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Maya, is it normal for PR teams to adjust promo strategy based on the reaction an interview might generate? For example, if Harry's interview with Nick causes bad press for him (ie: The Sun) or in the general public, do they make adjustments for the next interview, or do they stay the course with the promo plan they have, regardless? I'm not saying they need to, I'm just curious about the process.

Oh, yes! Normally competent teams do that! You start with a plan, but you always register both the audience’s and the fandom’s reactions, so that you’re able to shift here and there, insist on certain points, clarify others, push the angle that seems to be more convenient. Sometimes artists change their own plans about singles, too, if the public is particularly enthusiastic about a song, just to say.
Then there are teams that have talented, charitable, genuinely good clients but decide to purposefully paint them as aggressive dudes or absent fathers. But that’s another story we unfortunately know too well.

Me *sees new hairstyle*: Hey Mark, are you guys having a comeback?

Mark: What do you think? 😁

Me *already searching for my wallet and all the money I’ve saved so far*


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

I’m so totally wrecked from working this past week cuz every day I get up at 05.00, travel for 2 hours, work for 10,5 hours and then travel 2 hours back omgg my muscles ache so much D: 

But the work was pretty good tho, I helped build a set for a TV commercial and I worked on decorations for the Old Vic Summer Gala! I’ll put some pics up eventually! I also made a contact who works at The Globe who’s going to give my number to the props-department so thAT’s wicked, fingers crossed I’ll get a call sometime <3 *-*

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I can't wait to see the awkward conversation they'll have like 'soo... You have anxiety? Had it like all this time?' 'Yeah...' 'Oh' /silence/

If you didn’t think that Viktor immediately went back and read every scrap of information he could get his hands on about anxiety and the best way to help people with it I don’t know what to tell you

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'why are we whispering?' - ritzie, hunk :3

For the record, I made a very pleased screeching noise when I saw this. Thank you.

Sometimes, having friends is… confusing.

Up until recently, Hunk can say with fair certainty the only friend he’s ever had is Lance (excusing, perhaps, the children he’d played with in the bush and the beach as a toddler back before he and his grandmother had moved to Veradera, but he barely remembers their faces, let alone their names).

Regardless, having extended company with anyone who isn’t Lance, or related to himself or Lance, is new, and Hunk will readily acknowledge it’s something of an adjustment.

…And that, of course, doesn’t account for the fact that Ritzie and Yuu are an experience unto themselves beyond what to expect from most people.

Particularly Ritzie.

She’s more Lance’s friend, honestly, and just Hunk’s by association. It’s not that they don’t get along— He likes Ritzie well enough, she’s very friendly and including, but she’s… a lot, and he has trouble keeping up with her energy and jumps in logic even half as well as Lance does, hence why he generally prefers Yuu’s company.

But… Sometimes Lance and Yuu aren’t around, and Hunk finds himself in some rather interesting situations.

“Hunk.” Ritzie’s voice hisses from the back doorway to their dorm floor, head peeking around the corner and staring suspiciously down the hallway, eyes darting in a way that guarantees she’s up to something questionable that would probably result in suspension or the like if she was anyone else.

The sensible thing to do here would to be to walk away, maybe text Yuu or Lance and leave them to deal with whatever this is once they get out of class.

So, naturally, Hunk goes over instead.

“What is it?” He asks, and Ritzie shushes him rather loudly.

“Quiet!” She murmurs, lips curling up in a teasing, conspiratorial grin.

Hunk blinks. “Why are we whispering?” He responds, pointedly dropping his already quiet tone down a few more decibels. Ritzie’s grin only grows wider, and he feels his stomach sink. “What have you done?”

Proudly, Ritzie casts one last glance along the corridor, and then throws open the door, revealing the back stairwell that’s only supposed to be used for emergencies and cleaning staff (and students sneaking out), and…

“Are those lizards?” Hunk screeches as near silently as he can manage, staring down at the rather large glass tank containing several pairs of reptilian eyes blinking up at him.

“Yes.” Ritzie turns, gesturing to the tank with a look of utter seriousness. “Help me get them to my room, the cage is frigging heavy.”

Why do you have lizards?” Hunk tries instead, already automatically reaching down to grab the one end of the tank as Ritzie does the same to the other, sticking one leg out to keep the door propped open. They lift it, staggering under the weight even between the two of them, and Hunk spares a brief questioning thought as to how the hell Ritzie got this up the stairs herself, before she’s urging him forward and he’s shouldering past the door, the two of them stumbling into the hallway with the lizard cage.

“Technically they’re leopard geckos.” Ritzie answers. “Not really lizards, per se. And I rescued them.”

“…Rescued them.” Hunk parrots in half-disbelief, walking his way backwards in the direction towards Ritzie’s room, scanning nervously for anyone else coming down the hallway, too afraid to contemplate the consequences of getting caught with unregistered animals in a student dorm room.

“Yep!” Ritzie pops the ‘p’ in the word cheerfully, shrugging a shoulder to nudge her pigtail backwards behind it without somehow wobbling the tank. “Jake Calhoun, y’know, the fucker in Adams Hall with the shitty undercut? He got them for Christmas and decided pretty quickly having pets was less interesting than having things to experiment on, heard him talking about it in class.” She stops, staring up at him with wide eyes, and not for the first time Hunk is uncomfortably aware of the fact that while he may be several inches taller than Ritzie, she still manages to make him feel small just from sheer personality size and her general aura of confidence. “There was a fourth one Hunk, you don’t want to know what happened to it.” She turns as they reach her room, bracing the tank against her hip with one hand and unlocking the door, shoving it open with a foot and guiding both Hunk and the tank in.

“So you broke into his dorm room and kidnapped his lizards.” Hunk mutters tiredly, already figuring out where the rest of this is going. He glances down skeptically as they guide the tank to the center of the room and set it down. Yuu is going to have an aneurism when he sees it, though Lance will no doubt be delighted.

“I prefer the term ‘liberated’”. Ritzie says happily, staring down at her newest acquisitions. “You want to help me name them?”

He should walk away. Should go back to his room and pretend this never happened, or do the responsible thing and call the school administration about this.

“…Yes.” He says instead, and tries not to be shyly pleased at the way Ritzie’s face lights up at his answer, much as he always is when Lance does the same.

Getting attached to two of them would be a very poor idea, after all.

In Chapter 551 Alone
  • Gintoki waits for Hijikata specifically to spend time with him
  • Has a bittersweet smile on his face when he looks at Hijikata
  • Hijikata expresses concern that Gintoki will be staying in Edo
  • Hijikata promises Gintoki he’ll come back to him
  • Hijikata holds Gintoki accountable for the good things he has done 
  • Gintoki acknowledges his own growth as a character thanks to Hijikata
  • Gintoki makes a point that all he wants from Hijikata is his time when he returns 
  • Gintoki tells Hijikata that when he comes back he won’t be alone because they’ll be together
  • It’s heavily implied they’ll miss each other
  • The Shinsengumi repeat multiple times that Edo is their home, their home is with the people they care about most
  • This chapter fucked me up bad
Closed ; Vamp Vincent


It was 1820 when Italy regained back all of it’s land, earning the name “Kingdom of Italy”. However, Italy was still home to its’ criminals, making it dangerous to travel through the land without some incidents. Vincent was lucky when it came to his homeland. He knew of the area and worked in the business that could easily dominate if need be. He laid back on sheets of the finest silk from China, relaxing. His eyes fluttered open and shut every so often, tempting to go to sleep. “Boss?” Ignacio wondered, knocking. He sat up and glancing at the clock. “Is it time?” There were a few moments of silence. “Yes”. Vincent got up, stepping over the various drained bodies. Once opening the door, he let out a smile. “Clean that up, won’t you?”.

A man followed Samantha, keeping his space as she walked down the path. Any stops she made, he’d turn and make conversation with a local. When she would resume, he would as well. Roberto had found the woman while she was alone at lunch. The stranger could sense her distress from something. Though she might not have looked appealing, she certainly smelled appetizing. And Roberto wasn’t alone either. He had another friend nearby, just in case that she decided to run.



I’ve been tagged by the ever amazing @moltobenebananas​ for the ~10 favourite characters from 10 fandoms~ meme. Since y’all were going all in with gifs and stuff I couldn’t stay behind, so too many hours later, here we are, hahaha.

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TOP hasn't gained consciousness however some parts of his body are responding and he's receiving treatment so thankfully the major organs in his body are working. However they'll have to wait until he's awake to find out whether or not he has brain damage. This is the time for us VIPs to unite and pray for his speedy recovery.

i honestly don’t exactly know what to say about it at this point, so please pray for him. i know i’m not sleeping until i know for sure what is happening.