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 Titles from Carter Burwell’s score for Carol 

“A great score, I think, it’s impossible to imagine the movie without it, and that score comes back to me all the time. It evokes the entire film every time I hear it […] The Burwell score is this device that constantly returns you to the film, so you’re looking at this moment in the past and you’re always going to recall it with that very hummable theme.” - The A.V. Club


I like to look at all BTS ship videos on YT.. I just love seeing cute moments between all the members :). I know the likelihood of any of the ships being real in a romantic way is slim to none because shipping is for fun after all (something I enjoy doing). And I get that everyone sees what they want to see, which is fine. I admit that there are moments in each ship that sometimes make me wonder. However I CANNOT for the life of me see what V/kook shippers are looking at when they say that V/kook are the realest romantic ship…. I just don’t look at a V/kook moment and think “wow there is definitely something going on there”. I always see them and think “aww that’s such a cute moment, I love how close they are (I wish I had friends like that)”. I love all  BTS ships and how close everyone is. But even if I see a questionable moment or two, I mainly see everyone as a close family who love each other and it’s adorable. I just happen to think that there could be something much more romantic going on between Jikook. My opinion (with valid situations to back it up). But if you really ship V/kook like that then that’s great, to each their own. That being said, today I stumbled across a V/Kook vs Jikook video and OMG…

THE COMMENTS SECTION IS AN ABSOLUTE MESS. 🙈 and it’s only been up for 2 days. After going through the MANY V/kook comments I just have to get this off my chest.. 

The logic is just NOT THERE lol. I get defending your ship with what you think is really happening, but make sure you back up what your saying. Show the evidence you claim to have without dragging Jikook down. It just bothers me when shippers feel the need to discredit other ships, as a way of proving theirs is real. I understand there are terrible Jikook shippers out there that are just as bad as some V/Kook shippers, and I know that it’s not just them cause I’ve seen Yoon/min and other shippers get pretty bad. But I’m just finding more and more negative comments about Jikook because “V/kook is more real and jikook shippers are blind”. I had to say something lol. These are just some of the comments that had me shaking my head.. 

-V/Kook always share clothes and JK doesn’t like to share clothes, yet he shares them with V. I don’t see him doing that with JM”

The replies to this comments went off, and there were SO many V/kook shippers saying they never saw them share clothes. HOW. WHAT ARE THEY LIVING UNDER. I’m just going to leave this here.. because I just… can’t. lol.

Not saying JK doesn’t share with TH, but Maknae line definitely at least share with each other. 

-  “Omg GUYS IF JIKOOK WERE REAL, Jimin and JK would spend more time together. But we know TH and JK are always playing games and etc together.. They even went on a trip together..”

OKAY… I know I’m not the only one face palming here lol. First off, the only way you would know if Jikook spent more time together is if they show it or say it. & If I was in a REAL relationship that I was trying to keep private, I would not spend more time together in front of the world to see. I mean, COMMON SENSE people. Also from my experience, spending time together playing video games and bonding is something friends do with eachother. How can people forget that underneath all of these ships BTS are real life friends and brothers that do spend time together on their off time. They live together. Even if any of the ships were real they aren’t going to avoid the other members and not hang out with them because of that. Secondly, You know that V/kook spends time together and plays games because that is what they chose to share with you. You know they hang out because people have spotted them hanging out together. That’s great. But Jikook have also been spotted hanging out before, as well as stated moments of them spending time together off camera (e.i JK practically being Ji/hope’s honorary roommate, and them *cough* staying up till 4am to do laundry together *cough*). They are also GLUED to the hip at airports and in the background of many of their videos, assuming you mean off camera -.-. So just because your ship spends time together doesn’t mean that others don’t. (& also by that logic V/min would be the realest ship since even the members say they are the closest, have taken trips together and spend A LOT of time together). 

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“JM said that he loves JK as a brother and JK said that he loved his hyung (JM) as a brother.” “JK once said that JM is his brother and TH is his friend. I can not imagine a romantic relationship between brothers, but between two friends…” “JM TREATS JK LIKE HIS YOUNGER BROTHER HE SAID IT HIMSELF”. 

Another face palm. Like really. Again with the logic going out the window lol. They all call each other brothers because they are close like a family. I am pretty damn sure JK has called TH a brother at some point and vice versa, but go ahead and use that example of him calling him a friend instead. To me, that just means that JK considers himself closest to JM if he considers him a brother, because that is stronger than calling someone a friend. AND If any of the members were actively trying to hide their relationships or keep things private why in their right minds would they openly say anything to make people suspect something. Really. (& again by that logic V/min would be the realest ship here since they have openly called each other Soulmates and more.. Just sayin)

Plus in my opinion, there is nothing brotherly about this stare ..  Actions speak louder than words my friend.

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Obviously if you are only paying attention to your ship, you’re not going to see the moments we see. Even then, we don’t know exactly what happens behind closed doors and off camera. We can only go by part of what we see and some of what the members say (Because fan service is still a thing). And even though the boys share a lot of their idol lives with us, we don’t really know what their personal life is like, only what they feel like sharing. At the end of the day shipping is just for fun because we don’t really know what is going on. We should all be supporting BTS as a whole, because without Bangtan the ships wouldn’t exist. So fighting between ships and constantly dragging other ships and members down because of your ships shouldn’t even be a thing. You can easily like your ship and respect the others. If you don’t think you see something romantic between Jikook that’s fine, because I don’t see anything romantic in v/kook. It’s all a matter of opinion. But don’t tell me that I am delusional for seeing something in my ship or use the “their brothers, it would be weird. it’s one sided” excuse to drag my ship down. We should all just enjoy our respective ships peacefully :). And with that I’m going to end this long rant with a comment I saw that really just fits with this post lmao. Because Ship wars are tiring & after re-reading this I realized that there is a Vmin situation for everything haha. 

- “It would be funny if in the end of all these fights between Jikook and V/kook the real one was actually Vmin…”

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At the RFA meeting-
  • V: So I'm thinking about growing out my hair.
  • Jumin: Oh, really?
  • 707: GET A MULLET
  • Jumin: No, Luciel, that particular hair style is not at all fitting to V's character.. He should get a hairstyle that's complimentary to his artistic and warm personality and a 'mullet' wouldn't depict that in the slightest-
  • V: *quickly stands up*COME ON SEVEN WE'RE GETTING ME A MULLET
  • 707: YEET
Fixing myself and my page
  • Hey everyone its me, I know that majority of you won't see this or won't care because you like aesthetic art just like me. First off I would like to apologize for me being away so long and not posting, there has been a lot of crazy things going on, like if I'm going to enlist in the navy, or go to college, financial choices, and a lot of soul searching, and fixing myself. I will be coming back in the next couple of days, the whole page will have a new look to fit the new me and How I feel, thanks so much all 27,000 of you for joining me on this journey, I wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for y'all!

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Do you think any Slytherins would be overweight/curvy? Sounds like a stupid question but Slytherins are supposed to be poised and perfect, and I guess being overweight wouldn't be? Also all of my friends that are Slytherins are super skinny and I feel like they fit the Slytherin more than me :((

I think Slytherin house would welcome any student, regardless of their body type, as long as their character is that of a true Slytherin. It’s what’s inside that counts, so please don’t worry about those stupid, unrealistic beauty standards, you are perfect the way you are !!!

- Céline

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Hi, I just read your simon/louis post and you mentioned the idea that he wouldn't have kept Louis around if the boyband wasn't already formed before bootcamp. I am intrigued by this and remember discussions going around a few years back about the possibility of when exactly it was all planned, etc. So I was wondering your take on the whole thing: do you feel they were picked via simon at like the audition stage to fit his mold of what he wanted? Or do you think that it might even go deeper (1)

(2) and they auditioned/knew that they were being formed before bootcamp, etc? I have wondered in the past just how deep and far back the manipulation and setup goes. So was just curious on your take. If you have tags or anything, no need to answer. And obv, no need to publish if you don’t want. Thanks and have a great day!

Hello! No, I don’t have a tag for this, but I am actually writing a book about it called You’ve Got It! which is a satirical novel but the parallels are quite obvious so there’s no use in being like 

I do not personally believe that any of the boys were told the truth about how and when the band was formed during the X-Factor stage of their careers. There was literally no need to and given the state of them backstage when they thought they were eliminated, I believe that was genuine emotion. 

Full offence, none of them are this good at acting…well, at least they weren’t at the time. (Hello give Harry all the awards for Dunkirk.)

The filmed portion of the X-Factor is like the third stage for these people. A producer will see each contestant individually before deciding whether or not they get to go to the taping stage of the show. They do not interview every single person on camera who goes to the audition, so the fact that there is so much footage of Louis before he got onstage indicates to me that he had already been flagged as at the very least a potential contestant. 

These shows are about entertainment and given Louis’ background in school musical theatre they were probably satisfied that he at least had stage presence - not something you can determine by someone singing into a video recorder by themselves. That’s pretty common with most of the contestants that aren’t total randos that seem like they’ve been plucked off the street. Zayn also played Danny in his school’s production of Greece, Harry was already the front man of a band, Liam had been on the show the year before, Niall was Niall aka one of the brightest and largest presences I’ve ever seen. I’ve said before that I’ve got the most mutual acquaintances with Niall and they all say the same thing, there’s just something about him. An “x factor” if you will. The producers do not go into taping this show blind, that would be an incredible waste of time and money. There is just an illusion of spontaneity and I don’t imagine that putting a boy band together is any different. There is a very small percentage of people who come in from the open call and genuinely walk onto the show, but everyone that I personally know that got to the bootcamp stage of the X Factor had already seen a producer and registered for the auditions prior to going on the show. 

Whether or not the guy I knew who was kicked off for throwing this party with Louis was going to make it through is still unknown. I’ve seen him sing multiple times and he is a phenomenal singer with an interesting story so I think he definitely had a chance given that they invited him to audition again the following year via an email from the producers but who knows. 

What I am quite sure of is that had Louis not already been chosen to be in the band there’s no way they would have kept him around just to kick him off the show the next day.

Guzma wakes from a nightmare. Plumeria looks after him for a while.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Guzma jolts awake in a swath of sweat to find Plumeria squeezing his hand.

It’s dark, but he can still discern the familiar shape of her face swimming amongst the stilled shadows. Her hair has been let down, waterfalling over her shoulders in whorls of pink and yellow to frame high cheekbones. She sits beside him over the blankets, her brow crinkled in pointed concern, and for a moment in the last gasps of the steeping haze that was his nightmare, she looks like someone he’d rather not see.

“Hey.” Her voice is soft, mellow, considerate, and nothing at all like Lusamine’s. “You okay?”


Android!Baymax AU costume details + extended headcanons!  I’ve actually received quite a few lovely asks from potential cosplayers, so as a fellow cosplayer I felt it might be nice to provide reference pics (especially since I’m so sloppy and inconsistent in the earlier Android AU posts). 

I was also talking to a friend, and they told me that the reasons for my choices for Bay’s costume aren’t as obvious as I thought, so hopefully some of you will find my thoughts amusing.  Also added lotsa extra headcanons no one asked for lol <3

First Android!Baymax Post

Second Post (TadaHiroBae huggle)

The dumb outfit that started it all

(And as a note, if anyone wants to cosplay Android!Bay, holy crap, I’m super honored, and of course you’re more than welcome to!  Just give me credit for my design, don’t repost the images by themselves anywhere else, and please send me a link when you’re done because I definitely want to see! *A*)


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ive been identifying as ace for a bit but i still don't know if i "qualify"? i know i'm biromantic at least but i can masturbate, i have (hypothetical) kinks and can participate in sexual discussions and be attracted to people (though sexually im only attracted to fictional characters) but i can't partake in sex myself or think about ME having sex - it's just not comfortable and i wouldn't want to do it.

The definition of asexual is a lack of sexual attraction to people.  That is it.  Asexuals can still like the idea of sex, participate in sex, masturbate, feel attracted to people in non-sexual ways, etc.  Asexual people are all different and there is no perfect mold you have to fit :)  If you think the definition of asexual fits you then that’s all it takes.

Don’t just take my word for it though, I say this based on what I have read from what I see as valid sources such as asexuality.org and huffington post.  So doing your own research is always a good idea.


For this Friday, here is a little inspiration for a pastel themed wedding.

From a dress so special that you’d want to keep it forever and wear it, like, every single day, to beautiful venue decorations - we made sure you find this post super handy.

Just decide which colors you want to use and then mix them together on paper until you get the perfect mix.

After that it gets so much easier. Usually.

Happy Friday to you all!

Yours truly,


Thank you all so much for 1000+ followers, and in such a short time too!! You’re all amazing ^-^

You can always message me if you wanna talk about random stuff, or non random stuff, even if you wanna talk about oranges for five hours straight. I don’t like oranges that much though, apples and cucumbers are betterr. But anyways, thanks for the support you guys :)

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I identify as a lesbian and I support trans people 100%. I could be in a relationship with a trans woman but I wouldn't be comfortable being sexual with them. Does that make me and asshole?

not necessarily, but the way you’ve phrased that is transphobic, and here’s why:

you’re assuming that all trans women are the same genital-wise. there are pre-surgery trans women, post-surgery trans women, intersex trans women, etc. when you say “i would be uncomfortable having sex with a trans woman”, what it sounds like you really mean is “i would be uncomfortable having sex involving a penis” and that lumps all trans women into one group that a lot of them don’t fit in.

and then there’s the why- does that make you uncomfortable because the idea just doesn’t appeal to you/there is past trauma surrounding that type of sex/etc, or is it because you feel as though it is “straight sex”?

if it’s the first one, that’s what i think is called penis-repulsion, and is totally valid but needs to be discussed with your specific partner. if it’s the second one, you’re certainly not obligated to do anything sexually that you don’t want to, but to associate dicks with being male IS transphobic, no matter the intention behind it

snowden snowday madness
  • Monkey: Hey Wolfie!
  • Wolfie: What now?
  • Monkey: Whiplr.
  • Wolfie: What's that?
  • Monkey: It's like tumblr for your kind, the 50 shades folk.
  • Wolfie: 50 shades is not my kind. The author of that book wouldn't know the difference between kink and abuse if it squirted her in the eye.
  • Monkey: Ummm, I wouldn't know anything about that. All I know is that it is capitalizing on the public's new found obsession for bdsm.
  • Wolfie: Ugh. Do not even get me started on how ill-informed people are about bdsm. Speaking of which, have you joined fetlife yet?
  • Monkey: No, but I did join fitlife. My user name is puritan_hole_in_the_sheet_loves_jesus_boy_42. It's where fit people post fitness related fitness stuff. It has my current Crossfit regimen involving kettle-bells and muscle ups.
  • Wolfie: You do know that Crossfit is a cult, right? Like Scientology.
  • Monkey: Shhh... they'll hear you.
  • Wolfie: 0_____0
Black Panther Fandom
  • White Fan: *entire MCU looks like them*
  • White Fan: *entire superhero industry looks like them*
  • White Fan: *never once cried when the only hero that looks like them was taken off the air*
  • White Fan: *never once cried when Batman's mask wouldn't fit over their dredlocks, and the store didn't have Static*
  • White Fan: *has all of Marvel bend over backwards to rationalize appealing to them*
  • White Fan: What do you mean *insert white fave* can't be in Black Panther or my Wakanda headcannon?! RACISM!!!!
  • Black fans: *pissed that T'Challa wasn't in earlier Avengers movies*
  • Black Fans: *angry that War Machine wasn't in first Avengers movie*
  • Black Fans: *still think that Darwin and Nick Fury's end stories were BS*
  • Black Fans: *angry at how fandom treats their faves*
  • Black Fans: *angry in solidarity with other PoC with similar problems*
  • Black Fans *sees white fan post*: What. The. S-

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Screw all the haters about upcoming Kilgrave imagines. You should be able to post whatever you think fits for your blog. I personally don't watch Jessica Jones, but even if I did, I wouldn't unfollow someone just because they're posting something I don't like about a character.