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French slang

Hi everyone! Scrolling through my dash I have seen many a accurate post about French expressions - especially those used by teenagers and young people in general. I’d like to share a few more with you, which I myself find rather funny!

 ☛ Gros

The equivalent of “bro” - sounds quite the same too. It’s rather a funny expression, because “gros” actually means “big” in French!


Means “hey”. Just like in English, this word has multiple meanings, and can be used to great people (Wesh mon frère! Hey bro!) as well as to express surprise or when upset (Wesh, tu fais quoi là? Hey, what are you doing?)


The contraction of the word gonzesse, which indicates a young lady. Girls like to use it as an expression of affection towards their girlfriends (Ma gow would be the equivalent of “my homie”, except it’s just for girls).


Contraction of the word Vas-y, meaning “Come on!”
(Bonus: if you’re particularly annoyed you can add a at the end of the expression, like this: Azy là!)

Chou/choute, chouquette

Means “cute”. Chou is masculine, choute is feminine, and chouquette is neutral (no plural). Vous etes trop chouquette! You guys are so cute!


Contraction of A ce qui parait, “apparently”. Askip il veut lui parler… Apparently he wants to talk to her…

Se ramener

Means “to show up”. Il avait dit qu’il ne viendrait pas, mais à la fin, il s’est ramené = He said he wouldn’t come but he showed up in the end.

Tu connais les bails

“You know what’s up”. Bails (pronounced baï) literally means “stuff that’s going on”. Aller, racontez-moi les bails = Come on, tell me what’s going on.

C’est ouf

French people have this thing where they have to reverse words. All. The damn. Time. It’s called the verlan language (“verlan” is reverse of “l’envers”, which literally means “reverse”) – and this is no exception. Ouf is the reversion of fou, therefore c’est ouf = “that’s crazy!” (which really is, trust me).

Here are a few other verlan words you might stumble upon:

  • Relou = lourd, “heavy, annoying”
  • Refre, Reuf = frère, “brother”
  • Reuss = soeur, “sister”
  • Turfu = futur, “future”
  • Mec = “guy”
  • Meuf = femme, “girl”
  • Chelou = louche, “weird”, “suspicious”
  • Cimer = merci, “thank you”

 Hope this was useful and you won’t find yourself going like wuut next time you’re interacting with Frenchies. Cimer for reading, gros!

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I would love to se top ten pranks Phichit and Yuuri pulled on each other?

Top Ten Pranks Phichit and Yuuri Pulled On Each Other:

10) Phichit once complained too much that the Viktor poster Yuuri had up was freaking him out and Yuuri refused to take it down so Phichit stuck removable googly eyes on it instead to make it less weird

9) The one mentioned in a previous top ten where Phichit took a video of Yuuri looking very cute while sleeping before proceeding to chuck a bucket of ice cold water onto him

8) As part of a revenge prank Yuuri replaced Phichit skates with an identical pair owned by another skater at the rink that were just a bit too small and watched Phichit suffer the whole training session after convincing him that it was the same pair and Phichit’s ankles must just be getting fat 

7) Yuuri once stole Phichit’s phone and got into his Instagram. The day before Phichit had posted a picture of him looking good captioned ‘I woke up like this’ and Yuuri took and posted a really awful one of Phichit sleeping and drooling a bit after a long night studying passed out on his desk and captioned it ‘He didn’t wake up like that #embraceyournaturalbeauty’

6) Phichit replaced Yuuri’s workout clothes in his bag without Yuuri noticing until he got to the dance studio and was too embarrassed to be late by turning back. Since he couldn’t do a pole dance lesson in jeans he had to do it in booty shorts with ‘are you nasty’ written across the back. His instructor thought it was hilarious and it actually made dancing easier than doing it fully clothed so the prank kind of backfired on Phichit because Yuuri started doing all his lessons in shorts (although not those ones)

5) In return for the booty shorts thing one day, after Phichit had been out to a party the night before even though they had early morning training the next day, Yuuri stole all his clothes including his sport clothes and hid them out of the apartment so that Phichit was forced to go to training in his party clothes. Celestino’s general reaction was ‘Phichit Chulanont if you think I’m letting you get on the ice in ripped jeans and a crop top you are very wrong and you are on fitness training for the whole day.’

4) Phichit did the classic ‘replacing the shampoo with hair dye’ except he did it two days before a big competition and Yuuri was very close to having to skate in public with bleach blond hair. This was when Celestino officially banned the prank wars for good

3) Yuuri once stole Phichit ‘King and the Skater’ DVD and replaced it with a disk containing a compilation of videos of Phichit falling over on the ice. Phichit might have more recordings of Yuuri decking it but Yuuri had a few good ones too

2) Once Yuuri hit his head really badly after failing a quad flip and, seeing a perfect opportunity, convinced Phichit that by hitting his head he had forgotten how to speak English. Phichit spent the whole day fretting over him and trying to badly google translate everything Yuuri said and it only ended when Yuuri broke character and started cracking up that night

1) Once, about a year after Phichit found out about Yuuri and Viktor, Phichit broke into Yuuri’s locker at the skate club and turned it into a typical high school crush locker with loads of pictures and posters of Viktor with little hearts drawn all over them and ‘Yuuri Nikiforov’ postits and stuff. All the skaters who saw it the next day thought it was hilarious but then a couple of years later Yuuri and Viktor actually got together and they wondered if maybe it was a sign


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie


I had to do it! xDD Sam looks so cute when he’s angry! >w< xDD
Now it was Dash, Paulina, Star and Kwan’s turn to have their GB version xD their names would be Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye and Kwyn! xD
Lo tenia que hacer! xDD Que lindo se ve Sam cuando se enoja! >w< xDD
Ahora era el turno de Dash, Paulina, Star y Kwan tener su version GB xD Su nombres serian Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye y Kwyn! xD

BTS Reaction-Birthday Presents (18+)

You know I would just love to have BTS as my present in general.  They don’t need to get me anything, just BTS!  Lol sorry for not posting yesterday I started a new job, but as an i’m sorry present, I’ll get 2 reactions done right now!  Enjoy this one!

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Jin:  Being the more romantic one, he would send you flowers all day until it was time to se you.  When you did see him you would insist on helping him cook your birthday dinner.  He’d throw the flour all over you resulting in an instense food fight where he picks you up, put you on the island and starts to kiss you all over before slipping the bracelet he got you on your arm while he hears you moan his name.

Suga:  He wouldn’t send you flowers, that is not really his thing.  He would text you to come to the studio and meet him.  He’d give you a cute kiss when you came in first before anything else.  He’d bring you onto his lap where you could hear the song he wrote for you.  He’d kiss your neck while his hand moves up your leg making you make soft noises for him.

J-Hope:  He would already be at your house when you woke up.  You’d find him in the kitchen making you pancakes.  You’d love it and give his kisses before he picked up you and layed you on the couch as he kisses you lower, you notice the kitten he bought you staring at you guys.

Rap Monster:  He wouldn’t send you flowers, but cute little notes on where you need to meet him at.  You would run around town all day trying to find him.  When you did, you’d find him on a rooftop with dinner.  After you ate he’d bring you close and kiss you with passion put the necklace he bought you on while you guys made love under the stars.

Jimin:  This one is a cute, yet shy romantic.  He would send you flowers, your favorite kind of course.  When you saw him at your apartment later, he would be standing there with a beautiful ring in his hand.  After he put it on you, he’d gently place you again the wall, where he would make you cry with pleasure.

Tae:  This young one wouldn’t plan a very huge deal.  Its just another day for your guys.  He would still send you flowers though.  He would tease you through out the day however.  When you saw him later, he would pull off that adorable dress you were wearing and throw you on his bed, giving you a great birthday present, you know besides the wonderful perfume he gave you.

Kookie:  The golden maknae would be there in the morning when you woke up.  He’d give you breakfast in bed along with flowers.  He give you the cute little photo book with pictures from your relationship in them.  When you were done, he’d drag you into the shower with him for another present.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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Pastel: Well, I’ve been anticipating this way before my introduction was even finished, so here we are! I know I haven’t contributed that much to the fandom as of now, but I’ve seen so many different and unique blogs across my time on here that I thought that I would pay a bit of a tribute, per se, to some of my favourites! I’m ordering the pictures in order of when I drew them, and I literally used up most of the ink in my felt tip pen just to do all of these XD


I found you when you started following me, and I thought your design for Bendy was so cute that I couldn’t resist drawing them! As a ‘Fluffy Bendy’ supporter (since my own Bendy is quite fluffy as well), the gloves and skirt just made your design stand out even more to me!


One of the first Bendy blogs I ever came across, your design in particular for an angel Bendy (and your art style in general) was just really cool to me, and it still is! The purple poncho and adorable bow was a perfect choice in my mind. I also love the recent redesign you gave him with the extra halos and cross on the bow! 

 @bartenderbendy & @ask-ladybendy 

 My god, you guys are so cute together! I had found Tendy first, and I really enjoyed his blunt and funny interactions with everyone he met. XD When I had found the ref sheet for Lady and saw the parasol, I thought it would be a really cute addition to the pic! Also, I kind of set the picture in the scenario of post-Oswald fight where they are just spending some time with each other. P.S: Yes, Tendy is still wearing the wedding dress XD 


 As a Bendy OC blog, I find this to be one of the most cool and original characters I’ve seen. Honey is as sweet a character as her name suggests, and her design was a joy to draw! 

 @ask-mischievousbendy & @ask-sensitive-bendy 

 #CutestOTP. I’m serious. Both of their personalities work really well off each other, and they are both just really adorable! I had found Shy first, and he is really adorable and sweet to anyone he meets. And I had found Mischief not long before the two got together, and he is very cute and kind too! Also, when the proposal happened I was so giddy with joy! 


What do I fucking say about Fucky? Well… I can definitely commend the artist for the extreme expressions they are able to create, and the fact that they are only a year older than me?! I am quite envious, I will admit; but it also inspires me to be more experimental with my own art, so I definitely had a lot of fun drawing Fucky!


I can’t recall how I found this blog, but I was instantly interested when I saw the bright, neon colours and detailed lineart. This is definitely a really unique design for Boris, and the concept is really cool in my eyes!


You’re the latest blog I’ve found, but I still love the design of this lil’ one! The concept alone of being able to grant a single wish to anyone is really intriguing to me, and the design for them is just so adorable with their big eyes and their long poncho/cape.


 I hope you all enjoy the fan art! I love all of your tumblrs very much, and I can’t wait for more amazing work from all of you!

Los Signos como: songs from Fifth Harmony

Aries: Not that kinda girl 

Why you looking like I’m that kinda girl?

Just cause I’m hot don’t mean that I’m that girl

If you want me, don’t treat me like I’m her

Don’t get fucked up, I’m not that kinda girl

(¿Por qué me miras como si fuera ese tipo de chica?  Solo porque soy sexy, no significa que sea esa chica, Si me quieres, no me trates como a ella. No la cagues, no soy esa clase de chica) 

Tauro: Dope

I know I’m cool as shit, you want more of it. This much I know is true…Sort of in love with you
But I wouldn’t say that to you I wouldn’t say that to you.

(Se que soy jodidamente genial, quieres mas de esto. Y se que es verdad, Algo enamorada de ti, pero no te lo diria)

Géminis: No Way

We got an audience calling us crazy. We ignore those with opinions of hate, We’re not like the rest of them, friends with insanity as of lately.

(Tenemos una audiencia llamandonos locos, no hacemos caso de las opiniones de odio, no somos como el resto de ellos. Amigos con locura recientemente)

Cancer: No filter. 

Cover to cover page to pageI wanna give all the secrets that I keep . Unravel me in every way, I wanna give every single piece of me

(De principio a fin, pagina a pagina. Quiero darte todos los secretos que guardo. Desciframe en todos los sentidos. Quiero darte cada pieza de mi.)

Leo:  Reflection      

Ooh, where you from (where you from)?
Must be heaven
You’d be rich if looking good was your profession
Think I’m in love, ‘cause you so sexy
Boy, I ain’t talkin’ about you, I’m talking to my own reflection

(Oh, de donde eres? Debe ser del cielo, Serias rico si verte bien fuera tu profesion. Creo que estoy enamorada, porque eres tan sexy. Chico, no estoy hablando acerca de ti. Estoy hablando con mi propio reflejo)                               

Virgo: Scared of happy

There is something good in sticking to your guns

No one to blame but yourself

I take a step back and I breathe for once

This is what I want

(Hay algo bueno acerca de permanecer aferrada a tus armas, nadie a quien culpar solo a ti mismo, doy un paso a tras y por fin puedo respirar. Esto es lo que quiero) 

Libra: Top down 

From a small town cruisin’ thru the big city

Where the fellas are cute and the girls are pretty

It’s our world so you know it’s going down

I ain’t got a lotta money but I got a lotta style

(Desde un pueblo pequeño a una gran ciudad, donde los chicos son lindos y las chicas son bonitas. Es nuestro mundo así que sabes que se va a derrumbar, Yo no tengo un montón de dinero pero tengo un montón de estilo)

Escorpio:  We know

Even though you’re so damn fine

I know I’m ,Better off without you

Even if you cross my mind

I would always have to doubt you

(A pesar de que estes tan bueno, se que yo estoy mejor sin ti. Aunque cruces mi mente, siempre dudare de ti)  

Sagitario: Sensitive

Boy you better man up, go and dry your tears

Don’t know where I’m going but I can’t stay here

You can find a new love, she can be the kind

That’ll let you keep her right there by your side

(Chico, mas vale que seas un hombre. Ve y seca tus lagrimas. No se a donde ire, pero no puedo quedarme aqui. Podrás encontrar un nuevo amor, ella puede ser tu tipo, eso te permitira quedarte ahí a su lado.) 

Capricornio: BO$$

You say that you a baller

And I see you trying holla

But that ain’t how I was brought up-next

Working for the money

'Cause that what my momma taught me

So yo ass better show me some respect

(Dices que vives en grande, y veo que tratas de llamar mi atención. Pero no fue así como me educaron. Siguiente. Trabajo por mi dinero, porque eso fue lo que mi mamá me enseño, entonces tu, forro xd jaja, deberías mostrarme algo de respeto)

Acuario: Over

And now the party is over, we just wanna get louder,

We never ever wanna stop, so we should move it to the parking lot

Take it somewhere else 'cause now the party is over,

We don’t wanna get older, we never ever wanna stop, now it’s time for us to light it up.

(Y ahora que la fiesta termino, solo queremos hacer mas ruido. Nunca pararemos. Entonces deberiamos movernos al estacionamiento, llevarla a otro lado, porque la fiesta termino. Y no queremos envejecer, nunca pararemos. Es nuestro tiempo de encendernos)

Piscis: Write on Me

I could see a city sleep

I could see an ocean wave

Everything is changing and it’s written on my face

(Puedo ver como una ciudad duerme, puedo ver las olas del oceano, todo esta cambiando y se esta escribiendo en mi rostro)

Kris Wu x SE Weekly Interview (May 2017)

Singer, actor, and “little sun” of variety programs…
Kris Wu
“I have always been myself”

“I would not stop myself from doing something just because my fans do not like it”

In real life, are you someone with a hip hop style?
Yes, I have always liked hip hop. However when it comes to wearing outfits, it depends. When I was young, I would wear extremely oversized pants and tops, because at that time that was the fashion style of rappers, but right now [their style has evolved to] something which incorporates many elements. For example, in the past, you may think that wearing a leather jacket would be of a rock n roll style, and wearing tees would be of a hip hop style. But right now, there isn’t that much of a clear distinction.

You have mentioned before that you have an R&B soul, could you explain this statement?
Hahaha, actually I was half-joking. What I meant was that I really loved this genre of music, really liked the culture, and perhaps I felt that it really suits me, suits my taste. While making this genre of music I feel like a fish in water, because in a very short period of time, I am able to produce many works which I feel are OK.

Many people feel that hip hop culture has a sense of rebelliousness and anger towards it. Do you have a rebellious heart right now? Do you also require such an outlet of expression?
I feel that being rebellious is alright, in a sense that one will express themself in a more direct manner. However there is one point that I would like to reiterate, [which is that] many people have a misconception towards hip hop, they feel that hip hop is very aggressive and also a little noisy, and that it has a slightly negative feel to it, but in fact this is not the case. This is just merely one type of style, which has actually never really became mainstream. Many times, singing rap songs has the feel of reading a poem, it’s all about having a rhythm, and expressing the many beautiful phrases and meaningful stories which are in it. The general audience has to give hip hop music another chance, and this would require the combined efforts of many people.

Will you write a song for one person or a group of people?
Currently not yet, but because I am participating in this show (<Rap of China>), I would definitely personally write a song for the contestants, my team whom I have selected.

This year you have participated in many variety TV programs, do you think that your variety TV skills have increased?
No, I have always been myself.

Earlier on you mentioned that hip hop has a smaller audience. Would you be worried that your fans would not like it?
Absolutely not, because I really love this culture, not only just the music. The reason it is not mainstream is because many people have misconceptions about hip hop culture. If they are fans who like me, I too hope that they will be able to like this culture and genre of music. Conversely, I would not stop myself from doing something just because my fans do not like it. This is something which will not make me happy.

Favourite lyrics of your own songs?
Can’t think of any at the moment, there are too many, perhaps one or two lines from every song

Favourite singer?
I guess it’s still Drake

Favourite actor?
Leonardo DiCaprio

What do you think is your best feature?
My whole being is good looking

Even if you are dieting, what is one food item you have to consume?

Where is place that one most likely to bump into you?
Basketball court

What is your usual method of de-stressing?
Listen to music, play video games at home

If you were to have a superpower, what ability would you most wish to acquire?

I feel that there would be a lot of freedom, I can fly anywhere

Most cute/winsome words you wish to tell fans?

translation: @wu_yi_fan

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omg how could i forget Is she still?

probably!!! yanteru and inkyu were just the ultimate power couple. for everyone who didn’t see – see yourself; 

when they wanted to go to the beach but inkyu leaves yanteru’s body like this;

not to forget how comfortable they are with each other. yan knows inkyu from his childhood on. they were dating since middle school;

and how inkyu actually calls yanteru out on his bullshit;

that one time yanteru was turned into a neko and inkyu played along, making it seem like it was a cute couple thing;

they are a good couple. not 100% healthy per se, they are using eachother. Inkyu uses him for blood ( yeah in our headcanon she is a real vampire ) and yanteru uses her for his social image/ getting information from the girls. 

it will always stay my number one otp tbh. i like senpai and yanteru together, too but what inkyu and yanteru have is so good…. they are good for each other,, and inkyu ( if she would want to ) could always save him in the end.

this got long and emotional oops

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Based on looks alone which tvd ship is the best? Or which characters would you ship together just from a visual standing point?

Legitimately, from a visual standpoint I think SE wins:

I mean look at them:

They just go:

From a purely visual standpoint I do think Bonnie and Enzo look good together

which is also why I’m like sucks you have, like, no chemistry.

I think Forwood is a pretty hot looking couple as well:

Jeremy and Anna also looked … like they looked hot but like a young hot like a cute hot:

Steferine, which is different than Stelena because Katherine and Stefan look, there’s like a smugness to how hot they look together:

For legit ships, that’s it, for dynamics:

I do think Bonnie and Kai look hot together

I actually think Sybil and Damon look pretty good together too, like they look age appropriate for each other:

I legitimately believe Klefan look hot together:

MBTI (Personal) ships

INFJ x ENTP I picture this ship being popular because the INFJ offers the stability that ENTP needs to mature, and the ENTP provides that ambiverted balance??? Idk tbh. I just find this ship cute :3

Originally posted by sensualkisses

ENFP x INTJ I feel like there’s a lot of push and pull with this ship. Not sure why it’s popular? But I’m sure these two get along pretty well off the bat :)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

INTP x INFP Personal favourite. Never saw this irl but I find it super cute. Like two shy and awkward cinnamon rolls being afraid of confessing to each other lol

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

ISFJ x ENFJ I feel like ISFJ would really enjoy having a “get up and go” type like ENFJ due to their tert Se. It would be cute, I feel it’ll be very fairytale like!

Originally posted by vanish

ENTJ x INFP I heard this was a natural pairing? And I think I could see this in theory. INFP, although soft and sensitive share that inferior Te with ENTJ’s dominant Te. I feel they would learn a lot from each other, having the same functions and all

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

ISFP x INTP Lol I picture this pairing as always curious about many different stuff. They may never come out officially as a couple but you’d be able to tell that they enjoy each other’s company intensely.

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

ESFP x ESTP I feel that an Se Dom should have an Se dom in my opinion. They’d relate much more naturally to each other. The different aux and tert functions would provide that difference to make getting to know each other a different and unpredictable experience ;)

Originally posted by boy-so-pale

ESTJ x ESFJ Omg this is such a cute pairing. Mostly cuz it’s it’s an Fe and Te dom together :3 they’d be hella organized and their dates would actually be goals! Like a power couple tbh. You wanna be them, I wanna be them, accept it.

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

ISTJ x ISTP Okay at first glance the ISTJ would think the ISTP is too “disorganized” but then once they get pair together for a project, ISTJ would be really intrigued by ISTP. I guess that ISTJ would appreciate having an Ti person critique them in a different lenses. And Se and Si pairings are too cute. It’s like a shy cutie with a daring hottie ;D

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ask : ❝ 2P!s respond to a shy s/o. ❞

2p! america : he would find her timidness to be cute. most of the time, anyway. but, he might get irritated because of it. he’d try to get her out of her shell and make her more sociable. if he just couldn’t do it or his s/o wouldn’t comply, he’d be pretty bummed out. of course - they could work something out, though.

2p! canada : seeing as he is a little shy ( more so … secluded. ), himself. he wouldn’t mind it. not necessarily, anyway. honestly, it would all depend on how shy his s/o was, exactly. i could see him handling someone who was more quiet than anything. but, he would get grouchy if she never opened up to him.

2p! england : well … i don’t think he would mind. he would think it is cute, if anything! but, they might end up having some complications. all couples do, it wouldn’t be a big deal. i do think that england might take her shyness for rudeness or snobbiness. but, he’d realize, soon enough, that isn’t the case.

2p! france : he would appreciate it. i wouldn’t call him “laid-back”, per se, just very irritable. so, having a loud and excitable s/o wouldn’t work out very well for him. because of that, he would already be looking for someone who doesn’t mind quiet. of course, if it affected his sex life - some problems could arise.

2p! china : believe me, he would love it! when it comes to women, he seems to go for the “shy” types. almost always. so, his s/o would be right up his ally. thankfully, too. although, if she never opened up to him or showed him a more personal side, he might get the wrong idea and assume she isn’t interested.

2p! italy : this is a tough one. how would one define “shy”, exactly? quiet and well-behaved? sure, of course! he’d love for his s/o to act this way. cowardly or nervous? hm, not so much. he likes to have people think highly of him and his partner. so, dating someone who came across as insecure, uh … no, thanks.

2p! romano : he is like his brother in this way. very much so. however, he’d be way more accepting of his s/o’s behavior and, at the end of the day, wouldn’t let it affect his relationship. of course, he cares about his reputation - everyone does! BUT, i highly doubt he would break up with her over something so petty.

2p! germany : it’s hard to say. he likes - no, loves to tease shy girls and finds them irresistible when it comes to flirting. yet, when it comes to it, he’s looking for a “best friend” relationship. he wants someone who could goof around with him and crack up at his jokes. not shy away from him or never speak.

2p! japan : alright-y! this one is easy enough. he would love a shy s/o. and, for all the right reasons, too. again, he’s not one to be interested in loud or, even, obnoxious women. so, someone timid would be perfect for him. although, he wouldn’t be too involved in a woman who is “shy” in bed, you know?

2p! austria : well … not really. having a shy s/o wouldn’t really pique his interest. he could deal with and look past it if he really, really liked her. but, if she wasn’t that important to him - they’d be done for. basically, he doesn’t want someone like that to tie him down ( unless, it’s during more intimate times. ).

Taeyong Dating a Mexican Girl

•this is going to be really awkward and cute •your niño actually would LOVE when you talk in Spanish •even he doesn’t get it what you say •he thinks you look sexy but you’re mentandole la madre y no sabe jejejej •I see him tasting like every typical Mexican food (even the street food, those tacos from la esquina o con todo y cuerito) •that means that se chinga hotdogs del Oxxo con todo y tifoidea lololol •likes to drink agua de tamarindo, loves tamarindo in general ok •your mama thinks really handsome even he’s Asian (Mexican mamas are not used to Asian boys) •Showing his talents, like dancing bachata omgg •He’s in love with the pomada de la campana bc cures anything •drinking beer with your papá why not? He likes him •Not really the best one at his Spanish and try to do it in English •ended awkward and really shy •and wondering why Mexican are really loud… •ohhhh abuelita would feed him like there is no tomorrow bc he’s so skinny •and maybe he would gain a LOOOT of weight 💩(eating so many tortillas) •calling you Chiquita (in his pinche phone “mi Linda chiquita” ughhhhh jesus helpp •your sons are NCT dream ok, so that’s why you’re a lovely interracial couple, learning Spanish and Korean omg how cute (don’t forget English ppl)

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After tony got back from Afghanistan he learns Urdu and then consistently learns new languages bc he never wants to be in that position again. Consequently he knows Russian and understands when Nat and Bucky speak it. They realize this and keep switching languages trying to find one tony doesnt know. he doesn't know them all but he knows enough he can usually get a basic understanding of what they're saying-like from root words and such. This game brings the three of them closer together.

c“(Note I am using google translate for most of these so if you have proper grammar/ spelling for anything please help)

Tony doesn’t really share his language skills, doesn’t tell the world. They’re a skill born out of fear and weakness. Learning Urdu and Hungarian were the first acts of silent defiance after Afghanistan, they were Tony’s method of coping. He kept learning though, kept learning to understand as many languages as possible. He never again wanted to be in a position where he couldn’t understand his captors. 

It’s come in handy a handful of times, when his captors have attempted to outwit him. More so though, it comes in handy when it comes to the assassin trio. 

“Ya nenavizhu, chto posle boya chistyat.” Natasha grumbles. I hate post battle cleanup. Tony translates, he should have expected that her and Bucky would complain in Russian.  She shovels a bunch of green goop into a bucket, a disgusted look on her face.

“No natasha eto khorosho dlya nashikh svyazey s obshchestvennost'yu” Bucky says, and Tony nearly snorts at the way he straightens his posture to look more like Steve. But Natasha it’s good for pubic relations. The scolding tone was hilarious, and Tony could swear Natasha was smiling. 

“Tebe nravitsya eto tol'ko potomu, chto ty smotrish’ na zadnitsu Starka, kogda on rabotayet” She teases, and Tony drops his shovel. You only like it because you get to look at Stark’s ass when he’s working. Jesus Christ the woman wants to give him a heart attack. Natasha turns suspicious eyes on him, and he scrambles to pick up his shovel and get back to work.

 “Eto khoroshaya zadnitsa.” Bucky replies, and Tony knocks over the garbage can next to him. Well, it is a nice ass. Bucky thinks he has a nice ass? Or he knows that Tony knows what he’s saying and he’s making fun of him. 

“ Penso che parli russo.” Natasha comments, switching to Italian. I think he speaks russian. Bucky’s face drains of color, and Tony’s stomach drops. 

“Oh Dio ha sentito quello che ho detto sul suo culo?” He shoots a murderous glare Tony’s direction to cover up his concern, tony carefully casual. Oh god did he hear what I said about his ass? Bucky demands, Natasha smirks at him. 

“ Pravděpodobně slyšel, vzhledem k tomu, že jeho matka byla Italka.” Natasha says, seamlessly switching to Czech. He probably heard that too considering his mother was Italian. Bucky glares at Tony again, and Tony whistles to himself pretending he’s busy. 

“Can you two stop talking and clean?” Steve grumbles, carrying what looks like a crushed food cart past them. Bucky grunts, and kicks out a leg to trip him, making Tony laugh and earning Steve’s disappointed glare, it was worth it.

“Jeho smích je tak roztomilý, ale teď se bude kolem mě cítit trapně. Nat, co mám dělat?” Bucky complains. His laugh is so cute, but he’s going to feel awkward around me now Nat, what do I do? Tony blinks at that, wondering why he would feel awkward over Bucky liking his ass. I mean sure, he hasn’t stopped blushing since he heard it, but awkward? He’s Tony Stark, he’s never awkward. 

“Mondd meg neki, hogy szereted, idióta.” She says, not explaining the sudden switch to Hungarian. Tony wonders if she actually doesn’t know he speaks Hungarian. Just tell him you love him idiot. Wonders if she actually knows how many languages he speaks. 

“Ja, Ich liebe dich, Tony.” He grumbles sarcastically, glaring at the man in question. “Wunderbare Idee, Natasha. Das wird gut gehen. Er mag mich nichtmals.” Yes, I love you Tony. Wonderful idea Natasha. That will go great. He doesn’t even like me. The derisive tone at the end, and the way he glances away from Tony is heart breaking. 

“ Reiß dich zusammen .” Natasha says, throwing her shovel at him. Get over yourself. Bucky looks surprised. “The asshole can still understand us, and he looks heartbroken at the thought of not liking you Bucky. He does like you. Tony stop eavesdropping and come kiss him. Idioten.” She grumbles storming off.

“Natasha we’re supposed to be cleaning up, and you’re not supposed to manipulate the outcome if you’re in the betting pool.” Steve calls after her, holding up one end of an I beam. 

“Combats-moi Rogers.” She throws over her shoulder. Tony waves awkwardly at Bucky. “It’s not even my week.” 

“Did you really understand all of that?” Bucky asks, rubbing his neck awkwardly.

“Jeg kan måske vide et par for mange sprog.” Tony admits, I might know a few too many languages. Bucky groans. “Do you really lo-like my ass?” Tony asks, face tomato red.

“Oh, screw the bet, he loves you and your butt stupid!” Steve yells, shoving some rubble into a dump truck. “Ugh, why do I even bother? Team clean up, it’ll be fun, they said. I’m the only one cleaning.”

“I’m helping!” Clint protests. Steve glances at the hotdog in his hand, raising an eyebrow. “What? I was hungry.” Tony laughs, and Bucky’s eyes go soft. 

“God you’re pretty when you laugh.” Bucky says, and Tony blushes. “I do like your stupid butt, and your stupid laugh, and your stupid tower, and your stupid hair, and your stupid lab.” Tony goes from blushing to outraged in a second. 

“You take that back you ass, my lab is beautiful, and brilliant, and not stupid.” Tony says, practically tackling the supersoldier.  Bucky remains largely unmoved as the genius collides with him, pulling his arm out of the way so Tony doesn’t hurt himself. 

“Of course, my apologies.” Bucky says, and Tony finds himself awkwardly close to Bucky’s face.

“It’s okay.” He mumbles. Bucky smiles, leaning closer to him, and Tony blushes, pushing up on his toes. 

“Kiss already!” Clint cheers, and Bruce slaps a hand over his mouth. 

“It is my week to win, and you are ruining their moment asshole.” Bruce hisses, and Tony blinks, as Bucky turns to glare at them. 

“Okay, did you all really bet?” Bucky demands. Clint nods before Bruce can stop him. “I hate you all, and I’m taking the winnings so me and Tony can go on a date.” Bucky decides, scooping Tony up bridal style, and walking away from the mess.

“We’re still supposed to clean!” Steve calls after them, and one gleaming metal finger appears over Bucky’s shoulder. “Fair enough.” Steve mutters. “Why do I always end up doing all the work at these things?”

“Cause you’re a goody two shoes.” Clint offers. Bruce nods along.

“Also because nobody else wants to be here.” Bruce adds. Clint points at him. 

“That too.” 

“I hate all of you.” Steve grumbles. 

“Wait, is Bucky really taking the money? I won fair and square.” Bruce protests, looking ready to fight either Steve or Bucky if necessary. 

“Well Natasha cheated.” Steve says. 

“Then she’s disqualified, I still won.” Bruce says, crossing his arms angrily. “That’s my money.” 

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Thanks @kikosaito for the help with the Czech translation

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Out of all your OTPs what are your top10 (in order) ?

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

I keep saying this but very rarely do couples from new shows become my OTP, I have them as number one because I haven’t had this kind of reaction to any other ship. I would cry days after the show’s finale when I would just hear a song from the show’s OST. There is so much earnest and sincere emotion between them and Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun have great chemistry, their relationship was tragic in a really beautiful way and cute in the most heartbreaking way, their bickering was done with so much conviction and the pain at whenever they separated was felt deeply. Like I believed in this couple.

2. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

I don’t think I really need to explain why SE is one of my top OTPs since so much of this blog is dedicated to going into detail as to why that is; in a nutshell, they have that soulful, passionate, transcendental love that is nuanced and complex and rarely seen.

3. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy

This is a ship that’s rooted in chemistry because their romance isn’t logical or rational, there is so much danger and pain and violence surrounding them, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t be involved with Jax and his mother and his club but the pull between him and Tara is undeniable, it’s a pull that’s existed even though they were apart for 10 years and their love is passionate and it takes them to dangerous, destructive places but it’s heartfelt and overwhelming and not many people can pull off that kind of dynamic.

4. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

Like I said last night, I thought the saying “I love you so much it hurts” was stupid until I was introduced to Gallavich because there is such a wholehearted affection for each other that it’s almost like neither of them can breathe yet at the same time their relationship acted as a breath of fresh air. It’s the one ship that I thought was redemptive and toxic at the same time and Noah and Cameron have such intense chemistry, the angst between them is insane and I think they manage to show the struggle Mickey has with being gay in a way that was heartbreaking to watch without it being sappy and cliched and that made you feel so bad for both him and Ian so that when he finally embraces who he is, it’s like the best thing in the world. And the way Mickey cares for Ian is so unique to Mickey like it’s softhearted and violent and it’s just, this ship is a study in contrasts and it works, which is very hard to do.

5. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

Noahlee is another ship that’s new but that I ship passionately because first of all Aldis and Jurnee have great chemistry, the minute they’re in a scene together in the pilot, those longing gazes were enough for me, second of all I always love seeing young black couples onscreen, third of all, within the context of their lives and of the show — which is a show about enslavement and about the various avenues taken to combat the institution of enslavement — the fact that they fell in love is revolutionary, the fact that white supremacy didn’t beat out their will to have affection for each other is a subversive act in it of itself. Related to that, Noah is a very passionate character, a very strong character who believed in Rosalee, believed she could and would do great things before even she realized she had the strength to do so and his drive inspired her while loving Rosalee provides Noah with a sense of peace and hope.

6. Crixus and Naevia, Spartacus and Sura, Agorn and Nasir, Spartacus

I have all three ships in the same number because I love them all equally but differently. The Spartacus series portrays such passionate ships.

Crixus and Naevia,

I really enjoyed them because they’re such a pure romance; when we’re introduced to Crixus he’s legit a dick and the only thing he cares about is glory and honour and being the best gladiator and he falls in love with Naevia and is given more complexity and he’s softer because of her.

Spartacus and Sura

are tragic and you don’t see much of their relationship and what you do see is mostly in flashbacks because they were separated, both sold into slavery, but Spartacus refuses to die because he wants to see Sura again and he starts a rebellion because of her, he loves her absolutely that he’s unable to love any other woman, like it’s intense.

Agorn and Nasir

were a ship I didn’t think I would pay much attention to because I didn’t really care for either character but Agorn and Nasir loved each other so fiercely, like I dare anyone to try and tear us apart and the devotion between them was extremely intense plus Dan and Pana had great chemistry.

7. Oz and Willow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow is the character I relate to the most in Buffy so my friends and I always joke about how I’m waiting for my Oz because Ozillow was unbelievably adorable, I love them so much. Alyson and Seth had a chemistry that surprised me, I didn’t think that it would be as natural and at times intense as it was but they’re just such a feel-good ship.

8. Jackie and Hyde, That 70s Show

I don’t think anyone expected the awesomeness that is Jackie and Hyde. Mila and Danny worked really well together and I think you really got the sense that they cared deeply for one another while at the same time having the capacity to really aggravate each other and just by nature of being polar opposites who happen to care about each other, they got each other to grow — Jackie became less vain and less domineering while Hyde actually became more vulnerable and less stubborn, they were actually perfect and the writers fucked it up and I will be forever salty about that.

9. Jane and Michael, Jane The Virgin and Jim and Pam, The Office

I have them both on the same number because I love them equally for the same reasons.

Jane and Michael

External image

Pam and Jim

Jichael and Jam are both relationships in which the two people just click, they just get each other, they’re on this other plane that no one can reach and they have an intimacy and implicit knowledge of each other that isn’t the breathless intense, angst-ridden dynamic that I love but it’s as profound and significant.

10. Scott and Kira, Teen Wolf

I know Scallison is the favourite and I do love Scallison but I don’t know, Scira has a groundedness to them that I respond to more and they’re a very physical ship; a touch from Kira can still Scott’s hand or still him to calmness that his eyes stop glowing; holding Kira allows her to decompress and be comforted, she can close her eyes in relief and in security, and the way Scott and Kira run towards each other, it’s almost magnetic, like they’re being pulled together and have no choice to connect. And of course their sexual chemistry is kind of insane. But that’s the thing with Scira, there’s a gentle intensity to them because it’s like they finally achieve calm from the crazy supernatural mess when they’re touching each other or in one another’s arms or kissing each other, which makes their relationship physically intimate.


Vince and Jess and Matt and Julie, Friday Night Lights

Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

#SanversWeek Day 2

It’s day 2 of @queercapwriting ‘s (who reposted my fic yesterday and gave me a little heart attack with how amazingly sweet they were in the tags.) #SanversWeek!!! *does a little dance* Todays’s prompt is: Nerd Girlfriends 

This was killing her grade.

It wasn’t her fault, per se.

If you ask her, Alex would blame whatever higher being above - Rao, God, an omniscient Overlord mayhaps - made Maggie Sawyer so damn beautiful.

(While cursing said being for making her so damn gay.)

This was Alex’s favorite class.

Chemistry was the one class that she didn’t need to study for, it just came naturally to her. And in a house where she had to get good grades, had to make her mother proud, had to honor her father’s memory… Being able to sit back and expertly solve chemical equations is something Alex had come to cherish.

Until about a week after the second semester starts.

Alex’s can’t truly explain what made her look up from her work the moment she did, right in time to watch the Principle Perry introduce a new student.

(And though Alex would hate to admit it, her heart lifted at the sight of the deepest dimples she had ever seen.)

Her chest tightened when Maggie said hello, and when Alex finally got to take the girl in, she could almost feel her pupils dilating to see more of her.

She was sunk before Maggie even knew who she was.

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BTS x Foreign S.O

Ok am I the only one thinking that BTS members dating someone whose first language isn’t English would be cute?

I mean, just imagine:

-they would both know the struggle of learning it.
-They would be able to relate to those struggles.
-They would tease each other in their native languages.
-Learning each other’s culture
-Meeting each other’s family and be confused af but then reassure each other that it’s okay
-Looking at each other confused when they don’t understand an English word/phrase/lingo (I dO THIS A LOT OK. ENGLISH IS CONFUSING AF LIKE WHO THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE TOO, TO, TWO AND THERE, THEIR, THEY’RE)
-watching movies in each other’s native language with English subtitles
-Have I mentioned different FOODS
-Srsly the food
-y'all,,, don’t sleep on the food
-If they’re different cultures it means different customs. Just imagine confused BTS when their significant other just walks around the house with their shoes
- imaginE IT woULD IT NOT BE CUTE?
-“Jagi you look great!”
-“Thank you, bombón” (That’s Spanish for marshmallow)
-Teaching each other phrases in each other’s languages
-“ok so parlez-vous means what?”
-“can you say it again?”
- “I can’t”
-“you’re doing great”
-“how can I tell your parents that they have an amazing son?”(That would be the S.O saying that)
-when they get mad at each other instead of the silent treatment they talk in their native language (I’ve done this before and trust me it’s 10 times more irritating)
-accidentally switching to each other’s native languages while having a casual conversation
-“you did it again” “ah I’m sorry”
-did I mention words oF enDEarMenT iN NaTivE laNguAGe ????
-tesoro (Spanish:treasure)
-jagiya (Korean:honey, sweetie)
-mon cœur (French: my heart)
-princesa/principe (Spanish:my princess/prince)
-ma moitié (French: my other half)
-xiǎo mì táng (Mandarin: little honey)
-mi vida (Spanish: my life)
-schnuckiputzi (German: cute, sweet)
-nifę (Yoruba: love correct me if I'm wrong on this one)