but they're so pretty in the video


cloti moments i’m excited to see in the remake 2/?

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what video are you talking about? if they're demonizing shiro i'll help u fight the writers

anonymous asked: what video???

it’s the one where they confirm allura’s a teenager

and, okay, i just got off from like. revising for a test tomorrow so my brain’s pretty mush right now and i was ready to, i don’t know, kick a baby a while ago when i saw the video but i’ll try to articulate my thoughts on the matter as level-headed as possible or as level-headed as i can be considering how many people i….. uncalmly??? (is… that a word) ranted to here lmao

let me start by saying that in all honesty i’m fine with allura being a teenager. like aight sure she’s a teen she’s a princess it’s all good, it’s great, no harm there. but what DOES make me iffy and what DOES piss me the fuck off is the fact that they didn’t??? confirm this sooner??? like the creators KNOW which pairings are popular, they KNOW which characters the people watching the show are into, so they KNOW just how well-received shallura is. they even made it a point to insert the hand-holding scene in favor of the mousewashing scene, so they KNOW people are interpreting shiro and allura’s relationship in a romantic light.

you know, shiro, who was a confirmed adult, and allura, who’s just NOW confirmed a teen.

like GOD they made allura so adult-coded…. and it’s not just because of how mature she is (i mean, she’s royalty AND a leader, she has to be), because based from the comics and from the more humorous aspects of the show we can see that she still clearly still has that youthful lightheartedness. but from the way they designed her body and the way they made her voice sound everything about her was just…… it doesn’t look or feel like she’s a teen? there’s just a STRIKING difference between how they made her to be compared to the teenage paladins, and it just seemed like she was closer to shiro’s age than to theirs. there were so many hints of them in season 1 (remember that galra ship mission they had together where allura literally sacrificed herself so shiro can be safe and shiro was so hellbent on getting her back before anything else and they shared those longing meaningful looks…. yea) and in season 2 (hand holding scene??? shiro screaming her name and not calling her princess when she was in grave danger???? showing only shiro’s pained reaction and no one else’s???), and the chemistry was THERE and it could’ve been amazing because they could’ve been an interracial couple who both experienced severe trauma who, even with it all, could’ve found comfort in each other but now that she’s confirmed a teen and he’s an adult it’s just……. it feels gross. hell, i feel gross. like, fuck. GOD.

and speaking of shiro they just can’t stop demonizing him can they. it’s like they just keep enabling people to view shiro in such a nasty light. and it’s so fucked UP because shiro’s literally a mentally ill and disabled person of color and it’s so important that he’s represented well in a show to be a positive message to kids yet they just keep…………

jesus fucking christ.


“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need a little rescue.”

“Some people make a habit out of being rescued. Just like some people make a habit out of jumping in after them.”

Damn. ☕️☕️☕️

A little theory I came up with a couple weeks ago that I'm now pretty sure is correct

So the video where Phil gave Dan gummi bears and his duvet was in the OFFICE background?

My theory was that Phil was sleeping on the couch because they’re moving, and his sheets were moved to the corner (and they were in the office in the first place) because they were filming gaming videos.

In that video, Dan was wearing his doge shirt.

In today’s gaming video, Dan was wearing his doge shirt.

Coincidence? I think not.


3/20/15: Patrick Kane and his hair observing practice

For sheercompulsion =)


I’ve not really spoken about this on tumblr at all but I thought I might mention it just in case you’re curious! Since about September of 2016 I’ve had this channel and have been uploading some Got7 related videos and the channel has done pretty well without any kind of promotion here on my blog. I thought some of you might be interested in watching the videos since they’re all about Got7 (try not to fangirl, compilations etc.)

Feel free to check out my channel if you want to see some cute Got7 vids. Okay and now I feel really weird for this self promo…OH WELL ENJOY

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I think someone might have mentioned something like this before, but I'm picturing someone telling some of Yuuri and Viktor's friends who don't know about skating or their rivalry after they get together that Yuuri used to hate Viktor and they were known for being rivals and they're like "yeah right just look at how in love they are, that's not possible" until they look it up and see all the articles and then they go "HOLY SHIT"

There aren’t really many people who don’t know about them because they are pretty famous but for the few who don’t they’d be like ‘pfft, them? What are you talking about, they’re so in love?’ And then they’d see the old videos of the way Yuuri used to glare at Viktor and be like ‘damn! You seriously weren’t kidding when you said you used to hate him’

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UT Paps, UF Paps, US Sans, and SF Sans they're on at the public pool (on the surface) and they both wanted a snack so they order something for the SO (being all gentlemen like) and it is taking FOREVER and then people who ordered after them started getting their stuff. Oh and the ladies who took their order and are making the food are, well, bitches is putting it lightly.

UT!Papyrus: I once saw a video of Papyrus doing the Delta Airlines bit by John Mulaney and…..yeah, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. This guy has infinite patience with even the bitchiest of food workers. He’ll apologize to you for the long wait, but he won’t rush them. If anything, he’ll offer to help! Chances are they rebuff his offer in terms none too polite, but he’s pretty upbeat about the whole thing. He’s sure they’re just having a bad day!

UF!Papyrus This guy’s kind of a bitch to food service in general. He is not  putting up with this. He doesn’t say much, just walks up to the ladies and says in a very authoritative voice that he expects his order soon. When they mouth off his posture and look change significantly. He doesn’t say a word or make a move, but the fear of God is put into them by his look. He walks back with more food than he ordered and a full refund, looking smug as hell.

US!Sans: In general he’s extremely polite, but he’s kind of sensitive to how this behavior is affecting not just him, but everyone else in the queue. He talks to them about the wait, trying to be as polite as possible. If they don’t listen he won’t do much, but he’s determined to get your food eventually. Even if he has to sneak in the kitchen and make it himself. Don’t be fooled by his enthusiastic bounciness. He can be very stealthy when he wants.

SF!Sans: He steals their shit. Rasp gets even. He breaks in the back and steals their bags. Then he steals some food and comes back. If they want their stuff back they’ll have to apologize very sincerely. And even then its anyone’s guess. He gave them fair warning….

Holy shit I am so sick and tired of people saying it’s wrong to wonder if Miles and Brandon are dating/not straight and then in the same breath saying that they’re “pretty sure Brandon is straight”… do you not see how heteronormative and homophobic this is??? What the fuck??? I might make a youtube video discussing this issue. Also find it funny that they only say that about Brandon?? I wonder why?? (hint, because he doesn’t fit their stereotype for a non-heterosexual person)

Bunny High School AU
  • Bonbon: In the swimming club. Can this girl eat chocolate or what?! Bonbon is constantly chewing down bars of chocolate at super-speed after swimming class. (I'm actually not surprised. Swimming at her speed takes a lot of energy!)
  • Bunnie: In the gymnastic club. Bunnie loves eating apples, and staying positive. Everyone seems to be quite fond of her.
  • Carmen: One of the directors of the Drama Club. Carmen mostly directs romantic comedies. Fun fact: she loves chocolate sweets, especially ones with nuts in them!
  • Chrissy: Her full name (according to her doting big sister Francine) is Christine. She models for the fashion club, and everyone agrees she looks great in polka-dots. She's great at staying awake.
  • Claude: In the Comics Club. Due to his love of video games and comic books, some say he's pretty geeky. He truly admires Mira.
  • Coco: In the writing club. Coco's fond of writing stories backwards, though no one knows why. Shes pretty enigmatic, though two things are sure: She's into ancient artifacts, and she's one of sweetest rabbits, despite being a little strange.
  • Cole: In the art club. Cole loves painting round fruit and tropical resorts!
  • Doc: In the book club. Doc really is a book worm! Not only does he spend most of his time in the library, he also types out his own short stories on his laptop. (Or maybe it's fan fiction. Who knows?)
  • Dotty: In the tennis club. Dotty is a always talking, usually about herself. She really is an interesting subject though. Out of all of the whacky animals in school, she's the craziest. (Her eyes turn red when she's shocked!) She's also pretty into interior-designing, but she has some weird ides...
  • Francine: Her full name (according to her cute little sister Chrissy) is Francois. She designs for the fashion club, and everyone knows she always has her sister model polka-dots. She's great at pretending to sleep.
  • Gabi: In the music piano. She likes playing the piano, and wants to sing to, but she's so bad at it, she isn't allowed to. So, her desire to use her voice is spent on talking. Day and night, she'll always find something to talk about! It's usually about her new hair cut.
  • Gaston: In the science club. Gaston is a rich rabbit from France, and Marcel's childhood friend. This bunny is very grumpy, and always cursing in French. In his downtime, he watches lots of horror films, it seems.
  • Genji: An otaku in the comic club. Genji seems to like anime and manga, especially horror ones! His poetry is pretty popular in school.
  • Hopkins: In the cooking club. Hopkins is very kiddy and childish at heart. He loves video games, and always brings 3DS to school. All his friends agree that his bedroom resembles a toy room.
  • Mira: In the makeup club. Mira is pretty famous at school for being a hero. She once got invited to join the super hero club, but she turned them down, since there are boys in that club. (She wants it to be a magical girl group like in the manga she reads.)
  • O'Hare: In the music club. O'Hare likes to play the ukulele, but he's also gotten so used to the acoustic guitar, he air-guitars in class! He's also pretty self-centered. He doesn't talk much, but he's all-ears for people who'll talk about him. He even got Cole to paint him into his tropical resort paintings!
  • Pippy: In the debate club. She's in the ACTION FOOD SQUAD! Her phrase is "HOPPING HOTCAKES!!!" The squad doesn't do much. They're just all bffs who hang out and have their own 'action food' phrases to say. Other members include Freckles, Pate, Pinky, Truffles, and Victoria. She's also Mira's manager, since they're best friends.
  • Ruby: In the photography club. Ruby enjoys taking photos of the night sky. Especially on nights with full moons. Animals who meet her might think she's sick, but she's just albino.
  • Snake: On the soccer team. Snake is very quick and silent, neither seen nor heard. Sometimes he hides in cardboard boxes! Other than being ninja-like, he enjoys playing video games.
  • Tiffany: Tiffany's nickname is 'The Drama Club's Audrey Hepburn'. She's rich and always catching up on her beauty sleep (even in class!) As a result, she's a gorgeous celebrity.
  • Toby: In the gardening club. Toby loves rainy days and swimming. He has feminine hobbies and transferred here because he was bullied about it at his last school. This bunny was very surprised to find how welcoming everyone at his new school is! (They're all pretty whacky, so it's fine.)

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Hey Toasty!! I was wondering what software you used to make those animations you reblogged? Is it Toon Boom Harmony? I'm looking at their website and it looks like Harmony only supports animation with a rig/skeleton, but your animations were obviously frame-by-frame hand-drawn? I loved them by the way, they're really really incredible!!!

haha, thanks!  my program is Toon Boom Studio 4.5, but it’s since been discontinued.  that said, I’m pretty sure that even though Toon Boom emphasizes rig animation in a lot of their stuff (including my program), I’m pretty sure you can also do frame-by frame with it.  they even have a tutorial video for it on their youtube account, so I’d say you’ve got nothing to worry about!

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Omg the vamp ask gave me an idea! How would UT and US skelebros react to their werewolf S/O who has doggy habits? Like they'll sometimes absentmindedly kick their leg around in their sleep or they're doing dopey things like getting so excited they run downstairs and slam face first into a wall before continuing to run like nothing happened. Or they'll sometimes be found digging holes outside and in the holes are leftovers from dinner or their prized possessions

UT!Sans: He thinks it’s hilarious. He’s not really an energetic person, but watching you bounce around like that is pretty amusing. It teaches him to always keep his phone on hand, and he has tons of videos of you slamming face first into a wall because the pizza man arrived. The only thing that bother him a little is the burying food  and other stuff thing. As long as you remember where you put it and it’s not his, he figures that it’s not that bad. And food decompose so it’s not really an issue. If it makes you happy, go for it. At least now you can’t snap at him for leaving his socks everywhere.

UT!Papyrus: He hates it when you get so excited that you wont even listen to him. Like you know when dogs are so happy that they can’t even. He will admit that you’re very cute but he needs you to listen damnit. Also, he feels like you’re not appreciating his food when you bury it in the garden, he’s not sure whether or not he should take that as a compliment but he’d rather you eat it. And he hates when you dig holes everywhere. Gardening is a small hobby of his, he likes to grow vegetables like tomatoes and peas and etc. But it’s a little hard to grow plants when you keep digging everything up. If there’s anything that really tests his patience, it’s when you ruin his precious plants. He’s a little worried that you’re going to hurt yourself when you faceplant a wall but he will admit that it’s kind of funny. 

US!Sans: He has a problem with the digging. He likes his garden to be nice and good looking, and he would really appreciate it if you could keep the food to the compost and the digging to your end of the yard. Also, he’s a very light sleeper. So any twitching and kicking close to him is going to wake him up. He doesn’t mind it that much, though. It’s actually very cute, especially if you’re napping on the couch. (I headcanon that he sleeps a lot and that’s why he’s filled with energy, or the other way around) He loves the excitement because that’s something you both have in common.

US!Papyrus: He likes to egg you on until you’re an excited mess. And he messes with you a lot. He likes teasing and he makes dog related jokes that border to offensive. Stuff about chasing cars and squirrels or attacking the mailman. It’s just the way he is and he means no harm with it. If he notices that he crosses a line he apologizes and makes a mental note to not make that joke again. At least now he knows the perfect way to earn your forgiveness. Petting while you cuddle become his new favorite way to apologize, and also how he likes spending lazy evenings on the couch in general. 

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oh my god that seal video made me think about Geno and Sid trying to get her ready for her first day of school but she's refusing to be human, scooting away from them as fast as possible and when they pick her up she makes that angry small seal noise and they're trying so hard to be firm but it's also very cute when she's all impotently furious -S

omgggg yesss Geno carrying around a seal like “Sidney!!!! She won’t shift!!!”
And Sidney is actually pretty stern so he just bends down to go face to face with the pup and say, “Honey, if you don’t shift right now, Papa and I are taking you to school like this. I’m not playing around.”

And then their daughter kind of plops out of her sealskin and runs butt naked upstairs to change into her clothes, and Geno is left holding her sealskin, which still really fucking creeps him out.  

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I was also thinking that David and tarjei are pretty close, like in those videos from gullruten, when they go to accept their award how tarjei grabs David's face and then in marlons insta story vids they seem to be talking really closely and tarjei is grabbing his face again, I think it's really sweet they're so close

Aaaah i 100% agree :)). Their friendship is amazing! They are in the same group of friends, go to school together. It must be awesome to have your best friend on set with you and experience this new-found popularity together! They are so so so cute <3