but this also seemed like a useful gif to have

So I remember reading somewhere that Misha getting on this dude’s lap was unscripted.

The dude who he’s sitting on seems slightly mortified like he’s not sure what to do or where to look.

The woman right behind them is staring out of the corner of her eye, but trying not to stare because Misha is apparently still delivering lines and no one has stopped the scene yet.

And then one guy on the left is just full on staring and laughing because WTF Misha?

Hello lovelies <333

An idea that was posted during one of the discussions about this season seemed to gain a bit of traction, to the point where I’d like to see if there’s enough interest to make that idea a reality: a fanmade alternative to the final season of TVD, made by Bamon fans for Bamon fans.

I know most of us fanartists and writers have been struggling with finding motivation given the current state of canon, but I’ve also seen the way we (artmakers and art-appreciators alike) rally around things like Domestic!Bamon Day and the Bamily Secret Santa. Bonnie and Damon as a pairing will always be something beautiful and powerful, something inspiring, no matter what Julie et al. may choose to do on their show. 

And I hope that you all might be interested in banding together for another fandom-wide effort, to build something good for ourselves. This isn’t to catch TPTB attention, and it’s certainly not to promote the show. This is something entirely our own, for us to enjoy, to share our talent and love with each other. To marvel once again at the creativity and heart for which this fandom is famous (infamous?).

… Basically, to once again build something positive out of the miserable wreckage that the show has dropped at our feet time and time again.

How it could work:

The base of the project would be a multi-authored fic. Rather than chapters, we would split that fic into “episodes.” After working as a group to set out a basic outline of the overall story and bullet-pointed guidelines and goals to be accomplished within each episode, each episode will be assigned to one writer. Two writers will not be assigned any chapters/episodes, and they will instead work together as beta readers/editors for the entire project.

In this way, no one person is burdened by too much of the work, but everyone has input and a chance to shine (authors will of course have credit/notes on their own chapters!). And the consistent source of editing should allow for the final result to be relatively seamless. 

In addition to the fic, each episode would be accompanied by edits, gifsets, and maybe even vids, posted in the tag. This would give our artists their own opportunity to shine, as well as make for a more immersive experience. Artists could work on as few or as many fanworks as they’d like, and we can figure out the spread to make sure there’s enough art for each episode.

There’s six weeks until the series ends, so depending on how many people want to participate in this, and how big we want the scope of the story to be, we may finish before then or we may not. I envisioned having 10-15 chapters, but that’s not written in stone. Again, it all depends on the interest level :)

So… what do you guys think? It’s an ambitious project, and I know everyone is busy, but I would really love to have one more big hurrah before the series ends… and there’s no promise that we’ll get that if we don’t make it ourselves. 


(Also, if you can, please boost this post to ensure it reaches any fanartists and writers who may not be tracking the tags anymore! Thank you!)


William (Duke of Cambridge) has developed a new ‘stomach-pat ritual’ to help him cope when he is anxious or in discomfort reveals body language expert as she gives her verdict on the Cambridge’s first official engagement since the Duke’s antics in the Alps x

'William also seems to have developed a new, stomach-pat ritual which he uses several times on this outing. Like his father he’s always employed small self-comfort hand gesture rituals.’

'With Charles it involves pocket-patting and fiddling with a cuff or wristwatch strap. But this is more pronounced that usual. Self-patting like this is often a sign of discomfort or even anxiety.

Chest-patting is usually more about arrogance and ego, but stomach-pats are the opposite and can create the opportunity to form a small, momentary barrier that makes the patter feel safer.’ - Judi Jones

A close relative to sharks, but with long, flat bodies and wing-like pectoral fins, Mobula rays are adept at sweeping through the ocean. However, it is not uncommon to also spot these guys mid-air; so much so, that they are commonly called “flying rays”.

Mobulas can reach above-water heights of more than 2 metres and can remain airborne for several seconds. In spite of being commonly seen off the coast of California, these rays are quite elusive and thus biologists have no concrete conclusion as to why they seem to enjoy leaving their watery home, however brief, so frequently.

Of course, there are some theories, the main ones hypothesising that the rays use this flight-like endeavour as a means of communication, a mating ritual or as a way to shed themselves of parasites.


I’ve been trying to figure out a place for Tara and Maggie shippers for a while now and thanks to the anon I had earlier, I’ve thought of a tag/ship name. I know there aren’t a lot of us, but I’d really like a place for the ones there are so that we can post any edits made to a specific tag. This is just a suggestion and obviously you don’t have to use these tags, but it would just be nice to have a place for the people that enjoy their relationship.

I also just want to add please no hate in the tag, this seems obvious, but it’s still an issue. I understand people will still do it regardless, but I’m hoping it can be a happy place.

General tag: #maggara
Edit tag: #maggaraedit

Can we all just talk about Mike Stamford for a brief minute?

Who in the hell is this guy? I mean how does he think of a person like John and a person like Sherlock and think, ‘Oh yeah, I need to bring these two together.’


Luckily he did or we wouldn’t have this show but still, he clearly hadn’t seen John in YEARS. Yet within a few minutes, he established that John and Sherlock would get on.

Also, Mike Stamford actually seems to be… Sherlock’s friend in a way. Sherlock seems substantially familiar with him, asking to use his mobile as soon as he enters the room and being on a first-name basis with the guy. And Mike definitely seems to like Sherlock. Practically everyone hates Sherlock, but not Mike. I mean, you don’t try to hook up a person you dislike with a flatmate with whom you know would they would get on. When Sherlock casually drops knowledge of John when they first meet, Mike just hangs out there with a little smile. AND when Sherlock leaves the lab in the scene, Mike just says, “Yeah, he’s always like that,” but not at all in that exasperated, annoyed manner with which everyone speaks of Sherlock.

This guy seems like he should be a more prominent character in the show, if only for the reason that he is one of the few characters that doesn’t loathe Sherlock, he even seems to like him. That makes him pretty damn interesting to me. And without him, Sherlock and John would have never even met!

Like why the hell doesn’t this guy show up more often?!


whouffle meme: songs: crazy bird by wild child [½]

Four walls and fancy friends
Don’t need me none of them
Because I’ve got you know and that’s enough
(Well I’m glad) (Well so am I)