but this actually happened ask my mom

kireiflora replied to your post: Eeeek I forgot I have a job interview …

I dunno but if you get the job tell me what you did I’ll need the tips


It’s already highly likely I’ll get the job though. The interview is going to be pretty basic from what my mom has told me. It’s probably more informal compared to an actual job interview, but they’ll still be asking questions and stuff. But I’ll let you know what happens and what I did :DD

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What is the story of the first time you got your period?

It’s actually not very exciting at all hahaha. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants and was like “okay what the fuck” and I called my mom in and she was like “oh yeah this happens now congrats on hitting puberty, you’ll need pads now.”

It was very uneventful and I feel #blessed that it didn’t happen at school or at someone else’s house.

okay so the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever done happened when i was two:

(i literally hate this story so much but i guess it’s pretty funny???)

so i was in the inflatable pool in the backyard and screamed to my mom “i found a hole!” so she runs outside and is like “what where” so i literally POINTED TO MY CROTCH AND SAID “i found a hole!” confused, my mom tells me that it’s a secret hole and we don’t tell anybody about it.  LITERALLY THE SAME DAY WE GO TO KMART AND I’M SITTING IN THE CART AND I TELL THE CASHIER I HAVE A SECRET AND SHE’S LIKE “HURR DURR, WHAT’S YOUR SECRET?” SO I FUCKING WHIP AROUND IN THE CART AND MOVE MY SHORTS AND SHOW HER MY VAGINA.

and that’s the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever done

Last night I had the most vivid dream I’ve ever had about meeting Taylor and it was actually heartbreaking when I woke up because it hit me so hard that it wouldn’t happen. So here’s what it was like because it was amazing. So I had gotten into loft 89 at my show, I remember Andrea tapping my should and I just cried and asked for a picture and she said ‘oh maybe later! Have you ever meet Taylor?’ And I just started bawling and screaming at my mom that I was going to meet Tay and Andrea just put the bracelets on my friends and my arms. Then when we got into loft 89 the only thing I remember about the dream was hugging Taylor and just repeating thank you thank you thank you over and over again while she held me and it was the most amazing feeling (but it never even actually happened!) Anyways, that’s my story and I’m crying now so bye.

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Most thing I love about my parents is that my brother didn't need to make a big deal about coming out,actually he and his boyfriend were friends and the two families went to a park and at the fireworks show they walked away from us and came back holding hands,his bf's father just shouted "FINALLY" and my mom just asked who did the first move? & my sister came with a big smile saying she got everything on video so can you write about this happening to dean and cas please?

Added. :) 

PS: it’s wonderful to hear that you have such an awesome family!

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so are troye and Connor actually dating i just thought people shipped them

We’re pretty much sure they are, yeah. This isn’t like Troylr where people want it to happen so badly that they end up believing it’s true, the evidence here is actually pretty compelling. Read questions 1-4 on my FAQ if you want the specifics, and then if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

One thing I have been meaning to add to question 4 though is that their families are also unusually wound together. Troye is the only YouTuber Connor’s mom follows on Instagram, the entire Mellet family was following Connor on every social media platform long before they met him in person, and Laurelle is constantly supporting Connor on Twitter. (Their moms are also reportedly friends on Facebook, but idk about that)

But yeah, we basically know they’re boyfriends because they can’t be anyone else’s boyfriends.

dating white people gave me so much anxiety bc i would trust them but know that at any moment they would say some ignorant shit abt my culture or fake-gag at the food i was eating or warn our friends that where i was taking us to eat was “in the hood” or ask if my family wanted to eat my dog or call my mom a “poor, confused little woman” or mock the way my grandparents talk

and that’s all shit that actually happened!! white people are fucked up and dating them was fucked up lol learn from my mistakes & don’t do that to yourself

I was abused, mentally and physically, by my father for 10 years, more intensely for the last 4. When my parents divorced, i was so happy that i wouldn’t have to see him as often. Even still, every time i tried to ask him to give up custody of me, i thought i was gonna cry when it actually happened.
Today, my father said that he is signing the papers to give my mom full custody of me as soon as possible.
We said our goodbyes, and I said “bye, *insert his first name here*” and it felt so good to say goodbye and not call him dad.
I am so happy to be out of that awful situation.
And i promise, if you’re in an abusive situation that you’re afraid to get out of, you will feel so much better when you finally do.
You deserve happiness.

a few months ago, my grandma went into the hospital (we’re not close, very neutral relationship, no sad sentiments needed, and anyway she’s fine) and my mom was giving me info so i could call her in the hospital and be nice. but actually what happened is my mom was like “[name of a stranger] is in hospital, you can call and ask for [first and last name of a stranger]” and i was like, “who is that” because turns out the name i thought my grandma had was actually a nickname + her fourth husband’s name and her actual legal name is something i have never in my life heard. my mom was also like, “[random name] is doing fine, just so you know, though it’s been hard” and i was like, “who is that” and turns out that is my grandma’s fifth husband. did not know she was married! for the fifth time, no less! 

so, anyway, after that, i asked my mom to make a family tree for me, because good lord how little do i actually know about my family? and she just sent me the first chunk of it in a big stream-of-consciousness paragraph. luckily i have scapple, so i’m just plotting it out there to try and get some coherent sense out of it. but anyway, first thing i notice is that most of the relatives on my maternal side were placed for adoption, which is something i never knew, and i’m just sort of reeling from the weirdness of that, considering my profession.

you know how sometimes you’re like, “oh thank god now i have something to talk about in therapy” because man i just had one of those moments

So this happened last night. You can say I’m straight. Yet, I support the LGBT community.

I had a fever last night so I called my parents (I’m studying abroad). They were with my sisters and when one of them was talking to me, she asked, “Why are you talking about gay people?”

I retorted, “So, you actually don’t care that if I have dengue fever right now?”

She was scared and handed the phone back to my mom. But it wasn’t over—she texted me, asking the same thing.

I left the text for about an hour and decided to reply “I support them, is it wrong?”

You know what, she responded “Yes, of course.” and THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG!

I became so angry that I wanted to scold her, but it’d make me look weak. I decided to continue the conversation by doing an ‘interrogation’.

I didn’t read her texts because they all were about “Gay people are cursed” and things like that. And then I said this “Being a LGBT community supporter does not necessarily mean I’m gay. You are exposing yourself to the world that you have an extremely narrow mind and you are way too naïve to be a mother. “Or may I say… to have a selfless and kind brother who is open-minded, outgoing and uncritical.” I sent those texts to my other sister as well. I won. I won the argument while looking calm. I was proud, not regretful of what I had said. I am born in a wrong country. I am born with a wrong culture. I am born in a family with wrong mindset. But that doesn’t mean I can’t stand up for gay people! No matter what, whether I’m dying or being abused, I will not stop supporting the LGBT community. #LoveWins
Agar.io Adventures

I actually started chanting “Axis Powers!” over and over and my mom came into my room and asked me what I was doing

We signed the Tripartite Pact by giving each other mass but Japan decided not show show up

Best bros, even on the leaderboard

Ok so after this some really weird shit started happening

I got to first place but for some reason there were only four people left on the server ???


eventually I just quit and let rain eat me but that was so fuckin weird

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Wait do you still not know what happens when you have your period?😂

our ask box is filled with messages of people skeptic on my actual date of birth and age and anons laughing at me for being unaware of the human body i’m gonna cRY MFG
u guys pls don’t blame me, i don’t isolate myself and my mom has the mouth of a sailor and makes sex jokes all the time and is super open but i never had a health class where i learned stuff bc my health teacher was literally the mean girls p.e. coach and never taught us about the reproductive system or anything
but i think i know?? i think the blood is ur own, right? not the exploding fetus’s???

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Hi. This has nothing to do with drag queens, this is completely random but I'm just bored so I'm just throwing this into my fave blogs ask boxes :) could you tell us a funny story? Something that happened to you, like the first one that comes to your mind.

This is cute! This is actually probably my favorite story to tell people!

Okay so when this happened I was really scared but now I love this story and I laugh at it. When I was like 11-12 me and my ex best friend decided to watch The Ring for the first time. We were at my home and we were alone(my sister was at her friends house and my dad was somewhere and my mom was at neighbors place). And it was really late and really really dark. So we were watching that movie and you know that part where they show that part of a video and then that girl calls you and says ‘7 days’ and after a week she comes and kills you. so they showed that video and right after it finished, like the same fucking second, my mom calls me!!!! We freaked out so much!!! We couldn’t even answer it lol we were like 'you answer it. No you answer it’.

  • My sister:I wanna go parasailing and skydiving and mountain climbing--
  • Mom:All right, sweetie, have fun, someday.
  • Me:I want to run cross country. Or track, I don't really care.
  • Mom:Cross country? That's running, you know that, right? You don't even walk!

I constantly beg my mom to actually respond to what I’ve said and not pretend I said something else and I can’t get her to stop

I mentioned that we didn’t have bread or spaghetti and she yells at me about how she doesn’t have any money when I didn’t say anything about money? Sometimes I’ll just say “mom” and she gets all exasperated and says “I’m not making you anything” when I rarely ever ask her to make me food?? Like there’s no precedent for the things she says and even if there were why is it so hard to wait for me to actually say what I want to say and respond to only that? It wastes my time and hers if she’s having conversations that are half happening in her head and I have to repeat what I said and try to emphasize my point and half the time I still can’t get through to her

I can’t say anything to her because she’ll yell at me