but things change really fast

What The Signs Are Afraid Of

Showing weakness - Anybody who has never been close to an Aries would never know that they are actually very sensitive and emotional people. They hate showing their more emotional side because they see that as showing weakness.
They fear that showing their sensitive side will end in others walking all over them or pitying them.

Not being in control - As a fixed sign, Taurus’ hates not being in control. When things change too fast that they can’t process or really accept the fact that things will no longer be how they were before, they get really depressed. They isolate themselves and try to hold onto what they are familiar with instead of following the stream to the unknown.

Not doing enough - Geminis’ are hard workers, even though they have a hard time focusing on one thing at the time. They always get things done, but they fear that they aren’t doing enough and that everything they do constantly need improvement. They are never 100% satisfied with their own work - even with others admiration.

Being rejected - They are very sensitive people and don’t take things like rejection very easy. They don’t care about who or where they are rejected from, it is the fact that they aren’t wanted somewhere or by someone that they are afraid of.

Being forgotten - As everybody know, Leos’ love being the center of attention, so when they get forgotten they start fealing small and unloved. No matter how much confidence a Leo has, they still need some type of validation from others and without that, they start feeling invisible and unimportant.

Not being needed - Virgos want others to need them. Feeling need means a lot to them because it means that someone can’t do something withouth their help. Helping others distracts them from thinking about their own problems, but directs their attention on fixing others problems. So when they aren’t needed, they get sucked into their own deep and dark thoughts.

Telling people how they really feel - Libras are always trying to solve other peoples problems or be the shoulder others lean on. This is why they never say how they personally feel about the situation - To uphold the balance they have already established.
They fear saying what they really feel because that might make others look at them diffrent and ruin the balance.  

Finally opening up only to getting hurt - They are very emotionally closed people which is why it is rare that they open up to others - because they fear getting hurt if they do. That is why they go out of their way to keep their distance to others. 

Getting too close to others - They have a fear of getting too close to others and committing. The idea of no longer being able to do whatever they used to do, without considering others feelings is terrifying to them and it makes them feel trapped. This is why they tend to distance themselves from others before anybody gets too attached.

Having their hard work go to waste - Capricorns put a lot of time and energy into everything they do. They bust their asses to get to where they want to be, so when all their efforts goes to waste, they break down.  Things like this stay in the back of their minds till forever. Even with their will power to start over, they have a doubt in the back of their minds that their abilities to do it all over again won’t be enough…again.  

Being seen like everybody else - Aquarius hold a certain pride in being different, so when they are generalized or put in a category with others, they start feelings small and insignificant. This is why they often are protective of what they see as ‘theirs’.

Not being able to help someone they love - Watching someone they love hurting is hard because they put themselves in their loved ones place. They make their loved ones problems their problems, so when they can’t help them, they personally feel affected because of how emotionally invested they are in helping.

What The Signs Are Afraid Of

Showing weakness - Anybody who has never been close to an Aries would never know that they are actually very sensitive and emotional people. They hate showing their more emotional side because they see that as showing weakness.
They fear that showing their sensitive side will end in others walking all over them or pitying them.

Not being in control - As a fixed sign, Taurus’ hates not being in control. When things change too fast that they can’t process or really accept the fact that things will no longer be how they were before, they get really depressed. They isolate themselves and try to hold onto what they are familiar with instead of following the stream to the unknown.

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  • Lent this year: ok... that sounds fake but ok...

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.

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And thank you so much to everyone who tweeted about Kabby, including all those awesome people in the Bellarke fandom who tagged in to show their support, we made it into the first round!  Please oh please go vote for our babies in this poll!  Let’s see if we can get Team Adults at least into Round 2!!!!  It closes on Friday and you can vote as many times as you like.  So far we’re in a good position to make it into the next round, but things could change really fast if other fandoms suddenly realize “OH CRAP WE’RE BEHIND” and rally the troops.




Chapter 12 of SSLL was so great and inspired me to draw so many things. I only had time for a few right now though so I had to pick my absolute favorites. Top on my list was definitely the opening scene with Blue. That just made my entire week when I read that (I have such a soft spot for the little guy). Then of course I had to draw when Blue just had to ruin the moment with Red, it was too good to pass up.

SSLL is written by the amazingly talented @tyranttortoise and I highly recommend reading their work!!!

I just realised that this is literally how I got into Seventeen

To Search for a Rose

I’ve had this idea cooking in my head for a long time now and finally got it written down. I had to rush it to get it out in time before the new episode. This was actually meant to be a short 1,000-1,500 word fic, but things got out of hand and now it has 4,500+ words. I have never written a fic for White Rose (the best ship in RWBY lol).

I actually want to give a little shout out to @weissrose​. Their amazing RWBY fanfics (*cough* Foxtrot *cough*) have inspired me to write this and I just hope that I captured the characters correctly. Its a little angsty but has a happy ending.

Enjoy! :D

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1. Things change really fucking fast.
2. Home doesn’t have to be the place you grew up. Home can be the friends that picked up the pieces when you packed your bags and left.
3. Time means nothing. People you met six months ago can mean more to you than people you’ve known for eight years. That’s okay.
4. If they have to tell you that they’re an honest person, they probably aren’t.
5. Sometimes, you need to go for a five hour drive to see the stars better and sometimes you need to make this decision at eight p.m. without packing a bag. It’s refreshing.
6. You can’t fix your anxiety with impulsivity. But it’s kinda fun and worth a shot anyway.
7. If you have something to say, say it. You’ll probably regret things you didn’t do more than things you did.
8. If they only text you when it’s dark outside, they don’t really want to talk.
9. If they say sorry and continue the same behavior they apologized for, they’re not sorry. This goes for friends, crushes, and your parents.
10. It’s okay to do things on your own. It’s okay to go for drives to clear your head and get food by yourself and hang out in cafes by yourself. Nobody thinks you’re weird.
11. There are things you want and things you need. Know the difference.
12. Watching the sunset on parking garage rooftops with your friends serve as cheap therapy appointments.
13. Smile at people because the world is hard and it’s so beautiful to just be kind.
14. Espresso will never ever cure a headache. Just take ibuprofen like a normal person.
15. If you hate what you’re doing, quit. You’re not giving up. You’re making better choices for yourself. Leave jobs, people, situations, or classes that make you want to die.
16. You can only mess up a finite amount of times in your life. You’ll make messes and you’ll learn from your mistakes and you’ll grow and that’s probably the whole point.
—  16 Things I Learned in 2016

Over the past 24 hours it’s really hit me hard how fast things can change. And how quickly the people in your life can go. After seeing so many of my friends at the Ariana concert last night and waking up the next morning not knowing if they where okay and home and safe, made me feel so sick. Luckily they’re all okay and weren’t seriously injured. I’ve felt the need to tell everyone, friends and family how much I love them. Because you never know that could be the last time you talk to them. And then after everything else that has happened today. It doesn’t feel real, it feels like a dream. It just hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m worried for this world. Praying for everyone around the world who’s affected by this.

And I just wanted to say, whether we speak on here or not. I love you all 💙

it’s amazing really,   how fast time can really go.   how things can change in the blink of an eye.   one minute everything can be fine,   you can be on top of the world  ;   in a complete blissful daze,   and the next   .  .  .   the world is falling apart.   only an hour ago had she landed in miami   —   ready to console her brother and be there for him as much as she could.   her heart was aching,   pulse beating at an ungodly rate and she felt sick to her stomach at the very idea that his cancer was back   —   that there was a very real possibility he may not recover this time,   that his children would be left fatherless.

an hour ago she felt for him.   loved him unconditionally and would’ve risked her own life for him.   but that was an hour ago.   now   —   oh now luisa’s blood was boiling,   her heart broken in one too many ways.   she was conflicted,   torn on what to do   —   where to go,   and what to feel.   but one thing was for sure   —   the love she had for her brother was slowly beginning to subside,   and instead hatred was slipping into place.   something she never thought could be possible.

she’s tempted to head to the bar,   wipe away all the good she’s done   —   throw away the three years of being sober just so she can taste the liquid gold that always soothed her aching soul.   but as she’s about to head to the bar,   she spots jane emerging from the elevator.      “   jane!   ”      she calls out rather quickly,   her chest rising as the tears rimming the edges of her eyes begin to burn.   her feet carry her towards the woman before she realises what she’s doing.   but she also needs to do something that won’t send her in direction of the bar.

“   did you know?   were you apart of rafael’s big plan?   ”      her voice can’t help but drip betrayal and bitterness as she comes to a halt in front of the other woman.   her jaw tightens in the slightest and her fingertips threaten to curl into the palms of her hands.   she never thought her brother could stoop so low   —   that’d he’d pull having cancer to lure her down here.   he didn’t give one single damn about her   —   only wanted one thing,   and one thing only   —   to capture rose.   it just so happened that the only way to get to her was to use luisa,   and oh did she feel used.

starter call.    |    @grantmiracles.

New Moon in Leo, August 2015 Predictions
  • Aries: A new Moon which focuses on your sex drive. You feel that a fire of hope burns in your heart and you want to have some fun, go out and flirt
  • Taurus: Many things have changed over the past two months. You faced difficulties you didn't expect to come across. The best thing you should do right now is try to avoid any kind of conflicts and replenish your energy. Saturn will not push you for much long and already things are getting fixed
  • Gemini: The power of this New Moon is focused on your closed relatives and dearest friends and their needs. They demand loyalty and devotion. You desire freedom and you get much affection by feeling independent. But right now, your friends need you
  • Cancer: This New Moon is shedding light over your financial status and the decisions you should make to move forward. This seem to have slowed down as far as your plans are concerned due to unexpected circumstances which demanded your attention. Your soul has been granted the gift of social help. Someone (or maybe more) are here to help you. Who is it?
  • Leo: A new Moon which tries to say one thing to you. Listen to your heart and your needs. This new Moon is focusing all the power of the universe to get in touch with your - dark side - the one you suppress all this time. What do you really want? Are these people near you helping you move forward? Are you in a fulfilling relationship? Answer carefully
  • Virgo: It's official. Jupiter, the benevolent and growing factor of the Zodiac is already in your sign and from now on and for 12 months he will try to boost everything you focus on. That's the power of Zeus. Dominion in our actions, assert our authority in our lives. We are responsible for everything that's happening in our lives. Stand up and fight. It's time to conquer
  • Libra: Your soul is receiving a loving kiss from Jupiter and already you feel it. The new Moon wants from you the best and will try to create a social circle to help you cheer up and feel loved. This is the time to go out with your friends and hang out with new interesting people
  • Scorpio: Saturn is at last direct, therefore many of life's major issues are now starting to be solved, one by one. This New Moon however hides a very important decision for you. Things are getting clearer and you'll soon have to decide what path you should take. Saturn suppressed your dreams over the past two years and now as a goodbye gift asks you "now what?".
  • Sagittarius: A New Moon drenched with the golden colors of Leo creating the perfect opportunity to assert your dominance in the areas of your life which were shaken. Your long-term goals need refreshing and this is the time to ask what do you really want from your lives. Take full advantage of the New Moon.
  • Capricorn: This is the time when your feelings and your sexuality are kinda awakened probably causing conflicts between your heart and your mind. Your instincts tell you what to do but you cannot easily let this happen. Feelings of despair may rise but you should know this is only temporary. Things are changing... really fast
  • Aquarius: Your relationships are under the microscope of the New Moon. Things may be rather complicated with your most intimate people. This is the time to re-arrange your priorities as far as your relationships are concerned. This might mean that some have to be reinforced and some should be left in the past.
  • Pisces: You had enough and your body needs to be detoxified by all these negative vibes the world and you co-created. You should find time for yourself to rest and heal. Meditation can also help you as well as starting a more healthy living - trying working out, running or a balanced diet. It's time to care more about yourself and your everyday life.
Paper Stars: Chapter 2

S o r r y about the wait, but here it is!!

Again, Kudos and Thanks to @count-the-shooting-stars <3

“And bam, just like that, you have a cute little star…!” Mabel placed the origami in the open space between herself and her twin. He rubbed his nose with a soft sniffle. “L-like this…?” He mumbled, pinching the edges to make the star puff out. He was always a fast learner, his star came out perfect. She nodded, looking up at his face and he had a soft smile despite his sniffles and tear stained cheeks.

“I like it…it’s fun. It keeps your hands occupied and keeps your mind concentrated so you don’t have to think about what’s making you upset…” He explained softly, rolling it in his cupped hands with a wistful look on his face. Mabel set her hands on his and squeezed them, her toothy grin infectious as Dipper soon as his own to match hers. He squeezed her hands back and they set their foreheads against one another. “Whenever you’re upset, you can make these Stars and feel better. You can put them in my wish jar, which yours now, too!” Dipper chuckled softly, rubbing at his eyes and cheeks.

Mabel took his hand once more, leading him off the bottom bunk and over to her desk in the dim moonlight of their room. Dipper leaned over and dropped his bright orange paper star into the jar among Mabel’s own pink and purple ones.

The color of orange in her large container grew over the next few months. Sometimes she’d wake up just to see new ones placed inside that she didn’t even know about before hand. Other times she was there, holding her brother’s shoulders as he folded the star in a soft silence. She was happy to see that he was feeling better, he wasn’t as quiet after school anymore, he was more playful, and she wouldn’t hear the sad murmurs from him at night anymore.

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this is my best friend & this was taken from the passenger seat of this old white truck with blue seats, where i’ve taken a lot of photos, but these are definitely some of my favorites. i got hit with this overwhelming sense of just… nostalgia? we sat there and realized how much we had grown up and how quickly things were passing. i am glad that i have had somebody, in various capacities & roles, to grow up these last few years with– someone who has seen my very best, and my very worst, and, despite this, no matter what i always find myself in this passenger seat with someone who understands & is there for me despite arguments and differences. it’s all happened so fast. but while everything changes, some things never really do.

Measured in Summers

Ollivanders Challenge, Week 6

prompt: Summer holidays

Seasons change, and so do feelings. Height can be measured in inches on a door frame; love can be measured in summers.

                          Summer, 1992  

As was the case with most school age children, summer was Ron Weasley’s favorite season. Blissfully setting aside his homework until the last possible minute, just like anyone else would do (except Hermione. He knew, instinctively, that Hermione had probably finished it her first night home), he set out to enjoy his summer to the fullest extent. This meant swimming in the pond, whining his way into Quidditch games, and climbing trees with Ginny. It was catching frogs and lightning bugs, and eating homemade ice cream while watching the sunset. Sometimes it meant finding out of the way places on their property to sit and think of nothing in particular, and other times it meant reading comics and organizing his Chocolate Frog card collection.

He was bored within three days.

As much as he hated the tedious aspect of lessons, he found that he missed his time at Hogwarts. Actually, he missed his friends (mainly Harry), so he set about writing a letter, because he figured Harry was probably going spare living with those Muggles. He waited for a reply, but none came. He sent a second letter, and then another, but still nothing. Finally, he wrote to Hermione; if anyone could figure out what was wrong, it was her. He found that Harry hadn’t been answering her, either, and now both of them were worried.

Things that Harry had let drop about his homelife during the year whispered through Ron’s head, leaving nasty suspicions and a sick feeling. Finally, one night after tossing and turning, he kicked off the hot, sticky sheets that were clinging to his skin, and made a decision. Swinging his legs of the edge of the bed, he stood up, and began to creep down to the twins room, knowing that he needed their help, and that this was the sort of thing they lived for. He paused briefly, suddenly thinking about Hermione, and whether he should ask her to help, or not. after several moments of hesitation, he decided not to. She would only come up with a hundred and seventy-six reasons why they shouldn’t do it (whatever ‘it’ turned out to be), and Harry didn’t have time for that. Hermione was brilliant, he thought, his hand on the knob, and he liked her well enough.

But he could get on just fine without her.

                                        Summer, 1993

Ron peeled the last shred of sunburnt skin from the back of his neck, rolling it into a ball and flicking it away. It was one of the curses of being a Ginger; the sun was not your friend. The only upside was that the rest of his family was suffering right along with him, so the teasing was almost nonexistent. At least, on that score. Percy was getting the brunt of the twins’ attention, and Ron privately thought that there were few others as deserving. He had always thought of Perce as a bit of a pinhead, but ever since getting that Head Boy badge, it had swollen to dangerous proportions. And, he thought with a grin, who better to pop it than a couple of pricks? He didn’t know what it was about smart people that always made them think they were so much better than everyone else. Well, Hermione wasn’t that bad. She might blather on about the rules, and nearly nag him into a coma, but he had seen her smash right through the rules, and do things that he couldn’t even imagine Percy even considering. She could be fun when she wanted to, and, although he’d never admit it, she had written things that had helped him deal with what had happened to Ginny in the Chamber.

When he had told her about the vacation his family was taking, she had been nearly as excited as he was, and had made him promise to remember everything he could, because she wanted to hear about it when he got back. The attention was…..flattering, really; no one else had ever been that enthusiastic about hearing what he had to say. Which was why, when asked if he wanted to invite anyone else to Diagon Alley when they found out Harry wasn’t home, he had taken the twins’ joking suggestion about Hermione seriously. The prospect of spending time with just her was oddly appealing, and when her reply came back saying that she would meet him, he didn’t give too much thought to how happy that made him. He reckoned that, along with Harry, she was his best friend.

He enjoyed having her around a lot.

                                         Summer, 1994

The sunlight stung his eyes as he squinted across the field, barely able to make out the heads of Fred and George in the distance. He watched suspiciously for awhile, but he was too far away to be able to tell what they were doing, and he wasn’t stupid enough to risk moving any closer. They had been even more sneaky and secretive of late, and he knew it was only a matter of time before Mum caught them out and the whole mess exploded. He just hoped he wouldn’t be standing close enough for any of the gore to land on him.

He pulled nervously on the collar of one of his nicer t-shirts, and checked once more to make sure that his trousers were actually covering his ankles. This was going to be one of the best summers ever, he thought with a grin. He could count the number of professional  Quidditch games he had been to on one hand, and he had never thought he’d be lucky enough to go to a match this important. And not only that, but Harry and Hermione were getting to come, and he could finally feel like he was making up for a few of the butterbeers and sweets they had treated him to. Not that he didn’t try to do his share, and not that he let them get away with it often; but it felt nice, for once, to be the one providing something special, even if they were technically his dad’s passes. And he was going to get to see Viktor Krum himself, in action! Krum was amazing, and one of his heroes, even if it made him feel a bit disloyal to the Cannons. Still, this was a once in a lifetime chance, and he had been saving his money so he could make the most of it.

Harry wouldn’t be coming until tomorrow, but his dad was taking him to pick up Hermione today. For some reason, thinking of her made the memory of her hugging him flash through his mind, and he felt uncommonly hot. The sun must be brighter than he thought. He looked around nervously, as if someone might be able to read his thoughts. He didn’t know why he was embarrassed at the thought of her; it was just an odd feeling he’d been getting around her lately, or whenever he thought of her too much. To distract himself, he imagined how lost she’d be trying to figure out some of the more complex moves that they were sure to see, and he couldn’t help snickering. She always got so flustered when there was something she didn’t understand, like it was a personal insult. She got all pouty, and her face scrunched up in a way that was…..he wasn’t sure, and he backed away from the thought uneasily. There was just something about Hermione.

He thought he would be better off ignoring it.

                                        Summer, 1995

It was raining out a sudden summer storm, and Ron scowled the sound, checking his window every few minutes to see if it was letting up. He needed Pig to get this letter to Hermione pronto, to make sure she had gotten her parents permission to spend the rest of the summer with his family. It would be her longest visit yet, and he was shaky with nerves and excitement. His parents had told him that they wouldn’t be staying here very long, but they wouldn’t say where they were going. He knew it had something to do with Dumbledore, but they said he would find out later. Fred and George, hacked at being left out even though they were of age, had set about inventing ways to get around their mum. Ron knew that Dad would probably tell them more, if it was up to him, but he didn’t blame him for not being willing to risk Mum’s wrath. A Howler was bad enough, but it wasn’t a patch on what the live version was like.

Part of him couldn’t blame her for being more protective, after what had happened to Diggory just a few short weeks ago. He hadn’t gotten a close look, but even at that distance, he had known that the older boy was dead. He had felt numb, watching as Harry clung to the corpse, the only thing anchoring him to the earth had been Hermione’s hands, fiercely grasping his arm. Ron had been afraid before; with all of the mental things they had done over the years, it would be bizarre if he hadn’t been. But somehow, the death of someone that they knew, someone so young, really made it hit home how fast things were changing, and just how much was at risk.

And that wasn’t the only thing changing, though he was still trying to adjust to the new revelations that had struck him. He had found out exactly what a Bludger felt like, when he saw Hermione at the Ball with Krum, and the pain slammed right into his gut. Things that had been carefully buried below the surface had shot to the top, and he knew there was no way to stuff them back down again. He wasn’t sure he wanted to. All he really knew was that he wanted to be the one at her side, and for her to look at him the way he had seen girls look at other blokes. He hadn’t hashed out all the details, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to make a move until he did; because, quite frankly, this development scared him almost as much as the prospect of fighting You-Know-Who.

He fancied Hermione Granger, and he hadn’t a clue in the world what to do about it.

                                            Summer, 1996  

Lightning bugs tapped against his window, drawn by the light shining out from the lamp on his desk. Crumpled up sheets of parchment lay scattered about, lines of writing scribbled through and blotted out. He threw his quill down, and rubbed his face with his hands, frustrated at the words that just wouldn’t come. How hard was it to tell a witch that you fancied her? Even Percy, the flaming git, had managed to get himself a girlfriend. And his own little sister could probably start her own Quidditch team with all of her exes. He had bungled his way through last year, hoping he would find a way to prove himself to her, or at least see a sign that she was open to the idea. But nothing had seemed to go right; he faintly recalled a kiss on the cheek, but he had been too sick with nerves at the time to enjoy it properly, and he didn’t want to get his hopes up that she had meant it in more than a friendly way.

He had never actually flirted before, and didn’t know how to go about it. He wasn’t one for the soppy stuff that he had heard most girls liked, and he knew that Hermione wouldn’t go for anything crude. Not that he thought he could manage that without his ears melting clean off his face, anyway; besides, he didn’t want to give her the impression that that was all he was after although he’d be lying if he said he didn’t find the thought greatly appealing.

But he was growing a bit more desperate. The fight at the Ministry was something he still had nightmares about, waking in a cold sweat, the scars coiling around his arms throbbing and aching. He had come closer than he was comfortable with to dying. He had hid it from Harry, who had been plunged in grief at the time, but those brains had very nearly strangled him to death.

Yet, that wasn’t the worst thing, at least to him. No, the worst thing had been waking up and rolling over to find Hermione stretched out on a bed in the hospital wing, as still and unmoving as she had been when she was Petrified. For a few agonizing heartbeats, he had thought she was dead, and a scream had started in the back of his throat, only to be cut off when he saw her chest rise slightly. On those nights, when everyone had left them, he had been able to piece together things from what she had told him, and what he overheard from others. They still weren’t sure what spell had been used on her, but they considered it was a miracle she was still alive. The thought filled him with guilt; if they had just managed to stick together, maybe he could have……he didn’t know. All he knew was that time felt like it was running out, and he was no closer to her than he had been before, and he might very well lose her before he even had her. And she seemed completely oblivious to all of the hints he had been tossing her way, and he was beginning to wonder if she was ignoring them on purpose.

He still fancied Hermione, but his heart was heavy with the near certainty that she would never feel the same.

                                            Summer, 1997

Ron tiptoed out the back door and into the muggy night air, relieved to get away from the sounds of his mum and Fleur. The only noises were the chirping of the crickets and the croaking of the frogs down by the pond, and he stood still, enjoying the quiet and the sensation of the grass under his bare feet. He walked a short distance away from the house, careful to stay in the Wards. He shouldn’t be out here, but everyone rushing about trying to get ready for the wedding was grating on his nerves. Even Bill, normally calm no matter what was thrown at him, was acting a mite edgy. Ron gulped, thinking about his oldest brother. He had been terrified when he had heard he had been attacked by Greyback; not many survived that, and fewer still managed to come away without becoming a werewolf themselves.

Not that Ron had a problem with werewolves, in general. Sure, some were dangerous like Greyback, but most were just regular folks that had to take certain precautions once a month. But he had seen the way people treated Lupin, and the toll it had taken on the other man. That wasn’t something he wanted for his brother; Bill had been someone he had looked up to ever since he could walk, and it pained him to think of others judging him for something he had no control over. Of course, they were going to do that anyway, what with his face being the way it was. The thought made him squirm guiltily. He had always been secretly jealous of Bill, partially because he knew witches considered him to be handsome. He wasn’t handsome anymore, although he respected Fleur more than ever for still looking at him like he was. Ron wondered if that was a side effect of love, and if anyone would ever look at him like that if he were to somehow become disfigured.

Not that he would deserve it, he thought as his shoulders slumped. Not with some of the shit he had pulled this year. He still wasn’t able to believe he had been prat enough to treat two girls so shabbily; he knew his mum would be ashamed, but no more than he was himself. Lavender wasn’t for him, and he had always sort of known that. Just because it had been her to make the first move didn’t mean it had been right for him to use her to make Hermione jealous. And Hermione…..how could you say you loved someone, and then treat them like that? And he knew, now that it might be too late, that he did love her. He had been laboring under a false idea of what love really was all about, and it had taken Lavender to show him that. Love wasn’t always light and easy, though there could be that, he knew from watching others. But love, real love, required a little more effort, some give, some take, and plenty of compromises. At Dumbledore’s funeral, he had been hit with the realization, as Hermione sobbed into his chest, that he would rather be holding her while she grieved than have Lavender on his lap snogging him senseless. Somehow, having Hermione come to him when she was crying and vulnerable was more intimate than all of the snogging and groping he had ever done with Lavender.

Longingly, he stared in the direction of Hermione’s house, wishing it was time for her to arrive. He knew she was up to something; her last letter had been full of sadness, though she refused to tell him what was going on. He wanted to push the subject, but the book said to let her open up in her own time, so he was trying that first. He shivered, though there wasn’t even a breeze in the air. He would feel better when she was within the Wards, and he could see that she was safe. Crimes against Muggleborns were on the rise, and he knew that she would be a tempting target to Death Eaters, who surely knew of her connection to Harry. He clenched his fists; he wasn’t going to let anything happen to her, no matter what he had to do. If they got through this somehow, he would finally tell her how he felt. Until then, he would focus on keeping her safe; and if it came down to it, he would give himself to make sure she stayed alive.

He loved Hermione. And love meant giving all that you had.

                                      Summer, 1998

Somewhere outside, an owl hooted, and Ron held his breath, hoping it wouldn’t wake Hermione. Neither of them had been sleeping well, but she had finally fallen asleep an hour ago, and he would hate it if she lost out on the rest she desperately needed. She was curled tightly on her side, her back nestled up against his front, his arm wrapped around her waist. The air was beginning to feel too warm, the Cooling Charm she had cast earlier tonight finally fading. He would have to cast another one soon, but he didn’t want to move until he had to. It had been a week since the battle, and four days since Fred’s funeral. He was still exhausted, both events taking it out of him in completely different ways. He was haunted, when he actually slept, with dreams of Hogwarts, and the families and lives that had been torn apart and left in ruins like the castle he had once thought of as a second home. He didn’t think he ever would again, not that he ever planned on going back long enough to find out. He knew Hermione would; it would be hell on her, but she wouldn’t let it stop her. But he couldn’t bear to think of that separation right now, not after losing so much. He finally had her where he wanted her, and even though things were far from perfect right now, he took comfort in her presence, and the love he finally knew she felt for him in return.

She would be going to Australia for her parents soon, and he would be going with her. He wasn’t sure how they would get there, or what her parents would think when they learned what had been going on (or the fact that their daughter was now in possession of one very scrawny, ginger boyfriend), but he knew that Hermione would have it figured out, and all he really needed to do was support her so she didn’t freak out too badly. Beside him, she gave a soft whimper, and he thought she was going to wake up. Instead, she flipped herself around, and burrowed into him with a sigh, and settled back into sleep. He studied her face in the dim light; it was still too thin, and there were circles under her eyes that he could make out clearly even now, but the sight of her there, in his arms, was probably one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen in his life. Things were far from alright, and they were both going to be messed up for a long time while they healed. It wasn’t going to be easy, but then, had it ever been?


He loved Hermione. Hermione loved him. Whatever happened, they would get through it together.

                                           Summer, 1999

One of the benefits of being as tall as he was was the fact that he could easily see over most people’s heads, and he didn’t have to bounce around on his tiptoes, like a certain specky squirt at his side. Ron smirked at the movement from his peripheral vision, but didn’t take his focus off the track, wiling a certain red train to make its appearance. It had been ages since the last Hogsmeade visit, and he was tired of having to be content with letters, though he wrote enough to wear poor Pig out. The last year seemed to creep along and go by in a blur all at once, but it felt like everything had been leading up to the moment he finally saw her again.

Ginny had kept an eye on her for him, being there for her when he couldn’t; he loved his sister for that, but it just wasn’t the same. He had spent summer holidays away from her before, so this shouldn’t have been much different, but he found, especially when lying alone in bed at night, that it was like having a part of him missing; though it was a part he could still feel.

He had tried to keep himself busy, helping George at the shop, and studying up on all of the Auror training materials he could get his hands on in the evenings. It had helped, but there was always that sense of waiting, like things couldn’t really get started until she got back. As the day had drawn nearer, he had practically began to vibrate with excitement, much to the amusement of all around him. Even George, who had been far too quiet,  had taken evident delight in taking the mickey out of him. He had kept Ron in the shop right up until the last possible second; Ron had nearly had a heart attack when he had looked at the clock and saw that he was an hour late, until he caught George grinning like a prat and realized he had been tricked. He would’ve been furious, but it was more important to see his brother looking out from the depressed fog that had been consuming him, and he wasn’t actually late. So he had flipped George off, ran to the back room to change out of the putrid robes that the staff were forced to wear, and had Apparated away. 

Though not before spiking George’s coffee with a melted Puking Pastille. 

His heart began to beat faster as the train pulled into the station, and everything around him ceased to matter. He was vaguely aware of Harry saying something, but whatever it was could wait. Students began to emerge, but none of them with the bushy brown hair his eyes were straining to see. People began to crowd around him, pushing and jostling, and he lost sight of anything but the bald head of the large man in front of him for a small eternity. When he finally pushed his way past, he found her standing with her luggage cart, Crookshanks glaring out from the confines of his wicker basket. Hermione was looking back and forth, searching the crowd. Big, brown eyes landed on him, and he froze in place as her face lit up; before he could move, she was barreling towards him, and all he could do was brace in time to catch her as she launched herself into his arms.

They ignored the stares of people around them, clinging to each other and laughing with the sort of joy that just seemed to bubble up, unable to be contained. This, he felt, was it; the last train ride, the last real summer of youth before they began to dive into their careers. But it was also the first. The first time they were coming together, with no real long separations in their future to divide them. Their lives, which had been running on two close, though different tracks, were now finally starting to merge into one, the rest of their lives spreading out before them with a multitude of possibilities that they would explore together. There were things they still had to decide on, things that had to be talked about. But there was at least one thing that he knew with a certainty. While he had been lonely, he had managed to get on fine without her. But he loved her, and that meant that while he could, he didn’t want to; and the difference was a choice that you made when someone was really and truly worth it.


And that was something, he would tell his children, years later, that made all the difference.

161203 Interview with XportsNews - Yeo One

Q: It’s been two months since debut. Looking back, how has it been?
Yeo One: Time passes really fast. Man things changed and I was surprised. I think only good things happened. We have more fans now, received more attention from around us, so we can work hard and become more affable.
Q: There are many new boygroups these days. What is Pentagon’s strength that you can stand out with?
Yeo One: I think there will be a day when we will be able to fill our album with only our colour. I want to make an album where it is filled with songs we have made right from the start to the end. I hope this day comes soon.
Q: Member who is the most stage/performance inclined? -> Wooseok
Yeo one: Usually when we monitor, the members who get huge reactions, we go,“Oh~____ did well~” and when it comes to Wooseok, such words always come first.
Q: Member who works on appearance the most? -> Yeo one, Yan An
Yeo One: I work on maintenance of my skin.
Members: We don’t know how many selcas Yeo One takes a day. He really takes a lot of it and its really amusing. Yan an is always taking a look in the mirror and pays attention to his appearance. The two are a perfect match.
Q: Member who spends well? -> Shinwon
Yeo One: During our trainee days, we did lots of volunteer work and Shinwon said he wanted to donate in the future. When he becomes someone who can share, he will be the first to do so.
Q: The member who will be most popular with the other gender? -> Kino
Yeo One: Kino has lots of talents/quirks. He doesn’t feel shy/embarrassed, and is confident in all his moves. He’s cute and showing off his different sides confidently - that would seem charming to the opposite gender.
Q: Please let us know who your roommate is.
Yeo one - Yan an
Q: Yeo One & Yan An - please tell us about your roommate.
Yeo One: If Yan An is hungry, he must eat something before he sleeps. He takes snacks or something that is easily eaten, but what’s funny is that even in his sleep, sometimes he’s eating as well. He’s obviously sleeping but he emits eating sounds.
Q: Taking additional stories from other members
Hui: Yeo One really sleeps a lot, and sleeps really deeply.
Yeo One: I’m the kind who sleeps well. I put on the alarms loudly and use noisy songs as the alarms. But I unknowingly switch it off and go back to sleep.
Members: The alarm is to wake the person up next to him. But he himself is unable to wake up. There was a time when it was really difficult because of that but now it has become better.

translations © HongseokTime

whatever you do, DON’T imagine the other boys listening to Niall’s song for the first time and getting these little smiles on their faces because they’re so proud of him and they love it so much and do NOT imagine them calling him right after listening to it for the second time (so they could really soak it in properly) to congratulate him. and don’t think about them getting chocked up because things are changing so fast, but in really good ways but it doesn’t change the fact that they miss each other. 

Just don’t do it, okay?