but this always happens to her

she has the ink illness.
It’s not too common for it to happen during a performance but if it does she pulls something out of her hat and improvises from there.

She loves (not in that way) Felix the cat, his books are so fantastic to her. If she were to meet the gang she’s ask if the fire tiger scar was real, and fanboy with Bendy.
She isn’t actually female, but prefers the pronouns.
She doesn’t seem like the type, but after a few flirts she gets flustered and considers a date if asked out. Darci also doesn’t know what wine is, despite the sly personality she has, she’s an innocent bean. If competition comes up she observes them, developing the ‘observant’ personality.
Darci visits the town Black Hat lives in at the end of every year because of family and sets out to travel around the world again. Darci’s original birth name is actually Draco
Art: @eggshellcracked

Waiting: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: (Sam’s POV)

Pairing: Sam Holland X Female Reader

Summary: Sam and Harry Holland are twins working in the same restaurant together. Eventually Sam develops a crush on one of the regular customers who comes in for coffee every day, and hopes to finally find the confidence and window of opportunity to ask her out. (Sam’s POV chapters will be written by me, while reader’s POV chapters will be written by @parkerbenjaminpeter)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 996

“I see her here every single day, wondering if I’ll ever be more than the guy waiting her table.”

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yemi-n  asked:

Can I request a MM headcanon on how RFA + V and Saeran would help an MC with perpetual self-doubt and loss of hope for the future?

Yoosung: He suffers from this all the time, especially after Rika’s death, so he knows how she’s feeling. He makes sure to let her know that no matter what happens in her future, she’ll always have a place in his heart. He constantly brings up marriage and potential children so that she knows that she has a future to look forward to with him. And bc he’s an angel, he doesn’t let a day go by without cheering her up or doing whatever it takes to get a smile upon her face.

Zen: “Babe, baabeee. You don’t gotta worry about that.” He knows she has the potential, and has no problem in helping her find it within herself. Whenever she’s brooding, he turns off the TV or whatever he’s doing, and goes out for a jog with her so she can get the negative thoughts off her mind. Absolutely loves complimenting her, and doesn’t mind getting horribly cheesy just to make her laugh.

Jaehee: She almost gets offended and goes on a hardcore speech about how amazing she is and how she can’t believe that she’s not capable of anything?? The cinnabun gets flustered after she realizes what she just said, but goes on and tells MC that it took her years to find her passion, and she’ll be right by her side while she finds hers.

Jumin: Ayyy you wanna be my assistant lmao He hugs her tightly and strokes her hair out of her face whenever she’s depressed, giving her tea, massages, or anything else to soothe the pain. He’s very persistent in letting her know that she has so many years of her life left to figure out what to do with it, and she shouldn’t hurt herself by trying to rush into it all at once. 

Saeyoung: You know how people put self-esteem boosting lil notes on their fridge?? He’ll legit order a blimp just to spell out, “You got this!” with the clouds. Whenever she’s feeling down, he’ll just hold her and whisper encouraging things into her ear, and tell her that now that he’s Saeyoung again, his future is forever hers.

V: It hurts his heart to see her being so self-depreciating, and he makes it his mission to help her find herself since that’s exactly what she did for him. He’ll take her around the world with him, and visit every area in every city, just so that she knows that it’s a huge world, and somewhere in that huge world is a place for her, and wherever she is, that’s where he’ll be.

Saeran: He’s so bad with words, and even worse at trying to make those important to him feel better. How does one make someone feel better about feeling like they have no place in the world when he feels the exact same way? After clearing his throat awkwardly about fifty times, he takes her hand and strokes it with his thumb, telling her that they’ll find their calling together.

(A mildly ranty and highly spoilerous) Frank Randall Appreciation Post

I don’t care how much you love Jamie and Claire together (I do too) but I think a love that passionate can make people unintentionally selfish and Frank Randall deserved a lot better than the treatment he got as an accessory to that. Imagine the love of your life disappeared without a trace and after putting your life on hold for three years they return completely changed and distant. Of course from Claire’s perspective this makes total sense as she has loved and lost and learned so much, but remember that Frank doesn’t have the virtue we as an audience do of witnessing all that. His world was turned upside down in 1945 and that happens all over again when he realises that even with Claire back in the 1940s in body, her soul will always exist elsewhere. In spite of this, however, he still offers to raise another man’s child as his own, which Jamie himself wanted. He loves Brianna with all his heart as if she were his own, even though her mere existence is a permanent reminder of Claire’s true feelings and infidelity. In fact Brianna, who could very well have inspired a great deal of bitterness and unhappiness within Frank, turns out to be the greatest source of joy his life has to offer. It is instead Claire herself who fosters Frank’s unhappiness and heartbreak. It is for Brianna’s sake he remains in an unrequited marriage, so is it any wonder he seeks out the affection of another woman who actually wants him? He could leave at any time but stays out of love for their daughter, the one person who loves him unconditionally, and who we know Claire never saw as Frank’s. Then once Brianna is finally old enough to make her own decisions of who she would like to live with (which, incidentally, is not Frank forcing her to live with him but merely allowing her freedom of choice at last) and Frank is finally free to start living a happy life with those who actually love him, he is killed, finally freeing Claire from the prison she put herself in. So I will say it again… Frank Randall deserved better than the unhappy life he knew. He was a caring, loving man, who tried his best and sacrificed just as much as she did. Claire is understandably broken by the loss of her true love Jamie, but Frank never deserved that second-hand dissatisfaction that she foisted upon him. Sure, he made mistakes, but simply not being Jamie is not a character flaw. Tobias Menzies is, in my opinion, an exceptional actor who perfectly conveys the character’s emotional complexity as he struggles through these latter years, and he will be sorely missed.

Hinami’s feeling

I will seriously blabber about this really long, I mean it!

The sourest moment in a fight is when you recognize it as a losing battle, and at this particular moment both Hinami and Touka knew that too.

At moments like this, people tend to make a decision that’ll make them rest in peace, make themselves left with nothing but satisfaction about “I did the right thing”.

Even if they did more than enough their entire life, the last moments always mean something else, because it is what last happened with this person.

And so, Hinami chooses what she found “the nicest honest” thing to wish for someone you love truly, her mother’s will or what she was going to tell her at least.

She traded her life for Touka’s and her baby.

Honestly for me, this was one of the most heartbreaking lines that Hinami said in the whole series.

Hinami herself is pretty young, not a child, but neither an adult. And to hear such words coming from a young girl prepared to die is awfully terrible.

You can clearly see Touka’s frustration towards how the situation has turned against them, how everything stands between her and the choice of her child safety.

Didn’t this panel ring a bell for you?

Utterly true Amon!

This harsh world made young people sacrifice themselves.

It made Hinami grow faster and act older than her age.

It made Touka chooses her child over and over again swallowing the pain at a choice she can’t help but chooses it each time it faces her.

It made sweet sweet Hinami, who was protected by Touka all the time, who was her young sister act like an older one.

Then comes how she sees Touka, whenever she saw her, all what she pictured was perfection.

Even though Touka has her own flaws, Hinami was blind to it.

Literally what Hinami says here was the saddest thing she said.

She thought that she always shared him his weaknesses, she didn’t see her good traits and always thought of herself as someone week, she didn’t believe that she became strong enough to stay with him. (come on Hinami, I will beat up whoever says you are week T_T)

Hinami had a major crush on Kaneki that’s for sure, relax not romantic affection. XD. But she saw him as something pure and brilliant, wanted his acceptance, she wanted to impress him, a pure crush if I can say. And if you notice, Hinami always remembers Kaneki when he was at Antique because this was his perfect licture she wanted to keep in her memory, even though she spent most of her time with him after the Aogiri arc.

This was one tough of a chapter for my poor kokoro ;_;

Unconditional (RWBY Snippet)

“Ruby,” Weiss murmured. “Would you still love me if I was poor?”

The other woman put down the cookie she was munching on. For a long moment, she didn’t say a word. Naturally, Weiss panicked. Deep down, she’d always been insecure about this. What if Ruby really only wanted to be with her because of her wealth? What would happen then? She couldn’t bear to lose Ruby. Just the thought of it was agonising. She’d just have to make sure that she stayed rich. Sure, she’d probably have to murder a few of her competitors and -

“Weiss,” Ruby said. “I think the question you should really be asking is… would I still love cookies even if they looked weird?”

“…” Weiss’s eye twitched. “Ruby, if this is another one of your jokes…”

“I’m serious.” Ruby held up the cookie. “Look at this cookie, Weiss. It looks fantastic. It really does. But the thing is… it doesn’t taste that good. And when it comes to cookies, taste is what really matters.” She held up a different cookie and took a bite out of it. “This cookie? It doesn’t look that good, but the taste? Incredible. I’d pick this cookie over the other one every time.”

“Ruby, I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.”

“What I’m trying to say, Weiss, is that you being rich is nice, but it’s not the reason I love you.” Ruby smiled. “I love you because of what you’re like on the inside. You’re grumpy, you’re kind of crabby, you can be really demanding, and your puns are way worse than Yang’s. But… you’re also kind, caring, intelligent, and I guess it doesn’t hurt that you’re really hot too.”

“I’m not sure whether I should stab you or kiss you.”

“You could do both. Or you could try. Because I could totally dodge your attempts to stab me.”



Summary: “Could you write one when reader is Harry’s wife but he doesn’t remember bc he has amnesia but he falls in love with her and always sees blue butterflies flying around her (blue is my fav color) and then when he remembers it’s really sweet and wholesome?” Requested by Anon.
Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1314
A/N: I hope this is okay, anon! It turned out longer than I anticipated but I actually really loved writing it. I hope you enjoy!

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missfangirl-slightly-obsessive  asked:

After a long day, he opened the door and saw her there, " welcome home papy~"she greeted him as she strut to mutt. She usually have a hug for him everytime he walk in the door but this time she wanted to shower him in kisses. But her short stature wasnt gonna let her smooch so she did her best to climbed up mutt and peppered the part she can reach with kisses it happens to be his neck.(cause who doesnt wanna know what happens if u push on dat sensitive part more?& i wanna try a new angle in ask)

Ahhh, a writing prompt, let’s do this. “Your” name in this prompt will be Missy.


Mutt wasn’t having the best day. He was irritated and shaking with the urge to just be close to his sugar. He was gonna snuggle the shit out of her. Of course, he knew she was going to be there waiting for him. She always was. Hearing her lilting voice as he walked through the door was like hearing a choir of angels.

‘hiya, sugar,’ he mumbled as he let the door swing shut behind him. His arms went around her when she sauntered up to him, and he was about to relax when the sudden feeling of her lips against his sensitive cervical vertebrae made him jump. She was just tall enough standing on her toes for her soft kisses to hit the exposed bones right beneath his collar, and there were a LOT of kisses. He suppressed a shudder as he pulled back.

‘M-missy? what’s gotten into you today, sugar?’ he questioned in an unsteady voice. It was so easy to get him riled.

“Oh, nothing. I’m just feeling affectionate today. Do you not like my kisses?”

She hesitated, mistaking the tremor in his voice for distaste. Mutt was quick to reassure her, hoisting her into his arms so they were locked beneath her bottom with her legs hooked around his spine.

‘n-no, it feels…good? don’t stop?’ he mumbled sheepishly, his magic dusting his face with a rich orange color that made his zygomatic bones warm to the touch. Upon realizing what was happening, Missy let out a bubbling giggle, and hooked a finger under the edge of his collar to pull it down so she had easier access to his neck. Leaning in, she resumed her shower of smooches, the skeleton’s breathless whimpers of delight only serving to drive her on.

Mutt started to tremble at some point, and- worried he would drop Missy because he was shaking too badly to maintain his grip- teleported the both of them to his room, where he fell helplessly onto his back with his datemate on top of him. Only, the sudden unexpected trip through the void had startled Missy, and-in a fit of dizziness- one of her kisses had turned into a bite.
A heated moan tore its way out of Mutt’s very soul, and the human on above him froze. He could feel her wicked grin against his bones, and another bite- this one intentional- ripped out another moan.
As the night progressed, and the moans coming from behind his door got louder and- eventually- were joined by another set, Mutt could only think of two things: This day had ended a lot better than it had started….

And he was so glad his brother wasn’t home.


And done. I’ve been procrastinating on the actual writing prompts because I write everything on paper first and then type it into a word document to post it, and GOOD LORD my hand was crying by the time I finished this. But its so much fun to write TwT

Here’s some angst just cause

  • High School senior Bill visits Georgie’s grave everyday to tell Georgie about his day, always leaving a small S.S Georgie paper boat by the headstone.
  • He only misses a day once, it’s the day Richie Tozier goes missing for 72 hours. Despite not having spoken to Richie in over a year, Bill still helps the other boys find him.
  • After 25 hours and no word from Richie, Eddie got into contact with Beverly, to let her know what had happened. She was on the next bus to Derry.
  • The Loser’s Club is momentarily reunitied in trying to find Richie, silently panicking that maybe Pennywise woke up early in order to finish his feast.
  • They travel to Neibolt first, to see if there’s any signs of Richie’s presence there. It’s gotten much older, more derelict, the boys wonder how it’s still standing.
  • Stan, surprisingly, is the first to go in. Eddie following suit, then Bill and Beverly, followed by Ben and Mike.
  • When they find no traces of Richie in the house, they decide to try their luck at the Barrens, wanting to check every spot they can before following the twisting tunnels to Pennywise’s resting spot.
  • Ben makes the suggestion that they should go through the sewers at the Barron’s first, Pennywise might not expect that as much.
  • When they reach the Barron’s, they see Richie. He’s grown taller over the years, more lanky, still wearing the same coke bottle glasses. He’s got his arms wrapped around his legs, watching the grey water, not looking up.
  • “R-R-Richie?” Bill is the first to speak, as they approach the boy slowly. On high alert incase it’s Pennywise posing as their childhood friend. “Are you okay?”
  • Richie looks up slowly, they can see that he’s been crying. “I wanted to see if my family would notice I was missing. I wanted to see if they’d try and find me.”
  • Bill looked over at Eddie, who was watching Richie solemnly. Bill was unsure how to tell Richie that his family hadn’t mentioned anything about Richie going missing, it was Eddie who had raised the alarm.
  • Beverly tries to explain it to him, she apologises first but he holds his hand up, stopping her.
  • He looks back at the grey water, wipes his face and stands up, walking towards the boys. “And I guess they did.”
Sansa and Sandor and Jon and Ygritte: Why Understanding the Connections in their Stories Could Help Explain What is to Come - Part 2

I ended part one of my Jon/Sansa theory with the head scratching idea that Sansa may have warged Ygritte or else watched her and Jon via her green seer dreams. Now I want to tell you why I think that possibility exists.  I’ve already detailed ways in which the stories of the 4 characters interlock  but here are some more examples that more closely ties into my theory.

  • Remember how I mentioned in Sansa’s dream she felt her teeth shattered. Well Ygritte teeth are crooked. While not exactly stated that they are broken, I would not be surprise if a piece of a tooth were missing and Sansa dreamt it happening. Unless I missed it, and that is always possible, I don’t think that Sansa’s teeth are broken. Of course, maybe that dream was a foreshadowing of something that will happen to her in the future since she’s a green seer.  That is also definitely a possibility as the dream in question was full of what I think were both past and future events.
  • Ygritte eyes are blue-grey and similar to Sansa’s…although the latter’s are described as simply blue.
  • Jon initially didn’t see Ygritte as attractive but then his feelings started to change. Ygritte’s wildness reminded Jon of Arya but I think that she also reminded him of Sansa. How could she not with the her red hair…a color that seems to be rare in Westeros.  However, I think that something else reminded him of Sansa but I have to do some more research to see if my theory could be right.
  • Orel’s blue-grey eagle attacked Jon and seriously scarred his face on the same side as the Hound’s burn.  And the scarring is a lot more intense in the books than on the show. Jon not shaving or cutting his hair for a few weeks also gave him a similar look to the Hound.
  • After the Hound leaves Kings Landing, Sansa at one point thinks, “I wish the Hound was here.”  They had her say this same line about Jon on the show.
  • Sansa considers the ladies of Margery’s court as children and thinks, “they know nothing.”
  • Sansa has a memory on three separate occasions of the Hound kissing her the night he left Kings Landing.  Now, she thought he was going to kiss her when she found him in her room but it never happened.  So you have to ask yourself, why does she seem so confident that the kiss happened. I think that she’s remembering Jon kissing Ygritte when she either warged her or spied on her and Jon via her green seer dreams.  It is this she is confusing with the Hound kissing her. Also, the fact that GRRM has Sansa think of this kiss that never happened on 3 different occasions means that it’s important. Now some may argue that it means there is a romantic future for her and Sandor but I don’t think that is the case as I think that we’ve seen the last of the Hound in the books.  I also read where someone asked GRRM about the imaginary kiss and he said something like “Sansa misremembers or is not a good narrator and we the audience can ponder what that means,” or words to that effect. His response in and of itself indicates that there is some importance placed on her “misremembering” and that there is more to the story. Well I did as he suggested and pondered what it meant and this is the theory I came up with.
  • When Jon flashes back to first having sex with Ygritte, he thinks of how in the moment, she kept saying “that’s sweet.”  In a few of the Sansa’s chapters after this happens, she is suddenly waking up happy from “sweet” dreams. Yes, one of her dream as she remembers it is of being back home at Winterfell with her siblings in the Godswood but often times when Martin uses “sweet” in the books, it has a sexual connotation.  In fact, in the last Alayne chapter from AFOC, she plans to curl up under her feathered covers and have one of her “sweet dreams.” How can she know that her dreams will be “sweet.”
  • When Ygritte dies at the battle at the wall, the last thing she does is lift her hand and cup Jon’s cheek.  That’s literally how the chapter ends. Now while it doesn’t say that Jon was crying or that he has blood on him, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that was the case as he’s been in a battle and he’s just lost the girl he loved.  I believe that this is also the reason why Sansa cupped the Hounds face and was so confused as to why since she’s afraid of him and he just scared the life out of her.  Again, I think it the result of a memory of seeing Jon with Ygritte or possibly even warging Ygritte.  We know that a strong warg can skinchange another human because we’ve seen Bran do it with Hodor and so the possibility exist that a talented female could do the same. This is something that was forbidden and for good reason but it obviously happened before. We also saw Varamyr Sixskins attempt to warg Thistle and be unsuccessful.  I think that he was unsuccessful because Thistle was a woman. I think that wargs can’t jump into the opposite sex and I believe this is why GRRM introduce the attempt by Varamyr.  He wanted to show that there was something different in jumping from one sex to the other.  And once that idea was introduced, the next step was to show that female to female skin changing was possible and I think that maybe what he did with Sansa and Ygritte.  I will say that I’m not positive this happened as Ygritte showed no ill effects or knowledge of another person being in her as was the case with Hodor and Thistle.  However, maybe the merge is easier with women or Sansa was just unconsciously more skilled at it than Bran.  Or it could be that Sansa just saw them as she was dream walking.  So yeah, this is my crazy theory!

As for Sandor, I think that in addition to highlighting a connection between Jon and Sansa, what he represents in the story is to indicate what type of person Jon will be when he returns.  GRRM even gave him a nickname similar to a wolf to indicate the symbolism—wolfhound anyone. Another way the Hound symbolizes Jon is that Sandor is another name for Alexander, which in Greek means “man’s defender.” Now, who in the story does that symbolize? Who in the story is and will be the defender of man? Martin does this a lot in the books. He uses the symbolism or meaning of a person’s name to indicate what part they are playing in the story.

The Hound loves killing but Jon does not.  However, unlike on the show, when Jon returns, he won’t be the same person.  Mellisandre’s vision alone indicates this will be the case with Jon switching back and forth with Ghost…”first the man, then the wolf, then the man, then the wolf again.” And in ADWD, the merging of their spirits began even before Jon was killed.  He no longer has to warged Ghost to taste the blood of his kills or to smell the rich odors all around.  I think that Jon will come back with a big chunk of Ghost animal nature in him and will be more—well not necessarily animalistic but definitely more fierce and willing to kill in a way that he wasn’t before.  Jon thinks that food tastes better when he is in Ghost.  I think that when he returns, killing will taste better as well. He will be just like the Hound we first meet in the books…only more so.

Sansa tempered the Hound. If not for their relationship, Sandor would never have protected Arya when he ran into her in the Riverlands. In fact, he might very well have killed her himself—just think of what he did to the butcher boy.  Being around Sansa changed him…gave him back some of his humanity and I think she will do the same for Jon when he makes it to the Vale for the Tourney of the Winged Knight.  She will have to because he is Lightbringer, and he needs to have all of his wits and faculties about him if he is to lead the fight for the dawn.

I believe that we can all agree that the important legendary stories of the Age of Heroes, and even the important events of more recent times are playing out again in some manner in the current story.  Events such as the Long Night and the return of the Others; the Red Wedding; the return of Azor Ahai and the Last Hero; the Doom of Valyria; Field of Fire; the Tourney of Harrenhal; and the Blackfyre Rebellion to name just a few.

Well, after reading the Alayne preview chapter from TWOW, I think that GRRM is about to reenact the Tourney of Harrenhal.  Everything seems to be in place for it.  You have Lyanna, the lady wolf in the form of Sansa; her betroth, Robert in the form of Harry Hardyng (even down to him replicating Robert in the fathering of bastard children); the event is taking place in the Vale of Arryn where Robert was fostered and where he had his first bastard, Mya; you have a short in stature hedge knight in Ser Shadrich (although he is of a different moral character than Howland); And, I suspect that eventually, Brienne may end up in the Vale and will be representative of the “non” laughing knight.  The only person missing is the Rheghar stand-in, which I believe will be Jon as it was hinted at in Sansa’s last chapter in AFFC as she descended from the Eyrie and the wind was described as howling fiercely, “like a howling ghost big as a mountain.”

It’s a safe bet that when Jon leaves the Wall as he no doubt will, he will head south. I don’t know why he will go to the Eyrie, but I’m pretty sure that he will.  Maybe at the crossroads, he will hear about the Tourney and being in a killing mood, will decide to enter the melee. Men of the north don’t like jousting but they love participating in the melée.  This is how he and Sansa will reunite.  At some point both Jon and Sansa will have to go back to Winterfell as he has to descend to the lower level of the crypts to find his destiny.  However, as the story left off, Stannis will be the one to take back Winterfell or at least attempt to do so.  Since Winterfell is not currently an option for him, it makes sense that Jon would head south and end up at the Eyrie…especially as it’s obvious that the Knights of the Vale and House Arryn have a major role to play in the endgame.

Also, I think that this story of Jon and Sansa that I see playing out (and not just the tourney aspect) is a reenactment of one of the tales of legend—that of Brandon of the Bloody Blade and Rose of the Red Lake, who I believe was the first “blue rose” of Winterfell. I also think that they maybe the Night’s King and Queen of legend.  But again, that along with my theory of the first Red Wedding is for a future post.

  1. Be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse: @ryan-andersen . He’d become convinced he could seduce the zombies with his looks and then die almost immediately.
  2. Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse: @mlawleviprice , obviously. The dude was a fucking Navy SEAL for god’s sake.
  3. Most likely to join the mile-high club: @isaamghazani . As if he would care about consequences.
  4. Pass out when their child is being born: @nerdyeric Tell me you can’t picture it.
  5. Most likely to become a supervillain: @ryanxthexrichxkid . And he’d probably have a really good time about it, too.
  6. The person most likely to end up in handcuffs after a party: @mamie-sheehan . It’s always the quiet ones.
  7. Most likely to get arrested for public nudity: @masonbellamy Probably happened on a dare.
  8. Most likely to get chased by a dog: @nursedorothy She’s too friendly for her own good.
  9. Whose most likely to wake up still drunk: @alex-temple I can’t imagine her being able to hold her liquor, but I can imagine her trying her best.
  10. Most likely to become a stripper: @alexandervonbauer If he got over himself a little.
  11. The person most likely to scream when changing a nappy: @dorffmatt Tell me I’m wrong.
  12. Spend all their money on something stupid: @the-o-dosia . She’ll figure out something idiotic to splurge on eventually.
  13. Most likely to win America’s next top model: Jesus, how would I know that? I’m going to optimistically vote for @offrequentfighter
  14. Most likely to be a secret government spy: @surge-rodriguez  

PLEASE READ:In the picture on the left, I just cut my hair to symbolize that I was letting go of the hurt that I held onto for years. It literally symbolized that I killed the old me. I was depressed, suicidal, self harming. I was alone. I was in a mentally and physically abusive relationship. I was put in the hospital twice. I had to wear makeup 24/7 to cover up my bruises and cuts. I didn’t want my mom or anyone to know what was happening. In this society if a guy hits a girl, she must have done or said something she apparently had no business saying. She must have did her hair the wrong way, dressed the wrong way, had a attitude, she looks at someone the wrong way unintentionally. It’s always her fault. The picture to the right is me now. Im not wearing any makeup, not even eyeliner. My hair has grown back healthier, I’m on my way to college, I left that asshole and no I’m not looking for a new “boo”, I’m looking to heal. I’m growing. I’m finally touching my body w/ nothing but love. I’m putting my mental health first which I’ve never done or was taught how to do. I’m learning things about me that are beyond incredible. My message is if you feel like you’re in a toxic relationship, just by you reading this and thinking about it tells you that you are. Please precious get out while you still can, it’s beyond possible no matter how much that person may claim to love you. Im writing this as a proud out in the open survivor, I am proof you can change the situation. Get out for you because until you do, it will only get worse. I love you and I’m praying this helps just one person realize that anyone who hits you or puts you down doesn’t love you, they love the control they have over you. Be safe out there. 🌹




AUTHOR : loricameback/loriwrites

GENRE : fluff, angst

■■In the last chapter, Rachel finds out what happened to Bucky in the war and her relationship with Sebastian is undetermined. Now find out how she’s supposed to work with his brother, who she has to conceal that she knows his history, and the man who saved and is still in love with him.■■

The following week, Rachel went back to work…as Bucky’s assistant. But not before having a meeting with Tony, Sebastian and Steve in the boardroom.

Sebastian growled at Tony. “Why does Rogers have to be here?

Oh terrific! I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I looked at the three men in the room…two of which apparently hated each other. And neither was backing down.

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vapidfluff  asked:

I always look forward to catching up on Best Summer and Secrets Revealed! Your writing, characters and story lines are so riveting and captivating! And NOW that cat skirt Max has been pushed down the stairs! OMG!

Oh thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you look forward to my stories, it gives me the motivation to keep writing! This is such a great message and compliment! And yes, poor Max and her cat skirt are now at the bottom of the  estate stairs…who knows what will happen next in that crazy mansion?! lol

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it's bc sokka treated suki like his equal (sans first interaction, in which he realized he was being an ass!) and was always showing his love for her and vice versa. that like, never happens

damn true! also it… felt natural and not forced. which was nice.

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Hi! I love your blog! I just wondered if I could get your advice on something. I've always thought a friend of mine was beautiful and perfect and it turns out she's bi! I baked her a treat to celebrate and told her I'm bi too and I can see a future together but i also don't want it to be weird. I've known her for years/see her fam all the time and if she didn't like me/or just other bad stuff were to happen...I just don't know if it'd be better/worse to go for it? What do you think?

Thankyou!…I’m glad you like the blog and I’m flattered that you’ve come to me for advice😊

I don’t know you personally so can’t give the best advice, but if you want to ask her out, start with flirting. Flirting helps to make you asking her out more easy because flirting makes it somewhat expected.

You don’t have to be witty and charasmatic: compliment her often on her appearance, but also other things like her idiosyncrasies, and the things she does.

Be touchy when you talk to her: if you know how to do it, just give her hugs when you meet her, rest your hand on her arm or lower back when you ask her how she’s doing. This is optional because you could make her uncomfortable so its for you to judge.

Eye contact when you talk!

Then after a week or maybe two, just let her know that you really like her. You can do it face to face or over text is fine too.

Let me know how things turn out if you want….even if she doesn’t like you back- it’s always a compliment to let someone know that you have a crush on them.

If you are worried about your friendship becoming wierd afterwards, i’d say don’t be too forward and forceful, let things happen some what naturally so she understands you’re not ‘fixed’ on her

Ultimately it’s up to you to follow your gut, and don’t feel beat if she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings!

I just made myself really sad because I thought about my cat who my parents accidentally let out of the house while I was at school.. this happened a few months ago and I put up fliers all over the neighborhood, went walking around day and night looking, and nothing after weeks of trying and I just miss her so much everyday. I always think the worst happened to her. I feel so terrible because I was supposed to be her forever home and I fucked up and she’s alone again and I hate myself. I get so sad everytime I see a cat and I wish I could just know that she’s safe.

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This has already become a parody: Touka moves a few meters forward, comes across an enemy and is rescued by an ally. It's an infinite cycle. Oh, god. The plot armor bby!

I mean I’ve 100% thought Touka would get out of this alive and Hinami too, and I don’t want to hate on the series because I love it; that being said, this is the first chapter where I’m like… Ishida, you’re better than this. If that’s Kaneki that is; if not I am fine with it. Although it’s possible that the fact that something clearly happened to Irimi and Koma indicates that when they couldn’t reach the base Kaneki decided to come back.

In which case it might make some logical sense for Ken to be back, though from a character perspective I’m rather confused because his decision to provide for ghouls was kind of shaded as a good thing so I’m confused.

As for Touka, it’s interesting because this is what her life has always been, and it used to make her so angry. People leaving her and dying, and her living on.

I certainly don’t think her being angry about it is productive, at least not in terms of how she was channeling said anger in TG. That being said, for ghouls to have a future, this pattern has to break. Touka shouldn’t have to live in fear anymore.

But where the story currently stands, she really doesn’t have another option here because she’s trying to ensure not just her life but the life of her child, and it’s very understandable. She’s in an impossible situation. This pattern has to break at some point but only when Touka chooses to do something about it. But again, the baby is something that she’s chosen to protect (and which I think is a good choice), so we shall see how this comes to be. 

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I'm so glad that you take people being dumb with humor because I couldn't handle the dumb shit people say to you with half your grace and poise

I mean the way I see it, if people really want to do ignorant shit like lump all Jews in with the Kushners, I guess Bernie Sanders and I will see you all in hell? At the end of the day, I find the Kushners despicable, but I’m also not going to yell at a stranger I happen past for .5 seconds on the street, I believe that the justice system will give those assholes their due in good time. What gets me is people who act like this has everything to do with patriotism and nothing to do with the fact that Josh has always been a disruption to a certain ship. Do I side eye Josh and Karlie’s relationship? Absolutely, for multiple reasons, but at the end of the day, if Karlie Kloss really is a treacherous Tilapia Lahren Trump loving America hating traitor in disguise, that’s really her business and I prefer to focus on North fucking Korea thinking 45’s melted marshmallow looking ass declared war.