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Why do you care? - Jughead x Reader

Request: Prompt 8 - “It’s much easier to humiliate someone than to admit you have feelings for them”

Word count: 2218

Warnings: Drinking, maybe a little bit of violence.. little bit, and like one or two swears, I’m sorry 

A/N: Please give me feed back loves :)

It all started just after you moved to Riverdale, man, your parents picked the right time to move to a new town, some guy called Jason had been murdered and everyone was trying to figure out who did it. You didn’t know Jason, or that his family were some big shots in this small town, you didn’t really care too much either, “At least we won’t be suspects” you told your parents as you unpacked the moving truck, they subsequently told you not to make fun of this tragic event, “some boy was killed, Y/N” your mother said, “his poor mother must be a wreck, I don’t know how I would cope if that happened to you” she continued, you sighed deeply then took your things to your room.

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…on last night’s SVU episode, Genes.

First up, welcome Sonny Carisi as he slowly morphs into BATMAN.

I mean, not really, but I had to wonder if Scanavino was battling a cold, or if he was just feeling Sonny’s gruff side through the episode, because he was sounding all kinds of Gotham City this episode. (I didn’t mind. It was just an interesting shift.)

Liv is really feeling her Lieutenant role with the whole “my detectives” bit, amirite?

Also, I absolutely didn’t mind Rollins pulling the “we’re in the middle of a deal, too” line, because old school Law and Order was ALL about the cheesy one-liners and used in moderation, I kinda love them. 


‘Swab Away’ is the name of my new band, by the by.

Rolins and Carisi lying to the dude in prison - I’ve read criticisms of this scene, but I liked it. Rollins is savvy and I ABSOLUTELY believe she can lie at the drop of a hat. And Carisi, as much as everyone likes to paint him as a goody-goody? He’s not dumb, and he and Rollins spend enough time together (or so the show has implied) that he’d have no problem following her lead.

I did not love how the story line began with the initial perp…his remorse, the quick confession…it was weird and never explored. I get it as the jumping off point for the rest of the story but still.

So, as far as Rollins knowing about Liv’s father - I LIKE this. When Rollins took a little time, there were brief moments that led us to believe that Benson kept tabs on her while she took leave. That the two of them may have developed a friendship (the two of them having kids has likely only made strengthened this - even if only slightly). I know people criticize because this stuff happens off camera, but L&O has always been focused on the procedural drama. I’m fairly certain Dick Wolf commented on this ages ago when people shipped Goren and Eames and wanted to see more of their personal lives. SVU is actually the only one of the 3 major ones to spend more than the usual time on interpersonal relationships, so it doesn’t surprise me that some of it would happen off camera.

But Rollins and Liv being friends enough to have shared terrible parent stories completely fits with what we have seen.

Rollins isn’t the one to get super duper “let’s chat about our feelings” so just that little show of concern was sweet.

Back to the ep…

BILL IRWIN! I love him.

Now…I’ve read a considerable amount of…consternation I guess?…about Liv worrying about who Noah could become. A lot of “how dare she” sort of commentary.

Two things: 

First off - she is talking to her THERAPIST. You know what you do in therapy (or at least what you should be doing)? You say what you are feeling or thinking even if it seems awful because that’s how you work through it. You aren’t saying these things thinking you have an audience, or that the people you talk about will ever hear it. Therapy is (supposed to be) a safe space to work through your thoughts, however terrible. So criticizing Liv for expressing her feelings, even if they don’t follow logic (which she knows) is kinda missing the point of therapy. 

Second - it IS a perfectly normal thing for a mom to fear that her kid could inherit the worst traits of either mother or father. Does she really think Noah is going to end up like his birth father? Not to that extent, no. But if you’ve seen someone with a temper, someone violent, etc, you DO think about those things. It’s not an unnatural fear. It’s not a way of preemptively excusing yourself from responsibility if your kid grows up to be an awful person.

When you are a mom (#notallmoms) you worry about EVERY STINKIN’ CHOICE MADE when it comes to your kid. You worry about what they eat, what they hear, what they see, and YES, you worry about where they come from.

So, enough of the “they are making her weak now that she’s a mom” business. She’s being a mom. A good mom. Sometimes good moms get a little but neurotic because that level of love for another human being will do that to you.

/End Mom Rant

(PS - If you love Bill Irwin like I do, are you watching Legion? It’s delish.)

Barba’s tie <3

Okay, so as soon as they showed the crew praying in the basement, we all knew they were going to play priest/congregant privilege, right? 

(also, subtle Trump jab with the SNL joke.)

HEY IS THAT IRON FIST? Oh. No. Just a rapey dude who’s going to pull a knife on the narc. Literally already better than Iron Fist. (Thanks, SVU, for giving me another chance to make fun of Irish Fist…err…IRON FIST.)

Am I the only one waiting for Will to break out into a Dear Evan Hansen solo? Yes? Just me?

Sidenote: I enjoy seeing Carisi and Rollins work together. I don’t ship them romantically, but I SUPER love them as supportive friends. I think they both need that and it would be awesome to see the show let them be that.

And are we getting Batman-voiced Carisi since the shooting? Perhaps the threat of death has taken away some of his softness. WRITERS? Explore that. I’m down with it.

Tieless Barba. Also good.

Another criticism to address: I’ve read crit about Barba commenting on the “better exorcise their demons in a warehouse”, saying how could he? Liv argues that the group legitimizes their crimes.

I can see Barba’s point. If these guys aren’t sitting around talking about how terrible their urges are and how they want to work to fight them, what are they doing instead? Hanging out on Reddit and 4Chan? Watching rape-porn online?They can find groups online that ACTUALLY legitimize their desire and encourage their crimes. 

I don’t think Barba was advocating for the group, but more playing Devil’s Advocate. A good lawyer sees all sides of the argument, so that was probably just his brain doing what it always does.

Carisi’s “I’m not a priest, I’m not a shrink” line…that was loaded. I REALLY hope somewhere down the line we find out WHY exactly he’s not a priest.

Suspenders Barba.

I’m a wee bit surprised that Carisi didn’t think that the defense would argue clergman/congregant given he opened the group meeting with prayer…or if Carisi mentioned that to anyone, that no one thought to make that connection…

Am I the only one wondering what the founder of this basement group is guilty of? You don’t decide to create that group out of thin air, y’all.

Barba’s ‘Bunnies” line - I did enjoy that greatly. His preach for free = hobby argument is a stretch, though. But the .COM part redeemed him.

Blah blah, BatCarisi, blah…

Okay, so…the first Barba/Carisi exchange - Carisi does one of his “I know law stuff” interruptions but it felt very different from past ones. It was purposely stepping on Barba’s toes. And Barba’s reply is surprisingly lacking snarky tone. Which leads to…

That standoff in the highway. I liked this. I liked seeing Carisi with enough confidence in himself to challenge Barba, even if that confidence might be misplaced/a bit premature. Carisi is passionate about getting the bad guy, and Barba HAS historically brushed him aside, so it makes total sense that would come to a point where Carisi steps up and says no more.

Barba’s experience is probably right here, bur for character development, it’s good to see Carisi moving out of the mentor/mentee (mento? ahhh the freshmaker) role. Carisi has always had a touch of cockiness that makes this scene fit.

The “I don’t care about Barba” line…it felt like he was saying that this wasn’t personal, but it was a weird way to say it. I kinda feel like it’s a writer going “let’s throw a line in there to make the shippers have a field day” - which, whatever…but make it smoother at least. It just felt weirdly out of place (ship or no ship). It did give us some more Rollisi (FRIENDship), which I liked. 

When Rollins and Carisi go to Witt to find Will, Carisi throws another “priest/shrink” line out there - this time in a more favorable way. REALLY feeling like there’s loaded back story…

And I think I liked Rollins in this episode more than most. She’s on point with everyone.

I would have liked Carisi and Rollins to be the ones to talk Will down, but I get it was a way for Liv to reveal her past (could we get a reaction shot from Carisi, tho??) and for her to say out loud that her past doesn’t make her bad, which in turn means Noah will be okay.

I get it. I’m just a bit Liv’d out storyline-wise.

Barba and Liv on the steps of the courthouse - another good friendship moment. I totally don’t ship Barson romantically, but I do feel like they’ve developed a friendship, and seeing Barba try to reassure her about Noah was sweet. (see: One Day at a Time, the relationship between Schneider and Penelope) Does he know about Liv’s dad? I don’t think so. But he knows about Noah’s. And he has to believe what he said was true because if he doesn’t, then what does that say about him? We know his father was some level of abusive, so he has to believe that genetics don’t determine who you end up being.

So…how bout you?


clau-rence-rickard  asked:

I finally find your open question tray yay! T^T I'm so happy. Hello Hajimama! so long without writing you hope you remember me, how are you? I'm not so well I've been a little sick lately but I already feel a little better. Ah I wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE 90TH CHAPTER I loved too much (Although chapter 91 was so fucking confusing at first xd). Remember that I have not forgotten you, here I am reading your answers. I send you a greeting and a hug ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ, I love you. 🖤

Thank you so much! I hope you get better soon! I’m also a bit sickish, but not really haha Thank you for this kind message little seedling <3 (also I think I do remember you, but I’m not sure, sorry D:)

not-erix  asked:

i've seen reblogs of your art like all over the place and i love it all. your style is really cool

!!! thank you so much :DD

blue-blooded-skull said: I know this is a bit late to the whole stretch mark thing, but I really like how you call them silver lines. Instead of just faded or something, it makes me feel better about having mine.

aaaaah good!! i always liked that more too, the tiger stripe thing never did much for me personally ;v;

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your shifter!au stories! I've told you a few times already but it really needs to be said multiple times <3 I can't believe how balanced between fluff and realism they are! Most fluff fics are just plain immature when it comes to the characters' action and thoughts and a bit unrealistic, too, to the point of being not only cheese, but also difficult to read until the end. THANK YOU! Just out of curiosity: does female heat affect gay shifters, too?

(´ε` )♡    thank you!!! I’m glad you like the shifter fics~ X) yes, tumblr is kinda a place that lifts up the smutty fics and the other genres don’t get as much attention, which is sad but not surprising. I do think that a lot of the bigger writers do explore fluff more in drabbles and things like that, so if you have a writer you really like for other genres, make sure to check out their drabbles :D could be some good fluff hiding in there~ 

I was wondering if I’d get a question about that >.< I won’t go into too much detail about it (bc I honestly haven’t figured out all the odds and ends), but in my au, heat scent is kinda unisex or genderfluid in how it affects other shifters (that experience ‘heats’, not all shifters experience heat~).  So it’s an evolutionary mechanism that incites a base kind of lust regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, along with its alternate ‘rut’. Basically which kind of ‘heat’ a shifter experiences is determined by their reproductive organs, but their sexual orientation determines whose business they want to get all up in and whose scent they’re really affected by, as opposed to just casually aware of it. So, the oc Minji, for example, would have been a bit affected by the reader’s heat, when she was looking after her, but not to the same degree as a shifter interested in women. (hope that makes sense)

forgive me, it’s really messy, there are still some loose ends with my ideas on that  (><;  )  

Anonymous said: hey hey!!!! i LOVE your writing and ur most recent fox!taehyung!!! do you have any fic recs of sort of the same thing with any of the maknae line members and heat related stuff? fyi you shld make a smutty part 2!!!

I honestly don’t read as much on tumblr as I do ao3. the only fics I’ve read on tumblr that use the ‘heat’ concept are by @tayegi  and I believe the only maknae member she’s written about like that is Jungkook. (but she did just write a fantastic werewolf!Jin heat fic, aaaayyyyyeeeeeee) (please read her FAQ before reading her fics)

Sorry, I wish I could tell you more. I’d ask one of the blogs that has a plethora of fic recs, like @smuttyfairy !!!  Thank you, glad you liked one good purr (deserves another)!!!

Anonymous said: will you continue or make another ‘one good purr (deserves another)’?

I’m honestly not sure yet  ~( ̄▽ ̄)~ 

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First (spoiler free) BNHA chapter 131 related

I really loved last Boku no Hero Academia chapter. Tbh I’m a Toshinori fan, he is my favorite among all the characters in the story so I cried my heart out when I read it! 

I really need people that read it too so I can fangirl a bit out!!! ;_; 


Todoroki sketch today! I’m not sure if I’ll keep the school gymn suit or I’ll change it up, since he has finally a nice appealing hero suit in the last chapters’ color splash page! 

Meanwhile I’m working on Izuku’s sketch, hopeful he will come good enough!! 

Btw TOMORROW IS FINALLY THE DAY! Anime 2nd season will be released!!! *overexcited

something you can’t explain pt. 1

Genre: Angst??? / Fluff

Idol: Kim Seokjin / Rest of BTS later

Summary: some feelings you just can’t explain

a/n: ok so I really love this concept i’m going for and idk I’m just really excited because I feel i’m stepping out of my comfort zone of writing through this but idk jUST ENJOY BBS

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While we're on the subject, I'm wondering if anyone else hates the sound that onions and celery make when they're being chewed on? I absolutely can NOT stand that sound. If a food has onions or celery in it, I will pick through it for like 30 minutes to make sure I get every last bit of celery or onions out.

omg i love that sound haha and i love onions (not celery tho) but yeah i used to hate onions but as i got older i really started loving them…

you know what sound i hate though in relation to eating? when the fork or spoon hits your teeth in your mouth. the feel of it too. YIKES. also when someone is sucking on a mint or something and hit it against their teeth


As you can see I was inspired by my pencil case for this spread’s colour scheme and I really like how bright it looks 😌  I used this new tape I got from Ikea & I have to say it’s a really nice quality! 
I haven’t been doing too well lately but making this spread actually helped me cheer up a bit + listening to my queen & my love Grimes 💕✨


3rd years Nishinoya as the new Vice Captain, and Tanaka as their Fiery-tempered Ace

Bonus: University-attending Asahi being smooched by an excitable V.Captain when he comes to visit


Got sentimental last night…I love Saeran so much ;A;

I think that he could be really cute and kinda shy after he get that you are trustworthy and maybe fall for you than and naaaaw I am sure he loves to cuddle and things like that ////

But on the other side I think he could be a bit unpredictable and if he get his 5 minutes…rip. We shouldn’t forget that he’s unstable, right? *starting his theme*

Little Things about YoI episode 8

I need to rant to get it out of my system (and because lately I can’t draw to get my feelings out) about some things I really liked in the new episode:

  • The possible character development for Yurio. As I mentioned previously, it seems likely that Yurio’s development will be a bit similar to Yuuri’s, based on the fact he skates on the twin piece of music, “On Love”. His love isn’t the same than Yuuri. Yuuri was more about discovering romantic (and sexual) love (even if it meant realizing the love he was surrounded by too). Yurio, to me, will be more about recognizing and accepting the love on a more “innocent” form (Agape) he can receive but always refuse. He only accepts his Grandfather’s love (maybe because it’s the only one he ever received ?), but when presented with manifestations of affection and support from others (Yuuri and Viktor), he gets angry and sees them as pity or teasing. Maybe it will be his character development. At least that’s how I saw it foreshadowed in this new episode.
  • Yuuri and Viktor’s maturity. I already loved how, in general, Yuuri acted pretty mature especially toward Yurio (not picking up on his attacks, the “Viktor came because he wanted” and not beating himself over it, treating him like a valid opponent all by keeping in mind he’s way younger…). But here it really got me. He, and Viktor, were genuinely happy for Yurio. To see how he improved, how he really made the Agape his own (even if it still needs improvement). They cheered for him, Yuuri was happy to see Yurio again, and even Viktor (in his really awkward way) showed some happiness to see him again. Even though he is one of their opponents, and even though Yurio clearly showed animosity toward them, they didn’t pick on him and instead cheered him. It was heartwarming, and also a proof of maturity that’s refreshing (so many shows display adults that act like kids in the wrong sense of the word).
  • As mentioned in an other post : the maturity Yuuri displayed by immediately telling Viktor about Makkachin and telling him to go back. He didn’t keep it for himself (communication holy shit), he didn’t play any emotionally manipulative game (”it’s makkachin or me”), but instead showed empathy, took his own experience as something he didn’t want his lover to go through, and showed maturity by not being over dependent on Viktor’s presence (”I can do it without you, I’m an adult, and I don’t want you to suffer. I can handle not having you by my side all of the time, but I don’t want you to have your dog suffer/die without being able to be with him when I don’t need you right now”). 
  • Speaking of dependence : Viktor and Yuuri will be separated. And that’s something I’m really happy to see. I really hope Makkachin doesn’t die though, and I think he won’t and that it’s really just an excuse to have them separated for a moment. And I think it’s important. Because currently, they always been together, and they’re pretty fusional. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with it, but it becomes wrong when it’s sign of overdependence on each other, when each part can’t function properly without the other. Now that they really reinforced their relationship in last episode, and that they’re confident in their relationship, it’s like a “proof test”, to have Yuuri having to perform without Viktor being here. I am confident it should go well (not that it will be easy, but that Yuuri will overcome it), and that it will be an other evidence of their healthy relationship. I think they need to be separated at least a bit, because it’s something that will happen sometimes. And also, it will be a “test” of Yuuri’s confidence. Did he really become confident or is it only tied to Viktor’s presence ? He only performed and won with Viktor always at his side so far. I do believe he actually gained confidence, but it will be a nice situation for them to “test” their relationship, its strength and Yuuri’s confidence. And it’s not a wicked test, but the one that can normally happen in real life. It’s not a “jealousy” proof test or anything. Just a “life makes it so I need to be at a place you can’t be because you have something else important to do right now, and neither of us can ask the other to drop everything to be at our side, so we have to split for a moment and it’s ok”. I’m really excited.
  • The Eros Programm really being a metaphor of the Viktuuri relationship. Especially in the beginning. At first, Yuuri was just copying Viktor’s smile. But then their relationship evolves, and Viktor starts to pull Yuuri so they can be more on equal grounds (”seduce me with your own charm” aka “you don’t have to copy me anymore or use any tricks, you have the ability to charm me in you”). And then he doesn’t just smile, but licks his lips. It’s seductive, it’s really Yuuri wanting Viktor (”Keep your eyes on me”) and it’s about where they are in their relationship. But then the relationship evolves again. They really get on equal grounds when Yuuri sees Viktor fucking up and when they both expose some of their weaknesses. And then they kiss. Their relationship is healthy and official, and so, next time, Yuuri blows a kiss at Viktor. It’s a nice reference to the kiss they shared before, and an evidence of the development of their relationship : it’s not about seducing anymore. It’s about expressing your feelings and your confidence in the other. The kiss and skating is for Viktor. And to parallel this, you just have the way Yuuri skates all the way. He starts off unsure, messing up some jumps, having to stay really focused on his story or the katsudon or the woman to be able to skate it right. And in the last episode ? He didn’t do any of that. He’s confident in this program as he is in his relationship with Viktor. And that’s. so. great.

This episode was less emotionally charged than the previous, less centered on Yuuri and Viktor (they’re just an established couple now and I love it. They don’t even fear to do things like the laces tying or the kiss on the skate. It’s awesome), but more on Yurio, his future development, and his relationship to other. It was great and the possible interpretations of what is to come are really interesting.


Jungkook having a bit too much fun. Just look the expression of the ARMY in the background. Especially Jimin. He looked so worried and scared. Ran over to catch Jungkook. Staff and Jimin probably almost had a heart attack because of him. My goodness. And he was laughing afterwards as if nothing happened. This kid~

(Picture not mine. Credit to watermark)


Love Square Week Day 1: Senses 
Hearing, Smell, Touch (+ Sight) and Taste

Im a bit late (not a bit… timezones suck), but I found topic of this day really… interesting~


Erin being a Badass Action Hero ™ + Abby’s heart eyes (Ghostbusters)

@glitteryandpeachy : Hnng…I draw Blublu weiiii too much QuQ; ahhh i’m sorry for being such a stalker Blublu I’ll try to hold back a little bit…(its gonna really be hard to tho ksdljklafja)


Peachy I love it to bits, I’ll print it on my wall somehow, it’s too beautiful! TvT

Also, BB wanted to reply: