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S1E01 vs S3E02

“When you accepted Keith as the new leader of Voltron, it proved that you value a strong team over your own need for glory. Just like my father.”

“I won’t let him down.”


Does anyone else want to cry at the fact that boy Allura first woke up to, first saw, after her father being her last vision before falling asleep, ended up being the person she, in a sense, passes his legacy to? 

Because I’m sobbing all over my floor.

Hoping no one else has done this

I watched the new episodes and honestly hearing the Rutile Twins talk I knew I heard their voice somewhere then I saw that ASHLY MCFRICKEN BURCH VOICES THEM
If you get why I drew these clothes on them you will also know why I will forever love and protect this child ꒰⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ᴗ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒꒱

Daithi De Nogla’s Stick Fight Best Friend Delirious video:

Delirious: H-hey, w-we’re friends! We’re friends!

Nogla: Yeah, let’s hold hands! Let’s hold hands!

Vanoss with Terroriser from the other side: *looks at them* … *starts shooting Nogla and Delirious*