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Apparently one of the SPN producers had an idea that they should do an episode in which the boys wake up in a strange town where all the people are former cast members. Like "the Trickster is the major, Sebastian runs the local cafe.." J2 both thought it was an awesome idea (as did the audience.) There were also a few mentions during the weekend of the potential for the "alternate universe" thing to bring some characters back (many shouts of "CHARLIE!"). So I think that's on their minds a bit.

So, they got the idea for Lucifer’s baby from Once Upon a Time, and now they want to create their own Once Upon a Time town. I love it. That is fabulous. Gabriel’s the mayor, Balthazar runs the cafe, Ruby’s the waitress in red,  Bobby or Crowley runs the antiques store, Ellen and Jo are the Sheriff and deputy respectively, Rowena is a teacher, who else? Charlie’s there, obviously, but I think the Blue Fairy is a nun in OUAT, and Charlie would so not be down for that, even if constantly surrounded by other women.

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I’m so so SO proud of our boys! They made history for K-Pop!!! They all look extra gorgeous tonight and totally slayed the Magenta carpet! Namjoon was fantastic with his English and so chill!! I can’t truely express how proud I am of them. And the ARMYs at the beginning of the carpet! The security guards were filming them because they were surprised at how many fans were there and they were chanting the fanchant and being the awesome and supportive fans they are! I already cried but after the BBMAs are over I’m going to cry even more. Thank you BTS for everything you have done and continue being you guys! 😚😏😙😏❤❤❤

I had the best readers’ advisory experience yesterday. A lady came in looking for an audiobook to take on a road trip with her two kids. She wanted something they could all listen to and enjoy. I have a bibliography ready for this occasion and started to print it out. While I did, I asked her about everyone’s preferences, so I could pick the best ones on the list for her or add some other titles.

She started saying that her daughter was reading “all these transgender” books, and how she really didn’t get it. I thought she was going to start telling me that either a) it was wrong or b) she was afraid her daughter was transgender. But instead, she started telling me that she didn’t understand it because the books “didn’t really have an end.” She didn’t understand why her daughter was so interested in books about transgender characters, but her real problem was that the books were badly written. Which is awesome, but even more so because it means the mom was also reading the books her daughter read.

So I handed her the list I printed, wrote like five more titles on the list, but ultimately ended up doing a book talk for Lily & Duncan, which the mom immediately grabbed off the shelf. She was so excited to read a “good” book about a transgender character with her daughter.

She also put a hold on The Sun is Also a Star because she believes it’s important to talk to her kids about serious issues like racism and deportation.

Anyway, this is why reading diversely matters and also this lady is mom of the year.


… I’ve had my hands full the past few days with this little project. (Okay little is an understatement. This thing is huge.)

So, wanna know a fun little fact about The Ancient Skins? Or rather what gave inspiration to even consider designing my own skins? These designs right here.

I absolutely adored these designs when Quoth made them. (Still do.) They were well thought out and I loved the contrast they had to the canon Rose Skins in theme, color and mood. They’re awesome, how else can I put it? They were the first set of fan skins I had seen so it was a huge inspiration when I got the idea to do the Ancient Skins.

After making said skins and learning how to make portraits and draw in a style similar to the official Don’t Starve games I really wanted to do something like my Ancient Skin project for the Sunflower Skins and well here we are. Three days of work later and I was able to get everything put together.

This was a lot of fun to do. From designing the portrait backgrounds to drawing up Queen Bobbie’s portrait. Like I said, these designs are awesome so it was fun to translate them into the style here.

So we got portraits for the Don’t Starve Together Crew, the Shipwrecked Crew and for Quoth’s OCs from Don’t Starve Resumptus (plus Charlie.), then the line ups of each group of characters, the sunflower crest we see in the background of the line ups, the portrait background design and finally, a big portrait drawing of Queen Bobbie.

And that’s it. Like I said, this was a lot of fun and like projects before, I learned a lot from it in drawing, posing and many other things. (Like how magical the save button is because Photoshop might start looking at you funny midway through a picture and decide it wants to give you a heart attack and then crash. Yeah there were some headaches but not many thankfully.)

I’m planning on posting a speed paint later to show how some of this stuff got made but for now, just wanted to get this up.

The Sunflower Skins were created and designed by the amazing @quoth143 (Go check out her work and give her some love.) You can see the originals by searching her tumblr.

And with that I leave you.

Stay awesome!

Quotes: (Also by Quoth143)

Wilson: “Can science explain why these flowers are so bright?”

Willow: “Sunflowers are like fire in plant form!”

Wolfgang: “Bright flowers make Wolfgang feel mightier!”

Wendy: “Abigail always loved sunflowers.”

Webber: “Sunflowers make us smile reeeaallly big smiles!”

Wickerbottom: “Oh, to read a good book on a golden afternoon.”


Woodie: “Friendliest flowers I’ve ever seen.”

Wigfrid: “Sol smiles upon me!”

Wes: “…”

Maxwell: “”They” hate these things y’know. What better way to defy them.”

Warly: “A flower of good fortune shines down on me!”

Wilbur: “Ooh ooh ah!”

Woodlegs: “Aye! A flower as golden as the sun!”

Walani: “This flower gives off some wicked good vibes.”

Albert: “I’ll wear the sunflower as my badge!”

Bobbie: “The sunflower has always been my favorite.”

Jack: “The sunflower radiates warmth and brings a smile to anyone.”

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Thanks to green day and the movie school of rock i now play the drums, guitar, and bass at the itty bitty age of 13 :D thanks green day

eyyy that’s so awesome!! i wish i were this cool when i was 13 dang, i want green day to invite you onstage now because i know you would totally blow them away ✨

i also wanna say im sorry. bc i was a jerk. i kind of had an internet ego, which is stupid. but i was a kid. i grew up on this website and obviously still had a lot of growing to do.

im sorry if i ever ignored anybody or made you feel bad. you guys were awesome and still are

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ENTP girl here - So I hooked up with a (I suspect) ENTP guy a few months ago. We didn't know eachother beforehand but before we did anything we just talked and talked about concepts ideas life etc, so ENTP esque. After we got down we were still talking and shit, like we have awesome chemistry. Anyway, everytime i see him out he'll watch me from across the room but not approach/he'll walk past me making sure he bumps me (probs to get my attn) but why? I don't get him

Maaan, us sometimes. I suspect he wants to be around you or with you, but is stuck between wanting to be around you, and fear of vulnerability. It is such a scary step to make for some of us. 

This week I had a lovely conversation with an older dyke who reminded me how much a lot of people have always hated TERFs and SWERFs. 

She was talking about the time in the 1970s and 1980s when she was a young radical dyke and how many of the awesome dykes in the radical scene were trans women. So I asked her if there was ever any problem with TERFs and SWERFs. She didn’t know those words so I described them. Her reply was (paraphrasing a longer conversation):

“Oh, you mean the political lesbians? That’s what we called them at the time, no one really considered them radical. They hated everyone. They hated bisexual women who dated men. They hated us leather dykes and kinky dykes because they thought we were ‘copying the patriarchy’, they hated trans women. None of us in the radical scene liked them. A lot of them later left and admitted that they were straight but were presured to identify as lesbians in that group because being a feminist to them meant cutting all ties with men. They were like a cult. They often lived together and if you didn’t walk the political line you were dead to them. Intense stuff. ”

And like, I know her memories don’t have global relevance and there have also been places where TERFs had a much more prominent impact on the local radical women’s community, but still, to hear how despised these TERFs have always been by these truly radical dykes cheered me up a lot. 


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