but they're just so adorable

  • you: stop shipping bughead because jug is asexual!!!!!
  • me, an intellectual: people on the ace spectrum can be in romantic relationships, they just don't experience sexual attraction (depending on where they fall on the spectrum) so shipping bughead doesn't erase his asexuality

*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul


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Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

a lot of ppl seem to be rlly salty about the max-lucas-dustin thing and it’s like,,, they’re 12 lmao i’m sure it’s gon be mainly cute and funny and used as comic relief if anything like idk i’ve even seen ppl say “omg what if this ruins lucas and dustin’s friendship??? ):” like, did y’all forget who they are lmao 



look at how alec and magnus smile though when they’re around each other and how soft their voices are when talking to each other and how they were ready to leave right that second to go on their date because all they want is to spend time together like I can’t believe they invented being soft boyfriends

Spirk AU where Spock is the Captain of the Enterprise and Kirk is just a Lieutenant, not often seen on the Bridge. Everyone sees the ring on Spock’s finger, and rumor has it that the Captain is married to someone on the ship. They can’t seem to pinpoint who it is though, as Captain Spock likes to take his meals in his quarters, and is usually the last to exit during shore leaves. It isn’t until an officer on the away team, Jim Kirk (the nice, cheerful, smart, sexy, reliable guy who helps anyone who asks with anything he can), gets severely injured on a mission that those on the Bridge put two and two together. The moment Dr. McCoy says that there were casualties on the away team, Spock leaps from the command chair without another word, looking so fucking scared, leaving a very confused Scotty in command. Nurse Chapel reports to the others that Jim’s first words when he woke up with Captain Spock sitting beside him was “hey, lover.” Spock has not left Jim’s bedside during his recovery, their hands interlocked, matching bands on their ring fingers.