but they're quite fun to do

a selection of hero/villain shorts

inspired by the dialogues of @the-modern-typewriter 

“If it were up to me,” the hero said, their fingers closing around the villain’s wrists, “I’d kill you now. Oh, I’m not actually going to, of course. I like to think I still have some sort of moral compass left, even after everything that’s happened. Even after everything I’ve done. Everything you’ve made me do.” Without quite meaning to, they tightened their grip. It felt as though something was bubbling up from deep inside them, something dark and rotten and long-hidden that wanted to get out. “But if I didn’t…oh, the things I could do to you. I could break your bones one by one. Start with your fingers, and see how long it took you to start screaming. Isn’t that what you did to that nice young man who tried to double-cross you?” The villain didn’t respond. “Of course, if that doesn’t appeal to your delicate sensibilities, I could just string you up instead. Hang you by your wrists like a piece of meat. Or I could - ” They broke off. “Wait a minute. Are you getting off on this?”

“No,” said the villain, unconvincingly.

“What,” said the hero, “are you doing in my house? And in my dressing gown?

“Making you breakfast!” The villain brandished a spitting frying pan as evidence. “I couldn’t help noticing last week that you’re just not filling out that super-suit of yours like you used to. You need feeding up, otherwise our battles are going to get terribly one-sided. I’ve done you some bacon, see?”

The hero sniffed. The bacon reeked of bitter almonds, with a faint trace of lemon underneath - presumably an attempt to cover up the smell of the poison, which they judged was probably enough to kill an elephant. Several elephants. “You do know I’ve been trained to recognise the smell of cyanide from a distance of five feet or less?” they said. “Here’s a tip: try using something odourless next time.”

The villain looked downcast. “I was only trying to be nice.”

“And murder me,” the hero pointed out.

“Well - yes, but in a nice way.”

“How did you even find out where I live?”

The villain finished securing the cable ties around the hero’s ankles. “Oh, I hacked into those security cameras you installed to keep away intruders. Ironic, really. Sorry - are these too tight?”

“No, they’re - wait, you hacked into my cameras?”

“Well, yes,” the villain said, as though it were obvious. “The encryption on them was terrible, and I was curious. By the way, I’m glad to see that what they say about men with big feet is true.”

The hero covered his face with his hands.

The hero slammed the villain up against the wall rather harder than was necessary, relishing the choked-off sound they made as their back hit the metal. They tightened their arm so that the muscles bulged, cutting off the villain’s air supply, and snarled directly into their ear, “I know what you did.”

The villain made a desperate hand gesture that could reasonably have been interpreted as What are you talking about? The hero relaxed their grip slightly, finally allowing their enemy to breathe - albeit only in shallow, retching gasps. “I know what you did,” they said again. “You turned those innocent people into mincemeat over a fucking business transaction. I already knew you were scum, but this is a new low.”

“Wasn’t me,” the villain said, their voice rough around the edges.

The hero laughed, short and sharp. “You expect me to believe that?”

“Well, exacting bloody and disproportionate retribution for imagined slights is one of my favourite pastimes,” the villain said, and gasped as the hero’s arm tightened around their neck again. “No, wait! Wait. Listen. I’m not guilty this time, honestly. Hand on my cold black heart. Half of those people were in my employ, what would I gain by getting rid of them?”

“Prove it,” the hero hissed.

“Let me down, and I will,” the villain said, coaxingly.

The hero hesitated, their grip just loose enough to pin the villain in place. For a second, their eyes locked, and the hero thought - or imagined - that they saw a hint of sincerity somewhere in there.

I’m going to regret this, they thought grimly - and lowered their arm.

“Oh, please,” the villain sneered. “You’re not going to kill me, you’re too - ”

Without even bothering to look, the hero fired. Blood sprayed outwards in a semicircle, spattering the wall behind where the villain’s head had been. Their body swayed, then toppled gently to one side, collapsing on to the floor as though all the air had been let out of it (which, in a way, it had). The hero turned and stared at the mess.

“Well, that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” they said.

The Venus Signs in Love in Detail (requested)
  • Aries Venus: extremely passionate, very voracious way of expressing their love, very straightfoward and direct way of showing affection, seductive, bold and confident lover. They're impatient with their partners, can have a short temper and can engage in fighting, but that's their way of showing they care and that's a way of creating excitement and action, routine is painful for them. It's also a way of showing passion. They're very extreme and "crazy in love".
  • Taurus Venus: romantic and sensual, very touchy feely and cuddly. They're trustworthy, stable and endearing lovers who take things slowly. They're posessive and protective, they want safety in a relationship and want to provide material security and comfort for their significant other. They're intense and express love through physical contact and gifts. They need consistency and plenty of affection. They're usually obsessed with the people they love.
  • Gemini Venus: fun loving, mental and somewhat changable lover, because they need constant stimulation and variety, otherwise they can become bored. They're flirty and their relationships are always full of humor and long intellectual conversations. Communication is number 1 priority in relationships. They might be afraid of committment and are usually light hearted. They keep things casual even when their love is deep. They express love by talking with their partner about everything and showing an insatiable curiosity and interest towards the other person.
  • Cancer Venus: very maternal, caring and loving partner, they express their love with protection and plenty of emotion. Their affection is obvious and they're usually romantic. They want to listen to and take care/nurture their significant other. They're very committed and want to create a future together, marrying and having kids is what they want, "growing old side by side" is a very attractive concept for these people. They're sensitive to everything their partner does/says and can become moody. They don’t usually forget the people with whom they fall in love with. They're deep, sentimental, jealous and they want safety.
  • Leo Venus: they need plenty of reassurance, although they usually are warm, confident and strong lovers. They're dominant and expressive, they're very flamboyant lovers who like to show off their significant others, they're proud of the people they love. They’re usually romantic and very daring and attached. They're one of the most loyal partners but can become demanding and self centered and feel unnappreaciated when their needs are not being properly satisfied: they want to be treated like kings/queens and they requeira attention and true love.
  • Virgo Venus: they're selfless, devoted and quiet partners, they're modest and usually insecure. They express their affection in a shy but helpful way by doing little things and favours that often go unnoticed. They wait till they're sure the other person feels the same but they don't usually take the initiative. They want to "save" their partners and improve them, they can become critical because of that. They're practical and observant lovers, they're likely to remember insignificant things about you, it's their way of showing they care. They might feel unworthy of love.
  • Libra Venus: they're very moderate, balanced and romantic lovers, they're physical and require fairness in love. They're extremely kind and affectionate, they're in love with love but might get too caught up with their idea of a perfect affair. They're very subtle and gentle in their way of seducing and provoking, they're usually flirty, gracious and charming lovers. They treat their partners like equals and beauty is important to them. Conflict is very hard for them to deal with in a relationship.
  • Scorpio Venus: brooding, intense, deep, magnetic, controlling, jealous and somewhat manipulative lovers. Their way of showing affection is mainly sexual, and sex is probably a way of getting more intimate and connect more effectively. Very loyal and quite mysterious, they tend to demand knowing all about you and tell very little about themselves. They want to get to know all of you and want complete delivery of their lovers to the relationship, otherwise they don't feel secure. They're usually quite a handful and require emotional closeness and understanding. They're intuitive and know their partner's needs before they do.
  • Sagittarius Venus: wild, creative, adventurous and bold lovers, they remain youthful and playful in love. They're not the most attached nor the neediest, but they're exciting and fun, wanting to explore the world with their lovers by their side. They're free spirits and they require independence. They want to share their experiences and life with their partner. But they usually are too idealistic and can think the grass is greener somewhere else. They want to expand horizons and learn through relationships. They're confident and spontaneous in their way of showing affection.
  • Capricorn Venus: composed, controlled and hardworking lovers, they're dedicated and predictable. They have a practical approach to affection but they can be romantic if the situation calls for it. They're usually down to earth and realistic partners, they're not blinded by love but they're committed and take relationships very seriously, being usually focused in making them work. They can be timid when showing love, but they're usually strong and steady partners, a good support system you can always count on. Enjoys providing and offering.
  • Aquarius Venus: unsual, independent and creative partners, they're hard to pin down. They value friendship above all, it's important to be best friends and lovers. Mental connection is priority in their love life and they're slow to admit they have feelings, love is confusing for them. They're usually distant in relationships because they need their space and time to think about things, they protect their individuality in relationships, they fear restriction and are a little afraid of attachment. Not usually jealous, romantic or affectionate but they show their love by sharing ideas and exchanging their deepest thoughts, but they fear telling their partners their feelings. They usually prefer their own terms in relationships.
  • Pisces: dreamy, tender, poetic and deep lovers, they want their love to be meaningful and soulful, they usually want to have a spiritual connection with their significant others, they want a soulmate. They're usually quite sensitive and selfless in relationships, their love is pure and unconditional. They become completely obsessed, as in, can't think of anything or anyone else and the "honeymoon phase" might last long. They want to "save" their partners and they might become slippery when things don't seem very well, because they idealize love. They're usually forgiving and understanding and they require emotional intimacy.
i wrote limericks about trump

remember that art journal i submitted haikus too last semester? well i wrote some limericks about how much i hate trump to submit for the winter edition!

unfortunately something went wrong, either the submission didn’t go through or i just straight up forgot to submit them lmao, so i thought i’d might as well share them here, that way it can gain at least some amount audience

((note: pay attention to the titles))

Donald is the Pig of Animal Farms - A series of limericks about the 45th United States President

“There isn’t much else he can do”
It doesn’t seem Trump understands,
What’s needed to sign off commands.
   'Cause time and again,
   He must use a pen,
Which he can’t, ‘cause he’s got tiny hands.

“But make room in his ass for my shoe”
There once was a man known as Trump
Who brought the whole world to a slump.
   He’s missing his heart,
   and he smells like a fart,
‘Cause his head can be found up his rump. 

“Can he even see?”
He looks as if eaten by squids,
And has eye lips instead of eyelids.
   He’s worse than a mare,
   has fraudulent hair,
It’s no wonder he scares all the kids.

“lmao my b”
He seems like a pretty good fellow
And looks good in orange or yellow.
   He packs quite the punch,
   and goes great with a lunch,
No wait - I’m describing a Cheeto.

“Making fun of his hands #2”
I’d worry that taunts precede bans,
Even though we live on separate lands.
   But what could you do?
   'cause I can’t hear you
Over the sound of my normal-sized hands

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Nothing against Hazel. That said, I think I've had it with D&P and their head games with the fans. It's getting old & tiresome. They need to either confirm or put phan to rest so that the fans quit getting their hopes crushed. I hate how they're using us. And that's EXACTLY what they're doing. Sick of it. Done with them. Why mention a date w/Hazel if she's dating someone else?

…….mate. newsflash. people can have lunch without it being a date. oh my god.

‘phan’ isn’t something they should HAVE to confirm, it’s their own personal private relationship and although shipping is fun we have no right to demand them to say anything

Good jobs for the midheavens
  • Aries Midheaven: They enjoy being creative, so an artist / musician is okay, but it's a bit passive for active, challenging, leader-like Aries. They would probably enjoy sports just because of the physicality. They love being in charge and do really well in managerial positions so big business is an idea.
  • Taurus Midheaven: They're stable and like money, so something high-paying and socially acceptable. Something that they can work in, climb the corporate ladder, so business is good again. They also really like animals and nature, so maybe something in that area would suit them sometimes.
  • Gemini Midheaven: They make good politicians, but their strength is almost definitely teaching. They also make good writers and actors, TV presenting is an option too. Definitely make use of their communication skills. They want freedom, so nothing too boring or mundane: that won't satisfy them.
  • Cancer Midheaven: They do like the home, so a quiet domestic life could suit. They also love children and are pretty creative, so maybe teaching music, language or art in schools is a good idea. In addition, they tend to really like caring for animals so they could always go into veterinary science.
  • Leo Midheaven: They want high profile! The performing arts is best - acting, singing, music, modelling, or performing in any way is simply their highlight. As they're associated with children, they could also lead activity groups and clubs for kids, which would probably be really fun.
  • Virgo Midheaven: They're probably interested in an academic career. They could go into science, maths, or engineering, and they also tend to make very good writers. Because they're usually quite shy they might want to stay away from jobs involving interpersonal relations.
  • Libra Midheaven: They love all that's beautiful so a designer, garden / interior planner, personal shopper, sales-person, or estate agent would suit Libra. Their sense of justice and good social skills could also lead them into the legal profession. Their team skills mean that they will do well in most jobs.
  • Scorpio Midheaven: Persuasive, manipulative, and lovers of control - you wouldn't think it but politics could definitely suit a Scorpio. They probably want something intense and difficult that they can focus themselves on - that really feels like an achievement - so further maths or science could be an option.
  • Sagittarius Midheaven: University professors or academics are probably appealing lines of work for the Archer. They are also often drawn to religion and philosophy, so studying and / or teaching in this area is a great idea. They should choose a job which allows them freedom and travel opportunities.
  • Capricorn Midheaven: They're so hard-working that they'll succeed at most things, but business is an especial strength for these. Quite honestly their status in the job, how hard they work, and what they get in return, is probably a lot more important to them than the particular line of work.
  • Aquarius Midheaven: Politics is an obvious choice, and the tech industry (programming, etc) is also a really good idea for these guys. They will probably lean towards scientific and mathematical careers. They also tend to be good sports-people and runners, and succeed in extreme sport especially.
  • Pisces Midheaven: A spiritual or religious job will suit a Pisces, but they also love working with children or animals, so those are both excellent ideas. They might be drawn to helping others as a counsellor, therapist, or, in fact, any kind of doctor - maybe a paediatrician or veterinarian.
I’m not sorry about my writing

Okay so since I’ve been receiving a lot more comments in the last couple of days than ever before, I would like to take this moment in time to address the leaving-a-comment-etiquette, myself.

I sometimes write, as been pointed out and commented on quite a lot, stories that many people perceive as “unfinished”. I take my setting, I tell a story and when I think I’m done with it, I have the story come to an end. It maybe is more usual that people would actually have the fic somewhat start where I end it but then, the rest, is not what I was there to tell. It doesn’t seem to… upset people, but it does seem like they cannot believe that the thing I’ve written is over and want more. I find it super nice that people want to read more! I love it when people want a story to go on forever, I have quite the number of ff that I would like to have a new chapter every hour. The problem isn’t that people want more. The problem is that that might be the only thing they comment on. 

What I see is this: Some awesome person who read my fic, that I write on my free time and is available for free, likes it enough to write a comment. Wonderful! Comments are great! But what I’ve gotten a lot recently, is “Where is the rest?”, “More!”, “I need this to be a longer fic bladibladibla”. I have clearly, marked my work as finished, one chapter, and already answered several comments about the fact that I’m not writing anymore. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, especially when there’s nothing else commented on but the fact that I have “written too little”. 

Why do I not take this as positive feedback? Because in these comments, there’s a silent demand. My story, that I have worked hard on, that I’ve put hours into and let go into this word, and I’ve left, because I’ve finished it, and someone says: “Take this up again because I want you to.” It makes me feel pressured to continue, although I have no intention to but it still has led me to use the word I have now completely stopped using when replying to these comments. “Sorry”. 

I’ve become very self-aware of this, that I in the past have answered comments like mentioned above, with “Sorry, there’s not gonna be anything more” or a variant of the sort. I have apologised. For what? I have absolutely nothing to apologise for, and if you’re a writer who does this too: you have nothing to apologise for either. You’ve done a great thing, you’ve written and people like it. That a comment is set up in such a way that it’s even possible to apologise, is to me, a bad way of commenting. (I have started writing: “There won’t be anymore of this, but thanks for wanting there to be)

This has dragged out and I’m not sure if I make any sense, but please, if you decide to comment, be kind, read a couple of other comments before asking if I plan on writing more (good way of asking: Positive thing about the work, I was wondering if you’re planning to write more? I hope so, but if not, positive thing about the whole work), tell me what you liked about the fic, or if you don’t feel comfortable to write something longer, an “A+” or and “This is awesome” is super nice to get as well. 

I’m not sorry for my writing and I believe that people are good enough so when they want a continuation, they don’t want me to feel like I should be. So: learn, do better, and see you next time on AO3! 

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It says prompts are closed but you reblogged that ask game, so if it's ok: Freewood for 12? (P.S. I adore your writing, you are amazing!)

12. “You can’t protect me.”


“You don’t look like you’re having much fun.”

Ryan grit his teeth as a hand trailed over his shoulder and across his back. Skip Masters pranced around him and plucked up a pool cue from the table, twirling it about in his hands. The young gambler was his usual obnoxious self, with ten pounds of bling hanging around his neck and his shirt unbuttoned right down to the navel. Every time Ryan encountered him his fake tan seemed to get more horrifyingly intense.

“We’re not here to have fun,” he replied stiffly, arms folded. Masters just grinned at him and waved the pool cue vaguely around the room.

“My yacht,” he said cheerfully, “My rules. Come on, Vagabond,” he added, and leaned forward, poking at Ryan’s shoulder - Ryan tensed, grimacing, leaning back away from him - “Loosen up a little.”

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The Midnight Beast - Fun Writing/RP Starters
  • "It's just a booty call, even if you're beautiful."
  • "You're showing me a bit of skin."
  • "We wanna do things we'll regret the next day."
  • "I wake up, different girl/boy each time."
  • "They call me Grandad, 'cause it's written all over my face."
  • "You're getting me obsessed."
  • "What's the point in having fun?"
  • "I'm dead. Just kidding!"
  • "Oh my god, they're at it again."
  • "Don't need a magic pill to medicate."
  • "I'm your butter, you're my toast."
  • "Life's not pretty, it's actually grim."
  • "Will you tell me what you think of?"
  • "Staying up to watch you sleep."
  • "I could put you in the obituaries."
  • "Go fuck yourself, and I quit."
  • "Life has always told me I was weak."
  • "Not counting candles on my birthday cake."
  • "My name is pogo, you wanna jump on my stick?"
  • "How's it going? It seems you've let yourself in."
  • "I need to tell you something that I don't know how to say."
  • "We could keep beating 'round the bush about this but it's pretty simple."
  • "You need me more than a junkie needs crack."
  • "Let's go wherever our legs take us."
  • "You're economy, I'm first class."
  • "It doesn't matter 'cause everybody loves you when you're dead."
  • "I even got your name tattooed."
  • "Please stop, 'cause you make me ill."
  • "You make me happy, but that's not better than sex."
  • "Baby, we should make a sextape."
  • "Bitch, you should get deported."

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What do you think Iwaizumi and Bokuto would tell to their s/o if they (as for the s/o) loves to play volley but is going to quit because they're ver y bad at it?

Iwaizumi: He doesn’t want his partner to quit so easily but at the same time doesn’t want them to stick with it if they aren’t having fun. He gives them the ‘two week rule’. Stick with it for two weeks and if they really aren’t feeling it at that time, then they can quit. Iwaizumi also tries to find out what position his partner is looking to play and meets up helps them. Oikawa steps up to help as well, offering sets for them to hit as well as setting up Iwachan so that his partner can practice receives. After the two weeks, Iwaizumi’s partner shows improvement and is much happier. They decided to stick with it.

Bokuto: “Sucking at something is the first step in being sorta good at something!” Bokuto declares proudly as he drags his partner into the gym after practice. Akaashi is still there having been dragged into help. Bokuto finds out exactly what position his partner is looking to play and then makes training games based around that. A few other members of the team stick around to help. By the end of practice Bokuto’s partner can serve the ball over the net, a feat they didn’t think they’d be able to do. Bokuto dumps the water cooler on them to celebrate. 


HI GUYS okay after a million years, I finally got organised enough and opened a shop on Redbubble :D For all non-print items like shirts, phone cases, mugs, tote bags and other shiny things! Redbubble also has a 20% off sale with the code GIMME20, just for today!

Currently I’ve just started out with some older Star Wars stuff (since a few people had asked for shirts in the past - there’s both the full graphic shirt, or the text-only shirts in case you want them for cosplay/etc!) to see how it goes! :D

But I’m planning to add new items/designs soon, it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun to work on different types of items! (Thank you so much for your interest and feedback on this!!)

a hen do ||

It had been weeks of secretive planning, hiding stuff all around her shops and apartment to make sure no one was quite aware of her plans. But Teagan, as resident clubber here in Boca Raton had taken it upon herself to plan Evalee the best bachelorette party this century had ever seen. And to help make sure that happened she had to be sure no one was aware of it. Because if word got out to Dylan or Evalee one of them may try and change the vision Teagan had in mind. 

When the big day, at least the one Teagan considered big, rolled around Teagan was out and about like nobodies business. While the festivities would begin mid-morning she had woken up at 7 to ensure everything was in place. The food would be delivered on time, rooms were reserved, services double checked. When the clock struck 11 the blonde found herself with a handful of cliche bachelorette party items and the biggest smile standing in front of the Johnson/Villanueva door. She let her knuckles rap against the wood and just prayed Eva would appreciate the thought. 


Signs as Fruit Snacks
  • Pisces: Fruit by the Foot. Their love just keeps on going.
  • Aries: Scooby-doo fruit snacks. Always up for a good adventure. Favorites are always picked. c;
  • Taurus: Actual dried fruit. Probably the most comforting and least regrettable of all the choices. Maybe.
  • Gemini: Welches fruit snacks! Hella sweet and probably overpowering, but those who love them LOVE them.
  • Cancer: Fruit Gushers. Holy cow you're exciting and imaginative, but when you forget about them and squish them? It's just a mess. Don't squish cancers.
  • Leo: Fruit roll-ups. Their love will envelop you uwu
  • Virgo: Lego fruit snacks. You pretty much just build with them forever, but they're super fun.
  • Libra: Generic fruit snacks. They're either impossibly delicious or the weirdest thing you've ever had.
  • Scorpio: Black forest fruit snacks. You're not sure where they came from, but they're always there in huge quantities, and you're never upset about it.
  • Sagittarius: FRUIT NUGGETS. Amazing, rare, and mysterious.
  • Capricorn: Gummy vitamins. Like the flintstones ones. Technically fruit snacks but you know they're all business.
  • Aquarius: Fruit leather. Original and healthy, that one where you can't quite figure out how they do so well.
Summary of each sign based off people we know
  • Aries: hilarious, out-going, not afraid to speak their minds, amazing conversationalists, can always make you laugh, and will never give up on a person or idea. Their independent personality makes you want to be friends with them and they enjoy being around people.
  • Taurus: seem down to earth and serious at first, but once you get to know them they're such fun-loving goofballs. They have such a calming presence but it's also domineering at the same time so you always know when they're in the room. Extremely loyal. Extremely hilarious. Amazing friends.
  • Gemini: a mix between extrovert and introvert, extremely funny but only around people they're comfortable with or trying to impress, a bit awkward around crushes but enjoy the company, clever with words, have the ability to be very smart but tend to be lazy about it. They're always there for a good laugh or a good time. They love to be liked and tend to have more people that know them than close friends.
  • Cancer: caring, emotional, sympathetic, empathetic, someone who will always be there for you. Not a cry baby, they're actually very strong and know how to handle themselves and others. They'll always help you or be there for you when you need it most. Introverted and shy. The perfect shoulder to cry on. Amazing cuddlers.
  • Leo: super loyal friend/sibling/lover. They may come off as cocky or proud, but they're just very charismatic people. They may seem very comfortable in their own skin, but some are super insecure. They're fun people to be around and always seem to know what to say. Extroverts.
  • Virgo: nice to a fault. So friendly and bighearted. Can be overly dramatic at times, but nonetheless they're lovable dorks. Can be mean when they need to be so watch out. They're determination and passion about the things they love is honestly inspiring.
  • Libra: really friendly and outgoing, also pretty intimidating when they want to be. If you become friends with them they will do anything for you and are the biggest sweethearts, but do something wrong to them or their friends and a libra will destroy you.
  • Scorpio: come off as quiet and serious, but once you break their shell, they'll be the most passionate and amazing person you'll ever meet. They love sarcasm and jokes but they can also be very serious at times. So passionate about what and who they love so don't ever try to cross them because they can turn crazy scary in two seconds.
  • Sagittarius: super nice and caring, the greatest friends to have because they know all the right things to say and do to make you feel better. Can seem carefree and crazy, but they just like having fun. No matter how graceful they seem, they can also be quite awkward (but that only makes them cuter and more loveable)
  • Capricorn: shy and serious at first, but once you get to know them they are the funniest and most dependable people in the world. They work hard to impress because they hate failure or feeling stressed. They may act cold and uncaring, but that's only because they have trouble expressing their feelings. They're also secretly children at heart.
  • Aquarius: pretty weird and very imaginative. When you become friends with them and get close they come out of their shell and show how quirky they are. Very trusting but only when you are close to them. Can see right through you and know exactly when you're lying. They pick up on things you would never in a million years guess they would pick up on. They also don't tolerate any bullshit so watch out.
  • Pisces: really artsy and musical, and because of this they have a very vivid imagination. They can be pretty introverted but love hanging out with close friends, and have the biggest heart. Despite being one of the most 'romantic' signs they are very awkward. Like to escape with music and dreams. Sarcastic as hell but also lovable as hell.
small things i notice about the signs
  • aries: everyone sees them as angry but the ones ive met are pretty fucking chill?? they just get passionate or worked up about stuff sometimes
  • taurus: 'wAIT WAIT NO LET ME GET IT I CAN DO THIS' other than that, theyve got a p nice sense of humor i suppose, even if theyre bossy sometimes
  • gemini: funny people, they'll make you think that they don't even have any problems and are really strong and perfect, but bad things happen to them, all the time, they just don't always talk about it unless they know you well
  • cancer: surprisingly loud, usually likes anime, is the type of friend that shoves you a bit or punches you in the arm- sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, you never know really
  • leo: generally funny, the kind of person that makes offensive jokes that make you laugh anyways, or surprises you from behind a lot
  • virgo: usually pretty vague about stuff, especially if its something bothering them, doesn't make many jokes, but they try and thats great, ive never befriended a virgo so i cant say much
  • libra: likes to laugh at stuff, quite caring really, and has this feel to them that i cant describe. maybe that's what makes them so fun to hang out with? they really want to help you and be there for you, and you can tell
  • scorpio: they may not show it or say it but they do these little things that let you know they care a lot about you, and can be kind of protective. maybe they'll walk you home or something. they don't always speak of their problems but they're usually willing to hear yours.
  • sagittarius: emoji users. a lot of emojis. these people are pretty friendly, no matter how much they tell you about how they hate everything. surprisingly not all of them want to travel, but many want to escape their situation- start anew, make something fresh !
  • capricorn: they joke around quite often, and use their seriousness for comedy more often than not. many of them gravitate towards pisces like me, but we never become more than acquaintances. i do like capricorns, they're nicer than they might seem
  • aquarius: they have the drive to do what they want, even if they think it looks bad in the end or it seems time-consuming, they'll at least do it. they're really nice friends; relatable and dazed people, you can understand them.
  • pisces: usually likes music and/or art, makes awkward jokes and has more acquaintances than friends. not as emotional as people make them out to be. their anger and sadness are pretty indirect and hard to notice at first. you can't read their face well. their most prominent emotions are happiness and fear. overall, confused but friendly individuals.

anonymous asked:

You know, intps are kind of like cats. They are aloof and independent. Always have a whimsical yet mischievous look. Will stare out of windows in deep thought. Somehow are associated with cloudy/rainy weather. Moody, distant, yet there when you need someone. They may irritate you but in the end, they're quite fun to have around because they make you see the world through many perspectives. What do you think?

I’ve often thought about this myself. Never been a cat person (probably because my family has had a dog since I was little, and she’s great), but I can see the comparison.

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hc: klance volunteering at a football game!! they always argue over how much smth is when a customer orders but during the main part of the game where there's really no one at the stand (all the other volunteers left to watch the game) keith and lance are alone & eventually they just start making out & all bc no one's there & 4 min later they're interrupted by an "hey i HATE to BOTHER you guys, as a CUSTOMER & all, but can you quit salivating each other's face for one minute & take my order?"


also imagine them alone at the concession stands and u know how the football stadium always blasts music? well lance starts his own groovy dance routine and all and keith is like “boi… stop” but hes laughing and so is lance and eventually lance gets keith to start doing weirdish dancing too and they’re just being cute boyfriends and having fun. i love me some klance (also sorry if the wording is a lil weird/awkward i had texted this to my cousin but wanted to share!!)

oMG……. i feel like keith would be sitting there awkwardly, completely unable to even look pidge’s way, but lance would probably just throw a packet of ketchup and a singular hot dog bun at her and be like “here’s ur food u gremlin now please leave we’re busy, thank u” 

also, let it be known a tear formed in my eyeball at that last bit

Zodiacs: high school teacher aesthetics
  • Aries: environmental science teacher covered in dirt, listening to indie music
  • Taurus: the teacher that really encourages everyone to do well and spends a lot of time making sure everyone understands the material
  • Gemini: the cool teacher who's really nice to kids and talks about their life outside of school
  • Cancer: the teacher that's really unqualified so they just show videos all the time
  • Leo: the teacher that just gives a lot of projects b/c they think they're more fun
  • Virgo: the teacher you don't remember having
  • Libra: the teacher that goes missing for weeks on end or will quit after their paid maternity leave expires
  • Scorpio: the teacher that takes no bullshit, probably teaches English, probably never leaves the school
  • Sagittarius: the teacher everyone goes to for advice
  • Capricorn: the best teacher, they always challenge the students and the students do really well
  • Aquarius: lowkey fucking the hot teacher
  • Pisces: good teacher, but they never get your papers back to you

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Do you ever think a Ravenclaw would be made fun of for not being super smart? Like they screw up on tests and can't quite figure out the riddles to get into their tower but they're really super invested in their art which is why they don't study as much as they should or think about answers to riddles cuz their too busy thinking up characters and worlds in their heads.

I know this probably isn’t the answer you want to hear but yes, I imagine they would be bullied at some point. 

Ravenclaw prides itself on being a very accepting house but, as we’ve seen, there are arseholes in every house. Although she never made a fuss about it, Luna clearly faced some form of bullying in her time in ravenclaw tower so I don’t imagine these characters would be above thinking themselves superior to someone less academically intelligent as themselves

However, at the end of the day these are characters. What matters more is the ravenclaw community we’ve built up within this fandom because we’re real people who can have an actual influence on bullying and someone’s self esteem. So let’s take something from this. We know Luna to be a kind hearted, trusting, and creative individual when others found it easy to dismiss her

Let’s not do that. 

Sometimes ridiculing someone is the easy thing to do but if you ever find yourself in that situation, think about this community and how much it values acceptance. That’s what makes this feel like home and please don’t ever take that away from someone for something as trivial as intelligence