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You & Me (Malia Tate x Reader)

I pulled Malia into a hug as she walked out of the high school where she had been for about eight hours. She had originally gone to take the SAT’s but a quarantine had been placed over the school, and it was affecting the supernatural creatures…bad. I had been stuck outside with Lydia and the Sheriff, hoping that my girlfriend was okay in there.

“Hey,” I said slightly pulling away from the were-coyote when I noticed she wasn’t giving me her normal bone-crushing hug. “Are you okay?” I asked, looking her over to check she wasn’t severely injured or in any pain.

Her croaky voice called me to look up into her brown eyes, which seemed to be brimming with tears, “Did you know?” She asked me, I slowly shook my head reaching out to touch her, but she stepped out of my reach, “Did you know?” She repeated.

“Know what?” I asked, frantically searching her face for any sign what had upset her.

“That Peter Hale is my dad!” She shouted, causing me to stop moving completely. What? “Did you know?” She sighed.

Peter Hale, Peter Hale that bit Scott and turned him into a werewolf that sparked all of this. Peter Hale, who bit Lydia the night of the school dance unleashing her banshee powers. Peter Hale, who has tried to kill us numerous times, was Malia’s dad?

I shook my head, voice stuttering, “N-no.” Malia then pulled me into a deep kiss, I was surprised at first, but quickly kissed back. A few moments later she pulled away, resting her forehead against my own, sniffing the air.

“They’re looking for us.” She growled, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the crowd of people and to the other side of the school, I leaned against the brick wall while Malia looked around the corner.

“You can’t hide from them forever,” I tried to reason with her, “They’re our pack.”

Malia stopped looking and mumbled something to herself, “No.” I looked over at her curiously.

“What did you say?” I asked, she turned around to face me.

“They’re not my pack.” She said coldly, I was shocked. Of course we were, we had looked out for her, and taught her how to be human and control her powers.

“What do you mean?”

“A true pack doesn’t lie and hide things from one another. A true pack trusts in one another. That is something they didn’t do.” Malia said, starting to walk to the parking lot where my car was currently stationed, grabbing my hand and pulling me along.

“So what are you going to do? You can’t be an omega.” I tried to sway her, but she didn’t listen.

“I’ll start my own pack. And you can be with me.” I froze at Malia’s words. She wanted me to leave the pack. I couldn’t. Could I?

“Mal, I don’t, I can’t-” My girlfriend cut me off.

“Of course you can. Just come with me. I’ll take care of you, I’ll protect you. It can be you and me. Just like we’ve always wanted. Please?” She asked smiling, looking at me with heartfelt eyes.

It was either her or the pack, I knew that. I knew it would be one of the most important choices of my life. My love, or the best friends I’ve ever had.


I’m So Sorry - Josh Washington x Reader

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{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Josh Washington 

Word Counter- 2896 Words {Wow} 

Persona- Female 

Warnings- SPOILERS AHEAD! Language. Distress. Things get a little ‘fucked’ up. 

Request- Hi! 👋 I literally just found this blog so I don’t know if requests are open or not?? But if they are could you please please please do another Josh one where (spoilers XD) when he reveals himself to be the masked maniac you say that you were looking after him while he was passed out drunk that night and had nothing to do with it and he feels horrifically guilty for hurting you because you broke up after his sisters went missing? I know it’s detailed but it’s been stuck in my head for ages 😘💞


You were feeling Josh’s head for his temperature when Beth jumped back from the window. 

“Beth…You okay?” You asked her as she turned to face you. 

“There’s someone outside…” She whispers and you watch her walk round the kitchen counter and shake Josh’s shoulders. 

“Holy shit Josh…” She says, picking up the bottle of alcohol on the counter. 

Theres a few shouts and Beth looks at you with a nervous expression. 

“Josh get up!” Beth says and you look at her nervously.

“For god’s sake stay here with these two,” Beth says and you nod, getting up and watching her run out the kitchen. 

You shake Josh, attempting to wake your boyfriend and he just waves his hand at you. 

“God damn it, Josh,” You mumble and you pull him into a stand. 

“C’mon, lets get you to bed,” You say and he just grumbles as you attempt to make him walk. 

“G-get o-off m-m-me,” Josh shoves you back, and you catch the kitchen counter. 

You sigh and sit down on the stool beside his as he collapses back onto the seat, his body slumping onto the counter top. 

You get up and walk round to Chris, attempting to shake him awake. 

“Chris for fucks sake,” You huff and you walk back round to Josh and place a hand on his back. 

“It’ll all be okay,” You whisper, half to yourself, half to Josh. 

“It’ll all be okay,” You repeat and you lean over, close to Josh’s face and you press a gentle kiss on his forehead before returning to your seat and waiting. 

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Marry You
  • Chanyeol strums his guitar and Baekhyun sings along...
  • Chanyeol: It's a beautiful night, were looking for something dumb to do...
  • Baekhyun: Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.
  • Chanyeol: Yeah sure. Let's do that.
  • Baekhyun: Uh, what?
You’re In Danger (Jungkook x You) Scenario

Title: You’re In Danger

Jungkook x You Scenario

Genre: Gang AU - fluff at the end though. lol 

Okay, my first time writing a scenario like this, so I hope it’s good. lol I hope you all enjoy this, and if it’s bad…i’m sorry. I hope you like it anon! Lehgo! ~

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You don’t remember what you were doing before, but you suddenly felt that you weren’t in a comfortable position and your head was banging with pain. You weakly opened your eyes and looked around. You saw that you were stuck in an abandoned building. You felt your hands tied together at the back of the chair you were sitting on, and you saw little spills of dried blood on the floor. You took a glance at yourself, and noticed your leg was bleeding, your head felt wet.  

“Where - where am I?” You weakly spoke hoping you weren’t alone.

But no answer. You were alone in the room, until you heard heavy footsteps coming from a distance. You tried to focus on the sound of the footsteps, and when you looked up, you saw not one, but a group of boys, dragging someone along with them. Your vision cleared, and you noticed it was your boyfriend, Jungkook.

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ifithasafandomimapartofit  asked:

👄 First kiss story >:)c

Okay whelp, my first kiss happened in high school, on the way to a late football game (I was in marching band). My boyfriend at the time and I were listening to music together and it was super dark that night. So halfway through the song, when I never even expected it, he just tipped my chin up and kissed me. I was super shy afterward and like stuck my head in his shoulder so he couldn’t see my face. And that was my first kiss 😂

Get To Know You (Again)

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Nicknames: Laz, Lazae, Lazaefair. I’ve got a couple other active online handles that I like to keep separate from this one. Call it a holdover from 1990s internet paranoia. In real life, my sister calls me “Jess.”

Starsign: Capricorn

Height: 5’3” (about 160 cm)

Last thing I googled: Is James Bond a name or a title? (Conclusion: Most fans agree that Skyfall established that it’s a name, and that James Bond has always been the same man who just happens to have awful continuity issues. I don’t like it. I’m still headcanoning it as a title. So there.)

Fave music artist: Who on earth would have a ready answer for a topic this vast? Can we split this up into genres? No? Okay, okay, fine. I choose…Boards of Canada. (Downtempo electronica, if you were wondering.)

Song stuck in my head: Errr, this one’s a bit hard to explain. It’s the jazzy intro music that plays at the beginning of The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcasts, when the opening announcer states the names of the cast and crew in that episode. It’s got a nice swing to it. 

Last movie I watched: Rogue One. And what a movie that was.

Last TV show I watched: Luke Cage! I am compiling some Thoughts that may or may not get posted, considering how late to the party I am.

When did you create your blog: Tumblr says my first post was 2014. But I know I created it earlier. So I have no idea. It’s a bit strange, as I consider myself a fandom old, but I wouldn’t be considered one on Tumblr. I was still hanging out on LJ until very late, so there’s a whole universe of memes and fandom history I missed out on - but at the same time, there’s a lot of fandom history I experienced that the youths on Tumblr have no idea of, despite still being impacted by it daily. 

What kind of stuff do you post: A lot of fandom and social justice. Tends to be text-heavy and features long posts with no hesitation. Because I am a reader, I’ve always been, and my formative online social experiences were in old-school message board forums where it’s nothing but text. I’m comfortable with long discussions and stories. As a result, while so far I really enjoy the community on Tumblr, I think the structure of the website itself is just. The worst. This is a pipe dream, but my fantasy is that Dreamwidth gets together the capital to buy Tumblr, and merges all the best qualities of each site while getting rid of the worst. Anyway! This is all just to say, my Tumblr is my stream of conscious, and I make no apologies for what I do here. 

Do I have any other blogs: I have a photo portfolio linked to my real name, and also a steampunk blog that I run for this production company I’m part of. Then there’s my LJ and DW (mostly abandoned), and yes, I did keep the login credentials for my Xanga (long abandoned, only kept around to remind myself of how embarrassing 2004-2006 was).

Do I get asks regularly: No. Send me asks!

Why did I choose my url: In the prehistoric era of 2003, I set up a Netscape email account. At the time I was, like any other good solipsistic teenager, an Ayn Randian libertarian, and I also just happened to like the verbal sound of the phrase “laissez-faire.” Alas, the username had already been taken. So I bastardized it with some cool vowel combinations and I’ve just kept it ever since. (I am now a progressive socialist, by the way.)

Gender: assigned female at birth, still identifies as female.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw. There’s not a lot of conflict on this one.

Pokemon team: Can I just bang all three of them together as a delicious OT3?

Favorite color: Red for life, red for passion, red for blood. When I was 12, a girl I had a crush on said I looked good in green, so I switched to green as my favorite color. But eventually I admitted to myself that red has always been the color that spoke to me, and I’m sorry/amused that this was ever a point of real psychological conflict for me.

Average hours of sleep: 6-7, and I desperately need more. But I can’t be trusted with technology in my room.

Lucky number: 29

Favorite characters: Hoo boy. This is like fave musical artist. It’s impossible. So I’ll just cop out and say my favorite characters from my most recent fandom are Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus. I love these badasses.

How many blankets do you sleep with: Right now it’s a blanket, a comforter, and a lightweight blanket on top. In the summer I go down to a blanket. Back in Texas I used to sleep in sheets or nothing.

Dream job: Filmmaking in some capacity - probably editor - but without any of the hard work or sacrifice it would take me to get to the point of actually doing it for a living. At least I’m self-aware?

Following: 258 blogs. Is that normal? I don’t know.

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Favorite Record.[Tadashi/Reader/Older Hiro.]


You were the song stuck in my head.
Every song I’ve ever loved.
Played again and again and again.

Tadashi loved your smile. You had a different smile, for different things. You had your happy smile which you used the most, using your entire mouth and occasionally showing him your teeth. That’s the smile that he’d want to fall asleep, to dream of over and over again. It was sunken in his mind, in the way your skin would sink into hot sand at the beach. You had your sad smile, that you used while hiding the melancholy that was lingering in your mind and body. The tilted grin that he sunk into a deep sea to see. You had your admiration smile, the one you’d play when he was pressing the last few kisses against your neck after dancing between the sheets. The simper that would send his heart fluttering, and his stomach churning when he could see how much fondness was leaking from your lips.

He thought he had seen them all, in the time that he had been with you. But as you were lingering in bed one Saturday morning, the sun beating down on your back in a delicate manner as his long, calloused fingers played around with the smooth skin of your back, you felt your lips curl up. You were half asleep, capsized in the mattress as his taunt digits played an invisible instrument on your back. Twisting around, you swirled yourself into the blankets in an exquisite manner, letting yourself fall into his naked chest. His pure eyes looked down at you, brushing back the pieces of hair that had tangled themselves in front of your face. “Good morning.” He whispered down at you.

You peeked your eyes opened for a moment, before shutting them when you realized how bright it had gotten in the room. Tadashi’s fingers had moved from your back, up to your arm where he ran haphazard circles. He heard you murmur a ‘good morning’ when he adjusted you in his muscular arms. Your lips swirled upwards slightly at the feel of his bare body pressing against yours so smoothly. His heart fell deep inside of his chest as he admired the way your mouth had moved from being unamused, to being fully content. Leaning down, Tadashi pressed a wet mouth to your lips, linger there for a few seconds as you replied with a small kiss back. Smiling against his slightly chapped mouth, he pulled away to press a peck to your nose. He found his favorite smile, by far. Your ‘I wanna kiss’ smile.

The more you used that smile, the more Tadashi felt himself falling deeper under. There were moments, when you were eating lunch, that he ended up leaning across the table to peck your perfect mouth. You’d laugh, tell him to stop before continuing your meal. That’s when things were good, he thought to himself, looking down at you as you cried on his bed. “It’s either me, or the project, Tadashi.” You were asking the impossible. How was he supposed to chose you over something that could change the entire world?

“You’re being selfish.” He said, rubbing his face in a tired manner, “(Name)! Why can’t you be supportive and just stand by me! By the time Baymax is done, he’ll change the world and I want you by my side when that happens!” He sounded desperate as you gazed up at him, passed the flush of fresh tears falling from your eyes.

“I’m being selfish?” You repeated, standing up, “I’ve given you my support for the past two years, and I complained once, that being tonight because you neglected to show up for our date!” You paused, wiping your eyes slightly, noticing your make up running onto your bare arm. “And you blew up in my face when I got mad that you didn’t show up! How is that selfish!?” Picking up your jacket, you slid it on quickly, moving around his tall form to pick up your purse. There was no smile on your face, he thought and watched you walk towards the door. There was nothing to be happy about here. “Wanna know the most selfish thing I can do?” Tadashi looked at you, raising an eyebrow. “LEAVE YOU AND ACTUALLY BE HAPPY WITH MY LIFE.”

Tadashi felt his entire heart shatter into small pieces as he did nothing to stop you from leaving. His mind told him to go after you, but his heart and entire being was so heavy with the surreality of the situation that he found himself throwing something across his room, it hitting the wall with a loud ‘bang’ before hitting the floor with a softer ‘thunk’. He mumbled under his breath, sitting down in his bed, legs open, his head hung in shame. What had he done?

Hiro managed to wiggle himself through Aunt Cass in the cafe, but before the Hamada could make his way to his bedroom, he noticed you stumbling your way down the stairs, stopping on the landing when you saw the full head of raven hair. Tilting his head at you, Hiro opened his mouth to speak when he noticed your make up running and dancing along your cheeks with the tears, as he looked up at where his bedroom was. He had no trouble deciding what happened, he figured it was going to happen eventually with the way his brother was. You moved too fast for Hiro to really grab hold of you right away, for you were already running passed him, your head down, walking down the second flight of stairs towards the front door.

“(Name)!” He had dropped his book bag on the second floor, rushing his way down the stairs to grab you before you had managed your way out of the house. “Hey…” His warm fingers grasped at your arms, and he noted right away how cold you were. His voice was gentle compared to the yelling Tadashi had bestowed upon you all night. “Hey…” He didn’t say anything else and pulled you to his chest, his fingers dug into your hair in a light, fluffy manner. You did nothing to pull away, and let your sadness sink into him. The silence that filled the air was natural and he didn’t pressure you to talk as he rubbed your scalp gently, saying, “Let me walk you home…”

And I’ll spin for you like your favorite records used to.

He finds out you’re extremely ticklish


You and Luke just got back to your shared apartment after a nice night out after the guys got back from tour. You both were extremely tired and you both decided to head to bed early tonight. You started walking up the steps to get out of the dress you were wearing while Luke locked up the house. You started to take off your dress when all of a sudden you felt a tug on your ear. You screamed and Luke came running into the room and asked if you were okay. Once he ran in he saw you with your dress half on and half off and he started laughing at you. “My earring got caught on my dress and now I’m stuck. HELP ME!” You whined and laughed. He came over and placed his hands on your hips to turn you around when you fell to the floor and started laughing. “I did not just find your weakness did I?” He had this devious smile but you couldn’t see it since you still had your dress over your head. “Don’t you dare even think about it Hemmings. Please just help me get this damn dress off.” He started laughing and gently started to untangle your dress from you earring. Once he freed you, you took your dress off and looked at your boyfriend who had that devilish look “don’t you dare even think about it Lucas!” Just then he grabbed you waist and started tickling you and you couldn’t stop laughing which made him laugh. You were laughing so hard to the point that you couldn’t breathe and your laugh became silent. He picked you up after a while and set you on the bed “now that I know where you’re ticklish, be prepared for random attacks. You’ll never know when they’re coming.” Luke said warning you of what is to come. “Oh my god, I hate you.”


 You were spending the day with your boyfriend Calum, you guys were just watching tv when you saw his bass sitting on the other side of the room. you got up his eyes followed you across the room. “Teach me.” you said looking up at him. He motioned you over and you went and sat on the floor and he sat behind you. He placed his hands on yours and was directing your hands to where they were suppose to go. Once you were getting the hang of it, he placed his head between your neck and shoulder and once he did you jumped. “Whats wrong?” “I’m very ticklish on neck and you caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting that.”  “You’re ticklish on your neck? That’s good to know.” Calum looked at you moving closer to you. “No Calum, don’t come any closer.” Just then he was on top of you tickling you and you were laughing so hard you couldn’t breathe. After a few seconds which seemed like minutes, he let you go and let you catch your breathe. “Okay, I’m done. Why don’t we continue your lesson.” He laughed and for the rest of the day he taught you how to play bass and every once in a while would start to tickle your neck. 


Michael wasn’t feeling too well so you decided to go over and bring him some soup and some of his other favorite snacks. As you walked into his apartment, you went into his room and found him laying in bed “Hey cutie” he said as you walked in. “Hey loser. How ya feeling? I brought some soup and snacks for you.” You gave him the soup and you guys cuddled in bed for a bit. “You know what would make me feel better? Playing FIFA” He said with a smirk. “Oh, you’re so on Michael Clifford” You guys got out of bed and started running to the tv. You guys sat down and started playing and after a while he motioned you to sit between his legs. You moved over to him and he moved his arms around your waste and laid his hands on your stomach. He kept moving his hands which kinda tickled. You tried so hard not to laugh because you didn’t want him to know you were ticklish so you were fighting back the laughter. After a while you couldn’t hold it back anymore and burst out in laughter. “What are you laughing at?” “I’m sorry, I’m just really ticklish on my stomach and with you moving your controller, it started to tickle! I can’t help it!” Mikey started laughing at you and he promised her wouldn’t move as much but he lied. He would pretend like he didn’t mean to move the controller so much which would cause you to laugh but he so knew what he was doing.  


You and Ashton were having a movie night since it was his first night back from tour. Ashton let you pick the movie out while he was in the kitchen making snacks. You picked out The Lost Boys because it has bad ass music and it’s lame and both you and Ashton love it. After you got it all set up, Ashton came in and had a bowl of popcorn and some candy and you guys laid down and started watching the movie. We were all cuddled up and all of a sudden, Ashton moved his feet and they brushed against mine. I jumped out of his arms and he looked at me with a perplexed look on his face. “I’m sorry, your foot brushed against mine and my feet are really ticklish and the littlest thing tickles me.” I explained and he started laughing and apologized I promised he wouldn’t do it again, or at least try not to. Through out the movie he would move his foot and it would hit mine and I’d start laughing and he would apologize but I knew he was doing it on purpose but I couldn’t be mad at him. I enjoyed hearing him giggle too much. 


Dear taylorswift​ ,

My name is Romina and I am a Switie since I heard Love Story for the first time back in 2009. I remember they played the Music video on a local TV channel - thinking about it now it was actually a miracle because after that day the didn´t aired any advert until July ´15 when there was a spot about the „1989 World Tour“! Anyways –the song was stuck in my head all day long and I kept humming the words I remembered. I searched for more of your songs and just fell in love with them. Sadly it wasnt possible for me to attend any of your concert before the 1989 Tour [ JUNE 19th and 20th aka THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE ] due to being too young to travel alone to another country or tests I had at school

I really want you to know that you changed my life to the better and I cant tell you how thankful I am actually are.You helped to get through days were I honestly didn´t know what to do with my life anymore. Those months when “Last kiss” , “All  too well “ and “Come back be here “ described my life were so painful and hard I couldnt imagine being okay again….but you helped to get over it.

Although I am trying to forget this awful time its pretty hard sometimes but I know when I sign in on tumblr there will be some advice you gave someone that´ll help me as well.

So THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so brave and telling us your stories, bad experiences and other things you had to deal with by writing those songs that helped so many of us -  including me.

Btw I recently started to paint my nails like you can see in the pictures above.



Last night was hell

I spent the first half of the night worrying about my friends calling everyone to make sure all was okay with them, then worrying about my older sister who was stuck outside on the other side of istanbul. I kinda felt okay when she came back and felt better for the rest half an hour (maybe) 

then we heard this noise, something going fast through air, maybe like something falling, really loud.

We thought we were going to die. I thought we were going to die. Me and my sister went straight for my mom and I was on my kness, my head on my moms lap, holding my sisters thinking this is how I was going to die.

Turns out it was a jet flying really low.

Rest of the night I flinched whenever I heard a noise too loud or too mechanical, thinking well, if it wasnt a bomb last time, it surely was this time. This time we’d die.

Thank god that didnt happen but Im still flinching over the slightest noise (wind, cats,etc) we heard explosions far off, we watched tanks on tv, we watched a news room get shut down by soldiers. It was scary to listen to the poor woman who tried her best to keep calm as she went “I dont know how long we can report.” as we listened to the screaming and yelling going on behind her. 

We watched TBMM get shot my choppers and get bombed.

It felt surreal and too real at the same time.Ive never been more confused and more scared in my life.

Now? Now there are theories going around about what happened and why it happened. There are news on facebook going around about how many of the soldiers didnt even know there was a coup happening, that they thought this was going to be a routine work-out until it was too late, about soldiers getting lynched and in one case a soldier having his head cut-off.

People died and honestly dont care about any of the theories you know why?

Because the fear I felt was real, the panic was real.I thought I really was going to die. People have died.

Things seem relatively normal but Im not going out anytime soon. My dad and granny are coming home today. I dont know what else to say


another take off this post by trevelyas. the Cerberus HQ mission if such a situation were to go down.

Shepard knew that this might happen. Actually, she knew there was absolutely no way to avoid it. From the moment their eyes met again on the Citadel, she knew there was not a chance in hell that this could end well.

Kaidan - sweet Kaidan - who had spent many nights with her in the crew quarters when she couldn’t sleep, sharing beers and bottles of wine. Kaidan, who she may have been falling in love with. But when the moment came down to it, she knew that choosing to save him over Ash meant that she was putting her feelings before the mission, and Shepard wasn’t prepared to do that. And she lost him, quicker and harder than she’d imagined.

But the man standing in front of her was not Kaidan, not one bit. He was made into a monster, one who she’d watched commit unspeakable actions. He’d killed Thane, a sick smile spreading across his face as he made his escape. He’d been there to steal data as Reapers destroyed Thessia. He was cold, calculated, and he was not going to let them out of here alive. Unless she killed him first.

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