but they were real and the development of their relationship was just perfect

anonymous asked:

Actually, I don't see how Bellarke not being written into the show at first is a bad thing? Bob and Eliza have natural chemistry. Everyone knows that, including Jason who has said that while they didn't write Bellarke intentionally, it happened and the development they've had ever since is perfection and obviously, planned. So there's that.

Like Jason said he does not spoil. So him saying that it’s not intended is maybe a way to fool us. Cause let’s be real they have slow burn and scene that are meant for couples. 

Jason said that they have the most beautiful relationship of the show and that something. They need each other and love each other that canon. they trust each other and they would die for the other so yeah I’m not worrying for our ship. 

The CW just posted a Bellarke post so were not the one being delusional.