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Here’s the thing; in my head, Helga Hufflepuff has always been a soldier. Yes, she’s kind and fair, but she also knows when a good hex or a punch in the face is the only solution. This does not happen often. She’s friendly and accepting and patient. But when someone threatens her friends, or her family, or her students, that someone better be prepared to have her wand aimed at them. Or better yet, a sword. Use what you know and all that, and while she’s great with her hexes and curses and even some charms used in a way her old mentor would definitely not have approved of, there’s just something incredibly satisfying in meeting someone sword to sword. She and Godric spars every now and then, though it’s clear he’s more of a dueler than a soldier. But Helga. Helga joined the war when she was 15, and she never regretted it. It was grueling, and it was painful, and she watched so many of her companions fall. But she joined for a reason – to protect (her family, her little nephews and nieces and all the children of her village) and to, one day, try and change the world enough that war wouldn’t be necessary. She fought for years, rising in rank as fewer and fewer of her friends were left, and she refused to give up. This was for the children. This was for the future.

When she was 23, she became general. And at 24, the war finally ended. And then she had to find something else to do.

She went back to her village, to the little houses and fields and her family. And for a while she was content, but not for long. She wanted to do something, because that was the reason she joined the war in the first place. For change. She wanted peace, and quiet, and a place to call home. But when she had it, she realized she only knew how to fight. And she was not going to accept that.

She went to find her old mentor, an aging wizard who kept forgetting his wand in odd places but who also knew a lot of spells and had more magical books than she had seen anywhere else in her life (later, when she met Rowena Ravenclaw and saw her collection, she would stare at it for ten minutes and then just go “nope” and walk out of the room). She asked him to teach her as much as he could. What he’d taught her before she left for the army was useful, but if she was gonna change the world she needed more.

He listened to her, listened to her reasons and her dreams and then he sat her down with a cup of tea and started talking about magical theory. Most of her went over her head. She listened anyway.  And she kept coming back. And when she realized how many children he’d helped out through the years (her among them), she asked him about that. He started spouting even more magical theory. And she kept listening. And when it was over and he said he couldn’t teach her anymore, she knew more about accidental magic and magical cores than she thought possible. And she was satisfied, because this was what she needed to know. Something that could help. Something that could change a life, or two, or a hundred, if you only had the people to teach it to. This was for the children. This was for the future.

And then she met two wizards and a witch, constantly bickering and joking and everything in between. And the wanted to start a magic school. Of course she went with them. It was the purpose she had been looking for. It was a way to do what she’d always dreamt of.

They started planning how to do it, and moved into Godric’s family castle up in Scotland. As they decided to split the students into four groups, Helga started to get irritated. She had spent half her life fighting a war, she knew that you couldn’t always get the brave or the smart or the cunning. You had to use the resources that were available. Anyone could become a good soldier (or student, she supposed) if they were trained properly. 

She was a general, and she’d take anyone who wanted to learn. She was a soldier, and she’d take anyone who would work hard, because that’s all you need to change the world. She was a 15 year old girl who joined the army, and she remembered what it was like when people judged you for your bravery, for your intelligence, for your strength. She was a 26 year old veteran, and she would punch anyone who said you couldn’t learn because of something as stupid as who you are. In the face. They’d deserve it, for implying that her students weren’t good enough.

@egdramaqueen I said it “needs a bit of polishing” which apparently means I sit here and write another 700 words into it in less than an hour, so here it is. I finished it.


Not only does Min Hyuk tell Bong Soon not to go on diet but he has either cooked or bought food for her 5 FREAKING TIMES IN 2 EPISODES FROM WHICH 3 TIMES WERE DURING ONE SINGLE DAY!!! How can you not fall for the man who actually feeds the heroine on regular basis and forbids diet to her!

Futhermore, he always finds all these adorable excuses so he could buy ir and eat it with her.

Except for that one time when he learned how close to BS’s home those terrible assaults happened, that THE FOOD ACTUALLY BECAME THE EXCUSE, so he could cheer her up (because he had already noticed how the mention of food always makes her happy) and had a reason not to leave her alone. And then he apparently even dropped her off.

He even loves Pa Oh’s her father’s walnut pie and INVITES HER TO EAT IT WITH HIM AGAIN!

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4 months In SA and he lives in Europe she in US. She is a struggling actress and he is a for now working actor= goIng the distance? Nahhhh, real life always intervenes. Does anybody agree that this is remotely possible, very possible?

oh I don’t believe he’s dating her for a second. He doesn’t do long distance relationships, he’s said so himself. It just so happens he’s in the US/LA for a few weeks and can be seen plenty around town w this chick before he goes off to South Africa for 4 months and sticks his tongue down his co-stars throat. for what reason? god fucking knows. and he supposedly has a great agent/publicist. ok. 

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When will we see Carol again? What happens? What is the rest of her season like?

She will become aware of the truth of what happened to Glen & Abraham and revert back to the instinctual survivor that she is and always has been.

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Author's choice + yellow.

rubber duck | madzie | 500 words

Madzie lies at the bottom of the tub, gazing up at the bright yellow rubber duck floating above her. She’s too big to lay all the way down in the little tub, so her knees are hugged to her chest, feet propped up on the tiled wall. It’s still nice though. Everything always feels better underwater. It’s easier to breathe, as backwards as that would sound to most people.

But well. Most people don’t have gills.

She can hear Magnus pacing outside the door, obviously still upset. She feels badly, but it’s also partly why she’d come in here. This is the one place neither of them ever follow her, so she takes advantage of that, sometimes.

“Madzie, darling?” Magnus calls out softly.

Madzie closes her eyes. She hates how small his voice sounds. I did that, she thinks, her stomach dropping heavily with guilt.

She takes one last deep pull of water in through her gills, centering herself in the feeling, before slowly emerging from the tub. The ripples caused by her movement send the little rubber duck drifting away from her. He’s running away too, she thinks.

She hadn’t thought to grab her favorite bathrobe when she fled in here to hide, so she magics it in from her bedroom. She hasn’t quite mastered conjuring something directly onto her body, so instead it appears folded neatly on the counter and Madzie dons it quickly. The slightly too big hood (complete with floppy rabbit ears) falls down over her eyes. She hesitates for a moment before reaching into the tub to retrieve the duckling, tucking it into the pocket of her robe. It’s comforting.

She opens the door to find Magnus still standing outside, just as she suspects. With her bath hood drawn over her eyes, she can only really see him from the ankles down. She can’t really tell from his ankles whether he’s still upset with her, but she’s also too afraid to look up at his face.

“Have a good swim, guppy?” he asks her, just like he always does. She knows the familiar question is meant to make her feel better, but instead she feels worse.

“I’m sorry I messed up your potion,” she tells Magnus’s ankles, fiddling with the ties on her robe.

“Oh sweetheart,” Magnus says, crouching down to try to see her under her hood. “You didn’t ruin anything, okay? Potions are tricky things sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed.”

She finally looks up at him then, and his steady gaze is gentle. Sincere.

“I’ll show you,” he tells her, reaching out a hand.

Madzie’s fingers rub idly along the smooth surface of the rubber duck in her pocket. Part of her longs to be back in the tub, submerged and safe.

But Magnus is still waiting, his hand outstretched patiently. She takes it, and the warmth of her small hand enclosed in his is instantly calming.

Maybe there’s safety on land too, as long as Magnus is there.



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Moony is a good friend to a good amount of people in our Discord server and it’s very convenient that today also happens to beeeee HER BIRTHDAY!!! <3 

Moony has incredible designs, and I loved listening to the Discord chat mention this many times. There is definitely something awe-inspiring about how she designs her characters, there’s something that feels ethereal and awe-struck about them. 

Not only is Moony an incredible artist, but she’s the sweetest friend! She always tries and cheers you up on a bad day, she won’t hesitate to listen to you or discuss new ideas and is always very encouraging.


Credit of artists below the link

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El is used to talking herself out of a panic attack. When she feels herself freaking out, when she feels the panic rising, she calms herself down. All on her own.

It wasn’t always this way. She used to have full fledged panic attacks. The room would shrink. Her chest would tighten. She felt trapped. Unsafe. She didn’t have anyone to help her breathe, anyone to calm her down. She only had herself to rely on. So she learned to stop everything around her from moving, to count to ten, and to breathe.

When it happens now, when the panic comes flooding in, she reacts the way she always has. She handles it on her own, despite being surrounded by people who love her. She doesn’t know how to reach out for help. Sometimes this hurts them - Mike, Hopper. Joyce knows how she feels because she’s been there, she’s had anxiety and panic issues. She feels like it’s her duty to help El, but when she won’t allow it, she feels useless. So they learn to give her space, to let her manage it on her own. But they hope that maybe one day, El will be able to reach out for help. Maybe one day, she’ll learn the people around her are there for her. They’re her family.

Because a friend is someone you’d do anything for. Family is someone you’d do everything for.

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How would Dva, Zarya, and Tracer react to their S/O having to do a Kamen Rider or Sailor Moon like transformation in order to fight with them?


“Wooooah! That was so cool!” D.Va drops everything and squeals from inside her meka.

Her s/o struck another pose after their glitter transformation, just showing off at this point.

“That was just like in Sailor Moon! I used to love that show when I was a kid! Ooh, do you think you could cosplay sometime?” she gushed.

“Uh, sure I guess?” they shrugged.

Hana would be in love with her s/o’s style of battle. It reminds her of all the sparkly kick-butt girl power vibes that Sailor Moon always gave her.


Aleksandra also drops everything, but instead stares at the display in total silence, her face completely void of emotion. She certainly hadn’t expected that to happen! A few seconds after her s/o’s transformation, she slowly starts to clap and nod.

“Impressive. I did not see that coming,” she chuckled.

“Did ya like it?” her partner asked excitedly.

“Yes!” she said quickly, “Just um…warn me next time…”


“Whoa there, love, don’t get any glitter in your eyes,” she laughs as her partner finishes their transformation, “Where’d ya learn to do that?”

“Practice,” they sang.

“I guess a lot of practice, huh?” she joked, “Where were you keeping all those sparkly effects anyway?”

“It’s a secret,” they giggled.

“Ok, ok,” she shrugged, “A magician’s secret, I guess. That was really something though, can you do that for every mission we do? It’d make them a lot less boring!”


–T'was a little girl, who is so unique
Who clings to her childhood, like life so dear
For years moved swiftly, adulthood seemed near;
Green eyes worry at what her reflection greets
“Please let me stay as little as can be.”

Standing on the edge, she always does
The fine line between what’s proper or not
Is it “Sugar, spice and everything nice”
Or is it “Graceful, strong and wise?”

Swords and ribbons don’t go together
But for him, she can make it happen
Silent tears bear witness to her worries
All for the person she is to marry.

Photo © Yana Toboso || Poem: @earlcielsfiancee

Lingerie Mishaps

Author: meemzdisaster

Summary: (Cannon – Blank Period) He ends his redemption journey, and makes way to his old teammate’s apartment. After all, he has a promise to fulfill. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Prompt: SasuSakuFest Day 3 – Her Intimates

Comments: This was longer than I anticipated! It was actually pretty fun/easy to write this prompt. I feel like this could totally happen, to be honest. Anyways, as always, enjoy!

Sasuke’s mouth hangs open while his sole visible eye widens. His ever so emotionless façade is broken by the object hanging off the edge of the couch. It takes him a moment to regain his composure but definitely not enough to calm his red cheeks.  

Sasuke stands in the middle of Sakura’s living room, where everything seems to be in place except for two glass empty glasses of water and a gift box on her coffee table… and the pieces of fabric he almost sat on when he planned to wait for Sakura to come back from wherever she went.

Usually, he is not a man who breaks and enter. But is it breaking and entering if Sakura has already offered him a when he came back to Konoha – telling him to feel free to enter whenever he came back from travel using the excuse that he must be tired from his journey.

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Bambam Imagine - Confession

A/N - A little imagine requested by a lovely anon~ It’s not too long but I hope you all enjoy it anyway!

I noticed there hasn’t been many requests for Bam Bam scenarios. Could you maybe do one where Bam Bam confesses to a girl but gets friend zoned. Not the typical fluff scenario but I thought this could be fun! 

Today was the day. Bambam was finally going to confess his feelings to her. The months they had known each other and been friends, he had always wanted more. She was amazing in every way imaginable to him and he just knew he had to have her. Despite having such strong feelings towards her, he was nervous. What if she turned him down while laughing at him? He had to convince himself that wouldn’t happen and that everything would go well. He checked his phone, seeing that it was almost time to go out and see her. They had arranged to go out for coffee and Bambam planned to use that rare time alone to confess. 

 When he arrived at the coffee shop they agreed to meet at, he could see (Y/N) already sat down. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he made his way over to her. 
“Hey, (Y/N),” he greeted as he sat down opposite her. 
“Hi, Bambam. I waited for you before getting coffee. Want me to grab something for you?" 
"I’ll pay,” he said, wanting to seem gentlemanly for offering to pay. He was really trying hard to impress her. 
“You sure?" 
"Yeah, come on. Get whatever you want and I’ll buy." 
"Well okay, I’m not one to turn down free coffee,” she replied laughing. Once they had received their drinks and a large slice of cake to share, Bambam decided to flirt a little to test the water and see if he could figure out if (Y/N) liked him back. He would make little compliments and remarks that could have been taken as someone making conversation but also as someone trying to be a little suggestive and more than friends. He only hoped she picked up on the latter. 

After quite some time chatting and drinking coffee, Bambam took the leap of faith and decided it was the right time to tell her how he felt.
“(Y/N), I’ve wanted to say this for a while but haven’t had the courage to yet. But I’m just going to come out and say it." 
"Um okay. What is it, Bam?" 
"I like you. As in, I like you as more than a friend. I’d really love it if we could maybe go out on a date sometime.." 
"Bam, that’s really sweet." 
"So what do you say?" 
"I can’t, Bam. I’m really sorry and I appreciate the fact that you had the courage to confess but I just don’t see you like that." 
"Oh, okay..that’s fine..” Bambam started fiddling with his coffee cup, feeling awkward all of a sudden. Y/N reached her hand over you gently and soothingly touch his. 
“I really hope we can still be friends, Bam." 
"Yeah, me too. Can we pretend this didn’t happen? I don’t really want the guys making fun of me for getting turned down." 
"Of course,” she replied laughing softly. “No letting this change our friendship either, okay?" 
"Got it,” he responded as he smiled at her, feeling better about the whole affair. Even if he couldn’t have her in the way he truly wanted, being friends was enough. More than enough. He’d make the most of their friendship and would treat her right, in the hopes that maybe she would change her mind in the future.

I fell in love with her on the first night we met, before that night I didn’t think love at first sight existed, but now I know for a fact it does. Falling in love scares me, giving every single bit of your heart to one person to cherish and respect. There are people in this world that don’t deserve the person they have and I never want anyone to ever think that way about me. I don’t want anyone to say “you don’t deserve her.” I want to give her my all. I want to make sure that she never feels like she isn’t good enough or not loved. Relationships have hard times and they aren’t always as happy and perfect as they seem and behind closed doors arguments happen and things are said which are later regretted, but I would not, for one second, want to change the love I feel for my perfect, amazing, one of a kind girlfriend. She lights up my whole world and makes me believe that everything is going to be ok. Whether we are laying in bed together or laying in bed 4,325 miles away from one another– she is always there to make me feel loved. If she was to ask me to marry her tomorrow I wouldn’t hesitate, not for a second, because I know there is no one else in this world for me. She opened my eyes up to marriage. Marriage wasn’t a thing I ever thought about or particularly wanted before I met her, it was just a piece of paper, but since falling in love with her I can see it’s so much more than ‘just a piece of paper.’ It’s taking above to be with that person through better or worse, sickness and in health. She is the girl that I will love and protect till the day I die. She’s my forever and I can’t imagine a day of my life where I don’t get to call her my girlfriend. She deserves the whole world and I plan on giving it to her.

I’m so in inexplicably in love with you.


So I had this request to have chat, nathaniel and marinette all trapped in an enclosed space, for a long time and finally had a brilliant idea for it (with the help of @squirrellygirlart ) Hope you all enjoy it :) Thanks for the request anon!!

Also @squirrellygirlart did some artwork to go with the piece!!! Check it out HERE!!!!! - it’s pretty amazing!!!

Marinette’s class was helping out at Chloe’s hotel for the day. It was something their class had done once a year every year for as long as Marinette could remember. It was supposed to teach them something about responsibility and the job market and of course Marinette always ended up with the worst jobs on account of Chloe’s hatred for her and today was no different. Marinette was stuck with Gofer duty while Adrien was put at the front desk along with Chloe. Marinette was more than just a little disappointed by it. It happened every year of course but Marinette was beginning to feel that her crush on Adrien was more than a little hopeless. Needless to say Marinette was feeling more than a little discouraged that day. Of course the rage filled akuma that was tearing through the hotel didn’t do much to help improve Marinette’s mood. Marinette ran down the hallway akuma following close behind fiery hair  sticking on end as she screamed in fury. A small fiery blast landed near Marinette’s foot. She yelped as she pushed herself to run faster.

“Marinette!” Marinette was quickly grabbed around the waist and yanked into another hallway as a fiery blast dissolved where she had previously been standing. Marinette looked up to see glowing green eyes staring back at her. She rested her hands on his shoulders their chests brushing against one another as they both tried to catch their breath.

“Chat Noir,” Marinette greeted breathlessly. Chat smirked at her.

“Afternoon Princess, are you alright?” Chat asked, eyes giving her a once over. Marinette nodded.

“I think so,” Marinette assured.

“Good, come on, we need to get you to safety,” Chat Noir released her waist instead taking her hand in his and pulling her along behind him. Marinette let him lead her deciding to transform once he left her to take care of the akuma. Chat rounded a corner only for them to find themselves face to face with the fiery beast. Marinette and Chat Noir skidded to a stop. Chat and Marinette both squeaked as the akuma smiled wickedly down at them fire brewing in her open hand.

“Make a run for it?” Marinette asked cautiously. Chat Noir’s head made a jerky nod. The akuma reeled her arm back fiery blast aimed their way.

“Time to go!” Chat shouted turning on his heel and tore down the hall, Marinette still in hand. Chat led them towards an open elevator at the end of the hall. The doors slowly began to close. Chat released Marinette’s hand diving inside the doorway and keeping the doors open for Marinette. Marinette skidded to a stop just before the elevators glancing back as she heard a door open. Nathaniel stepped into the hallway looking down at his sketch book oblivious to the raging akuma headed straight towards them.

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Name one thing you wanted to happen with westallen but it didn't, and one thing you were so happy when it did happen.

I’ll ALWAYS be sad they didn’t explore Iris/Flash more and Iris having A Moment of realizing how attracted she was to Flash!Barry and feeling some kind of way over it. Particularly, when she was mad at him for lying to her about it all along!! Her being mad and OH MY GOD WAIT woud have been so much fun :(

And I am just SO in love with S3 and getting all of the domestic Westallen, IT’S HARD TO PICK but I might have to go back to them visiting his mom’s grave as one of my top moments.

No One Else || Archie Andrews

Prompt: #37 When I said you’re mine, I meant it.

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: None

A/N: Let’s just pretend for the sake of this fan fiction that Ms. Grundy and Archie never happened. (Personally I thought it was all kinds of messed up)

Ever since Veronica Lodge moved into town, Archie has seemed a little different. He would always pay more attention to her than you, which in turn made you a little jealous. You didn’t blame Veronica it’s not her fault it’s Archies for being so oblivious.

You where currently at Pop’s with Archie, Kevin, Veronica and Betty. You were all enjoying burgers and fries. 

“Archie, how’s football going,” you asked.

“Huh, what?” Archie mumbles.

Your friends look at you with sympathy, they know that this is upsetting you. They keep on telling you to talk about it with him.

“Did you not hear what I just said?”

“No, sorry.”

“Whatever, I have to go finish some homework. Bye guys,” you say.

As soon as you walk out of Pop’s, you hear Veronica yelling at Archie. Your house isn’t to far from Pop’s so it’s a quick walk. Knowing Veronica she’ll being yelling at him for sometime.

You walk into your house and grab your books and throw them onto your kitchen table. Half way through your homework someone bangs at your door. You get up and open your door to see a rather distraught Archie. You step out of the way to let him in.

“Y/N, Veronica told me what’s going on. But I don’t think that told is a good word screamed is a better word. Why didn’t you tell me?” Archie says.

“Well I knew you wouldn’t listen to me, you only seem to listen to Veronica these days,” you snap.

“Look I’m sorry, I’ve trying to make her feel comfortable because she just moved here.”

“So that means ignoring your girlfriend for another girl?” you raise an eyebrow.

“Are you jealous? When I said you’re mine, I meant it. No one else can change that.”

He pulls you into a tight hug and kisses your forehead. For a shining moment you believed with all the craziness going on in this town, everything would be okay.

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If Harry meets a girl who doesn't believe in sex before marriage, would Harry respect her decision and still be in love with her even though she doesn't want to do anything sexually with him before they get married?

I think he’d be more than willing to respect her and her decision and therefore wouldn’t force her into anything that made her uncomfortable. I think, deep down, it would make him more attracted to her because he doesn’t really care about the sex; he just cares about whether he can enjoy his time with her and whether or not he sees her in his future life. When she said she’ll wait until marriage, he’d completely understand where she was coming from and he’d be patient enough with her.

When it comes to being intimate and maybe kissing a little in bed or on the sofa, he’d always ask her if she felt okay and comfortable with what was happening between them and he’d maybe ask what she would like to do in regards to anything that happens in the bedroom. Would she like to do something sexual? Any touches she’d like? Any specific kind of kisses in any specific places?

I think, maybe, he’d get a little frustrated when he’s feeling horny and in need of something to relieve his sexual build-up and he may take out his frustration on her by yelling and groaning and being all moody. But, when she leaves him alone and lets him fester alone in his thoughts, he’d jerk one out before going to find her - because she knows he just needs to have some alone time and she’s all for respecting his privacy when it came to that. All things would go back to normal after that, and, they’d talk about how he should handle his frustration when he feels in need of something sexual. 

“Just tell me when you feel like that, okay, Harry?”

“I will. I promise yeh.”

“It upsets me when you yell at me like that. I know you want sex and I know you want a girlfriend who will give you that. It makes me feel guilty.”

“Don’t feel guilty. I don’t need sex to make it through life, okay? Handled it so far, haven’t I?” xx

 @celestallison and I have been working hard on our co-authored stalia fanfiction for a little over a week now, it’s been so fun to work with her, she is an amazing writer and an awesome human being to work with (I know for a fact I’m making her blush)

Story (LINK) :

After the events of the Nogitsune, Stiles starts suffering from seizures. Malia Tate is always the one to know first, as her connection to her anchor allows her to feel it before it happens, which is both a curse and a blessing.

anonymous asked:

For the fic requests: A stydia fic inspired by the song Ruin by Shawn Mendes

Title: The Only One For You
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: Whenikisssedyou (Reportergirl13/Sxymami0909)
Rating: PG
Pairings: Stiles Stilinski/Lydia Martin
Summary: In the aftermath of everything that’s happened with the Ghost Riders, Lydia ponders on what she and Stiles have. What they’ve always had and how it’s evolved over the years.

Do ya… do you think about me?

Even when he was nothing but a distance feeling akin to a phantom limb, Lydia still couldn’t think about anything other than him. It should have been her first clue honestly. When the ghost riders took him even though she didn’t remember him. She still knew something–no someone important was missing from her life. A connection pulling her–driving her forward to grasp as the reality she knew to be true. It didn’t matter how many people told her she was crazy or tried to talk her out of believing in him. She knew. She knew he was real. And she was right. He wasn’t the only one that always figured it out. Sometimes, she did too.

Subconsciously Lydia knew it had been there for a while. It was hard to accept on a conscious level though. To feel so connected to a person when you knew you could lose them at any moment. Knowing the connection she felt when they were merely friends, understanding what it could grow to be it scared her more than she cared to admit. After Jackson, running from that kind of all consuming emotion seemed like the best plan. To be with someone who didn’t mean as much was safe. It was easier and with their lives, well the easier route had seemed like the better option at the time. But that didn’t mean her thoughts didn’t  consistently drift to him.

Even now as she sits beside him, letting him drive her car as they made their way across state lines toward Washington, her mind is on him and everything he means to her. All the time they wasted and how they’ll deal with the changes that are coming. The strawberry blonde knows they’ll make it though. After everything a little distance isn’t going to come between them. Nothing will–Ever.

And do ya… do you feel the same way?

It was Allison’s death and after she almost lost him to the Nogitsune that changed the fear into something else. In truth, Lydia had hoped after that tragedy they’d help each other heal. She’d pull him back from the edge and she’d finally let him see all the things she’d been afraid to show him before. Because she did feel it–she did care. She had for a long time, ever since the minute she kissed him in the locker room. Everything had changed in that moment. The feelings that sparked from that minuscule action, the shift that had taken place inside of her, it startled her. Lydia was certain the shock on her face had mirrored that on his. She’d been almost speechless for a solid minute after because well, she hadn’t expected to feel anything. And instead, she felt everything.

But when she was finally ready to share that part of herself with him, he’d moved on. And it hurt. God, it hurt something fierce. She’d needed him after Allison’s death and a good portion of the time he’d been too busy helping Malia acclimate to being human to be there. Initially jealousy had burned within her. The coyote didn’t like her and well, Lydia couldn’t say she was fond of the other girl either. Mostly because she had what the strawberry blonde wanted. And because it felt like she was loosing him, like now that he had Malia he no longer needed her.

Her fears were unfounded though because when it counted, when it really mattered, he was there. And all the other times he wasn’t, well, she could live with that because he seemed happy. Lydia wanted that for him. She wanted Stiles to be happy and so she kept her feelings to herself. She kept her wants to herself and focused instead on honing her abilities, learning and trying to understand what she was. This way what happened with Allison never happened to anyone again. Stiles had his own healing to do and she had to accept that Malia was something he needed to heal. Their story wasn’t done, it was just on pause while they grew into the people they needed to be. And she’d been right. They found their way back to each other–to this moment, together.

And do ya… do you remember how it felt?

Lydia remembered how it felt with Jackson. She isn’t a stranger to love. Despite the way he acted the former lacrosse player had wormed his way into her heart. She had loved him. There would probably always be a place for him in her heart–he was her first love after all. But what she felt with Jackson, it was different–it was nothing like what she felt for Stiles.

The strawberry blonde is going on three years or just over without the werewolf in question. She rebuilt her life, moved forward. Yes, it was hard. It hurt at first more than she cared to admit. But each passing day eased the pain. Each day made her miss him a little bit less as she focused on school, the pack, Allison…Stiles.

Time passed and she healed. But losing Stiles–the wild hunt taking him. It nearly destroyed her. Three months without the boy next to her and at times she was certain she had been going out of her mind. The void that the loss of his existence, his memory left in her life was overwhelming and had a ripple effect that cascaded down into everything she did–every action. Losing Stiles was losing a piece of herself so much so that their connection acted as a beacon. Her subconscious remembered him even when her conscious mind did not and so it dug deep, propelled her forward against all odds to find what was taken from her. To find the one person that completed her.

She remembered what love felt like, but this–this was more than love. Lydia needed him. Stiles was an essential part of her being. He grounded her, believed in her, encouraged her. Stiles was her heart. And she couldn’t very well exist without that. If they hadn’t gotten him back, it would have broken her. Lydia is certain of this. It’s not a question or even an exaggeration. It’s simply the truth. A truth she can admit freely. A truth she isn’t afraid of. Stiles is everything to her. And she knows she’s everything to him. She can feel it. It’s in everything he does.

Her small palm squeezed his hand reflexively at the thought, without her even realizing it until she felt a mirroring pulse around her own hand causing her to look away from the window and glance at the boy beside her.

His brow was arched in question as brown orbs shot briefly in her direction, the barest hint of concern on his features as he spoke. “Everything okay?”

Lydia nodded, a soft smile tugging at her lips. “Yeah, everything is good. I was just–thinking.” She offered lightly.

Stiles smiled, gaze drifting back to the road. They weren’t even half-way there yet and he was glad. The trip was a good idea, he was glad she wanted to come–wanted to be involved. They hadn’t really talked about where they stood since he’d gotten back and the truth was they didn’t need to. He was certain they were both on the same page with where they stood. She was his and he was hers. Really, it had always been that way. And isn’t wasn’t something that would ever change. “Thinkin’ about all that heavy lifting we’re gonna be doing?” He teased.

Lydia rolled her eyes playfully. “Please, that’s why you’re here. To do the heavy lifting.” She answered letting her thumb brush against the hand she held.

Stiles snorted, “Uh no, I’m here because we’re dropping me off at college,” he chanced a glance at her again and grinned before signing, “and to do the heavy lifting.”

Lydia smirked. He was too easy. She leaned back against the seat her body relaxing into the fabric as she looked over at him, studied his features, memorized the lines of his face. A content sigh fell from her lips. “I love you,” she whispered.

Stiles blinked, brown eyes once again drifting away from the road as he took in the strawberry blonde beside him. He swallowed hard, emotion welling in his chest, his expression softening. “Lyds, I love you too.”

The banshee smiled, eyes bright. “I know.” She replied happily, warmth sliding through her body. “I just wanted to say it.” She explained softly, “I never want to stop saying it.” She leaned over enough to press a light kiss to his shoulder before shifting back into her seat.

Stiles’ face brightened. “Well by all means please, say it as much as you want-everyday-all the time every—” his words were cut off with a sharp pinch to the side making him yelp. He shot a playful glare in her direction.

“You wouldn’t shut up,” she stated innocently, biting back a grin.

Stiles shook his head. “Such violence,” but there was a smile tugging at his lips. Lydia relaxed once again, lips pulled into a grin as she looked back out the window, keeping her hand in Stiles’. This was going to work. They were going to work. How could they not? Stiles was the only one for her–he always had been. It just took her a little bit longer than him to see it. But now that she had, she was never letting him go again.

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same anon here. not meant to pit them against each other (when's iris referred to barry as her boyfriend btw? candice has, but not iris i dont think). but the way u appreciate barry's love kinda contradicts the narrative being painted. he clearly worships, just not in the way ur describing

At the end of “Untouchable,” Iris tells Barry, “Sometimes it feels like the Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people.” And I think there’s a difference between referring to Iris as “my girlfriend” versus as “the woman I love.” The latter identifies her as her own being first that he happens to love for who she is, not for what she does for him. The latter is what she’s always been to him, even when she wasn’t his official girlfriend.

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Oh yes, i heard. I haven’t watched the episode but i’ve heard haha
It’s funny how we always used to joke about Kat running hell and stuff like that, and now that it’s finally happening i don’t even know how to react, i’m so excited that literally don’t know how to react hahaha