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The Friendly Wager (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,562

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, drinking, bad jokes, angst

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 -

Tags are closed. Only two parts left after this! I’m really sorry for pushing out two updates but I’m running out of time and work is going to be tough, so…

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How to frost a layer cake like a profesh when you aren’t one

Wotcher folks, it’s your friendly neighbourhood cosplayer/baker extraordinaire back with another baking tutorial… because I’ve got a really good handle on my blog audience, as you can tell.

I made a birthday cake for one of my best friends this weekend - and despite it being one of the hottest weekends of the year, it turned out pretty well. It was actually really straight-forward, so I filmed a few gifs of the decorating process should any of you ever fancy making a simple celebration/birthday cake. So, grab a cup of tea or alcoholic beverage of your choice, and let’s do this.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was pretty good. It kinda felt like it was meandering for a while but when it picked up in the third act boy did it pick up.

Mantis was a source of some uncomfortable Vibes, which, as it turns out, weren’t entirely unfounded

The Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, however, is largely drawn from stereotypes of submissive Asian women. […] Intentional or not, Mantis’ portrayal feels very much like the trope of the wife a soldier brought back to the United States after the Vietnam War.

The perfect 10

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Tye Dillinger x Reader for @megaperfect10

Request: The readers brother is Kevin Owens and when Kevin sees Tye walk through the door at a get together with their family things get heated cause of the past of the both of them. Maybe some swearing if you allow that. Thanks if you can.

Note: I guess I had another request besides Matt and Alex. Either way I hope you like it!

December 11, 2014 was the exact date I met the love of my life. It wasn’t a romantic story like me crashing into him by accident. Nor was it a love hate relationship between us. It was always love…pure innocent love. Out of all the great romantic love stories out there, ours simply started by a conversation dealing with food. It wasn’t romantic but it was something I cherished greatly.

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Jarrah watched as Tyson and Ashlyn walked up the stairs toward the bar “bout time those two noticed one another” he thought to himself before turning around to look for Oliver, He was wanting to catch up with him to check in with how he was doing, last time they caught up it ended with Oliver running out on the boys gaming day at Jude’s house.  He found him sitting on one of the benches watching a pretty intense bowling game between Lucy and Tristan..

“Hey Ollie!”
He said as he sat down beside him “How are you doing?” he asked

“Oh hey Jarrah, Not bad. Hows boarding school treating you?” replied Oliver

“Yeah, it’s good thanks…. So, hows things been for you?… I just wanted to check in to see how you’re doing after everything at Jude’s house a couple of weeks ago

“Huh?” Said Oliver pretending not to know what Jarrah was talking about 

Jarrah raised his eyebrows “Ollie” He said “C’mon, you know you can trust me!”

Oliver sighed “It’s ok Jarrah, really.. I’m fine, I’m over that. Jude and Tyson were just being dicks and you know what? I did asked Audrey out and she said yes, we’re going for coffee next week after school… I told you I’m not gay!” He said with a smirk

Oh Ollie...”  sighed Jarrah

I thought I could rely on sven and my mum to take care of the girls while I was gone. I had a beautiful baby when I left and came back to an overweight “panda”, haley is so big now her cheeks look like they’ll fall off and the size of her thighs is just ridiculous. My mum even told me she eats only avocado salad for lunch, just need to change it a bit everyday. What a spoiled brat and how did she gain so much weight in just a few weeks?! I had so much fun I thought about getting a job and staying in japan for 2 to 3 years, haley have her dad and miley can just move to france with my mother. I kinda started dating this hot guy I met on my way to a onsen who turned out to be a yakuza,I’m a walking disaster and always get myself into the weirdest situation. I’ll tell you more about him later, anyways things were looking pretty good for me and I seriously thought about staying. It’s been 2 days since I came back and I’m glad I didn’t stick to the plan, my mother did a good job raising me, my brother and sisters but it would’ve been a mistake to leave my daughters into her care. Miley ruined my tights and lipsticks, she also been using my jimmy choo perfume and her manners are just terrible. Sven took a week off work and he’s so clingy it’s suffocating me, he’s even fighting the girls just to have to himself. I missed him too, it’s just like when we started dating!

space-boy-kellin  asked:

(Idk if you're comfortable doing this one, if you're not I'm sorry) what would mt sans do if he found his s/o crying and just generally freaking out because they ran into their (emotionally abusive) mother and their interaction ended, really badly (again, I'm sorry it's just something similar just happened and I'm kinda just curled up in the floor of my room crying rn) anyway, I hope you're having a good day

I’m having a pretty low energy day today, but other than that I’m fine! I’m so sorry you had to go through that sweetheart. I think I should say that while I hope this helps comfort you, I’m by no means a professional at this topic. If you feel like you’re a danger to yourself to others, please do get some help. I care about you sweetheart.

* Once he sees things turning for the worst, he pulls you out of there. Grabbing your hand and pulling you into a hug, teleporting you somewhere safe and quiet. He makes it as comfortable as possible, gathering the softest blankets and the fluffiest pillows.

* He holds you closely, gently encouraging you to let everything out. If you want to cry, scream, vent, now would be the best time to. He’ll be there to hold you the whole time, stroking your hair and nodding sometime to let you know he’s still listening.

* And then he speaks, holding you tightly in his arms as he tells you everything you need to know, that you’re loved. That you matter. That he’ll help things get better, if but a little. How much he loves you.

* He’ll curl around you protectively and not let you go for the longest time, because he just wants you to be safe. He just wants you to be happy. And it breaks his heart seeing you cry, but he wants you to get all of it out and leave nothing to stew. Because you’re his world, and he’ll take care of you with his everything.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land
That you understand
Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe
Is a real trip
Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land

my friends spammed this shit in my chat while i was streaming this. now it cannot be unheard and unseen. GODDAMN IT.

This is based on the Watercast AU by @fishwrites~

Here’s a very smol piece of the Hunter x Hunter animation that I’ve been working on! Sorry if it’s really super pixely, I’ve been working on a small canvas so it looks kinda grainy on a portable device. On a computer it looks decent though. I plan on resizing it so it doesn’t look grainy like that but I’ll do that when I’m actually done with it lol


Spacelatinxs Week – Day 3: Favorite Line or Scene

Some of us… Well, most of us… we’ve all done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion. Spies, saboteurs, assassins. Everything I did, I did for the Rebellion. And every time I walked away from something I wanted to forget, I told myself it was for a cause that I believed in. A cause that was worth it. Without that, we’re lost. Everything we’ve done would have been for nothing… I couldn’t face myself if I gave up now. None of us could.


Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic