but they're just so adorable oh my god

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ok but lena loves animals so much because they're always there with unconditional love for her, which is something that she's literally never had before. so like when her and kara adopt their first dog together, she honest to god treats him like he's her biological son and it's absolutely ridiculous and adorable.

oh my god?? dude lena is 100% the type of person to buy sweaters and tiny little boots for their puppy. and when kara’s like “lena, you know dogs… don’t need sweaters right?” lena just stares at her. “of course i know they don’t need them. but what if they want them, kara? can’t a dog wear a sweater without judgment?”

(lena comes home with a dog-sized supergirl outfit one day. “it’ll remind me of you when you can’t be here,” lena says. kara decides she likes the doggy clothes)

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Oh my god! Have you ever watched Louis and Harry's twitcam all the way through?? You probably have but did you notice the look Louis gave Harry at around 44:54 after he pushed Harry off the bed. I just noticed it and I'm dying. I'd give anything to know what Harry was doing off screen to make Louis react like that. They're so freaking adorable!! Sorry for any feels this may cause you 😘

AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! NO I”VE NEVER NOTICED THAT BEFORE!! hahaha oh my god.  these boys are so embarrassing.  I love it.  

God, I wonder if they look back on all of their early days and just blush.  I can’t with them.  these little monsters.

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I know it's late, but would you like to do Le Duo for the ship meme? :)

Would I like to? Hell yeah, I would love to!

who wakes up first in the morning: Josh. That man is up at the crack of dawn, singing whatever song he had stuck in his head when he woke up. He doesn’t sing quietly, either. Oh no, he sings as loud as he always does, which is usually what wakes Luke. Luke grumbles and pulls the duvet up above his head, but in all honesty he loves to hear Josh sing so (usually) he doesn’t mind being woken by him 

who’s the first to fall asleep at night: Again, Josh. Since he’s always so full of energy during the day he’s drained by late afternoon. He and Luke will cuddle up and watch a movie in bed, which is when Josh gently drifts off, with Luke playing with his curls 

what they playfully tease each other over: Their singing! They imitate each other in the most ridiculously dramatic way, resulting with both of them practically doubled over with laughter 

what they do when the other’s having a bad day: They’re usually both very busy, but when they notice that the other is having a bad time they go out of their way to help. They’ll spend as much time together as possible, and later after all their interviews and whatnot are done they’ll settle down and cuddle while watching their favourite movies and eating their favourite foods/desserts

how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments: ugghhh oh my god so they apologize right after any argument. Mostly because they both start crying and its just fricking painful for the both of them, and they just collapse into each other’s arms saying sorry over and over and over. And neither wants to hold the other accountable for starting the argument so they each take on the blame and try to “make it up” to the other by buying them chocolate and flowers and being extra super loving for a few days 

which one’s more ticklish: Oh man…Josh. Not by much, though. If they wan something from the other they usually end up threatening them with getting tickled (or *cough* other things but im not gonna get into that rn thats a whooooole ten page essay i could write right there *cough*) 

their favourite rainy day activities: rewatching some of their old works and poking fun at the way the other said something, reenacting some of the scenes with each other, muting the movie and making up their own lines (usually ending in them both struggling to breathe from how hard they laugh). They also make pancakes literally every time it rains. Rainy days are pancake days

how they surprise each other: Vacations. Summer? Well, Josh, your bf just bought you tickets to Mexico. Winter? Ah, would you look at that Luke, your bf got tickets to Switzerland. New play at the West End theatre? Whoop, plane tickets appear on the kitchen counter. 

their most sickening shows of public affection: Literally always touching?? Like they’re almost always holding hands, or holding the other around the waist, or leaning their head on the other’s shoulder. And kisses. Oh my god. Luke can’t help himself from placing light little kisses to Josh’s cheek and jaw and temple at every opportunity, and Josh is so used to it he just keeps doing whatever he was doing, which somehow makes it even more adorable ffs 

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How would the 2ps react to their smol crush asking them out on a date (but they're kinda shy so they're blushing and stuttering a bit). Also I adore your blog❤

2p France: He’d actually smile! And trust me he’d say yes in a heart beat by act super chill and smooth.

2p England: He hug the life outta them and scream yes.

2p America: He’d actually get flustered and ask “Wait, your actually into me??”

2p Canada: He doesn’t change much on the outside but his heart is screaming.

2p China: He’s smile real big and be very happy.

2p Russia: Oh my god he’s so flustered it’s cute. He’s also stuttering over his words and finally he just takes a breath and looks at you “Yes.” And quickly runs away because he’s so amazingly happy but he’s freaking out too.

2p Italy: He’d act smooth but he’s actually surprised.

2p Germany: He’d be really happy and confess his surprise to you.

2p Japan: He’ll kinda just break.

2p Prussia: “Really? Me?” He can’t believe it and thinks it’s a cruel joke at first but is happy when it’s real.

2p Romano: He loves how shy you are and he’s blushing too and he agrees and hugged you.

2p Spain: He’ll Stare at you and then part your head “I’ll pick you up at 6.”

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ok but jessica or someone walking in on them after they've been sweet like hugging or kissing or something intimate you know, and harvey's just got this adorable bashful and smug smile when he addresses them. because. he with his baby. he love mike, mike love him, they're cute and everyone knows it. and nothing could make him happier.









On Set With The Maze Runner Cast
  • you: hey guys
  • you: oh my god
  • you: what are you--
  • random cast member: they're dancing
  • you: uhm okay
  • you: thomas you adorable little shit
  • will: YOUR ANUS
  • thomas: MY ANUS
  • you: okay that's just a little bit weird
  • kaya: okay we're playing fugitive
  • thomas: let's work as a team guys
  • *everyone runs away in different directions*
  • you: *facepalms*
  • you: so much for working as a team
  • you: where's ki hong
  • ki hong: over here
  • will: POW POW
  • you: um
  • ki hong: ONE TWO THREE
  • ki hong and will: NEWT
  • *burts into laughter*
  • you: right um
  • you: omfg what the fuck
  • kaya: they're having a pillow fight
  • you: shirtless?!
  • you: thomas why tf are you naked
  • thomas: don't act like you don't like it *winks*
  • you: just- just put some clothes on alright
  • you: dylan pls
  • you: what day is it today
  • kaya and dylan: TUESDAY
  • you: oh ok great
  • kaya: WICKED IS GOOD
  • dylan: jesus christ
  • will: POW POW
  • you: please just quiet down
  • you: dylan why are you skating with roller blades
  • kaya: the light up ones as well
  • you: oh shuck
  • ms.simpson: well done you
  • thomas: oh shit
  • you: thomas where are you--
  • you: and btw how did ms. simpson get here
  • dylan: BAILANDO
  • dylan : *picks up a broom and starts dancing*
  • you: oh no
  • dylan: did you just call me brien
  • dylan: brien o'dylan
  • you: how tf did the fans get in here
  • ki hong: YO SPIDER BALLS
  • will: wtf
  • you: ugh
  • you: i'm just so stressed rn
  • thomas: loosen up *hands you a drink*
  • you: *spits it out* tf is in this thing
  • thomas: i dunno it's gally's secret recipe
  • you: ugh i swear to g-
  • you: kaya where are you going
  • you: no kaya do not go near the snakes
  • you: dylan for once please stop dancing
  • you: what am i doing with my life
  • will: POW POW
  • if you don't know much about the maze runner (specifically their interviews and behind the scenes moments) watch https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH-80QTl1dI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-72wKrjfb94)

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I should have put a (1/2) on my earlier ask hahaha. But I've read some of the asks and your headcanon about The Sheith Voltron Family and I'm dying. They're so good and adorable and sweet and just yup. I'm vomitting rainbows and sprinkles everywhere. But all right. I dunno if anyone's asked yet. But what and how was the family's first movie date? (°ω°)

Thank you! 8D But dude please don’t die HAHAHHAA oh my god wait like you mean all of them go and watch a movie? I CAN JUST IMAGINE IT NOW

The Sheith Family decided to watch Kubo and The Two Strings in theaters. Shiro is actually a bit worried they were going to be that kind of family. The one wherein the kids are so noisy and annoying during the whole movie. He’s been there, when he was a teen, he judged families too and now this was karma. So he’s nervous even from just buying their snacks. He was not prepared for this however.

Cashier: Awww, you’re taking your brothers to watch Kubo?
Shiro: What? Brothers?!! *scandalized*
Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: *sweats* These are my children and Keith is my wonderful husband! MY CHILDREN ARE FINE!!! 
Cashier: I-I’m sorry, sir. Here’s your change. *nervously hands over*
Keith: *takes the change* Sorry about that. It’s our first time out. He’s a bit… he’s a bit nervous.
Cashier: *mesmerized by Keith’s beauty lmao* Oh wow hi.
Shiro: *tugs Keith closer to him* My Husband. Married to me.
Keith: *rolls eyes* *pushes him* Let’s just go.
Shiro: Keith, he thought we were BROTHERS! Of all things! We don’t even look alike? *turns to his kids* DO WE LOOK ALIKE?!
All three kids: *laughing* *shakes their heads*
Shiro: What’s a guy supposed to do here for people to know I am married and have children? 
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, you’re so noisy. Let’s just go watch the movie now! *pulls his hand impatiently*
Shiro: Do I have to kiss Keith in public? *clearly not done yet*
Keith: *smirks* I wouldn’t be against that. 
All three kids: NOOOOOOOO! KUBO FIRST!

So they enter and the children are seated at the center with their Daddies on each ends. 

Shiro: *turns to his kids* Okay, before anything. I want you to be quiet. Don’t ask too much questions. In fact, don’t even ask anything at all. 
Keith: *in disbelief* What?
Lance: Are we allowed to laugh at the funny parts?
Shiro: Yes, you are allowed, Lance.
Hunk: Can we cry at sad parts?
Shiro: *smiles softly* Of course you can, Hunk.

The movie starts. The kids are actually quiet and well-behaved.

Shiro: Oh god. I’m getting goosebumps. *turns to his family* Are you guys getting goosebumps?
Keith and the kids: *nods while not taking their eyes off the screen*
Shiro: *whispers to Pidge* Kubo needs to be back before sundown or else something bad will happen to him.
Pidge: I got that part, Daddy Shiro.
Shiro: Oh, okay. Just making sure.
Keith: *glares at him*
Shiro: *laughs the loudest at the funny parts*
Shiro: *points at the screen* I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!!!
Lance: Daddy Shiro, shhhhhsh! 
Shiro: I don’t like this. Those sisters are scary RUN KUBO RUNNN!!!! *turns to Hunk* Hunk do you need me to hold your hand?
Hunk: *shakes head* *shows that he’s already holding Daddy Keith’s hand*
Keith: *acts all smug* *mouths ‘I got this, babe.’*
Shiro: Oh noooo. *sobs* This is just so sad. *hugs Pidge* How is this a children’s movie? HOW?
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, you’re squishing me to death.
Shiro: Awww, this fella reminds me of Lance. Don’t you think so, Lance?
Lance: *clearly doesn’t see how he resembles the character* *raises eyebrows at Shiro* *shakes his head*
Shiro: Maybe cause you weren’t paying attention, buddy.
Lance: *gasps* *clearly offended* 

Lance goes down his seat and climbs Daddy Shiro’s lap and sits there. He crosses his arms and looks at his Dad angrily.

Lance: That’s it, Daddy Shiro. You need to stop making comments. 
Shiro: Wha—
Lance: *covers Shiro’s mouth with his hand* Let us enjoy the movie. I’m going to stop you every time you’re going to say something. So I’m staying here.
Keith: *restrains himself from giggling* Captain Lance sure knows how to get stuff done.
Shiro: *is shockingly offended*


@jccaylen the ocean is the biggest cockblock ever

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen no ? just fly over here bby we’ll finally be together

- - -

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen late night skate?

@jccaylen @kianlawley​ you know i’m always down

- - -

@jccaylen i feel like getting naked

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen together ? i’ll be over in a bit

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Hiya, could I request the RFA + V finding out that MC used to be the leader of a gang and used to just have a really dangerous lifestyle? But they're totally done with all of that now and they're trying to put it behind them and move on with their life? I absolutely adore your blog btw, it's p much the only imagines blog I love so much bc you're super good at writing everyone <3 <3 <3

yisssss, i kinda have like a weird interest in gangs tbh??? im all for this!! shit i read this as part of a gang and not leader?? can we pls just read this the same tho?, like just imagine that another member takes over the leader role plsS im so sorry <3 

oh my god, i love you tho?? thank you?? it really means a LOT to me to hear that!!! <3 


-finds out when a friend of yours, who were also in the same gang, and starting anew is visiting. 

-you´re just casually talking and she says something like “so i met jess the other day, she said she´s also trying to put her gang days behind her, but im afraid her boyfriend will drag her back into it, ya know?” 

-does a double take??? gang??? 

-won´t say anything while your friend is over, bc he doesen´t want to make anyone uncomfortable

-will bring it up over dinner

-when you explain the situation and the dynamics of the gang you were part of, he´s just going???????? in his head like????his mc???? were in a gang??? 

-will not let you go anywhere without bodyguards trailing behind you, just to be sure. (ofc not without your consent tho) 


-it comes up in the chat one day 

-”i used to be in a gang”

-”hah, same” you reply. its not even 10 seconds later, when your phone starts vibrating in your hand 

- you´re met with the very worried voice belonging to zen 

-you calmly reassure him that just as he is, you too, are over and out with that

-he´d never admit it to you, but it kinda makes him feel a bit badass to have a former gang member as his girlfriend

-he knows, from his own experiences, that leaving a gang is often more difficult and uncomfortable, than dangerous. you do grow strong bonds after all. 


-innocent child would have never suspected it 

-he were teaching you how to play lolol and

-”soo…is a guild like a gang? bc if so i´ll do fine, i do have experience in that at least!”

-it takes some time for it to sink in, 

-when it does a loud over dramatic gasp sounds from yoosung 

-his horrified expression sending you into a laughing fit 

-”dont worry, its all past now” 

-you have to take a 20 minute break from gaming to calm the poor pup down 


-finds out when she reads trough the chats, and see zen and yours conversation about having been in a gang

-won´t say anything unless you bring it up yourself ¨

-when you do she´ll never stop asking questions tho 

-”what did you do to get in???”, “is it okay to just leave, won´t they hurt you?”

-she´s secretly been worried sick, fearing getting a call from the police having found you beat up in some alley 

-you have to reassure her 100´s of times that it´s okay, you won´t get hurt


-i mean he´d find out on his background check of you but WOW 

-he didn´t realize it was that particular gang, known for being extra violent 

-”we´re a dangerous couple mc!” 

-is that all you have to say? 

-no but he´ll hack into every single gang member accounts, just to make sure no one is planning on hurting you. 

-after that, it´s all jokes omg 

-every time. every single time the rfa is together he´ll be like 

-”its nice to have the whole GANG together after so long” its been a week stfu everyone knows already.

-boY NO, his ex started a cult and tried to blind him, so when you tell him about being a gang leader he´s on edge 

-”no no, jihyun, i quit” 

-ooh ok. then all is fine, he´s super interested in hearing about your experiences tho, and the dynamics of your gang 

-what is the responsibility of a gang leader??? 

-you tell him that when a gang leader “retires”, everyone is ordered to leave them alone 

-as long as no one wishes to hurt you its fine 

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Misty is the type to bring home every stray animal she sees, and her s/o always acts annoyed, but they secretly adore them all. Then one day, Misty comes home with an abandoned baby, and they're like "oh my god, sweetheart... this is different than a puppy" & Misty's like "I KNOW BUT IT NEEDS A HOME, TOO." And that's the story of how Misty and her s/o became parents.

HONESTLY THO. Because I doubt the government would grant an adopted child to the two witches who live in the old cabin by the swamp. So in this situation, it works out perfectly and it matches their personalities so well. Just imagine these two witches growing old together and raising this child into the strongest witch ever. ❤️

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as dami gets taller, he starts loving how much bigger he is than tim, like he looms over when they're working on a case, and at some point he just picks tim up in the middle of a spar and tim's like wtf? but lets damian hold him and wrap his legs around his waist while dami like bounces him to test his weight or smth

Oh my god yessssss

Also while they’re sparring please picture Damian not caring at all and bench pressing Tim while he reads case files or something. Like he’s not even heavy enough to make it challenging, Damian just loves doing it because Tim looks so adorable and irritated as he keeps counting out the wrong number and messing up Damian’s count!!!!

ALSO IF YOU WANNA GO MORE SEXY please picture Damian and Tim sparring together and Tim gets Damian in a figure four necklock (you know the one that ends with Tim crushing Damian’s head between his thighs and Damian’s face is totally in Tim’s crotch) and Damian just STOPPING because Tim’s in these shorts and he’s all sweaty and panting and Damian’s hard in an INSTANT and proceeds to (technically) win the match because he starts sucking Tim off through his shorts and Tim starts moaning and lets his hold go and Damian pins him to the mat and has his way with him.


When it comes to Yognattoppet I know a few people who are excited for the Fluxbuddies arc and some others

I am excited for the Mianite arc because I am mianite trash and I get these two acting like two year olds around each other which is going to be so fun

Things about this video:

  • “homo-six-ual”
  • Gleeson and Bates actually working out their disagreements like normal people
  • Bates whisking furiously after talking about his feelings, calm down mate
  •  Gleeson stopping his stirring because he so knows Bates is talking about him
  • licking the bowl because of course
  • kissing kissing kissing
  • “that’s me!” just stop being so cute ugh
  • “are you insulting my icing technique”
  • Gleeson’s exasperated tone when he says “Oh, god”
  • The fucking icing heart excuse me WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BE THIS ADORABLE

All in all this is pretty gosh darned adorable and today is the best day even though I’ve only been awake for like 45 minutes.

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I'm so confused about the Error!Ink ship - how do you see them, like, together? Would it be like grieving while (seriously) fighting because they care for each other but still need to defend what they're going for (like destroying AUs or creating AUs)? Or would it be play fighting? Or jsut cute fluff when they're agreeing on something? Or jsut cute fluff cuz they're opposites and it's just cute that way? Help! I'm confused! I just need to know how you see the ship~(LOL watch you actually answer)


Actually? I don’t really… well, see them seriously as a ship. I don’t know. I think it’s really REALLY cute though, and it could have so much concepts, but… I’m just seeing them as friends or foes for now, we’ll see about considering a ship later I guess.

As for the real question X//DD Honestly everything works at that point. Ink would try to never seriously harm Error, he’s a creation on his own and Ink would hate to hurt him after seeing the way Error simply destroys himself.

Again I don’t know what CQ thinks but for my part I’d see like they misunderstand each other. Fighting at first, then slowly starting to learn more about each other, I suppose? We know that Error is that kind of guy that looks like he can kill you but he’s actually a cutie pie who’s just psychologically broken, soo…

//shrugs// It’s cute in every way tbh both of them are cute //jazz hands

If you have any headcanon to propose anyway feel free to submit them, most of the time they’re very funny and interesting!! <3

FanArt : Heavenfell - Are We Friends..

We hope you like this.. Your AU is just amazing, but sadly we’re too scared to read the latest chapter, then, itll be too soon ;-;

Hope all is well and please keep up the awesome work.

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Everyone loves making Kenma happy because he makes the cutest fucking noises. Like everyone gives him little kisses on the court or when they're happy with him, and he giggles. Or they pet his hair, which he LOVES, and he makes little purring noises. And omg, he DEFINITELY loves cuddles and nose-boops because he'll just fucking gurgle or something equally as adorable and I just love Kenma and his dumb kitten self...(<3 gaysocks)

oMG that’s so cute oh… my god… and same…..