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i was introduced to this PS2 game last year and it’s so much better than what the title of the game makes you think it is!

in the game, you are a cute car, everyone else is also a cute car, there are coffee shops and peach farms and football stadiums and they’re all run by cute cars. the game never goes into any depth as to how they made any of this, but it doesn’t matter because it’s adorable.

the president, as you’d expect, also is a cute car, and is bored of his job, and decides that his sucessor will be whoever wins the next grand prix, an electoral system that should be implemented in real life too imo.

the best part of the game is that it’s open world! the world is huge and full of things to do, you can get your photo taken at various stops to complete your album, talk to cars and help them with their problems, invite people to live in your own city, upgrade yourself and just go sightseeing, you can do anything at your own pace and it’s such a soothing experience that i really reccomend!

whenever you finish a race, your friend asks you how your race went and always says something positive and reassuring!

also my car is a clockwork rocket powered ladybug



most relatable song on the album imo
Beatles Albums Explained
  • Please Please Me: the Beatles like sex
  • With the Beatles: the Beatles like sex part 2
  • A side of A Hard Day's Night: glamorous 60's pop
  • B side: bitter country music?
  • Beatles for Sale: the Beatles are a country band now in a good way
  • Help!: the Beatles remember they're a rock band but they like flutes and violins too
  • Rubber Soul: 4/5 stars songs coming together to make a 6/5 stars album
  • Revolver: hello we're the Beatles and we're ascending
  • Sgt. Pepper: the Beatles straight up dictate what pop is gonna sound like now and everyone takes notes
  • Magical Mystery Tour: "hello we're Paul and the McCartneys I mean "the Beatles" and here's the music from "our" new movie
  • The Beatles: We Are Tense
  • Yellow Submarine: idk here's some singles and new songs and a bunch of scoring from the last movie we have to make (not)
  • Abbey Road: wHOa ThERe FRiEnD
  • Let It Be: among a few orchestral pieces, the Beatles return to their roots of straight single track rock n roll that you can actually perform and they BEAT IT UP

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Here’s to the woman that for over a decade has been teaching us that there’s something euphorically beautiful about being different and unapologetically yourself. Here’s to the woman that has reminded us so poetically that “Do you know what I think is better than being cool? It’s being happy.” Here’s to the woman who has not only opened up to us the importance of fighting for those moments of fleeting happiness, but who has also shown us that our scars don’t tarnish us, and that we all deserve to feel ‘clean’.

Here’s to the woman whose five albums, alongside her spoken and written words of support, have helped a kaleidoscope of people feel less alone. So to the lovely, insanely talented woman that has gone from small acoustic performances wearing sundresses and cowboy boots within cafes at 15, to hearing 76,000 people scream “You’re my best friend” within a stadium, thank you for wholeheartedly being you, and for caring so deeply about us all.

Happy 27th birthday, Taylor Alison Swift.


        100 lyric starters taken from ‘wild world’ by bastille. change pronouns/sentence structure if necessary!


❝ so, what would you little maniacs like to do first? ❞
❝ what’s gunna be left of the world when you’re not in it? ❞
❝ every minute and every hour i miss you more ❞
❝ if you want to be a party animal you have to learn to live in the jungle ❞
❝ stop worrying and go and get dressed ❞
❝ you might have to excuse me, i’ve lost control of all of my senses ❞


❝ think about the power of your words ❞
❝ oh my god, i can’t quite believe my ears ❞
❝ you’re making me feel nervous ❞
❝ i need to clear my head ❞
❝ how can you think you’re serious? ❞
❝ do you even know what year it is? ❞


❝ kind of hoping this will turn me round ❞
❝ and now it follows me every day ❞
❝ i need to clear my head ❞
❝ my back’s up against the wall ❞
❝ i feel guilty ❞


❝ never good, just the bad and the ugly ❞
❝ nothing quite like seeing the world through the tv’s window ❞
❝ i can’t stop thinking about it ❞
❝ tell me, did you see the news tonight? ❞
❝ hold me in this wild, wild world ❞


❝ did you ever feel like they were ringing true? ❞
❝ not everything had gone to plan ❞
❝ we made the best of what we had, you know ❞
❝ all their words were glory ❞
❝ stop looking up for heaven ❞

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this is the blessed monsta x post. reblog this to help mx get their first win in 2017 so they can get their phones back and changkyun can call him mom whenever he likes

BTS reaction to their s/o being good at drawing


Suddenly really interested in it once he saw your drawings scattered on the table. He’ll probably ask you a lot of questions about how long you have been drawing and such and praise you about how talented his jagi is. Probably makes you draw him at one point while he poses for you honestly what did you expect

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Probably won’t show it but like highkey impressed. I think he is someone who will ask you to draw their album cover or just try to get you involved and help you make money off of your talent (not even “make money” but idk branch off? like getting you some job offers for making art idfk). In general he would be an angel and you are so blesssed.

I love this gif so much he is so fucking beautiful 

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Ok but joonie would looove it. He would be so in love with your art like you would be drawing in your sketch book on the couch and he would just silently approach you and lay down next to you and just stare at your hand making lines across the paper. it would be so mind blowing and mesmerizing to him how talented you were.

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He would be so excited about your drawings every time he saw them. Honestly Hobi is the type of boyfriend to hype you the fuck up no matter what you’re doing. Like you could do the most insignificant thing ever and he would be like YES THATS MY GIRL and honestly that’s what we all need in our lives. Bless.

he is so cute is he saying i love you

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He is so good at drawing too so it would honestly be the cutest thing ever. Like imagine just having random Sunday mornings where you sit down on the floor and draw and color random shit and just talk and have cute deep ass convos and show each other your drawings and sketches I totally didn’t think about this before

that shit makes me so emotional I’m not even kidding my eyes are watering im trash

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He would think you’re so cute while focusing on drawing he would legit have at least 100 pics of just you drawing and he would always hype you up to other members and be like oh y/n is sooo good at drawing she’s so talented and everyone would be like yea we know tae you send pics of her drawing every other day stfu please thanks idk he’s cute like that

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I had this scenario in my head when I thought about him of just you two being competitive pieces of shit and having like “competition” of who will draw something better or faster or whatever and one of you probably getting butthurt cough him cough and just ending up chasing each other around the house and throwing crayons and shit around idk either

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“Off the wall had sold almost six million copies in this country, but I wanted to make an album that would be even bigger. Ever since I was a little boy, I had dreamed of creating the biggest-selling record of all time. I remember going swimming as a child and making a wish before I jumped into the pool. Remember, I grew up knowing the industry, understanding goals, and being told what was and was not possible. I wanted to do something special. I’d stretch my arms out, as if I were sending my thoughts right up into space. I’d make my wish, then I’d dive into the water. I’d say to myself, ‘This is my dream, this is my wish’

I remember being in the studio once with Quincy and Rod Temperton while we were working on Thriller. I was playing a pinball machine and one of them asked me, "If this album doesn’t do as well as Off the Wall, will you be disappointed?” I remember feeling upset - hurt that the question was even raised. I told them thriller had to do better than Off the Wall. I admitted that I wanted this album to be the biggest selling album of all time. They started laughing. it was a seemingly unrealistic thing to want…The success of Thriller transformed many of my dreams into reality. It did become the biggest selling album of all time, and that fact appeared on the cover of The Guinness Book of World Records.

Making the Thriller album was very hard work, but it’s true that you only get of something what you put into it. I’m a perfectionist; I’ll work until I drop. And I worked so hard on that album.“

Mark Lee is doing so much as a 17 year old just to achieve his dreams.

He was introduced in SMROOKIES at the age of fourteen, debuted twice when he was 16 and just as he turned 17, he debuted again as a leader. The first time he debuted in NCT U, Mark helped to write the lyrics to their debut song. He came out here with a verse and flow so good that everyone who heard the song was shocked and then even more shocked to find out that a 16 year old was the one who possessed all that skill. In NCT 127, Mark helped write the lyrics to the title song as well, with another iconic rap, then in that same album he helped write the lyrics to Mad City, the song that has everyone who listened to it on edge and eager to hear more. Mark delivered such skill in those songs I’m still amazed that he was 16. Just some days after he turned 17, he debuted a third time and once again wrote lyrics to the song but this time he didn’t write it in only Korean, but in Mandarin as well. I’m pretty sure he’s not fluent in Mandarin so he had to learn, mark sure his grammar was correct and ensure that his lines were rhyming and had a good flow. Mark did all that. Not to mention that those units were back to back, he debuted 3 times back to back with very little break. Mark undoubtedly gave up a regular sleeping schedule, a normal life hanging with friends, getting a regular education, years of spending holidays with family and relaxing together, so that he can fulfil his dreams. While some members would be doing promotions with one unit, Mark would have to do promos with all three, he’d have to perform all three songs, and if the schedule included once again and mad city then mark would have to perform 5 songs. Mark is really out here pulling thru all this handwork, at the young age of 17 just to achieve his dreams and goals. Mark is literally the definition of ‘work towards your dreams’. He’s never given up, he’s taken on the challenge of 3 units back to back and not once during a performance has he half assed it, nooo, Mark Lee puts so much energy and strength and determination into every single performance you can never tell if he’s tired. 

One day while he was a tiny, the thought ‘I want to be a rapper’ came into baby Mark’s head and every since then, he has worked towards it and has never given up. Mark Lee has made so many sacrifices to reach his dreams not even I think I can be that committed to achieving my own dreams. I’m just still so shocked that Mark Lee is only 17, and has done and given up so much for something he wants. He had the aspiration of something, and he’s paved his own way for it. I don’t think words can explain how proud I am to be supporting him. I am always going to support him 100% in everything he’s doing cause i know he’s making so many sacrifices and has gone thru so much just to live his dreams, he’s only 17 but he’s such an admirable person.
Mark Lee is truly a blessing and an amazing role model to any and everyone.

Imagine Woozi shyly smiling to himself when he reads texts from you about the teaser pictures because you keep talking about how good he looks.