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let this man call his brother cute

My beautiful babies ❤️

(Georgiana is the white one, Daisy is brown and black, Mabel is the cream one you see briefly, Daphne is the black one, and Phoebe is the tan one)

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everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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you boys♡ (≧∇≦)

We’re Together

A Richonne one-shot on how Rick deals with jealousy. Hope you enjoy it!

Rick stood at a distance as he watched Michonne elegantly whirl and swish her sword with skilled precision as a group of mesmerized students copied her every move.

Ezekiel had convinced them to give weekly weapons training to his people at the Kingdom. They were reluctant at first but quickly realized it gave them a chance to go on frequent road trips together.

A smile spread across his lips as he remembered last night’s trip. They’d become sidetracked and spent the night hidden in a thick of trees, raucously debuting the back of their newly acquired van. It made him wonder if the Hilltop needed help with their weapons training, too.

A voice interrupted his shameless thoughts. “Wow, that woman is incredible.”

Rick glanced over at the astonished younger man beside him. He didn’t recognize him but then again, he knew only a handful of people from Ezekiel’s community. Everybody else all seemed to cower away every time he or anybody from the group showed up at their gate. Although, judging by his confident way of approaching him, this guy wasn’t familiar with the protocol.

Deciding to give into a bit of small talk, Rick adjusted his hands on his hips and nodded proudly, engaging with the guy complimenting his woman, “She is good.”

The guy shook his head in reverence. “More than good. She's…she’s something else.” He stared at her with a dopey smile on his face.

Rick knit his brow. He didn’t much like that look on his face. But then again, Michonne had told him to give these people a chance. He merely rolled his shoulders uneasily. “Yeah?”

The guy nodded in veneration. “We talked this morning. She told me how she learned to handle that weapon of hers. Self-taught. Not a single lesson.” He shook his head in awe. “That’s just impressive.”

Rick lightly sucked in his cheeks, the taste on his tongue souring. This guy’s compliments were quickly getting on his nerves. Hopefully, the guy knew when to shut his mouth before things got ugly. “Impressive,” he repeated without growling.

The enthralled man heaved a sigh. “That Michonne is amazing.” They watched as she bent over to lay her sword down and pick up her water bottle. Rick glared at the obviously ogling guy. The idiot smiled roguishly, adding, “And hot as hell, too.”

A snarl twitched at Rick’s lip as he slowly tilted his head to eye the oblivious man menacingly. This guy’s flattery had started out innocently enough but was now verging on suicidal. Didn’t he know who he was talking to?

Then he said the words that would seal his fate.

“I think I might, you know, see if she’s interested.”

Rick’s icy blue eyes burned with rage. He glared at him, swallowing back a bitter taste of irrational jealousy. His hand itched to pull out his Colt and put a bullet between his eyes. Instead, he rolled his neck stiffly and turned toward him, ready to pounce at the next comment he made about her. His ears tinged red as he withheld his rage.

The guy, finally picking up on the suddenly tense mood, turned to look at him uncertainly. “Y-you don’t think that’s a good idea?”

The guy’s innocent tone and naïve look prevented Rick from putting him down right then and there. Instead, he held back a glowering look as he pursed his lips tightly and scratched at his beard in feigned consideration. In reality, his skin was starting to crawl with an urgent need to punch his teeth in. “Probably not,” he finally replied with a gravelly voice.

The guy looked around before leaning in conspiratorially. “Why? Is she with somebody?”

He shrugged before lightly sucking in his cheeks again, his hand instinctively resting on his gun. He looked up at him darkly, an unhinged smirk playing on his lips. “We’re together.”

The guy’s face paled as if he’d just stepped in the middle of a hungry hoard. “Ah, shit,” he whispered before clearing his throat and backing away slowly. “Sorry, man. I didn’t mean to disrespect you or your girlfriend. I just came back from a run a couple weeks ago. I-I didn’t know. Sorry, man, sorry,” he mumbled, quickly turning away, tripping over himself as he sprinted down the road with his tail between his legs.

Catching her breath, Michonne walked up behind her bow-legged man, drinking from her bottled water, puzzled by the guy who had just dashed away from Rick as if he carried some sort of contagious disease.

She stared up at him curiously, wiping at her mouth with her forearm. “Who was that?”

He turned to look at her before roughly pulling her in his arms. She whimpered in surprise, her water bottle dropping to the ground. He pulled her closer and thoroughly paid worship to her irresistible lips. She gripped tightly to his damp curls as he kissed her thoroughly, using his tongue to fully taste her, sucking on her lips as if they were delicate sources of life.

When he finally pulled away, laying only gentle kisses on her lips, her eyelids fluttered open, her head light from the sudden attack. He held her tightly in his arms as she wordlessly and breathlessly questioned him, wondering why the sudden public display of affection.

He gazed down at her mouth as he softly rubbed her bottom lip with his thumb. “Thank you.”

Recognizing the tension in his body and his inability to look her in the eyes, she arched her eyebrow as a realization dawned on her: Rick was jealous. An admonishing smile spread across her face. Whatever that guy had said had riled him up. Fortunately for her, a jealous Rick was a ravenous Rick. Knowing she’d pay for it later – a debt she’d gladly cover – she teased him, “Did this one offer to lay with me after?”

He glowered at her as she chuckled at his show of possessiveness. She shook her head delightedly and kissed him a final time before pulling away. Leave it to her man to get jealous when she had a job to do. He’d just have to wait until the drive home for her to remind him of all the reasons he made her feel the way no other man ever could.

She picked up her water bottle, intentionally bending to give him an eyeful, before turning to walk backwards toward her group of awaiting students. “Next time, ask if he’s into bowl cuts and garbage piles. We might know somebody.” She grinned at him playfully, turning to head back to work.

He smirked at her with a knowing look in his eyes as she continued her lesson, his jealousy abating and his heart a little bit fuller.

I was about to make a joke about how Floor 19 would have a “days since last death” sign but then I realized that it would never get past 0 I mean what do you expect when you put a bunch of dorks in a place where everyone’s constantly at war

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I had a dream last night about bokuaka where someone was flirting with Akaashi and Bokuto was watching from far. Akaashi noticed Bokuto, he was gloomy. Akaashi felt really bad and that he kind of was afraid that Bokuto dislikes him now or something idk (they're not dating btw). the one who was flirting realized all this after how Akaashi seemed to feel down, so they felt bad and called for Bokuto and told him "Akaashi loves you, go out with him please.." ;; it was kinda nice I think??

i am going to scream forever

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Ok but,can we do a why-do-humans-do-the-thing? Why do humans have such and abhorrent attitude towards rat tails?? They're such an essential part of the animal,without them they would quickly overheat and fall to their death?? I explain to people they have to be hairless so that the large blood vessels can cool,like pupper and cat ears,but they're still grossed out?? I mean,sure,they don't really realize they aren't a part of their body and mine are a bit lazy to clean them,but they still cutes??

Hilariously, why-human-do-the-thing was actual an april fools joke last year!

I don’t know where the stigma against rat tails comes from, but there’s a thing poking me in the back of the brain that suggests it’s a societal aversion because of rats and disease vectors from a very long time ago? (Googling this did not help, the only non-forum article I found was about the rat-tail hairstyle). I’m gonna open this up to follower input and see if anyone has some insight. 

got my nails done for all the weddings i have coming up and OF COURSE i chose gray. my url is really representing me well rn. 

Types on board the Titanic
  • ISTP: doesn't get on a lifeboat but still survives, is found floating on debris
  • ESTP: jumps down in the water, swims to a lifeboat, survives
  • INTP: makes a brief attempt to get on a lifeboat, fails and spends the rest of the time sitting on the deck observing panicked people like it's some sort of social experiment, doesn't survive
  • ENTP: passed out in one of the lifeboats earlier because they couldn't find their room, wakes up when it's being loaded and stays on board, survives
  • INFP: gets on a lifeboat but gives up their seat to someone else, doesn't survive
  • ENFP: sleeps through the crash, wakes up far too late, doesn't survive
  • ISFP: looks calm but is secretly terrified, gets on a lifeboat, survives but experiences intense survivor's guilt
  • ESFP: tries to calm everyone down by putting on a stand up show, succeeds briefly but eventually panic takes over again, panics with the rest of the passengers, doesn't survive
  • ISFJ: refuses to get on a boat if they can't bring their male family members with them, doesn't survive
  • ESFJ: helps children and the elderly on boats, doesn't survive but gets a statue erected in their honor for their selfless sacrifice
  • ISTJ: gets on a boat relatively early, takes charge on the boat and readily shares their food and water with others, survives
  • ESTJ: helps with getting the boats ready and loading them even though they're not a part of the crew, gets on one of the last boats and survives
  • INTJ: walks up to the deck the second they hear the crash, quickly calculates how bad the situation is and gets on the first boat, survives
  • ENTJ: quickly realizes how bad the situation is, tries to arrange people on life boats, gets frustrated and gives up after a moment and gets on the second lifeboat, survives
  • INFJ: never got on the ship to begin with because they had an ominous feeling about it, takes the next boat and is happy they did
  • ENFJ: decides to stay behind and let others take their place on the life boat, comforts others who stayed behind as well, doesn't survive

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Hello, i love your work, and I'm a huge Frederick x Robin shipper! Can I get a kidnap story where Robin is kidnapped and they have to find them, but no one knows they're a couple so Frederick has to remain outwardly calm?

[how can the man with the least chill in the world ever remain calm-]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

It was the dead of night. You were halfway to helping Frederick put out the last of the camp’s fires. Then there was a strange-smelling cloth over your mouth, and the world went black.

The lieutenant thought little of your absence at first, until you failed to show. He decided to look around for you, realizing very quickly you were nowhere to be found.

Quite literally, he couldn’t have alerted the camp any faster. Frederick sprinted to Chrom’s tent, rousing the prince and informing him that-

“Robin has been taken-!”

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bts reaction to another member kissing their gf since they're drunk, with gifs pls xxx

Jin: It was the after party of BTS’s last concert in Japan and Jin was maneuvering his way through the crowd of people, slightly panicked since he couldn’t find you. When he pushed the slightly ajar bathroom door open, he saw Yoongi hunched over someone, kissing them feverishly. For a moment he was totally embarrassed and was about to awkwardly close the door until he realized who that someone was. In shock and disbelief, Jin grabbed Yoongi by the back of his shirt and was chuckling in anger and confusion, stuttering out, “W – what do you two think you’re doing?” It was obvious that you were both wasted but that didn’t make him feel any better about the situation.

Suga: “Yah! What’s going on here?” Yoongi knew the answer to that but couldn’t help asking anyway. He was able to deduce what had happened in mere seconds – Jimin was drunk and horny and you just so happened to be nearby. It was only a short, sloppy kiss because you had quickly pushed him away and wiped at your mouth angrily. Jimin was giggling, stupid from drink, as he looked between you and Yoongi. With a sigh, Yoongi grunted, “Hey, help me put this idiot in bed,” to you.

J-Hope: He had been so numbed from witnessing you and Namjoon lip locked that he just watched you two for a moment, hands tangled in each other’s hair. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In a small voice, he calls out your name. You pulled away from Namjoon, lips plump and bruised. He continued trailing kisses along your jawline as you looked over his shoulder at Hoseok. Without grace, you pushed Namjoon off and hobbled over to him, falling into his arms. “Oppa,” you slurred, “I’m really horny – kiss me! Oh nooo, why are you crying?” Sniffling, he pulled away from you and walked off. The whole incident was sorted out through lots of talking but Hoseok hated whenever it was brought up by the others to annoy him. He would get sassy and give them one of his famous J-Nope looks.

Rap Monster: Immediately, he ripped Jungkook away from you, using all of his will power not to beat the shit out of him right then. “You’re young and you’re drunk so I get that this is just a stupid mistake. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with you kissing my girlfriend so don’t think you’re getting off lightly. I’ll deal with you when you’re sober though.” Despite his rage, he just couldn’t get angry with you, no matter how hard he tried. He was just so hurt and upset, blinking away tears. Storming off, he refused to talk to you for a few days. Then, when he did, he was sulky for weeks. It took a lot of sexual favours and kissing to get him back to normal.

Jimin: Drunk Joonie had been hitting on you all night and Jimin was getting pretty sick of it. Possessively wrapping an arm around your waist, he glared at Namjoon, who was using the wall for support as he spewed out corny jokes and bad pick-up lines. Which pissed Jimin off ofc but he really drew the line at Namjoon kissing you. He grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall, saying, “You may be our leader and you may be drunk but if you ever try that again, I’ll … ” he trailed off, being far too gentle and kind to actually get violent. Jin and Yoongi intervened, pulling him away. Later on, a sobered up Namjoon found Jimin (with you wrapped protectively in his arms) and apologized to you both. The issue was dealt with easily and sometimes the others would make jokes about it, to the annoyance of Jimin and embarrassment of you and Namjoon.

V: He forced a laugh, slipping in front of you so that he was face to face with Hoseok. “Look, I know that she’s very beautiful and that sober you would never do this but,” his smile dropped and his eyes turned stone cold, “if you ever try this again, I won’t be so understanding next time.”

Jungkook: “Hyung?” His voice broke and wavered. “What are you doing to my girlfriend?” He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, wondering if this was all just a bad dream.

“James,” Aleks set the controller down, “I need to tell you something.”

“That I’m kicking your ass?” James raised an eyebrow, sitting cross-legged on the couch - barefoot and wearing a fucking t-shirt and boxers, his hair down and crazy.

Had any of the others been home, Aleks doubted that James would be so bare. Since their crew had started to disintegrate, he’d become much more distant with everyone in a way that was almost hard to notice if you weren’t looking for it. Aleks, who was sometimes too attuned to James’ every move and emotion, had noticed.

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The Signs in My Experience
  • Aries: Imagine a box with velvet lining and a fine jewel perfectly snug inside it. Then imagine a bigger box around that with approximately 368 locks and a very cross house cat sitting on top.
  • Taurus: That perfectly shaped rock you find that's partially turned crystalline on one side and that remains cool in the palm of your hand no matter how long you hold it.
  • Gemini: The very, very first time you hear a conspiracy theory and you can't help but obsessively ponder how someone thought up the logic for it and you will always kind of believe it.
  • Cancer: Someone who you know can sing better than they let on but they try to keep it secret for some dumb reason that you know it just for the encouragement, but you also worry about them a lot.
  • Leo: A really sweet, really spicy blend of spices. Best used on dark meat and really fresh seafood, but you'll probably die if you straight up drink the whole bottle at once.
  • Virgo: Picture a really old Renaissance painting, but imagine they were trying to paint it as a snarky satire of the time, but everyone thinks it's the best piece of the age.
  • Libra: The last piece of cake cut in half, the books-stacked-in-columns-instead-of-rows shelf, everyone's mental image of what their hippie ancestor had to be when their wartorn lover got home.
  • Scorpio: Think about the front door of a really important government building with nothing but affable guards, but none of them really get to go inside much, so they work with what they were told in the last memo.
  • Sagittarius: Something affectionate and furry that has been bred to not have any claws, but the trade-off was it grew a second row of teeth with episodic lockjaw.
  • Capricorn: You aren't sure if this is a 'let it pass by kneeling in the bathroom' or a 'should go to the hospital before it reaches your lungs' thing, but they've had it twice and they're immune system is well fit.
  • Aquarius: Experiences with them are basically like individual births or revelations. You realize a lot of things you didn't know before after you're half-drowned and wash up on their lap.
  • Pisces: One of those escort missions in a video game where the person you're escorting is immune to damage or capture, but their AI keeps getting them stuck at corners for some reason.