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ceo of matchmaking

It’s the last day of the @laurahale-appreciation week and today it’s the Dealer’s Choice, and because I can’t resist a chance to remind fandom of Neckz’N’Throats and how there totally should be more Neckz’N’Throats fic, have almost 2k of Neckz’N’Throats fic with matchmaking CEO Laura (and Sterek of course). Happy reading!

Laura loves her job.

She’s one of the youngest CEO’s in the country, possibly even the whole world. She runs one of the most successful werewolf magazine - and yes, some might call Neckz’N’Throats a skin mag, but it really is so much more than that and Laura has worked tirelessly to get it recognised as a respectable piece of journalism. Sure, the name still says it all - they show a lot of necks and throats, tastefully photographed to the maximum enjoyment of their mostly werewolf audience, but Laura takes pains to ensure that the pages of her magazine are not filled with blank faces and dead eyes. Her models are paid adequately, with all the insurances and securities necessary, and if there’s even the slightest hint that someone is not there just because they enjoy being photographed, Laura steps in and tries to figure out an arrangement that’s beneficial to both parties. It has worked well enough so far and has given her a reputation of being a fair and respectful employer that she’s proud of and strives to keep up.

Neckz’N’Throats did start out with just what it says on the tin: vulnerable necks and throats on display, meant to titillate and excite, but Laura has dared to branch out from that. She has introduced models from all kinds of backgrounds, aiming for diversity in all aspects, be it size, colour, or species. Then she started shooting couples - mated ones tend to be more popular, that special connection even shining through the glossy pages of a spread. Her most popular pair so far are Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore. Lydia started shooting for Neckz’N’Throats first, her lily white neck ticking every box on most hot blooded werewolves.

Not that Laura would know, being ace has both its advantages and disadvantages when heading a skin mag. On the one hand she still doesn’t quite get what “sexy” is even supposed to mean though she’s fared well enough in that respect by hiring models because of aesthetics and charisma - and employing actual hot blooded werewolves to advise her. On the other hand she is never ever tempted to leer at her employees creepily - and sadly enough that still seems to be a stand alone feature in her profession.

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I’m feeling conflicted. 

All these years our mission has been to get NU’EST first win. I really thought love paint would be it, but i didn’t realize then their sales were so low it wouldnt ever happen then.

Now this time I thought we would win with Hello- great right? they can win with an OT5 song- but we if we are nominated next week we’ll be up against BP and Mamamoo (don’t get me wrong i dunno whos nom for next week we still have a chance keep streaming!)

On the other side, I don’t want to wait another 1.5 years yrs for 1st win when they will be almost 7 years old. 

They are selling out everywhere, but Canvas and Q IS sales compared to other groups are still very very low. I know everyone and their mom in Korea is hyping NU’EST rn but I’m really praying to God it translates to album downloads and sales! 

I can’t move on until NU’EST get their first win THIS YEAR WITH THEIR NEW COMEBACK (if they don’t get it with hello now). Literally we’ve waited 5 years at this point its just embarrassing and depressing if they don’t get 1st win after getting so famous from PD101. I’m sorry for being negative I really need to see all the Korean and int. pd101 stans who said they are NU’EST fans now TO SHOW IT. 

All my hope for NU’EST is for their next comeback. I know its sad having 1st win without Minhyun BUT DAMMIT WE NEED IT.

On and On - Chapter 1

Pairing: Reader x Jaebum x Jinyoung
Word Count: 3,181

Warning!: Curse words, mature situations may come up. I just want to express that this is fan fiction. All mentions of personalities, companies, tasks are just there for familiarity. Lastly, I don’t know anything about how KPOP world works, so bear with me.

All of the talent managers have given up on the famous duo group JJ Project. As one of the more successful new talent managers in the agency, JYP gave you the offer of managing them. Will you be able to tame the duo?

Read: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Chapter 1

A loud *slap* echoed through the wide dining area of one of the luxurious restaurants in town. Guests wearing fancy clothes and expensive accessories looked over at the source of the sound and was in awe to find a member of the famous idol group JJ Project.

Jaebum was standing at the center, rubbing his left cheek with his hand as his eyes pierced through the girl who slapped him.

“F*ck you, Jaebum! We’re through!” The girl who’s wearing a tight red dress picked up her black sling bag from the seat and walked out of the restaurant. She walked fast despite wearing high heels as she passed through other guests who’re now secretly taking pictures of the spectacle.

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So this was kind of a bust of a weekend in someways, thanks to the horrible squall that ripped through the state last night into this morning. 

But it wasn’t all bad! Yesterday My dad, stepmom, and I went to this great used bookstore in Farmington, called “Twice Told Tales”

Here’s the neat part:: 

They’ve always had a fantasy/sci-fi section, along with one for horror, mystery, etc. But the one genre they were consistently missing was… can you guess? Romance. 

Well sales must have been down lately, because imagine my joy when my dad pointed me to a romance section in the store that hadn’t been there before! Of course it had to share shelf space with chick lit, but there were still like three full cases.

I found these two Gaelen Foley’s in GREAT condition, this awesome sounding book by Kristen Callihan (whose a new author for me!), a copy of Mistborn,   (which I’ve been meaning to read) in almost new condition, AND I got that massive hardcover copy of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (also been meaning to read that one) for $7! Which made me really happy since that’s like $21 less than the cover price.

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I'm curious M. How is it that your first book is already doing so great? What's your secret?

“Great” is a very relative term. In the interest of full disclosure (and bursting the Tumblr bubble, as it were), sales for Villains have been respectable but not really “great.” Reviews have been mostly the same. I can think of dozens of debut novels which have made much bigger splashes. Don’t get me wrong–I’m in no way bitter about that. But I also want to be honest with you: in the greater scheme of things, it’s just doing okay. That is, in a way, still great. Many people don’t get to publish a novel at all and I consider myself very lucky! But I don’t have any secrets. If I did, you’d be seeing it on bestseller lists.

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Hi, I don't know if this is too long or really descriptive but can you do a Baekhyun scenario where him and the reader like each other but he acts as if she means nothing to him because he's afraid of getting rejected, like he even treats her bad even though the rest of the members treat her good. So when she confesses to him he rejects her because he was shocked. But then she starts hanging out with her male best friend whom she used to be in love with and Baekhyun gets really jealous.

Sure! Here you go! (Slightly different but will write a new one later, sorry)

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I’ve been feeling crappy these days but I hope it doesn’t affect my writing. 


He had to admit. He can’t lie to himself. Not anymore. He likes you. He didn’t know when did it start, was it when both of you went out together for the first time? Or was it when he first set his eyes on you? Baekhyun wasn’t sure of that. The sudden warmth that spread around him whenever you are around – he likes it. No, he loves it. He likes (Y/N) and he is certain of it. What he wasn’t is the fact that you like him too. He didn’t notice the corner of your lips turned up and the glint in your eyes whenever you saw him. He didn’t notice your different manners whenever you were around him and the other members. You like everything about him. From his silly actions to his baby-like side. But you thought he must’ve thought of you as another member of EXO. No feelings, no anything. Just a friend-family like relationship. And he thought of the same too.

It was like any other day when they had practice when you barged in to their practice room. Being recognized by the company and worked there but not in the entertainment department, you get access easily into the building. You had just punched out and went to buy foods for the members – thinking that they had not eat dinner yet and came back to the room.

You smiled to yourself and chuckled. You’re going to see Baekhyun and you always have this slight nervousness whenever you saw him. After you calmed down and cleared your throat, you pushed the door with your shoulder since both of your hands are filled with foods. “Hello sweaty nine men, I brought you guys jjajangmyeon!” you announced trying to sound as normal as possible, making them turned their heads to you and stopped practicing.

“Oh yeah, jjajang!” Kai ran to you and helped you settle down the foods. You purposely made yourself busy since you didn’t want to make an eye contact with Baekhyun. All of them gathered around and dig in since they haven’t even had lunch yet. Chanyeol ran to the speaker and pressed the pause button and ran back to you, pulling the only one standing Baekhyun with him. “Come on, let’s eat” he said and sat down. “Nah, it’s okay. I don’t feel like eating. You can take mine.” Baekhyun replied and walked out of the room. It was a pin drop silence. Everyone starred at him, jaw dropped from Baekhyun’s respond. You starred at the door even after he had left and was taken aback. He was never like this. He never rejected anything from anyone, especially you. He’d even take something away from you and you’d willingly gave it to him. You can’t help but to feel sad about it. Apart of you hurt that he turned down your offer. You bit your lips and sighed. “What’s wrong with him?” Lay asked as he twirled his chopstick around the noodle. “Let him be, he needs some time alone” Chanyeol smiled apologetically at you.

The next few weeks was the same. Baekhyun would give you the cold shoulder and everyone would ask him why. He’d answer with a simple ‘I’m tired’ or ‘Not in the mood’ which made them more confused when he was being impudent but one minute later when you came to them, he’d change so suddenly. And it hurts you. Every time. The person that you like treats you like someone who had taken half of him away from him (in which you did but not aware of it). You’d sleep with questions in your head and sometimes cried out every ounce of energy you had in you.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” the maknae approached Baekhyun. “Hm? What?” he raised his eyebrows, not catching what Sehun meant. “Hyung, we’ve all noticed your sudden change around (Y/N). Don’t act all okay and everything when you were fine with us but the polar opposite whenever (Y/N) is with us. Did she offend you or anything?” Sehun put his hand around the older male. “No it’s just…I like her, Sehun. I like (Y/N) and I don’t know if she feels the same. I’m afraid she doesn’t like me back and the feeling of being rejected..I hate it” he ran his hand on his hair and sighed “I thought if I do so, I’d get rid of my feelings but…it become stronger. I miss her. I miss talking to her. I miss seeing her smile”. Sehun chuckled and draped his hand around Baekhyun “Hyung, why torture yourself? Even if she won’t feel the same, you can convince her to. You’ve know her longer than we do. You know what she likes and everything, try to take her heart”. Baekhyun chuckled “I’ll try”

You smiled and waved as you saw the person you were expecting to see. Walking towards the table, you hugged him as a welcome gesture. “Long time no see” the latter smiled. “Yeah, got caught up with finance. No matter how much I love EXO but their popularity gave me headache. The more the sales, the more work” you rolled your eyes and chuckled. “Speaking about that, how are they? I haven’t heard from them since you know, I got settled down” he sipped his all time favorite drink, ice lemon tea. Still the same you thought. But the spark had long gone. He was just another person of your past that you are still on good terms with. “They’re doing great” you smiled, holding back the pain that you’ve been enduring.

You both were catching up, sharing stories and experiences. Hearing his wedding stories made you soft and hurt on the inside. ‘If only Baek-‘ your thoughts were cut of by the sudden force on your wrist. Both of you looked up and saw Baekhyun looking at you intensely. Taken aback by his sudden presence, you stuttered “Baek, wha-what are you doin-“ “I’m sorry but I need to take her away for a moment” he said to your friend and dragged you to the outside of the café.

“Baek, what’s wrong?” you looked at him worriedly. ‘Is he finally telling me wha-‘ “I like you” you froze. “I like you, (Y/N)” he placed his hand on your shoulder. “What?” you blinked, having a hard time trying to digest the simple three words he just spat out. “I- I like you. I’m sorry for acting like a jerk this whole time. I was afraid you’re going to reject me and I decided to man up when I noticed you’ve been hanging around that guy you were in love with. I really don’t know why I am here, I’m probably just trying my lu-“ you hugged him with your hands around his neck.

“Stupid” you said. “I like you too, from the first time we met” you spoke and continued hugging him. The tensed Baekhyun finally rested his head on your shoulders and pull you to him with his hands wrap around your waist.

“Ah, I can see the next bride” your friend laid back on his chair as he witnessed the dramatic scene outside.

Full Interview with the guardian

For those who are interested:

Can you tell me more about Wayward Strand and the female protagonist?

Wayward Strand is a game currently being developed by a core team of five, which includes two women in their mid-late twenties, two men and one non-binary.
The game is set in rural Victoria in 1978. It’s set aboard an ex-luxury sky-ship which is going through a refurbishment to become a flying regional hospital. The ship is currently operating the aged care wing. Unique to Wayward Strand other than this setting is that it runs in ‘real time’- that is, all of the nurses and patients follow their schedules whether you are interacting with them or not. The player can easily miss funny or sad or curious things simply by not being in that room at the time it happens.

Our lead character, Casey, is 14 years old and on her long Summer holidays from school. It’s just after Christmas. She likes to read, and ride her bike around the town outskirts. She doesn’t really like or dislike school, feels awkward a lot, feels lonely sometimes but we don’t think she’s had the experiences yet to learn that this is common or normal, fleeting or fixed. 
Her mother, Ruth, is the head nurse at the nursing home and has asked Casey to come to work with her for a few days to keep her occupied, and to help out by talking to the patients and running small clerical tasks. 

What we wanted to capture, by putting a 14 year old into an aged care home and asking her to have conversations, was
A. How to get through awkwardness and duty as a teenager, and
B. Thematically, we wanted to explore that slow feeling of transitioning from a child into an adult.
Snippets of what Casey is learning about are resonant to her, but other parts just seem dull or nonsensical too. Less so to the player, perhaps, but to Casey they’re definitely 'adults’; 'other’.
Casey is treated like a kid by some of the characters, treated 'like a girl’ by some, though others are more relaxed with her for who she is. 

There are seven women being written and designed for Wayward Strand, and they all have complex lives. My personal favourite is Lily, the 23 year old nurse who is temporarily in charge of the ward, and dealing with the pressure of that. I also have a soft spot for Ida, who I’ve kept designing in the image of my imagined mother if she gets to be so old. 

Casey, and most of the female characters, resembles a part of all of the creators. We’re lucky in this team to approach development holistically- with most of the character and interaction design being shared. Especially for the women and NBs in the team to create a teenage girl together has been wonderful. We’ve drawn on a lot of common experiences of emotion and interactions from that age, all agreeing that 14 was a pivotal year. Wayward Strand has been a good and healthy expression to work on. My father was in a nursing home for the last six years of his life, and died about a month into development, and my mother was a charge nurse for most of her career, and grew up rurally. It’s fulfilling to take my own perspectives and translate them into this game. Feels like I’m making art.

How have women traditionally being portrayed?

Traditionally, in Australia, women weren’t portrayed as playable characters or lead characters in games at all- at least not with good intentions. And for many years, even the ones with good intentions ended up being way off the mark; harmful characters.
That was due, I think, to two things:
1. the games industry being lead exclusively by men for a long time, and
2. Due to the male-dominated market being prioritised over the value of a game as anything other than a potential product.

Even though we have had the recent shift for women to become more visible in games, there were still a few years of men writing women characters who were extremely trope-laden. It’s not until there are diverse people leading studios and telling their stories that it’ll be anything resembling authenticity regarding women’s issues, & the important etc.

Anecdotally, I have older female friends and teachers who are from that time, who were working for these studios making these product games and literally all of them have told me stories about risking their jobs simply by asking to include female characters- even optionally, even if that meant wearing the terrible costumes of yesteryear games. What a hard place to work it must have been.

I’m happy to see an industry push to encourage change here. I think there’s still a divide between artists coming to games and using them to express their ideas, and artists in the industry trying to make a commercial product. I’m hopeful that it’s now basically demanded that women characters be respectfully considered for game worlds, but of course that has complex teething problems on all sides, and the industry is clamouring to catch up to that demand. 

In addition to the above answers, there have always been women and other minorities making DIY games, there was just never any interest in that type of art by the industry, until the politics got so loud, so many of these games are very obscure or don’t exist online or in our conscience anymore. There are currently huge efforts to consider how to curate and document DIY games.

As an artist from games, what most irks you about female representation? What have you tried to change?

When I began studying game design in 2012, global games culture was a cesspit. Melbourne was enjoying a bit of a mobile-games boom apparently, and there was also Freeplay Independent Games Festival going strong, but the wider games culture I saw was pretty vile. In our first week at uni we all got told that if anyone around the studios used the word raping to describe winning during a game, there would be serious consequences. Uni was great. Finally I, and the women who made up 45% of my year level, felt welcome.

At the time and still today predominantly, women characters in huge budget games with giant sales figures were always shallow, often scantily clad, weak or hyper sexualised, or very cold archetypes. I found refuge in games which offered real perspectives by real people, and instantly favoured following these artists than wanting to make a commercial hit. I’ve been lucky in my work as an artist in games to find people who want to work with me on games like this. I’ve worked on games exhibited and toured with Experimenta, on games which have won awards for their Art Direction, and even on the game which took out The Innovation award and Representation award at last yera’s Australian Game Developers Awards. Personally I have been further supported with a personal development grant from Film Victoria, the Women in Games fellowship.
Games in 2017 is not restricted to following past sexist, homophobic, ableist, racist, boring, limited, market-kissing trends. And the market is rapidly changing, too.

I try to work with like minded people, and I like to learn about how to initiate change if it’s wanted by other groups or individuals who don’t feel represented in game dev.

And what about male representation? What stereotypes are peddled? And what should / is changing?

Because many complex and artistic men have been writing their stories for scores of decades now, there are lots of very wonderful and complex characters out there who I enjoy.
However, overwhelmingly, male representation is terrible. It’s been said before that the big fights surrounding games culture in recent years were the canary in the coal mine for some contemporary American politics, and I’d believe it based on what’s been sold through character idolisation for men.
In AAA games, almost everyone is straight and white, American, and trained with guns or knives. The characters are often shallow in their situation- either they’ve been thrust into their situation mysteriously or due to some outlandish government program, or are seeking revenge, or fighting a war, all whilst trying to impress or save a white woman. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but those exact characters are in the real world media at the moment and they aren’t characters which any of the men I know would like to emulate. I think they call themselves ‘Alphas’.
As a woman artist what kind of resistance have you come across in the way you would like to draw both female and male characters?

No resistance on any of the projects I have worked on, other than two commercial projects. One wasn’t sexy enough and the other often wasn’t drawn soft/feminine enough. Both are highly respected studios, so it was quietly disappointing to see it’s still ingrained.


The final guardian piece is up at https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2017/sep/06/fed-up-with-fantasies-for-male-teenagers-fixing-the-depiction-of-women-in-games

There’s No Business Like Showbusiness

In regards to another post, I spent a little while looking up the grosses for the various 2016-2017 productions and good lord was this a profitable season for Tony Award winners and non-winners alike. Given the blockbusters that were on stage this season, I’m not surprised, but it’s still nice to see all those seven-figure and high six-figure sums mount up (just from my favorites alone, Anastasia, The Great Comet, and War Paint all grossed in the seven figures or just shy of it).

Like it or not, this art form is a business, and ticket sales mean more and better productions, and mean our favorite stars can as higher salaries in the future, especially lesser known folks in breakout productions. But even more, I hope that the profitability of this season, coupled with the phenomenal sales of Hamilton (the Broadway run is at $215mn gross sales and counting), means that shows that take risks will get more of a chance in the future. In addition to the fantastic shows this season, a lot of them were bold and innovative, or else put very new spins on classics. And even if the critics and the American Theatre Wing didn’t appreciate some shows, audiences clearly did.

I hope that this successful season also means we might see some more success bringing theatre to the people. Go out and buy Falsettos movie tickets and convince producers that releasing productions to theatres, or releasing a proshot DVD or digital download can add to the bottom line. There’s no business like showbusiness–and no businessman or woman wants to turn down a chance to expand their profit margin.

Theatre to the People could be a money-maker; this season, with its popular productions, proved that the demand is there for shows people want to see, not just the awards show fodder.

We continue to celebrate the 5-Year Anniversary of Scream Factory by reflecting on select titles we’ve released over the years: Today’s spotlight: THE HALLOWEEN COLLECTION (which we co-partnered with Anchor Bay on. Limited Deluxe Set now out-of-print.)

CLIFF MACMILLAN (Blu-ray Producer / Acquisitions): This was the biggest project I had ever worked on. I had to negotiate a deal with 5 companies to get all the rights together. We teamed up with Anchor Bay and then did the sales and we did the packaging and bonus content. In the end, I think we put together a great set. I’m very proud of what we did. A lot of people were involved and we all came together to do right one of the best horror franchises ever.

JEFF NELSON (Senior Marketing Director): To say the this collection was a big deal to us would be the ultimate understatement of our brand’s history. I still can’t believe how we pulled this off with Anchor Bay at times. Truth be told, when this was even proposed I thought it might fall apart since we were dealing with several studios to sublicense from.

I personally owe my love of horror films to the original HALLOWEEN. It was the first I saw at age 9 on a 1981 NBC Night at the Movies broadcast and I’ll never forget it. It scared me senseless…and when the shock wore off I decided to the test the waters with other thrillers. This one viewing changed my life forever and you can thank the film for partly being responsible for Scream Factory even being an entity. Soon I saw HALLOWEEN II on laserdisc (liked it, but was disappointed that it was not as scary as the first) then came PART III (Laughed it off…now, it’s one of my favorites), PART IV (went bananas when TV spots started airing and saw it opening weekend), PART V (Oh brother), PART VI (Oh brother, sister, the whole family), H2O (The best since II and having Jamie Lee back as Laurie meant the world), RESSURECTED (Sorry, but I refuse this even exists…like a bad Dallas dream season), Zombie’s remake (Not bad, just overly brutal) and his sequel (wish it had stayed in the hospital).

Our set went pretty smoothly for the most part. I was very concerned about how our artwork would shape (pun intended) up to be and breathed a big sigh of relief when designer Paul Shipper knocked it out the park and Malek Akkad & Anchor Bay approved. The one element I did insist we have on our creative was the jack-o-lantern from Part 1. It’s the very first thing a Halloween fan ever sees when watching the franchise from the beginning and I personally felt it was iconic enough to showcase. I do also remember Cliff and I making a big deal to AB about including the original’s mono track too—which had altered on the prior 35th Anniversary release. I have watched it every Oct with this track (like so many others) and we couldn’t bear to see our collection not have it. The biggest deal was the extras: Cliff and his producers (Sean Clark, Michael Felsher and others)came through in a big way and the success of the release can be attributed largely to their contributions. Of course, the addition of the different cut from Part VI was a win as well.

Beyond proud that we played a part in this franchise’s legacy.

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Thoughts on Go-Busters?

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is one of the most criminally underrated Sentai series of the last 20 years.

Even in Japan the toy sales were poor, the ratings weren’t great and the series is generally not remembered as fondly as it should be.  That’s probably because it followed one of the most beloved Sentai series in recent memory, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and was followed by one of the most toyetic, dynamic and fun series, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. By comparison, Go-Busters seems a little lackluster at first glance but I still love it.


First of all are the main characters. 

Hiromu, Ryuji and Yoko are fantastic protagonists with very engaging backstories.  They all share a defining tragedy (the loss of their parents on Christmas in a teleportation accident that went horribly awry) and are the only ones capable of defeating the threat that caused the accident. Their powers also come with some pretty harsh limitations which range from understandable (Yoko’s need for snacks due to a higher metabolism) to the ridiculous (Hiromu’s paralyzing fear of chickens) which gives them weaknesses and keep them from becoming overpowered.

Each of them also has a robotic partner called a Buddyroid that helps them out and become the control device for their mecha in combat. These three have their own unique personalities as well, giving us an automatic six members of the team (though these buddyroids are not built for combat).

As for combat members, we start with three to begin with and then have two more join.  There is precedence for this as it was done in Choujuu Sentai Liveman so adding two new members and not having a sixth, though rare and VERY rare for a modern Sentai is nothing really new.

The fact that these two addition as Jin Masato and Beet J, Stag a.k.a. Beet Buster and Stag Buster only makes it better.  Beet J. Stag is the only combat equipped buddyroid and when he and Jin transform, he become a Go-Buster himself.  Jin is also the mastermind behind the mecha of bother the heroes AND the villains, as his plans were stolen to make the evil Megazords (and yes, that is what the villainous giant robots are called).

That brings me to the villains, the Vaglass.  They are represented on Earth by their field commander, Enter, who is later joined by his counterpart/rival Escape.

I have ALWAYS had a preference for human main villains in Sentai.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore the suited monsters of a week but I always like my evil masterminds to have human faces.  It makes them more identifiable and the range of expressions they give can really convey how serious a situation is or how much they HATE the heroes when their plans are thwarted.

You really can’t get much better than Enter and Escape for both of those things.

The actual MAIN villain in an evil computer program known as Messiah, who commands Enter to gather the valuable energy source Enertron with which to plot his invasion from another dimension.

Each week, the forced of the Vaglass create a monster on Earth using a Metavirus on an eartly machine. This monster is known as a Metaroid and causes havoc while also serving as a homing beacon for the giant robots sent by Messiah, the aforementioned Megazords. The heroes have a time limit to defeat the small monster before the Megazord shows up and they have to fight the giant robot using their own mecha.  

 Now, the idea of having a small monster and then a big one and not the usual monster that starts small and grows big is also not without precendent, though it has been a VERY long time since we’ve seen it. The first time that was used was in Battle Fever J and has not been seen since the early 1980s.

Speaking of the mecha, Go-Busters had an entire maintenance crew to maintain their giant robots.  As part of a Government organization (something we also haven’t seen in a long time) the Go-Busters got to have an entire support staff and worked as part of a hierarchy with commanders above them.

There was a LOT of stuff in Go-Busters that was either a departure from the norm or a throwback to the earlier days of Super Sentai.  It tooks risks and tried to be a different show from what came before or what came after. That may have been one of the reasons it didn’t do so well, it was just TOO different from the Sentai norm people had become used to. 

What puzzled me more is that it was never brought over for adaptation into Power Rangers.  They Go-Busters transformation devices were an homage to the American version as when activated, the devices proclaimed “It’s Morphin’ Time!” in English.  They wouldn’t have had to make any changes to market them in the US.  Yet, they chose to skip this series (probably because of the poor performance in Japan) and go for the follow-up instead.

So, do I recommend Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters?  Heck yes!  It’s a nice throwback to earlier times, has a good story, great villains and compelling character drama.  This is one you should check out, especially if you like human-ish villains, intrigue and a heavy emphasis on story and character development.  It can be silly at times but then, name a Sentai that isn’t?

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fashion eras + zodiac

ARIES // 2000s

While the beginning of the 2000s was marked with Y2K(year 2000) futuristic fashions, the mesh of styles of the previous decade pre-cursed the fashion revivals of the 2000s almost perfectly. Throughout the new millennium modernized revivals of the 60s, 80s, and specific parts of other eras littered the ever chaotic fashion scene, making the versatility and impulsiveness of this technology ridden era a very Aries thing to do.

TAURUS // 1970s

While reveling in the aftershocks of the 1960s, most of the fashion choices in the early 70s were a reflection of the hippie subculture, but by the end of the revolutionary fashion era colors had become muddied with earthen hues and looser, more relaxed fits. The smooth movements, push for more natural beauty, and newfound sexual prowess discovered in this era are telltale qualities of a Taurus.

GEMINI // 1920s

The change of the 1920s fashion scene from all previous years was a very drastic one. A sense of lightness, wealth, and effervescence was brought to women’s clothing, creating a subculture titled flappers. In fact this revolution in fashion still dominates the fashion scene today. It seems this era brought a sense of life and fun in comparison to the grittiness the era held; this show of duality is unique to Gemini.

CANCER // 1990s

After the almost too vibrant antics of the 80s, the 90s fully rejected the obnoxiousness of the previous decade and turned it into something new. By 1993, there absolutely was no trace of the 80s, but instead styles like grunge, minimalism, hip hop, and glamor fashion had taken hold. This sensitivity to the previous decade and craving for originality is very Cancer.

LEO // 1980s

Materialism took this era by storm. Everything was bigger and brighter: hair, fashion, music, etc. Flashy jewelry, neon colors, power dressing, and brand names were never as important as they were during this era. All of the 10 years was a mixture fast-tracked people, look-at-me attitudes, massive egos, and brilliant energy; all describers usually associated with Leos.

VIRGO // 1930s

Due to the Great Depression, most fashions were very, very modest and handmade. Despite this, the 30s also marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Glamor still remained, however limited to those of wealth and the motion picture industry. Nothing was gawdy in this era, even the starlets had neat hair and simple, gorgeous flowing dresses. The cleanliness, meticulousness, and beautiful simplicity of this era equates well into the Virgo personality.

LIBRA // mid-late 1950s

As shown by the sales, the earliest years of the 1950s was a fashion slump, but it didn’t take long for fashion to return full force. The industry snapped back to a more elegant and classy standpoint. These years began more personalized options for clothing choices amongst women, ex. Coco Chanel’s suit, the poodle skirt, the sack dress, etc. time fashion was varying, options were becoming an actual possibility. The TV industry boomed in this decade, leading to a sense of elegance and romance that play perfectly into a Libra spirit.

SCORPIO // 1980s punk

In response to the 1980s spike in brand name and commercialism, the American punk was born. This subculture didn’t just touch fashion, but hairstyles also spoke of their disscontempt with the mainstream 80s scene. This patchwork grouping kept together by safety pins, bravery, and band memorabilia embodies the independence and tendency for resentment of the SCORPIO folk.

SAGITTARIUS // 1970s disco

It didn’t take long for the vibrancy of the hippie style to be assimilated back into mainstream culture. While all of the rebellious intentions of the bright clothing died out, people were still left with the colorful fun. Tube tops, wrap dresses, and other infamous pieces brought these colors from the outdated 60s and into the evergrowing 70s, forcing a whole new sense of Sagittarius-esque freedom towards another generation.

CAPRICORN // 1940s

The length and flow of the 1930s didn’t show much in the styles found in the 1940s. The outfits of this time period had a more modern flare. While,during WWII things took a change and women had to work in factories, while men were at war, this period still managed to change things for women and women’s fashion. This, along with the sharp lines and bold colors of the post-war fashion scene, speaks volumes of CAPRICORN’s tenacity and undying ambition.

AQUARIUS // 1960s

The 60s proved to be even more radical in its changes than the years that proceeded it. As wars struck, the children rebelled and countercultures were born in bulk. It was in this era that youth found its voice and showed the nation its independence and relentlessness, shown not just in their words, but the boldness of their beauty standards and clothing. This is something that is without a doubt a very AQUARIAN trait.

PISCES // 2010s

The ever-increasing amount of technology in this era has allowed for a more easily accessible approach to fashion, making pinpointing a certain style that defines the unfinished era difficult. Through the internet, the increase of online stores/e-commerce, and the blossoming strength of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made finding your unique style easier than ever before. This sense of individuality and idealism is a very obvious part of the Pisces lifestyle.

A Shift in Fate - Part 3;

Back again with some more crossover. As always, this is co-written by Voltra, creator of @ut-storyshift, and this time we have probably two of the most anticipated characters appearing. Fun stuff!

Characters: IF Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Flowey; Storyshift Chara, Asriel, Papyrus
Rating: PG
Summary: Upon venturing from the Ruins, Frisk stumbles upon another human! A very mysterious human with cool teleportation powers, and their adorable goat sibling. Little do they realize, they’re not alone.

If you’re new to the crossover, here are part 1 and part 2 respectively!

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I have spent an INSANE amount of money this week but I am so, so, so very happy!!

and there isn’t anyone else making me happy currently! it’s all me! I don’t know why this delights me so much! or I do because being the arbiter of my own happiness is thrilling in all the best ways!

quick recap of the past week or so:

  • bought a ton of stuff on sale! liked everything!! (/will hopefully like a few things that still need to come lol)
  • liked one shirt so much that I ordered it in two other colors — not something I usually do! but it felt right!
  • wore said shirt to CA auditions for social dance — which, frankly, I rocked out! there were three Amys (2 Amys and 1 Aimee, to be specific) out of 6 follows auditioning and that was amusing in all the best ways! two CAs said I did a great job at the end! I got a callback! dancing is so fun! especially when your lead knows what they’re doing! I’m hoping I don’t mess up my second audition next week!
  • bought tickets to CA for January to see some of my favorite people! yay!!
  • dogsat this past week and it taught me I am not ready to raise a child or a puppy anytime soon but it was also beautiful and wholesome and lovely! puppy excitement is contagious!
  • I’m home for the weekend and my parents are absolutely tickled by this puppy and it is adorable!
  • I’m going to an A&M game tomorrow with my dad?! smh but also, yay football!! 
  • I finally finally finally took the plunge, spent an entire paycheck, and upgraded to a full-frame camera — eeeeeep!
  • so! many! exclamation! points! but! today! was! good!!

me: *ends 5-year relationship after immense heartbreak*

me: *proceeds to spend two entire paychecks*

me: *hasn’t been this happy in a while*

let’s hope it stays this way

Hustle Week - The Sequel to Hustle Month

This month is already off to a great start!

Big announcement: With the help of donations and commissions, my GoFundMe campaign has reached its goal and then someThank you to everyone who helped make this goal happen. As promised, I’ll be getting the postcards printed, and will reach out to donors and commissioners alike for a mailing address. Truly, thank you all for the support!

Moveover, commissions will still be available until November 5th. Considering @tamarinfrog‘s visit, I plan to have a clean slate so we can thoroughly enjoy our holiday. If you were planning to pick one up during the recent sale, send me a message/note, we might be able to work something out… Might even have a sketch sale, we’ll see.

Moving on, I also want to thank everyone who picked up the recent Halloween themed Ko-Fi exclusives. I’m working on a final exclusive for the year with plans to have it up and ready for download Friday, November 10th. Mark your calendars!

On to more personal affairs, my diet and exercise program has been paying off. The goal I need to hit is still the range of 175-180 lbs. As of now, I’m down to my lowest weight in my adult life: A commendable 193 pounds / 87.5 kilograms… About 14 Stone — Okay I’ll stop. My goal is so close I can taste it… Bad choice of words maybe, ha ha. I’m excited everyone, I really am. This has been the last hurdle in a long preparation for enlistment. I know if I stay committed, I can hit my goal in December. The holidays are coming up so I’m sure my willpower will be tested, wish me luck.

I think that’s all for now. As always,

Here’s to Tomorrow

His Aunt Learned to Bake

Inspired by @lizardcookie‘s jily au where only lily survives: “She learns to bake

I bawled writing this. So I understand. And I’m sorry. Now read.

Dudley grows up loved and spoiled. But every once in awhile he hears his mum talk about a woman named Lily, her no-good, terrible husband who doesn’t deserve to be named because how could he have taken her sister into that world and gotten her pregnant and then died and gotten their son, Harry, killed.

He’s 10 years old and his curiosity gets the better of him - he asks his mum who they are and she gets both angry and sad and can’t answer him for a long time.

But then she tells him. How there really is a thing called magic. How her sister got a letter when she was 11 and how she went to a place called Hogwarts to learn how to cast spells and brew potions and how she was so jealous. How Lily met a handsome devil with wild hair who drove her crazy and swept her off her feet. And how she eventually married that man.

How they got married and had a son, Harry.

And how, on Halloween, at the age of 21, her family was targeted by a group of people who thought that muggle-born witches and wizards shouldn’t exist and shouldn’t be allowed to practice magic.

She told Dudley how her beloved son and her wretched husband got killed.

She told Dudley how Lily killed their murderer.

And how she had never been the same and never again would be.

Dudley is both in awe of and terrified by that world. That world of magic, where all things are possible. Where all his childhood dreams could come true.

He could never tell his mum that the day he learned about his aunt was the day that he had fallen in love with magic.

Dudley at 11, secretly hoping that his letter would come. But also terrified. Because if he got his letter, his mum would be absolutely petrified because what happened to Lily could happen to him.

But his letter never came. And when he went to bed that night, he cried. Oh how he cried. Because magic was real, but he couldn’t have it.

Dudley at 19. Falling in love with a gorgeous girl and getting married.

Dudley at 20. A father.

Dudley at 21 on Halloween night. Staying by his son’s bed. He had nightmares of the same thing that happened to Lily happening to him.

Dudley at 23. A father again, but this time to a beautiful daughter.

Dudley at 31 on his son’s 11th birthday. An owl came with the letter. He was both proud, excited, and petrified. He understood his mum now. He had children of his own. And they were the dearest thing to him in the entire universe.

Dudley calling his mum in a panic, telling her the news.

Dudley begging his mum for a way to find Lily. Because she is the only one who can help him. The only one who he can turn to for help and for knowledge of that world he barely knows.

Lily is the only one who truly understands his fear and can console him.

Petunia doesn’t want him to know. She doesn’t want him to allow her grandchildren to go to that awful place and learn that treacherous magic that killed her sister.

But she knows he won’t give in. So she gives him the name of her bakery.

A day goes by.

A week.

A month.

September 1st is coming nearer. And so he bucks up the courage to visit a humble little bakery run by a humble little women. Her red hair was tied up in a bun, grey starting to show. Her clothes crisply clean, though in slight disarray as if she hadn’t put in the effort to straighten them out when she got dressed that morning. Her smile was warm and welcoming with a subtle weariness that the years bring.

But her eyes.

Her eyes were a hundred times older than she was. They bespoke of hardships, sorrow, and pain beyond measure. But they were uncommonly kind.

In the corner sat noticed a black mutt, watching him with eyes that were almost too human. At the counter there sat a man with scars covering his face nursing a cup of tea, his eyes almost too empty to be alive. They seemed to belong to the little bakery as much as Lily did.

Her shop was full of people. People who needed help, or a kind word. People who wanted the comfort of a smile and kind eyes. People who simply wanted to be around her.

He wandered around, looking from bread to pastry, killing time until they were the only ones left. But the dog and the man stayed. So he simply bought his son’s favorite pastry.

And who is this for? she asked.

My son. His 11th birthday was a month ago.

Is that so? Was it special? Was it everything you wanted it to be?

It was more than that.

A pause. A question on his lips. A fear in his heart.

I’m Dudley, by the way. Dudley Dursley.

Nice to meet you. I’m Lily.

She didn’t recognize him. Had no idea who he was. And that hurt more than he could have ever guessed.

I have to right to trouble her with my problems. She has had enough pain in her life. She’s left that world behind.

So he buys his pastry and leaves still just as worried as when he first came in. Maybe even more so.

Dudley at King’s Cross Station taking his son to Platform 9 ¾. His mum refused to come.

Dudley holding his wife’s hand and carrying his young daughter on his hip as they watch that gloriously red engine pulling out of the station.

Dudley worried about what the year might bring and what the future might throw at them.

His son comes home for the holidays and oh what a marvelous time I had and oh what I’ve learned. And slowly, Dudley’s eyes are opened to the wonders of that magical world.

His mum never speaks to him again. How could you send your child to that same, awful place that took everything from my sister? But it wasn’t his choice to make - it was his son’s. So Dudley slowly learns more about the wizarding world and more about the man called Voldemort. He learns about his followers and how he fell.

He learns about the rat who had betrayed his friends.

Dudley realizing that Lily was a hero - but at a terrible cost.

Dudley trying to explain it all to his mum.

But Petunia is too hurt and too old and too stubborn to listen. You’re a fool! she says. That’s just propaganda they’re feeding you. It’s all lies! But he knows better. So he lets her think what she will, because he knows he can’t change it. And he’s sad, because she never loves his son like he wants her too.

She’s too afraid of losing one more thing to this world of wonder. This world of pain.

But Dudley learns to love the world his son was now a part of - the same world he had always wanted. He learns to put aside his fears and takes everything with open eyes and an open heart.

As the years went on, he would visit Lily’s bakery, always buying things on the pretense of a celebration. Lily came to recognize him by name. But she never knew who he was.

He often wondered about her - about how she would react if she found out he was her nephew, about the golden locket that she wore but looked like it hadn’t been opened in year, about the man with the scars and the empty eyes who never looked at him, and the dog with the all too-human eyes that always seemed to watch him.

His son grew up. His daughter too. She never got a letter, but she didn’t mind. She preferred science over magic. And he still loves her just the same as his son because she was his child and how could he ever not love her?

Dudley still finds excuses to visit the bakery - it’s the day he met his wife, the day his son said his first word, the day his daughter learned to walk, the days he first found out he was going to be a grandfather.

He found sad reasons too - it’s the day his mum stopped talking to him, the day his dad died, the day his mum died, the day his wife left him.

He was still greeted with the same sad, pained, uncommonly kind eyes and the same warm, aged smile.

The dog lived for a long time. Too long, really. But Dudley just assumed magic was somehow involved.

But one day the dog wasn’t there.

And he never did saw the man with the empty eyes again.

And Dudley could tell - Lily had become lonely. Her pain and sorrow turned to emptiness.

And he could do nothing about it. So he still came to visit - still found excuses to come by, to keep her company. He found ways to make her smile. But he could never make her laugh. She was too sad to laugh. Had been too sad to laugh for far too long.

And then one day, when his children’s children started getting letters of their own, he came to the bakery. The door was open, but no one was there to greet him. And through the kitchen door behind the counter he could see Lily’s hand, the warn locket resting open her palm.

He rushed to her side. For the first time in what he was sure was over 50 years, she smiled. Not one of the courteous smiles she always had. But a real smile. She looked at peace - the signs of sorrow, pain, tragedy, and loneliness had left her face.

He picked up the locket. Inside was a picture laughing of a man with hair too wild to be natural. That must be… His mum never had told him his name. And now he would never know. Waving up at him was a boy with her eyes and his hair. Harry. And resting inside was a magnificent wedding ring befitting a queen and a lock of crazy black hair tied with a gold ribbon.

Dudley at 70, clenched the locket in one hand and held his aunt - who he had loved but who had never known him - in his arms.

And he wept.

He wept for the life she lost, for the people she loved but had left her too soon.

He wept for the empty man and the human dog because no one else seemed to mourn their absence.

He wept for the woman he never got to know - the woman who had died on Halloween 70 years ago with her son and her husband and their murderer.

But most of all, he wept for the life that could have been - for the family he never had, for the memories that were never made, for the love that was never felt.

He orchestrated the sale of the bakery she had owned to a kind family with children, happy smiles, and kind eyes. He had it re-opened it under her name.

He still found reasons to visit - the day he became a great-grandfather, the day his great-grandchildren got their letters, the day Lily had died. But it was never quite the same.

And one day, he stopped coming altogether.

2015 is a GREAT otome year!

This year has really been an amazing year for the Western side of the otome fandom. 

In 2015, we’ve gotten/will be getting these localized games:

1. Shall We Date: Scarlet Fate (aka Hiiro no Kakera 4) - IOS/android
2. SWD: Scarlet Fate Song of Spring (aka the HnK 4 fandisk) - IOS/android
3. Alice in the Heart ~Wonderful Wonder World~ - IOS/android (though the translation for this one leaves much to be desired, hopefully they’ll update it!)
4. Hakuouki - IOS/android port (also currently on PSP/PS Vita/3DS/PS3)
5. No Thank You!!! (BL) - PC
6. Ozmafia!! - PC
7. Amnesia: Memories - Steam/PS Vita
8. Code: Realize - PS Vita
9. Norn9 Var Commons - PS Vita
10. Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond (aka Toki no Kizuna) - IOS/android

All this in 2015 alone! In the past years, we were lucky to get even just one otome/bl game officially localized (usually we got none). Finally, our voices were heard, since we got 10+ games this year! I hope these games sell well, so we can continue to see more great visual novels brought over. It really does all depend on the sales. So if you want to see this trend continue, definitely show your support if you can :) 

Show Me - Michael Clifford Smut

Type: smut (duh)
Pairing: Michael Clifford / [Y/N]
Rating: R 
A/N: In which you work at Victoria Secret and Michael is having a bit of trouble deciding what to buy. 
Word Count: 2,545
Inspired by:

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Are Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens’ Representatives Responsible For Their Issues?


Hey guys,


We just got a tip from a source that seems to know a lot about the Zac and Nessa breakup and a lot of other details going back as far as the leaked nude pictures of Vanesssa back in 2007. This source claims that their publicists are responsible for manipulating them and also that in certain circumstances that Zac’s publicist has leaked damaging information about Nessa to the press. We are going to post this verbatim from our source so you can read the whole thing.  We mind you that this is from our source and we take no responsiblility for the content or allegations made from this source.


We are very concerned about the actions of CAA’s Jason Barrett, and publicist Gina Hoffman, and their continuous publicity ploys to not only destroy the reputation of Vanessa Hudgens, but also the also the mishandling of Zac Efron.  Attached you will see facts, research, and statements from 2005 to 2011.  We do not contact you for any monetary gain or to gain media attention for ourselves, but do the one thing in Hollywood no one does and save people from further pain, and to have the truth spoken to the public.  Vanessa Hudgens has been an obsessive target of Gina Hoffman’s since around 2007 to present time due to Gina’s fear that Vanessa will gain more attention than her client Zac Efron, and the attached timeline will showcase how Gina Hoffman, and or Jason Barrett are ultimately responsible for the release of Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures.   We will go from media to media until someone takes notice of this, because we do not want to see Vanessa Hudgens or Zac Efron made to suffer, or be a puppet any longer to money hunger publicists and managers.  It is because of constant mismanagement that people like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Anna Nicole Smith died.


It is of upmost importance that you investigate the facts now, and have this out before her premiere, because they plan to cause more embarrassment and harm to her.  Why no one took the time years ago to investigate this we do not understand that facts are.  Also, we are concerned about Zac Efron’s reputation and his health, because of their actions it has led to him drinking, partying, and doing things that he normally would not.   You ask why waste our time contacting you? We were forced into this after years of having to watch this happen, and seeing it get worse and worse.  The facts are provided for your viewing, and can be verified it’s sad that we have to contact you in this manner, but we do not wish to see a young girl who only wishes to have her dreams come true ruined again, nor a young man be involved or drug through the mud by these people.  Again do not want or need any compensation the payment will be having the truth finally told, and out there, and shown that CAA controls not only the media, but their stars personal lives to, and aid and abet in harming other stars lives who they feel is not worthy of their stars, or in the spotlight. Every time Vanessa gets ahead they pull publicity stunts as outlined, or contact press to make bad articles on her calling her names, or slandering her reputation.


Gina Hoffman also represents Drake Bell and Paris Hilton, and there is a proven track record that Gina leaks out personal pictures whether to gain more attention for her clients, or ruin non-clients lives, and relationships.  Gina also leaked Paris Hiltons nudes not just Vanessa Hudgens as provided it the attached document after much investigation. Also Jason Barrett was overheard last weekend stating that the incident in 2007 for Vanessa Hudgens will happen again during her Beastly Premiere, and also the coming out of the new ‘Hollywood Couple”.


How much must one do in order to stay famous? Vanessa’s reputation that is what, and her five years of loyalty, and respect. He was on the phone with Zac at a popular restaurant in Los Angeles, CA I guess Vanessa was on her way the next day from Florida and he was telling Zac he needed to drop Vanessa for good because it was killing his image and his popularity and he needed to attract the male audience, or he would lose his career chances.


Mike H, our source in Hawaii tell us that while they were going out in the island they (Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron) already have little disagreements, we can´t tell you all the things but don´t be surprise when you find who is on talks or even might be the new “on screen couple” for the next heartthrob movie. At this moment you may have actually found who we are talking about, did you?


But what was exactly the disagreement about? Well our guess is, that promo tour in which he will be implicated over the next few months, he and his team knows he needs all the publicity for his movies, especially after the big fail his last was, well at least towards the studio he works with.


 So, according to Shane W, one of our insiders on set, Vanessa ranted to her costar about publicity and what their agencies ask them to do, and that was when a wise old actor told her,” fame is not worth you changing your life to please someone” and that she really needs to think of her too, be a bit selfish instead of the selfless girl she was being, agreeing in something that probably would hurt her more than anybody else.  She felt intimidated and scared by CAA.


After that little rant Vanessa and Zac went their separate ways, we saw him on set in New Orleans and she stayed in Hawaii, where mere days later Vanessa was spotted observing some aquarium shows, and strolling over the marina window shopping and grabbing coffee all alone.


Then it was out, “Zanessa broke up” and the big blow up on media about it, who broke the news? We all know it was E! Ken Baker, and neither then we were sure about a long time padded in the pocket reporter for CAA. People, Hola, magazines, their fans, all were still hoping to get Zanessa at Las Vegas, and more than that, according to Pure´s PR and Pure´s Dj Luciano the sales for Vanessa Hudgens big party went up quick than ever imagined, and as a special request from Miss Tisdale to keep the music high and all about girls taking all over the world. And even when everybody had a great time, there was no Zac but all her friends supporting her. Ashley Tisdale, Laura New, Brittany Snow, and where Robert Leach got to make a few questions to the Birthday girl herself, where she didn´t confirm her status but did clarify that she was once again to go and face whatever comes her way, while this happened at Pure, where did Zac go? He was in LA, strolling over bars and friends.


Christmas each one of them spent with their loved ones, Vanessa over at her parents’ house, and Zac at his back in San Luis Obispo, but not before being spotted together doing some shopping at Barneys New York.


Then January came and the “off couple” was “on” again when they were seen at North Carolina attending parties and hanging out with close friend Sophia Bush together and apart; days later there was the “oh so expected” picture that “confirmed” they were still an item, and were seen being very affectionate and loving towards one another, and Zac staying five days in Vanessa’s hotel room. Zac Efron even went to her wrap up party for Journey 2.


Tuesday came and sun found Zac Efron back in LA, where once again he was seen hitting the clubs with friends Mark Salling and Ryan Rottman, and days later doing shots and drinking tequila with Phoebe Tonkin, who until that moment was been considered as a possible co-star for his next project “Die in a Gunfight” yet we got word from Phoebe´s Gate House Management saying she was not going to act with Efron.


But then came the “Hiroshima bomb” Zac Efron spotted at Pink Taco. After pressures from Jason Barrett to end things with Vanessa Hudgens in order to save his career, and give him the attention needed.  He pushed Zac Efron on Thursday night to go to the Relativity hosted the media screening for “Take me home tonight” followed for a party to celebrate at Pink Taco, till 8 there was nothing out of common but then it happened, Zac Efron arrived at Pink Taco, and went directly towards Teresa Palmer to congratulate her on the movie, but wait? Congratulate her why? He didn´t even attended the screening? Did he? No, we don’t think saw, we didn´t see him back at the place, yet they seemed very close friends, hugs and smiles here and there, they even hold hands and he went to get their drinks. Teresa Palmer was set to star in Zac’s new movie the – Unnecessary Death of Charlie Countryman.


A little after 10:30 they left the place and soon there was the murmur of “Were they dating?” “Zanessa really broke up?” Ben L, Jenn G, and everybody else wondered the same.


About an hour later, close correspondent to HD called us telling about Zac Efron at Voyeur Club with Aussie actress, well we went after that. We got there a little after 1:30 and they were already leaving, he was holding her hand, and they were whispering and smiling, they both left in a black SUV. Noel V, suggested us going inside and see what else we could find, inside we found Shaun White, Ryan Rottman, Greg G, and more. Noel went asking the bar tender if he saw Teresa Palmer and Zac Efron, he told us he knew they both were there, along with 5 or 6 more friends, and that once Zac came asking for a new Tequila Bottle round, “he came with the snowboarder guy and were talking about having fun, the kind of fun that could lead him to something Shawn didn´t want to be part of”.


When further questioned about it he told us “the snowboarder guy asked him what all this parody was about? White answered Young or not is not right; this might get you in trouble. Efron said something along the lines why? You are not going to call Nessa and here I haven´t seen a fuck*** reporter so, let’s go, Shaun’s last words were “Do you know what will happen if this goes out, I don´t plan to be part of this” Efron answered well if someone ask me what´s this, I´ll say congratulating a friend for a great job, let’s go.  A few days later we see Zac Efron jump on the first plane to NYC where he was supposedly scheduled to film to avoid media interviews, because the fans went nuts, and were putting him down for cheating on Vanessa, and also calling Teresa names like ‘whore’  and then Teresa signed back on to Twitter 4 days after the Pink Taco incident. Also, please note that Zac Efron also got drunk /was seen drinking the night before the Creative’s 3D awards where he went through the door before media could get to him, and is closely monitored, by both Gina and Leslie every time he goes out.  No one is allowed to ask him about Vanessa, but they send people to ask Vanessa about Zac which she has not yet replied to at all.


And by the way if Hawaii, rumors for 2 months, publicity stunts with Teresa Palmer, and pictures meant to paparazzi a new car, the extra bucks every reporter has gotten in the last month or should I say week is worth a new car, house and even a holiday out of America, thanks to Gina Hoffman and Jason Barrett.


We want is the truth out there before they hurt these young upcoming star


This really comes as no shock to us at all. We have known all along that these Reps, Managers, and other agents associated with these stars manipulate them for publicity all the time. We still believe that is what is happening now with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seeing as how Sel is represented by CAA also.