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I think Shiro is kind of boring????

I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike him, but ever since the beginning of the show he was never very interesting to me as a character.

He doesn’t have any real character flaws?? Like,, PTSD is not a character flaw. Getting rationally (and humorously) frustrated at an alien dude that’s being difficult isn’t a character flaw. All the interesting stuff about Shiro is stuff that happens TO him, and not really Shiro himself.

When the team started, he was already a fit leader. Keith, especially in season 3, has Potential as a leader but clearly he’s still very flawed and his character arc is getting to that point where he is fit.

Character development doesn’t always have to be positive so it’d be cool so see Shiro get some like. substance.

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I just realized something about the mixtape. If you ignore the "Zepp Traxx" part, the label says "Dean's Top." As in, this is a gift for Dean's top. The top of Dean. The man who would top Dean. AKA CAS. Just one more reason to love that damn (romantic af) mixtape :D

“Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Tra xx” is :

Dean’s Top = Cas?
Tra xx = kisses?
13 = the season where it’s made obvious?

so Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Tra xx = Kisses for Cas in season 13

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*downloads dustbowl mod*
*downloads NCR outfit mod and puts it on all my settlers*
*downloads ed-e companion mod*
*downloads legion armor mod and manually puts it on every raider*

Wow i cant believe Todd Howard finally listened to the fans and rereleased fnv on the new engine :)

😍😢They grow up so fast. They’re already trained to jump out in qeue🐤🐥

A Birthday gift for the good @nerogengar
Have a happy B. Day, my dude!

Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata
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I think Luthor and Super relationships are always the most interesting stories in a super comic.

ok but im kinda just laughing bc we all thought this was a hack for the good first hour or so and then we kinda just went “….. nah taylor is extra as hell this is ts6″ but like……. if taylor actually does get hacked one day we’re gonna think it’s the next era and things will get really awk really fast

something that is important to remember is that wlw solidarity is incredibly important and amazing but like. not everything is for all wlw all the time.

lesbians face a distinct set of prejudices based off of the fact that they do not experience attraction to men.

and bi/pan women have their own exclusive experiences as a result of their attraction to multiple genders, especially if they’re also attracted to men.

let wlw experience their own experiences. there are unifying wlw experiences, but not everything is for everyone, and it’s important we respect other wlw’s spaces.


now w the rest of the boys (minus their drummer)

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also uhhh Listen
i know ive changed adris monster form 4 bajillion times but consider this one now,….

also the hottest thing about niall possibly buying this mullingar house (and also the LA one since it was also a reduced price home) is that he literally LOOKS for good investments like this. he finds homes (properties) that are on the lower scale price, that maybe need a bit of work done and completely renovates them and puts the needed money into them to increase their value later on. 

hes a fucking smart little shit and i love him. 

“So….um…..what do you guys think? ” 

(( Mun got a new wig and I’M SUPER NERVOUS ABOUT IT ;/////; I’m just so used to the old one because I’ve had it since…well…since I first started cosplaying Canada. ))