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in other news I just went to see the premiere of the play I designed the costumes for!! and the director had me come up to the stage and bow alongside with him in the end!! ! ! and I got a rose and two bottles of wine afterwards and everyone said such nice things about me and it was amazing! !! I am an actual costume designer you guys! !! !

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Okay so I just finished reading your stripper/vet Levi and hopeless/lovable idiot Eren fic and holy shit that was amazing and cute and pure and. I love this so much and I was wondering if you were planning on a second chapter? Cuz I would totally read that awesomeness. And even if you don't could u maybe post the fic on ao3? Cuz I really wanna bookmark it. Also r u on ao3? Cuz if u r I would love to look at ur other fanfics. Sincerely ur newest fan 😁👋🏾

…my friendo. I’ve never written any stripper/vet au since I am not even a writer but an artist. I think you’ve just mistaken me for the real writer @perksofbeingawaifu aka Shulkie on ao3. She actually wrote this BEAUTIFUL fic, so go give her some love!!

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Okay so today my dad woke me up to show me this article in “Le Journal de Montreal” because he knows I’m into kpop and guys, I’ve never been so proud. I know it’s in French and I can’t really translate it cause I don’t French often. But the gist of the article is about how they’ve been high up on the Itunes chart in Canada both for their album and for the MV.
They also mentioned how they might not be as popular as Psy but that they’re obviously still extremely successful and guys I’m just so proud. They even praised them because they compose and write they’re own lyrics and I’m just so– so happy, I can’t even put it into words. They’re getting recognized all over the world and I’m just so proud they made it into the newpaper in my city. Kpop isn’t super popular in Montreal but here they are, lengends. I honestly can’t believe it. They got recognition here and that’s honestly so amazing, I’m so shook.

(Although they did mention misogynistic parts of War of Hormone and Joke which was kind of unnecessary because old news pls stop but apart from that it only spoke about good things)


-Annabeth cheating on Percy and breaking up with him because she “found someone more powerful” than Percy… She isn’t some power obsessed maniac like Luke was. She loves Percy because he’s Percy. If she were power hungry, she wouldn’t have turned down the Hunters. Unless you’re a demigod that ascends to godhood, immortality and some Artemis archery skills running through you is as powerful as you can be. So in those fics where Percy leaves camp heartbroken because Annabeth cheated on him, it just completely craps all over her amazing character.

-Percy isn’t a blithering idiot… Is he a bit slow sometimes? Yeah. He definitely is. But he isn’t stupid. Remember when he challenged Briares, a monster with one-hundred hands, to a game of rock paper scissors when he’s just a guy with two hands? He outsmarted him. He pulled out a gun and trumped all one hundred of Briares hands and used some pretty great Athena-like intelligence that saved him, Briares, and Annabeth’s lives. ANNABETH HERSELF HAD NO IDEA HOW TO PUMP UP BRIARES’ SELF-CONFIDENCE SO THEY COULD RUN FROM KAMPE.

If you have any more, please add to this list.

Offensive Sentence Starters

“I liked you better when you were dead.”

“Being stuck with you is my worst nightmare coming true.”

“A fool never knows he’s a fool.”

“Just seeing you gives me a headache.”

“Why did you do that?!”

“You just can’t do anything right.”

“You probably can’t even count past ten unless you take off your shoes.”

“I pity your friends for having to deal with you.”

“I pity your parents/family for having to deal with you.”

“It’s amazing you even have friends.”

“You suck.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Even a kettle has more brain than you.”

“I was just wishing you wouldn’t turn up after all and screw everything up.”

“I know it’s difficult for you to understand, but I don’t have any simpler words to use.”

“Even a baby has more brain than you.”

“You are the least useful person around.”

“It’s sad how incapable you actually are.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake just leave it. There’s no way you’ll ever get it right.”

You’ve read the books?”
“I’ve seen the movies.”
Cath rolled her eyes so hard, it hurt. (Actually.) (Maybe because she was still on the edge of tears. On the edge, period.) “So you haven’t read the books.”
“I’m not really a book person.”
“That might be the most idiotic thing you’ve ever said to me.

Cath and Levi, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

(whoops i accidentally deleted this ask straight after i posted it so HERE WE GO AGAIN)

do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)

  • Bickslow: I will shit on everything you love.
  • Lisanna: You'll be shitting on yourself.
  • Bickslow: ...That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me...
Things I want to see:

1.) Dirk Gently and Sherlock working on a case together and Sherlock is like “COME ON DIRK WE HAVE TO DO THIS AND THIS!” and Dirk is like “Nah man if we need to do something it’ll happen to us.” And they’re liking fighting over how to solve the case and John and Todd look at eachother like “our husbands are amazing but also idiotic shits”


The Signs as Tim Gutterson quotes
  • Aires: Evenin' soldier. Uh...I didn't bring my cape. I hope this will suffice
  • Taurus: Keep talking I'm gonna throw this stapler at you
  • Gemini: I can’t carry a tune. I don’t know how to shoot a basketball and my handwriting is uh, barely legible. But I don’t miss
  • Cancer: At least you got to shoot your father. Mine had the nerve to die before I got back from Basic with skills and a loaded weapon
  • Leo: I'm a deputy U.S. Marshal ordering you to give me some chicken
  • Virgo: I love this shit. This shit gets me hard
  • Libra: I want Sigourney Weaver to choke me out with her thighs
  • Scorpio: You want me to kill 'em or wing 'em?
  • Sagittarius: I'm not playing. I'm an idiot. You can ask anybody
  • Capricorn: This may as well be a slow night in the champagne room for how comfortably erect I'm gonna be watching your bitch ass squirm about
  • Aquarius: You have three seconds before we kill every one of you
  • Pisces: Between the one-legged evaporating computer nerd and the walk-in this morning, you're on fire today