but they're soooo beautiful


“What episode of “Glee” have you revisited the most?”

Probably the one when we went to New York in Season 2. That’s one of my most favorite episodes, and it was personally such a special episode for me because I had just left New York a year prior, and the next thing you know I was coming back one year later with this hugely successful show being followed by, I think, close to, like 200 fans and paparazzi. So, for me, it was crazy to be in these places that I’d walked through hundreds of times in my life, but now in such a different way. So, that was such a pivotal episode for me.

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Omg Lauren is just soooo... I mean they're all beautiful and I'm sooo into camila cause she's so hot but like Lauren man, LAUREN is sooo unreal like it literally makes me weak at my knees 😩😩😩 I'm literally questioning if I'm still bisexual lately . She makes me sooo gay dude 😩😩

Lauren Jauregui effect 👀😍😍😍😍