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Any ideas on where the generals went? A lot of people expected them to show up in the finale to save Voltron, given Acxa's line, but I can't imagine where else they might have gone.

I mean, I have kind of a wild theory that if Keith and Acxa do turn out to be siblings, then Acxa’s “other option” might have been that she knows where Mom Kogane is.

After all, someone who seemingly lost contact with the Blade, but who would regardless still harbor a pretty strong grudge to the empire- in fact, it could well be that she and Acxa parted ways on bad terms because Acxa joined the imperial fleet, and now that Acxa’s no longer in the fleet’s good graces, she suspects at least that she’ll be able to mend things with her mom.

Alpha Dog

“What’s this thing?” Logan asked holding up a hat shaped like a wolf.

“That?” Dan replied. “Dunno… Someone gave it to me a long time ago and told me it’d make me into an alpha dog. Didn’t know what he meant… But I don’t do hats. So not for me.”

By the time Dan turned around Logan had already placed it on his head. He spread his thin arms out wide and flexed hard. “I’m the alpha dog. WOOF! WOOF!” he had the dumbest grin on his face.

“Cute…” Dan’s natural flat sarcasm just encouraged Logan.

“Hot,” Logan corrected. “I’m hot. Or sexy. Don’t care which you use.” He flexed his scrawny arm again trying to show off. There wasn’t any muscle there. It was something he loved to pretend he had. It was a joke that still made him feel pretty good.

“Mmhmm,” Dan agreed adding to the joke. But looking back at his friend there was something a bit off. There seemed to be something different about Logan’s body. Like it had always had a bit of muscle on it but this seemed different. He was bigger. ‘Just cause he just got back from a workout,’ Dan reasoned. But Dan was staring now. His friend was always hot, sure. The muscle stud was always showing off his body, for some reason Dan never felt like he noticed it before.

“Like what you see?” Logan flexed his arms in a double bicep pose. The sleeveless shirt rose showing off the sick Adonis belt he’d been working on for so long.

Dan’s eyes traced the muscular man’s body seeing the huge muscles bounce as his friend flexed for him. “Mmmhhhmmm,” he moaned. Shaking his head, “I mean sure. I bet the girls really love it.”

“Sure they do,” he bragged and gave another flex. He moved closer to Dan, almost running into him. It felt intentional. “Dude, let’s go watch TV or something.”

Dan followed his friend closely behind. He’d seen that muscular ass so many times but today it felt different. He walked so dominantly that Dan couldn’t help but follow behind. Plopping on the couch Logan flipped on the TV. It was sports. “Again?” Logan guarded the remote down.

“Like we watch anything else,” Logan quipped. “Unless you want to do something else.” He adjusted his shorts but his eyes didn’t leave the TV.

Dan was at a loss at the confidence Logan was showing. His large muscular body was so imposing. No one ever talked back to him. But thinking about it wasn’t confidence he was showing. He was always confident. It was something else. Something more like intimacy. And lust. “You alright man?”

“Sure I am bud,” his arm wrapped around Dan pulling him in closer. He used his other hand to lightly punch the much smaller guy in the arm. “Something seem wrong?”

“No,” Dan said without any confidence. Something seemed off he just couldn’t tell what it was. They were best friends so why did today feel so different.

“Didn’t think so,” his grip around Dan tightened. “You know maybe there is something wrong.” Dan looked over confused, “I’m fucking horny and there isn’t a chick around to satisfy me.”

“Wha…?” the question wasn’t finished as Logan took the chance to fill Dan’s mouth. He pushed the much smaller guy down onto the couch and started grinding against him. His slow controlled movements speeding up as he went. There was finally a pause as he lifted himself up to take off Dan’s shorts. “But you’re straight!?” Dan was able to get out between heavy breaths.

“Ehhh…. Bi… Sometimes chicks just don’t do it for me. Gotta have that man ass every once in a while,” he grinned as he started rubbing his fingers between Dan’s butt cheeks. A soft sensual moan escaped him. “Sides fuckin you is almost like fuckin a chick anyway.” Dan glared at Logan’s shit eating grin. But then found his legs thrust over the other man’s shoulders before he could complain. “That’s a good boy. You always know how to take it.” As the words were spoken they seemed to make it true. Dan’s tight ass opened up allowing the much larger cock in more easily.

How many times had they had sex? The number seemed almost irrelevant now. Logan was horny all the time and took every chance he could get to have sex. Normally he’d be able to find a girl to satiate himself for a little while but then he’d always come back to Dan. He didn’t know why. The hunk had easily made his way through most of the college they went to but always came back to him.

“You like that don’t you,” Logan goaded Dan; pushing his small body deeper into the couch. Dan rarely could reply without anything more than positive grunts. “Yeah ya do. Ah man. Fuck this is a nice hole. You got the best hole man.” He thrusted a few more times, “Fuck yeah,” he shouted as he unloaded into his friend. The sudden feeling in his own ass sent Dan over as well. Despite his size, Logan slowly he positioned himself in between the couch and Dan. His eyes suddenly feeling very heavy. He wrapped his arms around the other man and softly breathed into his back.

Dan felt so strange in his friend’s arms. So safe but something about the situation still felt strange. He felt the soft fur of the hat scrape against the back of his head. “You know, you’re still wearing that stupid hat,” Dan pointed out. Logan yawned loudly and nuzzled Dan’s skinny neck. He lightly bit into the skin, tickling the smaller man. “Alright. Alright,” he laughed as he struggled in Logan’s tight hold. “I don’t care about that stupid hat.”

Logan slowly calmed down again resting into Dan’s back. “That’s right, respect the alpha dog, Woof Woof,” his deep bark sent shivers down Dan’s spine.


Pretty by Lynn1998


Keith is just too good looking.

You Stole A BABY?! by genericfanatic

[Completed|Chapters:9/9|Words:24,324|Teen And Up]

The castle ship has a new stowaway, and Keith and Lance must figure out how to take care of them without alerting the rest of the crew.

Red Is The Coldest Color by EnglishCivilWar

[Completed|Chapters:1/1|Words:17,427|Teen And Up]

Keith’s startled look had quickly turned to one of annoyance. “You’re in my way,” he stated.
Lance blinked uncomprehendingly.
Keith let out a groan. “Lance, MOVE.”

(In which Lance is an epic fail at flirting, Keith is an oblivious walnut, and the rest of the team collectively groans and sighs.)

RWBY Fan tag: Things you would do if you could write for RWBY

-Make Pyrrha a ghost who would advise Jaune on stuff.

-Have a twist were it turns out Summer isn’t actually dead.

-Have Mercury be almost invincible to the point were he pretty much beats every hero he fights.

-Do the same thing with Velvet except for the good guys.

-Make the show an ensemble cast so people would stop complaining about Jaune having too much screen time.

-Everyone calls out the authority figures for doing dumb things.

-Ironwood becomes evil and is the best villain in the show.

-Adam gets more and more pathetic the more the good guys screw with his plans for human genocide.

-Blake and Ruby actually interact (Maybe confirm Ladybug…but that’s just me.)

-Make Emerald gay for Cinder (If she isn’t already.)

-Watts gets to talk the most out of every bad guy.

I’m tagging @joker-of-gotham, @absolutelyxosmittenxo, @weissrose, @i-need-medical-attention, @theembertoyourcelica

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Amelia: *cooks something without burning it* Greyson: *takes a bite* Wow this is actually pretty good extra cronch Amelia: Thanks I seasoned it with Abraxo and and broken glass *shovels food in mouth* Greyson: *turns to camera* Its not human

greyson just slowly lets the food spill back out of his mouth, eyeing the small evil child, eating glass and cleaning chemicals


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

i commissioned this piece from the kind and talented @mesknoxx as a companion to chapter four of my fluffy season three fix it fic – we don’t talk very much (we just fake being nice) – in which clarke and lexa attend an azgeda coronation ball. this is the artist’s rendering of the dresses they wore.



she had the world // panic! at the disco