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Protection | BTS Reaction

Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. All the famous people are there and everyone’s drinking and having fun…Your abusive (Mentally and/or physically) ex turns up however - as they are part of a famous group also, but your boyfriend doesn’t like them due to how they treated you. Your ex tries hitting on you, but your boyfriend has other ideas.

Disclaimer: There are elements of abuse, mental and physical. There isn’t a lot, but they are still there. So just a warning. 

Jin: You were stood by the drink stand whilst Jin had gone to talk to a bunch of people who had congratulated him on his win with the boys. As you stood there, you were suddenly tapped on the shoulder and you turned around “(Y/N), it’s been a while.” said the familiar face. You knew you’d see your ex today, but you didn’t think he’d speak to you

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BTS Reaction to: Meeting their celebrity crush at an award show

Anon asked: “Hello!! I love your page❤️ Can you please do a bts reaction when you’re their celebrity crush and they see you at an award show?”   

Author’s note: Thank you! This is gonna be fluffy. Gifs aren’t mine.x 

He was pretty nervous to be going to this award show abroad. They hadn’t been to that many award shows outside of Asia and since English wasn’t his first language it made him a bit nervous. Once he heard that you were coming he only got more nervous than he already was. Ever since your first song he was a massive fan. He always watched your music videos, interviews and the videos you posted on social media and YouTube. When he saw you were sitting next to him his breath hitched in his throat and he nervously fumbled with the hem of his shirt. This was his chance to finally talk to you. If he was gonna do it he had to do it now. So he took a deep breath before saying, 

“Euhm Hello.” 


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Seokjin tried to be as confident as possible but you simply made him nervous. He really liked you and wanted to make a good first impression. Once you noticed how nervous he was you started to smile and gently took his trembling hands in yours.  

“Seokjin, I’m honored to meet you. It’s okay to be nervous because I am too.” 

“Really? You’re nervous to meet me?” 

“Yes! Because you’re an amazing artist and I really like you.” 

After that Seokjin’s confidence came back and he even started flirting with you. Obviously cracking some dad jokes too to try to win you over. Which worked because at the end of the evening you two exchanged phone numbers and kept texting for the rest of the night. 


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Just like Seokjin he’d be nervous but he played it cool. He gathered his courage to talk to you and when he saw your sweet smile he felt all his nerves vanish into thin air. 

“Hey I’m Yoongi.” 

He reached his hand out for you to shake, which you happily did. Flashing him a bright smile as you introduced yourself. 

“I know. I’m Y/N. I’m a big fan of you Yoongi.” 

Yoongi’s eyes widened at your words as a gummy smile spread across his face. You two spend the entire show talking about your interests and your music together. Finding out that you had a lot more in common than you both initially thought. 


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Hoseok was really excited but also extremely nervous. He couldn’t believe he was about to see you let alone meet you! Once he found out you were sitting next to him he totally freaked out internally but tried to keep his cool on the outside. When he introduced himself to you he couldn’t help but smile brightly. He literally resembled the sun, that’s how bright his smile was. You felt your heart melt at the sight and gently shook his hand. 

“Hi Hoseok, nice to meet you. I really love your music.” 

“Really? I really love your music too!” 

You two smiled brightly at each other as you talked a bit, talking about shared interests during the breaks of the show. Hoseok definitely wanted to keep talking to you so he skipped the after party just to be able to keep talking to you. 


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Namjoon was used to feeling nervous and knew how to handle the situation. But when he was face to face with you everything he knew seemed to have vanished. He tried to keep his cool but failed miserably. When he saw you smiling at him he felt his heart starting to beat faster. He let out a nervous laugh as he made some small talk with you.  

“So I’ve heard that you’re working on your new album.” 

“Yes! It takes a lot of time but I really do believe that this will be my best album yet.” 

“That’s great! Maybe we can collab someday?” 

You stared at him with wide eyes as you nodded your head eagerly. “Yes that sounds amazing! I’d love to do a collab with you!” 

So the two of you spend the night discussing ideas for your collaboration while you watched the award show. 


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Jimin blushed furiously when he saw you smiling at him. He tried to be smug but obviously failed miserably. Jimin thought he was embarrassing himself but you just thought he was absolutely adorable. So you tried to make him feel a little less nervous by flashing him a charming smile. 

“You’re a great artist Jimin. I really love listening to you.” 

Well if he wasn’t blushing before he definitely was now. Your words really meant a lot to him and he simply couldn’t believe that he was actually talking to you. 

“Really? Wow thank you so much! I really love listening to you too Y/N. You’re really pretty.” 

Now it was your turn to blush. This was how you and Jimin spend your time together. Giving each other compliments as you both blushed furiously.


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Taehyung would be smiling uncontrollably as he was talking to you. He really liked the sound of your voice and how your eyes sparkled when you spoke about the things you love. You were smiling just as brightly. You had liked Taehyung for a while now and still couldn’t believe that he was literally in front of you. Taehyung had the same and couldn’t believe that he was finally talking to you. The members wouldn’t stop making fun of him for having a crush on you but now he was the one talking to you as he felt their eyes boring through his head. 

“So you actually write your own songs too? That’s amazing Y/N.” 

“Thank you! I really think you’ve a beautiful voice Taehyung.” 

Just like Jimin he turned into a blushing mess after your compliment. He even hid his face behind his hands as he tried to calm down. You chuckled at his adorable behavior, feeling glad that you weren’t the only one who was nervous and a bit shy. 


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Just like Taehyung Jungkook got made fun off by his hyungs a lot. They always teased him whenever he was watching one of your new interviews but now he was the one talking to you and not them. Obviously you talked to the other members as well but Jungkook was sitting next to you, so you talked to him most. Jungkook was very happy with this as he finally had the chance to ask you some things he always wanted to know about you. Like how you came up with lyrics for your songs. When you realized that you wanted to be a singer and what your favorite color was. You smiled at the last question as you told him your favorite color. It was obvious that Jungkook was nervous but so were you. 

“How do you come up with lyrics for your songs?” 

“Euhm, from personal experiences really.” 

“That’s pretty awesome.” “You know what else is pretty awesome?” 

“No?” “Your voice. It’s beautiful.” 

Jungkook turned into a shy little ball of fluff after hearing your words, making you and the other members laugh. He really was too cute for words and he found himself liking you a lot. That’s why the two of you kept talking for the rest of the show and even agreed to meet up later that week. 



It was February 3rd.
Officially reading week.
I sat with my arms folded on the settee, my nostrils flaring as Mike happily skipped out of the front door after saying his goodbyes.
I knew Zayn was soon to follow.

“I can’t believe you’re going to stay here on your own.” He mumbled, zipping up his bag on top of the table. “You know if I wasn’t going on holiday, I’d stay in a heartbeat. Or at least invite you to mine.”

“I know you would. But it’s fine, don’t worry.”

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Reading some of my recent posts and thinking I would love to talk about our perspective and character POV in various Destiel scenes to examine what they each individually know about what’s going on and how our perspective differs too. Just reading myself talking about that being an obvious metaphor in 11x04 in the “werepire” scene but aside from a bit of commentary on the mixtape scene I haven’t really done much with it… What scenes should I talk about? I mean, would you want an analysis like that/think it might be interesting?


So I am thinking of departing with my half and half hair tomorrow and going all black for awhile. All the love and compliments I have gotten with this hair has boosted my self esteem and has made me so happy, I know you guys loved it and I did too but it’s time to move on for a bit. I really don’t want to depart with my half and half but my hair really needs a rest and if I continue to keep my half and half my roots will need to be bleached and I really do not want to do that at the moment because my hair is in bad enough condition as is. So I am probably going to go all black for awhile, let it grow out, then probably later on I will do the ends of my hair lime green with the black then in the future I will come back to my half and half. ❤️🖤

Hi everyone,

My name is Addisen, I’m 17 (senior in high school) and I live in the US. I’m only fluent in English, but I dabble some in Spanish and French. 

I’m posting here mostly because I love the idea of a pen pal, but I’m too nervous to message first, even though a lot of y'all seem great.

I enjoy reading, writing, sewing and pretending like I know what I’m doing with my life. Oh, and listening to music, because I’m human. 

I love Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Adele, Panic!, BTS, Beyonce, etc. A little bit of everything really.

I’m not particularly picky about the qualities I want in a pen pal other than being around my age. Between 16 and 19 would be preferred. I’m fairly open in terms of how frequently we would talk and the parameters of the relationship.

I know that the picture isn’t the best because my eyes are closed, but it’s the best one that I have within recent months. The dot in my ear is a piercing, not an oddly shiny clump of wax. I swear.

The best place to contact me (at least at first) would be here on my tumblr. My handle is theadventuresofa. Please disregard how dry my blog is, It just reflects my style of humor.

Ok it’s actually because I’m just not on the site very often. I do have notifications on though, so I will respond.


NCT Dream (Non-Idol) School AU: Mark Lee (1/7)

Much like Idol!Mark, Non-Idol!Mark has to deal with his younger friends being lowkey savage towards him. They always call him cute and pick on him a bit, but he knows that those six dorks are his friends for life. He tends to post a lot about his schooling (he’s currently attending university with double music majors), and how stressed he can become from all his classes. He is such a great student and does really well in his classes. He loves photography and music and enjoys being with his dongsaengs (and his hyungs too). He is the sweetest little bean. :)

“I love you,” Credence says.

Newt smiles that adorable bashful smile. “I love you too.”

Credence shakes his head because Newt doesn’t understand. “No, but I really love you.”

Newt’s smile falters a bit as he’s confused.

Credence looks serious. “I love you. I love pencils you’ve bitten and thrown away years ago. I love letters you’ve licked that can no longer be recognised as paper. I love benches you’ve sat in that are now wood splinters. I love grass you’ve trodden on that’s now mould. I love bathwater that’s washed you clean that’s now scattered throughout the sea. You’re everywhere and everything and I love you.”

Dating Captain America While Being a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Would Include (Preference):

- Tony constantly teasing you two after he found out. He thinks funny to watch you get all annoyed at him for calling you Grandma (and Steve Grandpa).

- Steve also getting a good laugh out of Tony’s antics, he thinks it’s adorable when you puff out your cheeks and stomp around like a child.

- Steve getting a bit jealous at the fact that Hawkeye was giving you lessons on how to shoot a bow and arrow, he was too close for his liking, but you always assured him that you loved Clint like a brother, not like a boyfriend.

- Steve is definitely protective of you. He knows that you’re a highly skilled agent and you’re really good at your job, but he never stops worrying that something is going to happen to you. He knows there’s a lot of people out there that would love to use you to get to him or S.H.I.E.L.D. so when a mission has complications or takes longer than expected he’s super stressed out until you get home.

- He’s not really one for PDA, being a gentleman and all, but when you two are in public his hand is often in yours. He likes people to know you’re a couple without being too flashy or dramatic about it.

- He loves to cuddle. If either of you is gone for a bit on a mission all he wants to do when you’re together again is cuddle and talk. You quite love this fact about him, you always feel safe when he’s in your arms or you’re in his.

- Your best friend in the whole world is Bruce Banner. It might seem strange, but ever since you started working with the Avengers you and he have gotten really close. Even though you are a field agent, you love science and love to hang out with him in the lab. Steve finds it oddly charming.

- Bucky and Director Fury ship you two, hard. When you two were in the process of getting together they worked together to shove you closer. They just wanted their OTP to be real, and when it finally was, they actually had a party.

- Steve loves to every once in awhile take a step back from all the craziness in your lives and just be with you. He would plan it so that you could both have a day off, during which you would laugh, tell stories, joke around, and altogether just enjoy each other’s company.


New game has me pumped up to work on some more solid Pokekids stuff so here are some polished refs for the main three kids themselves! I’ve been showing tidbits of Lin’s new outfit for a while but I also eventually decided to change Poppy and Rowan’s outfits just a tiny bit. Sorry with the inconsistency, but I’m pretty happy with these! They’re pretty much a combo of their newer outfits I had designed not too long ago and their original ones which I really wanted to do because there were a lot of elements I missed from their original designs and loved of their new designs. I think it’s now a pretty happy medium!

Other than there clothes not much else was changed except a few little things here and there, like Rowan’s shorter hair (he has more of a bun than a ponytail now) and giving Poppy the pink fins Primarina actually has in it’s design rather than just the dots (don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place but better late than never!). Along with their outfits I also added their movesets that I did a while ago with a few moves moved around and their likes and dislikes as well.

Anyway, hope you guys like these and don’t mind the changes, and I also hope everyone has a great night!

Endless Summer 3 Thoughts

I know some people are upset with the announcement that this will be the final book of Endless Summer and complaining that ROE and TF/TS get more books, but does anyone really want Endless Summer to become like ROE? ROE has very little plot, constantly contradicts itself and is a bit of a mess. Same with TS.

Will I be sad when Endless Summer is over? Definitely. I’ll miss the story and the characters. But I’d rather see the story end on a high note, in a way that makes sense than be dragged out for far too long. I still miss TC&TF, but I love how it ended and I’m glad it went out with the best book in the trilogy. I never got sick of the characters and the world.

I am excited to see what the conclusion of Endless Summer brings. There are so many questions we need answers to and I want to make sure those precious babies all get the happy endings they deserve. As much as it will hurt to say goodbye, I”m excited of the idea of them getting to live happily ever after (and that hint of the “next step” and “when you know you know”). I am predicting the first months of 2018 will be an emotional roller-coaster as we go to La Huerta one last time. 

After that? Well, hopefully, @playchoices will release another book in the same vein that can keep us hooked. I have high hopes for Hero Book 2 if they can finally find their footing and decide what they want to be. I’d also really love side stories in both the Endless Summer and TC&TF universe (I would happily pay 30 diamonds for a TC&TF romance story like TF got, same with ES). 

Instead of focusing on the fact that this is the end, lets celebrate the fact that Book 3 is only a few weeks away and we will finally get to see how this amazing story ends.

Well kids, I done did it. Today, I hit 50,141 words of Resurrection: The Year After.

The story isn’t finished, I still have at least one- possibly two- more chapters. It will be finished by the end of the month. Chapter 10 is ready for editing and then it’s just finishing it up.

I’m a bit sad, to be honest. I’ve really fallen in love with this story and this process. But I’m proud of myself, too.

Live long and prosper.


You’re too conciderate, but I know what you mean ;) Still, it’s your blog and if you like the pairing, you should enjoy it. Who doesn’t like it can unfollow you or just scroll. You know, it’s pretty funny that you love the pairing, but you really draw it very little.

You are very sweet.

Like I’ve said, I have gotten a bit bolder in drawing the pairing lately, but there’s always a tinge of guilt if I go too overt with it (unless it’s a request. Then I can justify it a bit). I think you’re right though. It doesn’t really bother me when other people are passionate about a ship, so I don’t know why it bothers me that I am. I mean besides reasons I’ve listed before. That comes with holding myself to too high a standard that I can never really reach, though. Own worst critics and whatnot.

I don’t think anyone would be able to tell it’s my OTP unless I outright said it, but the plus side is I think most people would guess I love the OT4 most and they aren’t actually wrong. I just also have that duo ship I love just as much on its own.

I don’t know. I’ll try to draw it more. Just need to fight the self-conscious hurdle.

Honestly the servant AU was an excuse to go free range shipping nuts because I felt other projects I was working on were a bit too solidified (and that’s the opposite of a bad thing, btw! I’m excited for where they’re going), and I wanted to mess around with pairings more without a solid tether. And that’s not to say it won’t get one as it goes as far as relationships go (after all the plot marches on) but for now I can at least explore and experiment.

The life of a shipping whore.

anonymous asked:

I have a question. What made you start shipping Dinah x Dinah and do you want Black Siren to get a redemption arc?

I’ve answered this type of question many times (I’m not bothered that you asked though) and it might sound a bit tacky, but in the Arrowverse, I really like 90% of the femslash relationships. In their case, they also have great chemistry :). I also love the enemies tropes.

For Black Siren, it’s complicated. Of course I want her to have a redemption arc - because this also means getting more backstory for her - but sometimes I feel like Arrow is pushing her too far. She really kills for nothing and could not care less, whilst in episode ten last year, she was presented in a less harsh way.

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can i ask why you didnt like transistor? if you dont feel like explaining thats cool too but im curious cause i grabbed it for cheap during some sale and havent played it yet

its not a “dont play this ever” dislike like there are very good things about it (its pretty, i like the combat system its very intuitive, some of the worldbuilding bits are neat) its just that i thought the narrative was. really weak in a way that made all of the other nice bits about the game feel pointless and deflated. also i really love the studio’s previous game so i went into it with possibly unrealistic expectations for storytelling

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May I ask what made you drop Touken from 1st (I assume) to 4th?

No worries! It’s not really anything specific; Touken was my main OTP in the first TG (along with Akiramon) and then in :re Ayahina and Mutsurie were introduced, and later in :re, Uihai too (also :re made me love Tsukikana, Takirona, Seiaki, and others too). It’s not so much that my love for Touken waned because it hasn’t at all; it’s just that I connected with the dynamics in these other ships a bit more/or at least they give me more feels right now. It could definitely shift again lol. I will say my one quibble with canon Touken is that they did ignore their issues (like Kaneki aging and not being a good leader), but that came back to bite them (the axe is gonna fall on Akiramon too soon, I would presume, probably even more severely) so I presume they’ll learn from that. I think they’re good for each other and will overcome their flaws together and I really debated adding it to that list as a bonus runner-up because I love it so much; I really do.

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Hey I was wondering what cipher decoder program you used to decode the datamined Theron's letter code?

I wound up using this one on the letter, mostly because it came up higher in the Google search results and I was really excited because I thought I had an idea of what it said but was too excited to math at that time: http://www.dcode.fr/letter-number-cipher

Although if you need to encode/decode anything more complicated, there’s a lovely list of tools here, each describing their own methodology: http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/

A lot of fun/a bit rabbit hole you can go down if you really want to get immersed in the espionage/secret code stuff.

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Hi! This might be a bit out-there, but I’d really like to join you guys’ Discord server if you’re still willing to accept new people. I know it was said you’d want to get to know new people before they joined, but I’m kind of shy… Is there anything special I’d have to do?

Aw love, I know it’s easier said than done but we’re all pretty down to earth and chill. Don’t worry too much. Nothing special you’d have to do, just need to get to know you a little better :) Feel free to message me. Oh, and it’s 18+ only, just so ya know!