but they would be se cute


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie


I had to do it! xDD Sam looks so cute when he’s angry! >w< xDD
Now it was Dash, Paulina, Star and Kwan’s turn to have their GB version xD their names would be Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye and Kwyn! xD
Lo tenia que hacer! xDD Que lindo se ve Sam cuando se enoja! >w< xDD
Ahora era el turno de Dash, Paulina, Star y Kwan tener su version GB xD Su nombres serian Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye y Kwyn! xD

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Based on looks alone which tvd ship is the best? Or which characters would you ship together just from a visual standing point?

Legitimately, from a visual standpoint I think SE wins:

I mean look at them:

They just go:

From a purely visual standpoint I do think Bonnie and Enzo look good together

which is also why I’m like sucks you have, like, no chemistry.

I think Forwood is a pretty hot looking couple as well:

Jeremy and Anna also looked … like they looked hot but like a young hot like a cute hot:

Steferine, which is different than Stelena because Katherine and Stefan look, there’s like a smugness to how hot they look together:

For legit ships, that’s it, for dynamics:

I do think Bonnie and Kai look hot together

I actually think Sybil and Damon look pretty good together too, like they look age appropriate for each other:

I legitimately believe Klefan look hot together:

lorelailuke  asked:

rucas for the ship thing :)

AHHH nice thank you hilde i was hoping someone would ask rucas, i can always count on you 

  • who hogs the duvet: riley fjdkaf riley is such a snuggle bug, that she always always wraps herself up in the blankets, and lucas would be annoyed, but riley always cuddles herself up next to him when she’s all wrapped up in the blankets, and she’s just so darn cute about it, he can’t be mad. so he just wraps his arms around her and uses her body heat to keep him warm. 
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going: both of them, but riley does it far more often. i’m diving a little more into hc territory and @friarlucas‘s fic, but this happens especially during junior-senior year of high school when things aren’t Great with lucas, so riley is always just texting him, asking him how he is and giving him little encouragements to get through the day. 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: riley! lucas and riley are both hella pro gift givers, and always give each other very sentimental things that usually make the other one cry, but riley’s are always out of left field and lucas never, never sees them coming so when she gives them to him he’s like “????? i love you ????? how did you do this?????” 
  • who gets up first in the morning: riley, lucas doesn’t get up that much after her, but riley usually is awake with the sun and she usually spends those early morning minutes before lucas is awake just Admiring him while he sleeps, because he looks so at peace. most of the time she’ll end up like stroking his face while he’s asleep which eventually ends up waking him up. 
  • who suggests new things in bed: fdjkaf probably riley. it’s always kind of sheepish too, like she’s always a little embarrassed about it, but her and maya are always reading cosmo and what not when they’re together and riley will see stuff and be like “huh….that’s……something” and it will take her like a week to finally bring it up to lucas but he’s always super cool about trying it, luckily at this point if they try something and it doesn’t work, they’ll just end up collapsed on each other in laughter. sometimes lucas almost never suggests things because he always gets worried about riley’s comfort, so he’s always afraid to make her uncomfortable. 
  • who cries at movies: riley cries at pretty much every movie her and lucas have ever seen, like she cried during some stupid comedy movie that they saw together and lucas was like “riley are you ok what happened” but that’s just bc riley is one of those sympathetic cries so if someone even lOOKS upset in a movie, she’s already in tears. however, whenever lucas and riley watch a movie where an animal gets hurts, lucas will  have to subtly wipe the tears from his eyes. they also both cry at disney movies, always. 
  • who gives unprompted massages: this is the same as i said in my zucas one, but lucas. with his fidgety hands, he’s always looking for something to do with them, and they almost always are doing Something relating to riley, whether that be braiding her hair or unbuttoning and buttoning up a shirt that she’s wearing, but one day while they’re studying, she casually mentions that she slept on her neck wrong and keeps moving it, so he just starts giving her a message, and it’s a win win situation, it gives lucas something to do with his hands and he gives really good messages to they always make riley feel better. 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick: they are both extremely, extremely guilty of this. both of them get fussy and jump into nurse mode when the other one in sick, the biggest difference is that when riley is sick, she lives for lucas taking care of her and he’s so good at it, always making her soup and bringing her medicine and making sure she always has a cold washcloth on her forehead and she loves it and it always makes her feel better to have him take care of her, whereas lucas gets VERY stubborn when he’s sick and for the first day he refuses to let riley take of care of him because “he’s fine!!” but then when he gets too weak to protest, riley is finally able to treat him with the same care that he treats her with when she’s sick. 
  • who gets jealous easiest: while riley has been prone to get jealous, lucas gets jealous a little more easily, mainly because he’s So scared of losing riley that it comes out more than he wishes it would. also lucas’ jealousy is usually completely impulsive and he’ll feel it even though he knows he has no reason to. this is something that really only happens in the earlier stages of their relationship, by the time they’ve been together for a while, they get much more confident in their relationship. 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: lucas ajfkdaf lucas doesn’t think that he has embarrassing taste in music, but sometimes one of his songs will come on shuffle when they’re studying together and lucas will start humming or singing to himself and it’s some country song or weird 80s song that riley has never heard and she’ll just look at him across the room, and when he sees her looking at him, he’ll just start singing louder and getting more into it before riley just bursts into laughter and lucas is giving her a full on performance while trying to keep his own laughter in check because they’re NERDS 
  • who collects something unusual: while neither one of them have necessary unusual collections, they both keep pretty much EVERYTHING from their relationship. like riley has a box under her bed that has notes that lucas has written her, the riley sign he made during rah rah, movie ticket stubs, funny little drawings that maya has drawn of her and lucas, or that lucas has made for her, his valentine’s day cards, etc and lucas has a drawer in his desk that’s the “riley drawer” where the orange leaf sits, along with the little name tag she made him in sneak attack and just everything she’s ever given him or things that remind him of her. they both just have everything from their relationship, they’re hella sentimental. 
  • who takes the longest to get ready: riley, while lucas is extremely fussy with his own appearance, riley takes showers every morning and always takes a while to pick out her outfit, she doesn’t take all too long, but she takes a little bit longer than lucas, especially because she’s usually still getting herself ready when she fixes lucas’ hair and shirt the way she knows he likes them and then once riley has fixed his shirt and hair, lucas doesn’t touch it so then he just has a wait a couple more minutes for riley to finish up getting herself ready. he doesn’t mind though, because he loves watching her get ready in the morning. 
  • who is the most tidy and organised: neither one of them are “unorganized” per se, but lucas is definitely the more organized one of the two of them. he gets very weird about things being too out of order and it almost surprises riley how Clean his room is when she sees it for the first time. riley doesn’t let her room or locker get too messy, but if something is out of place, she doesn’t bother fixing it right away, unlike lucas, who kind of always needs things to be in their rightful place. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays: riley! lucas doesn’t dislike christmas, but it was never a favorite holiday of his (especially with his weird kind of disconnected family), whereas riley has always loved it. she loves decorating their apartment and usually sets aside the first saturday in december for her and lucas to decorate together, they both make sure they take the day off, get a tree, make cookies so on and so fourth. lucas grows to love christmas as him and riley continue their relationship, but his excitement level never really competes with riley’s. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: i’ve answered this before, but oH MAN lucas is almost always the big spoon, he’s very Protective of riley and while he’s well aware that she can take care of herself and doesn’t need his protection, he worries about her sometimes so when he’s the big spoon and he can just hold her in his arms, he feels at Peace because he knows that she’s safe. however, when things get Hard for lucas later in high school, sometimes riley is the big spoon and lucas likes it because riley feels like home and it makes him feel so much better. 
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: riley! riley is very competitive sometimes (she gets that from her mother), and while she never gets particular competitive when she’s playing a game with lucas, she gets competitive on behalf of lucas, more than once she’s been talked to by the baseball coach for getting too aggressive from the sidelines of his baseball games and yelling at the refs. this only becomes worse when they have children and their children are involved in activities. 
  • who starts the most arguments: riley, however, it’s never because she actually wants to argue with him about something. they hardly ever argue to begin with, but sometimes if riley really needs him to Hear something, she’ll get really frustrated and just kind of immediately jump to the argumentative place. she hates arguing with him and fighting about things, but sometimes it’s the only thing that seems to work.  let it be known though, this only happens like FOUR times their entire lives bc they both hate fighting and are v v good at communication, so they can usually talk through their issues.  
  • who suggests that they buy a pet: ok so here’s the thing, lucas is a vet so he LOVES animals and he’s down with getting a pet, but he wants him and riley to do it together, and they both are just always busy so they don’t get a chance to go to the shelter together, however, one day while lucas is at the clinic or in his internship, riley happens to stop by the shelter, not because she’s going to ADOPT but just to look, but then she meets the absolute cutest little dog in the entire world and he’s a puppy and needs a home and she just can’t say no, she she adopts him right there on impulse, names him pluto and then surprises lucas when he gets home later that day. luckily, pluto and lucas immediately bond and he’s only a lil angry at riley for like .5 seconds for not telling him before pluto has him wrapped around his little paw. 
  • what couple traditions they have: riley and lucas LOVE to take naps together?? this is something that starts about sophomore year of high school and just continues throughout their relationship, they’ll come back to her house after school, he’ll give her his sweatshirt and they’ll just nap together. they also love to go to the movies together on their date nights, and lucas will get popcorn and chocolate and riley will get jellybeans and they’ll split their treats up and just stare at each other while the movie plays in the background (neither one of them ever remember what the movie was about), also STUDYING together, they love doing that. 
  • what tv shows they watch together: riley is the only, i repeat only person who is allowed to watch cuddle bunnies with lucas, it’s one of their favorite things to do if they’ve both had kinda hard days but aren’t able to fall asleep and take a nap, they’ll just cuddle on her bed and watch cuddle bunnies together. real talk, they love to watch just like goofy kids shows together, because it makes them both happy. and while riley is always trying to get lucas to watch the knicks with her, he usually tries to avoid it because knicks fan riley kinda scares him a lil bit. 
  • what other couple they hang out with: rucas and smarkle double date like all the time, especially when zay and maya are both single, bc they’re the couples of the group. they never do anything crazy but they always have a good time, later in life, they hang out with joshaya all the time too, especially when there’s a big matthews family gathering, like joshaya and rucas will just stand in the corner and judge the rest of riley and josh’s family. 
  • how they spend time together as a couple: riley and lucas do basically everything together, like they’ll study together, watch movies, bake together, eat together, take naps, talk ALWAYS, they don’t actually Go out that much but any moment that they get to spend together they love. 
  • who made the first move: i mean technically lucas did?? he was the one that asked riley out in first date, so he kinda jump started the whole romantic aspect of their relationship, but she kissed him first, so they both kinda made the first move. 
  • who brings flowers home: lucas!!!! he’s such a sap!!!!! he always brings riley flowers!!! like there’s this one flower shop down the street from them that has the prettiest purple roses and once a week lucas always brings her flowers, not for any reason in particular but when she asks, he’s like “oh you just look so pretty today” or “i brought one of your cookies to work and it made me really happy so i brought you these” like he’s such a sap he just wants to buy riley flowers every day of his life!!! 
  • who is the best cook: lucas and riley both like to cook, but lucas is way better at it than riley is. baking is much more riley’s speed. so usually lucas will cook dinner and riley will bake something for desert and then they’ll do the dishes together. 
know it all
  • (2 weeks ago)
  • ENFP: commands in french are pretty cool
  • ENFP: sometimes they're in the second person plural form depending on the situation
  • ENFP: but if, let's say, you're reading an instruction manual it would just be in the infinitive
  • INTJ: oh yeah that's pretty cool
  • (today)
  • INTJ: DID YOU KNOW that in french commands would be in the infinitive if they're in an instruction manual or something similar
  • ENFP:
  • ENFP: yeah i did know that
  • ENFP: considering the fact that im the one who told you
  • INTJ: oh
  • INTJ: oops
  • ENFP:
KNK REACTION: To you being way smaller than them

Jihun: “jihun… I need some help” You scream him to help you get some dishes that were high for you.

He’d run to help you, but would stop for while to se how cute you are trying to reach the dishes.

“aigo jagi you’re so cute”

Youjin: He’d always like to watch you from afar and thinking how small and cute you are, which makes him wants to take care of you all the time.

Seungjun: I imagine him freaking out with you, he’d want to hug and squeeze you all the time and would give you a ridiculous amount of nicknames related to your height.

“yah mini-y/n, oppa need your small hands here”

Inseong: this guys would enjoy a lot making fun of your height, Inseong would treat you like a child just to annoy you, but in the end would hug you and say how he can’t live without you.

“aigo jagi, it’s time to baby sleep”

Heejun: He’d protect you all the time thinking that by being smaller than him would be more fragile and when he is in a good mood (almost always) would make some jokes and be a real dorky.

“baby where are you? I can’t see you…”

100% me this reaction, I’m smaller than almost everybody around me and they always do some horrible jokes about my height, ugh.

~ADM Cherry~

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Making up with Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) would include

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● In general you and Diana hardly ever fought.

● Diana being very intense during arguments.

● Both of you, especially Diana, would stay civil during arguments.
♢ You two would never give each other the silent treatment or anything similar since you both found it childish.

● Diana’s accent becoming more prominent when she’s upset.

● Diana groaning in aggravation if you took something she said the wrong way.
♢ Like the time you got angry when she said something about your dress and you took it the wrong way.

“That dress is cute, although the red one is still my favourite.”

“Are you saying that you hate this dress?”

“No of cour-se not,” Diana replied, being interrupted mid-sentence as you walked out of your bedroom.

● Diana hating it when you two fight and vice versa.
♢ You’d both try to resolve the issue before the day was over.

Making up

● Diana apologising almost immediately after an argument, if it was her fault.
♢ If course you’d accept her apology, the sincerity on her face was obvious.
♢ Diana would feel that that a simple “I’m sorry,“  isn’t good enough; she always feels that it’s better to prove things through actions not only words.
▪ Later that day or the days following Diana would do multiple gestured to show that she’s sorry:
¤ Getting you your favourite flowers.
¤ Making dinner reservations at your favourite restaurant/cooking your favourite food, which you had on your first date with her.
¤ Preparing a warm bath for you once you come back from work filled with rose petals and bath salts.
• Diana bringing two glasses of wine while you were unwinding, passing you yours before stripping and sliding behind you into the tub.
☆ Lying with your back flush against her chest as her one arm was drapped around your waist holding your hand while the other held her glasse of wine.

● Gentle kisses.

● If you apologised first; Diana would pull you closer by your hand, wrapping her around you and smiling bashfully before kissing you.
♢ As you two pulled apart she’d whisper that you’re forgiven.
cuddling with Tommy Holland would include

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  • coming home to find Tommy asleep in your bed, looking cute as hell
  • his plump lips slightly parted
  • his arms (and a bit of his chest) slightly poking out of under the duvet as he was lying on his side
  • his curly hair spread messily against your white pillow
  • when Tessa sees you she barks and jumps from her spot (which was next to Tom) to run to you
  • her excitement woke Tom up
  • “wha-who’se he- y/n?”
  • “it’s me, love, go back to sleep”
  • “come cuddle meeeeeee”
  • “Tommy i have a lot of work to do and-
  • him pouting and looking at you with his adorable sleepy brown eyes
  • “pweez”
  • sighing and giving in because who can resist that face
  • slowly climbing into bed with him after changing into one of his shirts
  • gently placing your hand on his cheek and kissing his soft lips
  • “i missed you darling”
  •  talking about your day
  • him telling you about the funny and silly incident that happened to him that day
  • getting sleepy
  • his fingers carelessly wandering on your skin
  • “guess what i’m writing?”
  • feeling his cold fingers draw shapes on your arm
  • “stop i missed it! do it again”
  • “ok one last time”
  • him repeating the movements with his fingers
  • “did you just write penis?”
  • “oh honey! you know me so well”
  • “you’re such a goof!”
  • “but i’m your goof, right?”
  • “you’re the worst, Holland”
  • him peppering your face with kisses
  • “stooooop i’m sleepy”
  • eskimo kisses
  • him playing with your hair
  • “i love you y/n”
  • hearing you snore quietly
  • him smiling at the adorable little sunshine that he call his soulmate
  • placing a kiss on your forehead
  • whispering “night” 
  • wrapping his arms around you protectively
  • falling asleep in each others arms

@beardysteve @gryzmoly @inediblesushi and I were looking at this vid  https://twitter.com/DCHomos/status/753791449687265281. We were saying it would be cute if Bucky and Steve is doing this lol. This is how Bucky gets tiny Steve to exercise with him :D

thanks lucii for suggesting putting it up as a gif, it’s so cute nowww

EXO Reaction: Falling asleep, waiting for them.

What a nice request :) Here we go

Lay: *He looks at you, and softly, grabs you to take you to bed like a princess*

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Kai: *As he close the door, he realize you’re sleeping and puts a blanket on you and kisses your cheek*

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Sehun: Babe, I’m home. *When he sees you, he would wake you up softly* Y/N… Hey there *smiles at you with a little kiss*

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Xiumin: *Closing the door he’s on the phone talking, but when he sees you, he would automatically turn it off, and sit on the couch to fall asleep as he caress you*

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Suho: *Looks at you, and cuddles with you on the couch with little kisses on your back*

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Chanyeol: Y/N! Sorry I got late! The rehe..*he looks at you asleep*. When you wake up he is actually on the floor with a blanket waiting for you

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Kris: *he sees you and tries to wake you up*Y/N, Y/N… *as you open your eyes* I love you so much when you’re sleepy.. Let’s go to bed.

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Luhan: *Entering home, he looks at you on the couch and decides to kiss you everywhere to wake you up* How could you be so cute and wait for me?

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Kyungsoo: *He grabs your face with both hands and waits for you to realize that he’s there* I love you so much, you know?

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Chen:  *When he notices, he decides to prepare you an amazing dinner and as you wake up* Good night babe, I cooked something special for you. *He looks at you with the plate on his hands smiling :3*

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Baekhyun:*When he looks at you, he takes a pic and upload it to instagram: “I warn you, she’s only mine <3 *

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Tao: * As he enters covered in swet after rehearsal he sees you and decides to wake you up* Babe… let’s take a shower together 

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I hope you liked it guys <3 thanks so much for the requests.
Tomorrow they’ll be open again :) I’ll be waiting for moaarrr e.e
Love you

NCT Dream Reaction to a noona shorter than them ( Uma noona mais baixa que eles)

Here you go *u*

~Adm Rabbit~

Mark: You’re so cute noona! *he is the real cute here*  // Você é tão fofa noona! *ele é o verdadeiro fofo aqui*

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Haechan: Of course he would make fun of you. // Claro que ele tiraria sarro de você.

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Jaemin: It’s okay noona, someday you will grow! // Tudo bem noona, um dia tu vai crescer!

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Jeno: *Why she is so small?* // *Porque ela é tão pequena?*

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Renjun: If you put high heels you can touch my nose at least! // Se você colocar salto alto você pode tocar no meu nariz pelo menos!

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Chenle: But being small make you least scary and more cute! // Mas ser pequena te deixa menos assustadora e mais fofa!

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Jisung: *Have nothing to say because he respect you for being a noona* // *Não tem nada a dizer por que ele te respeita por ser uma noona*

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INFJ with a crush, pt 2

Se: *notices a guy* hmmm…he’s cute *smirks*

Ni:?????? We can’t jump to conclusions we have no idea what he’s like!

Fe: Awww but Se is right! He’s really cute!


Ni: Ti you won’t want to hear this…just go hide in a corner for now…


Ni: anyway….so it’s not possible to have a crush on him because we don’t know how he is….

*a couple days later*

Se: look! The guy is having a conversation with people we know and your in the group too so you don’t have a choice!

Fe: Let’s pay attention to what he talks about!

Se: *nods*


Fe: Yup *giggles* I knew you would be happy about that!

Ni: And he also seems to have a good moral structure….for long term possibilities…

Fe:*smiles* we have a crush don’t we?


Fe: Computerssss~!

Ti: *blushes* NO!!!!

Ni: Let’s not get too carried away now, we still don’t think this guy likes us and we hardly know anything about him. Let’s wait and see if we really form any attraction towards him.

Fe: *sighs* okay….

EXO Reaction: Don’t knowing he likes you.

Thanks so much for the request, here we go! :)

Kai: Hey! We should go out sometime you know? 
Y/N: Sure thing! Would you mind if I bring a friend?
Kai: Uhmm.. Yeah sure (Ugh, didnt it sound enough like a date suggestion?) 

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Lay: *Holds your hand and looks at you* You are the best
Y/N: *hugging him* You are so cute 
Lay: (She will never understand will she?)

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Chanyeol: *Grabs your hips and whispers* Hey
Y/N: What’s up Chanye? *you go to the kitchen neverminding the gesture*
He doesn’t understand how you can’t notice him.

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Chen: *brings you flowers for your birthday* Happy birthday Y/N *with a big smile he comes closer to you and leaning forward to kiss you*
Y/N: *giving him an innocen cute kiss on the cheek* Thank you so much *smiles again*

He blushes for you not realizing his real intentions and smiles

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Baekhyun: *as you walk on the park he holds your hands in a cute way and you kinda start jumping innocently like a little kid* You will never get it, will you?

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Sehun: *knocking your house door* Hey Y/N, it’s me.
Y/N: Come in! I’m a mess today, but.. you know me *you smile*
As he opens the door he sees you with this long t-shirt and tight shorts, and can’t control himself. He goes toward neverminding your friendship and starts kissing you as you blush entirely.

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Tao: *he bought you a really expensive ring that you liked on the store and gave it to you on this beautiful box* It’s for you, remember me while I go on tour.
Y/N: Of course I will, you’re my big brother, aren’t you?
Tao looks at you kinda annoyed and confused and tries to explain with his face expressions.

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Luhan:  *watching a romantic movie about friendship turning to romance* The girl just looks like you Y/N

Y/N: The boy looks like my brother, hahah.
He laughs awkardly kinda sad inside

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Kris: *he goes to your place and before falling asleep you tell him there’s a couch to sleep confortably*  
He thinks: I’m getting friendzoned? Or she just doesn’t realize? *he hugs you and touches your hair in a lovely way*. 

You couldn’t help falling asleep with his beautiful hands caressing your face and shoulders.

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Kyungsoo: *At the cinema, you guys touch your hands accidently and he kinda grabs yours*
Y/N: Hey, dont steal my popcorn! *you laugh*
Kyungsoo: Hahahah sure *looks away dissapointed that you didnt understand*

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Suho: *As you opened the door to enter home, you said goodbye to Suho with a hug. When you looked back you saw him with his confused eyes and his mouth open. When he realized you were looking at him, he came forward to you,held you strongly and kissed you.* Now, do you understand?

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Xiumin: * As you are dancing he comes to you and leans forward to kiss you, you all drunk start to dance crazy as he sees you don’t get his move, he keeps dancing crazy with you*

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A JP pixiv user seems to have posted some interesting thoughts on V3. Piece is 現状で考えたこと(※ダンガンV3五章途中までの内容あり)for reference.

It seems like this piece (found here for anyone curious) is about this artist’s particular theories after reading Chapter 4! From what they put in the description, Chapter 4 was so mindblowing and emotional (literally, “bad for the heart,” which I can relate with) that they kind of wanted to take a break for a bit and just sit down and make theories. They also put a cute comment that they’re pretty sure most of their guesses are wrong, and so anyone who’s already played the game can kind of poke fun and laugh at them.

The handwriting’s a little wonky so I can’t make most of the actual image out per se, but it’s definitely down to them trying to figure things out about Momota and Ouma, and thinking who would be the “last boss” if Ouma is clearly trying to end the game. It’s fun to see even Japanese players of the game trying to theorize as they make progress and knowing that the game was a fun enough experience that they wanted to share those theories before progressing forward with the story! Thank you for sharing, anon!

The Outsiders Queer Subtext ft. Jally - Part 12

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Still at the drive-in. I know, but I’m almost done with this scene, I swear.

Marcia grinned at us. She was a little smaller than Cherry. She was cute, but that Cherry Valance was a real looker. “Y’all sit up here with us. You can protect us.”

Johnny and I looked at each other. He grinned suddenly, raising his eyebrows so that they disappeared under his bangs. Would we ever have something to tell the boys! his eyes said plainly. We had picked up two girls, and classy ones at that. Not any greasy broads for us, but real Socs. Soda would flip when I told him.

“Okay,” I said nonchalantly, “might as well.”

I sat between them, and Johnny sat next to Cherry.

“How old are y’all?” Marcia asked.

“Fourteen,” I said.

“Sixteen,” said Johnny.

“That’s funny,” Marcia said, “I thought you were both…”

“Sixteen,” Cherry finished for her.

I was grateful. Johnny looked fourteen and he knew it and it bugged him something awful. (Pg 25-26)

First of all, my smol son Johnny. I love him. Second, this wasn’t one of my original notes, but I’m having a go at it anyway.

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anonymous asked:

Describe the five last person that messaged you in 3 sentences

@alvina-se: someone please stop her. needs a therapist(but that’s common knowledge). she asks me for ideas but i don’t have any lol
@spicyscholar: my waifu ofc. best ocs 11/10 would recommend. she great, has a cute voice.
@sweetsholar-se: also great, but this whole fandom is great tbh. sent me a message, but i took too long to answer bc i’m a piece of inactive shit. 3 second conversation, worth it.
@sweetelitecinnamonrole: spoiler alert: total cinnamon roll. she is one of my adopted children, with spicy’s ocs.
@screamslikeaman: she may scream like a man but she is the cutest. sent me a cute video ahhhhh.