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thebagelwitch : I’m so sorry. I probably made you think you were going to get an awesome piece of fan art or the love of your life was proposing to you or something but all you got was all utter disappointment and for that I’m sorry. Love your art though

but KATIE…..you’re the love of my life….
heheheh no worries! I rather like memes and funny submits like this! I love it thank you…uvu

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(queenbendela, heeeey) What's your favorite drag performance that you've been to? Or if you haven't been to live performances, what's your favorite video that you've seen?

I’ve only been to two drag performances so far; Bianca del Rio’s Not Today Satan and Battle of the Seasons. Both were awesome but I gotta hand it to Bianca. Her show is so so good. It was totally worth the money and if she comes back with another show I’m getting those meet and greet tickets!

I’m gonna answer the favorite drag video as well! You definitely already know this but BenDeLaCreme gives the best live performances! I love seeing her Shirley Temple bit, it’s so good and every time she reveals that one huge ponytail I die. It’s so freaking goooooooooooooood. I mean, look at it, damn.

Thank for asking!

TWD: New Best Friends

They should have just called this the Valentine’s Day episode of The Walking Dead because it had sooooo many feels. Two of our favorite couples were highlighted, Jerry had some awesome moments, Rick went into the dollar store version of the Thunderdome and Shiva fell in love with Daryl like we all did. Love is in the air people! 

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I know I should start with Rick. But I can’t. Not when we finally got the moment we’ve been thinking about all season. And even before we got that emotional lovey dovey moment, we got to see Daryl find out that Carol’s still around AND that Richard wants to frame her for killing Saviors (strike one - Dick). 

When Richard started talking about the “woman in the house,” I bet most of you were screaming at the TV like me, “SAY HER NAME!” The more Richard described her and the situation, you could see all of the emotions on Daryl’s face - surprise she’s still around, happy that she’s okay, proud that Richard describes her as tougher than the both of them and then anger that Richard wants her to get the blame for the ambush. I could almost see him thinking - “OH Hell no.”

Then we got to see him kick Richard’s ass and tell him to leave her alone. My heart was fluttering. 

Then when we finally get back to Carol’s cottage, we see it’s because her new suitor has come a knocking. Or, rather, his minions tripped her wire, so she opened the door. Carol doesn’t exude warmth - she now gives the “I don’t care” persona and tough as nails perception. That attitude must be why King Ezekial likes her so much and keeps coming. She sends them away with a very tiny smile and gets cobbler from Jerry (more on Jerry later). 

Then we hear a knock. I assume it’s the King coming back to give her more fruit or to ask her a random question to spend more time with her. But no. The second she opened the door, you saw her face go from surprise to happiness with a hint of sadness. Her tears were already threatening to spill from her eyes. And when we panned to Daryl, I sucked in my breathe and gasped. I totally thought they would make us wait another episode before we got this moment. 

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In this episode, Daryl proves he loves her twice. When he threatened old Richard boy and when he decided to lie to her and tell her that everyone is ok. He knew that if he told her that Glenn and Abraham were savagely beaten in front of the group, she would resort to her old ways and join the fight. In doing this, she’ll lose herself,she’ll be angry and she might even start hating him and the rest of the group. Lying to her was the right thing to do. They need her skills, yes, but they need her heart more. 

I personally think this is the nature of their life now. You to need to fight back and protect yours. From the dead and the living. There might be good people in the world but, at this point, there are more bad. I think she’ll come around. Something will give her the nudge she needs. 

Meanwhile, our other couple gets a little shook. Rick is pushed down a pile of trash and into the dollar store version of the Thunderdome. Two things enter and one thing leaves. I don’t know how that group created the scary metal head guy with spike sticking through him but if they can do more of those - that would be an awesome army against the Saviors! 

After Rick killed said scary guy and made the deal with bang girl (later introed as Jadis), he came out limping and bleeding right into the arms of his girl. I love that they showed PDA. They are strong apart but stronger together. I love them and am still kicking myself that I didn’t see this relationship coming. 

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Other thoughts: 

- Jerry! He is one of my favorite characters. His smile, his laugh, his words…everything about him is awesome. I bet you even his cobbler was awesome too. Having him around helps fill a little of the hole that Abraham left in the comedic portion of the show. With Jerry though, he’s more jolly than Abraham was. I’m not sure if we’ll get the same sort of gems like Mother Dick but we’ll see. For now, I just enjoy when Jerry is on screen. He makes me smile. 

- Obviously, Shiva is all of us. Seeing Daryl bond with her supports the idea that no living creature can deny what a hottie Norman is. LOL. Unwashed, hair everywhere, muscles gleaming….swoon. 

- Father Gabriel - ok, so you’re not the ass that I thought you were. You didn’t steal all the food and run. But there is still something about you. Even though Rick now counts you as a friend - you’re still in frenemy mode with me, mister. And put a shirt on. It’s weird to see you in a tank top. 

- Rosita - Someone needs to slap her on the side of the head. I understand she’s angry. I understand she’s ready to fight but she needs to get with the program instead of making things worse. They need to be smart about things, they need to make sure that all of them are 100% before they start the war. 

- I don’t trust anyone with misguided bangs. I’m talking to you Jadis! I don’t know if this partnership is going to work out. I hope so, because we need the numbers, but those bangs tell me differently. 

Glad Rob is safe!

So yesterday it was time for the concert I had been waiting for for months! Rob Benedict, Jason Manns, Rob Humphrey, Billy Moran and Paul Carella were coming to London! I was fortunate enough (thanks to a girl on Twitter) to get a M&G ticket. Time for the concert - nothing happened. Half an hour in, we started to wonder. Why wren’t we allowed in to the concert area? What had happened? THen we got the news, Jason, Rob, Rob and Billy weren’t there. Their instruments had gone lost. THen, Jason appeared.  Needless to say, the concert didn’t go as planned. But it was a GREAT one! Jason had his guitar, Paul had his, and the concert was awesome. But we were still wondering about Rob. Now, we’ve got the explanation from Rob on his instagram:  “After our luggage was detained, we too were detained without cell phones or personal items for the past 24 hours. Apparently we didn’t have proper paperwork to enter the U.K.”

24 hours without anything???? ARGH!! Not even a phone call! I feel so sorry for you guys! Can’t have been easy! Paperwork… Weird!

Take care now all of you and good luck in Nashville!


Please don’t come into someone’s ask box or their messages and try to tell them how they should or shouldn’t run their blog. Or tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. To be honest it’s very rude, if you don’t like what the blog owner or owners are doing then unfollow. No one is forcing you to follow them. It’s very rude to try and come in and be like: Oh you shouldn’t do that! It could make the blog owner or owners spirits fall. How would you feel if you wanted to do something cool and you were really looking forward to it and already had awesome ideas and then someone is like: You shouldn’t do this bcause there’s already ideas like this and blah blah blah. It’s been over done and blah blah blah. Yeah you wouldn’t feel excited or eager anymore. You’d feel bad…. As long as the blog owner or owners aren’t doing anything bad to anyone that could harm themselves or others: DON’T tell them what they can and cannot do or what they should or shouldn’t do. It’s their blog, they own it, not you. If you are disappointed in the direction their blog is going just leave. It’s not that hard.

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Just wanna let you know you're my fav and I love youuu! 😇

ily too! ♥ ♥ ♥ you’ll always be one of my favorite fans!

it’s awesome too that you were my first reblog 😊I’m glad you stuck around


Ruby: We’re actually going to a red carpet movie premier in Empire City on Christmas!

Sapphire: We were extended an invitation because of my music career and Ruby’s fame in prize fighting.

Ruby: Sapphy’s album is still topping the charts! And Garnet here is our plus one for the show~