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Dares: Part 2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

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Hey everyone!! I’m so glad I get to finally post this! I’ve had this done for like a week now!! I hope you all enjoy this!! (also, I highkey feel like Sorry by Halsey is Tom’s feelings during this?? So if you want a lil something to listen to while reading this, listen to that :D)

Word Count: 1608

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, some platonic reader x Zendaya??

Warnings: Cursing (i think?), angst, Harrison (i have to warn about him, he’s too fucking amazing)

Part 1 | Part 2

He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up something so wonderful. It tore his heart into pieces to watch you run away from him, tears threatening to fall out of your eyes. How could he do that to you?

He watched as Zendaya walked up to him, anger evident on her face.

“What is wrong with you?” She shouted, getting close to his face. “What in the world would make you think to do something so cruel and ignorant?”

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pretty wallflower。

virgin!nerd!hoseok, 3.4k words, he’s not good with words especially around pretty girls.

↳ highschool au + jung hoseok

WARNING: This contains smut, nerdy puns and extreme awkwardness. Read at your own risk.

❝Fuck what they think

Originally posted by osyub

Jung Hoseok was a wallflower. 

So much so that even the teachers overlooked him. To be honest, he never really had a problem with it. He was grateful for the silence and saw having friends as a burden. That’s not to say that if an opportunity to make a friend came up he would decline it, but that seemed far fetched even for him. He couldn’t say he hated school, as he was often ignored and seemed to never get into any trouble, but he didn’t exactly love it.
However there was one person he wished would notice him. A girl with sparkling eyes and a joyful smile. With flowing hair and crinkling eyes. She seemed to glow everywhere she went and when she entered the room, Hoseok couldn’t take his eyes of her.

This girl was you. [Y/n] [L/n].

Although you were the most popular girl in school you couldn’t seem to care. You were smarter than people made you out to be. You could see through their fake facades as they complimented you, hoping to get on your good side and to gain some of your popularity. You were able to spot the truth in people.

Hoseok looked up to you for that. 

Hoseok sighed silently, cradling his face in his hand as he watched you take down the notes that the teacher was writing on the board. You looked so effortlessly beautiful and he loathed anyone who overlooked that.

He didn’t realise it, but you caught him staring many times in the past, so it was not unusual to feel his eyes on you during class. It made your cheeks heat up, having the cute nerd pining after you, you just hoped your emotions wouldn’t get the best of you.

“[Y/n] [L/n] and Jung Hoseok” the teacher called out, causing your head to snap up in confusion. You looked towards your friend, Taehyung, with a puzzled stare, to which he simply laughed at.

It soon became apparent that you two were partners for the upcoming project and the other students who’s names were called out sat next to each other. You quickly shuffled over to Hoseok’s table, who had a hint of red tinting his cheeks, and sat down next to him while murmuring a quiet ‘hey’.

“Hello” he muttered, flicking through his book mindlessly as he avoided eye contact with you. A soft cough escaped your lips, wishing you could practically disappear in front of this cute boy, who was currently fixing his glasses.

You giggled slightly which made him look towards you. “Your glasses, they’re really cute” You laughed as his face became extremely red while he tried to hide it with his black high neck sweater.

Hoseok wasn’t used to being complimented, especially by girls. So when you had stated that his glasses were cute he felt his heartbeat accelerate and hands become sweaty. A quiet thank you was uttered from his kissable lips and it almost made you giggle again.

You guys continued to work on your project together in silence, both your faces red and nervous.

The annoying sound of the school bell caused your fellow peers to raise from their seats, gathering their belongs and quickly making their way out of the classroom. After all, it was the last class on a Friday afternoon, you understood their excitement to leave.

You however took your time, noticing that it was only yourself and Hoseok left in the room and an awkward silence filled the empty space once again. You both hadn’t finished you project, which meant you had to finish it in your own time as your teacher explained that she wasn’t giving you anymore of the class time.

“Um, I think we should finish the project tonight, ya’ know, to get it over and done with. Unless you having something to do o-of course” Hoseok was surprised to say the least to hear the stutter in your voice, as you were normally very confidant with your words.

“Ah, yeah, tonight is fine with me” You quickly nodded, finishing up with putting away your books. You asked him for his number which he, with shaking hands, typed into your phone.

“Uh, I’ll see you tonight. I’ll text you the address” Hoseok nodded while looking down at his suede black shoes as you scurried out of the classroom, seemingly out of breath from your encounter with Hoseok.

As you made your way into the corridor you were met with the cheerful face of your bestfriend.

“So [Y/n], what were you and what’s his face talking about?” You scoffed at Taehyung’s name for Hoseok, and linked your arm with his.

“Nothing. Just about that project. We are meeting up after school” Taheyung wiggled his eyes brows in response, which caused you to nudge him in the stomach. He bent over in exaggerated pain and let out a groan, not stopping until your other friend Jungkook came up behind you and wedged his way between yourself and Taehyung, while throwing his arms around both your shoulders.

“So [Y/n], I heard you had an actual face to face conversation with lover boy~” You groaned as Jungkook continued to tease you, while Taehyung joined in. You shimmered your way out of Jungkook’s grip and flipped him the finger.

“It’s about school! And he’s not lover boy!” You shouted as you walked away, causing the two to let out boisterous laughs which had heads turning. You simply rolled your eyes and ran down the steps of the school, plugging your earphones in and starting your journey home.

It was around 6 p.m when Hoseok received a text from you, and once that unknown number popped up onto his screen his breath hitched.

‘Hey Hosoek! Would you like to start on that project now? Here’s my address!‘ 

You sent your address after and Hoseok quickly but happily saved your number with a little heart beside your name, one he would surely explode of embarrassment if anyone saw.

But that was unlikely.

He didn’t have many friends.

It didn’t take long for him to reach your house, and when he did he was almost hesitant to ring that doorbell. But he gathered up his courage and did so, and it was only a matter of seconds before you appeared at the door with cute bunny slippers on and hair messed up.

He gave a tight lipped smile, and shuffled into your home once you gestured him inside.

“My parents aren’t home. So we won’t be bothered, we can finish up on the couch” Oh God, that made him more nervous. You parents were out? That meant anything thing could happen tonight.

Hoseok scoffed in his mind and rid himself of those thoughts. What were the chances of that happening? Almost zero to none. You were way out of his league.

He followed you silently into your living area, noticing that the tv was turned over to the gaming channel and books already littered you coffee table. Hoseok sat down on the couch beside you, but he couldn’t help but notice the obvious cleavage peeking out from vest top. He cursed whatever God there was for making you torture him like that.

However, Hoseok ignored his sinful thoughts and carried on with the project with you, completely clueless to the similar thoughts circling your mind at that very moment.

“I think we’re done! Thank the lords” Hoseok chuckled lightly at your phrase. He had become more comfortable with you in the past hour and a half. You had joked and teased him, causing him to grin as he felt himself loosen up a little.

Now it was over, and to be honest, Hoseok wanted to stay like this forever with you. But when your hand touched his and you were giving him that innocent smile that made your eyes turn into half crescent moons, he couldn’t help but look away in mild embarrassment.

What was a girl like you doing holding his hand?

You were way out of his league, he was sure.

But when he felt you lean forward, your warm breath hitting the base of his jawline, all his thoughts flew out the window. He didn’t care that you were way out of his league. He didn’t care that he didn’t deserve a girl like you.

All he cared about was you.

You lips worked wonders on his neck, leaving a trail of love bites from his jawline to his collarbone. Love bites that he was sure would be a hassle to hide the next day. But then again, why would he care?

By now you had pushed him down onto the sofa, straddling his hips as you grinded on his groin while your lips found their way to his. His eyes opened in surprise.

His first kiss.

And it was took by you, the girl of his dreams!

He kissed you back just as passionately, letting out a few moans into the kiss as your hands gripped his white t-shirt. You pulled away, breathless.

“W-what was that f-for?” Hoseok cursed himself for stuttering in front of you. Now was not the time to be shy. Not when you were sitting in his lap, grinding down on him like you were and kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

“You think I don’t notice you in class? Sneaking all those sly glances?” His cheeks reddened a noticeable amount, as his hands quivered at his sides, not sure where to place them.

“W-what?” His voice was shaky.

“And I’m a liar if I say I haven’t imagined you in that way too Hoseok. You just don’t realise it” This time he didn’t have time to reply, as your lips were hastily placed onto his again.

His hands immediately went to your hips as you continued to grind down on his growing erection. He poured his feelings out into the kiss. Every ounce of affection he had for you. Every raw emotion that he has been hiding up until this very moment.

He felt your hands tug at the bottom of his shirt, begging to get rid of any clothing that was in the way. He sat up, breaking the kiss for a moment to take his shirt off, before his lips were on yours once again. You pressed your body against his, longing for his touch.

His lips ghosted over yours, before you rid yourself of your own clothing, stripping down until you were left in only your panties. Hoseok’s mouth became dry as he stared at your nude breasts and before he could stop himself his hands found their way to your buds, tugging and twisting. His playful teasing on your breasts had you a moaning mess on top of him.

Hoseok decided to try something risky, but enjoyable for the both of you. He placed his hot mouth onto your sensitive bud, causing your body to jolt in surprise, your hands found their way to his head, playing with the soft brown locks. You quietly whimpered as Hoseok tugged your nipple with his teeth. He pulled away leaving your buds swollen and exposed, letting the harsh cold air attack the soft flesh.

You weren’t complaining though. You weren’t complaining because he was busy unbuckling his belt, his hair falling in his face as his glasses slid down his nose slightly. Once he was finished with his trousers and boxers his hands reached up to take his glasses off, before you stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

“Don’t. I like them” Hoseok pulled his hand away, complying to your wishes.

He was a complete sucker for you.

He was completely exposed in front of you by know, legs spread wide as you sat on his thigh in just your underwear, staring at his cock as he stood tall and proud. His size actually baffled you and you didn’t know if you could take him all at once. You could tell Hoseok was becoming embarrassed by your staring, so you shook yourself from your daze and took action.

“So big” You licked your chapped lips, gripping the base of his length. You stroked a few times, your hand slapping against his balls with each stroke. Hoseok bit his lip in frustration, feeling his cock become lubricated with the precum dripping from his head, as your hand spread the white sticky substance over his member.

Hoseok threw his head back once you placed your lips on the tip, moaning in bliss. Your tongue swirled the tip repeatedly, causing him to take your hair in a makeshift ponytail. You took him deeper and deeper into your mouth until he was hitting the back of your throat, as you forced yourself not to gag.

Cum dripped down the side of his cock, and you tried your best to lap it all up with your kitten licks. Hoseok couldn’t believe his eyes right now. It was like a dream come true. Watching the girl he had been crushing on for the past two years suck him off like her life depended on it made his chest swell in pride.

You looked so beautiful as you swallowed his seed and continued blowing him until he was fully satisfied and limp. You pulled away from him with a pop. He couldn’t comprehend he situation he was in. The fact that you had just blew him on your sofa, with the risk of your parents coming back any minute now, was exhilarating.

“Sit on my face. Now" The commanding tone in his voice was arousing as hell to you. You had no choice as you shimmered up the sofa, taking off your panties and placing your heat onto his face. You giggled as you watched his glasses fog up a bit, moving a bit of hair out of your face you stared down at him as he placed his mouth on your pussy, tongue slipping out and tasting you for the first time.

Hoseok felt like he was addicted to you, he couldn’t stop himself. His wet muscle circled you bud before he softly sucked, getting rougher by the second each time you let out a erotic moan. He thrusted his tongue inside your hole, making you whimper and grind against his face. His hands gripped your thighs, leaving red fingerprints on your soft skin.

Hoseok lapped up your juices once you went over the edge, he didn’t waste a drop. He ate you out like it was his last meal. You moved off his face, collapsing against his chest. However, it wasn’t over yet, you needed more of him. You sat up once again and touched your lips lightly with his.

“Hoseok, I love you” You murmured against his lips before fully devouring his lips with yours, not giving him time to reply. He pulled away and whispered an “I love you too. So much” back before he interlocked both your hands together, keeping you steady as you already seemed so fucked out.

He guided your hips down onto his dick, feeling you clenching around him was like heaven. Sweat caressed his forehead and he clenched his eyebrows together, his glasses moving with them. Your hips moved in a circular motion, getting him deeper and deeper inside of you.

Hoseok groaned and panted letting go of your hands and gripping your ass, while you secured your grip on his shoulder blades. He helped you push yourself up and down, thirsting with a newfound speed. Moans flew out pass your lips before a particular load cry of desire escaped and Hoseok knew immediately he had found your ‘special spot’. He continued to slam into you, repeatedly hitting that spot. 

“Oh Hoseok, you make me feel so good” You whimpered out, feeling your high hitting you like a truck. “Baby, me too” Hoseok grunted, eyes never leaving the sight of your pussy slapping down against his balls.

Your face scrunched together in pure concentration until you juices spread over his cock, before he unleashed his own cum inside of you. Your juices mixed together as you once again collapsed onto Hoseok’s chest, that had streaks of sweat slipping down it. His cock slowly slipped out of you, letting the mixture of both of your cum inside you spill out.

Hoseok then heard your quiet snores, causing his lips to turn up into a small smile. He picked you up and took you to, what he assumed to be , your room before tucking you in. He took the liberty of cleaning the mess you guys made up in the living room and shimmering his clothes back on.

Hoseok left your house once he was sure you were asleep and headed back to his own place, quietly reflecting on the previous events that took place not so long again. 

That night he couldn’t sleep, the image of you withering above him never leaving his mind.

Before Hosoek knew it Monday rolled around, and honestly he dreaded it as he had to face you. He tried to convince his mother to let him take the day off, but as per usual she didn’t back down.

He purposely walked extremely slow that day, only to be greeted with a detention card from the principal, which caused his fellow peers to give him odd looks.

He’s Jung Hoseok, he never gets in trouble.

He hesitated to enter the room, the room which he knew you sat in right now. He slowly turned the knob before fully entering, cheeks reddening as every head turned towards him. All expect one.

You kept your head down. You knew it was Hoseok. He never had a day off. You could feel his stare piercing through you like a blade. But you didn’t understand.

He was the one who left.

He was the one who ignored your calls.

He was the one who told you he loved you, yet left you to wonder if it was even real.

He was the one in the wrong, not you.

Hosoek took his seat on the opposite side of he classroom as the teacher excused him and continued her lesson. Yet his eyes never once left your form, as you took down the notes just like you had the last day. 

You were frustrated to say the least. Jungkook and Taheyung have been teasing you all day about your encounter with Hoseok on Friday night. And Jungkook, for once, was the only one who got the hint that you didn’t want to talk about it.

You knew you had to talk to Hoseok, and you knew just where to find him.

You made your way towards the science department, immediately heading to Miss Chucks room, where you knew Hoseok was severing his detention. You didn’t bother to knock, already knowing that your teacher was probably out of the room.

Unsurprisingly when you open the door Hoseok was there hunched over a desk not bothering to lift his head when he heard the hinges screech due to you opening it.
You walked towards him almost silently, and he only lifted his head once you were stood in front of his desk. Once his eyes landed on you they widened and his jaw fell open, fumbling to find words.

“[Y/N], I-I uhhhh, what are y-you doing here?” His sentence came out in rushed jumbles as you stared at him. However you ignored his question.

“Hoseok why have you been ignoring me?” Hoseok looked down at his desk almost immediately, picking at the wood while refusing to answer your question. He didn’t expect the jolt of electricity when you placed your hand on top of his, as he looked up and met your soft eyes with your head titled slightly.

“Hoseok” your voice came out in a fragile whisper, with a slight shake to it.

“Well how could I not [y/n]? We are from two different worlds! You are the most loved student in this school, and I’m the most forgotten.” Hosoek couldn’t help but pour himself out to you, and didn’t look up to meet your eyes, too afraid to see what he’d find in them.
But then you placed yourself on top of his desk, taking his face in your hands and looking into his eyes.

“Baby, I don’t care about that. I just want to be with you” you muttered, eyes staying put on his pink lips.

“But what about everyone else?” Hoseok was worried, he didn’t want to effect your reputation. But you said the single best thing that he has every heard in his life.

“Fuck what they think” was the last thing he heard before your lips devoured his. 

That’s all it took to rid him of his worries. While Jung Hoseok may be a wallflower, he was the prettiest of them all.


Pairing/Characters: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter Bejamin Parker has the biggest crush on you, but is too scared to ever say it to your face. With his duty as spider-man and his pile of homework, will he ever get the chance to tell you how he feels? Is the feeling mutual, or will he be forced to watch you in the hands of some other? 

Warnings: None for this part. 

Word Count: 1,040

A/N: First of a few song fics coming your way, i am sorry it has taken so long. You can all stop yelling at me now, this is a multi part fic!! Forgive me for all the ones that only had one part hahah. I hope you’ll like this, pleeeeease leave some feedback! Based on This is what it takes by Shawn Mendes. 


Originally posted by spderman

“Hey man!” Ned yelled enthusiastically as he approached Peter in the school hallways. Peter offered a muffled ‘hey’ in return with his head buried inside of his locker, eyes searching for the science book he just couldn’t find.

“You won’t believe this,” Ned said and laid a hand on Peter’s shoulder. “Guess who we’re sharing a tent with on the camping trip this weekend!” Peter grew curious by the excitement in Ned’s voice. His eyes were blown huge and the smirk plastered on his face told Peter that he knew something he didn’t.

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Dating a heavier girl (Jared Kleinman x Reader, Connor Murphy x Reader)

Requested: yas

A/N: i’m sorry if that sucks lmao


  • when you started dating, you guys had to listen to a lot of shit comments by other people
  • „Look at her, she’s like 10 times heavier than him, haha!“
  • „He’s so skinny, isn’t he going to die when she’s straddling him?“
  • You were so hurt by that comments, honestly
  • You nearly cried everytime someone in the school hall whispered that, loudly enough for you to hear it
  • Everytime that happened, Connor would just roll his eyes, be like “whatever” and lay his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him
  • Preferably, you would have rather wanted to break up with Connor, just to stop going through all that shit, even though you loved him
  • Connor loved you as well, he was rather surprised that a nice awesome girl like you would date a wreck like him
  • When you told Connor how hurt you were about those comments, he got insanely mad. At those people who make those comments and at himself for not stepping in
  • You assured him it was fine, because you were sadly used to it
  • So, what did our dear Connor do? Let’s just put it in FUCKIng dialogue form
  • “They are such a weird-looking couple.” - “Fuck off, Tara. Your stupid extensions make you look like a fucking rat exploded on your head.”
  • You were  S H OO K
  • After that, you guys just skipped the period, went to his house and made out lmao
  • Connor loved everything about you
  • Your tummy, your stretchmarks, your cellulite. All of your insecurities, and after some time dating him, you started loving them as well.
  • He would always kiss you on those places where u felt the most insecure
  • “Oh, I love that stretchmark. And that one as well, and that one…”
  • He would be your hype man when going shopping
  • “Connor, do I look too bad in that one?” - “Wow. I would want to do something in that changing room, right now. You look incredibly hot.”
  • He was so !!! cuz you were his girlfriend?? And you’re the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and OMG !!!
  • Connor was so in love with you and oh god


  • Basically, Jared loved your body and he always showed you that in fact, he loved your body lmao
  • that boy would touch you E V E R Y W H E R E
  • (don’t lie, u liked it tbh)
  • But Jared also made sure that you felt alright in your body and that u were in peace with yourself
  • You often worried about your relationship and whether Jared would someday leave you for someone who was skinnier and “prettier”, as you would say
  • Jared scoffed and said “Of course, I’m gonna leave the only person who makes my dead, cold heart beat again”
  • A lots of cuddles
  • His hands would be all over your body
  • He’d always whisper “God, you’re beautiful” during kisses
  • Definitely sending you wholesome memes about loving your significant other
  • As the whole human race sucks majorly, a lot of people whispered behind your backs, but they were not prepared for Jared’s clap backs
  • “Nerd and fat girl are dating. Of course.” - “I hope you get diarrhea in a crowded subway”
  • Jared felt so happy to have you by his side, he didn’t even care about what other people said
  • In his eyes, you were the most beautiful girl he has ever seen
  • He would definitely comment shit under your Instagram photos
  • You’d be posting a photo of ur family and be like “Nice day :)” and he’d leave a comment like “YAAAAS QUEEN you’re my girlfriend wtf I love u”
  • Secretly, Jared was also very insecure about his body
  • So, you two tried to make the other one feel comfortable in their body and not try to push them in an ideal body type
  • (Let’s be honest, the ideal body type is in fact to have a body)
  • Jared would kiss you a lot
  • and hug u a lot
  • and whisper “I love you, you’re beautiful the way you are” in your ear, before falling asleep
  • he is cheesy, that boi
  • and you wondered how you got so lucky with a guy omg
Gibbs & Hoodie

This was requested by anon!

Word Count: 284

Warnings: fluffish

Originally posted by lucifersagents

While you were walking back to the office with Gibbs’ coffee, a car came racing down the street and went through a puddle.  Luckily for you, only your shirt got drenched.  That didn’t stop Tony or McGee from giggling at you as you walked in.

“Enough you two.  Go see what Abby’s got,” Gibbs scolded, watching the two agents scurry off.  His eyes traveled to you, taking the coffee politely from your hands.  “Go for a quick dip this morning [Y/N]?”  A playful smirk spread across his face as he took a sip of his coffee.

“No,” you said in a low voice.  “Some jerk was speeding down the street and they hit a puddle.  I’m just lucky that my pants didn’t get wet.”

Gibbs padded over to his desk, setting the coffee down.  He opened up a drawer and fished out a USMC hoodie.  He tossed you the hoodie.  “Wear this,” Gibbs spoke.

You flashed the Marine a smile.  You loved his hoodies.  When you got the chance to wear them, you never complained.  They smelled just like Gibbs.  You jogged up to the agent, pressing a kiss to his cheek.  “Thank you Jethro.”  You ran off to the bathroom to change into his hoodie.

Gibbs wore a wide grin on his face the moment he saw you coming back from the bathroom.  McGee and Tony were confused as to how you managed to get Gibbs’ sweater.  You plopped down in your desk chair, humming in satisfaction.  

There was something rewarding about wearing the Marine’s hoodie.  It fit loosely and admittedly made you feel better.  Your morning had been a wreck, but at least you got to wear Gibbs’ hoodie all day.

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connor x latina!reader headcanons!

AYE FIRST POST okay i’m not as good at headcanons as kali but i Try and that’s what counts right?? BUT i’ve only seen one other imagine like this i wanted MORE so HERE YA GO -mod nat

-connor had already known you were latina/mixed because you obviously don’t look like a stick white person

-you invited him over to your house for dinner a couple weeks into your relationship and he was a little nervous bc he is picky (by picky he only fucking eats junk food)

-but when he tried the food he literally fell in love

-it’s all he wants to eat

-it’s all he wants to talk about

-his favorite is tostones bc it’s fried

-the first time he tried them is when you brought them to school for him bc you made some the night before and when he got home he cried because he loves you so much

-he brought the container back to your
/house/ instead of school because he secretly wanted more food

-that night he stays over for dinner again and you stay up talking about you’re culture

-and OF COURSE the first thing he wants to know are curse words in spanish

-“pendejo” “penda who” “no connor, pende JO” “penda HOE”

-he uses the curse words on a basis, like whenever his dad pisses him off which is 24/7

-one time you were both walking through the hallway and a guy pushed through you super hard and connor yelled “VETE A LA MIERDA” and you were SHOCKED

-the more and more time he spends at your house the more he learns and he starts using spanglish

-“y/n pásame the remote” “turn off la luz” “como se dice dildo”

-there was a time that he forgot the english word for chair
-you’ve caught him multiple times humming the songs that you play in the radio

-“you like it?” “shut up”

-whenever he’s not driving and being the dj he’ll put on the spanish playlist

-he listens to you complain in spanish mainly because he thinks you’re cute when you’re angry

-he obviously still has that white accent when he speaks but you’re so proud of him because he makes an effort and you make sure to tell him that

-he feels so good and fuzzy inside when he speaks to you it’s really one of the only things that makes him happy

-you were approaching one year and you invited him over for dinner and he spoke spanish the ENTIRE TIME not one bit of english

-not perfect but he tried and that’s all that mattered
-you and your parents were QUAKING

-you love him goodnight

Say You Love Me

Hey, so I wrote a lil’ UsUk oneshot. ^^ You can find it (and my other fanfics) on my Fanfiction account - AA Addict. Although, I did make that account when I was eleven meaning that most of its content is actual trash. I did a review of my first ever fanfic… I might post it here. I’m good at cringe reviews, but only when the cringe is my own cringe.

It’s 4,304 words, just to let ya know.

“Hey, Artie?”


“I love you.” 


“…Aren’t you ever gonna say it back?” 

Arthur slumped down into his chair, head in hands. Alfred F. Jones, his American boyfriend, had just stormed out of the apartment after an argument, leaving it feeling rather large, empty, and quiet. 

It was an argument over the stupidest of things. Honestly, who cared if Arthur had never uttered the words ‘I love you’? 

Alfred did, apparently. And to an extent, so did Arthur. 

The first time Alfred had declared his love was five months ago, after four months of dating. They had just come back from dinner at a swish restaurant, and after a round of sweet sex Alfred had blurted it out – ‘I think I love you’. He’d blushed, laid his head on Arthur’s chest so that they weren’t maintaining eye contact, then said in a bit of a whisper, ‘Actually, I definitely love you’. Arthur remembered feeling like he was higher than Cloud Nine, a giddy sensation arising within him and his heart pounding a million beats per minute. He didn’t like to admit it, but he was fairly certain he had abandonment issues (probably due to his past relationships), and hearing Alfred proclaim his love had given him full assurance that Alfred was the one

At that point, Arthur definitely loved Alfred too. He was happiest when with him, not to mention he felt safe and secure, even when they were doing completely wild activities such as skydiving and bungee-jumping. However, he just couldn’t say it. The words got stuck in his throat every time he tried to say them, he choked on them, his lips refused to allow them to form. He wanted so badly to say it, but failed whenever he tried. And so he only said words akin to ‘likewise’ in response to Alfred’s frequent declarations of love. He felt terrible whenever he did so, for Alfred’s sunny disposition would always become slightly clouded, but what could he do? Alfred had seemed to understand, until now. 

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Always Messing Around

aww, thank you so much nonny. I’m glad you enjoyed my Harry imagines <3

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || i honestly laughed writing this one || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 2,177

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘Mind being nice for once?’‘

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The Notebook

For most of your life you enjoyed the quiet and rarely found it. Living with a couple siblings and a set of very loud parents, there was constant noise in your life. However, what you hadn’t been prepared for was that when you got an apartment to yourself, that it would be too quiet. Music, white noise, sound machines—nothing created a productive work environment for you when you were home.

It caused you to grumble to yourself about how you paid rent and could barely work there because it wasn’t noisy enough. You needed the low hum of the coffee shop to run through your head and focus your mind on important matters. While probably any old coffee shop would do, your shop of choice was this little bakery down the road. So nearly every afternoon, you would gather all you needed to grade, and walked to the lovely little shop.

The ladies that worked behind the counter always greeted you with a smile and made your coffee perfectly. Depending on the day, you would get a snack for yourself and eat while you graded. The shop was always busy—especially since Mr. Harry Styles gave it the publicity it deserved in his One Direction movie. His picture hung behind the counter and they gushed about him whenever asked. You only moved into town within the last year, you’d never met Harry, but you did enjoy his music and you loved One Direction.

There was of course, always more people in the shop when they heard that Harry was back in town visiting his mum and family. They hoped and hoped that he would stumble into the bakery and they could finally meet him. While it did help your grading, it made it difficult for you to find a seat in the quaint little place.

You were glancing at your phone to check the time when you felt your foot kick something. Looking down, you scooped up the object that got in your way. It was a small notebook, with a brown leather wrap around it. Hiking your own bag further up on your shoulder, you untied the strap around it and pulled back the flap to open to the first page.

Your eyes widened as you looked at the notes for songs and a few doodles and scribbles. And at the bottom of the page was signed, –H. You slapped the leather shut and yanked the tie around it tight. Peering inside the shop window, you didn’t see Harry, but everyone was anxiously awaiting his arrival—staring at the door in hopes he would come back.

Because clearly, he was already here. You turned on your heel and headed back to your apartment. It was known how private, personal, and important Harry’s journal was and you didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands because after figuring out who it belonged to, you had no intention of opening it again. Hurrying into your apartment you set the notebook on the coffee table and stared at it for a few moments. Your grading would have to wait; right now, you had to get this back to Harry Styles.


Harry sometimes wrote his dreams down as a possible idea for a new song. He woke up in the middle of the night and blindly reached over for his notebook. Not feeling the familiar leather-bound book on the nightstand, he quickly woke up with a start, realizing, he hadn’t seen his notebook since he went to the bakery earlier that day.

With a panic, he jumped out of bed and checked his messenger bag and he ran through the house checking every tabletop and surface as quietly as he could—so as not to wake his mum. Pressing his fingers around the bridge of his nose he inhaled as deeply as he could and tried to release all the negativity. It’s okay. The ladies probably found it. It’s nothing to worry about.

Except the ladies were closing the shop down for renovations for the next two weeks. Groaning, Harry put his head to his knees feeling dizzy and weak. There was so many personal things in that journal—all his secrets, songs he’s yet to write and people he’s loved and all the like. He was so incredibly sad and worried. Someone had the depths of Harry’s soul in their hands and they could break him so easily and they didn’t even know.


For the better part of that Saturday morning, you stared at the notebook sitting on the table. You went by the bakery—and found it was closed for the next two weeks. “Of course,” you muttered to yourself. You were sure the ladies would have gotten it back to him and now that hope was gone. The poor thing was probably so worried and you had no way of getting it back quickly to ease his worry. Finally, you picked the notebook up and shoved it into the cabinet that you locked—it was filled with personal financial documents and other important things.

The stack of papers that needed grading stared at you next and without the bakery to get to, you started in quickly—it would take a long time without the background noise you needed.


“Mum, I’ve looked everywhere,” he said and his eyes were sad and dark from not sleeping much. He was so worried about the person that found it and whether or not they were nice or if they were going to ruin his life.

Anne pouted and rubbed her child’s back. “I’m sure it’ll show up, love. You called the ladies at the bakery?”

He sighed. “They’re all on vacation due to renovations. They can’t even go look to see.”

She sighed. “Well, then you just have to hope that the person that found it is taking care of it.”

“Mum, it says who I wrote songs about and my plans for my next album and it’s so personal,” he face turned beet red in front of his mom as he dug the heels of his hands into his eyes. He was so worried.

“Darling,” she whispered. “People are good.”

Harry shook his head. “Not when it comes to my privacy, Mum,” he reminded her. “I can’t trust anyone. I’m so worried,” he said.

Pouring him some tea, Anne wrapped his hand around the mug. “Well, you can trust me and I have hope that someone is taking care of something so personal.”


Listening to the phone ring through the line you took deep breaths. When the secretary answered with an automated response, you took a deep breath and swallowed with difficulty knowing that your question was bound to be hopeless. “Hi,” you said sweetly. “I know this is going to sound silly, but I really need to get in contact with Mr. Styles,” you said. “I believe I have something that belongs to him and I don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands—”

And while you would have continued, your question was returned with mocking laughter. “Are you serious?” You could hear her smirk. You swallowed.

“Yes, ma’am. I know it sounds silly, but I just want to get his belongings back to him, they’re really—”

“His contact information is privileged information. If you have a fan letter you can mail it—he’ll get to it eventually. Thank you for calling.”

“Wait, ma’am I’m—” But the line was already clicked off. Grunting in frustration, you threw your phone across the couch and glared at it. Logging onto Twitter you tried to see if you could find any information on getting in touch with Harry—or if anyone knew his notebook was lost. Part of you wondered if it was his and you were wasting your energy, but you just had to know if it was his and if you could get it back to him.

Right now, you had to get to school though and you could try and deal with it again at the end of the day.


“…and who remembers the acronym for trig functions?” You asked your class. All twenty students stared at you blankly. “I’ll wait. I know you know this. I’m a math teacher. And it’ll get a lot more awkward for you before it’s awkward for me.”

Snorting, one of your students raised their hand from the back of the class. “SOH-CAH-TOA.”

“Thank you,” you nodded respectfully at him as you wrote the words on the board.

“Miss,” a student said. “I know we’re doing math, but did you hear Harry lost his notebook?” You turned to the young girl near the front of the class. They all knew that you adored Harry Styles—especially after you played it in class in between passing time.

“Oh?” You replied. “Where did you hear that?” You asked curiously as you gathered papers to be passed out for the next activity.

“The info was leaked on Instagram. Someone asked him where it was because he looked proper rotten this morning and it looked like he was searching for something down by that bakery he used to work at.”

Dammit. “That’s very sad…but right now we have to learn how to use those trig functions so Harry will have to wait,” you said. “And please get off your phone,” you said staring at her with a pointed expression.

“Yes, ma’am.”


Harry was distraught. He kept tugging at his curly locks and he felt like he was losing his mind. How could he be so careless to lose it? And now the whole world knew it was gone and he got one million tweets about finding it and he wanted to cry. No one wanted to help him.

Searching all over the little town he wondered who could have found it and what kind of secrets they were sharing with the rest of the world. It broke his heart and he wanted to write about it but of course, he had nowhere to write it.


It had been a week since you found the journal and now your students were on holiday for the week so you had more time to figure out just how to get in touch with Harry. You had tried Twitter, but you knew no one would contact him.

So, taking a day of your vacation, you drove to the studio address and stopped at the secretary. You recognized her voice and knew this was a lost cause, but you had to try. It was for Harry. “Hi, I spoke with you on the phone, I have—”

“Harry’s notebook? Join the others,” she said jerking her thumb in the direction of the overzealous fans who were seated in the waiting area just hoping for a glimpse of Harry.

Sighing you left without another word. You stopped outside for a minute to glare up at the studio label and you were nearly shoved to the ground when a group of fans pushed by. You noticed there was a shiny black car pulling up and out stepped a long lanky body with frazzled curly hair. Feeling your feet carry you before you recognized it, you ran full force toward him. You were stopped suddenly and nearly knocked the wind out of you as a bodyguard stepped in your path. “Please, I’m not kidding, I just want to give him his notebook back.”

“Miss,” the bodyguard said. “Everyone has claimed to have it—”

“But I do!” You said in frustration. “I don’t care if I never speak to him again, I just want him to get it back.”

Harry glanced over at you and you looked so miserable. Of course there were twenty other girls starting right for him and Harry could only look at you a moment longer before he was hurried in the door. “I found it at the bakery,” you told the bodyguard. “It’s got a doodle on the first page of a flower with a long stem and some thorns on it and lyrics about it. It’s the only page I read because I saw it had “dash, H.” Signed at the bottom. You rushed out.

The body guard just shook his head. “I’m sorry ma’am,” he said and pushed you to the side as you felt tears of frustration grow in your eyes. You just wanted Harry to feel at ease and you could see it all over his face that he was not.

Glaring at the stupid label sign one last time, you turned on your heel, and started for your car. As you sat in the driver’s seat you slapped the steering wheel a few times and then you noticed Harry’s car was totally untouched.

Scurrying over quickly you left a note with your name and number and then left hoping to God he would come get his notebook.


Harry put on a brave face for his fans as they ambushed him in the studio lobby. They weren’t too aggressive and shortly after they admitted they didn’t have the notebook they left, their tail between their legs, but happy to have met Harry Styles.

When all were gone, Harry asked the secretary and the body guard about that one girl, the one that his bodyguard stopped and the one that left without meeting Harry. “What did she say to you?” He asked.

The body guard shrugged. “That she found it at the bakery and she was keeping it safe—just wanted to return it.”

That piqued Harry’s interest. “You do know I lost it at the bakery, yes?” He questioned. He saw the body guard falter and the secretary looked nervous.

“Well, you see sir, she seemed just like—”

Harry didn’t typically get angry at anyone that worked with him but he was so nervous and worried and he was mad. “What did she say?” He hissed. Stammering the body guard retold the story of how she said she found it. Read only the first page and it was doodled with a flower and lyrics about thorns. “OH MY GOD SHE HAS IT AND YOU LET HER GET AWAY!”

Harry ran outside and glanced around the street and looked for his angel in the dark coat. He first gazed at you because he saw you getting closer to him. And he did think you were pretty. You had on black leather boots that reached just below your knee and they clicked when you walked. You were wearing skinny jeans and a long black coat that cinched at your waist. He didn’t think you had his notebook though. Your face was so sweet looking, long hair swirled over your shoulders and your eyes looked so kind. He would do anything to see you again.

But now you were gone for forever. At least he knew his secrets were safe saying you only read the one page.

Harry felt the tears in his eyes burning and he just wanted to go home. So he headed to his car flipping the bird at his body guard because he was mad and while Harry was usually quite peaceful, even right now, he was just too upset.


You were staring at the notebook again, trying to figure out how to get it back to the owner and you realized you hadn’t thought about how quiet your apartment was in a while and you were able to get some work done while you waited for some kind of news of Harry contacting you.

Hopefully he would get your note but you thought you would have heard from him by now. The paper stack you had to grade was getting smaller and you hoped that he would come find your apartment soon. Sighing you relocked the notebook away and you went back to grading. Worst case scenario—you would take his notebook to your grave.


Anne was rubbing Harry’s back as he laid on the couch in utter defeat. His eyes were raw from crying and he wanted to throw up a little. He was this close and he lost his lead. “Honey,” she said. “If she tried that hard to find you, you’ll meet her again,” she whispered.

Sniffling, he shrugged. “I want to thank her at this point for not reading it,” he muttered. “The first page isn’t so bad—could be expected to find the owner,” he explained. “I’m so sad.”

“I know, baby. I know,” she sighed. “How about some tea?”

He shook his head. “I just want to be sad right now.”


The following morning, Harry was supposed to head to the studio and so he walked to his car and sat in the driver’s seat feeling empty without the notebook still. He rubbed the back of his neck and rested his forehead on the steering wheel as he tried to calm himself and just breathe.

He heard paper fluttering and he looked up in time to notice something stuck beneath his windshield wiper. Curious if he got a ticket while parked yesterday, he opened his car door again and plucked the note off.

In beautiful but slightly messy handwriting it said I promise I do have it and it’s safe. Please trust me. I just want you to have it back. And your address was written beneath it. As he drove directly to the address, he thought that he definitely should have told at least his mum where he was going—especially when he called after the studio rang her wondering if he over slept. Then his mum called and he just told her to tell them he was sick and that he was going to visit Niall.

When he drove past the bakery and it’s renovations, he wondered how he dropped it in the first place. He was extremely careful with the secretive notebook. It wasn’t meant to be in anyone’s hands but his own. Stopping outside the apartment complex, he pulled the hood around his face and walked up to the door. He dialed your apartment.

You were just finishing your yoga exercises when the ringing call interrupted savasana. Scrambling to your feet you nearly slipped on your yoga mat. Quietly, you called back. “Hello?” You said curiously.

Swallowing, Harry took a deep breath. “It’s Harry, I’ve come for my journal,” he said quietly. Speechless, you allowed the door to open. Your heart hammered in your chest and you wished you looked prettier than the sweaty mess you knew you looked like. There was a gentle knock on the door all too soon and you hurried to open it.

Compared to himself, he felt you were much shorter than he remembered. He thought you looked very sporty and pretty, dressed in yoga pants, a loose fitted shirt that slouched on your shoulder and your hair pulled back in a messy bun with a headband around your hair line. “Hi,” he smiled sweetly.

The anxiety wore off almost instantly as you took in the black skinny jeans and the plain white t-shirt. He was very close and smelled much too good. Swallowing nervously—now only because he was actually here in the flesh, in front of you—you gestured for him to come inside. He entered quickly and stood by the door as he waited for you to speak. “I’m really glad you believed me,” you said and grabbed the key off the wall. Harry followed you, and he has to say he admired watching your bum while you walked in front of him. Shoving the key in the cabinet lock you released his journal to him.

Tears filled his eyes at the sight. “You really didn’t read it?” He whispered. “I’ll just ask you to please never tell any—”

“Only the first page to figure out who the owner was,” you told him. “I’m a teacher, you see. So privacy is really important to me. I wouldn’t read anything I’m not supposed to,” you shrugged. “I was really worried you wouldn’t get to me,” you said softly and passed him his journal.

He sighed with relief as he held it. “I will never be able to thank you enough, love,” he said. “I was a wreck,” he said. “Thank you for keeping it safe,” he said kindly. “I promise I’ll write about you.”

“Oh,” you blushed and waved your hand at him flippantly. “It’s okay, I just really wanted to get it back to you,” you said again with ease.

The tears were filling his eyes still as he looked at it. “I can’t believe you didn’t sell it or take pictures or—”

Frowning, you reached out and rested your hand on her forearm. “Harry,” you said gently. He couldn’t look up at you and so he stared at your hand touching his forearm gently. It felt nice the way your thumb rubbed over his skin soothingly. “I can tell you’ve been hurt, a lot. It’s not fair, I know,” you said. “I would never want to hurt you,” you squeezed his arm softly. “I really admire you and I hate seeing you so upset like you did when you found it was lost.”

His cheeks were getting wet from the slow tears falling down his skin. You watched as his chest shivered with a silent sob and carefully you pressed yourself to his body. He dropped the notebook on the floor and wound his arms around your body and he crouched to your shorter frame so he could cry into your neck. “I was so scared,” he said. “That it would fall into the wrong hands and—”

“Shh, shh,” you whispered running your fingers through your hair. This may be Harry Styles you were comforting, but first and foremost you were an educator and you always took care of someone in need. “It’s alright, now,” you whispered.

He nodded against your skin. “I know, it is,” he whispered. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he said and he pressed his lips against your cheek. “You’re my angel,” he said and pulled back to look into your eyes. For everything Harry knew, he could believe in miracles and he knew that you were one, because when he looked into your eyes he couldn’t see anything but pure unadulterated selflessness. “Thank you,” he breathed again. He could feel a song being written in his soul as he gazed at you. The angel that kept all his secrets even though you didn’t know any of them.

Smiling kindly at him you nodded. “Of course Harry,” you answered. “No trouble at all…would you like some tea or do you have to get going?” You asked.

Harry really needed to leave, but how often do you meet an angel? “Tea would be lovely, angel,” he whispered. “I’ve got nowhere to be but next to you,” he grinned and when you turned to the kitchen he plucked his journal off the ground and quickly scribbled on the first free page he could find:

And you said, “Would you like to have some tea?”
I said, “I only have to be right here with you next to me.”


I write a lot of songs about love and I think that’s because to me love seems like this huge complicated thing. But it seems like every once in a while, two people get it figured out, two people get it right. And so I think the rest of us, we walk around daydreaming about what that might be like. To find that one great love, where all of a sudden everything that seemed to be so complicated, became simple. And everything that used to seem so wrong all of a sudden seemed right because you were with the person who made you feel fearless.

The Only One 5

Summary: You were in love with this guy and in college you could’ve made it work but you had to go home and now 6 years later it might be too late to be with the only man you ever truly loved. Modern Day AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1138

Warnings: mentions of death

A/N: thank you all for reading and liking it so much, as always let me know what you think :)

Part 4

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If I Lose Myself

Artist: OneRepublic

Relationship: Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: You can feel there’s something wrong, but you don’t know what.

Warnings: CURSE. Heartbreak. 

Word Count: 1,471

Want a Song?

So, you weren’t the best at living. You kind of really sucked at it actually. You never said the right thing. You never knew what you wanted to do. Your future was all but a blur. You finally decided that you were going to start living for people, because making people happy made you happy. It gave you a purpose.

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anonymous asked:

can you maybe write something a little long about the reader being tom's or jack's ex and accidentally walking in to him and his new girlfriend making out and everything gets really awkward and he realizes that he still loves her?

You were close friends with all the Dunkirk boys. Especially after the breakup with Jack. They became your rock. They saw you at many hard times. They always made sure you were okay and taken care of. 

Harry was hosting a little get together and promised you Jack wouldn’t be there. You got dressed and headed out to Harrys flat. You quickly walked down the street and arrived at his place. You knocked and he opened it almost instantly.

“Hey, babe!” Harry smiled as he pulled you into a hug. You hugged all the boys hello and Tom pulled you down to the couch before offering you a beer.

“M’not drinking” you weakly smiled. After the break up you had your fair share of drinks and hangovers, where you were watched constantly by the boys. “How are things on the home front, boys?” you leaned back as Tom wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 

“Filming as usual” Fionn sighed. You sat there and talked for a while before you decided to touch up your makeup. 

“M’running to the bathroom real quick” you excused yourself and walked down the hallway. Then you heard something. A grunt. A Scottish grunt. One you had become familiar with. You turned to the left, looked in the open door, and saw Jack…and a girl. You couldn’t let but let out a small whimper. Jacks head snapped up.

You stood there lifelessly. You saw this bimbo straddling him, lips attacking his.

“Y/N” Jack said softly, not believing you were actually there. 

You choked back tears as you turned around. You walked quickly down the hall despite Jack calling out your name. You wiped your tears quickly as you walked into the living room. You grabbed your purse as the boys asked you what was wrong and what happened. 

You shook your head and walked out the door. 

“Y/N!” Jack said breathlessly as he rounded the corner of the living room. The boys instantly knew what was wrong. Tom got up and ran outside after you. You pulled at your windbreakers sleeves. 

“Wait!” Tom yelled from the stairs as he ran down the stoop. “Come back here” he jogged towards you. He tried to wipe the tears from your face but you smack his hand out of the way.

“Who the hell was that?” you snapped with tears streaming down your face.

“I don’t know, I don't” he mumbled.

“You all said he wouldn’t be there, yet he was there with some fucking whore! You all lied to me” you held a sob inside, knowing all the boys and probably Jack would be watching. 

“Y/N, I ju-” Tom started as you cut him off.

“You know all the shit that happened and you all do that to me…thank you!” you said as you pushed past him. You quickly walked down the street and wiped your tears with your sleeve.

“Y/N!” a voice called from down the street. Jack. You hurried down the street as he ran up to you. “I love you. I still love you…” 

Jack grabbed your arm, making you turn to him. 

“I have not stopped loving you. I sit home and drink all day until I have to film and I go home and get plastered! Please, Y/N….I love you”

“Jack, plea-” you wanted him to stop. He was only making more tears fall out of your eyes.

“Shut up! Just shut up, please” he yelled as he pressed his lips to yours. Your hands found their way into his hair. The lips you’ve missed for months. The ones you’ve cried over and loved. The boys watched from the stairs. 

“I love you, too” you sighed. “You asshole” you laughed quietly.



Dear Diary,

I was once again, tormented by those girls again. All because I, quote on quote, “don’t have parents”. I do have parents. Even though I don’t know what they’re like. Or what they sound like. Or how they raised- how they would’ve raised us. And all my remaining memories are merely a blurry mess. It’s odd, to miss someone who you’ve never known, but at the same time should’ve known. And it sucks, when the holiday’s come around. Mother’s day, Father’s day. And they’re not here for that. I don’t know what made them have to leave us with Gram and Gramps, and although I love them to death… they weren’t supposed to be the ones to take care of us. All I know about my parents, they’re names are Sigrid and Vance. They were both “geniuses”, and they loved me and Marc a lot. And those girls, don’t know what its like at all… to not have someone who was supposed to be in your life right now. I’m in 5th grade, going to Middle School next year, and.. my parents still.. aren’t here..

your-local-fucked-up-kid-66  asked:

Hi could you please please do a headcannon about Tony Stark telling the reader he loves her? Happy 900 BTW

Thank you so much!

  • Tony was nervous yet confident at the same time
  • he had been with almost all of the popular super models, he was a desirable male
  • he knew you wouldn’t run away from him if he was to use the ‘Lword’
  • at least he hoped so
  • you had been going out for a year and he still had yet to say it
  • he was raised in a love deprived home and he buried all of his serious emotions under sex and rich facades
  • he didn’t even realize that he did love you until a week ago
  • it filled his heart so much
  • he loved you and he wasn’t afraid to tell anyone in the world
  • but you made him nervous
  • did he make a big deal out of it?
  • did he just drop it casually?
  • he didn’t know! It was all new to him!
  • it turns out he didn’t need to plan any of it
  • you two were cuddling in his big bed in the morning
  • Tony was holing onto you like a koala
  • it was nice and warm and you could just feel the love in the air and it just kinda happened
  • “I love you.” He whispered into your neck
  • you smiled
  • “I love you too” 
  • Tony’s mechanical heart soared

Did you like this headcannon? Want one of your own? Check out Super-Shield’s 900 follower celebration!

Monsta X Lee Minhyuk Smut-Dress Up

In which you find out Minhyuk likes to dress up.

  “Minhyukie!” You called from your bedroom. You were sitting at the foot of the bed dressed in a black camisole and satin shorts. Your hair was wild and loose just how Minhyuk liked.

“Yes, my love?” Minhyuk’s head popped out from the corner of the doorway smiling. Seeing him happy made your heart beam with happiness. All you wanted was for him to be happy.

“I got you a present. “ You handed him the white box with a pink bow attached. Your heart pounded and your nerves were all over the place. What if he didn’t like the gift? Your mind was clouded with numerous questions.

  “Ah Y/N-ah you didn’t have to buy me anything. My birthday isn’t for a few months. Please don’t spe-“ you cut him off, knowing what he was about to say.

“spend money on me” you mimicked his voice. You brought a finger up to lips. “I want you to open this present. I enjoy buying stuff for you.” you told before removing your finger from his pink lips.  You stepped away and folded your arms watching Minhyuk carefully open the box. Your stance made you look like a loving parent watching your kid open their Christmas presents.

   Minhyuk pulled out a baby pink lingerie set. It was a lace two piece set. The bottom was supposed to cover the crotch and leave the back open like a thong. The top part was a matching bra. You bit your lip as his expression showed confusion. You hoped this wasn’t a fail.

“For you?” he questioned holding up the contents. “No silly. It’s for you” You said.

  Minhyuk’s cheeks turned red and you felt embarrassed. “You don’t have to wear it. I just” you rambled rushing to his side to return the contents back to the box. His hand abruptly grabbed your wrist causing you to still. He stared into your eyes which felt like an eternity. His lips crept into a smile.

  “How did you know,” he said obviously happy about the gift. He clutched it close to his chest.

“I was on your laptop the other day when I saw an open tab about male dress up. I wish you would have just told me before. I won’t judge. In fact, I think it is hot” you said grabbing his hand and rubbing your fingers over his pale knuckles. He smiled.

“Let me try this on” he practically ran towards the bathroom and shutting the door. You patiently waited for him to come out.

After about a minute, Minhyuk came out. He stood in the doorway slightly biting his nail. He was shy.

“You look wonderful Minhyukie!” You exclaimed walking up to him. “Really” he questioned looking down. You lifted his chin up and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“You look beautiful. Do you mind if I take some pictures? I promise I won’t show anyone” you asked. He nodded and you grabbed your phone.

Minhyuk posed as if he was a natural born model. The first picture consisted of him laying flat on his back with his legs spread open. In the second picture, he had his ass in the air. The last and final shot was him with his hands handcuffed to the headboard.

Once the mini photoshoot was over, you put your phone on the dresser and crawled in between Minhyuk’s legs. “It’s all about you tonight. I want to show you how much I love you” you whispered into his ear. You sucked slightly on his earlobe and biting softly earning a low groan. Smiling at the affect you had on him you hands roamed his body. You kissed along his chest and stomach before removing the pretty lace bra. Once the bra was tossed along, you sucked on his pretty pink nipples. He moaned quietly but you wanted to hear him be loud.

“Be loud baby boy” you told him before continuing to assault both of his hard nipples. Once you thought the nipples had enough, you gave Minhyuk a kiss while palming his dick. He ran his fingers in circles all over your backside. You pulled away earning a scowl from the blushed face. You went under the bed and pulled out the box of toys. Picking his favorite, you made your way back onto the bed.

“I need this ass in the air,” you said. Minhyuk sat up and turned his ass to face you. You kissed both cheeks before grabbing some lube. You using two fingers to pump around his hole. Minhyuk moaned loudly from the sensation. When he was prepared enough, you inserted the toy into his hole.

“Right there Y/N…ah” he said once you flicked the switch on. You then began to rub his dick and kiss along the jaw. His moans were music to your ears.

Once his dick was hard enough, you moved the panties to the side. You kissed and sucked along his inner thighs leaving a hickey. You then licked the other side of his shaft. He moaned tugging on your hair. Pleased at his response, you took the whole thing in your mouth without warning. His breath hitched and he moaned loud. “Yes…Y/N….fuck” he said in between moans. “I’m close,” he added. You pulled away and took the vibrator out. You gently pushed him back down onto the mattress. His red and hard member was needing some more attention. “I am going to ride you baby boy” you said before stripping yourself of your own clothes.

Once you were both naked, you aligned his hard dick to your entrance. You slowly went down just like he liked it. You began to rock your hips trying to find your own spot. “Mmhmm just like that baby” Minhyuk said as he grabbed at your breast. He cupped them both as you continued to rock around his member. Minhyuk let go of your breast and rubbed circles around your sensitive bud. “Where do you want me to cum?” Minhyuk asked signaling that he was almost at his high. “Wherever you want,” you responded. “Can I come on your face y/n?“he questioned ad you nodded.

Minhyuk pulled out and rubbed his dick until his thick seed came spurting out onto your face. Minhyuk moaned as continued to release over you. Once he was done, he didn’t stop. He continued to rub circles around your clit until you too had reach your own peak. Both of you were heavily panting.

After a minute or so, you both caught your breaths. Minhyuk got up and went into the bathroom to get a towel to wipe you and him off.

"Thank you y/n’” Minhyuk said as he dropped the towel into the hamper. “Anything for you Minnie. Seeing you become a sub to me was so hot. The lace looked extra pretty on you would you like to get some more?” You asked standing up. He nodded and you both made your way to the bathroom for a much needed shower.

Jar Of Hearts~ Bobby Fish Imagine

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You were hurt and confused and most of all heartbroken. Bobby Fish, someone who you grown to love or, loved, made a choice. One that you thought would be difficult for him. But, he chosen within a snap of fingers. He chose her over you. You stared down the hallway with tears streaming down your cheeks. Bobby was kissing another women. To you, the first thought comes to mind is that your not good enough for him. It seems like in Bobby’s eyes you weren’t the girl for him. Perfect in his eyes. You looked down at yourself and at your hands holding them in front of you, sniffing. 

Looking on as he smiled at her, the face you adored and now didn’t even want to look at. With your heart sinking, Bobby didn’t even dare to not you watching with sadness in your eyes. He made the choice of choosing someone prettier, smarter and more talented than you are. He looked at he with so much awe and love in his eyes. At one point, Bobby did look at you that way. Since she came into his life, everything changed. Things weren’t the same anymore. With one last sigh turning on your heels storming into the locker room grabbing your back angrily stuffing your ring gear back into your back. 

Grabbing onto your back knocking a few things down and wiping your eyes with the back of your hand. You wanted everyone to know how hurt you were.

Driving back to the hotel knowing one person that would help of some sort, the one person besides Bobby who cared about you. Running a hand through your hair, frustrated. You stepped on the gas a bit, taking a deep breathe. Not a good one. One that is filled with rage. Pulling up to the hotel, you grabbed onto your back and locked the car. You stormed to Kyle’s hotel room knowing he was sharing with Bobby. He was already back, Bobby had just done a segment backstage. 

Kyle was someone you trusted and he was one of many people that had your back. Knocking on the door three times letting him know that it was you. It flew open in matter of minutes. Kyle stood there, a small smile on his face as he let you in. 

“ Y/N, Hi!” he says, excitingly. But his face changed when he saw that you had cried. Kyle hugs you tight, warm embrace. You couldn’t even hug him back feeling the tears coming again. You felt so hurt and torn inside. 

“ It’s okay” He says, his voice is a somewhat a comfort to you. Slowly you lifted your arms wrapping around him, hugging him. 

All you wanted to do was crawl underneath the covers and never come out of there. Kyle pulled away from you, taking both your wrist and pulling you to his bed. Sniffing, you weren’t really looking around to notice the mess in the room simply following him.You sat on the bed, not understanding why did Bobby pick her over you. Kyle wrapped his arms you and kissed the side of your head.

“ H-He chose h-her..” you mumbled. “ K-kyle.. h-he didn’t pick me..” 

Kyle could only wrap his arms tighter around you and hold you. Kyle may not know how to calm you down but he was sure pissed. You were one of his best friends and seeing you like this, in this much pain, because of Bobby? It made him angry. He wanted nothing more than to knock some sense into Bobby. How could he do this to you? He took a long breath in through his noise, he glanced down at you to see you gripping his arm tight while softly containing your tears.

“ Y/N..”he started to say. “ Look..” He said softly. You looked up at him with red brimmed sad eyes waiting for him to continue. “ Bobby is just one guy, there are plenty of others out there. He’s not worth it. He’s an asshole for not choosing you. Seeing you this hurt, makes me want to rip his throat out. Your tears aren’t worth it over a man like Bobby Fish”  

You giggled, “ I never seen you.. so angry..” He chuckles, shaking his head. “ Now there’s a familiar giggle, success!” Kyle shouted pumping his hand in the air making you laugh.

“ You are such a dork O’rielly” But your body became stiff as you forgot that Bobby would be back any minute. 

“ Erm, I should probably go..” Kyle sighed but nodded to himself, he got up helping you up as he walked you to the door. Pulling you into another hug before letting you go. Just then Bobby stood there with his suitcase about to open the door with his key card. He noticed you, but frowned his eyebrows confused to why you didn’t say anything to him. 

Kyle looked at him, shaking his head walking back inside. He wanted to smack Bobby but held himself back knowing soon Bobby would realize the mistake he made. 

A few weeks pass since you left Kyle’s and Bobby’s hotel room, leaving Bobby confused. At shows, you avoided him, as if he was the most hated man in the world. At first, he brushed it off like it was nothing, confused still but thought of nothing on it. You, on the other hand have been doing much better. You’d hang out more with Kyle and Adam.

Bobby on the other hand, his relationship with her wasn’t on the best terms. Cracks had appear in their relationship.  

Bobby took notice how his girlfriend was inching her way to the other guys in the locker room. She has been making up lies to him so she could spend her time getting to know the others. This made Bobby, uneasy. They began to fight.

One night Bobby thought he would bring her flowers to bring a smile on her face but he stopped by the door hearing moans. His mind went confused to hurt to angry. Why did she matter? His eyes rose as the door opened as he came face to face with her. She had her make up messed up, her bra straps were down and her hair was wild. 

In that moment, Bobby was beyond angry. She gave him a pitiful guilty look.

“ Uh, Bobby, dear what brings you here?” Behind her, a figure had moved and he noticed the broad shoulders. It was a man. Bobby’s heart broke in half at the sight. 

She spoke up, “ Look Bobby, you are great and all but I can’t be with you anymore. You’re not my type. I’m leaving you” and that was it. She slammed the door in his face. He dropped the flowers, taking a step back not knowing how to feel. He turned around walking down the hall heading to one familiar room.Yours. He made a huge mistake of choosing her over you. He needed you at the very moment.

You were always there for him, even great with his kids. 

He had to find you. He finally finds your door stopping in front it. You threw the door opened, surprised to see Bobby standing there. 

Your skin was much brighter since he last saw you, with a glow to you. His eyes had opened wide seeing how beautiful you looked. He took notice of your stance. The way your stood with confidence. You decided it was best if you spoke. 

“ What are you doing here?” as he heard your voice, it was like his mouth had gone dry. “ Hello?” you asked, waving a hand in front of his face. He shook his head as he spoke up, “ Y/N, I am so stupid. I made a huge mistake. I’m so sorry for hurting you. Her and I are done, all I want is you.” 

He thought that everything was going to be okay but his smile dropped when you didn’t even give him a smile. He was shocked, something in you has changed. You rolled your eyes putting your arms across your chest. 

“ Really Bobby? Did you really think I’d fall into your arms after the way you treated me! I’m sorry?!? Really Bobby! Are you fucking kidding me?! You ripped my heart out Bobby Fish. I’m sorry doesn’t mean shit to me!” 

“ Y/N..” he started to say. 

“ No! You made the wrong choice Bobby, I wish things were different. But I’m done with you and done with loving you”

With that you slammed the door in his face, taking a deep breath in closing your eyes. 

“ You were the one all along” Bobby whispers placing a hand on the door knowing you are there. You had heard him, your breath hitches hearing him say that. Gripping the door handle debating if you should open the door or not. You decide not to, “ I’m so sorry.” you hear from the other side. 

Hearing him leave, you sank to the floor with your head in your hands. 

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(Lets ignore the fact that this particular rose is pink and move swiftly on)

Allie!!! I cannot believe that we have only recently started properly talking, and I already feel as though I could come to you with anything and everything. I remember well over a year ago, when you were writing CN and I thought you were #goalsaf but was too scared to speak to you. 

Look at us now, almost all of our conversations are made up of “!!!!!!!!!!” and “OMG YAS” and I love that? Like, so so so much. You are so incredibly kind, and talented and creative and literally everything you tell me about Black Roses is my fave thing because it is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite fic at the moment. Sutton is my daughter and Van is my love. I am also on the edge of my seat for the introduction of my boy Jed, because, well you already know how I feel about him.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me, and for not getting annoyed when I ramble about Evie to you for hours on end. You are truly an excellent friend.

Apparently some people are deeply shocked and troubled by the latest revelations that Joss Whedon did a bad thing.

Without adding commentary on the specifics of that particular thing, let me say this: NOBODY IS PERFECT.

Don’t worship creators, expecting that just because you liked something they made you will love them and they will be perfect in every way. They never will be! (I doubt anyone worships me but just in case BOY am I not perfect I have done so many things that are stupid or mean or otherwise objectionable)

And at the same time don’t throw away all creative works just because they were made by an imperfect person, or otherwise you will have to throw away everything. Every single thing.

Sickness and healing are in every heart.
Death and deliverance are in every hand.

Know who I’m quoting there? F’ing Orson Scott Card. And if that doesn’t prove my point about imperfect creators what will? (If you have no idea who he is let’s just quickly summarise with he has written some books I find very interesting and also said some things I strongly disagree with.)

Enjoy Buffy for Buffy. Enjoy Star Trek for Star Trek. Don’t let the occasional failures of the human beings involved destroy everything they ever touched for you.

… footnote, I had a really hard time dealing with the revelations about Marion Zimmer Bradley and what that meant for the books of hers I had, so I’m not saying this is always easy. But we can’t wait around for only perfect people to make perfect works.