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Is it possible that Magnus saying "nothing" was more of a "I am not here to pressure you or want anything from you while you are missing Jace"? Of course, I definitely still agree with you that Magnus should be allowed to set some boundaries too

I mean trailers are always sketchy to predict from, but I really don’t think so. Magnus’s body language and tone are really closed off; like yes he’s backing off but it isn’t exactly him being thoughtful of Alec. He’s backing off because that’s what he does when the other person isn’t listening and he knows there’s nothing else he can say – and that it isn’t worth the effort to keep pushing.

We saw him be like this in 1x12 when he tells Alec he has a choice: I’m done, the ball is in your court, do what you want but don’t look to me for approval. Magnus has always run cold where his temper is concerned, whereas Alec runs hot, so it’s interesting when they have conflict. I think because Alec grows louder while Magnus becomes very quiet, it’s easy to mistake Magnus as…less angry or upset, but I don’t believe that’s true. For Magnus, his icy biting words are the equivalent of Alec raising his voice. They both have a temper and they both express it freely; it just manifests in opposite ways.


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

Imagine taking pictures of yourself streaming the music video and the album, as proof of you supporting Seventeen’s comeback, and sending them to bestriend!Woozi.

In Chapter 551 Alone
  • Gintoki waits for Hijikata specifically to spend time with him
  • Has a bittersweet smile on his face when he looks at Hijikata
  • Hijikata expresses concern that Gintoki will be staying in Edo
  • Hijikata promises Gintoki he’ll come back to him
  • Hijikata holds Gintoki accountable for the good things he has done 
  • Gintoki acknowledges his own growth as a character thanks to Hijikata
  • Gintoki makes a point that all he wants from Hijikata is his time when he returns 
  • Gintoki tells Hijikata that when he comes back he won’t be alone because they’ll be together
  • It’s heavily implied they’ll miss each other
  • The Shinsengumi repeat multiple times that Edo is their home, their home is with the people they care about most
  • This chapter fucked me up bad
Closed ; Vamp Vincent


It was 1820 when Italy regained back all of it’s land, earning the name “Kingdom of Italy”. However, Italy was still home to its’ criminals, making it dangerous to travel through the land without some incidents. Vincent was lucky when it came to his homeland. He knew of the area and worked in the business that could easily dominate if need be. He laid back on sheets of the finest silk from China, relaxing. His eyes fluttered open and shut every so often, tempting to go to sleep. “Boss?” Ignacio wondered, knocking. He sat up and glancing at the clock. “Is it time?” There were a few moments of silence. “Yes”. Vincent got up, stepping over the various drained bodies. Once opening the door, he let out a smile. “Clean that up, won’t you?”.

A man followed Samantha, keeping his space as she walked down the path. Any stops she made, he’d turn and make conversation with a local. When she would resume, he would as well. Roberto had found the woman while she was alone at lunch. The stranger could sense her distress from something. Though she might not have looked appealing, she certainly smelled appetizing. And Roberto wasn’t alone either. He had another friend nearby, just in case that she decided to run.

Seventeen released the highlight medley for the repackaged album and the video started with Woozi’s amazing voice ;A;

SIMPLE sounds so good and the title track sounds like a really fun song.

Just a few more days till the release :D Can’t wait !

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Speculation: I know a lot of people think that Yongguk would never allow them to return to TS unless they’d receive fair treatment [and I believe in that 200%], but he wouldn’t be able to act against the law if there are legal complications or some kind of legal situation that basically forces the boys to return for now.

Yongguk has a strong sense of responsibility toward his brothers and what they have gone through at the hands of TS. It is all in his lyrics. Plus he has a strong sense of justice – and justice does not seem to have been served. B.A.P aimed for a nullification of their contracts; they aimed for freedom. Don’t forget that.

I personally don’t believe it’s over.

state of fic

Only three more pages of redlining edits to apply. Barring any unforeseen problems, tattoo fic will update tomorrow morning (my time). That’s in the neighborhood of eighteen hours from now? 

The only thing; it has a slight cliffhanger and I’m on the cusp of a month filled with loads of overtime. In other words, there might be another long delay before the next chapter.