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Soumako soulmate AU where you and your soulmate have matching marks and the mark burns as it fades as they're dying. Sousuke and Makoto found each other in middle school after Rin left, and so when Makoto almost drowns Sousuke comes right down to Iwatobi to read him the riot act and hover overprotectively (not to mention be pissed at Rei, who he blames). Depending on how much you want to write, you could also include a sousuke& rin reunion and rin's reaction to them being soulmates

This is such a good prompt, oh my duck! I hope I meet your expectations, sweetie! 

I took the burning thing super literal on this, haha cx

Oh and I put the last bit of Rin finding out SouMako are soulmates, but he doesn’t really interact with any of them. I hope that’s not an issue c:

Also, excuse if there are any weird sentences in here, I think my best friend edited it while I wasn’t looking and I’m to lazy to edit it back again cx

(I hope I did this right, oh duck) 

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They met while it was summer. 

Sousuke never much cared for the mark on his shoulder—just a nuisance, he believed, of something that was far away from the present—and he went around life, uncaring about finding the distinctive other half that would match with his own. 

Up until the day he finally found the other swirl-y design, adorning the back of a brunet individual at the public pool his parents had taken him to. 

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