he’d left whilst walking there. It dripped into his eyes and stick in his feathers.

“Revali, what happened!?” You rushed forward, not caring about getting the oil over yourself. He shrugged.

“I was messing around with some of Vah Medoh’s mechanisms. Then this happened.” He tried to sound nonchalant about it but you could hear the embarrassment in the voice.

“Could you-uh-maybe help me? Clean up? I can’t really do it myself.” Revali avoided looking at you, his pride crushed by having to ask for help. You considered teasing him about it but decided that might be a little too mean at that moment.

“Ok. I’ll help. Just let me set up a tub first…” You didnt catch Revali’s look of horror when you turned away.


He tried to sit still, he really did. Except he hated the feeling of water on his feathers, almost as much as the feel of oil, and kept fidgeting in the wooden tub. It was filled to he brim with soapy water, now turned black from the oil. You were currently scrubbing at his wings, concentrating on getting all of the oil off of his feathers. Revali noted that when you were concentrating hard, you put maximum effort into whatever you were doing. He could tell because you were scrubbing his wing raw.

“Ow, ow, OW!” Revali wrenched his wing out of your grasp and cradled it to his chest.

“That hurts! Do you have to be so rough?” You sighed and blew the hair out of your eyes.

“Yes, I do because that’s the only way to get the oil out. I’m sorry Revali. I just want to make sure you’ll be alright. Now c'mere.” Carefully, you took his wing back and rinsed it carefully with water. The feathers shone brightly in the fading light.

“See! Good as new! Now it’s time for the other wing.”

“Oh please, no more!”

Gorgeous (Bucky x Reader) Part 2

Request: I got a few requests for a part 2! 

Words: 2,753

Warnings: None

Tags: i-am-mina  frolicsomefawkes thyotakukimkim happelu970 annadier Shamvictoria11 spookass pabegay1 

Cactus water and Boom Chicka Pop is your girl’s new favorite thing. Also, I witnessed a baby turtle being saved today and like yes, these are the type of people I need to associate myself with

“Oh my god! Natasha wake up!” You bolted into Natasha’s room late into the night. You had just finished watching the Victoria Secret fashion show followed by Jurassic World with Scott and Sam, and you were eager to tell someone all about the exchange you and Bucky had.

Wanda was nowhere to be found, and you assumed she must be with Vision. So of course, you went to Natasha, your other best friend. You knew very well that Natasha was exhausted from a recent mission, but you didn’t care. This was more important.

Natasha jerked her head up and squinted her eyes at the dark figure jumping on her bed. She automatically knew it was you, you were the only person beside Clint who would wake people up by jumping on their beds at odd times during the night.

“What is it, Y/n?” Her voice was groggy and confused, a part of her worried something was wrong. But then you plopped down next to her legs, curling your own legs underneath your butt and clasping your hands together. A squeal escaping your lips.

“Guess what happened?”

She groaned and fell back against her pillows, her arms spreading out beside her.

“Can’t this wait till morning.” You made a noise from the back of your throat that clearly meant no. “Please, Y/n. I love you, but I swear to God I wil-”

“Bucky told me I was gorgeous and he hugged me and I kissed his cheek.” You talked super fast, you couldn’t hold it in any longer. You tucked your clasped hands under your chin and rested them there while Natasha processed what you had said.

“How many times did he call you gorgeous….just the once?” She limply held up one finger. Her eyes closed and her head resting against her cloud-like pillows.

“He called me gorgeous twice and beautiful about three times.” Your voice was soft yet so filled with excitement.

Natasha pushed back the covers and scooted over to give you room to crawl in. Without opening her eyes she patted the spot next to her. You quickly got under the soft covers and turned on your side to face her, tucking an arm under your head. She turned on her side and slowly opened her eyes to look at your outline in the dark room.

“Okay. I’m gonna need the whole story.”

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Manners- Dick Grayson x Reader

A/N: This is a little something i was talking about a while ago, I’ve been working on it for sometime and asked who wanted to be tagged so, sorry for the delay, it took me a lot more to be a little free than I expected but, here it is. I really hope you like it @speedypan @jadedhillon @illeatyoursoulwithmustard

Words: 1367

Prompt: “You’re the jerk-face customer that keeps on thumbing through their phone while ordering their drink so I exact revenge by spelling your name wrong on your cup and drawing phallic pictures on your coffee” AU. 

You looked at the clock impatient. 8:45, he’ll be here any minute, you thought as you prepared one of your regulars’ coffee, along with your “personal touch”, a drawing not so safe for work on his cup with no name, a little vengeance against this particular customer. Ever since the day you started working at one of Gotham’s busiest coffee shops there’s been one person who seemed to forget the simplest of decency, who never seemed to pay attention or even said a thank you, always in a hurry. You later learned from one of your coworkers that he was one of Wayne’s kids, a regular since the shop opened. One of the oldest workers said he’s got a rather important place at the company being the eldest. That explains it, you thought, rich kids always feel so important to even look at people like us.

He always came at the same time and had the same thing, 9 am and a latte, never looking at you and never saying a word, his face always glued to the phone. It didn’t matter at first, you could understand it, lives like those were demanding and required attention, sometimes it was too much to leave it but every single time he came was just too much for you to accept it.

A ding of the doorbell a minute past 9 announced his arrival. You watched as he came closer to the counter, his coffee ready and steaming hot on the counter and his eyes never leaving his phone. Jerk.  As he made his way you could notice the others stopping to look at him, even your colleagues left their work to stare, and you couldn’t blame them. He was well built, toned but not too much for it to show under the suit, just like an acrobat, his hair was raven black and he had the lightest brown tone on his skin, everything him just seemed to match, too bad you couldn’t see his face. You inhaled as he was finally in front of you, your eyes trying to catch a change from him that never came as he grabbed his cup.

Come-on!, you tried to will him with your mind, eyes rolling away from him. Just say something, and maybe I’ll forget everything. Nothing.

“Dick….” You said under your breath, rolling your eyes and glaring at him.

“Yeah, what?” He asked, his voice startling you and his eyes finally looking up, catching your breath in the process and tainting your face red at the blueness of them. God, he was handsome, why are they always handsome.

“Wha-…, Your name i-….? Aah….” the color that raised a while ago left just as fast when you remembered the not so friendly thing you had just drawn on his cup. “Hey, uh…” you tried saying, hoping to keep the eye contact as much as possible and away from the cup. Too late, you regretted as his blue eyes moved from your face to the coffee he was holding

“Wait!” You screamed, taking your hand to your mouth barely realizing what you did, making you happy how empty the shop was today. You watched as his face changed into an assortment of expressions, eyes wide open and all with a common confusion at what he was looking.

“Umm…” he managed to say after a few seconds, his eyes moving along his hand as he examined your work of art. “I think I should just…”, he said, wrinkles forming on his forehead and pink coloring his cheeks. He raised his eyes to look at you once more, something behind them that you couldn’t tell as he spoke once more, “Thank you.” And with that, he walked out.

You felt yourself about to pass out, head pulsing as thoughts flooded you. What had you just done? Did that really happened? Maybe you went too far, maybe he didn’t deserve it, or did he? He had been a jerk all this time, felt too important, not even a look, a thank you, hell, he never even shook his head!, But maybe he just couldn’t? Too much work and pressure, he was Wayne’s kid after all.

The same train of thoughts followed you to the next day, not showing any signs of leaving, you looked absentmindedly at the floor, yesterday’s events feeling like a bad movie that kept repeating itself over and over inside your mind. A ring took you away from your thoughts, you looked at the clock, heart racing as you noticed the hour, 9 o’clock. You dared looking at the front door and there he was, not a minute late, tailored suit, hair slicked back but no phone in his hands, his eyes occupied on something else this time, looking for yours until he found them, making you blush and look away, hiding behind the counter, lowering so low you were sitting on the ground.  What is he doing here!?, your head screamed at you as you heard him approach, panicking and lost as to what to do, seeing you were sure he’d never come back after what you did yesterday.

You were surprised by a coughing from behind, making you jump and letting out a little scream you were quick to hide, your face feeling hotter as you raised yourself to face him, feeling as all eyes were on you.

“Good morning sir, what…ah…, what can I help you with?”, You tried to say with your best company voice, careful not to let the trembling that was conquering your body show.

“Hey, umm…, guess I no longer need an introduction” he said, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. “I think I owe you an apology”

Your mouth almost fell to the floor. Was he apologizing? “What? No!”, you blurted out before thinking about it any more, hands waving in front of you as you spoke. “It should be me apologizing, I should have never done such thing in the first place”

“No. No, it’s my fault, I guess I’ve been a jerk this past couple of months, so I’m sorry.”, his hands covering his face. “Ugh, you must think I’m just another entitled rich kid, huh?, He chuckled, a faint smile on his face and his hands dropping to his sides. “Looks like I’ve been living up to my name”

“Not entirely”, you said, seemingly having recovered your breath, “just slightly.” You gave him a smile, a tiny laugh escaping your lips as you looked at him

“Just slightly”, his eyes brightening up as he spoke, smile matching yours.

“Hey uhm, I was thinking if maybe…, if you’d like to go…? Out? With me…?” His voice seemed to tremble, hand returning to rub the back of his neck, and cheeks flushed red as he looked at you with hidden impatience. “I’d like to compensate for everything, and I’m finally done with work, so I was thinking maybe dinner tonight?” he said, eyes now pleading.

You tried to contain your laugh without success, his whole expression was too much for you to handle and you wanted nothing but end his plea.

After a little laugh you tried to disimulate, you finally answered, “I’d love to.”

“Really? I mean…, that’s great! Awesome.” He almost shouted, his face brightening up as he grinned at you, “so uhm, I’ll come for you after you finish, ah…”

“[Y/N] [L/N]” you said, extending your hand to greet him.

“Richard Grayson,” he said, taking your hand in his’, his hand warm against yours, “but you can call me Dick”, he finished with a wink that made your heart skip a beat.

“Well, I’ll leave you to work now”, a saddened tone in his voice and squeezing your hand slightly, as if not wanting to let go. “I’ll see you tonight.”

“Can’t wait”, you said. He gave you a smile, the warmth of his hand leaving you as he moved towards the door, the bell at the top ringing as he exited.

And with that he left, leaving you waiting for tonight to come.


(Based off the song in the Omega Olympics Commercial 2016https://youtu.be/9qMpj8ly4mA)

Frank: You can bet the greatest, you can be the best, you can be the king kong banging on your chest.

Leo: You can be the Hero, you can get the gold.

Annabeth: Breaking all the records that thought never could be broke

Percy: You can throw your hands up, you can be beat the clock

Hazel: You can move a mountain, you can break rocks

Jason: Do it for your country, do it for your name, ‘cause there’s gonna be a day

Piper: Standing in the hall of fame.

[don’t imagine them singing this while slowly linking hands together with tears in their eyes because ugh]


Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader 

Prompt: When you don’t like your skin color but there is nothing Hoseok doesn’t like about you 

Word Count: 600-ish

Originally posted by yahjiminie

You were sitting in front of your tv, wearing your sweats with a face pack on and watching the rerun of your favorite movie. You had a bowl of popcorn on the table but as the face mask dried, you soon lost the ability to move any part of your face. 

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and if they could, your eyebrows would’ve furrowed in confusion since you weren’t expecting anyone. After repeated knocks, you hurried over the door, unlocking it only to find your boyfriend, who was supposed to be out of town, standing outside with takeout.

Well, shit.

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