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community 7x06: introduction to extraterrestrial relations

a thing i know in my heart to be true: jeff and annie definitely dressed up as mulder and scully as their first official couples’ costume on halloween, to really take advantage of their height difference and honor annie’s fbi internship. and jeff definitely threw some hissy fits over having to downgrade his hair to Fox Mulder Hair Levels.

did he wear a floppy wig? did annie try to re-shape his own beloved hair into an insulting imitation of mulder’s inferior mane? i don’t know, but i feel in my heart of hearts that community season 7 could have given us a THRILLING episode about it. in this hypothetical universe, i am the queen of community season 7.

this episode would also feature:

  • jeff and annie getting in a fight in the middle of the halloween dance because jeff cannot shake the humiliation of being seen with mulder hair. halloween is supposed to be an excuse for him to show off his handsomeness even more than usual. he cannot quite reconcile himself to choosing fun over choosing an opportunity to look cool, even if he knows in his heart of hearts he would rather have fun with annie.
  • “you seriously think it’s a handsomeness downgrade to dress up like david duchovny?” annie demands
  • “you seriously think it isn’t?” jeff says, appalled
  • “i don’t get why you’re being such a baby about this! we planned these costumes months ago! you were excited about it then!”
  • “i can’t just be david duchovny for you, annie. i’ve been me for over forty years. i’m not going to pretend to be your dopey dream guy just because you want me to! i am what i am; what you see is what you get. and most women, by the way, would be thrilled to get this.”
  • “how many years are you over forty, exactly? i’m just checking, because you may be in the running for WORLD’S OLDEST BABY.”
  • “you’re really gonna throw that label at me? DONALD TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT.”
  • “well, at least he’s willing to go out in public with bad hair!”
  • the crowd gasps in horror at this, the worst burn that has ever been inflicted upon a human being.
  • annie goes on, “and david duchovny isn’t my dream guy! it’s–”
  • “don’t say it,” jeff implores desperately. “annie, i beg of you, don’t say it. you know there’s no coming back from this–”
  • jeff reels back like he’s been punched.
  • “in guardians OR jurassic world!” annie digs the knife in.
  • “i hope aliens abduct you,” jeff growls.
  • “me too!” annie cries. “it’ll be a nice break from you!”
  • and annie storms out of the cafeteria.
  • “go winger! don’t let her chang you!” yells guess who.
  • “mulder and scully are fighting,” the dean announces over the mic from where he’s dj-ing. “i repeat, MULDER AND SCULLY ARE FIGHTING.”
  • “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” yells garrett
  • (and it goes on)

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Music Series: I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Love Aerosmith! And such a great song of theirs.

These lyrics are kind of perfect for how Harry would feel for his woman he is deeply in love with, so I hope my imagine reflects that.

This is “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith, which you can listen to HERE via my Spotify playlist called, “I Love You Long Time’. Thanks for the request!




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an explanation.

hi guys,

   um, so, as some of u guys may have seen, i haven’t been exactly.. active in the phandom recently. the past month has been a hard one, and i’m sorry that i haven’t been reblogging the content you followed me for. lately, i have come to terms that i have simply moved on from dan and phil, and im terribly sorry for not lasting as long as i wanted to. i mean??? i barely lasted a year in this community, and it was the most fun i have experienced online. i made loads of amazing friends, met tons of great people, but my time in this fandom has come to an end. instead, i have changed my blog to one about musicals and theater, something i am more interested in at the moment! feel free to unfollow me if they aren’t your thing, i completely understand that everyone has different tastes!! 

if we are mutuals, i will continue to follow you. just because im not as involved in the phandom as i used to be does not mean i dislike dan and phil. 

also, a special thank you to all of my friends i have made while in this community!! without you, i probably wouldn’t have stayed as long as i have. 

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i love you all!!

anonymous asked:

the tv line interview is the one they're on the boat right? i see dylan :3 i cant wait for these interviews to come out and the panel!!

a tvline interview is already out here! boat interviews are usually from TV Guide and they’re always a Good Time. (EDIT: looks like IMDb are doing boat interviews too!! #IMDboat) dylan is there! the whole gang :D also im refreshing youtube every 2 mins for the panel soon as anyone finds a HD link hit me up pleasE!!!

wildlyclearparadise  asked:

Omg omg I love this page. I am a huge Beyonce Stan , beyhive till I die and I live for throwback bey. Marjority of the ig fan pages don't post much of flashbackbey so thank you. Please post more. Bday era , dil era , dreamgirls etc. You made me resign up after years of absence on tumblr . Keep up the good work!!!

thanks boo, like ikr bey’s last projects got soooo huge all i see is lemonade/self-titled/formation tour posts lately (not a bad thing) but i love me some early bey and i’ve actually had a few “OMG how come i’ve never seen this” comments on my work it out™ (2002) gifset and honestly??? someone’s gotta enlighten those kids 

Stephew Waitress Au

@six-and-a-half-dollar-man Heard you like Waitress the musical and couldn’t resist drawing some early college days Stephew as Ogie and Dawn

She didn’t have to speak to say that she had lost someone she loved.

You could see it in her dark circles, chapped lips, and messy hair.

You could see it in the way she stopped trying to take care of herself, and how she took on bad habits.

When she rolls around in her bed, sleepless, she makes sure to stay on her side of the bed

In case, he ever comes back.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #32 // @loveactivist