but theyre so affordable

Are you kidding me? ITS $6 

You mean to tell me you have money to constantly fly to BB Events but you cant afford something for 6 DOLLARS??? Even if you couldnt afford the $6, Theyre offering a free week trial so you dont have to beg the fans. 

Ok so i have a question about getting a puppy to train as a service dog.
A local lesser known breeder that uve been watching for a while has some puppies still for sale from a previous litter that theyve dropped the price for because theyre older now, so its more affordable for me however im worries about the puppies maybe being too old? Theyre 14 weeks now but if i got one it wouldnt be for another at least week or two and the breeder has made a “warning” if you will that it may take a little more patients with one of them because all 4 are attached to their remaining siblings and the primary caretaker and his family
And logically i know you can adopt dogs at any age, but for a service dog prospect is this a good idea?

anonymous asked:

would you ever think about how the kageyama parents are... well, they're not /bad,/ but they're certainly not the greatest parents in the world?

(A Thousand Shallow Cuts)

The Kageyamas strike me as some of the most neutral characters in the series, probably because they’re kept so far removed from psychic powers and most of the true plot.

If anything, they’re maybe just unobservant. The dinner scenes they’re involved in would be perfectly nice if Ritsu and Mob’s lives were normal. Mom chides them a little bit, Dad’s maybe a bit too lenient, but neither is doing anything awful. 

Yet they’re completely unaware of…everything. Mob gets strangled after school and, far as I can tell, his parents never know. Ritsu gets kidnapped and they never know. It only gets worse in the manga in terms of “Really Mr. and Mrs. Kageyama? You didn’t notice? You didn’t think to ask?”

so yeah, i dont think theyre bad people, but they could afford to be a bit more involved in their sons’ lives

brown youtube beauty gurus pt 2

for all my desi girls out there (( here’s  part 1 ))

Glamrs - Heaven on YouTube. Literally all the girls that do Glamrs are desi and they all range from different body shapes to skin tones. Their videos range from makeup tutorials to how to wear saris. 

Cocobeautea - More fashion related but hannah does occasionally do makeup tutorials. 

AnchalMUA - Anchal’s makeup tutorials and videos are so fun to watch she has a TON of different looks 

Rumena Begum - Remena is soo pretty and her makeup tutorials are basic and easy to recreate

Huda Kattan -Huda’s videos are so descriptive and she really goes in depth about what she’s talking about. Her makeup video are really worth the watch

Rupinder Mundra - Rupinder’s makeup tutorials are so amazing and she sticks to drugstore products so theyre affordable also 

TotalMakeupJunkie101 -Eshani is sooo pretty plus her channel has a lot of quality videos. she’s tru to her name and has endless reviews, swatches, and demos all about makeup.

Akriti Sachdev - Akriti has skincare videos as well as helpful makeup tutorials

sjlovesjewelry - Shreya uploads videoa very often so theres always a new one you can look forward to.

MyHappinesz - Komal is like an older sister that does everything from makeup to skin care and health

rumela dey - Rumela’s channel is filled with lookbooks, weight loss videos, makeup, and everything else

deepikamakeup - Deepika has a lot of helpful videos on her channel

if you know of some more add them to the list but make sure you check out part one first :)