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Relationship status: I love my chickens and my chickens love me, so all is good in the world~
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I only own like one lipstick and that’s only because my mum bought it and then immediately decided she didn’t like the colour anymore and gave it to me .-.
Last song listened to: SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) XD Lol, only because my bro and I were discussing it earlier today :P
Last movie watched: Uhhh, ‘The Road to El Dorado’ and ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ ^ ^ I was at my neighbour’s place for a movie night and she and her friends hadn’t seen either. If you haven’t seen ‘The Road to El Dorado’ you are seriously missing out!! My bro and I love it so much we could probably do a two-man reenactment of the entire thing. Go watch it now!!
Top three fav TV shows: Hmmm, three random picks from many: ‘Shadow Raiders’‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Westworld’
Top three fav characters: Again, three random picks from many: Naru Kotoishi (Barakamon), Draco Malfoy (HP) and Yuri Katsuki (YoI).
Top three ships: Again, again, three random picks from many: Hakona (AnY), Kyo x Tohru (Fruits Basket) and Anna x Cas (Anna Dressed in Blood).
Book I’m currently reading: *glances at the 10+ books on her nightstand* Yeah, a lot ( .__.)

I tag: Anyone who feels like doing this ^ ^

You know I’m really loving this season and it’s all cause of CT. Like yeah he’s been my fave ever since The Duel, but I just love how far he’s come. He’s so grown and I’m just so very happy for him. He has a child now and you can tell that his son has had a positive influence on him. Even before his child, you could see the change in him. It’s awesome to finally see him happy and healthy. Who would have thought the same dude that said “I will smash his head and eat it” would sort of play the father role on this show lmao. I hope he wins, not just for him, but for his son

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So i've been watching sailor moon and it got me wondering, (For Naruto) in a sailor moon AU who would you cast as who? <3

This actually was asked a few weeks ago! It would be an awesome crossover, wouldn’t it? 

My thoughts:

Ino as Sailor Moon.

Karin as Sailor Mars.

Tenten as Sailor Venus.

Temari as Sailor Jupiter.

Hinata as Sailor Mercury.


Wouldn’t Tsunade make an awesome Luna? And Jiraiya could be Artemis!

For the Outer Senshi, how about Kushina as Sailor Neptune? And Mikoto as Sailor Uranus. And Konan as Sailor Pluto! Maybe Fuu as Sailor Saturn?

Ahhh, I really love this idea, okay wow.  

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holy crap you're amazing and i look up to you and your blog is awesome and you better stop me because i could rant forever about how awesome you are.

Honestly thank you so much for the kind words, and honestly it’s so cool that someones actually looking up to me, and I feel really honored, so I’ll try to be a positive role model.

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Exactly! Harry and his label and his whole team all know what they're doing and know the business. It would have been so easy for him to make something similar to Ed and just sit comfortably at the top of the charts where all the songs sound like variations of each other. He's doing something different and it's laying the groundwork for long-term success. There's no real space for his sound in this market right now, but he could carve one out over time, how awesome would that be

It’s going to be awesome. I was super thrilled to see Cameron Crowe say the best was yet to come with his album!!!

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Im hoping you can give a cis girl some guidance. Im in a strange place in my life. My ex (?) & I are taking a break & seeing other people, but may get back together. So Im tryna find nice people on tinder. Ive seen some really cute and interesting trans girls that I'ld like to get to know. In theory I know how not to be an asshole, but dont have any close trans lady friends to confirm. I dont wanna miss out on someone awesome, but Im worried that my inexperience could cause harm. Thoughts?

I guess the core bit of advice is recognize and treat them as women. Make sure you’re mindful of potential biases or learned responses that could challenge that position.

Like, to pull from some discussions I had with a cis lady friend of mine after she’d gone on a few dates with a trans woman for the first time, she noticed that she subconsciously associated certain traits with gender and gendered behaviour. For instance, she’s 5′4″ and the trans woman she dated was 5′11″. For the first few dates, she subconsciously treated that height difference as gendered, and found herself responding physically and socially to that difference the same way she would with men, assuming a more ‘feminine’ role, assuming her date would follow the unspoken ‘male/masculine’ role, feeling confusion, disappointment, and a little distress when her date didn’t respond in the ways she was conditioned to expect, etc.

There’s a lot of small stuff like that that could pop up. Be mindful of things you associate with masculinity, or maleness, whether it’s physical traits, behaviours, or situations. There’s a good chance that a trans woman would not comply with the standards, and might be put off if she suspects that there are such expectations. I know I got really tired really quickly of cis women assuming I’d be comfortable with them considering me more masculine of the both of us back when I used to consider cis women as part of my dating pool. I got really tired of being pushed into roles and expectations associated with men just because I was taller, or had a deeper voice, or was less curvy, or whatever. 

Of course, some trans women may be comfortable with it. We do come in a wide range, and I know plenty of butch trans women who are game for a lot of that stuff, and are fine with helping dates adjust their mindsets appropriately if needed. 

But yeah, there’s a lot of social and romantic cues out there that are tied to and apply binarist genders and expressions to bodies, behaviours, situations, etc. as a means to provide shortcut to social and romantic relationships. Do your best to be mindful of any responses you might have linked to those, and don’t be shy to get to know these women and what they’re like, what they’re comfortable with, etc.

So yeah, I mean, treat us as the women we are. Be mindful of hetero/cisnormative baggage you might be carrying. Learn about her and let her show you who she is.

Best of luck! 

NSVs today:

1.  This suit fits perfectly now.  No more straining buttons.

2.  Had to go to a tighter belt notch.

3.  Company VP said he wish he could do cool hair like mine (picture doesn’t really capture the awesomeness)

4.  One of our engineers whom I hadn’t seen in months said, “Damn dude, you’ve lost a bunch of weight”.

What a great day.

In other news:  I have a giant head.

Kelis and Jonathan Brooks and Anastasia Munoz

anyone remember that thing i made a few years ago? well i remade it with my somewhat improved skills.

And they’re like
Damn right
I could teach you, but

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AAAAAAAAAAAAA not only did my girlfriend ask me to prom today, but i come home to a new chapter of reverse o.o thankyou for making my day even better kat-sensei. Now i just have to convince my lady love to read it too...

CONGRATS! That’s awesome! And I’m glad reverse could help cap off the day.  💕

while a lot of my stuff is personal, don’t be afraid to reblog it guys :) if it touches you in any way, it’d be awesome if you could spread it. (don’t do it of course, if you don’t want to!)

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I love your BtD drawings ^w^ Your stradelet is awesome tho ^^ mind if you could draw one of electricpuke's boys ? I don't care wich one i love all BtD boys lol strade is my fav lol and rire is my less fav (i don't hate him nor dislike him, i don't love him, i like him just a bit(for his tentacles tbh lol)) :U

i felt a bit sad and also like could you imagine. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but I’m love sano and i love ren let them be happy one (1) time

I just want to see Mike Faist, Will Roland and Ben Platt perform the dance routine to Candy Store from Heathers is that too much to ask


It was lovely having my brother involved because I got to hang out with him in South Africa for a while. When you grow up and you become adults and you start having kids and all that stuff, you don’t get to see as much of each other as you’d like. So it was really cool hanging with him for like three months and getting to see loads of him. (x)

  • Some white idiot: But Danny Rand has to be white! The whole point is that he feels like an outsider in both New York and back in K'un Lun, and he doesn't really fit into either culture. And he's got a huge destiny to live up to, but he doesn't feel like he can do it!
  • Me: Ok, dude, have you ever actually met an Asian American before?