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Wizard101 Hancanons? HeadcanYES


• Ice students and life students get along really well. Ice students are a bit closed off and life students are very nurturing. They make the best of friends.

• Sure, storm HATES myth, but so does fire. They’re the type of kids to side eye the myth students and whisper about them. Let’s be honest, they’re just kinda jealous.

• There are some students who are totally OBSESSED with monstrology, they’re sorta the rivals for the astral freaks.

• Let’s be honest, life loves everyone, even death… Death can’t say the same about life.

• The surroundings of life get really pretty when they’re angry, but it’s just as deadly. When they’re angry and WANT to do harm, all the nearby plants are gunna come after you. Run

• Balance kids, weather they want to or not, act on balance. You hurt them? They hurt you. You support them? They support you. It’s all about balance after all.

• Death students are total loners, but they’ll hang out with Myth students all the time. They get each other’s lonesomeness. They like to be lonely together!

rising signs when drunk
  • Aries: loud af, super fun, changes the music and dances by themselves, sometimes a bit of a dick (in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE), makes everyone dance with them, the one usually to come up with an idea to ride down a hill on some cardboard they found (SO FUN), probs will steal a sign
  • Taurus: probs drunk eating or hanging out in the kitchen, always on the look out for food or a snuggle, really well dressed and presented, super touchy and affectionate (often they're not super affectionate), SUPER giggly lmao, almost a mom-friend but if you're not a CLOSE friend they rly will not give a fuck, will very likely take off their clothes bc they feel so restricted
  • Gemini: giggly as hell, absolute SHIT talker, could probably win a debate with their confidence when drunk, tends to like run away, ditzy and off the planet entirely, somehow manages to talk with everyone at the party, doesn't really remember their names, accidentally flirty but only bc they are on their own level
  • Cancer: Super mom-friend if you're a close pal, will not give a fuck if you're not close, really loves food, tends to be super fun and captivating, really social and flirty, doesn't take it anywhere though so when it gets more than flirty they kinda just... leave that situation, can get offended rly quickly but also as quickly is laughing in the centre of the room
  • Leo: the organiser, lights up the party when they walk in, everyone is playing drinking games around them, always dressed on-POINT, laughs really loud, NEVER empty handed, always chatting to a group of people really animatedly, will find/swap clothes with someone by the end of the night, first one to get everyone to do shots for the night, forward rolls away from a bad convo, life of the party
  • Virgo: tries to look after everyone at first, makes sure they're comfortable, really sweet and caring, then gets absolutely smashed, talks shit and gets super direct, tells people they're wrong and corrects them in a hilarious way, doesn't shut up when they get started, makes sure everyone is super drunk and having fun, will be the one to hold back hair even if they just threw up
  • Libra: will touch EVERYTHING, super flirty and huggy, friends with everyone in a charming way, has control of the music ALWAYS and will complain when it's shit, somehow has everyone's details by the end of the night, HILARIOUS, talks really fast when they get excited, makes people chug their drinks and starts a chant off, usually ends up hooking up with someone at the end of a night
  • Scorpio: magnetic as hell, super dark and sarcastic at the beginning, cynical and observes, then decides who the fun people are at a party and gets LOOSE AS HELL, seductive and a smooth talker, will definitely bring someone home with them, gets someone's number, dances on the tables, sings/raps a song surprisingly perfectly, charming and witty, super funny
  • Sagittarius: omg life of the party with leo rising, does literally their own thing 100% of the time, gets on their own buzz entirely, makes a brand new friend group and runs off with them during the night, might just run off in general, makes a speech early in the night, makes the FUNNIEST jokes, can talk about politics and also absolutely nothing within the same conversation, always with a drink
  • Capricorn: witty and observant at first, then comes out of their shell and a completely different side to them emerges, will leave mid convo if it's boring, is sarcastic and loud, starts running around and somehow gets the energy of 5 billion condensed suns, gets really confident, speaks and laughs loudly
  • Aquarius: SOCIAL AS HELL, big arms and wild movements, always dresses so uniquely and cool, deeply involved in all drinking games, always ends up scoring more alcohol somehow (it's often given to them), takes a heap of selfies but immediately deletes them if they look slightly bad, will not ever stop talking
  • Pisces: absolutely wildly silly, laughing super hard on one side, and then mid-conversation sprints into another bc they like what they're talking about more, sometimes has a break where they suddenly get sad or mad, but then immediately reverts back to their cloud 9 state, gets a shitload of energy, meets everyone in the party and almost immediately forgets their name, always gets super drunk, passes out, wakes up and keeps going

The story of how me and @blurrypxls​ exchanged sims who later gave their genetics to our ultimate faves: Pippa and Tobias. 💖


Radio Gazette December 16 2016, courtesy of @wack-translations

Reita: Yeah, you’re right, that’s why they say people who work out are even more annoying than smokers.
Uruha: Yup.
(Reita laughing very hard)
Uruha: You will all see just how annoying they are when our world tour documentary comes out. We have some very detailed footage of that.
Reita: They should have cut out more!
Uruha: We already cut out quite a bit…

From World Tour 16 Documentary Dogmatic Trois.

i doodled a bit so a concept: serizawa katsuya has two loving parents 

his mother went through some hard times with him during his time being all hikikomori’d up and miscalculated when she had been at her wits end, and his father couldn’t be there much due to his job and didn’t know how to connect with katsuya’s problems the rare times he was…. but after the biggest weights were lifted from their shoulders, they quickly snapped back into a close, happy family. 

here they’re all super stoked about having bought katsuya a proper suit for the first time ever, and of their son getting a job that’s not a fucking cult bent on world domination. not pictured is their dog currently chewing katsuya’s shoes. 

their names are aiko and ishi and y ea i did this mainly to think through stuff for the next chapter of shit-all. spoiler: they’re so good people they adopt reigen immediately. 


Flint/Hamilton Appreciation Week:

Day 1 Why do you ship them?

“I think his relationship to Thomas Hamilton, the initial friendship and then becoming lovers is sort of like the realization of himself. I think he became himself with Thomas Hamilton. His potential was unleashed with Hamilton.” - Toby Stephens (x)

Teachers and Parents
  • "Why did you give my child a failing grade?"
  • "I don't remember desks being this small when I was here."
  • "Do you know what your child did in class today?"
  • "I don't give out detention lightly."
  • "What did they do now?"
  • "I'm sorry, I've been working steadily and haven't been paying as much attention as I should have."
  • "Being a single parent is hard..."
  • "Can you go to the school? I just got a call from the teacher."
  • "Can I pick up their homework?"
  • "I hate to bother you with this but..."
  • "I think your child is falling behind."
  • "I just want to tell you how impressed I am."
  • "Can we meet somewhere to talk about this?"
  • "Your child is struggling a little in math."
  • "Keeping an eye on them can be a challenge."
  • "They're doing exceptionally well.
  • "How many students do you have?"
  • "We have to be careful with what's brought into the classroom."
  • "I'm sorry they're being a problem."
  • "What is the home situation like?"
  • "Free time is important to development."
  • "Teenage years are hard."
  • "I got called here from work for THIS?"
  • "Bullying is something we take very seriously."
  • "I have some great news for you."
  • "The play is in three weeks."
  • "There was a bit of a scare today..."
  • "This won't happen again. I'm sorry you had to deal with it."
  • "Finals are coming soon and everyone is studying."
  • "As you can see, we take a different approach to learning."
  • "I help them out as best I can."
  • "We're looking for chaperones."

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Where do you think someone who knows maybe 5 words/phrases in French should start if they're going to France in two months (i.e. I am) ? I really don't want to just be speaking Spanish and English in France haha

Wow that is quite the predicament you’ve got there. I would say use some language learning apps like Duolingo and Memrise (my personal favourite). Remember to use them every day, and that the best way to learn is to spread it evenly not do one massive learning session once a week. A little bit every day goes a long way.

Here is a list of a whole bunch of PDFs of English books in French eg Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series’. If you’ve previously read the books then you’ll be able to focus more on the language learning part rather than the actual plot and getting lost when trying to figure out what’s going on. Here is also a website where you can read and listen to books in French with the English on the other side, so if you get lost then it’s there to help you learn. Write down new words that you find and look them up after you have finished that chapter, that way you focus more on the book and don’t get confused with sentence structure.

Look up French music and when you find a song that you like, go and look at the lyrics and see what you can translate for yourself, then find an actual translation and see how close you were. Write down words that you don’t know/understand/recognise and look them up. Write down new words so you can look back at them later. Do the same with some French YouTubers. Some have English subtitles and are actually there to help you learn french whilst still being like normal English vloggers. I really like Antastesia as she makes videos in English too.

In terms of translating stuff, I find WordReference really helpful. It’s a website and an app where you can look up words in English and French (and other languages). It’s much better than Google Translate, as it gives you possible translations of words, and what they mean. So if you wanted to know what something meant in a specific context then it would give you different options and you choose the one that best fits the situation you need it for. I don’t know anything other than Google Translate for phrases (other than Memrise or Duolingo), so if you have specific phrases then I think Google Translate would be the best, but make sure to double check the words in the sentences with WordReference before you use it as some can be wildly wrong. And, of course, you can just google it and see what comes up. 

For help with conjugating verbs, I recently found these two sites (x) (x) to be really useful. 

Write down any questions you have about the language and then if you have a teacher or someone who knows French either online or in real life, then ask them.

Practice speaking/writing as much as you can. Find someone to help you with the language and use them as a language buddy. If you can find someone online, even better. You most likely won’t know them so you can use all of the basic small talk that you will use in France. 

For learning the words for objects around the house try writing the names on sticky notes and placing it on the object, this way you’ll remember the word when you see the object.

Learn how to ask for tickets/directions/suggestions for places to eat. These are very important if you are new to a place and doesn’t just apply to France. Also, when learning how to ask for things, remember to learn some possible answers to these questions, as when you ask, you probably want to understand their answer, right?

Read articles or things in french out loud to practice pronunciation. Do the same with writing. Say the sentence you want to write in French out loud. Speak each word as you write it down, and when you’ve finished writing it down, say the sentence out loud again. 

Mnemonics and puns are your bet friends for remembering certain words. For example, when remembering ou (or) from où (where), I remember it by the phrase where is the graveyard, as the accent on the u is called Accent Grave and où means where. 

For a brief rundown of uses of accents and how to pronounce them, I have a post here of my notes from a French class where we did just that.

In terms of writing accents online, French.typeit.org is really good. Basically, it just lets you add accents to letter then you copy and paste it to wherever you need it. Woo.

Learn the grammar rules. I know it’s boring, hard, and confusing, but trust me, once you learn it your life will be a whole lot easier. Speaking of, grammar books are better than phrase books in this sense as with grammar books you can actually learn the structure of sentences and learn how to make them yourself where as with phrase books you’re more spoon fed.

Finally, there’s a whole lot of French blogs with lots of vocab words and grammar posts to look at and learn from. One of my personal favourites is @frenchaise . They were the first blog I came upon when starting out in the French Tumblr community and all of their posts are top notch. Highly recommend you check them out.

There are a ton more resources on the web (as the kool kidz say) that you can find but these are just a few that I use. These are just a few tips to hopefully help you survive on your trip. Bonne chance!

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Hi. I really like spitz breeds like akita and huskies, but I know they're a bit of a handful. I have experience growing up with dogs, but I've never owned one myself. I do own a cat as well, and I know some have history as hunting dogs so that could be an issue. Would a spitz breed or mix be ok for me as long as I provide it with enough exercise, or would it be best to go with a different breed?


I can’t really say if a spitz breed would be good for you without knowing your lifestyle. Typically, spitz breeds don’t like being alone, so it might be difficult (but not impossible!) to keep your dog happy if you work super long hours away from home. 

Spitz dogs can get along with cats, but it’ll ultimately depend on your dog’s individual personality. You can increase the likelihood that they get along with proper introductions (here, here, here, and here), you can teach your dog impulse control so they don’t chase your cat (here, here, and here), and you can have separate areas just for your cat (here and here). 

Be aware that you might have to manage them for a long time if your dog can’t overcome its prey drive. This can be done by crate-and-rotate, keeping your dog leashed to you, and never leaving them alone unsupervised.

Good luck! -C 

I just realized a bit of an irony in the Warriors fandom

like, people hate on Firestar and Dovewing for being “too perfect” and not having enough flaws

but then also people don’t like Bluestar or Clear Sky because they are “too flawed and problematic”

idk maybe it’s just funny to me, but I find this little bit of hypocrisy kinda amusing.

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May I please have some head canons for todo, izuku, and kacchan who have S/Os that are from a different country and tend to speak their native language when they're excited or watching their favorite shows? And the boys get quite interested in the language so they learn a bit to be able to understand them?

!!! thanks for requesting! that’s indeed an interesting request you’ve got there my bro im so proud 


  • she was telling her best friend over the phone about how adorable this ball of sunshine was on their date! 
  • “omg bes hindi siya gwapo, pero ang cute-cute niya! ang cute niya mag-salita, at ang talino pa niya!” (TRANS: omg dude, he’s not handsome, but he’s very adorable! the way he speaks is cute, and prior to that, he’s smart as well!)
  • izuku was indeed puzzled, but he was fascinated that his s/o actually spoke her native language other than japanese!
  • kinda kinky tbh but oh what does izuku know he’s an innocent bub
  • the kind of guy to be determined to search up japanese-filipino dictionaries and study them the whole night, successfully learned a tad of words the next day 
  • “magandang umaga sa iyo, s/o-chan! ready ka na ba?” (TRANS: good morning to you, s/o-chan! are you ready?)
  • his s/o is shocked and offended by how cute he sounded with that poorly accented filipino, but she ends up bombarding izuku w many filipino questions that izuku swears his head is about to explode 


  • here’s how it went down: despacito. 
  • it was 10am in the morning, clearly not the time for bakugo to wake up just yet. he grumpily storms down your room and slams it open, only able to find you blasting some weird ass spanish music with you reciting it with pure strength. 
  • “what the flying fuck are you mouthing, you dumbass?” 
  • “sorry, katsuki! it’s my native language.”
  • tbh he ends up reciting amazingly good spanish as the days progress, and now, every time despacito comes on, the two basically wake the neighborhood 
  • “despacito! quiero respirar tu cuello despacito, deja que te diga cosas al oído, para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo!” (TRANS: pls search it on google im too lazy u know the song anyway might as well sing it) 
  • “damn kids with that despacito song. when i was your age, we played the classics! the spanish classics to be exact!” 
  • “welcome to the 21st century, dad.” 


  • oh yea this is my shiteu
  • okay lets get things straight here, you can agree with me that shouto is a closet romantic or u can step out
  • and when i mean closet romantic, i mean stargazing at the stars on top of a breezy hill with idk who’s car’s parked on the tree
  • his s/o, being a native french, had seen such a view like this back at her hometown, therefore resulting her to speaking in french breathlessly. 
  • “les étoiles sont magnifiques ce soir!” (TRANS: the stars are magnificent tonight!) 
  • shouto hums, and stops to think about what he wants to say next. surely, he knew that it was french his s/o was speaking, and not japanese. 
  • he figured he’d pull some of his cards. 
  • “mon amour, ce n'est pas aussi belle que toi.” (TRANS: my love, it is not as beautiful as you.) 
  • shouto is rendered embarrassed, considering that his s/o is giggling. it’s probably from his accent
  • his s/o looks at him, the same sparkling stars that reflects both of their eyes as his s/o smiles, brushing a stray bang out of his face.
  • “ et pourtant vous êtes le plus beau dans ce domaine d'étoiles.” (TRANS: and yet you are the most beautiful in this field of stars.) 


  • god i swear kaminari is my memey son fite me
  • dont get me wrong, i can totally see kaminari watching game of thrones and learning dothraki just to speak to his s/o, who is purely japanese, and doesnt even know dothraki 
  • “the jalan ki tih atthirar, are yeri hurt?” (TRANS: the moon of my life, are you hurt?)
  • “kaminari, what?” 
  • “god you are so beautiful.”
  • “okay…” 

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That was the best and most entertaining YouTube video I've seen for a while, especially from them. Not only was it morbidly funny, it was also oddly haunting and thrilling at the end? A bit like horror, but also lonely and sad. I like the boys the best when they act in these personas for some reason

it wasn’t personas, that was just their true humor for once

Working for the Riddler be like:
  • Guy one: So I heard you work for the Riddler. What does he have you do?
  • Guy two: Riddler? Oh, I just build things.
  • Guy one: Build things? Like... deathtraps?
  • Guy two: Oh no. No, I just built him a cabinet, actually.
  • Guy one: A cabinet?
  • Guy two: Yeah, he designed it himself. Pretty good design if you ask me. Blueprints were really clean too. He'd've made one hell of an engineer.
  • Guy one: Is it a... killer cabinet?
  • Guy two: No, it's just a regular cabinet. He said he needed somewhere to store his fine china.
  • Guy one: The Riddler has a collection of fine china?
  • Guy two: He has a lot of collections. He's got a killer one of those faberge eggs. They're really nice, he showed me some of them.
  • Guy one: Really?
  • Guy two: He's not that hard to work for. He's very particular and demanding but... it's not that different from any other boss who wants your best out of you. Anyone who takes pride in their work won't have a problem with him. He pays well too. Not the henchmen-style guys, they're a dime a dozen and they're paid that way. But skilled labour, especially after you prove you can give him high quality work? Yeah, better than any legal boss I've ever had. He's a bit more condescending than any of my other bosses and you do NOT want him yelling at you, but otherwise? Best gig in town.
  • Guy one: ... is he hiring?

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Cool. New blog. How about some headcanons about Todoroki, Shinsou and Midoriya with s/o who looks calm when told that exams are nearing. The boys mentioned it but s/o was shocked & told them honestly they're not calm. If anything, they're panicking. I was told by my best friend that I looked calm which shocked me cuz my face does not show my panic?! Interesting...Anyway, good luck with your blog! PLUS ULTTTRRRRAAA!!!!

Haha, that’s quite the skill! This one is a bit shorter than usual, so I hope it’s still okay! And thank you so much! :3

Word count 413.

Todoroki Shōto:

  • Actually pretty relieved that his s/o can keep their panic to themselves when they’re studying together; it can make these study sessions go smooth, and that’s something he appreciates.
  • He’s very calm about exams himself, both inside and outside, so he was pretty confused when his s/o told him that they were having a hard time coping with the exams deep down.
  • Very observant towards his s/o, because he never knows if they will snap and has to make sure they don’t get a breakdown from all the stress.
  • Wouldn’t really know who to deal with a stressed s/o if exams are the reason. He would probably just tell them that if they study they won’t have any problems with their exams, even if he sounds a little blunt.

Shinsō Hitoshi:

  • Amused by their reaction. He was expecting they would be freaked out, but they come out as calm as possible and it turns out that they’re actually freaking out as he thought. He can’t help but chuckle.
  • Pretty focused when he is studying, and it would annoy him a little if his s/o were to start crying over exams, so he appreciates one who can keep that to themselves.
  • However, he is so willing to help them study, with the snack breaks from time to time, and doesn’t want to see them panicking, so he always sets limits so they don’t overwork themselves.
  • His s/o stays for the night at his place and since he cannot sleep he studies while they’re out like a light. His lover trying to stay awake but falling asleep on the desk is honestly the cutest thing he has seen in a long time.

Midoriya Izuku:

  • Finds it impressive that his s/o can mask their worry so easily; I bet he is a switch, and depending on his mood will he openly freak out or look as calm as possible.
  • Their calm demeanor mostly helps him remain calm, and he loves studying with them because it’s very quiet and he can concentrate better if he isn’t studying alone.
  • Can start mumbling about everything they have to study and it’s then that his s/o starts freaking out because he makes it sound like it’s a whole pile but it isn’t that much actually. He apologizes a lot.
  • So sweet, he will make his s/o focus on breaks more than studying, and loves asking his s/o questions while they’re having snacks; he rewards their correct answers with the cutest kisses, he’s so pure.

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How would you seal a bone to be used in art? Would something like modge podge work? They're old and weathered/cracked and I want them to be a bit more durable

I’ve never used Modge Podge, and I don’t imagine it could hurt them, but I also don’t know how much it helps. I usually use polyurethane, and it comes in different finishes. That’s probably your best bet. Some people mix their lacquer with thinner depending on the project.

I’ve also just put clear nail polish on teeth I was using for jewelry, so if it’s something super small to the point where brush strokes aren’t really an issue, I won’t tell the bone police* if you don’t.

*Imagine vultures in little police hats pecking down your door because you cleaned your bones wrong. It’s really good.

(PS, nerd, we’re mutuals… You can directly message me if you have questions.)

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I hope the ask box isn't full. First I'd like to say thank you for writing all of these headcanons and scenarios, they're really nice to read when I have some free time. If it's not too much trouble, could we have a scenario or headcanons of Revali taking his s/o stargazing please? If not that's totally okay!

Stargazing with Revali

  • If they can glide or they have wings- he takes them to the Divine Beast because, let’s face it, it’s got the best damn view ever. 
  • Sitting on the grass, the pair will enjoy a star-filled night, sharing the stories they know about the stars.
  • Revali might be more than a bit cheesy
    • Too bad the stars will never be able to compete with the real ones huh?”
  • Eventually things quiet down, and when s/o leans against him, and he wraps a wing against them, they settle down for a peaceful night of looking at the prettiest sky with the best company. 

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Colin canceling this con at the last minute without saying a thing breaks my heart. He and Jen were the only reason why I was even going and I'm very upset. At least Jen canceled a long time in advance but for Colin to just do it now makes me so sad. I know he just had a baby but he knew about this for a long time. I wish he had warned us sooner. Why do you think they're doing this? Don't they have a PR team to advise them and tell them this looks a bit bad on them?

I’m so sorry you’re disappointed (and if you’re out any money, I’m especially sorry about that too) I have no clue why this appearance wouldn’t have been cancelled quite some time ago. Both Jen and Colin’s cavalier attitude towards cancelling appearances and then never addressing it on social media or elsewhere is not the best look for either of them. I assume Colin is just overwhelmed right now with the baby and not knowing how to deal with fans over the changes on the show, however if he is getting PR advice from someone… they should be fired. Pronto. ‘Cause they’re making him look bad.

I recently finished X-Men: First Class and binged a few other of the X-Men films, and I have an absolute need for a Magneto/Professor X hartwin AU. 

Just think: Harry Hart, the idealist and willing to live peacefully among the humans. He has a vision for the world and believes that everyone (and as time goes, it narrows down a bit to almost everyone) has the potential to be the best version of themselves. His academy will help do that, and it looks like Eggsy Unwin, one of his dearest friends, will assist him. 

But Eggsy’s grown up in the estates under Dean’s thumb and knows that “being nice” isn’t going to do shit. The only thing he wants to do is fight back, nip it in the bud before the world decides to scrub clean the “disease” of society. And it comes down to this: why should he have to live in fear just of because who he is? Why should anyone? The world should watch their step around them. 

And, of course, it tears them apart…but not as cleanly as they wish…

The signs when arguing and how to deal with it
  • ☯ Please use your sun/mars signs ☯
  • Aries: They will go off and won't stop no matter how much of their judgement is altered. Most of the time they get too flustered up with emotion about the subject or they feel hurt, so they stop thinking and just pour out what's in the top of their head.
  • How to deal with it - Don't argue back. Just be patient, ask them to take a breath and know that they aren't meaning to hurt you in any way. Let them cool off on their own
  • Taurus: Stubborn as hell and won't back down until proven right - at least that's the stereotype.
  • How to deal with it - Honestly just let them talk for once. The only reasons Tauruses argue is because no one is letting them get their point across. Let them speak for once, sit tight and listen and then speak. At least the both of you will be heard.
  • Gemini: Literally everything you say will be considered wrong. They probably won't try to look at your side from the argument and they get kinda defensive about their views.
  • How to deal with it - Geminis can be a bit stubborn so it's hard to handle it at first, but most of the time it's best just to let them keep talking. If you argue back with them that'll just fuel the fire
  • Cancer: They get vicious. Don't be fooled about that stereotype where they're all sweet as hell, when you get into an argument with them things can get ugly.
  • How to deal with it - Know that when they say something to hurt you, that means you probably hurt them in some way. Try to find middle ground and the reason why you two are fighting in the first place.
  • Leo: No matter what they're always gonna think they're right. Sometimes they can get caught up with their own feelings and reasonings and refuse to look at anyone elses until they are heard first.
  • How to deal with it - I know this may seem hard at first but try to hear them out before you talk about your side. Let them know you understand, and after they've calmed down feel free to talk about how you feel. Leos are extremely caring and understanding up until they are upset in any way, so let them cool down first.
  • Virgo: They're fucking scary. If you get into an argument with a virgo, they can say some nasty things that cut right into you core. The worst part is that they always know what to say.
  • How to deal with it - It'll probably hurt you a lot or make you angry when you fight with them, but honestly I wouldn't. When you get upset, that makes them even more fired up and it creates chaos. It's okay to argue back but it's best to just leave them alone and talk to them later before they say something they may regret.
  • Libra: If anything, they'll get feisty. They aren't the type to full blown attack you but they can get overwhelmed and snap at you.
  • How to deal with it - Leave them alone. Libras need their space, and if you pick that time to argue with them about something they'll literally just shut you down before you finish talking. Leave. Them. Alone. Talk to them about it later.
  • Scorpio: Terrifying. They make a full 180 from their normally happy and humourous personality and just turn extremely mean. Most of the time they don't mean to say nasty things and they don't want to hurt you, but they get so caught up with their feelings they can't help it.
  • How to deal with it - This ones a hard one and probably one of the only bad things about scorpios. It's important to stay calm, because if you freak out they'll only get more upset because they see that they're hurting you and they get angry at themselves. Leave them alone, or if you can handle it try to ease them out of it and comfort them. Sounds weird to do in a middle of an argument, but trust me they're more mad at themselves than they are at you.
  • Sagittarius: They don't get mad easily but they cool down extremely fast. Don't let that fool you though, if you argue with a sagittarius it's like trying to defuse a bomb and having it blow up in your face.
  • How to deal with it - literally just let them wear themselves out and make them laugh. They're fairly simple to make up with and are willing to compromise with you if you just get them to chill.
  • Capricorn: Why are you even arguing with them? It's hard to get them to listen to you because they can be stubborn as hell and always want to have their own way.
  • How to deal with it - This is probably the hardest one. If you give them a good enough reason they will listen to you but you have to treat it a bit like a debate, but do not get heated. If you stay calm when speaking to them then you'll have a better chance.
  • Aquarius: They have a whole bunch of facts and shit to prove you wrong and like the other air signs; they'll always think they're right.
  • How to deal with it - A lot of them have a hard time listening to people when they have something to say, so let them go first and ask them if you can speak. This sounds like a weird play during an argument but it'll prevent heated and bias views. Aquariuses won't make sense if they're fired up and that'll only just make them sad or upset
  • Pisces: Literally arguments will go on for days passively or they will blow up. It's never in between, it's one or the other. Pisces usually hide their feelings and gradually bring it up passive aggressively starting small arguments that die down quickly and return again, or they get so overwhelmed with emotion they slay the shit out of you.
  • How to deal with it - You're not gonna win by getting upset. It's about being honest and letting them truly come out with how they feel also. It's kinda hard to do that especially when they keep going "No really, i'm fine" when they actually aren't. Sometimes you just need to confront them to settle it once and for all. Even if they blow up it's better than them throwing shade at you for something that happened months ago