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Hi zephyo, sorry for bothering you but I was wondering how do you tackle learning? I've stopped drawing because I was overwhelmed while learning the fundamentals of art, but I want to start drawing again :) Btw I've been following your art for about two years now, they're really amazing so keep up the good work <3

omg nice anons are never a bother!

I try to make learning fun. Boring learning is ineffective! You want to be intrinsically motivated to learn - aka, you want to learn about color because you enjoy learning about color, not because you want to make a bombass portrait and your colors seem to suck <- you’re not learning about color for the sake of color.

So this is what I do nowadays: whatever I’m in the mood for - drawing beautiful nekkid ppl or seeing the nice dichotomy of cool greys against red - I do. I shut off all distractions - phone, games, that nice cheesecake ooh so tempting - and with the aid of good resources and motivating music, I draw for hours. And I enjoy it.

Here are some good resources

All of Andrew Loomis’s books (anatomy) (yes there are PDFs online.. if you can buy you probably should tho cuz they’re so good)

Perspective! for Comic Book Artists by David Chelsea (perspective)

Blender Guru’s “Understanding Color” and “Understanding Composition”

Linran’s tutorial (light and color)

Worqx (color)

bumskee’s art (omg I just like looking at it and there’s so much to learn about composition and color)

And never forget: art should be fun! 

PS. Sorry I blabbed so long XD Hope this helps.

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Noctis, Gladio, "what do you want?"

Ok, I literally couldn’t decide on this one, so… umm… I wrote two? Since you didn’t expressly say Noctio or whatever their ship name is… Bonus I guess? *shrugs nervously, flings this at you, retreats*

“What do you want?”

The prince sighed. Gladio looked kind of blurry around the edges. Noctis could drink more than Prompto, but that wasn’t saying much. He was drunk, and horny, and he knew what he wanted. Honestly, he did.

Only there was a problem.

He was the prince.

Gladio was his shield. His six-damned shield.

Gods though, he was beautiful.

Noctis bit his soft lip and turned his sapphire eyes on the older man. Don’t make me say it, he thought. Just take it.

“Noct,” Gladio rumbled, standing close but too damned far. “Tell me. What do you want?”

The shield sighed. Cross-legged, stretched languorous as a king coerl on the couch, torso bare, feet bare, hair loose and messy as ever, he was the picture of relaxation.

Noctis pushed the door open and stepped in.

The shield looked up, ever alert, even off-duty. He frowned at the sight of the prince in his slouchy black trackpants, soft cotton t-shirt covering his slim frame, hair mussed. “What do you want?”

“Can… Can I ask you a favour?”

“Sure, Noct.”

“It’s… kind of personal…”

Gladio smirked.

“It’s about Ignis…” He swallowed, blushing furiously. “I… I need your help with something…”

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