but they're so cool i couldn't not post them

The signs and their opinions on zodiac posts
  • Aquarius: *literally lives for these posts*
  • Pisces: meh, they're okay
  • Aries: they make no fucking sense wth
  • Taurus: i just ignore them
  • Gemini: I always check to see what I am and I'm surprised by how accurate they always are.
  • Cancer: bitch i make the zodiac posts
  • Leo: If you have ever made a zodiac post I will slap you. You are contributing nothing to society. Nothing. No one cares what kind of tree they are. Fuck off.
  • Virgo: I really couldn't care less
  • Libra: *has a chart of everyone's birthdays so they can check whether it's correct for literally everyone they know*
  • Scorpio: They're actually pretty cool ngl
  • Saggitarius: I will unfollow you if you reblog or make a zodiac post.
  • Capricorn: who needs zodiac posts when you can have food