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This week, women all over Latin America marched to protest the ever increasing number of femicides that take place in our countries every year. We marched because we’re fed up of being murdered, of being scared. I marched because I’m tired of being worried about my friends, I’m tired of being angry and sad all the time. I marched because the strength of thousands of women marching together is contagious and fills me with hope.


Um, I’m pretty sure, like 98% sure these designs are real? And there’s a few reasons for that!

1) Months and months ago, these babies were leaked onto the internet:

Now, at the time these were released, there wasn’t much backing to them despite them looking pretty professional and it saying confidential on all of them. Even I thought they were fake! No one had any reason to believe otherwise since at the time the info Nintento/GameFreak gave us about the game was pretty close to nothing, at least compared to what we know now.

So these, like other designs, were disregarded and moved on from, until…

2) The trial captains were revealed! They were all really cool and revealed a lot more about the game, but with one trial captain in particular…

Now, a lot of people were drawn to her for here awesomely cute design (I for one love her flower head band), but then someone noticed…

She was in this design set! That added a LOT of credibility to these leaked designs. But, it was fair for people to still speculate that they were fake, since the sketch is pretty small and simple, it could just be a coincidence!

3) Then the middle evos came out!

You could argue Dartrix, or even Torracat didn’t seem like they’d lead to what the leaks were showing, but Brionne was definitely showing off a more feminine design that the leaked final mermaid-esc evolution would hold, and Torracat’s bell does seem coincidental with its leaked final’s belt.

But, the final nail in the coffin

4) The data-mine of the demo! Within 24 hours people had already hacked in and gotten most if not all the pokedex for the Alola region and:

Guess who was in there! These are definitely real, if the previous leaks months ago were faked or you think that Nintendo/GameFreak made “fake” game designs because they knew the game would be hacked, that doesn’t account for the leaks and the ripped designs matching to a T. 

Anyways, sorry for the long post! I just get really interested in the pokemon stuff and I’ve seen a few people still claim that these are totally not the final designs. Idk about the whole rumor thing about split evolutions for the starters just waiting to be revealed, but for now we’ve definitely got these lovely children!

(Also, sorry I made a whole separate post for this. Idk how to reply to stuff in the comments if I can’t reblog it; there’s a 50/50 chance I know how this website works at any given moment)

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This mom on the street insulted me to her children because I was walking down the middle of the sidewalk but it's okay cause she called me a he!!

that sucks that you were insulted but awesome she gendered you correctly!!


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Don't want to be annoying or rude! But im a proud Mexican loving life as it is. It would be awesome if you were one Latino girl!! Now with all this trump bullshit going on. But if you're not just know you're still fucking awesome as well. Hope you're enjoying San Fran

I’m not sure I understand this lol I’m Hispanic and have no problem claiming it.

A Charming Adversary

Hello! I was wondering if you can do an imagine one-shot of getting into a duel with Loki? (In the Avengers movie, like after he kills Coulson, and then she gets pissed) When he realises he is losing, he changes his strategy by trying to seduce you. Reader gets a bit turned on (but doesn’t show), and then he backstabs her and escapes. If you can’t do this, I understand. Hopefully you can respond soon! ^_^ -Requested by @neon-red-alchemist

Characters: Loki Laufeyson
Word Count: 1416

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how come we’re, like… systematically trained to hate barbie as we grow up? barbie was awesome when we were kids and she’s still awesome. she’s MORE awesome, i think.

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PALAK GUESS WHAT! OKAY SO 1st of all my library had this Harry Potter trivia thing and I got in the top 4 so I can go to the 2nd round, and secondly I WENT TO A HARRY POTTER FESTIVAL TODAY IN Philadelphia and it was AMAZING AND THE COSTUMES WERE INCREDIBLE!!


8x01 thoughts

The premiere was pretty good. Damon’s the bad guy again, but in an eerily creepy sort of way this season. Damon’s unconscious thoughts of Elena killed me. “Elena, I need you.. I don’t know how much longer I can fight” 😭

Totally feel bad for Stefan & Bonnie (honestly especially Bon bc she lost them both, & Enzo didn’t even look at her) & Caroline was amazing as usual, protecting her kids. It was amazing how Enzo dropped all of those clues to Bonnie so they know how to help. The writers had better not get Alaric started on that girl unless they plan on giving him a happy ending because after this show having Isabelle, Jenna, Meredith, Jo, & Caroline all breaking his heart, he deserves it.

Also the Stefonnie moments were awesome since we don’t really get them. Lastly, this Siren chick villain is going to irritate me, I can already tell. She sort of looks like one of the sisters that owned the armory, doesn’t she? In conclusion, 8x01 was great and I’m excited for the rest of the season and all the Delena feels it will surely bring, but I have no clue how to begin to say goodbye to this show.

I like Riri don’t get me wrong

She’s a cool kid, but she isn’t Tony Stark.

I’ve seen a lot of comic Tony Stark fans basically flipping into something ugly. The moment Tony’s death hit they were like Oh he’s dead awesome Riri is up now. She’s the true Iron Man now, long live Riri as Iron Man and etc.

No she isn’t. She’s Iron Heart, NOT Iron Man. She’s a woman not a Man. She’s not trying to be Iron Man. She is her own hero and thats stated.

No she will never be like Tony Stark either. Tony Stark has been a classic hero since the 1960′s. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean you suddenly jump at the chance to replace him. Are you loyal or just on the bandwagon?

As much as I like Riri she will never take my heart like Tony Stark has. She will never be on his level either.

I see her as a completely different hero in an armor, like War Machine or Rescue. I loved them, but still they were secondary to Tony.

It just breaks my heart to see fans forget so quickly an easily. I never will or can….

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-slides this url & wildcrcw in with a plate of baked goods-

[eats all the baked goods] thank you. this in no way affected my answers tbh

my opinion on;

character in general:

  • elodie: i’ve really been enjoying this whole ‘black king’ plotline. and i love the power and backstory that you gave her, so I’m super excited to see where she goes as a character.
  • yata: I liked Yata at first because he rode in with his baseball bat and those scenes with the skateboard were awesome. But I got a little distracted by Reisi, and I was never much of a Yata fan in the end? But I mean… I liked him. I felt bad for him. Also oh god season 2 when he’s just??? been crying and watching videos of Totsuka and Mikoto. ;_;

how they play them:  HAVE I SAID I LOVE YOUR WRITING because I do. I love that your Yata is so playful. I’ve seen a lot of Yatas and still, I’m always amazed at what people can bring to the fandom. Your Yata is so sharp, funny, and emotional, and that’s a difficult thing to let a character be. Elodie I haven’t seen too much of on my dash yet, but I’m really looking forward to the stories you write with her and the replies that I have from you right now have been really exciting for me all day because YOU’RE A GREAT WRITER. (Full confession: I am intimidated by blogs who format their stuff. I think almost everyone who doesn’t format their stuff is? But I really enjoy reading your writing. I think, for my taste anyway, you hit a really nice balance of poetic formattedness with clear prose.)

the mun: YOUR MAKEUP IS ALWAYS PERFECT and i love that you’ve tagged me in random things. seriously, I really love it. we don’t talk a whole lot OOC? but if i see “wildcrcw replied to your post…” on my activity I’m always like !!!!

do i;

follow them: YES on all the blogs of yours that I know about
rp with them: NOT YET but i am looking at the replies right now and i am Excite
want to rp with them: YES for like months now
ship their character with mine: I mean, Yata and Munakata isn’t…. unheard of (*hides the single fanart i’ve seen of munayata because it was very nsfw but i really love that artist ok. i liked it for the reisi interpretation*). And I’m pretty sure Elodie is single-ship in the mainverse so that’s out? Overall, I don’t really start out shipping stuff.

what is my;

overall opinion: 

Snail mail to trade stuff or just to talk 🐌

This is my second time submitting again. I actually got some snail mails and they were awesome so I wanted more to get new friends😊.

You can call me June-Bug (cuz that’s what everyone calls me not my actual name) I’ll tell you when you’re interested and I’m 15.I’m from Sarawak,Malaysia or I prefer to call it Borneo Island.

I have tons of hobbies.I like reading,drawing,writing,gardening,sports,going for walks with my dog,listening to music,taking photographs and more….

My favorite TV shows are Sherlock BBC,Supernatural,Doctor Who,Criminal Minds,American Horror Story,Grey’s Anatomy,NCIS and many more.

I also love music very much.I literally grew up with music.I listen to many kind of music depending on my mood.

More things about me:
•I like Anime(I’m an otaku)
•I love tiny cactus🌵
•Animal lover
• Love art stuff
•Idk what else
•Awkward unitato child

The perfect pen pal for me:
I’m looking for people aging from 13-16.
I don’t really care about genders.
I don’t mind where you’re from as long as you can speak English.
I hope we are able and would like to trade stuff like books,arts and gifts😆😆.

If you’re interested contact me by:

game where the protagonist’s wife gets killed and he is thus motivated to swear vengeance out of grief, but he’s so useless at getting revenge that his wife comes back as a ghost and goes “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” and possesses his body to do her own dang avenging